10 Ways to make your Super Bowl Dank Presented By StonerDays

10 Ways to make your Superbowl Dank Presented By StonerDays

10 Ways to make your Super Bowl Dank Presented By StonerDays

Mary Jane is great at making herself the life of the party at every function, and this Super bowl season is no exception! Of course you could have a pretty cool Super bowl turn- up without trees, but why on earth would you? Keep your low eyes scrolling for 10 ways to make your Superbowl dank this year.

#1- Incorporate Edibles into Super Bowl snacks

All your game time favorites like nachos, wings, and even guacamole can be turned into edibles. Check out our stoner cookbook for a closer look on how to execute these munchies perfectly to give you the munchies. Delicious flavors will have you and your guests wishing everyday was game day.

#2- Super Bowl Smokers Challenge

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little competition to some competition. A fun win win game that ensures no sore losers. Here are the official rules and graphic:


#3- Be Prepared!

There’s nothing like the feeling of lighting a blunt the moment you need one. When the pig skin begins to fly you’ll never know when the need might occur. You’ll be able to focus completely on the game or entertaining close ones and not miss a second due to grinding, rolling, or breaking down. You might even want to stash a few killer pre-rolls especially for half-time.

#4- Super Bowl “Bong Day”

Put a twist on words and the way you get high by dedicating yourself to only smoke “super bowls” on this great day and bring out the ol’ bong collection. It shows just how serious you are about your love of football and flying to the moon.

#5- Halftime High Show

For allot of people and stoners alike, the best part of the Super bowl is the halftime show. Naturally we planned to be comfortably numb through it all, seeing the lights and cheerleaders as if for the first time. Now is the time for extendos and oil rigs to take center stage along with the artists and steal the show. You knew the bowl commercials were going to be cool, but you didn’t think you’d have sore ribs and cheeks from gut busting laughter and full teeth cheesing… thank the Sativa for that.

#6- Paper Football Tournaments

This is an option great for family Super bowl events where a younger audience is in attendance. Show off your high creative prowess by building cool goal posts. Legos, or even gluing tiny footballs together in the shape of little goal posts. Flicking little paper footballs through the air and watching as they soar just as your mind has can be very satisfying.


#7- Bring on the Beverages

THC juices and punches will really set the party ablaze. Have the party more soothed than actually “boozed” but still quenching your thirst.

#8- Have Game Day Tunes on Deck

Music and sports are a match made in heaven and since this Super bowl is a dank one, it needs to come with a killer playlist. Songs to keep up that game spirit and songs to smoke Mary Jane to of course. Feeling good vibes and smoking even better ones is what this day is all about.

#9- Make a Friendly Wager

Weed themed bets are always the best. If you’re feeling extra confident in your team this Super bowl season why not see what the bud gods have in store? If your team looses you supply the munchies for a week, vice/versa you supply the roll ups of the winners choice for a week, you know mix it up however you’re feeling.

#10- Ponder This?

Latest statistics have shown that nearly 89% of NFL players uses our beloved Mary Jane…. Just knowing that the player whose jersey you’re sporting could have gotten blazed before the game; wow! Sometimes it’s just the thought that counts.

We hope these help all you stoners have the Dankest Superbowl you’ve had to date. Keep playing and keep smoking guys!

10 Fun Things to do while Feeling Elevated on Cannabis


10 Fun Things to do while Feeling Elevated on Cannabis

All stoners know that everything and we mean everything is better when you’re elevated on cannabis. Still some activities help you really get into an extremely focused and fun state of mind. Throwing you into a wave you never knew you could ride. Think of your favorite pastime activity; other than smoking sweet Mary, guaranteed you haven’t enjoyed it too it’s full potential until you’ve done it stoned. Coming up is a list if interesting activities to get into while lifted. If you see one you haven’t tried yet I’m sure the grinder isn’t too far from reach, let’s get busy stoners!

1- Artwork

Calling all pot head Picasso’s, all dank Dali’s! Picking up a pencil after putting down a blunt is like drawing pictures of what the herb whispered to you while you inhaled her. Even if you’re just an occasional doodler, the process of art while elevated on cannabis is mad refreshing. Colors vibrant and giving good vibes, paint strokes curving beautifully each one more eloquent then the next. Maybe you’re the hands on type and arts and crafts is your main squeeze, bird houses built from bud hands make the happiest Blue Jays hands down. THC makes the tinkering seem effortless as you Zone out in your living room or workspace creating your very own hobby lobby. Channel any left over stress you may be feeling into whatever work of art. Regardless of medium or materials used you and Mary will have masterpieces to display when it’s all said and done.
Elevated on cannabis artwork

2- Cooking

This one makes perfect sense and I’m sure we all know why. The munchies are going to hit you anyway bro. Why not have a delicious meal or savory snack ready to cuddle up to. Our pallets change over time as we mature and adapt to new flavors. Now as adult stoners we’re ready to puff the green but taste the rainbow. Look up an interesting dish while elevated on cannabis. See how well the high you can follow step by step instructions. Also there are many foods (such as mango) that when paired with marijuana can actually make you higher. Try incorporating these into your cooking sessions until you’ve become a chronic culinary champion. Sweet treats come in clutch when you’re visiting the moon as well. Check out our stoner cookbook for amazing recipes.

3- Play video games

Look left, look right, check map and weapon inventory, now make a run towards head quarters. You’re officially in full survival mode ready to take on the worst. In this stoned moment it’s about much more than beating the high score, its life or death and we choose life! Video games when you’re blowed is like watching movies on an adrenaline shot. Being that you’re engaged on so many levels (visual, mental, physical)  when you play Mary makes this an overwhelmingly good time. Gaming is awesome for times when you want to Zone out in your high and be alone, but is also perfect for a super litty social smoke sess. Often times as smokers the act can be enhanced when you’re enjoying the company of a fried friend, or just anyone you vibe with. Hooking up the controllers during your next get up is sure to make for some interesting convo and belly laughs by he bong load.

4- Meditation while elevated on cannabis

One of the great attributes medical marijuana brings to the table is the ability to chill you all the way out. Many stoners soley medicate for stress relief and incorporate it into their daily lives for therapeutic reasons. Pairing these and other weed practices with meditation can help you reach heights you never thought you could. A huge part of meditation revolves around centering yourself and your thoughts to be in the “now”. Ganja takes you to a place where there is no space or time, opening your pineal gland to allow the most Nirvana like meditative state. It’s definitely worth a few Doobie hits and incense sticks to give it a try. Pot heads have hella busy lives too, taking a moment to stop the orchestra in your mind is a great way to reboot and recharge your soul. Namaste.
meditation elevated on cannabis
Getting elevated on cannabis and meditating is crucial when you’re stressed out or having a bad day.

5- Watch cartoons

Making it to the list of terrific trippy activities is of course watching cartoons. You can go in so many directions with this it’s insane. Whatever mood the herb puts you in will dictate whether you end up watching black and white classics, vintage nicktoons, anime, Tom and Jerry, or Rockos modern Life. Guaranteed you’ll pick up on things you never noticed, chuckle harder than you thought possible at Felix the Cat, and have a dope ass time. Cartoons are like a weed sproutlet they get danker and doper with time and age. So kick back and flip to some boomerang while you roll up. Nothing beats gorilla glue and Magilla Gorilla together in one room.

6- Cleaning

We know exactly what you’re thinking, “say whaaaa? Why would I waste a good buzz cleaning?” And that my stoner friends is where you’re wrong, you wouldn’t b wasting a good buzz you’d be making it better by using it to fuel your cleaning. Most would agree there’s nothing better than a productive pot head. So get to those dishes in the sink and blow the dust off your vacuum cleaner; but not before you get stoned to the bone. Once you’ve reached your level the tasks you were dreading an hour ago become busy work for your hands while you’re vibing out to your favorite playlist. Chronic cleaning in mist cases will have your living area sparkle like an open house, books arranged in alphabetical order as well as color coded. All thanks to that hybrid you finished earlier. Now that it’s clean and you can breathe sit back and be proud of yourself, a job this well done deserves another joint.

7- Work out

You are now being introduced to the end all be all when it comes to a pre workout. When you work out, or the release of sweat in general increases the blood flow in turn making you higher. It’s cool science stuff like this that could turn your next trip to the gym from epic fail to eternal win. If getting stoned before a good sweat just isn’t your jiz, then by all means grab yourself a killer Indica and blaze afterwards. Sore or rigid muscles don’t stand a chance against THC and CBD. Living your best life is a 360° effort and the fact that you’re even willing to get your heart pumping is a giant first step; paired with your first love you might surprise yourself with just how much iron you can really pump.

