Stoner Dictionary | Baked

Baked: adjective/noun 1. the state of being or becoming extremely high on marijuana

Example: “Did you see Ryan last night? He was beyond Baked!”

The conventional definition of baked is the process of cooking food using a heat source that is not a direct flame. This is not exactly the type of baked that stoners usually refer to. When one has toked a hefty amount of bud, they are considered to be baked. However this can also happen with a small amount of really good product. This term has become somewhat mainstream and even non-smokers know what it means. In addition to the amazing Dave Chappelle stoner movie Half Baked, you can also go to the grocery store, hit up the frozen food section and buy yourself a tasty pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream flavor. Oddly enough, there is even an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called “Get Baked” with colors named baked and twice baked.

You can usually spot a smoker by their unwillingness to move, red eyes, heavy eyelids, slurred speech and the reoccurring interjection, “You know what would taste really good right now?”

From the hosts point of view, this is a good thing because it proves that their stash is of great quality and has the capability of leaving you baked out of your mind. The only problem with getting too baked is that you usually end up falling asleep. For some, being baked is the goal. After a long day of work or school, being stoned can ease your mind, temporarily erasing all the stress, anxieties, and worries caused by a busy lifestyle. However, for those party stoners, being too high can often be a hindrance, making it difficult to socialize, making you too lazy to leave the couch, or making you pass out and missing an action packed night of activities. There is a way, however, to get the best of both worlds, and that is, get baked in the company of your favorite people. While being in this state may make it difficult to socialize outside of your comfort zone, when you’re in a happy place with familiar faces, it can actually increase socialization! Get together with some friends, pass around the peace pipe, throw on some of your favorite beats and let the power of weed-infused conversation compel you! Being stoned doesn’t always have to be about being glued to the couch in front of the television.

While extreme intoxication of many other substances can cause many of these same side effects, being blazed on marijuana is far less harmful to your body. Whatever your vice may be, there is no denying that being baked is one of the safest and healthiest, versus drugs, alcohol and tobacco. So even if you are baked into oblivion and skip that night of heavy drinking to stay in and zone out, it may not do wonders for your social life, but it definitely will do wonders for your brain cells.


Stoner Dictionary Weedies


Stoner Dictionary Weedies

Weedies: noun 1. consuming cannabis in the morning

Example: “Weedies is the breakfast of champions.”

Just because you had your weedies this morning and you’re wearing a shirt that says champion, that doesn’t make you a winner. Weed warriors looking to start the day off right Wake and Bake will be reaching for the weedies and the bong, in the early hours of the day. Unlike the popular cereal, endorsed by super star athletes, weedies offers early birds a chance to fly through those pesky morning aches.

With a fat bowl of this fiber infused, super food, stoners will be on top of their game, able to reach new heights in this world filled with ceilings.

Weedies break through the breakfast barrier, providing sunrise seekers with a more enlightening option. So put down the spoon and pack up a bowl of your favorite sativa if you want to put the brakes on breakfast.

Stoner Dictionary Twomp


Stoner Dictionary Twomp

Twomp: noun 1. twenty dollars worth of marijuana

Origins: Northern California

Example: “Hey I just picked up a twomp, you wanna smoke?”

In Northern California, twomp seems to be a more common term for $20 of weed and in Southern California, “dub” is more frequently used. We’re sure they have all their own unique terminology elsewhere worldwide.

If it’s a twomp or dub, most twenty sacks can vary based on vendor, quality, demand and availability.

Northern California not that long ago in fact, a twomp was usually an eighth of chronic. Things have definitely changed and a twomp will mostly likely be anywhere from 0.8-1.0 grams. Most modern dispensaries sell top shelf grams for $20. Either way, next time, you are getting a twenty sack, widen your weed vocab and ask for a twomp.

We would love for everyone to comment what a $20 sack is called where you are from. Comment with your area/city/country so all your fellow stoners can get into relations with those abroad. In many countries worldwide cannabis is forbidden and illegal. Through years of prohibition we have created our own language to describe the one truly forbidden plant.

Here in Southern California we have many different names for a $20 sack. There’s the dub sack, twinnie twin twin. Some call theirs the double bubble, the 2 g’s and dubski. In every click around the globe we all have our way of asking for a dub.



Stoner Dictionary | Twisted

Twisted: adjective 1. extremely high on marijuana; sometimes referring to someone stoned and drunk at the same time

Example: “I got way too twisted last night on weed and whiskey.”

Mixing alcohol with huge spliffs of dank can provide a smorgasbord of outcomes. A common side effect reported with this psychoactive cocktail is a sense of spinning. This dizzying consequence usually leads to feelings of nausea, ending the night for most folks. However if you pace yourself, and don’t over indulge, the buzz can be quite enjoyable.

Whether you want to get completely twisted or if you would just like to unwind after a tough week, an ice cold beer and a hog leg might just do the job.



Stoner Dictionary | Twist

Twist: noun 1. a slang term for a marijuana cigar or cigarette

Example: “Aye bro, you down to blow a twist?”

You can’t go your whole life without trying the twist! A twist or twisty is another name for a joint or blunt. This term was coined because some smokers like to twirl the end of their joints as they believe it burns better this way. For some reason the human race hates to be literal and it’s another case of not being too obvious when referring to smoking weed. You can also use the term as an alternative to saying roll up in this manner,

“I’d love to twist a bunt right now.”

It will always be used like this pretty frequently. A joint is just the thing it takes to shake things up and turn them in your favor, so where’s that lighter again? Now time is better than right now to sit down, break up some kush and roll up a big fatty. We guarantee that is any stoner puts out a mass text saying that you’re tying one up right now will get a huge response back. Take the test today and send out one to your mates.



Stoner Dictionary | Tulip

Tulip: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that is hand-rolled into the shape of a tulip

Example: “Dave rolled me a tulip for my birthday and it smoked out 8 people.”

Ah, tulips. A beautiful, timeless and romantic flower. Combine this beauty with Mary Jane, and what do you have? Something out of this world. The tulip is truly stoner origami. Only recommended for the skilled and experienced joint roller, the tulip turns joint rolling from utilitarian to a work of art. First, get the easy part out of the way: the stem. For the best stability, cone papers are recommended and if you don’t want to use those, just use regular papers and roll the first doobie in the shape of cone. Part two, here’s where it get’s difficult: the flower. Depending on how big you want this tulip to be, you will have to fuse at least two regular rolling papers together, increasing the width, not length, as much as needed. Then roll a joint into the shape of a tulip, where it is bulbous at the bottom and pointy at the top.

Fuse the tulip and the step with a small peace of rolling paper and you have a beautiful flower filled with flowers.

Make sure you share it, because it is more than the equivalent of two joints and when the bulbous part of the tulip starts to burn, it’s a whole lotta smoke for one person. This one definitely takes some practice, but don’t give up, because who wouldn’t want a bouquet of Mary Jane tulips?



Stoner Dictionary | Zoned

Zoned: adjective 1. to be high on marijuana and focused on one thing

Example: “I smoked a bowl and zoned on the window for an hour.”

Pay attention, focus, because that’s what it takes to change the world. One man, Jack Herer, changed the world forever with his unwavering passion for cannabis. He zoned in on one goal, total legalization, and refused to accept anything less. His book The Emperor Wears No Clothes has become a bible of sorts among the cannabis community as his ability to articulate the cannabis culture’s message is unsurpassed. Jack dedicated his life to legalization and that sprit of commitment has been passed down to the next generation of bud buccaneers. Several high grade varieties of cannabis have been named after the late, great, Jack Herer, because of their energetic effects that seem to put local weed warriors in the zone.

Jack F6 is a strain known for its creative effects.

However, the impressive yields of the Jack F6 do not come quickly. With a flowering time of ninety days the F6 could cause impatient growers to have an anxiety attack, but good things come to those who wait, and in this case, idle time is rewarded with dense nugs of crystal coated inspiration that will have you challenging the federal government, or just cleaning every nook and cranny in your house.



Stoner Dictionary | Zip

Zip: noun 1. refers to an ounce, or 28 grams, of cannabis

Example: “A zip and a double cup, I’m gettin’ high as f–k.” – Juicy J

In the dispensary game, there is a continuously evolving lexicon of slang. Back in the day, before dispensaries existed and you had to purchase your weed the good old fashioned way, slang was equally as, if not more, important. Whether it was paranoia or truly a conspiracy, slang was used as an attempt to keep the selling and purchasing of marijuana as secret as possible. Some people and places create their own unique code. For example, “now listen: go down to Wake & Bake Pizza, ask for Jojo. Tell him you want the Bob Marley Extra Crispy. He’ll know what you’re talkin’ about,” a great line from Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. While the dispensary game is somewhat legal, vendors and dispensaries still take precautions, never getting too comfortable, because even though the dispensaries are legal in the state of California, for example, the federal DEA can come in at any time and override this supposed sovereignty. I have seen and experienced a dispensary raid and it is both infuriating and heartbreaking. Back to the topic at hand, the term “zip” is often referred to as an ounce just as a “pizzle” is often referred to as a pound. Still in that paranoid stoner state of mind, vendors and clinics choose to use this slang, or code, feeling it to be less incriminating. The old cliché “better safe than sorry” comes to mind. Though at this point, the DEA and federal law enforcement have wised up to the lingo, it is still second nature and has now become the standard vocabulary. 

Americans have always traded goods in bulk.

While other nations around the globe have much more specific units of measurement, Americans are afforded a heavier, more generalized system of scale. The standard system of measurement’s lightest whole weight is an ounce, which is more than twenty-five times that of the gram used in the metric system. It is not however, uncommon for precious or imported goods to be traded using the metric system. Legal dispensaries often sell high grade herbal medications by the gram while other cooperatives prefer to use the American standard in weighing out their produce. Cannabis bought and sold on the black market is routinely sold by the ounce in plastic fold top, or Ziploc, bags. Buyers and sellers alike will often refer to an ounce of mean green as a “lid” or a “zip.” An ounce of cannabis, being enough to fill a standard size sandwich bag to the top, would leave only enough room to close the lid or zip the bag shut. While their have been many advances in marijuana packaging, Ziploc will always remain an industry standard. Sometimes these fat sacks of serenity can be unweighed. Less prolific potheads may have to result to only purchasing half ounces or quarter ounces of euwee goowee, leaving their sacks half empty, or just maybe, they’re half full.



Stoner Dictionary | Yesca

Yesca: noun 1. a Mexican slang term for marijuana

Origin: immortalized by the 1978 film Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke appearing on a license plate

Example: “Just got back from TJ with some of that yesca.”

La Yesca is a mountainous forest region in Mexico where a tree known as Yesca grows. Yesca is revered for its use as a fire starting material. The soft wood of the yesca tree is easily ignited by flint making it, a primitive necessity.

The term yesca became the Mexican equivalent to the American term for cannabis: weed.

Like the tree yesca, cannabis, or mota, easily lights a fire in the minds of those who strike it. The most infamous license plate in stoner lore would have to be the California tags on the front of the “big green van” in the first stoner comedy to hit the mainstream, Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke. The cannabis filled comedy brought the Mexican slang term into American stoner lingo, from Southern California to North Carolina, and now adorns bumper stickers across the nation. The big green van, made entirely of high grade marijuana, is captained by two chronic icons Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. After a raid by the immigration authorities, our two heady heroes find themselves being deported. Once in Mexico the boys stumble upon a marijuana warehouse where the van is being constructed. The YESCA plates are the last touch on this 4-wealed stoner dream, and the “two hippies” head out on a border jumping, drug induced adventure.

Stoner Dictionary Weed


Stoner Dictionary Weed

Weed: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana, chronic, cannabis, pot

Example: “I smoke every weed yeah, I plant that big ol’ seed man, I smoked every strain there is around.” – Walker Young

Wild weed, stinky weed, dirt weed, skank weed, whatever you call it, it still means the same thing: marijuana. Weed is a plant that is unwanted in a garden or a lawn because of its almost instant invasive growth. Weeds proliferate quickly, adapt to many environments and soil changes, and are difficult to eradicate. When found growing naturally in the wild, marijuana exhibits many characteristics that define weed, making this term an appropriate nickname.

Prior to criminalization, cannabis was grown in large quantities not for consumption but for the use of the multi-functional fibers within its stalk that we know as hemp. Imagine a world where we could make paper products with abundantly growing weeds instead of trees that take a lifetime repopulate. The cannabis plant can grow up to 90 times faster than the types of trees used for the majority of paper products. Hemp can also be made into fabric, paper, rope, food, vitamins, and even fuel. Unfortunately, because of the powers that be, this world-changing resource remains untapped and unavailable. However, there is always hope.

The compassionate cannabis plant is becoming more accepted and decriminalized. This is a change that has the possibility of happening in our lifetime.

Referring to the dried flowers of the cannabis plant used for consumption as “weed” has become so common that if you were to complain about “weeds growing” in your garden, you may encourage a visit from the local boys in blue. Weed is a nomenclature for marijuana that has spanned several generations and still remains a standard in cannabis terminology today. The traditional meaning of the word weed suggested something bad or unwanted. In the new age of cannabis insurgency, the word weed has come to mean something welcomed and desired. Famous marijuana advocate and singer Eek-a-Mouse bluntly sings about it in a song aptly titled “I Love Weed.”

Several different types of industries have capitalized on this four letter word with publications such as Weed World magazine, web portals such as and even a hit television series simply entitled, “Weeds.” There was even a reality television show on the Discovery Channel titled “Weed Wars” about the ins and outs of a functioning medical marijuana dispensary. The was a series focused on the world’s largest dispensary Harborside, located in Oakland California. Unfortunately, aftter only four episodes, the Discovery Channel mysteriously cancelled the series despite its high ratings. Our country’s fear and control over the way marijuana is depicted comes from the media. The Showtime saga, along with all the other media forums have no doubt rooted this controversial word into our minds.

Wacky Tobacky


Stoner Dictionary | Wacky Tobacky

Wacky Tobacky: noun 1. specifically referring to naturally occurring cannabis sativa

Example: “I got some wacky tobacky growin’ out back.”

Thomas Jefferson once said, “that as long as America has hemp she will never experience a shortage of cordage.” Well, in 1937 the government completely banned hemp and by 1942, in the heat of a second World War, the free land was in desperate need of rope. The government then began a campaign, mainly in the southern states, to encourage farmers to grow hemp. Producing a film entitled “Hemp for Victory,” the USDA achieved its goal and the alias finally felt the warm embrace of victory and perhaps a hope for lasting peace.

After the war effort ended the powers that be disavowed any knowledge of the Hemp for Victory campaign and the war on cannabis was back in full swing. 

Today, in the hot and humid states of the south, “volunteer” hemp still grows, and the local farmers call it “wacky tobacky.” Tobacco farming, as well as tobacco smoking, is a common practice in the south and that practice has extended to these left over weeds of war. The song “Wildwood Flower” sings of a good o’l boy who stumbles upon a stand of wild hemp and decides to smoke a bit of the “sweet smelling buds” knowing that “some weeds were good for chewin’ while others were good for smokin.” The wack effects of this green tobacky leave our cornbread eating hero singing on top of a windmill… Look away Dixie Land, look away.



Stoner Dictionary | Zonked

Zonked: adjective 1. tired or worn out after a long day and/or night of partying

Example: “After that Electric Run, I am zonked.”

