Privacy Policy for Cannabis Community

The privacy of the cannabis community is very important to us here at Stoner Days

At StonerDays, we recognize that your personal information is important to you. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and how we safeguard your stoney info.  We will never sell or give away your personal information to third parties.

Log Files

We keep a log of every visitor and it is 100% secured on our secure servers. We collect your IP address and Internet service provider information, such as Verizon or Spectrum internet. Our site is best viewed on mobile safari or google chrome. The browser you are using may also collect information on what pages you visit while cruising our website.

Mmm Cookies

These aren’t your normal cookies found in out stoner cookbook. uses web cookies to collect information and preferences to make your browsing more user friendly. Cookies help us make the site better with things like popups and newsletter signups, ads etc.

We may also use advertisements from our partners and friends to help support our site and bloggers that contribute. Some advertisers on my use cookies to collect traffic information and statistics to help their campaign monitoring. We never collect personal information from you such as your name or address. We generally use these statistics for geo targeting and analytics information. We may show you certain ads based on your location and IP address.


StonerDays Disclaimer

StonerDays recommends certain products that we think are the best for our community. We personally use the items and make a decision on whether it is a great product or garbage. We select items from companies that we have talked to and trust for great service for the cannabis community. We never receive a commission for these reviews and have grown them 100% organically over time. If you have a cannabis product you would like us to consider please submit it here.

Nothing on our site should be considered medical information. Please consult your doctor if you are having any health issues and ask if cannabis would be right for you. The contributors to this website are not lawyers or law makers and you should not use this site for legal advice. If you are thinking about doing anything illegal in your state, make sure to consult a lawyer.

This site is attended to spread the positive apsects about marijuana and promote legalization.

Good vibes!

-The StonerDays Team