8- Listen to music

Now is the time to re visit all your favorite tunes so you can dance to them as if it’s your first time hearing. Having a soundtrack to your life makes any situation bearable at least, but when under the influence of Mary Jane you’re instantly in a movie, playing the lead role and not dying at the end. Not to mention there are several songs that water directly to a higher state of mind. One being the Weeknd’s “High for this.” Layers of sound have been compacted into one track that takes you beyond everything else. It’s one you most definitely have to enjoy. Bumping toons while high can lead to nothing but a good time maybe some dancing and memories to last a lifetime.
listening to music elevated on cannabis
Get elevated and let the music set your mind free

9- Outside activities

Hotboxin with the homies is life, but let us not forget about our old friend oxygen. Get out and get stoned as often as possible. Sun kissed cheeks smiling in a full blown high is a sign of good things to come. Playing frisbee is an excellent source of vitamin awesome and an activity that Fido can enjoy as well, we can’t forget our pot head pups. Some even say they experience a better stone when they’re outside getting all one with nature and what not. Take that book on the porch, send those emails from the hammock, grab that soccer ball collecting dust in the garage and bust a move. The time is here to put that Sour D to work, use the bud as a sort of battery and remind yourself that life is full of sunshine.

10- Set life goals

Your soul and thoughts have taken flight. As the smoke still lingers in the air ideas begin to flow through your being. Think of good ones that actually make sense this time. Don’t just sit on it! Pull up the note pad on your phone and write them down. From this starting point there’s really no stopping you. Remembering life goals you set eons ago, they were never forgotten. Only in hibernation waiting for you to rip the bong and reminisce. Putting pencil to paper may seem a bit archaic now but the mere motion can get wheels spinning. Before you even realized it you completed a full year plan complete with your self esteem on 1000%. You may just want to get a simple to do list out of the way. Sparking a doobie beforehand will have you writing as well as finishing your honey do list before your honey dip can even ask.
Have fun, be active, and always stay stoned. Check out our awesome collection of weed clothing.

10 Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn't Know

10 Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

Hemp oil is obtained from seeds of the Cannabis plant. Extracted solely from the seeds, it is also called hemp seed oil.

People often confuse hemp extracts in an oil carrier, as “Hemp Oil”. However, pure hemp oil is a natural botanical concentrate processed only from the seeds of the plant and not from any other botanical extraction process.

This oil comes from the tall growing varieties of cannabis. However, hemp oil does not contain THC, the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis.The oil which contains THC is called cannabis oil. So, you should not be confused about the two oils.

Containing a huge amount of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats, daily hemp concentrate can boost your health in a wide variety of ways. From hormonal balance to anti-aging protection, here are 10 surprising benefits of hemp oil you may don’t know:

1. One of The Most Nutritious Seed Oils Available

Hemp oil is packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium which makes it full of nutrients useful for your body more than any other oil available.

Hemp oil is an unsaturated oil derived from plant accommodates 80% unsaturated fatty acids, and only 20% undesired saturated fats. What’s more important to note is, this oil is very high in essential fatty acids – omega-3 and omega-6, which are necessary for a good functioning of your immune system and for cardiovascular health.

2. Helps Control Hormonal Balance, PMS and Menopause Symptoms

The only seed known to contain gamma-linolenic acid is hemp seed. Gamma-linolenic acid is the substance that converts in the human body into a protective hormone called prostaglandin. This hormone helps to maintain hormonal balance and to support menopausal health. It also helps in reducing PMS symptoms, such as irritability and fluid retention. Hemp seeds are the only edible seeds which contain gamma-linolenic acid.

Cannabis Clothing
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3. Good For Skin

Hemp oil is a good natural moisturizer because it contains a high level of omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Because it’s so rich in fatty acids, it increases the elasticity of your skin and slows skin aging. What’s even more exciting is that it dries quickly on the skin and doesn’t have that oily effect; you can put it on your skin after the shower and won’t wait long until you can dress up.

4. Great For Your Hair Too

Hemp oil also contains ceramides, so it helps hair to be less dry and shinier – it’s often among the ingredients in many hair conditioners. Amino acids in hemp oil will make hair grow stronger. Not only that, but this oil is also beneficial for the scalp, as it improves blood circulation.

5. Oil Can Help Improve Your Mood

There is strong evidence that omega-3 fatty acids improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder as well as in children with ADHD, several studies have shown. This is mostly due to the fact that fatty acids are essential for brain functioning.

Also, since this oil contains endocannabinoids, it helps to increase a good mood and reducing depression and anxiety.

6. Great for Vegetarians and Vegans

Since vegetarians and vegan don’t get enough of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, considering their diet regime. Hemp oil is especially beneficial for them – it provides the right balance of these nutrients which is important considering the narrowed choice of fatty acid sources vegetarians and vegans have.

Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn't Know
Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

7. Reduces Arthritis Pain

Some studies have found that consumption of hemp oil reduces arthritis pain by 25%.

This is due to gamma-linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, both found in hemp oil. These fatty acids are strongly anti-inflammatory. That’s why arthritis patients see the effects of hemp oil in reducing their pain pretty fast with regular use.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Hemp oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, it boosts metabolism. When metabolism is faster, it means that fats will burn more quickly. This way, cholesterol goes down, which also prevents clogging of arteries.

9. Aids in Antioxidant Protection

Vitamin E is the key to having a beautiful skin and also helps in aging gracefully. It also protects your DNA from free radicals present in the environment that can damage it over time.

Hemp oil is very rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants, so consuming it will help to protect your DNA and cells and to improve your overall health.

10. Hemp Oil Shouldn’t Be Heated

One thing to bear in mind for getting the full potential from this precious oil is that you should keep it at a normal or low temperature. High temperatures can turn unsaturated fats into saturated fats, which can turn toxic to humans.

Cannabis Sleep – 10 Things For Your Herbal Nightcap


Cannabis Sleep – 10 Things For Your Herbal Nightcap

Before bed, many people choose cannabis sleep. Marijuana is offering new hope for those who suffer with chronic sleep issues. With 88% of Americans approving the medical use of marijuana, according to a 2017 CBS News poll, it may be time to change up your current nightcap of choice.

With more than 60 million people in the United States currently experiencing issues with their sleep patterns according to American Sleep Association, it’s never been a better time to take advantage of the changes in legislation. Instead of a glass of wine or a sleeping pill, cannabis before you sleep will have you catching your zzz’s. If you’re an insomniac who’s weighing their options, here are some things to consider before you decided to give it a try. Guilhem Vellut. Marijuana. 2005. Flickr.com. Web. Nov 7. 2017.


A Small Dose

It’s easy enough to think that a few puffs will do when it comes to inhaling cannabis and sleep, but it’s important to be aware that there can be too much of a good thing and using marijuana as a sleep aid is no different. Taking a few too many inhalations can easily lead to early-morning grogginess, so you’ll want to wade into your pre-sleep use slowly and get familiar with the drug’s impacts first.

Consider the Strain

cannabis and sleep marijuana nugIf you’re interested in marijuana as a sleep aid, it might seem like it’s all the same, but there are a number of strains to choose from and you’ll want to be informed about which one will work best for your needs. Indica can be a comforting, relaxing strain while a Hybrid is a combination of different strains, but it’s important to consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional first to determine what they would recommend.

Timing is Everything

The impact that inhaling marijuana will have on cannabis and sleep depends on many factors. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly when it will hit you. Much like determining the proper dosage, you’ll need to time it as best you can. According to Harvard-trained physician Dr. Jordan Tishler, “They are unreliable about when they’ll kick in. Sometimes it’s about one hour, other times it can be more like two to three hours.” As a result, Tishler suggests taking your dose about one hour before bed to avoid upset.

Don’t Overdo It

With legalization occurring in many places, marijuana can certainly be a viable way of dealing with insomnia, but it’s important not to take its sleep-savvy abilities for granted. Prolonged use can cause changes to the brain that have an impact on cognitive functioning, so ensure that you use it in moderation and not as a daily antidote to ongoing sleep issues.

Reducing REM Sleep

There are two strains of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and according to study by NCBI, using marijuana with a higher amount of THC will lead to less REM sleep. REM is important when it comes to regular cognitive functioning and feeling well rested, so it’s important to be aware of what you’ll be inhaling.

Try Some Tea

cannabis and sleep tea herbal medication
Cannabis and sleep – try some tea!

Once you’ve figured out the ideal dosage you may want to consider pairing it with a cup of chamomile tea. Because chamomile possesses sedative qualities, it can actually add a little bit of kick to your herbal nightcap. If chamomile doesn’t do the trick, you may want to try lavender oil or a melatonin supplement instead.

Cannabis and Sleep – Reducing Pain

Many people may not have to endure the effects of a troubled sleep. Dealing with chronic pain can be just as problematic when it comes to counting sheep. Fortunately, with its inherent medicinal qualities, a little bit of strains of the leaf can work to reduce pain and help users enjoy a more restful sleep.

Lengthening Your Rest

While cannabis can improve the nighttime hours for insomniacs, it’s also possible that it can lead to longer periods of uninterrupted sleep for those who use it. It’s just important to determine the dosage that will give you the required result so that you don’t have to deal with any inhalation hangovers or other symptoms associated with ingestion.

The Ideal Ingestion

Alongside dosage, you’ll want to determine the ideal way to ingest marijuana for maximum impact before you go to bed. Smoking it may lead to an instant reaction, while edibles can take a little bit of time to kick in. Before deciding on one or the other, do some bedtime experiments to see what gives you the best result.

Use Cannabis and Sleep With Caution

It’s important that marijuana isn’t the only solution to chronic sleep issues for a variety of health reasons. However, it’s also important to know that the effects of the drug can actually wear off overtime. While a little bit of use can help, some studies have shown that daily use gives way to more sleep disturbances in the long term.