Zonked is a stoner slang term that has survived the test of time. Prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s, it has managed to remain a part of the counter-cultural lingo. Back in the psychedelic 1960s, during a time of political, social, racial, and sexual revolution, the term “stoned” actually was meant to describe trippin’ balls on lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD. “When Jimi Hendrix played the national anthem at Woodstock, I was completely stoned on acid.” If you used the term stoned on its own, it was often assumed that you were referring to LSD. Not used so much in that context today, the term zonked was often used to describe the physically and mentally drained feeling post acid trip, as well. “After Woodstock, I was completely zonked.” Though nowhere nearly as horrific as a hangover, LSD users will often feel spent, comparable to the exhaustion felt after studying all day for a difficult midterm or final exam.

It is the feeling of brain cells well spent.

Just as the term stoned has evolved to describe being high on marijuana, so has the term zonked. Most cannabis users, medical or recreational, generally feel a heavy, exhausting effect from marijuana, especially if the particular strain is an indica. However, for the inexperienced, low tolerance, or first time smokers, this heavy hitting effect can leave you feeling completely wiped out. For example, you are a novice smoker enjoying an evening with your sons, shooting the shit and bonding over a bowl of tasty herb. Many marijuana users have experienced the effects to become more intense with age. After you inhale the sweet marijuana smoke and let it drift out of your lungs, you feel a blanket of relaxation cover your body and mind. While this sensation is coupled with euphoria, it will often leave you feeling sleepy and heavy, unable to move. The best word to describe this feeling is zonked. If you ever find yourself smoking a bowl with your dad or any old timers that were living it up in the 1960s and ’70s, ask him if he’s feeling zonked. You might bring up some memories and get an awesome story out of it.

The television game show “Let’s Make a Deal” coined the term zonked. Contestants who guess right are rewarded with cash and prizes, but guess wrong and you get zonked. The feeling of losing everything you had at stake drains participants of all the energy and excitement they started the game with. Even if you have never met a game show host or participated in one, you have probably partied like one and the next day felt like a zonked contestant. All the energy and excitement felt the night before is nothing more than a faded memory and your head feels like a balloon. You may even swear off partying forever, only to do it all over again the next weekend.



Stoner Dictionary | Wrap

Wrap: noun 1. cigar paper used to roll up marijuana into a “blunt”

Example: “This wrap makes my herb taste like grapes.”

Wraps have recently exploded onto the marijuana mainstream. The practice of “gutting” a cigar of its tobacco and replacing it with killer chronic has been made much more practical with the introduction of flavored wraps. These wraps are made by a variety of companies and come in more flavors than a candy shop. Usually made from tobacco pulp, wraps make it easy for the novice doper to roll up wads of competition green. Speaking of competition, the days of the old fashioned joint may be numbered as we see this blunt trend continue. Previous generations have been more conservative with their stash, rolling up thin sized cigarettes or pinners. But cultural evolution dictates change and in this case, the change is big.

Cigars full of herbal currency signify the prosperity of the movement to legalize weed.

The quick cigarette has forever been a symbol of impoverished addiction, while the cigar has always held a more distinguished position in the social mindset. The smoking of a cigar shows temperance, and demonstrates a sense of unrushed pleasure. It reveals refinement and abundance, and it says to the world “I smoke, I enjoy it, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”




Stoner Dictionary | Volcano

Volcano: noun 1. a modern type of electric vaporizer used for consuming marijuana

Origin: created by Storz & Bickel in 2000

Example: “I smoked one volcano bag and all my back pain disappeared.”

One of the modern marvels of the marijuana world, the volcano is truly a revolutionary style of smoking. Though the first time you see a volcano in action, it may be odd, considering the normal way to comsume marijuana is not through an inflated plastic bag, do not let its looks deceive you! Considered the cleanest and most efficient way to medicate, if you have the opportunity to try a volcano, I suggest you do so. In addition to being effiecient, pure, and easy to use, the vaporization process actually brings out the true flavor of your herbs. When marijuana is burned, the flavor of the herb is noticeable, however it is overpowered by the taste and aroma of the smoke itself. In the volcano, and most other vaporizers, the heating process is more similar to toasting than burning and while it will not be that strong, the leftover marijuana can actually be re-used. While the trichomes have been literally vaporized off the buds, there are traces of THC that remain in the buds, so don’t waste it, smoke it! It was given its name because of its obvious visual similarity to that of a volcano. In the original model, the temperature gauge was a manual turn dial from 1 to 10. Though these are still available and just as awesome, the most popular and currently used model has a digital interface. These are preferred because the temperature adjustment is much more precise.

The best temperature to vaporize your marijuana is about 350-360 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it is too hot, it may burn the marijuana and be a little harsher on your throat and less pure. At the base of the volcano, there is a little drawer-like spot where you place your (preferably ground) weed. You then shut it and activate your volcano. On top of the volcano, attach the cylindrical, black valve that is connected to a large plastic bag. These plastic bags come in different sizes depending on how much volcano you can handle. You push a button and the volcano fills the bag with glorious airtight vapors. Once the bag is completely full, there is a button on the side of the valve that releases the vapor into your mouth while pushed. The best quality about this airtight method, is that the vapors do not go stale, allowing one to easily pass the bag around and share with others. The volcano is the preferred method for those who strictly use marijuana for medical reasons, as it is not harsh on the throat or lungs and provides a very strong, pain-relieving body high. Though the volcano is not for the broke stoner, running from around $300 for a used one and upwards of $600 for a new one, it is a worthy investment if it is one you can afford, because you can’t put a price on health!



Stoner Dictionary | Vegged

Vegged: adjective 1. a term that describes being so high on marijuana that it puts you in a vegetative state

Example: “All I wanna do this weekend is smoke hella bowls and be vegged in front of the TV.”

Some cannabis strains, mainly indicia varieties, have the capacity to immobilize heavy hitters. This state of paralysis is sometimes referred to as “couch-lock” or “vegged.” Most individuals in a vegged state retain very little comprehension skills and may be unresponsive, besides the occasional giggle. A vegged stoner may still retain enough motor functions, however, to move his or her hand from the bowl of chips to their mouth, but don’t expect to get them to help you move for the third time this year, they will be completely useless. The only difference between a vegged stoner and a cucumber is the stoner laughs.

A room full of these chronic craving zombies could have you feeling chill’s up your spine.

Use snacks that have peanut butter to thwart any attack from the, slow moving, undead. “MuNcHiEs…..mUnChIeS…..”

Zig Zag


Stoner Dictionary | Zig Zag

Zig Zag: noun 1. a brand of papers used to roll marijuana cigarettes

Origin: Zig Zag is a French company founded in 1879 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein

Example: “I always prefer a Zig Zag to a pipe.”

In the latter part of the nineteenth century a method of “interleaving” cigarette papers revolutionized the world of rolling. A Frenchman by the name of Maurice called these interleaved papers “zig zags” and began the Zig Zag Rolling Paper Company. The easy use of these papers made them very popular amongst the smoking community. Profits soared for the Paris based Paper Empire and after striking a deal with an American distribution company, “zig zag” became a household word in the states. It wasn’t, perhaps, until a 1990s film, Dazed and Confused, made a reference to zig zags in a stoner context. When small time pot dealer Pickford sends his stoner buddies into the local convenient store he reminds them to “grab some zig zags.” The papers are used throughout the film to roll joint after joint of some of the best weed Texas has to offer. Taking place on the last day of school, the movie captures the essence and anticipation of the soon to come ’80s era. The zig zag is not only a necessity in your smoking arsenal, but also an important part of stoner culture.

Just seeing that orange container with the comforting bearded man in the beanie, puffin’ on a J, you can almost smell the herb.

The identity of the original artist who painted this famous image remains somewhat of a mystery, but has actually become an iconic piece of stoner art seen hung in living rooms, basements and dispensaries all over the world. Aside from the origins of this art, have you ever wondered who is this famous Zig Zag Man? Legend has it, that “Captain Zig Zag,” as he was named in folklore, was a Zouave (a regiment of the French Army) who fought during the Siege of Sevastopol which was during the Crimean War. The battle was located in what we now know as Ukraine and lasted from 1854 to 1855. During this battle, Captain Zig Zag’s tobacco pipe was shattered, supposedly by a bullet. As the story goes, he ripped a small rectangular piece of paper off of his bag of gun powder and used it to roll himself a cigarette. Many soldiers did, and still do, find solace in simple vices like booze and cigarettes. In times of war and suffering, sometimes the key to keeping one’s sanity is indulging in a moment of familiarity. Even if this moment is fleeting and infrequent, it can act as a warm blanket covering you from the harsh reality of war just in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. While the real story is probably a little more dry and a lot less McGyver, next time you are rollin’ up a fatty with your smoking circle, spin the yarn of old Captain Zig Zag and even if it’s not fact, it sure is a conversation starter!



Stoner Dictionary | Utensils

Utensils: noun 1. anything used to clean a bowl or bong; also known as a poker

Example: “My bowl is clogged, anyone got a utensil I can use?”

Every pot smoker that has a bowl or bong has used one of these. Car keys, nails, toothpicks, golf tees, bobby pins, sticks, straws, sucker sticks, and shoe laces can all be used as a utensil to clean out bowls and make air holes. Some savvy stoners have a utensil on hand at all times while other pot craving engineers create utensils out of objects around them. Usually objects close by. Because of most bowl designs and the resonating properties of pot, a utensil is a must. Cleaning out your bowl regularly will allow you to get nice clean hits of smoke without straining yourself to death.

No one likes a clogged up hitter. 

Today, many products are available for cleaning you favorite smoking tool. Some companies have even been so bold as to add a utensil to the middle of their ashtrays, or Kashtrays, to assist herbed up patrons in cleaning their bowl with ease.

Stoner Dictionary Wasted


Stoner Dictionary Wasted

Wasted: adjective 1. overly intoxicated on a mix of drugs, usually marijuana and hard liquor

Ex: “Did you see how wasted I was last night? I’m feeling it today.”

What day allows one to get completely wasted on a very special day of the year, in a very special city, without ruining your reputation? We’re talking about Mardi Gras, a festival of endless partying that takes place on the most vomit soaked street in America, Bourbon Street. New Orleans is the original city of sin and host of this habitual Tuesday. Along with cell phones and wallets, inhibitions seem to disappear during this time of decadence. You’ll know your shitty when you find yourself hitting on a 57 year old transvestite with balls bigger than yours or suddenly realize that you’re sitting in a restaurant topless while your boyfriend is hitting on some old lady with bad makeup and a flashlight.

Intoxication knows no gender and both sexes seem equally dismayed by the, sometimes dreadful, consequences.

In some cases you may want to forget what happened, but if you’re lucky you won’t even remember. Just make sure to always have your homies back. Don’t let him make a wanker out of him/her self.

Wacky Weed


Stoner Dictionary | Wacky Weed

Wacky Weed: noun 1. frequently refers to wild, low grade cannabis sativa

Example: “This wacky weed looks like oregano.”

Cannabis is a plant referred to as a “weed” for its rate of growth and mortality. Wild marijuana can be found growing throughout the nation. From the sandy soil of the Chesapeake Bay to the forest floors of the Emerald Triangle, volunteer sativa can be found growing without help from a single human. These old strands are usually discovered by locals who may not identify the plants as cannabis.

These unsuspecting amateurs often report that smoking the naturally occurring weed made them feel “all wacky and stuff,” hence the term “wacky weed.”

This low grade form of chronic is also referred to as “ditch weed” because it was found growing in a ditch. Most wild A-bomb growing out there is left over hemp from the days cannabis covered the land. These crops were grown mainly for their super strong fiber, not super sticky colas and as such are not as potent as the medical strains you might find in dispensaries today. Still, free weed is good weed, so share that wacky with your best lackey, and remember to plant a seed. Be hempy and be happy.

Stoner Dictionary Vacuum Lungs


Stoner Dictionary Vacuum Lungs

Vacuum Lungs: noun 1. what stoners are forced to use on their clogged smoking apparatus when they don’t have a utensil available 2. what your best friend brings over every time you get a fresh sack of some kush

Example: “Damn vacuum lungs, save some for the rest of us!”

Every smokers circle has a set of these, bag draining, bowl clearing pieces of human anatomy.

These lungs can save the day or wreck it.

They can devour a six foot bong load of green candy. They can also be used to toke on the forgotten resin deep in the folds of your pipe. This term means exactly that, lungs like a suction and if you let your stash near this super sucking pair of organs you may regret it. So go out and take a large ass bong toke and show us who’s boss. Now we’ll see if you’re gonna be the one going around showing off your extreme organs.

Wake ‘n’ Bake


Stoner Dictionary | Wake ‘n’ Bake


Wake ‘n’ Bake: verb 1. to smoke pot upon awakening

Example: “I always start my day with a wake ‘n’ bake.”

Nothing cures those sobering slumbers better than giant gobs of green goodies. It’s the best way to “start the day off right man,” exclaims the character “Smokey,” in the chronic classic movie Friday as he sparks up a joint of unpaid for herbal relief. Around breakfast time seems to be the preferred time to enjoy a bowl full of those magical lucky nugs, giving the high society a more enjoyable morning commute. A subtle high that “gives you a whole new way of looking at the day,” as confessed by Wyatt in the drug induced motorcycle movie of 1969’s Easy Rider, that captures the ambiance of the a.m. buzz by showcasing transcendent sunrises over dessert mountain highways.

The lasting and mellowing effects of a morning toke make the wake ‘n’ bake ritual synonymous with the stoner lifestyle.

You can also add a dash of coffee to your morning toke time for a caffeine fueled “hippy speedball.” This high speed breakfast combo may have been the real cause behind the ’60s movement, and even if you’re not looking to change the world you can still be a revolutionary. With an old fashioned wake ‘n’ bake you never wake up on the wrong side of the couch.

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Stoner Dictionary | Vaporizer

Vaporizer: noun 1. an electric apparatus that uses a heated glass or metal plate to extract the active ingredients in cannabis, as opposed to a flame, providing a purer inhalant of vapor versus smoke

Origin: the Vaporbrothers produced the first vaporizers for cannabis consumers

Example: “I love using vaporizers because they emit no odor so I don’t bother my roommates.”

Believe it or not, vaporizers have been around since the 1920s, but back then they weren’t using them to vape up chunks of Purple Granddad. Vaporizers began as a piece of high-tech medical equipment used to administer anesthesia. This technological advance made life saving procedures possible by carefully controlling anesthetics during surgery. Fast forward about 90 years to the age of medical marijuana. Vaporizers are the preferred method of ingestion for many medical users of this life saving plant. Several private studies, as well as a few university studies, have suggested that vaporization is a healthier, if not the healthiest, way to consume chronic meds. Because doctors are not likely to recommend you to smoke anything as a way to medicate, vaporizers provide a doctor with an ingestion method they can both respect and agree with. Many patients who medicate for lung, mouth and throat ailments often caused by smoke have found solace in the world of vaporization, still able to receive the benefits of medical marijuana use without the negative effects.

This in turn has lead to a boom in the vaporizing market.


