Stoner Dictionary | Kryptonite

Kryptonite: noun 1. a specific strain of marijuana

Example: “Superman wishes he could smoke this kryptonite!”

A true indica at its best, this strain represents its heritage to the fullest. Often used as a sleep aid, kryptonite is wonderful for reducing physical pain. Its heritage is said to be from pure OG Kush. This makes it a very high quality bud. The buds are very bright green and have an earthy smell and taste.

The effect gives a good overall high feeling that is perfect for reducing stress.

The benefits are endless but the main reason it is loved is for its comfort enhancing abilities. And because it’s not 100% indica, it won’t leave you stuck to the floor. Instead it will gently carry you to bed where you can then breathe and enjoy the movement with a smile of satisfaction.

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