Stoner Days Top Ten Celebrities Who Love the Leaf


Stoner Days Top Ten Celebrities Who Love the Leaf

There was a time when being a stoner wasn’t so mainstream, but with changing legislation and the health benefits of CBD and CBD oil, a zest for pot has become more common. According to a survey by Yahoo News and The Marist Poll, “Weed & the American Family”, 56 percent of Americans now think that using the green stuff is socially acceptable. Fortunately, as the tides change for the popular leaf, there are many celebrities already on the bandwagon. From pop stars and famous actors to comedians and American rappers, here are some of pot’s most prominent proponents.


stoner rihanna smoking weed

Rihanna may have rose to fame as the Barbados- ‐born Queen of Pop. And, while she’s well known for songs like “Umbrella” and “S & M”, she’s also a big stoner and fan of the green stuff. It’s said that Rihanna’s slowed down on her affection for the substance. The snaps are out there for all to see of her rolling a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard at 2012’s Coachella Festival. When the mood strikes, you can always bet that Rihanna’s on the search for the best Marijuana seeds around.

Snoop Dogg

stoner snoop dogg weed gifThere are few purveyors of pot as well known as Snoop Dogg, but what’s not as well known is that the famous rapper now has his own line of strains and edibles, Leafs By Snoop . As if that weren’t enough, the rapping roller also went to the White House in 2015 to meet President Obama, and supposedly got stoned with an unknown staff member during his visit.

Lil Wayne

lil wayne stoner smoking weed gif

He may be one of the best selling American hip- ‐hop artists of all time, but that doesn’t stop Lil Wayne from knowing when it’s time to chill out. As he said to Rolling Stone magazine in 2010, “I’m a very successful addict. And a very smart one. A very charismatic one. One stoner that just won four Grammys, and one that sold a million records in a week.” Well, no one said that a love for the leaf made one modest!

Joseph Gordon- ‐Levitt

One of the young actor’s first gigs might have been on the creative and quirky television show 3 rdRock from the Sun , but The Dark Knight Rises alumni finds his own inner creative spark with a little help from the green stuff. Referring to the inspiration for his movie Don Jon , he has pot to thank, stating to Howard Stern that, “I pace around and have all sorts of good ideas, I was stoned when I first thought of Don Jon as a comedy.”

Morgan Freeman

stoner-morgan-freemanFrom The Shawshank Redemption to Seven , Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood heavyweight famous for his list of films and his silky, smooth voice. Fortunately for Freeman, after an accident in 2008 that led to chronic pain, he started using CBD products in order to deal with the pain. Not only has it made his life a little easier, he’s become a proponent for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Willie Nelson

Outside of Snoop Dogg, there are few pot lovers as famous as Willie Nelson, the American artist behind hits like “On The Road Again” and “Always On My Mind”. Of course, Nelson’s love of the stuff isn’t limited to just smoking it. While he’s been arrested on a few occasions for pot- ‐related infractions, the stoner singer has long been an advocate for the drug, even telling Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently that he should “try it” before judging it.

Kristen Stewart

The well- ‐known actor may have burst upon the scene and become a near- ‐household name with the release of Twilight in 2008, but one of the first impressions the world had of her was a picture taken the day the movie came out. In it, the then 18- ‐year old Stewart smokes a pipe on her front porch with her dog and her ex- ‐boyfriend. Unfortunately, while there was some blowback, Stewart has mentioned that she doesn’t care what people think of the habit.

Bill Maher

The comedian Bill Maher is very well known for his former show, Politically Incorrect , and his sometimes- ‐snide zingers, but the famous talk show host also happens to be a great supporter of pot. While Maher works at understanding the right and the left on the political spectrum, he also wrote in an Op- ‐Ed for Rolling Stone saying that, “For all our political rancor, it turns out, what ultimately unites us is pot. Puffing weed with friends is one of the few things that both hillbillies and hippies like.”

Woody Harrelson

stoner woody harrelson gif

While Harrelson has confessed to giving up smoking pot in recent years, he has long been an advocate for changing the stoner policy. In addition to serving on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Harrelson was among the first to apply to open a dispensary in Hawaii when medical marijuana production was first approved.

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst may have had a bad experience on the set of her latest movie, Woodshock, when she smoked an entire blunt. Not realizing it was the real thing – but the actress still professes an affection for marijuana. According to Dunst, who indulges on occasion, “If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.” With the social acceptance of marijuana hitting the mainstream, there’s a lot less reason to hide a fondness for weed.



10 Best Cannabis Storage Ideas

10 BEST CANNABIS STORAGE IDEASHere are the 10 Best Cannabis Storage Ideas for every stoner. Because marijuana is organic, it will degrade over time, particularly if exposed to the elements. Storing cannabis properly is vital. So, how do you do it?
As organic matter, cannabis decomposes. You can prevent this from happening for as long as you store it properly. In fact, marijuana is much like wine: If you store it correctly, it will actually get more potent and tasty with time. Here are 10 ideas to help you get cannabis storage right:

  1. Keep It Dark

All cannabis storage must occur in the dark. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, light will quickly degrade your harvest. Choose a place where very little light can get to it, preferably none.

  1. Keep It Dry

If there is moisture in your weed when you store it, mold will grow and destroy it. Make sure you dry it properly before putting marijuana in storage. Stash it in a dry place free of damp and mold.

  1. Store It Airtight

Do not let any oxygen near your weed. According to the National Institutes of Health, oxygen triggers decomposition. Anything you put in glass will stay fresh for a long time. Use glass jars with airtight lids.

  1. Store It Cool

Warmth can denature trichomes, stimulate bacterial growth, and severely reduce quality. Keep your stash away from any heat. Store it in a drawer, closet or cabinet.

  1. Keep It Large

Do not break your buds down for marijuana storage. Keep your buds as big as possible. Breaking them into smaller pieces will accelerate decomposition and destroy precious THC crystals.

  1. Leave It Untouched

Do not handle your weed at all during storage. You will damage trichomes and lose THC and cannabinoids. Leave your stash untouched until you are ready to use it.


It is crucial that you “burp” during cannabis storage. During curing, you should do this daily. During storage, do it only monthly. Open the jar for 10 minutes to let it air. Close it and put it back when done.

  1. Keep It Unfrozen

Freezing works if you are storing cannabis for years, but almost nobody stores stash for that long. Unless you are, avoid freezing. Defrosting reduces quality. If kept cool, it will stay fresh for at least two years.

  1. Hide It

Although the legalization movement is sweeping across towns and cities, you should still be discreet. Hide your stash from other eyes, and do not advertise that you have any.

  1. Store It Safe

Storing cannabis should occur in a safe place. Do not put it where something can knock it over, such as a cat. Store glass jars where they cannot fall over and break.

Although it may sound complicated, marijuana storage is actually very easy. Keep it dry, cool, and airtight in a safe, discreet place. Burp it once a month, and do not handle it unless you have to. What is the worst thing to happen to you when storing cannabis? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio – John Levy is the author of this post. He is a blogger for Pot Valet, a leading company to provide marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara. He has 5 years of experience in the Cannabis industry and loves to share useful information about cannabis and related products.




Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner


Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner

Stoner Engineers are some of the most creative people in the world. This blog covers some of the best stoner engineering submitted on reddit.

Corona Light x Ciroc Peach Collab Bong

“The zenith. Made from the carb of a ’38 Chevy”

The zenith. Made from the carb of a '38 Chevy

Voyager 1

Found a cool vase at a local thrift store and slapped it up with NASA stickers. This picture was taken right after it’s maiden voyage:
stoner engineering creative

The Pancake Pipe

A brilliant formation for an epic wake and bake. Drizzle syrup and eat when you’re done smoking!

pancake pipe

Awesome Ice Bong

The story for this epic ice bong goes like this:

I harvested the ice from a frozen river. Using a chisel and a hammer I shaped two smaller blocks (one for the base and one for the neck of the bong)

I used a 3/8in drill bit to drill the downstem. I used a 1 1/2 inch forstner bit to drill the ice away where the neck will be. To join the two pieces of ice I melted the ends flat on a wood stove and then stuck them together and let them freeze.

The bowl is a normal bowl that I froze to the ice. You can’t remove it to clear the bong because it is frozen in place

As far as the ripability goes, it’s great. Smooth rips every time

The Lit Saber Bong:
lit saber bong

“My brother in law (who doesn’t smoke) hand made this Blue Alabaster pipe for my birthday. I’m the stoner, he’s the engineer.”

handpipe carved out of stone

Handmade Solar Dome Vaporizer

stoner engineers

the wind blocker

And that my friends, is the wonderful world of Stoner Engineers On Reddit.

If you like stoner creativity and epic stoney art be sure to check out our awesome selection of stoner clothing.

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Thanks for looking!

– The StonerDays Team

Stoner Halloween Costumes

Stoner Halloween Costumes!