Now, even you can own a piece of this space age technology. Bud vaporizers, like bongs, come in many shapes and sizes, but wait there’s a bit of a twist. These modern medicaters also come with an array of high-tech additions. Some vaporizers come with temperature control devices while other electric bongs are automatic and water cooled. Vaporizers also use different heating methods: conduction, convection, and thermal radiation are all very efficient ways to deliver the goods. Conduction vaporizers heat your greens through direct contact. This means that the element that transfers the heat, which is either glass or metal, is applied directly to the marijuana buds, which creates a tar and carcinogen free vapor. Convection vaporizers are the most common and function similar to an oven, where your greens are heated via air. That is, air passes through the heating element and essentially toasts your weed, also providing a clean tar and carcinogen free vapor.

Thermal radiation vaporizers are the rarest of the three but also the most efficient.

This method uses radiant energy from a heat or light source which causes the temperature of your buds to rise. This provides the most uniform heating of your greens and delivers the most concentrated vapors. An example of thermal radiation vaporizing would be lighting a packed pipe with a magnifying glass on a beautiful sunny day. Best if performed at high noon, if you have the patience to accomplish this little science experiment, you will definitely reap the rewards. Less combustible material and lower heat temperatures allow cannabis connoisseurs the ability to take big tasty tokes of the most medical plant in the galaxy without the irritation caused by smoke.

Rasta Weed


Stoner Dictionary | Rasta Weed

Rasta Weed: noun 1. a mixture of herbs containing no cannabis meant to simulate the effects of marijuana

Example: “I can only smoke rasta weed because my work drug tests once a month.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics to debate among marijuana smokers, rasta weed is a mixture of herbs said to give similar effects and feelings as a weed high, yet does not contain any cannabis. Manufacturers of this product use the fact that it is completely legal in every state as their sales pitch. Few die hard Mary Jane fans will even entertain the idea of smoking “makeshift weed,” and prefer to stick to the original. Still there are some that claim a rasta weed high lasts for about 2 hours and has the same effects as high potency cannabis. It contains no nicotine and is said to be fairly intense, sometimes with hallucinations. Some also prefer rasta weed to the original because when it comes to preforming in corporate America, it cannot be detected in a drug screening test.

It seems as though rasta weed may have its positives, but is it really worth cheating on M.J.? You be the judge.



Stoner Dictionary |  Quarter Of Weed

Quarter: noun 1. a quarter of an ounce, or 7 grams, of marijuana

Example: “I scored this Q for only $50!”

It is not really a big amount of weed at all. In the illegal street world of M.J. a quarter is known as the largest amount of weed a person can have on them when arrested and not be charged with trafficking or distribution. Some might use Q when referring to $25 worth of weed but it’s not usually used in this manner. It is good to get you at least 3 medium joints.

Carrying a Q automatically pin you as a criminal though, and if that’s your style, you should never be caught without one. 

Stoner Dictionary Party Bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Party Bowl

Party Bowl: noun 1. an unusually deep bowl in either a pipe or a bong that is filled to the brim with marijuana and shared

Example: “Don’t worry, I packed a party bowl, there’s plenty to go around.”

One of the best parts of weed culture is how it brings people together. A party bowl is a perfect way to celebrate friendship and comradery. To those that are familiar with surf lingo, a party wave is when more than one person share a wave together, surfing side by side. Most popularly executed by the long-boarders of the 1960s, this bowl can be described in the same way.

An abnormally large bowl packed with an abnormally large amount of herb meant to be passed and enjoyed by all your buds.

So next time you’re at a party and you have some herb to spare, don’t forget to share! Pay it forward and pack a bowl.



Stoner Dictionary | Smoke

Smoke: noun/verb 1. the gaseous carbon byproduct of marijuana combustion 2. the act of consuming marijuana

Example: 1. “I milked it until the chamber was white with smoke.” 2. “I can’t wait to smoke a bowl after work.”

The magical word given to the mythical gas like structure born from the meeting of fire and cannabis is known as the one and only smoke. Part of its magical capabilities is that it can be used to describe the process of inhaling and enjoying smoke. It can also be used in conversation like this, “you got a smoke on you?” In this instance it replaces the word weed altogether. So as you can see, smoke is a very dynamic term. Smoke itself contains liquid, gas, and solid parts.

This unique substance is a vehicle for whatever fire burns.

In the case of cannabis, smoke contains activated THC and when inhaled into the lungs is absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. Being that marijuana is provided by the earth as medicine to smoke… smoke one, it’s good for you!

Top Shelf


Stoner Dictionary | Top Shelf

Top Shelf: adjective 1. a classification of the highest possible grade of marijuana found at a medical marijuana dispensary

Example: “I never get mids or lows, I always get the top shelf strains.”

Similar to the set-up of a bar or liquor store, most medical marijuana dispensaries have three tiers of marijuana: bottom shelf, mid shelf and top shelf. At any collective you go to, if you mention the term top shelf, they will know (and if they don’t, they should) exactly what you are talking about. Top shelf strains will be the best of the best, the dankiest of the dank and as a result, the priciest of the pricey. However, though you can’t quite buy as much as you could if you bought some of the bottom shelf stuff, it’s all about quality over quantity with these strains, often having higher THC levels, longer lasting highs and more potent effects.

So if you can afford it, there’s no reason to buy anything else. Dream big!



Stoner Dictionary | Trichomes

Trichomes: plural noun 1. the THC resin glands found on marijuana buds

Example: “There are so many trichomes on these buds that they look glittery.”

Like beautiful little diamonds winking and sparkling at you, the trichomes found on potent marijuana flowers can be so thick that they can be seen with the naked eye.

When looked under a magnifying glass, these sticky little crystals look gooey and almost life-like.

Tri’s are the richest source of THC and CBD, so the more you see, the higher you will be! Some strains do not have a thick coat of crystals on the outside of the buds but rather, a hidden mine of fun crystals on the inside. So next time you come across some nugs that look like little shiny disco balls, you better smoke ’em!

Stoner Dictionary Mother


Stoner Dictionary Mother

Mother: noun 1. the name growers coined to explain a female marijuana plant they can put back into bloom or vegetative state whenever they choose to get one plant to continuously produce buds 2. the female marijuana plant that clones are clipped from

Example: “I have a mother plant of my favorite strain so I never run out.”

The mother plant is queen bee so to speak. A plant that needs plenty of love and attention, as all should receive. Like most things though, it begins to lose its zest along the way after being forced into the flowering stage and then through rejuvenation treatments. Eventually all plants will begin to yield less and less when this is done repeatedly. This is especially true in the event that you are also taking clippings and making clones from her. In most cases though growers try their best to keep the mother in proper conditions and very comfortable.

The thought of being able to yield more bud out of one plant is just too exciting to pass up.

So to all the growers out there, more power to your plants, just don’t forget that special lady in your crop that started it all.

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Stoner Dictionary | Pound

Pound: noun 1. 16 ounces or 450 grams of marijuana

Example: “I came up on a good deal for a pound.”

A Pound of weed is a pretty large amount and can take the average smoker a good while to finish. If one was to smoke a gram a day it would take you a year and 2 months to smoke a whole pound. That means that if you and a friend split a P, you would have enough green to smoke for 7 months.

Equal to 16 ounces or about 450 grams.

Although the exact price of the coveted P vary on a number of aspects such as quality, you can count on it costing you well into the hundreds maybe even thousands. If you’re a pot smoker that has acquired a P, you better believe it’s party time and you have a lot of lighting up to do. 

Stoner Dictionary Meds


Stoner Dictionary Meds

Meds: noun 1. a term for medical marijuana

Example: “I picked up some strong meds at the dispensary to help with my migraines.”

A well known fact that marijuana has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal and healing properties. Well today it is still acknowledged and there are a handful of states that have legal medical marijuana dispensaries. When you are a legalized patient and go to them to get prescriptions, they always give you your marijuana in a prescription bottle. This is where the term meds for weed comes from.

This term can be used to describe mid- grade marijuana, but there are few people that use it in that manner.

Medical marijuana patients commonly use meds to describe marijuana because that’s exactly what it is for them, medicine. Buds tend to give every smoker a little bit of therapy no matter what their initial intentions were. The time has come for every stoner to know whether its Indica or Sativa for them. We need to end the blockage of plant use. All hail Mary Jane.

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Stoner Dictionary | Trees

Trees: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana

Example: “Christmas came early this year when I got these tasty trees from the clinic today.”

These nugs are not used for paper, not saw dust and are not home to woodland creatures either.They are also not cut down at the end of the year to string lights on. No, these are incredible for smoking. Tree is another slang term for pot.

They have a lot of the same characteristics and can sometimes resemble the look of a Christmas stump all lit up with THC crystals instead of lights.

Before the term was popularized many teens would use these forest watchers as a way to mention marijuana around their parents and other authority figures. They could slip a whole marijuana conversation by mom and dad without as much as a second look. Sister says, “Did you want to go to the mall after school?” Brother responds, “Nah, me and some friends are getting together later to climb trees in the park.” This specific diversion might not work too well for a non-athletic person, but you get the point. Cannabis trees are known for taking you to the highest branch to look out from and are fantastic at doing so. 

Trees – Stoner Dictionary

Stoner Dictionary Torched


Stoner Dictionary | Torched

Torched: adjective 1. a term used to describe being extremely high on marijuana

Example: “Oh man, I was so torched at the party last night I could barely keep my eyes open.”

Being torched is an extreme case of intoxication. Some may like being so gone that you can barely speak or interact with humans, but others, not so much. Some may describe it as being uncomfortably high, or if you can believe it’s possible, too high. For some it may cause paranoia, anxiety or make them anti-social. So if you get lit and you’re part of the latter group, never fear! It’s only Mary Jane and she doesn’t last forever.

So just relax, take deep breaths, remember that it’s not permanent and try to enjoy it, because there’s definitely a stoner out there that would!

We just made StonerDays Persimmon Cannabis Bread and we are fucking lit. With just one slice of bread and an hour after consumption, we were all feeling great.

Stoner Dictionary Toke Up


Stoner Dictionary Toke Up

Toke Up: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana

Example: “Hey dude, you wanna toke up after class?”

Weed culture is full of code words to get yourself and others high: so light up stoners. Joints is one of these. The definition means to smoke bud, get faded, and enjoy life. Set fire to some dank. Humans have been toking up for years regardless if they knew that’s what they were doing or not. It seems to be a natural thing to say when it’s time to light up the good vibes and relax a bit.

Take a load off, calm your mind, and fire in the hole, it’s time to toke up.



Stoner Dictionary | Snapper

Snapper: noun 1. an individual bowl of marijuana meant to be smoked by one person, then often re-packed and passed

Example: “No dude, that bowl is all you, I packed you a snapper.”

There are many different customs practiced in the stoner community. In larger smoking circles, usually a party bowl is packed, or a large bowl of marijuana that is shared and passed around. To be courteous, most stoners will automatically assume that the bowl they are handed is a party bowl and will take a modest sized rip then pass it along to the next toker. However, sometimes in the presence of a very gracious host, you might be surprised by receiving a snapper. That is, a tasty fulfilling bowl that is just for you and not meant to be shared or passed. Snappers can range in size. Some are small and can be burned in about two or three seconds. Others are larger and must be smoked in multiple hits depending on the amount of smoke one can inhale per rip. According to stoner folklore, the snapper is the standard method of group smoking and the party bowl is a predominantly Californian tradition. Regardless of how much merit there is to this story, Californian or not, snappers are a common term in the stoner lexicon. Snappers can either be packed by a generous stoner with a large sack to share or personal bowls are packed by the individual stoners from his or her personal stash.

Because lovely lady Mary Jane is about compassion and sharing, usually the latter is uncommon but the stoner culture is diverse and unique so anything is possible.

To execute proper budiquette, or stoner etiquette, never assume that the bowl you are smoking is a snapper. Though it just might be, what if it is not? Your friend passes you the bong, giving you the honor of smoking greens. You blaze it up and burn the whole bowl pulling the ash through into the bong water. Much to your chagrin, that was the last bowl, meant to be shared with the group. Not a good look. Generally, snapper bowls will be aforementioned or recognized at some point, unless of course, you are smoking by yourself. Then I suppose every bowl is a snapper. Regardless, with all the many things to remember about marijuana courtesy, the snapper is one that must not be forgotten. If you have an abundance of herb, or even just some extra to spare for your smoking circle, pay it forward and pack some snappers. Aside from getting you extremely lifted, it is more so about the gesture that is offered when giving someone a snapper. Party bowls are also awesome, but standard, so mix things up sometimes and offer a round of snappers. Chances are, you will at some point in your stoner career be in a situation where you will be the one on the receiving end of this kind of ritual. When in doubt, pack it, snap it, pass it and repeat. 

Mole Bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Mole Bowl

Mole Bowl: noun 1. a bowl of marijuana with loose tobacco sprinkled on top

Example: “Noah is fiending for a mole bowl.”

I’m sure you have heard of a spliff and have most likely smoked one as well, but whatchu know ’bout mole bowls? Also known as smoking moles or in Canada as “poppers,” mole bowls are not for the novice smoker. Just like spliffs, mole bowls are extremely popular in Europe and are actually more commonly smoked than pure marijuana bowls. Technically, the pipes and bongs you purchase at your neighborhood head shop are for “tobacco use only,” but have you ever actually followed these directions? I’m gonna go ahead and say not bloody likely. Smoking a pure bowl of tobacco, especially out of a bong, is liable to send you straight to the floor. Especially for those who are not used to the intense head buzzing effects of nicotine, smoking pure tobacco from a bong or pipe can cause nausea, fainting, dizziness, and in extreme cases, vomiting. However, for you balls to the walls individuals, a mole bowl might just be right up your alley. Mole bowls can either be a fat bowl of marijuana with tobacco sprinkled on top, can be ground and mixed together, or can be packed in multiple layers. If you want to smoke a mole bowl but nobody else in the circle does, you can also light your bowl with a lit cigarette which will provide a similar, slightly mellower effect to a mole bowl.

A spliff to a mole bowl is like a joint to a bong rip. Even pure bong rips are usually reserved for the seasoned smoker. The capillaries in your lungs are absorbing a larger amount of smoke per dose versus a joint, therefore absorbing a larger amount of THC per intake.

With a spliff, the uplifting head buzz of tobacco combined with the euphoric effects of Miss Mary Jane is perfect for a night out on the town, especially for cigarette smokers.

Spliffs, however, burn slower and each hit is ingested in smaller increments providing your brain with an appropriate dosage of both marijuana and nicotine. Like a bong rip, a mole bowl burns a greater amount of combustible material in one dose. The large amount of smoke enters your lungs and is absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes, sending your dome straight to outer space. As tobacco is usually harsher on the lungs and throat, coughing will most likely ensue. When you cough, the capillaries in your lungs expand and absorb twice the amount of psychoactive chemicals than normal, hence the term “you can’t get off ’til you cough.” If you can handle it, the effects of a mole bowl can be intergalactic. An extreme head high and sometimes even hallucinations can occur from mole bowls. Some have experienced an extremely energetic high while others retreat to mole land for a little while until the head buzz wears off. Whatever your vice is, if you are looking for an extra kick to your bong tokes, spark up a mole bowl and set phasers to stun.

Little John


Stoner Dictionary | Little John 

Little John: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that uses two rolling papers instead of one

Example: “I used my last two Zig Zags to roll this Little John.”

Rolling joints is something personal to the smoker and an action that you always want to get correctly for your preferred smoking experience. The Little John is a two paper joint, putting two rolling papers together for your joint. Some people love this method, and some people hate it. One team argues that it makes the Mary Jane burn much faster and the taste of two papers is just too disgusting to bear.