It’s October! A great time of the year stoner or not. Halloween a night full of candy, laughter, parting a night of wonders for a ages.  A holiday with an extremely interesting history.  If you’re not going out for candy, chances are you’re going to a party. Parties on Halloween require a costume. So before you head out into the night with your red eye’s here are some dope Halloween costumes that you can do alone or with a friend! Enjoy.

1. Cheech And/Or Chong


Whether you go with someone or by yourself, everyone knows these two. They have that classic stoner look that’s easy (and cheap) to pull off! I definitely recommend this one for a duo but as I said, you can pick one and totally go solo!

2. A Bong

It’s a pretty simple costume that can be bought or make yourself with some foam and paint! Just make sure that you air it out first. There’s a few for sale on eBay. People are sure to get a kick out of the dancing bong at the party. Just make sure that no one tries to light your bowl. Maybe you should wear a sign that says “No Smoking…”

3. Weed Leaf/Weed Princess

marijuana Halloween stonerdays
This is something that could work for both genders. If you’re a guy, you can decorate with foam, green clothes, and spray paint. It’s a pretty simple costume. But for ladies, Halloween is definitely about less being more. Since places like Spencers sell weed leis, you can purchase some of these and glue them to some booty shorts and top. Get some cool green body paint and go to town! Also, don’t forget the crown! 😉

4. Scooby & Shaggy

shaggy scooby stonerdays
Here’s another duo one. Or you could go as just Shaggy because his character is fairly well known in the stoner community. Definitely much better as a duo. And plus, you can go around asking everyone for Scooby Snacks and hopefully some of those snacks have bud in them!

5. The Dude

the dude stonerdays
People definitely know the Dude! The sweater can be found on eBay and Amazon and his baggy pants and sunglasses are everywhere. Not only that but you know that the Dude can handle whatever happens and so can you this Halloween!

As always, be safe and stay blazed.


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Now it’s time to get dressed to impressed ladies and gentlemen!

shop-now-stoner-clothing copy

This is high fashion stoner clothing at it’s best so hit that bong, roll that joint, and throw on these beyond awesome Higher State of Mind T-Shirts, because you live by it.

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Top 10 Stoner Munchies


Top 10 Stoner Munchies | StonerDays

We know you get the muchies so here is a short list of awesome muchies to have around when you are feeling the rumble in the belly.



These tasty chips deserve the number one spot on the munchies list for the simple fact that they’re absolutely perfect! Munchos are super light, crisp, and airy chips that pack an amazing flavor and crunch. The lightness of this snack make it great for eating them by the bagfull and bever getting tired of them. When the munchies call, munchos are your best bet.

Cooler Ranch Doritos

Doritos are a staple  in many stoner pantries and rightfully so. The cooler ranch flavor works well with stoned munchies because of all the tangy and salty flavors that it has. The bud really allows you to experience the crunchy goodness at it’s full potential and before you know it you’re family size bag of doritios is empty and crumpled up on the floor next to the other three bags.

Hot Pockets

So many flavors and easy to grab packaging makes this snack a no brainer. Within just a few short minutes of getting intense hunger cravings, you’ll be biting into a hot masterpiece  wondering how mankind ever survived in a world without them. With veggie and meat flavors, hot pockets are the perfect munchies to have in your hot box.

Rice Krispy Treats

Sticky green buds and this sticky marshmallow treat are a match made in heaven. Munchies are often paired with a mean sweet tooth and this snack is sweet, crunchy, and soft all at the same time hitting on many good textural notes and overall exciting to munch on. So if you like to light, hit, and inhale, you might want to snap, crackle, and pop!

Oreo Cakesters

Thick, creamy, cakey goodness is what you’ll be getting yourself into with these guys. The cakes come in chocolate or vanilla and packed with the sugary soft oreo cream we love and adore. If you’re daring enough to try them, the double stuffed cakesters are guaranteed to make that perma-grin you’ve got going on last even longer.


Cereal may not be your first choice for munchies, but is never the less a pretty cool snack. Your favorite cereal is sure to taste even better while stoned and with an entire box at your disposal it’s the perfect munchie to keep coming back for more… and more.


Fruity mildly sweet licorice by the bagfulls, perfect! Twizzlers make a great candy for continuous munching and flavor. They don’t leave your mouth in an overly sweet or tangy aftertaste and the soft but firm texture brings favored memories of enjoying a licorice like a child.

 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

A cold but delicious treat to get yourself into, cookies and cream ice cream provides nice chunks of cookie that are perfect to sink your teeth into while enjoying this creamy cold heaven on a spoon.  The falvors remind you a bit of cookies and milk and put a nice flavor into your mouth after hitting a bong.


A timeless favorite that blends classic cheese, sauce, and italian flavors that make you want to dive into a slice head first. Pizza is perfection in a bite and an awesome choice that’ll fill you up and have you ready to take more hits. Any pizza you eat while blazed quickly becomes the best pizza in the world, what more could you ask for?


Tacos and burritos supply you with an explosion of flavors that leave your stomach saying, “what munchies?” Whatever your style, if it’s full of meat, cheese, and beans and wrapped in a tortilla shell, it’ll be down your throat in no time.

Top 10 Stoner Munchies | StonerDays

Top 10 Trippy Stoner Movies

  Pink Floyd: The Wall

The Wall manages to comprise all the deatils you look for in a trippy mind bending movie and rolled them all into one. Full of music, vivid imagery, and sounds that are completely original, it’s a refreshing film to feast your eyes on. The symbolic scenes depicted get the wheels in your brain turning, and since there’s very little dialouge it leaves room for you to come up with your own conclusions. It’s a mix of live action and animataion put together in as an unfolding story of struggle and triumph, another hit for Pink Floyd.

The Yellow Submarine

You’ll be sure to think of an acid or shroom trip when watching this flick. Filled with vivid colors and animation it’s very pleasing to the senses. Based on the music of the beloved Beatles, it’s a must see for every stoner and just might have you falling in love with Pepperland and all its delightfully strange inhabitants.

 The Wizard of Oz

Talking scarecrows, a timid tin man, and an army of evil flying monkeys are only a few attributes to this truly trippy fantasy tale. While Dorothy and her dog Toto begin a journey ful of danger, courage, and friendship, you’ll love to be right there with them hanging onto every moment. The Wizard of Oz is a classic no doubt, and a great flick to turn on when you’re lighting that bowl.

Donnie Darko

The story of Donnie Darko is complex and intense, leading you in many directions all at once and never failing to deliver suspense. Watch a young teen as he navigates through his everything but ordinary life being seemingly stalked and haunted by a large creepy bunny rabbit who encourages him to commit crimes. The visions are troubling and intriguing, and will have you eagerly waiting to see what’s around the next corner.

 Alice in Wonderland

When a talking rabbit rushes past Alice explaining that he’s late, her natural reaction is to follow him of course, and tumbling into his dark rabbit hole leads to a series of events you’d have to see to beleive. Alice in Wonderland is full of rich, dynamic characters that are just exciting. Alice’s quest to get back to her own world is adventurous no doubt, and full of mind bending twists and turns.

Pan’s Labyrinth

This spanish film is well worth the subtitles if you have to read them. The setting takes place in post Spanish Civil War Spain where a princess of the underworld is coming into her true identity. She becomes privy to a world of fairies, demonic fauns, and a journey she must understand in order to live. It’s a layered plot with very unpredictable twists and turns and would be a nice but darker addition to your smoking festivities.


Walt Disney did a pleasently good job of bringing together fantasy animations of all sorts and putting them to calming classical music. This cartoon film is another that has no dialouge and seems as if it was meant to be watched alongside a fat doob. Dilled with magical wonder, unicorns, and elves it’s a fun lighthearted watch.



This tripped out film is nothing short of a mind fuck. When a group of teens go on a camping trip to find some shrooms and psych out, a drastic change of events turns their psychedelic drug world upside-down. A serial killer decides to make them his next fancy and when dealing with a series of vivid hallucinations and horrific murders, it makes it very hard to make it out alive, and seperate reality from the terrors of the mind. A thrilling watch indeed.

2001: A Space Odyssey

It’s no surprise that a Stanly Kubrick film makes this list. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a far out space adventure that tells the story of a series of meetings with other worldly creatures called the Monoliths that are affecting the human race and the rate at which it evolves. A true sci-fi thriller that invloves voyages to the moon and Jupiter, it’s a very intriguing concept that deserves a spot on every stoners entertainment center.

 The Jacket

This psychological thriller is great for a trippy stoned movie night, and is an intense mystery that ‘s pretty fun to try and work through. A Veteran takes a bullet to the head causing him to have amnesia and not being able to remember a murder that he was part of; or was he? He ultimately gets banished to a mental institution where he’s subject to many experimental drugs and his journey gets wildly interesting from there.


Four American Dad Stoner Moments

american dad marijuana

Four American Dad Stoner Moments


Marijuana has long been snuck into cartoons and movies as hidden references, but the cast of American Dad has some of my favorite and most blatant stoner references this side of Langley Falls. Since the cartoon has the same type of humor as Family Guy and South Park, there is no holding back when it comes to illicit references. The entire cast of American Dad (including CIA father, Stan Smith) has indulged in the Devil’s Lettuce… Some on more than one occasion!

Joint Custody
Stan and Roger
Stan, the always-against-everything-illegal guy, finds out that his daughters boyfriend Jeff has an outstanding warrant for pot smuggling in Florida and decides to trick him back into the sunshine state so he can be rid of him for good. After a string of leprechaun and Dog the Bounty hunter type hijinks, Stan finds himself tied up in Jeff’s dad’s barn that just so happens to be full of “the kind”, as Roger so eloquently put it. After starting a fire in the barn, they become incredibly high and get lost in a convenient store looking at snacks and cat food. Classic stoner move.

Stoners love American Dad

The People Vs Martin Sugar
Francine and Jeff
Jeff moves into the Smith home and is told that he can no longer smoke weed which he initially agrees to, but we soon find out that he will chronically masturbate without it. Francine catches Jeff multiple times everywhere from the bathroom to the pantry before she decides she has had enough and agrees to allow Jeff to smoke. We are treated to a final scene with Francine sporting the hair style from there’s something about Mary in a smokey room while she downs a full 2 liter of orange soda, much to Jeff’s surprise.


Son of Stan
Stan and Francine put out a fifty thousand dollar reward to anyone that can stop Jeff and Hayley’s wedding so, of course, Roger decides that he wants the money for himself. Roger decides that to catch a stoner, you have to be stoned. He gets super high while Clause watches in horror. Once the high takes hold of Roger, we are treated to a MGMT fueled trip through time and space on a skateboard that ends right at Jeff and Hayley’s feet. Annoying noises and hilarity ensues (if you are also high, that is).

It’s Good To Be the Queen
Clause and Jeff
This episode focuses on Francine’s high school reunion and Stan’s shame of his own prom. Stan is obsessed with dancing with the prom queen. However, there is a small back story of Hayley and Jeff about to eat pot brownies when Clause accidentally eats one without realizing. Any episode with Clause being out of his mind is a favorite of mine, especially when he feels threatened by the little scuba diver in his bowl and tries to flush himself down the toilet like so many peoples’ stashes before him.

Top 10 stoner icons


Top 10 stoner icons

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is 100% a pot smoking legend and was a true stoner through and through. He still represents marijuana culture in a very major way today and can be found on lighters, bongs, rolling papers, t-shirts, you name it. There are countless amounts of pictures of Marley with a fat doobie hanging from his mouth that he was rarely without. His great soulful music is a reflection of the things he believed in, and he mentions smoking ganja more than just a lot.

For Bob Marley,weed wasn’t just about getting high, or using it as a means of medication, he believed that marijuana was very spiritual and played a big part of the openness and creativity he was able to tap into as an artist. He once said, “when you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Pot smokers around the world identify with Bob Marley for his cool laid back vibes that penetrate through his music and his messages of smoking hella weed while staying positive and uplifted.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix-marijuana
The music of Hendrix could have easily supplied an entire psychedelic stoner soundtrack. His music is background to a life filled with music festivals and lots of weed. Part of who Jimi Hendrix was, was reflected by his rocker lifestyle and party stoner attitude.

He chronically smoked marijuana and used LSD and both of these influences played a big role in the directions he took with his music and he felt that cannabis added another creative dimension to his art.


Cheech and Chong

This comedy duo is notoriously known for two things, being outrageously funny, and their passionate love for cannabis and getting stoned. Their movies rocked the 70’s and 80’s and in an era filled with drugs and free love they fit right in. Their movies are great to get stoned to, all four movies being co-written and directed by Tommy Chong obviously and written from a stoner’s point of view.

Even though there was plenty of weed smoke in their scenes, Cheech and Chong both say there was no lighting up when the cameras were rolling. “We tried and we wasted so much film”, said Tommy Chong when referring to a scene in their movie “Up in Smoke”. “We were in the car waiting for the cue, you know and the camera’s rolling and we’re sitting there you know, and neither one of us heard the cue”. You can bet that when the cameras were turned off they were getting baked out of their minds. Cheech and Chong helped bring a piece of marijuana culture to the big screen with a big bang, and lots of weed smoke.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a true country-rock star to the core, but has also proven to be a strong activist for the legalization of marijuana. In Nelson’s book entitled, “Roll me up and Smoke me When I Die”, he further expresses his love of smoking pot and how he clearly has no plans on hanging up his bong anytime soon.

In a recent “Today” show interview while discussing his marijuana use of course, Willie said that he’s never stopped smoking cannabis due to the fact that he has “never seen any side effects that really are harmful to me.” Still there are those that maintain the idea that weed smoking is harmful to your health with continuous use, and to that Nelson responds, “I’m the canary in the mine, I’m 80 years old, check me out.” He stands to have a very valid point and continues to stay vibrant in his old age with his long braids and stoned face as always.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator turned Governor has also had some experience as a stoner as well. Schwarzenegger is quite known for smoking herb in the 70’s  when he was heavily involved with body building. Arnold says yes, he smoked a lot of weed back in the day, especially during the filming of his bodybuilding documentary, “Pumping Iron”. To this day he maintains that he’s never taken any drugs, and that “marijuana is not a drug, it’s a leaf.”

While Governor of California he signed the California Decriminalization Bill that changed the crime of possession of an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a mere infraction, thanks Arnold! This should send the message that as stoners, more of us need to seriously consider going into politics.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has made it very clear over the years that she smoked weed, loves weed, and continues to smoke weed. As one of the co-star hosts of “The View” she has openly admitted to smoking herb and voices her opinion as an advocate for the legalization of Mary Jane.

Controversy stirred when a video  of Whoopi Goldberg admitting to smoking a fatty before her Oscar acceptance speech in 1991 went viral. She said that during the show she just had to relax, ” So I smoked this joint that was the last of my homegrown, and honey when he said my name I was like, oh fuck, oh fuck, up the stairs, onto the podium, grab the statue, I knew I shouldn’t have done it”. She also said, ” I learned a great lesson though, never smoke pot before there’s the possibility of having to talk to one hundred million people”. Pretty funny story! Every pot head has at least one story where getting toasted has led to some type of social mishap, Whoopi sure has hers.

Sir Richard Branson

With a name like “Sir” as the suffix to his name, it’s obvious that he means business and today he manages to be the 236th richest human in the entire world, and also a stoner. Branson is owner and founder of his Virgin empire and knows how to make money in everything form record labels and stores to cell phones. He’s very well known for the outspoken position he plays in the petition to decriminalize marijuana.

He’s stated that he loves smoking weed with his 21 year old son, that’s there’s absolutely nothing wrong with smoking it, and says that in the event that it’s ever legalized he would of course, sell it.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Being the master of his craft like he was, and simply good at being overly cool, of course Bruce Lee smoked weed! In the book, “Tao of Bruce Lee” it says that Lee would arrive at a party and start passing out joints, but his personal favorite was eating hashish and brownies. He also chewed cannabis root and believed that it helped his muscles to be more relaxed and fluid in his fighting.

At the time of his death the autopsy revealed lots of hash in his stomach, a true stoner to the end. Some people would like to argue that hash was somehow the reason behind his untimely departure, when this in fact is not true and holds no water at all. Bruce Lee died of a cerebral edema said to be the severe reaction of him taking medicine for a headache. Knowing that Bruce Lee himself was down with MJ is cool trivia and might give you a new perspective on the man with the iron fists.

Bill Maher

This outspoken TV host is one of those characters that you either hate or love for his very opinionated views on political and world issues. As an avid weed smoker, he of course believes in the legalization of cannabis.

When asked in a Rolling Stone interview why he’s so out front with the issue, he says it’s because it has proven to be beneficial in his life and that he strongly believes in freedom. He stated, “What could be more private than what goes on in your own mind? You should be allowed to manipulate that as an adult any way you want.” Beautifully put and straight to the point. Bill Maher doesn’t take time sugar coating anything and just likes to stay high and say how he feels.

Joe Rogan

Marijuana is known to help a number of medical issues and give you a boost in your positive attitude, but Joe Rogan insists that it has even more to offer and that cannabis is also a “performance enhancing drug”. Rogan is an actor, writer, and jiu-jitsu fighter to name a few things, and also hosted the show “Fear Factor” for a number of years. Being that he is very active in martial arts and other training he makes it a point to try and kill the stereotype that marijuana users are lazy and rarely participate in physical activity.

Rogan says he always gets stoned before training and says, “I think it’s a performing enhancing drug. If it wasn’t, a huge majority of jiu-jitsu guys wouldn’t be using it before they train. A lot of Brazilian guys use marijuana before they train. A lot of American jiu-jitsu guys use it before they train. And they don’t do it because it hurts them, they do it because it helps them”. He points out that when he’s blown and fighting, his reaction time is much faster and he’s all around more focused. Joe Rogan is a marijuana soldier and does his part to educate people on all the beneficial aspects of smoking bud.

Top 10 Stoner icons Honorable Mentions:

Michael Phelps

The cat was certainly out of the bag when a picture surfaced of Michael Phelps taking what looks to be a killer hit from a bong. The picture was taken at a party three months after winning eight, count em’ eight, gold medals.