They claim that the smoke from a Little John is extra harsh

and it’s something that should only be done if you messed up rolling the first one (rip it or tear it). On the other end of the spectrum, another team choose to roll joints in this manner every time because they feel their joint burns more slowly and evenly, they also cherry in just the perfect way. Some also enjoy the added sturdiness that the Little John has. If you’ve never tried one, it’s worth the try and you can find out for yourself what team you think you should be playing for.



Stoner Dictionary | THC

THC: noun 1. tetrahydrocannabinol, the active psychotropic ingredient in marijuana

Example: “Most strains have an average of 15% to 20% THC content.”

The star of the show, the talented magician, the reason behind loving the beautiful cannabis plant: THC. It is what gets you high and is the chemical compound C21H30O2. The THC is actually visible on your sticky buds. To the naked eye, strains that are high in THC will sparkle and glisten. That frosty layer that coats your dankiest nugs are called trichomes. When you look at a marijuana buds under proper light and maginification, you will see these frosty crystals have a structure similar to a mushroom. A thin stalk with a shiny bulbous cap. These trichomes are actually THC resin glands that are bursting with happiness and waiting to be smoked. The more resin glands, the higher you will get. There is even a synthetic THC pill created by, of course, a pharmaceutical company called dronabinol. It is known as Marinol and can be purchased with a prescription in the United States and Canada. Just like every other prescription drug out there, Marinol has a laundry list of possible side effects that include: hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue or throat, seizure, convulsions, paranoia, extreme fear, fainting, unusual thoughts or behavior, mood changes, dizziness, trouble concentrating, weakness, lack of coordination, anxiety, confusion, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and insomnia. These are all symptoms that good old fashioned marijuana is used to treat.

No stoner in their right mind would ever choose a fake THC over the real thing.

THC is a tricky little fellow that can only be activated when smoked or vaporized, unless manipulated in other combustible ways. It is not fat or water soluble, this is why when eaten raw, cannabis will most likely not get you high. However, using lipids to draw the THC from the cannabis is how cannabutter and cannaoil are produced. Vinegar will also draw out THC which makes products like medicated fruit preserves, like apple butter, possible as well. If you are feeling adventurous, try using whole milk or cream to draw the THC out and use it for chocolate milk or tea. THC levels in marijuana vary depending on how it was cultivated and then afterwards how you may choose to manipulate it. Some stoners have taken the business of THC to the next level by become experts in extraction. Concentrates are pure THC and the best quality will contain little to no plant matter. Concentrates like wax, goo, kief, amber glass, and hashish will have an astronomical THC percentage. The rainbow of concentrates that exist will usually have a different texture and intensity depending on how the THC is extracted. Some use butane which is a very dangers method of extraction but produces extremely potent concentrates. The most popular and least dangers method is using water and ice. Levels can range all the way from 1% to 90% and higher in certain ganja products. Many concentrates will be in the 40%-90% range while the majority of greens you smoke will be around 15%-26% on average. THC is nothing short of amazing and never fails to show its true potential time and time again.

Thai Sticks


Stoner Dictionary | Thai Sticks

Thai Sticks: noun 1. high grade cannabis that is tied to bamboo

Origin: Thailand

Example: “I took one hit of some Thai stick and felt like I was literally flying to Thailand.”

Thai sticks are an exotic luxury that not many get to experience on a regular smoking basis. Thai sticks are very high quality Mary Jane that is tied to bamboo sticks with hemp rope and sold in this way. This method of tying the cannabis to the bamboo actually happens during the drying process of the buds. Doing it this way slows the drying process which allows for a greater THC content as the result.

They are so potent in their high effects that it has been rumored that after being dried, the sticks are dipped into opium for its major effects.

This, however, is not true and one should never under estimate the power of perfect cultivation techniques. Thai sticks gained their name from the way they are packaged and where they’re created, Thailand! These sticks are known for being a very rewarding luxury.



Stoner Dictionary | Swisher 

Swisher: noun 1. a nickname for a brand of cigar called Swisher Sweets

Example: “I rolled a fatty blunt out of a swisher.”

Originally the name comes from the brand  which is a cigar company that dates back to 1861. For many smokers, they are a favorite for rolling up marijuana. The process of gutting out the tobacco and then filling it with grade A bud, is like second nature to swisher smokers.

One great feature about them is the flavors they come in, giving the marijuana a bit of flavored sweetness that so many enjoy.

They are not expensive and burn a little slower than papers according to many smokers. This is why they can sometimes be more alluring than papers. Still, swish are a tobacco product, and may cause some harm. At the same time, life is too short to live afraid. A great cigar to pack and roast as a blunt.



Stoner Dictionary | Male

Male: noun 1. the sex of marijuana plant that is not harvested for consumption

Example: “I bought a batch of seeds and was pissed when they were all males.”

Useless, good for nothin’, no bud havin’! Hey, hey hey, how about we take it easy on our guys here. Male marijuana plants do not produce the marijuana buds that we love to smoke, but that does not mean that they’re destined for the trash.

 It’s fact that male plants do not produce pretty green smokable buds, but they do still contain THC!

That’s right, the male counterparts still contain THC in its leaves and flowers, it’s just much less than that of a female. With that being said, in the event that a grower encounters a male plant they will most likely use the leaves and its trimmings to make cannabutter. The male cannabis can make for a tasty high treat but still take one or two males worth of plants to get your cannabutter potent. A female plant can have as much as 20% THC content in its flowers while males only contain about 3%. Still people use them to make hash and many other edible forms. Males play a very important role in marijuana society and deserve more credit for the green delicious outer space butter they bring to the dinner table.

Pot Head


Stoner Dictionary | Pot Head

Pot Head: noun 1. a person who habitually consumes marijuana on a daily basis

Example: “I smoke weed every day and am proud to be a pot head!

To be or not to be a pothead? That is the question. Nowadays, to bare the name pot head is a badge of honor and should be worn proudly. If you have someone calling you a pot head then it means that you have the privilege of smoking sweet Mary Jane, and pretty often at that. A pot head is a continuous and frequent user of marijuana. Someone who you will see stoned more often than sober. While too much of anything is never a good thing, that is for the pot head to decide. Many have tried to turn this into a derogatory statement against the men and women of all ages who like to revisit a state of being high, claiming that all pot heads do is get high. In fact, this is originally what the term pot head was created for, placing judgement on those who smoke pot all the time by those who do not (also known as squares). Realistically though, we all know that this cannot be true. There are bathroom breaks, food and liquid breaks, jobs, and all the accumulated time it takes a pot head to find things that they have misplaced and/or forgotten. Whew! That sure sounds like a busy day. Seriously though, being a pot head is an awesome choice and as for those who haven’t tried it, they are majorly missing out.

Pot heads are more complex than they seem.

There are many subsets of pot heads beyond your stereotypical snack munching couch potato. There is the creative pot head who feels he or she can only create true art or literature when under the influence of marijuana. Whether it acts as a source of inspiration or breaking through that writer’s block, the creative pot head needs his or her muse, and that is Mary Jane. There is also the medicinal pot head, who has to stay consistently stoned to get through an average day. Some people who are less fortunate in their health must medicate frequently throughout the day to relieve their pain so that they can carry on with their daily lives, happily and unhindered. Everyone deserves to live a pain-free life, regardless of whether you are a pot head or not. The most common type of pot head is, of course, the recreational pot head. This pot head does not have medical condition nor is he or she an artist of any kind. They simply choose to be high the majority of the time because they like the way it feels. That is the beauty of being a human, we have the power of choice. Sometimes they want to smoke with friends, sometimes they want to smoke because they had a long day, or sometimes they want to smoke just because they want to smoke. Whatever the reason, whoever the pot head, embrace it! Marijuana is a gift that never stops giving and we all have the right to enjoy it as little or as much as we want. POWER TO THE POT HEADS!



Stoner Dictionary | Spice


Spice: noun 1. a synthetic substitute for marijuana

Example: “I’m only smoking spice right now because I have to get drug tested next week.”

Spice is a relatively new brand of synthetic marijuana which is legal and available to purchase at various head shops. It contains no cannabis and is a mixture of herbs, some natural and some chemical.

It is usually smoked by those who want to get high but are unable to because of a job or the possibility of drug-testing.

There has been very little research on the long-term effects of Spice because it is so new in the psychoactive world. However, there have been reports of negative effects from smoking large doses. It has a higher probability of physical addiction than cannabis and has in some instances caused withdrawal symptoms from excessive use. So if you’re at the smoke shop and are curious about trying Spice, I would just leave and go to your nearest dispensary cause no one treats you kinder than your sweet friend, Mary Jane.

Mary Jane


Stoner Dictionary | Mary Jane

Mary Jane: noun 1. a popular nomenclature for the cannabis plant; English translation of the Mexican-Spanish name Maria Juana or marijuana

Example: “I’m in love with Mary Jane, she’s my main thing, she makes me feel alright, she makes my heart sing.” -Rick James

What came first, Mary Jane or marijuana? No particular type or strain, no particular taste or color either, just classic any day marijuana. Mary Jane is just a slang term for weed and every type of weed. It is said to have some origin in the Spanish language. Marijuana being an abbreviation of Maria Juana, which is Mary Jane in Spanish, particularly in the Mexican dialect. The etymology behind marijuana is one that is extremely debated and speculated. Oddly enough, Mary Jane is a famous name aside from its correlation with our beloved cannabis plant. A very popular and old-fashioned style of shoe, MaryJanes are a classic closed-toe shoe with a strap over the instep of the foot usually latched by a buckle or a button. These shoes have been Marijuana strainsaround since the early 19th century and are still around today ranging in colors and styles. As far as a connection between the shoe and the plant, it is most likely a coincidence, but who knows! Also, a famous character that shares her name with our favorite plant is the beautiful Mary Jane Watson of Marvel Comic’s Spider-Man. She was created by Stan Lee as Peter Parker’s love interest and long-time friend. Naming the female lead character of a comic book series after sweet marijuana (whether intentionally or not) is a perfect fit for the comic book counter-culture. Personifying Mary Jane into a beautiful woman is a fantasy shared by almost all stoners. She is even the subject of oh so many songs. Janis Joplin, Rick James, Cypress Hill, and Tom Petty have all written songs about the all mighty Mary Jane, her name actually being in the title of these songs.

From last dances to lost romances, Mary Jane has found her way into every corner of American culture. 

Mary Jane is a very general term and is sometimes shortened by calling her “Mary” or simply MJ. Many claim to have fallen in love with Mary Jane, professing that she is indeed the only lover for them. Yes, this complicated love triangle involves many located all over the world. Sometimes it can be as complex as a love trapezoid, or even a love octagon. Mary Jane does not discriminate race, class or gender for she is loved by all races and ethnicities, the rich and the poor, as well as both men and women and will reciprocate their love unconditionally. Sometimes even animals can appreciate the euphoric effects of sweet Mary Jane. We all just sit back and watch the countless amounts of people using Mary Jane, sharing her amongst their friends and family, calling her their own, and never leaving her side. One thing is for certain though: there is plenty of Mary Jane to go around for all of us.

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Resin Bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Resin Bowl

Resin Bowl: noun 1. the dark, sticky, THC residue that accumulates in pipes and bowl pieces from multiple uses that is scraped with some sort of pointy tool, collected and smoked

Example: “We ran out of herb so Stephanie scraped her bong and packed a fat resin bowl.”

For the seasoned stoner, at some point in your marijuana smoking life, you have most likely had to resort to smoking a resin bowl. They are not generally something smoked by choice but rather by necessity. Everyone prefers a nice fresh bowl of danky green buds, however this luxury is not always available. Let’s say you just paid rent, did your grocery shopping and paid off all your bills. Unfortunately, your stash is all but depleted and you cannot afford to refill until the next week. To some, a bowl at the end of a long day is necessary for more reasons than one.

This is when the stoner springs into action and must become resourceful.

Most potheads will have a plethora of smoking apparatuses ranging from pipes to bongs to vaporizers. Pipes and bong bowl pieces are resin goldmines, especially if they are used on a daily basis. If you are unaware of this, take a look at your pipe or bowl piece. There is a black, sticky film that coats the inside of the bowl as well as the inside of the pipe itself or the down stem of your bowl piece. This is concentrated THC resin. When the marijuana is burned in the pipe, the high temperatures will melt the sticky little trichomes that coat your buds, most of which will flow into your lungs, but the rest will adhere and remain in your piece. The more you smoke, the more this resin accumulates and sometimes it will become so thick that the pipe must be cleared of the resin before it can be used.

Scraping a bowl must be done with strength but also with finesse, as your piece can be broken if too much force is applied. A multi-tool or pocket knife are exceptional tools for scraping resin. Sometimes the resin is so thick that little force has to be used and it just comes off like butter. However, depending on how much this piece has been used, a decent amount of scraping must occur. The residue will be thick and sticky, often staining your fingers black if handled. Your body temperature will quickly melt the resin creating a glue-like coat on your fingers and anything they touch. After the resin has been scraped, it can be molded into a ball and smoked. Because it is pure THC, it will smoke similar to a concentrate such as hash, wax, or goo offering an extremely potent high. However, resin bowls can often be harsh and have a somewhat burnt taste as there is often butane and carbon residue mixed in as well. While a resin bowl is not something that stoners aspire to smoke, it is nice to know that in the event you are dankrupt, you have a little safety deposit chillin’ in your favorite pipe or bowl piece. 



Stoner Dictionary | Reefer

Reefer: noun 1. a slang term for a joint or marijuana

Example: “I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes… reefer.” – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

Green buds of wondrous potential and good vibes, or reefer for short. Reefer is another term used for marijuana, weed, pot, grass, whichever you prefer. It is rumored that the name

originated from a joint’s resemblance to a rolled up reef sail on a ship. “Captain, we’ve reached Reefer Island!” This is one of the earliest slang terms for marijuana originating in the 1920s and began garnering popularity in 1933 with the release of the film International House where famous jazz musician and bandleader Cab Calloway performed the hemp jazz song titled “Reefer Man.” The introduction to the song somewhat reinforces the speculation that the term reefer came from a rolled up reef sail. The first few lines are a dialogue between Cab Calloway and another character in the film, introducing the song:

Man what’s the matter with that cat there?
Must be full of reefer.
Full of reefer?!
Yeah, man.
You mean that cat’s high?!
Sailing, sailing!
Sailing lightly.
Get away from here,
Man, is that the reefer man?
That’s the reefer man.

I believe he’s losing his mind.
I think he’s lost his mind!

Oh have you ever met that funny reefer man? (Reefer man!)
Have you ever met that funny reefer man? (Reefer man!)
If he said he swam to China, and he sells you South Carolina,
Then you know you’re talkin’ to that reefer man!

It was not until 1936, though, that reefer began to take on a new meaning with the release of the infamous Reefer Madness which depicted scenes of men becoming murderers and rapists and women becoming loose and suicidal just from puffing on sweet, compassionate Mary Jane. Here is an example of the “potaganda” this film attempted to spread:

Bureau Official: Here is an example: A fifteen-year-old lad apprehended in the act of staging a holdup. Fifteen years old and a marijuana addict. Here is a most tragic case. 
Dr. Carroll: Yes. I remember. Just a young boy… under the influence of drugs… who killed his entire family with an ax.