Phelps did suffer some repercussions from the photo and was suspended from USA swimming for three months and got his face removed from the Kellog’s cereal box. He was probably stoned the entire three months thinking about how messed up his suspension was. Still his Mary Jane use hasn’t effected his career an any real detrimental ways and he holds the record for the most medals ever to be won by an Olympian, and currently holds twenty. So more power to Phelps, he’s a remarkable half man, half fish stoner.

 Barack Obama

The prestigious title of President definitely comes with the stresses of having to run an entire country, and everyone’s entitled to their down time right? Well Barack Obama may not be hitting the bong as frequently as he used to, but he sure did his share of pot smoking in his younger days.

In President Obama’s book, “Dreams From my Father” he openly admits to smoking weed when he was a teenager and “maybe a little blow.” He also stated in an interview, “when I was a kid I inhaled frequently, that was the point.” The book also tells detailed stories of how Obama and his friends who were called the “choom” gang, choom being a verb meaning “to smoke marijuana” would frequently get together and smoke Mary Jane on the beach while growing up in Hawaii. So not only was our current President an avid stoner but he puffed the Maui Wowie, he seems to be a pretty fortunate guy.


10 Coolest Bongs in the world


 Boba Fett Bong


This bong is a perfect representation of Boba Fett at his finest!

This piece was created by the awesome glass blowers over at Sin City Glass Pipes. One of the coolest aspects of it is that you can actually wear it. The mouthpiece is inside of the helmet so you’d have to get a friend to help you with the lighting while you’re wearing the helmet. Maybe if Boba Fett knew he could toke up inside that thing he would have spent less time trying to find the Millenium Falcon, and way more time chilling out. It’s a wonderfully designed piece of work that was specifically engineered to turn you into the highest clone around.

Face Bong


One of the highights of getting overly faded is feeling your face tingle and get tight when the THC really kicks in, and with this bong your face won’t know what hit it.

It’s nothing short of a bong beauty and looks like you’d only want to smoke the highest quality dank out of it. The mouthpiece curves and turns right into your mouth, making for very easy inhalation. This type of craftsmanship doesn’t come without a price, and it’s rumored that the face bong costs around $20,000. A high end cost only seems fair when paired with this high end smoking experience.

  Heart & Lungs Bong


A design that’s nothing short of creative genius  and originality

This heart and lung style bong was made by the Chesterfield Glass Company who make other unique styles of bongs with prices ranging from about $2,000 $10,000 a bong. The trippy thing about this is being able to watch the smoke travel through the tubes in reverse order from the heart, to the lungs, and then to your mouth. An overly cool way to light up that comes straight from the heart.

Alien Bong

alien-BONG3 alien bong

Ok, so the aliens have landed and figured out that our bongs would make the perfect homes to live out their existence on earth, sounds about right!

This bong looks like a one of a kind piece that was made right at the Area 51 headquarters and incorporates some of the most detailed art you’ve ever seen used on a bong. The price is somewhere in the thousands and is a product of Illadelph Bongs. They’re known for super detailed bongs with creative cartoon like themes like extraterrestrials and other planetary and artistic stuff. This thing is sure to make for some good times after you’re completely stoned and realize you’ve got Paul hanging out in your bong.

 Super Mario Bros. Bong


Faded fun is what’s in store when taking hits from this fantasy filled bong.

One look and it’s sure to put a smile on your blown face as the memories of playing Mario on your Sega Genesis roll into your head. The bright green and vivid colors help it to maintain its visual playfulness and seem to scream, “smoke me while playing Mario!” It’s the perfect addition for a stoned-nerd video game party.

 Transfromers Bong


Bumblebee finally came to his senses and realized he should have been tranasfroming in to a bong all these years.

The robot bong is completely amazing and deserves a spot on the ultimate stoner shelf. It’s made of glass and painted a very shiny and vibrant lemon yellow that’s so engaging to look at and probably much more fancy in person. His action packed pose sends the message that he’s ready to be fired up and transform you into a happy stoner.

Roor Excalibur


The Roor Excalibur is a rare beauty and there were only a few of them ever to be made.

The Excalibur stands over 6 feet tall and is blown from 9mm thick glass which makes it a very hard sight to be ignored. This bong in all its glory managed to take home 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2009 for their glass cup category. B-Real of Cypress Hill is proud spokesperson for his band’s specially commissioned bong. It’s heavy duty smoker hardware and comes with it’s own custom carrying case that has compartments for every piece. The cost for the Excalibur if you can find one is $15,000, but if B-Real stands behind this bong then you know it’s not all show and definitely a bong worthy of making you insane in the membrane.

Tits & Dick Bong


Oh yeah, these bongs are obviously a sight to see and right away look instantly perfect as attention getting party bongs that your friends are sure to be eager to play with.

The design is pretty simple and with the bowl located in the front all you do is pack, light, and inhale as always. They both look inviting to try and would make for some killer pictures later. It’s not everyday you get to take drags from vibrantly colored tits and zebra striped dicks, and if you do then you’re pretty lucky!

Crazy Bong


Filled with whimsical twists and turns that seem to lead nowhere in particular all mixed in with some wicked patterns, this thing is a smokable optical illusion.

The bowl sits right in front of the creation and the mouthpiece is… well it’s got to be around there somewhere. There aren’t many bongs that you see that can be classified as confusing but this one certainly earns a place in that category.

 Train Bong


This train is making its first stop in Potsville where it’ll make sure everyone gets a hit.

This bong has a sort of simple cool simplicity that could hold its own in a sea of bongs. The sleekness of it makes it perfect as coffee table decoration whie the curvyness of it makes it easy for you to want to pick it up right away and get high.

10 Coolest Bongs in the world Honorable Mentions:

Rokit V5 BongT


he Rokit V5 is a made for travel bong with an eye catching functional design.

It could easily become the active stoners first choice for activities like music festivals and camping trips because of it’s easy transport. They’re available on today’s market for about $200.00 and are said to deliver a quality smoke that isn’t all fireworks but gets you pretty lifted too. It’s filtration system was made to last and to completely cool and clean your smoke. The smoke first travels through a 14 port dual chamber rose that breaks the smoke up into thousands of little bubbles, pretty efficient machinery.

Crystal Cane Bong


The Crystal Cane represents a classic bong structure with plenty of added style and flare.

The customized glass pieces are very beautiful and look good enough to eat. The Crystal Cane collection can be bought online and even customized to to whatever colors  you’d like to give it that added personal touch. It’s a sure fire quality piece and the crystal accents help to give it an all around polished look that’s really dope.

Top 10 Stoner Activities


Top 10 Stoner Activities


  Music Festivals

stoner-music-festivalsMusic Festivals are one of the most beautiful human gatherings on the planet. A grown-up Disneyland full of art, dancing, costumes, freedom, and of course, live music, music festivals reignite humanity. Many American music festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza or Enchanted Forest establish a 2-3 day utopia, where its patrons eat, sleep, live, party, and experience life in its purest and rarest form. While many music festivals are a big expense involving food, transportation, tickets, accommodations and other party favors, where there is a will there is a way. I have sneaked into over 40 music festivals, spending a little under $100, and sometimes even $0, for a priceless life experience. Imagine standing with thousands of friendly strangers on a soft grass lawn in front of a massive stage, shining on you a rainbow of lights, worshipping your favorite band playing songs that make you shiver, even though you’re in the warmth of your closest friends, and passing a joint, forgetting every care and just enjoying the moment with your faithful companion, Mary Jane. A truly spiritual experience, live music is powerful enough to change the world. In a country full of lies and deceit, it is refreshing to find a place where you can walk through the crowd, spark a bowl, and the only reactions you receive are warm smiles and good vibes.

Disc Golf

stoner-disc-golfAlso known as Frisbee Golf, or “Frolf,” Disc Golf is the unofficial sport of stoners (though there are many professional non-stoner participants who do not like that reputation) in which players toss Frisbees into a metal basket target. The courses and rules are similar to golf. Most disc golf courses have 18 holes, but some, like the one in Santa Cruz, California, for example, can have up to 27 holes. While this sport does require skill, it can be enjoyed by novices and professionals alike. The Disc Golf course in Huntington Beach, California is one of the oldest and most famous in the US, established over 20 years ago. It only costs $1 on the weekdays and $2 on the weekends. This sport does not use conventional Frisbees but rather a heavier, denser version more similar to a discus. If you don’t have your own, most courses will rent them for less than $5. A much more laid back setting than most golf courses, be sure to pack a backpack full of beer, snacks, and water, because there are no golf carts, only your Chevrolegs. If you find yourself at Central Park Disc Golf course in Huntington Beach, California, make sure you stop by the wooden bench at hole 5 as it is named by locals, the most smoke friendly spot in Orange County.


stoners-hikingStrenuous exercise does not always sound desirable to the avid cannabis smoker but sometimes you have to fight the overwhelming inclination for laziness. The beauty of hiking, is that there is a trail for everyone. There is no need to be over zealous, the point of the activity is to be pleasant. Pack your water, roll up your best sativa, and bring plenty of snacks because there is nothing worse than being unprepared in the wilderness. The best way to remain motivated is to hold off on smoking until you begin the hike. There is something serene and fulfilling about sparking a bowl of the holy herb surrounded by Mother Nature’s finest. Help change the stoner stereotype, make the best of your high and enjoy the great outdoors. The best part about hiking is that it’s free, and Mary Jane always appreciates a beautiful day in the sunshine.


stoner-munchie-eatingThe munchies” are one of the most common side effects of marijuana use. Instead of letting the munchies control you, take control of your munchies. While the appetite that cannabis gives you can sometimes lead you down a path of sodium, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, use that appetite to feed your body with delicious food and if possible, healthy food. Treat your taste buds to something new, something exotic, or whatever tickles your fancy. Make the best of your munchies because the better the food, the more rewarding the experience.