Fast forward 56 years to 1992 when the talented band Sublime from Long Beach, California released the album 40 oz. to Freedom where the cover song “Smoke Two Joints” begins with a sample of a famous line from the 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls containing the word reefer (a line that I am sure you all have memorized). Sublime brought the word back to the current generation’s marijuana slang dictionary and in a positive light, contrary to the goal of Reefer Madness. This term was also very popular in the 1960s and 1970s and was dominantly used along with the terms grass and pot. The term reefer is definitely a part of the American counter-culture slang and always will be. It definitely has a nice ring to it and is a favorite in many marijuana circles. If it’s not a frequent in your vocabulary try to use it more often, grab the lawn chairs, head to your backyard and burn some reefer.



Stoner Dictionary | Strains

Strain: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis that offers different flavors, smells and effects

Example: “Lavender Kush is my favorite strain of weed.”

A strain of weed is a particular type of weed that will produce a particular type of high every time you smoke it. Strains are classified as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Because there are so many different strains it gives the grass smoker an abundance of candy to choose from. A few examples of sativa strains include: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel and Silver Haze. The effects of these are similar but in no way identical. Indica strains, like kush, have many sub-strains with the name kush in it, for example: Bubba Kush and Purple Kush. When sativa and indica strains are mixed, the surprising difference in high from the two parents is often enough to name it a completely different strain and this is where hybrids come from.

The list of strains goes on and on, and a new one is being created all the time. This is a major part of why shopping for marijuana can feel so invigorating and exciting. 

Magic Wand


Stoner Dictionary | Magic Wand

Magic Wand: noun 1. an abnormally long marijuana cigarette

Example: “We smoked a Magic Wand that was longer than my arm!”

There are very few people that could come up with a better name than the magic wand for a long marijuana joint. The definition of a magic wand is a joint at least 40cm in length. Imagine that you’ve already smoked a joint before going to a party, once you arrived you found yourself in a circle where they’re passing around this beauty.

It’s the longest marijuana joint that you’ve ever seen.

The red hue you see glowing and the ashes falling to the ground sure do resemble the essence of a magic wand. When taking some quality hits it should result in some pretty magical effects. A perfect joint to enjoy with your friends in social settings, or by yourself if you’re up for it, the magic wand is a guaranteed way to make you disappear into the clouds.

Next time you’re in Amsterdam, we suggest rolling one of these and finding a spot to watch the traffic go by. This rolls will have you floating around the city in no time.

Poor Man


Stoner Dictionary | Poor Man

Poor Man: noun 1. a homemade marijuana pipe crafted from an aluminum can

Example: “The first time I smoked weed when I was 12 was from a poor man.”

You may not have a fancy shmancy bong, and you may not have a distinguished pipe either, but you can still hold your head high if you’ve got a 25 cent soda can. The poor man is slang for the act of taking a 25 cent soda can and using it as a pipe to smoke your weed.

As for the first person to come up with this method, a name is unknown, but he was most likely a poor man and we should give credit where credit is due.

Thanks. The aluminum can probably isn’t the best thing to enjoy a smoke with, but hey if it works, it works. Don’t let the name scare you though, even if you’ve got bank falling out of your ears you might have a thing for the poor man and want to try it. Still though, it’s probably best to steer clear from any aluminum smoking devices, it is not the most health conscious smoking decision.



Stoner Dictionary | Strikeout

Strikeout: noun 1. the act of inhaling a copious hit from a water pipe, pounding a beer, taking a shot, then exhaling the smoke afterwards

Origins: The 2006 Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest 

Example: “I tried the strikeout for the first time at my party last night and woke up under the banana tree in my backyard.”

The infamous strikeout. If you are ever feeling adventurous at a house party, then maybe the strikeout is just the swift kick in the ass you need. Recommended for you party professionals out there, this activity can either take you to the top or drop you to the floor. First, you take a fat bong load and inhale it deep into your lungs. You might have to fight the urge to cough or exhale because if you blow it out, you have to start over. With your lungs full of tasty herb, you then pound your beer. A half of a can of beer is the safest way to go, but for you wild animals out there, feel free to go full beer. Honestly, there really are no rules to the strikeout so drink as much or as little as you can handle. Then, the cherry on top, you take a shot of your hard liquor of choice. Tequila, whiskey, vodka, scotch, cognac, whichever poison you choose, get ready to get blasted. Finally, you let the smoke slowly spill out of your lungs and hopefully your dinner does not spill out with it too.

If you can conquer the strikeout, give yourself a firm pat on the back, for you have leveled up to a party master.

This party trick can also be played as a group game. Similar to the flip cup formation, line up your teams in even numbers on each side of a rectangular table. Ping pong tables always work the best for obvious reasons. In this version of the strikeout, a party bowl must be packed versus snappers. Make sure each person has their beer and shot in front of them, poised and ready to pound. Each side of the table, or team, will have one bong that will be passed down the table. Pipes and other smoking apparatuses can be substituted, but for intensity purposes, bongs are preferred. The race begins with a cheers between opponents. After the first person completes the strikeout, the bong is passed to the next team member and he or she will repeat the strikeout. Each bong toke should be about a two to three second hit. Whichever side finishes first will thus be the reigning champions and gloating is always encouraged in these scenarios. Be careful though, this is a game that is not for the faint of heart. While games like flip cup can be played repeatedly as you are drinking smaller amounts of only beer, rematches should be spread out because combining various alcohols and marijuana is always a risk as it can cause dizziness, or “the spins,” for those who are unprepared for the task.

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Stoner Dictionary | Stoner

Stoner: noun 1. an individual who regularly consumes marijuana

Example: “I am proud of my status as a stoner in the world of weed.”

A committed smoker of weed is often called a stoner because that is exactly who they are. It can even be used as a term of endearment when someone does something characteristic of a stoner, like lose their train of thought or forget where they put their keys. If the majority of your hours are spent being high out of your mind, you are a stoner. To most stoners, it is not a label, but simply a way of life, offering their complete devotion to being as high as possible, as much as possible, which they usually are. No amount of weed is too much for a stoner and the time that it takes one to finish a pound is often considered impossible. The only downside to being a stoner is that if you are not growing your own goods then you are probably spending a lot of money on Mary Jane. If after evaluating your expenses you discover Mary Jane is sucking you dry, it may be time for you to step it up in the stoner world and make a real investment. Growing marijuana for personal use can be very rewarding and even a fun hobby for the avid smoker. The cost of an ounce is about $200-$300 depending on the quality and for a stoner this might not even last them through the week. You do the math. Growing indoors or outdoors can save you money and provide you with the satisfaction of smoking your creation, which is something that cannot be purchased. Growing with the intention to vend is a horse of a different color that requires a lot more investment capital and knowledge not just of horticulture but of the industry as well. However, if you are just sick of paying for it and want to grow to smoke for free, then it is worth a shot.

Stoners come in all shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, IQs, classes, lifestyles, cultures, ages, and generations.

A stoner is not afraid to use this term or be called this term. The perspective of the stoner lifestyle is shifting. Because of misleading anti-drug campaigns like D.A.R.E. and Above the Influence PSAs, the stoner was only seen as a couch potato loser who will amount to nothing in life or worse, use marijuana as a “gateway” to other harder, deleterious drugs. Through the medical marijuana laws of states like California, Colorado and Washington, cannabis is emerging from the shadows and being seen in a different light. Stoners are no longer ashamed of their lifestyle and it is now even somewhat sensationalized by the media through music and cinema. Regardless of how the stoner life is perceived, what matters is that the stoner life is alive and full of peace and happiness. That is more than those addicted to the miasma of legal pharmaceuticals can say. So if you’re a self-proclaimed stoner, prove it. Stoners don’t talk, they smoke.



Stoner Dictionary | Mids

Mids: noun 1. medium grade marijuana

Example: “The dispensary had a good selection of mids.”

So many choices and so much time to try them all! Cannabis comes in a variety of potency and quality, all depending on where you live and what’s available to you. Mids in the marijuana world is another name for mid-grade marijuana. There are really three main groups of Mary Jane: high grade (dank), mids (reggie), and low grade (shwag). A mid-grade high can be defined as giving you a pretty in between high.

You get stoned just not taken to another galaxy.

You can think of it as the grey area between the highest quality nuggets and the lowest quality shwag. When smoking mid, you can still reach a good high level you would just need to consume more of it. There are certain smokers that prefer mids to highs, this is because they have a greater appreciation for the more calm completely in control high. You should always feel like you’re getting a good deal when buying mids, they’re never going to break your bank and should be potent enough to satisfy your craving to get high.



Stoner Dictionary | Stoned

Stoned: adjective 1. a term used to describe being very, very, very intoxicated on marijuana

Example: “Sorry I didn’t make it to your party, I was so stoned I could barely move.”

“You know I work so hard, all day long, everything I try to do, seem to always turn out wrong. That’s why I wanna stop by on my way home and say, let’s go get stoned. Now let me tell ya one more thing, ain’t no harm to have a little taste,” lyrics from Ray Charles’ Let’s Go Get Stoned. Being stoned is like the highest (and sometimes lowest) you can be before passing out. Some stoned individuals may experience audio and visual hallucinations, heightened senses, extreme munchies, exhaustion, being dazed and/or confused, deep concentration, zoning out and having uncontrollable giggle fits until one’s cheeks and stomach are sore. It is officially considered the state of mind of a person who is as high as they want to be, or on rare occasions, do not want to be. The reaction of the stoned state differs from person to person and depends on how much and what type of weed they have smoked.

Some people experience a feeling of extreme paranoia and feel exposed. Those who feel “uncomfortably stoned” often recede into a chair or couch somewhere and do not want to socialize or leave their comfort zone. The people who experience these side effects should probably not smoke marijuana because even though millions of people enjoy it, it is not for everyone. The people who react this way could also simply be novice smokers and just need to raise their tolerance by smoking more frequently. One could also simply adjust and allow the effects of marijuana to take hold. Often times, those who feel uncomfortably high, feel this way because they are fighting the effects of being high instead of embracing it. Once you realize that it is just marijuana and it does not last forever nor can you overdose on it, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

The majority of smokers feel extremely comfortable and outgoing, often being able to smoke in social situations like at parties or with friends.

Some are even able to smoke weed and go out dancing or clubbing. Then, there are those that just feel an intense relaxation or pain relief. These are typically the stoners who smoke medicinally. They are not necessarily smoking for the head change, but rather for solace from health ailments. These types of stoners often prefer smoking in low-key environments so they can comfortably enjoy their days and evenings pain-free. Whatever the outcome of getting stoned is, it’s always an experience unlike any other. Although short-term memory loss does play a role in getting stoned, you can usually remember everything that happened (unlike alcohol black-outs) and it is sort of like being transported to another dimension right here on earth. Like going on a “trip,” so to speak. If you are ready to get stoned, then you are ready to have fun and there’s no time like the present.



Stoner Dictionary | Purps 

Purps: noun 1. a variety of marijuana strains that turn purple when grown in cooler temperatures

Example: “I smoked some bomb purps that hit me light a freight train.”

History reveals purple to be a color that represents royalty and most smokers would agree that when talking buds, it means the same thing. Purps are known as awesome purple nugs, the dankest of dank and a smooth smoke out of this world. With all the perfect growing techniques and an almost perfect 50/50 blend of indica and sativa mix, when ripe and grown in cooler temperatures, the buds turn purple, yes actually purple! Purp is amazing bud to look at and leaves you in a state of awe with a very intense eagerness to smoke them.

It is said that the best purps have a grapey, fruity, candy like taste to them.

 A few strains include Granddaddy Purple, Purple Urkle, and Purple Kush. These are all popular strains that can be found in abundance in certain California areas and severely coveted everywhere else. Known for providing the smoothest smoke to inhale, the most potent trichomes and incredibly visually stimulating, purps take home the trophy.



Stoner Dictionary | Spliff

Spliff: noun 1. a cigarette containing both marijuana (flower or concentrate) and tobacco

Origin: Europe

Example: “All we smoked in Spain were spliffs rolled with tobacco and Moroccan hash.”

Rolling a spliff is a little different than your average joint. Spliffs are known to contain tobacco in them as well as Mary Jane and are often rolled in a cone shape. In Europe, what we know as a traditional joint is called a “pure.” If you roll a pure joint, you might hear someone say, “hey man, are you smoking a pure? You’re nuts, we only smoke spliffs!” There are several brands of loose tobacco that can be used but also the tobacco inside cigarettes can be pinched out and used as well. If you are rolling a spliff with cannabis buds, it is best to coarsely grind your greens and mix them with the tobacco for a smooth and even smoke with each hit. If you want to make your spliff with hash instead of greens, roll your hash into a skinny worm, like play dough, almost the length of your paper. Then fill your paper with your tobacco of choice, lay your little hash worm on top, roll it up, and spark it. The hash spliff is good when sharing with a larger smoking circle as it tends to burn a little slower and is more potent per draw. Cigarette filters are actually sold sans cigarette at many smoke shops in large quantities and many like to use these as crutches for their spliffs. The upside is that it filters many of the harsh carcinogens in the tobacco smoke, but on the downside, it filters out some of that tasty THC resin that we want as much of as we can get. For a more discreet spliff, pinch the tobacco out of just the tip of a cigarette and crumble some greens in there. This method is perfect for public places where you just want to sneak a quick toke. The cigarette will continue to burn and the smell of the tobacco will often cover the smell of your herbs. 

People enjoy the spliff because of the extra buzz the tobacco provides.

The spliff actually originated in Europe where it gained its popularity and today spliffs are rolled around the world. Although they have become very popular they are not the healthiest choice to smoke because of obvious reasons. The tobacco found in a spliff is usually the same that can be found in cigarettes and we’ve all heard the heat about that. So if you’re a health conscious smoker be sure to know what’s in your joint or blunt before smoking it. For those of you who are already caught in tobacco’s web, a spliff is a nice way to get the best of both worlds. Not only does it give you your nicotine fix, but it also gives you a nice calming cannabis high. It also conserves your weed as you are using half the amount you would be using if you were rolling a pure joint. If low on weed some people may roll a spliff for that extra little boost in the high. If you have never rolled a spliff and are a lover of both tobacco and weed, a spliff could be your next best friend.



Stoner Dictionary | Sneak a Toke


Sneak-a-Toke: noun 1. an apparatus used for smoking marijuana discreetly

Example: “I take ‘cigarette breaks’ at work with my sneak-a-toke.”

A bong just wouldn’t work out so well on a road trip and what about at the family reunion, may not be the best place to pull out the fatty and smoke one. In these instances a sneak-a-toke is the perfect tool!

A sneak-a-toke is a genius little invention that is basically a miniature pipe that allows you to smoke in a very discreet manner.

The bottom is made of rubber and the top of metal with a screw on lid and a hole in the middle. People love them because they are so easily accessible and easy to smoke from. The average sneak-a-toke will cost you about $5 and there a bunch of little cool designs to choose from. A sneak-a-toke can also be a term used to describe anything you can use to toke up with without being noticed, such as a very small regular pipe or a cigarette made to smoke buds from. The sneak-a-toke pipes available for sale today are smaller than a tube of chap stick and fit comfortably into the palm of your hand or in your pocket. The next time you find yourself in a tight situation, don’t worry, just pretend to sneeze, pull out your sneak-a-toke and inhale a few secret puffs.

Maui Waui


Stoner Dictionary | Maui Waui

Maui Waui: noun 1. a particular sativa strain of marijuana created in the 1960s; also known as Maui Wowie

Origin: Maui, Hawaii

Example: “That Maui Waui went straight to my head.”

Located in one of the dreamiest vacation getaways lies a cannabis plant unlike any other found anywhere else on the planet. This strain is called Maui Waui and is found in Maui, Hawaii. Maui Waui can be found in some medical marijuana dispensaries but it’s said that the true dank super potent THC buds can only be found in Hawaii. It’s known for its rich bright green coloring infused with orange and red THC hairs.

Just to feel these wonderful buds will leave your fingers sticky from its high content.

Having such fine qualities it’s obvious that it’s going to cost you a lot more than the average strain. Also, used as street slang for any really good quality stuff. Still, smokers agree that the only way to score some authentic Maui Waui is in its birthplace and home of Hawaii while listening to a ukulele serenade you and dancing in a grass hula skirt. 

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Stoner Dictionary Regs


Stoner Dictionary Regs

Regs: noun 1. mediocre grade marijuana

Example: “Hey, you should come over and I’ll roll one, I got some regs but it’s not bad.”

Not too far up on the totem pole, you have just plain ol’ regular weed. This quality of weed is known for giving you a very medium even toned high, no spaceships this time. Smokers often use the term for low quality weed and it is sometimes called reggie.

That’s when you and your friends would get together and proceed to get semi-stoned.

Regs are cool to smoke because whenever you get the good stuff, you can compare highs. They are known as the mid-grade trees and it’s appropriate to say that in the report card of potent highs, regs get a C+. 

The last time our team was in New York City everyone around us knew we didn’t have the reggie. The smell alone makes one stand out from the crowd.



Stoner Dictionary | Marijuana

Marijuana: noun 1. also marihuana or mariguana, Spanish for Mary Jane; a nomenclature of the cannabis plant

Example: “Marijuana is the most amazing plant on the planet.”

Everyone calls the oh so famous cannabis plant marijuana. It seems to be a household name and a worldwide agreement that spans many languages. There are some people that prefer not to use the term because they claim that only law enforcement officers and authority figures (also known as “narcs”) use this slang. In actuality, the history behind the word is vast and could be pulled from many different instances and folklores. One being taken and changed from the Mexican-Spanish word maranguanquo which means “intoxicating plant.” This seems to be the most marijuana-bag-in-handlogical explanation for this word’s etymology but is still only a conjecture. The Oxford English Dictionary claims that this term comes from the Nahuatl (a dialect of the Uto-Aztecan language) word mallihuan meaning prisoner. This etymology was made popular in the 1930s as, yet another attempt, to campaign against cannabis in the idea of being a prisoner to drugs and substance abuse. The abbrevation of the name Maria Juana comes from a folklore etymology. While all of these speculations are very colorful, the majority of Mary Jane historians agree that the term marijuana was created around the 1930s by a group of men led by a man named DuPont who had an agenda to make cannabis and hemp illegal in attempts to save their paper producing business from going under. By introducing the word marijuana to characterize hemp, it induced fear in people’s minds by using vocabulary that they had never heard before.

It was given an exotic or foreign sounding name to give cannabis a negative connotation during a time of mass xenophobia (fear of foreigners).

The propaganda against marijuana began to snowball, leading to a litany of public service announcements, films and anti-marijuana programs. This ultimately led to the drawn out process of the criminalization of cannabis sativa. No need to wear the long face though, many states have their own clearly defined medicinal Mary Jane laws. There are many medical marijuana dispensaries available to legally dish out the green stuff.

Marijuana strains

While the term marijuana began as a slang term, it has actually become a standard name for the cannabis plant. It is used in many official federal and state bills and laws including the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and its Title II Act, the Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana has become a universal term spanning several different languages and backgrounds. Just like the evolution of politically correct racial terms, some believe that the term marijuana is outdated and almost derogatory, opting for the more scientific term “cannabis.” Many modern laws and acts have replaced the word marijuana with the word cannabis such as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the Marijuana Policy Act (which is interesting considering the word marijuana is in both of the these titles). Whether or not the term marijuana is politically correct, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and frankly, I think stoners are too preoccupied with enjoying life to care.


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Stoner Dictionary | Plumber

Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary

 Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.”

Ah yes, we can’t forget the good ol’ plumber. The plumber is called when something needs fixing right? Well that’s what some people call the dealer or the person giving you pot in exchange for money. They are there to fix your problems by offering you the wonderful herb cannabis, a fitting name to say the least. In this case, not all plumbers are licensed and this term is most often used when referring to an unlicensed dealer, a freelance kind of person. Plumbers are still loved no matter what they have going on legally, they supply the high that we never deny.

Some plumbers will even hook you up with a bit extra if you’re a frequent customer or even a first timer.

If you don’t have the means of growing your own weed then you probably know one of these guys fairly well. Most plumbers are very honest and will tell you the quality of what they have because they understand the relationship between the two of you is valuable, unless for some reason they are just trying to make a quick buck and know that they will never come in contact with you again. But all in all make sure to thank your plumber, they provide a quality service that you really appreciate and most likely they’ll be thanking you too.



Stoner Dictionary | M.J

M.J.: noun 1. an abbreviation for Mary Jane or marijuana

Example: “I’m gonna sneak a toke of some M.J. in my car.”

Mary Jane sure is a beautiful name but we often like to give our loved ones a nickname. M.J. is short for Mary Jane and really just a nickname for a nickname. It’s always a good choice to invite M.J. to come and hang out with you and your friends.

She never fails to impress them or show them a good time.

The name itself has been around since the 1960s. It seems that every era of time likes to experience M.J. and discover new ways to utilize her. Thank heavens for M.J. 



Pipe – Stoner Dictionary

Pipe: noun 1. a smoking apparatus usually made from wood, glass, metal, stone, or corncob with a fillable chamber and a mouthpiece

Example: “I got a free pipe at the dispensary for being a first time patient.”

Since the beginning of smoking, there has been one smoking instrument that has stood the tides of change and innovation. That instrument, dear friends, is the pipe. Today there are thousands of different styles and types of pipes but what they all have in common is a chamber or the bowl for lighting the weed and a mouthpiece or bit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the size and style of the pipe, which is one of the reasons they are still around today. Pipes are perfect for the on-the-go smoke and can be easily taken anywhere.

The smoke from a pipe is known to be harsher than a bong or hookah but is not a concern for seasoned smokers.

A pipe will surely provide a quality smoke every time if cleaned properly. They can get clogged overtime and may require a bit of maintenance. Our forefathers would not have steered us wrong and if pipes were good enough for the cavemen, they’ll work just fine for us too.



Stoner Dictionary | Pinner

Pinner: noun 1. an extremely thin marijuana cigarette

Example: “I rolled the last of my weed into a pinner.”

If you’re low on weed, but still find it in your ability to roll that last little bit of your supply, you have what is called a pinner. What this means is that you’ve rolled yourself a skinny fella.

Its like a desperation joint, it most likely won’t get you stoned but you just have to feel something.

These are usually the last joints smoked before there is no marijuana left. Some even refer to the lowest grade of tree, pinner weed. It’s really just an all-around symbol of an unwanted situation. Although, some is better than none so enjoy it while it lasts, our prayers will be with you. What it all comes down to though is that if your have enough for a toothpick, then you’re in good hands. 



Stoner Dictionary | Phillie

Phillie: noun 1. a type of marijuana cigar

Example: “I tried an old school phillie for the first time last night.”

A philli is a common type of blunt that originally comes from the Phillies brand of cigars. It’s an American made cigar originally from Philadelphia.

The actual brand name of these blunts comes from the smoking world having nicknamed the original brand called “Philadelphia Hand Made.”

Today a phillie is used mainly to roll marijuana and comes in a variety of flavors and sizes that can be found at most convenient stores and smoke shops. One quality that causes some people to stray away from blunts in general is that they contain harmful chemicals. When you smoke one, you aren’t just smoking Mary Jane, but also the chemicals that were used in the making and flavoring of the phillie which ultimately affect the high that you receive from them. There is a major market of people that love the flavors and feeling that comes from blunts. So if you’re ready to roll up and you like blunts, a phillie will do just fine.



Stoner Dictionary | Perma-Grin

Perma-Grin: noun 1. an abbreviation for a permanent grin

Example: “Teresa took one rip of that hash and had a perma-grin all night.”

An easy way to tell if someone is completely stoned is the ever joyous perma-grin. Most would agree that if you have some bomb weed and the means to smoke it, your following expression is going to be a perma-grin for the next three hours. This is the feeling of your face in bliss. That feeling as if your cheeks are going to be sore for a week.

Naturally a smile relaxes the face muscles and promotes the flow of endorphins.

This helps to amplify your high. Your face is feeling incredibly good and you can’t turn it off, a quite enjoyable experience. A perma-grin is not something that happens every time you smoke and if you’ve never had one, don’t feel left out, it could happen to you too. You may just want to try smiling, an unusual part about the perma-grin is that it’s not induced by laughing at something or thinking funny thoughts. Smiling when you’re really stoned is usually an expression that happens for no explainable reason. You might say you’re smiling just to smile!



Stoner Dictionary | Skunk

Skunk: noun 1. a slang term for certain types of extremely potent marijuana that emit the aroma of skunk

Example: “I knew you were smoking that skunk, I could smell it down the street!”

Skunk is exactly the type of weed you want to get into when trying to get really messed up. Made from a cross between pure sativa and pure indica, it’s considered to be extremely strong.

Skunk weed has a very loud smell (hence the name) and can leave you blown for hours.

Skunk is known for leaving its victims passed out and stuck in a state of pure bliss, its sounds great because that’s exactly what it is. Skunk weed is mostly grown hydroponically indoors and maintains its strong smell even when not being smoked. Since skunk is made from the purest sativa and indica it has a perfect balance of effects from both sides of the cannabis family. The thick unmistakable smell of skunk weed is loved and appreciated by marijuana lovers because it’s a beautiful reminder of the uniquely awesome power of the skunk.



Stoner Dictionary | Percolator

Percolator: noun 1. a small chamber attached to the shaft of a water pipe that produces inline smoke and water integration through heat exchange

Example: “Joe just bought a bong with two percolators!”

Mankind is known to be pretty crafty when coming up with creative smoking devices and the percolator is one of these. Most people are in favor of having a percolator for their bong because they say it results in a cooler, smoother, smoke and an all-around more efficient way to get high. Most average priced bongs do not come with percolators but save this design for those with a more expensive taste.

Like they say, if you want a quality high, you have to pay for it.



Stoner Dictionary | Papers

Papers: noun 1. thin papers made from hemp, rice, wood pulp, or flax used for rolling marijuana cigarettes

Example: “I won a lifetime supply of paper but wish I would have won a lifetime supply of weed too.”

The material and the quality of the paper will determine the burn rate and smoke taste. Many health conscious smokers like to get natural papers that are not bleached and have no chemical treatment.

If you’re not buying the natural stuff then you can expect a thin, white paper.

Paper are also very convenient because they’re relatively cheap, making them great for chronic smokers. Papers are also a great way to roll a joint according to whatever size you see fit, small, medium, or king size. Yeah, king size. With a pack of these thin bad boys in your wallet, you will enter the chance to be a part of many more kush sesh’s. 



Stoner Dictionary | Skin

Skin: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana rolling papers

Example: “I remember when Zig Zags used to be the only brand of skins you could buy.”

Using skin to roll your pot is probably more common than you think. Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with a secret usage of the outer covering of one’s body. A skin is just what pot heads call rolling papers. Rolling skins takes practice and technique which is not easy for everyone. When you have a bit of herb, get a pack and just practice rolling until you get it down.

Rollers are often used when rolling skins to get that perfect joint shape. Seasoned smokers can sometimes roll a skin in a matter of seconds perfectly with just their hands. Whether you’re a seasoned or new smoker, grab your favorite brand of skins and roll up.



Stoner Dictionary | Pack

Pack: noun/verb 1. five or more pounds of marijuana 2. one pound of marijuana 3. the act of breaking up and filling a smoking apparatus with marijuana

Example: 1. “I got an awesome deal on a four pack of M.J.” 2. “I am gonna pack a bowl before we head out.”

Being lost in a sea of dank buds would be a certified dream come true. This term can be referred to as multiple pounds of marijuana most often characterized as five pounds or more. A pack can also simply mean one pound. There is also a completely different meaning that can be applied to the word pack. Some use this to describe the act of filling a bowl or cone with weed.

There are coned shaped papers available on the market that come pre-rolled for you; all you have to do is fill them with the fire.

A cone has its advantages because you will get a hit with a higher THC content than in a regular doobie simply because there is more weed at the tip. The cone shaped joint or pack is an awesome thing to look at and even more awesome to smoke.

Milk It


Stoner Dictionary | Milk It

Milk It: verb 1. filling the chamber of a smoking device with thick, milk-like marijuana smoke

Example: “I ripped a four foot bong and milked it til I couldn’t see through the glass.”

The one thing that every smoker hates to see is thick THC rich smoke go to waste and float into the air without anyone ever having the chance to inhale it. When you milk it you light your bottle bong in a way to let the paper smoke waste into the air but allow all of the THC smoke to stay and collect into the bottle. You can then tip the bottle and let the smoke roll into your mouth as you inhale.

This gives it the appearance of a liquid in the bottle like milk.

This method is often times done for new smokers who don’t quite know how to inhale smoke properly.It’s a nice gesture that guarantees that you’re not wasting your bud on a newbie.A good way to see someone milk it is to watch an avid smoker take a hit from a gravity bong. This is a perfect bottle bong to milk it with and most do. As a kid your mother always told you to drink your milk to get vitamin D, well now you’re an adult and you should milk it for that daily dose of THC. 

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Shotgun – Stoner Dictionary

Shotgun: verb 1. the act of exhaling marijuana smoke into someone else’s mouth

Example: “Let me shotgun the smoke to you so it doesn’t hurt your throat.”

The shotgun gives smoking together a whole new meaning. It can be done with romantic or platonic intentions and involves one person taking a rip and then blowing it into someone else’s mouth, with or without contact. This is most commonly done for the more inexperienced smoker whose throat or lungs are still sensitive to the smoke. A different meaning is a sort of more complicated technique and isn’t the most popular way of smoking but can get you pretty stoned. In order to achieve the shotgun, you must take the lit end and carefully blow air through to the other end while the other person inhales from the normal smoking end and receives additional smoke.

The outcome if done correctly will result in the receiver getting really high really fast.

Usually because there is so much extra smoke being inhaled an unprepared person might cough, choking on the heavy hit. This version of the shotgun however, can be a potentially dangerous practice being that it can result in one person burning their mouth off. The prior version is much more fun, anyway. So make sure to exercise caution when playing with the shotgun, it’s really fun when done right and an awesome way to smoke.



Stoner Dictionary | Pistils

Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary

 Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.”

One lovely sign that you’ve got yourself a female plant are its delicate pistils. Female marijuana plants will display a centrally located swollen base which are its ovaries and a white or colored pistil will be stemming from it.

These pistils usually have little hairs covering them and can become pretty long.

Along the end of the pistil are its pollen receptors used to pollinate the ovaries and produce seeds. Pistils are a part of the female plant’s reproductive system and will show up a little before the flowering stage begins. If pistils are spotted, be aware that the plant may be hermaphrodite. This means that little sacs that contain pollen can also be found on the same plant. Either way though, pistils are a great sign and have all the potential to grow the prettiest buds for your garden.