Don’t let marijuana slow down that libido. While there are many misconceptions that marijuana is a hindrance to intercourse, the experience is truly what you make of it. It is most enjoyable if both partners share the experience of smoking together, allowing sweet Mary Jane to enhance your sensuality. With the right music, setting and partner, marijuana can be your gateway to an amorous evening of sensory bliss and sexual pleasures. Cannabis advice columnist, Mamakind, compiled some of her best editorials into a book titled Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On. If you and your partner in crime are ever feeling adventurous, read a few of her witty, pleasure-filled passages and be inspired.



For the artistically inclined, or those who want to be, smoke a joint and pull out those pencils, markers, color pencils, paints, or whatever medium you have available and feel the satisfaction of creation. For decades, marijuana has been used as a vessel for creative exploration. In the autobiographical book Just Kids by Patti Smith, she describes her lifelong friendship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Patti Smith, an artist herself, never indulged in marijuana, thinking that it would slow down her artistic process. After witnessing the multitudes of artists who used cannabis during their creative process, including her soul mate Robert Mapplethorpe, in the Manhattan art scene of the 1960s, she decided to give it a chance. After reading her book, I am glad that she did.

Listen To Music

stoner-listen-to-musicBefore the era of iPods, television, and video games, there was the almighty vinyl. It is still considered by loyalists as the best avenue of listening to music. Regardless of whether or not you have a record player, when was the last time you listened to music without a visual aid? I challenge you to smoke your favorite strain, put on your favorite artist, close your eyes, and let the experience take you away. Let your heightened senses feel the music vibrate through your soul and the poetic lyrics stimulate your mind. If you need some stoner-friendly musical suggestions, check out our Top 10 Songs about Weed for some inspiration.

Play An Instrument

stoner-playing-music-instumentThough playing a musical instrument is a specialized skill, it’s never too late to learn. For those of you who can, don’t be lazy, smoke a bowl and pick up that guitar (or piano or saxophone or French horn or whatever). Music and marijuana have gone hand in hand for decades. One of the most influential moments in rock and roll history was when Bob Dylan smoked out the Beatles for the first time. Shortly after, Rubber Soul was released. Take listening to music to the next level and create it yourself. Whether you are writing original songs or practicing Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” there’s nothing like enjoying a melody that is played by your own hand.

Go To The Movies


In my younger stoner days, going to the movies was one of the only options available. Though there are more choices available as an adult stoner, going to the movies is still a favorite. It can sometimes be easy to just stay in and enjoy your Netflix subscription, but nothing compares to the surround sound all encompassing experience of a theater. Whether you prefer horror, action, drama or comedy, pick your flick then flick your Bic and let yourself get lost in the exciting fantasy world that is cinema.

Video Games


I wanted to avoid the lazy stoner stereotype, but as a gamer I could not leave this activity out. Sometimes (not all the time) after a long day’s work or a long night of partying, all you want to do is recover, smoke a healing bowl, and zone out into your favorite RPG or first person shooter. Video games and marijuana are a match made in heaven, catapulting you straight into the virtual reality that is Halo, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, NBA 2K13 or the hundreds of other gaming flavors available. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, reward yourself once in awhile by smoking a fatty and turning on that Xbox 360.


Top 10 Stoner TV Shows


Top 10 Stoner TV Shows


   That 70’s Show

Gaining the #1 spot on this stoner show list is That 70’s Show. This series managed to put a smoking session in every episode, completely awesome. The teenagers in this show all come from different backgrounds and stories that make for hilariously funny plots and scenarios. While seated in their smoker’s circle you get to hear these kid’s conversations about life, love, and weed all from a stoners point of view.

 Bored to Death

Bored to Death is nothing short of a stoner sitcom that’s based on a not so successful writer who decides to spend his spare time pretending to be a private detective, all the while staying high as hell. The show also involves his best friend who is always stoned and who never fails to call him up to take a hit. The private investigator missions they embark on are gut bustingly funny and filled with plenty of marijuana smoke.


Weeds is a television show based on character Nancy Botwin who begins selling Mary Jane in order to support herself and two sons after her husband unexpectedly dies of a heart attack. This dark comedy tells the story of Nancy as she learns the marijuana business and begins spiraling into a world of illegal activities. It’s an intriguing drama like show that stoners are sure to want to take a look at.



Wilfred is a far out comedy that seems to only make sense when you’re stoned, and intensely funny. The story is based on Ryan, a young man who is down in life and decides to commit suicide by overdose and fails, but the drugs leave him with the ability to see his neighbors dog as an Australian man wearing a dog costume. Everyone else around Ryan sees Wilfred as an ordianry little dog. They form a bond and the show displays the two of them and their very odd relationship as Wilfred gives Ryan “advice”, and lessons on life. A really interesting and unique watch.


 Adventure Time

This wildly creative show is a joy to watch when you’re stoned. Adventure Time is an animated series that follows “Jake the Dog” and “Finn the Human” in a magical world filled with inter-dimensional beings and princesses that need protecting. Every episode is definitely an amazing adventure filled with everything from astro-travel to missions in the underworld. The perfect show to have you crying-laughing and creatively thinking. If it’s time to get high, then it’s also Adventure Time!


  South Park

A classic piece of modern television that never fails to push the envelope and say exactly what you wanted them to, but didn’t think they would. A blissfully inappropriate program that’s great for chilling with firends when you’re blazed. You’re sure to fall in love with Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and the always dying, Kenny.


Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

This sketch commedy series is full of fun to watch and has all the right humor to get you laughing pretty hard. It includes sketches and spoofs of commercials, songs, and really any random thing that a person could think of. The show features many celebrity appearences which always makes for a funny watch.


 Family Guy

Family Guy does a superb job of putting together a plethera of random, edgy, and funny situations and packing them into one animation series. The Griffin family is everything but an average American family with a talking dog as the family pet who has a struggling writing career, and an evil genius baby who builds weapons of mass destruction, It’s a great show.

My name is Earl

Earl is just a normal guy trying to live his life the right way and right his wrongs. The plot of the show is about Earl making a choice to undo all of the wrongdoings in his life after loosing his $100,000 winning lottery ticket and believing it to be a result of  bad karma. After completing his first good deed he is reuninted with his lottery ticket and uses his winnings to continue his good deeds. Paired with his slow witted brother and other misfits, it’s a great comedy.

How It’s Made

Educational and surprisingly intriguing to watch while puffing a fatty. How it’s made takes you inside multiple factories to see how the everyday items and products we use are made. The show has shown how things like bubblegum, guitars, shoe strings, and stuffed olives are manufactured. It provides interesting answers to some of the questions we have on how things get produced and into our homes.

Top 10 Stoner Quotes

Top 10 Stoner Quotes



  “If the words ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.” – Terence McKenna

Not only was the Declaration of Independence drafted and written on paper made from hemp, but the fabric used to sew the first American flag prototype by Betsey Ross was as well. Terence McKenna was a pioneer in the world of psychonautics. He was an American writer, lecturer, ethnobotanist, philosopher, and psilocybin guru from Paonia, Colorado. He was a spiritual guide who aided many in better understanding the depths of human consciousness. His knowledge ranged from topics such as the evolution of the universe and civilization, to alchemy. A true sage of our time, Terence McKenna showed the world, through his gift of the written word, that everyone should explore their own consciousness, with or without mind-altering substances. The Invisible Landscape (1975) and Food of the Gods (1992) are two of his most monumental books. Do your mind a kindness and read them.

“And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree.’” – Genesis 1:29

This Biblical quote has caused much dispute as to its interpretation. Many believe that it is quite literally referencing cannabis and therefore, since it is referenced in the Bible, Christian stoners will be absolved at their final moment of judgment. Many other Christians refute this interpretation because there is no proof that it is referencing any one specific plant, let alone a psychotropic one. The dizzying amount of opinions on the topic of marijuana and religion is enough to drive one insane, but let’s take a step back and just read the words, out of context, removing all Biblical and cannabis stigmas. Humans were given the gift of the almighty seed. Marijuana is not directly referenced, nor is it directly forbidden. Cannabis is an “herb bearing seed,” and just like all of God’s many other seeds, it deserves to grow freely in Earth’s rich soil.

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” – Barack Obama

One of the most famous presidential quotes was Bill Clinton’s “I did not inhale” debacle. As he boasted that he never inhaled, he claimed that he did not like it. How can one form an opinion about a substance when never experiencing its full effects? This is not a criticism on Bill Clinton’s presidency nor his platform, it is merely a paradigm. When Barack Obama was posed with the very same question, as many politicians are, he happily provided an honest answer. The point is not that he was a recreational marijuana smoker in his youth, but that he did not lie about it, a rare quality in a politician.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship, so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan was a legend in the world of astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology. Also a writer and lecturer, two of his most famous books are Cosmos (1980) and Contact (1985), both reinterpreted through film. After dedicating his life to science, he realized that “there was more to living than science.” In the article which is linked above, Sagan describes various experiences he has had with cannabis and how its role evolved throughout his life. Marijuana is no longer viewed as “Above the Influence” PSAs depict it and is no longer exclusively for dropouts and drug addicts.