Stoner Dictionary | Pot

Pot: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana

Origin: Mexico

Example: “Travis wants to smoke some pot.”

Better than any cooking utensil known to mankind, there is pot! A word used to describe marijuana of any sort or kind. It is probably the best 3 letter word in the english language. This term is accepted in the kitchen to the construction site. Any chef or foreman knows what it means when we are dishing out the P O T.

This term has been around since the late 1930s and early 1940s. 

The history lesson behind the origin of the word starts with the Spanish word potiguaya which loosely translates to “marijuana leaves.” It’s a Mexican-Spanish style word that was originally used for an alcoholic drink made by soaking weed leaves in brandy or wine. It eventually made its way to the U.S. where it was turned into. It’s a mainstream word that has lasted generations and remained in our mouths for years, just like pot itself.



Stoner Dictionary | Shake

Shake: noun 1. ground marijuana buds 2. the leaves, buds, and trichome remnants at the bottom of a bag or jar of marijuana

Example: “I bought an ounce of shake at the clinic for $20 and used it to make cannabutter.”

When you break up cannabis buds and then grind them up you’ve got some of it. It is what you call marijuana that has been ground up for better use in a joint or pipe. Some people use shake to describe the leftover pieces of weed from a once full bag, not to be confused with kief.

There are those who choose never to buy it because they feel it might be a rip off and prefer to grind their own buds.

 If you like to use shake to roll your joints and do a fairly good job, it can have the advantages of burning evenly, slowly, and consistently. Shake is convenient for some and some hate it when not done by themselves, but still most agree that when it comes to joints, shake is your best bud. Any true stoner would take a bag. With a couple papers you’ll be all set.



Stoner Dictionary | Ounce 

Ounce: noun 1. 28 grams of marijuana

Example: “I brought an O to smoke and give away at Burning Man.”

So you probably heard a rapper say something about an Oz., or an ounce of kush and you were like, “what’s that?” Well it’s not a new type of weed, it’s a unit of measurement. If you forgot, it’s okay, we’ve all been out of school for a while hopefully. An ounce is just another way of saying about 28 grams of weed. An ounce would typically fill up a normal size mason jar and give one person enough weed to last at least a month. 

The cost of an ounce of weed varies depending on what type and can range between the prices of $90 to $300.

When shopping for an O, make sure that you compare your prices, there are many medical marijuana dispensaries that will give you deals for buying large amounts and an ounce is well worth the bucks. Anytime one has 28 grams of the sweet mary jane, a good joint sesh is in order. Just roll up all the shake in your bag into one big fatty and enjoy.



Stoner Dictionary | Session

Session: noun 1. a casual gathering of people smoking marijuana

Example: “I’m not going out tonight, we’re just gonna stay in and have a smoke session.”

Smokey rooms so thick that it’s hard to make eye contact with the person right next to you. There are empty food wrappers of all sorts scattered haphazardly across the floor and you and your friends are still passing around a bong and a joint. This is no doubt what you would call a session, sometimes abbreviated to a simple “sesh.” So get a mass text going out and rally one up for yourself.

A session is when you get a bunch of your friends together for the sole purpose of getting faded out of your natural born minds.

It’s really like a stoner’s exclusive party and every moment should be filled with inhaling the best buds. Depending on what budget you’re working with and how you and your crew can handle copious amounts of weed, during a session cannabis can be consumed by the pound. To be involved with a killer session feels like a heaven surrounded with smoke and bongs and something that should be enjoyed multiple times a month. 



Stoner Dictionary | Nutes

Nutes: noun 1. an abbreviation for nutrients used for growing cannabis

Examples: “I used the wrong nutes and they messed up my plants.”

When growing your marijuana plants a key ingredient to getting a great yield is a knowledgeable use of nutes. Your correct use of nutes, or nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium will determine how fast and how well your plant grows. Your plants will need different amounts of each of these during certain grow periods. For example, during the vegetative growth period, more nitrogen is needed than other nutes. It’s important to note that too many nutrients can be harmful to your plant, and if needed you may need to flush your soil.

Making sure your plants are clear of excess nutrients in their system will ensure they don’t taste or burn bad.

About two weeks before harvest is a great time to stop adding nutes and begin flushing your plants system with clean water. If you plan to use nutrients be sure you know how and when to apply them, your plants life depends on it. Every living things needs nutrients to survive. Learn what it takes to delivery maximum potential to your next grow.



Stoner Dictionary | Screen

Screen: noun 1. a filter made from gauze, mesh, glass, metal, brass or other materials that allow only the smoke to pass through

Example: “The screen on my pipe was jet black with resin.”

Pipes usually use a kind of screen also because without one, burning bits from your tree could end up hitting your throat and that’s no fun. They are commonly used with water bongs as a way to guarantee that no weed falls into the water. When using a screen for your bong you should make sure that you keep it clean, it will eventually become dirty or burned. They are pretty inexpensive to buy and you can usually find them for around $3-$5 at smoke shops.

Bits of weed falling into your water bong or a burning throat from a pipe are things that could happen and a filter is more than likely just the nifty invention you need in your life. 



Stoner Dictionary | Nugs

Nugs: plural noun 1. a slang term for the dried and manicured smokable flowers, or buds, of the marijuana plant

Example: “I got some perfect OG Kush popcorn sized nugs to smoke at the Cypress Hill show.”

If you aren’t madly in love with the sight of marijuana then you have probably never seen nugs before. Nugs are just the prettiest little or big buds you ever did see. They do not contain seeds nor sticks nor leaves and contain a rich vibrant color. Sometimes light green or dark green, moss green or even purple! These nugs generally consist of the bud or the flower of the cannabis plant. The buds are dried and condensed into perfect bite size nugs. Some nugs are fluffy and soft while others are dense and hard. Usually, the denser the better as this means that there is more nug to smoke and share. If the strain is grown by an expert, your precious nugs of gold will be shimmering with beautiful, frosty THC resin glands, or crystals, called trichomes. Like many other things pertaining to marijuana, the more trichomes, the merrier. When you look at your glistening nugs under a light and a magnifying glass, you can see these resin glands appear as little clear, gooey mushrooms. These mushroom shaped glands are popping with tetrahydrocannabinol just waiting to send you to the moon.

The smell of a nug is usually just as heavenly as the smoke itself. Looks can be deceiving, but always follow your nose, it never lies when it comes to sniffing herb. A nug might be dense and heavy, but that does not mean it is top shelf quality. Adversely, a nug may not be perfectly manicured, but it could be a swan disguised as an ugly duckling. This is why it is always best to smell your weed, never base the quality of a nug by its looks. Even at medical marijuana dispensaries, which generally have well manicured marijuana, may have some deceiving looking nugs. Everyone has unique cannabinoid receptors and when you smell certain strains, the scents will activate these receptors. When you smell a strain that just gives you that inexplicable warm feeling inside, you know you found the bud for you.

Often the feeling of smelling a really good nug is so pungent it is like being slapped in the face.

The stronger the aroma, the better the nugs. A true nug is not going to just hop off the plant and into your bong, you have to manicure and nurture your buds. Many hours and many hands are spent manicuring, or trimming, your nugs perfectly for you to consume. The work of a trimmer is arduous, but those who truly love our lady Mary Jane have no problem donating their time and labor to her beauty. Of course you would need to see some dank before you go calling every manicured uncompressed nice piece of weed a nug. This type of weed is equivalent in personal value to gold and the perfect bud you would want to return with when shopping for Mary Jane. 

Puff the Dragon


Stoner Dictionary | Puff The Dragon

Puff the Dragon: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana

Example: “We definitely gotta puff the dragon before the Peter, Paul and Mary show.”

One of the more playful and less literal sounding phrases to describe smoking weed is to puff the dragon. There seemed to be a bit of controversy around the original reason smokers began using this as a smoking definition. 

There was a famous song written in 1959 by two men named Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow called “Puff the Magic Dragon,”

which was made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963. People claimed that the song was filled with coded underlying symbolism to smoking marijuana. There was said to be reference of rolling papers, inhaling smoke, and that puff, was just in reference to puffing a joint. The writers came forth stating that none of the allegations were true and that in fact the song was meant to characterize the end of childhood innocence. Still ,pot smokers had already taken puff the dragon under their smoke cloaked wings and flew with it. Regardless of song lyrics or subliminal messages, puff the dragon remains a common smoking term and also known today as the highest flying dragon.



Stoner Dictionary | Score

Score: verb 1. the act of acquiring marijuana

Example: “I just scored some old school Northern Lights at the clinic today.”

Whenever you purchase yourself some marijuana you can call it a score and feel good because you’re one up in the points of life.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on sweet Mary Jane you should feel like you’re winning because in a short matter of time you’ll be flying high.

There are many ways to go about scoring some cannabis, such as visiting your local medical marijuana dispensary if you’re a registered patient, or maybe just hitting up a friend who knows how to grow the good stuff. One thing’s for certain though, when it’s your time to score don’t let the team down and you’ll be scoring high points in no time. 



Stoner Dictionary | Nuggets

Nuggets: noun 1. a slang term for the smokable flowers of the marijuana plant

Example: “I just got some tasty nuggets from the Kind For Cures dispensary.”

Sometimes while searching for quality bud we come across shiny little green trees some like to call nuggets. How is it shiny? Well the shine comes from the beautiful crystals, or trichomes, made of THC that sit atop the weed so proudly. These are the crystals that get you high and the bigger the THC crystals are, the higher the THC content will be.

Now a good nugget always looks vibrant and colorful, and the richness is something that always stands out to bud lovers.

So if it’s not rich and vibrant don’t call it a nugget. Another common quality you’ll find in nuggets is that they resemble a miniature Christmas tree. They have a wonderful cone shape that appears fluffy, yet dense at the same time. With no mistake a nugget will always catch your eye and leave you satisfied. 

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Scissor Hash


Stoner Dictionary | Scissor Hash

Scissor Hash: noun 1. the THC resin that collects on scissors or shears from trimming large amounts of cannabis

Example: “I trimmed so much herb that I rolled the scissor hash into a ball the size of a blueberry!”

A timeless treat to avid growers is scissor hash. This refers to the THC resin that collects on your scissors after trimming your buds. This left over scissor build up is very potent and can be between 40 % and 50% in THC levels. More eager smokers will scrape it off their scissors and roll it up by itself. Some prefer to collect it and sprinkle the hash on top of a bowl.

When smoked alone, scissor hash is said to be harsh and tough to keep down, but worth the extra coughing if you can handle it.

The full concentrated flavor and its high potency make it a very coveted prize and dealing with this hash is probably the only appropriate instance in where you should be running with scissors.



Stoner Dictionary | Schwag

Schwag: noun 1. a slang term for extremely low quality marijuana; also known as “swag,” “dirt weed” or “headache weed”

Example: “I never buy schwag, I only smoke top shelf.”

The one thing every MJ connoisseur hates to come in contact with is schwag, or swag. This is the lowest, most crap weed that you can smoke. As opposed to the dense, frosty, top shelf nuggets you would find at a medical marijuana dispensary, schwag is usually infested with seeds, branches, twigs, is brown in color, and dry and crumbly to the touch. It will often smell like dirt or mold making it actually dangerous to smoke for anyone who has any kind of mold allergy or respiratory ailments. These signs will guarantee that you have got yourself some bonafide schwag. That awful schwag will most likely be the result of poorly grown marijuana and was either harvested too early or too late in its growing cycle, often by amateurs or just plain carelessness. Schwag can also be an accumulation of shake or trimmings, left over from large batches but is still always bad quality and low potency. While there is often good quality shake and trimmings that can be used for cannabutter and other concentrates, there is never good quality schwag.

Another name for this kind of bad quality bud is “dirt weed,” “skank weed” or “headache weed” and is the stuff that you do not want to touch, smell, or especially smoke. Though the term schwag actually sounds Yiddish or German, its etymology is somewhat of a mystery. However, it was most likely coined around the time that Mexican brick weed began to gain popularity because of its availability and affordability.

Before the days of fancy medical marijuana dispensaries, Mexican brick weed was the standard and consisted of poorly grown outdoor, loose pieces of bud, leaf, trim, seed, and twig, mashed up and pressed into cubes for easier transport and smuggling.

Marijuana should never be squished into a square. Squares are not hip, they are not cool, and marijuana should never be associated with anything square, as it is the antithesis. Mary Jane is meant to cascade and tumble out of your nug jug. Your flowers should be happy and fluffy, or dense and heavy, sparkling with trichomes that are so sticky, you could smoke your fingers when you break your buds apart. It should not be ripped apart like compressed moss, schwag is not happy weed. In contrast to high quality buds, there are no pretty little THC crystals covering schwag and most agree that it does not even smell like marijuana. Schwag is dirt cheap to buy as it should be, seeing as how potent is not a word in its vocabulary. Half the time you can smoke an ounce of it to yourself and feel as sober as you did before, only with a bad taste in your mouth. Bottom line is that schwag would not be a good idea to get into and is best left wherever it was found.



Stoner Dictionary | Sativa

Sativa: noun 1. a type of marijuana plant that provides an uplifting head high

Example: “I only smoke sativa in the day time and indica at night.”


There are two main types of marijuana plants: indica and sativa. When smoked, they produce two different feelings and whichever you prefer is solely up to individual taste and ailments. Tiva’ will give you a much more upbeat and energetic high, very euphoric and cerebral.

Many people consider sativa to be the perfect class of strain to smoke during the daytime because of the energy boost that sativa plants produce. This is part of what makes them widely loved and used today.

In appearance, plants can be spotted by their very long leaves and buds. This can make them harder to grow indoors versus indica plants which are smaller. This strains strong energy advantage is enough to keep you wired all night and many counts of marijuana hallucinations have been due to the smoking of high potency. Cannabis can also be known for its calming, relaxing side. These strains are always nice to get your hands on, just make sure that when you burn some sativa, you don’t mind bouncing off your walls for a while.

Salad Bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl: noun 1. a mixture of several different marijuana strains in one bowl or joint

Example: “There’s four different strains in this salad bowl.”

Being healthy and eating salads certainly had its advantages on your body, similarly smoking a salad bowl has great advantages on your high level. A salad bowl is known as a very potent mixture of many different strains that you put into your bong, joint, or pipe and have the time of your life smoking it. This term can also be used when just filling your bowl past the rim of the bowl itself, giving it the look of a leafy green salad. This type of salad is best when sharing a bong between four or more people, the more the merrier.

The best salad bowl would be one filled with multiple strains and reaching past the rim of your bowl.

This is a certified way to get pretty stoned, and when colliding multiple strains of M.J. together it’s sure to be interesting. Come on, you have to treat yourself sometime.



Stoner Dictionary | Mota

Mota: noun 1. a Mexican slang term for marijuana

Example: “Hey paisa, you got any mota?”

The literal translation meaning “speck, dot or tiny bit,” the mota worthy of our stoner dictionary is a Spanish slang term for marijuana, predominantly used in Mexico and the United States. Though probably used in other Latin and South American Spanish speaking countries, mota is not used Spain. I made this mistake when I lived in Spain three years ago.

When I arrived in Madrid, the first mission I set out on was finding some sweet Mary Jane.

With only a very basic knowledge of conversational Spanish under my belt, I thought that the Mexican-Spanish slang I had learned from living in California would assist me. Nope! As I was making friends and meeting locals, I started asking if there was anywhere I could score some mota. They all looked at me like I was crazy. I was told that everyone just calls it marijuana, which seems so boring, unless they did not want to share their slang secrets with me. Completely unrelated but somewhat relevant, I also learned the slang term for ecstasy is pastillas.

There is much speculation behind the origins of the term mota. The literal translation which means “speck, dot or tiny bit,” and less commonly, “a hill or mound of earth,” could have started as a colloquial term used to describe the acquisition of a small portion of weed, or a speck of weed. Similar to the way we have abbreviated dime bag to simply dime, as slang terms always evolve, mota could have then become a replacement of the word marijuana altogether. Though this is truly mere speculation, whatever the history and origins are of this now common slang term, there’s no denying that todos adoramos la mota. 

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Stoner Dictionary | Nickel

Nickel: noun 1. five dollars worth of marijuana

Example: “Sorry man, I just paid rent and can only afford a nickel.”

Things have been a little costly this week and the budget is pretty tight, but you could really use a smoke, what’s your plan? Buy a nickel, at least it’s something. It is another way of saying $5 worth of trees.

It’s the smallest amount you can buy in weed terms unless you just know a guy who sells you $3 bags.

Usually people don’t buy in this quantity unless for some reason they feel they have to. It’s a Mary Jane sampler of sorts. A $5 scak is a little taste, a tiny invitation into a huge world full of possibilities, but hey every road leads to somewhere, roll up that nickel sack and enjoy!

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Nug Jug


Stoner Dictionary | Nug Jug

Nug Jug: noun 1. a container usually made of wood, plastic, or glass that comes in many sizes and is used specifically for storing cannabis

Example: “My homie Cameron is a glassblower and made this nug jug.”

Just like everything else in the stoner vocabulary, someone had to come up with a sweet name for a stash container, and a rhyming one at that. Nug jugs can come in all shapes and sizes, colors and materials. There is the good old fashioned Ziploc bag that has remained a loyal nug jug for decades. While the plastic bag is pliable and easy to stuff in your pocket or purse, it is not the best choice as it can tear and is not smell proof so carrying it in public places could be risky. Many medical marijuana vendors transport their products in giant plastic turkey bags which do a decent job at keeping the smell contained but are only recommended for large quantities. Though many head shops now carry smell proof plastic baggies, at that point you might as well invest in a nice solid nug jug. Since the medical marijuana boom in the United States and the opening of cannabis dispensaries, the medical container that once only carried prescription pills has become a standard and convenient nug jug. They are cheap to buy in bulk and many clinics will offer discounts for patients who recycle their containers. They come in numerous colors from purple to green to clear, are airtight, smell proof and plastic so they are durable.

In the 1960s and 1970s, cigar boxes and humidor’s were ideal storage devices for marijuana. In addition to storing your stash, you can also keep your stoner kit inside of it, complete with papers, piece and lighter. Although, you will most likely still have to keep your buds in a smaller container within the cigar box, it is still convenient for keeping all of your smoking items organized. It is also great for social situations as you can pull it out and not have to search for any of the items separately, as most stoners do.

For the professional marijuana smoker, however, acquiring the perfect nug jug can be as important as purchasing a new pipe or bong.

Glassblowing is an art that produces some beautiful artifacts. Most artisan nug jugs will be sealed with a large cork and can be found at most, if not all, head shops. Glass containers are the creme de la creme of nug jugs as they keep your marijuana the freshest and are usually airtight. If you are looking for a cheaper, more basic glass nug jug, mason jars make excellent containers, are cheap and are sold at most grocery stores. The average size mason jar can hold about an ounce of marijuana. Most medical marijuana dispensaries display their meds in glass mason jars and some vendors transport their products in them as well. There have been many high tech reinventions of the classic mason jar that are made especially for marijuana storage. Many of them do provide what they promise, however it is usually at a price much higher than your every day mason jar. In the end, it is always good to stick with the classic.



Stoner Dictionary | Rollin’

Rollin’: verb/adjective 1. being high on marijuana 2. a term used to describe being high on marijuana

Example: “Two joints and bowl later, I was rollin balls.”

Rollin’ is known to be what you are when you are high on weed. Many people use this term only when referring to purely psychedelic drugs, but is still applies to Mary Jane that gives you a awesome potent high. Another way that rollin’ is used in cannabis conversation is when referring to a bowl of weed that is lit and continuously burning, or otherwise known as cherried. You might hear someone say, “no need to light it again, I got it rollin’.” Or in a different setting you could hear something like this,

“man I got a hold of some fire last night, it had me rollin’.”

Diverse in its meanings and a commonly used term, rollin’ is usually what you’d like to be most of the time.



Stoner Dictionary | Munchies

Munchies: noun 1. extreme increase in appetite when under the influence of marijuana

Example: “Khoi smoked a bowl and got the munchies so bad he ate a gallon of ice cream on the balcony.”

“They say that true potheads stops getting the munchies after a certain point. I mean, the true pothead wouldn’t even say the word munchies. I don’t know what the true pothead would say… ‘munchos’ or ‘hungries’ or something. At any rate, I still love to eat when I’m high. So fuck you if you’re too cool to get hungry when you’re stoned.” Anna Faris said it perfectly in the 2007 stoner comedy Smiley Face when she gets hit by hurricane hungry. When calculating how much you want to spend in your budget for marijuana, you might as well add up the cost for extra groceries as well. The munchies are when you get extremely hungry while you’re stoned.

You begin craving every bit of all of your favorite delicious foods, and all you want to do is eat them by the truckloads.

Usually you can find yourself only wanting snack or junk foods and wanting lots of them. “Get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip, man, some beef jerky, some peanut butter. Get some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn, red popcorn, graham crackers, graham crackers with marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars and we can make s’mores, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap’n Crunch with the little Crunch Berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on ’em, with water, whole lotta water and… Funyons” was Jim Breuer’s stoner grocery list in Half Baked. It sounds like you have a serious case of the stoner munchies. Don’t try to fight it, oh no, just continue to stuff your face and forgive yourself for the calories in the morning.

However, sometimes it is good to indulge yourself in some truly delicious fare. While it is hard to fight the need to buy poptarts and Pringles when you pass them in the snack aisle, be patient and treat yourself to a unique and delectable meal that your city has to offer. Try something new and open yourself up to a world of food you have never experienced. There’s nothing like tasting something delicious for the first time, especially when you are blitzed out of your mind. You can also try eating something exotic, maybe from a far off land you have never traveled to, like Vietnamse Pho, Korean BBQ, Japanese Shabu Shabu or the rainbows of Indian curry available. If you are an ambitious stoner, try the modern innovation that we call cooking. Yes, that’s right, cooking. As it does require more effort than pulling up in a drive-thru and shouting at a microphone, the reward is much greater. Get some friends together, spark up a joint, and cook up a delicious (and healthy if possible) meal that will leave everyone stoned, full and happy. Friends who eat together, stay together, especially when your friend is Mary Jane.

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Roach Clip


Stoner Dictionary |  Roach Clip

Roach Clip: noun 1. a device used to hold the last morsel of a marijuana cigarette

Example: “Yes I smoke shit, straight off the roach clip.” – Cypress Hill

You’ve come too far in smoking this joint to let the last little bit escape you and you won’t be defeated. You’ve reached the very end of your joint, or the roach, and you can hold on no longer, so you grab your roach clip and inhale every last bit of grass. A roach clip is a metal holder that is used to hold your joint when it gets too small and begins burning your lips and fingers. You can make a roach clip out of anything and you can commonly see people making them out of paper clips or bobby pins.

They work very well and allow you to get the most out of your joint.

No one likes having to double up on chapstick because of burned lips and when you burn your fingers and drop your roach, you feel like a stoned butterfingers. The roach clip is the perfect solution to these problems and the best part is you can make one yourself. There are also many roach clips that are available for sale online and in smoke shops that come in lots of cool designs and colors. When you’re smoking a joint there’s no point in wasting any bud, or enduring third degree burns while getting high, grab a roach clip and suck that doobie dry. 

Mouth Piece


Stoner Dictionary | Mouth Piece

Mouth Piece: noun 1. a small rolled up piece of cardboard or sturdy paper inserted into one end of a marijuana cigarette

Example: “The joint gets way too soggy if I don’t use a mouth piece.”

A more comfortable smoking experience is always what you want to aim for. Still there are those times when you get little pieces of weed in your mouth when smoking a joint. This is not a fun sensation to anyone and a mouth piece is exactly what helps eliminate this. A mouth piece, or crutch, otherwise known as a filter is a small piece of cardboard or sturdy paper that you fold up and put inside your joint in the end you plan to smoke from.

Some say this allows them a superior smoke flow that is much more desired.

It can also give the smoker a more put together or sturdy feel to the joint. Most people make theirs themselves seeing as how it is a very simple design and idea. If you are a medicinal smoker that frequents dispensaries, you may have noticed that all pre-rolled joints that they carry for purchase have mouth pieces in them. Many really love this technique and say a mouth piece is just the sort of little invention that could end up changing your smoke sessions from now on.



Stoner Dictionary | Laced

Laced: verb 1. mixing other substances into marijuana

Example: “That herb made me feel weird, I think it was laced with something.”

Weed can be smoked with other drugs or with hash on top. This action is what you would call smoking laced weed. Lacing your weed is up to the smoker but it ultimately means that you wouldn’t be smoking pure Mary Jane anymore. The purpose of lacing your weed is to achieve a greater and or different high than normally achieved with only weed. This of course could have different side effects depending on what the weed is laced with.

This is one reason why it’s important to know what you’re smoking when you’re with others.

By either seeing the weed rolled or prepared or by knowing who you are smoking with or where it came from, you can be aware of any laced weed or sniff it out. The safest way to smoke is always bring your own tree or have some just in case. Still, in most instances people feel they like it better if they know they are smoking laced weed beforehand. It’s just somethin’ ya need ta know!

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Stoner Dictionary | Kush

Kush: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis indica plant

Origin: The Hindu Kush Mountains, Pakistan/Afghanistan

Example: “I can smell that sweet kush from a mile away.”

The indica dominant strain we call kush has a big family but finds its origins from landrace plants mostly in Northern Pakistan and Central Afghanistan as well as parts of North-Western India. The Hindu-Kush Mountains are the supposed birth place of the beloved kush strain which now has many sub strains and hybrids. Also known as Pāriyātra Parvata or Paropamisadae, this mountain range stretches between Central Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan and is 800m (2625ft) long. The etymology behind the name “Hindu Kush” has been speculated to mean “Indian Killer.” This name was supposedly given to a particular pass by the Persians because it was a place where many of their Indian slaves had perished during the harsh mountain winters. In Uzbek, Kush also means bird. Whether or not there is any correlation between these supposed meanings and our familiar kush, it is always fun to speculate. It was brought to the United States in the 1970s and has become a staple for indica smokers all over the world.

One of the most distinguishing traits of the kush plant is its aroma. While there are several types of kush now each possessing a unique scent, most kush will have a deep skunky and earthy smell with notes of sweetness.

Some will have hints of pine or citrus/ammonia. Strains like Lavender Kush or Pure Kush have been known to have a very floral scent, almost fragrant enough to wear as a perfume. Oddly enough, there is a line of Kush perfumes and colognes that have been released. If you are a true lover of that signature kush aroma, pick up a bottle of that Kush fragrance for your mate and enjoy the scent even when you are not smoking it!

Many of the popular types we know today include: Purple, Master, Pure, OG, Afghani, Hindu, Lavender, Mango and Bubba Kush. OG Kush is one of the most popular derivations and was made popular in Southern California, most famously by rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill. It does possess some sativa qualities but smokes more like an indica and is usually recommended for the indica smoker.

True Bubba Kush is a strain that has become hard to find.

There are many strains out there that claim to be Bubba but are often just named as such by the vendor or dispensary. A real Bubba cut is hard to come by so if you find it, snatch it up! Not all plants are indica, many of them are hybrids but will always have indica dominant genes. Kush is a strain that is loved by almost all weed smokers and is thought of as being royalty in the strains of marijuana. This is because it’s usually high quality and gives the user their money’s worth. The preferred strain by many true smokers and remains respected by many!

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Stoner Dictionary | Kryptonite

Kryptonite: noun 1. a specific strain of marijuana

Example: “Superman wishes he could smoke this kryptonite!”

A true indica at its best, this strain represents its heritage to the fullest. Often used as a sleep aid, kryptonite is wonderful for reducing physical pain. Its heritage is said to be from pure OG Kush. This makes it a very high quality bud. The buds are very bright green and have an earthy smell and taste.

The effect gives a good overall high feeling that is perfect for reducing stress.

The benefits are endless but the main reason it is loved is for its comfort enhancing abilities. And because it’s not 100% indica, it won’t leave you stuck to the floor. Instead it will gently carry you to bed where you can then breathe and enjoy the movement with a smile of satisfaction.



Stoner Dictionary | Killer

Killer: adjective 1. a term describing very potent high grade marijuana

Example: “Nick smoked me out with some killer weed.”

Depending on where you live the term killer when referring to weed can be a rather touchy subject. Most frequently when the subject of killer weed comes up it just means that you were smoking a rather higher potency brand of weed. When your boy calls you up and said he smoked some shit that made him think is dying you better go get some of that.

But there is another side that can be very undesirable. 

Some refer to killer weed as a mixture of dried parsley soaked with PCP and then added to a bowl of cannabis. When done as an unexpected party favor, few people enjoy this and the trickster is not praised afterwards. It’s kind of like the whole “spiking the punch” movement only with a bit more hallucinations. If you ever get the feeling someone is passing around a bong you might want to skip a hit, or take your chances and hope it’s some really great kush.

13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana


Stoner Dictionary | 13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana

13: noun 1. The numerical code for marijuana.

Origin: The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang.

They broke into Woodstock and were security for the Rolling Stones at Altamont, their infamy is worldwide. The Hell’s Angels have been a part of the counter-culture since it began. A reputation of rugged individualism and gang devotion make the Hell’s Angels a true piece of Americana. Riding the open road on two wheeled demons, the Angels demonstrate recognition in no authority but their own. They ask no one for nothing, but if you cross them they may take everything. 13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana. 

The significance of the number thirteen is its’ representation of the letter “M.”

Pot smoking members of the Hell’s Angels wear a patch with the historically unlucky number on it to signify their alliance with the weed. Changing superstition is no easy task, as the number has now been adopted by the happy go lucky members of the marijuana masses.

13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana!



Stoner Dictionary | Kief

Kief: noun 1. an accumulation of the highly concentrated trichomes found on marijuana buds

Example: “I sprinkled some kief on top of the bowl.”

The best kind of leftovers that you can imagine. The sugary THC crystals that comes off potent weed are called kief. It’s sometimes entangled with little orange hairs and can be found in the bottom of a sack of marijuana or the bottom of your grinder. If you can manage to collect a lot of it, it will give you a very intense high to last you a while. Kief is most often smoked when added on top of a bowl, or sprinkled on top of a joint like other concentrates.

Kief can be regularly found in a grinder after it has been used a few good times.

Good quality always has a much higher THC content then the marijuana bud itself. It is also available in larger quantities at medical marijuana dispensaries. It’s a nice surprise to realize you’ve got some kief that’s been collecting for a while, because when there’s some around, there’s stoning taking place. The most special powdery love that a stoner will ever know. If you know anyone with crystal love send them to us.