Carl Sagan was a legend in the world of astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology. Also a writer and lecturer, two of his most famous books are Cosmos (1980) and Contact (1985), both reinterpreted through film. After dedicating his life to science, he realized that “there was more to living than science.” In the article which is linked above, Sagan describes various experiences he has had with cannabis and how its role evolved throughout his life. Marijuana is no longer viewed as “Above the Influence” PSAs depict it and is no longer exclusively for dropouts and drug addicts.

Carl Sagan was a legend in the world of astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology. Also a writer and lecturer, two of his most famous books are Cosmos (1980) and Contact (1985), both reinterpreted through film. After dedicating his life to science, he realized that “there was more to living than science.” In the article which is linked above, Sagan describes various experiences he has had with cannabis and how its role evolved throughout his life. Marijuana is no longer viewed as “Above the Influence” PSAs depict it and is no longer exclusively for dropouts and drug addicts.

  “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford

Known for his revolutionary innovation of the factory assembly line and internal combustion engine, Ford was initially a supporter of the “fuel of the future,” or cellulose based ethyl alcohol fuel. In fact, the Model T was actually designed to consume this type of fuel. Ford’s vision was thwarted, however, by the popularization and convenience of petroleum. Engines operated more smoothly on gasoline because of the materials that were available at the time for engine construction. It’s interesting to speculate what the world would be like now if Ford would have continued down the path of hemp based fuel.

“When you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

In the Rastafarian culture, marijuana is a sacred and ritualized practice. Often referred to as their holy herb, it is used as a medium to reach higher levels of consciousness through meditation. It is typically preceded with this prayer, or one very similar, repeated by all: Glory be to the father and the maker of creation. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be World without end: Jah Rastafari: Eternal God Selassie I. Because of its calming and anti-anxiety effects, it was also believed to create a heightened sense of community. When used in harmony with meditation, one can become introspective and peaceful, often arriving at a deeper understanding of one’s own identity, perspectives and emotions.

“People say you can abuse marijuana. Well shit, you can abuse cheeseburgers too, you know? You don‘t go around closing Burger King because you can abuse something.” – Joe Rogan

For years, Joe Rogan was only associated with Fear Factor and UFC. It wasn’t until recently, that his true intelligence began to emerge. In this clip, he professes his perspective on the illegality of marijuana and the ridiculous lies that have kept it that way. He is expressing the idea that the suppression of marijuana is a mode for the powers that be to continue puppeteering the masses and unfortunately for us, it’s working.

“It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics…dope and all that crap. It’s a thousand times better than whiskey – it’s an assistant, a friend.” – Louis Armstrong

In the 1920s, Louis Armstrong used marijuana recreationally and as a source of creative inspiration. In 1954, he published a book titled Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans. Though marijuana, or “Gage” as Louis referred to it, was an important part of his lifestyle, his manager actually omitted the parts of the book referring to cannabis. It is rumored that Louis Armstrong jested about releasing a sequel purely dedicated to his sacred Gage.

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” – Willie Nelson

One of the world’s largest advocates of cannabis and a member of NORML’s Advisory Board, Willie Nelson will be a fellow stoner until the day he dies. In this clip from Larry King Live, Willie admits to Larry of being under the influence of marijuana during the interview. His candid and honest approach towards marijuana is an inspiration. He even mentions that his daily marijuana use had been affecting his lungs and that he replaced his joints with a vaporizer. Aside from the laundry list of emotional and mental effects that stress inflicts, it can also have a harmful physical effect. Stress hormones, cortisol and nor epinephrine, and adrenaline are released by the endocrine system through the sympathetic and central nervous system in moments of stress and immediate danger. These hormones are meant give to give the body an extra boost for fight or flight situations. When these hormones are not released by either of the prior, they build and cause short term and long term physical ailments such as fatigue, insomnia, migraine, digestive disorders, weaken immune system and high blood pressure, amongst many others. So, next time you find yourself stressed about the imperfections of every day life, think of Willie and take a deep breath, put on your favorite record, and smoke a bowl.

“I used to smoke marijuana. But I’ll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening – or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, mid-evening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or perhaps the late mid-afternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early-morning…But never at dusk.” – Steve Martin

For decades, comedians and musicians have been somewhat immune to talking about and engaging in recreational cannabis use. Steve Martin has always been popular amongst the stoner crowd, not just because of his open opinion about it, but because his movies and stand up are perfect for those stoney evenings spent on the couch. Whether marijuana is used heavily, lightly, medically, or recreationally, its impact on society is something that cannot be ignored forever.

Top 10 ways to smoke weed

Volcano Vaporizer


The volacno vaporizer has hit the scene and quickly gained the reputation as a very high end means of getting stoned, the Benz of getting lifted if you will. This vaporizer comes with ballon bags or “volcano bags” that attach to the top of the device and are adjustable so you can take as big or small of a hit as you’d like. With just a push of a button after adding the dank, the volcano bag begins to fill up with lusious, pure, THC heavy smoke that gets you much, much higher than most vaporizers available, hence the pricey cost which is about $600.00.

The volcano was designed perfectly to get you soaring to new heights and is damn good at doing so. It’s the perfect vape for smokers with a high level of tolerence and is well known for being able to knock you into another dimension. Much less herb is needed when dealing with a volcano and a litttle medicine goes a long way, you’ll be surprised by just how elevated you get from that baby nugg. Get ready to have a premium, powerful, and potent party when inhaling from the volcano vaporizer.



 Sometimes you just have to take it back to simplicity, and a joint represents the simple joys of pot smoking. As a stoner joints seem to be where ever you turn, and you’re bound to try them sooner or later. Papers are widely available in most head shops, gas stations, and convienient stores. They’re effective at having little to do with the taste of your smoke, making them an easy go to choice. Rollers make it super easy to roll joints like the pros and in no time you’ll be smoking joints like one.



   If you’ve got an apple then you’ve got much more than a healthy snack, you’ve got yourself a pipe! Oh yes, apples make the perfect smoking apparatus when there’s nothing else handy, or if you’d just like to put an apple sweet twist to your smoke. It’s easy as pie to make and all you need is an apple ( Red Delicious or Granny Smith) a knife, and if you want, a skinny tube from something like an ink pen to use as a mouthpiece.

Simply carve a bowl in the top of your apple where the stem was located right in the middle about 3/4 of the way down. Then  make a hole in the side of the apple where you wish to put your mouth right to the core, this makes it into your pipe. Dry the “bowl” of your apple out or line it with tin-foil and relax with your faded fruit. The apple taste does linger into your weed making it into an even more delicious treat. When you’re good and stoned and the munchies hit, eat your pipe. A completely awesome win, and like they say “an apple a day keeps the stoner at play”!



Swisher Sweets, Philies, White Owls, there’s and abundance of blunts to choose from, so choose one! Blunts are a very common way to smoke Mary Jane and a heavy hitter at that. Blunts are known for their slow burning quality and extra calming effects they add to the bud. Flavored blunts are always a nice addition to a smoke and add that sweet tang on the inhale paired with that familiar “blunt” taste that’s oh so right. Blunts are cool for revisiting a continuous buzz through out the day, and a few hits of a blunt provides you with a high that likes to hug you and keep you close; long live the blunt.



Bongs are very popular for a reason and they revolutionize they way so many stoners get so stoned. A bong is a water based smoking invention that’s used for smoking cannabis. It works very much like a hookah but is much more sleek in their design. It’s just  a water and air tight tube that’s filled with a small amount of water at the bottom that allows the smoke to first travel through the water so that it cools the smoke before it’s inhaled through the mouthpiece. This way you get smooth smoke that doesn’t burn your throat.

The first documentation of a bong ever being used was in China during the 16th century. During this time it was a widely used method for smoking many herbs including marijuana. Back in those days bongs were only avialble in bamboo or metal and weren’t used in the glass form that’s so commonly used today. Everyone uses bongs, and they transcend through age and cultural barriers. Being that they come in so many styles and designs it’s more than easy to find a bong that tickles your fancy.



Friends and lots of weed fit so well together, and the hookah makes it an even more sociable event with with its ability to have four or more hoses attached to it for lighting up with pals. Traditionally the hookah was used in parts of India and Persia and was used for smoking marijuna but is also popular today for smoking a kind of flavored tobacco out of it called “shisha” that’s covered in molasses. It’s sole purpose is to cool the smoke before inhalation and send you soaring.

Lots of areas in the U.S. have hookah lounges where you can relax and have a well cooked meal while also sharing a tobacco filled hookah pipe with your dinner party. It’s a fun experience that’s great to try but still best felt when filling that hookah with some really dank super herb.



When talking cannabis, you’d probably like to smoke as soon as possible and pipes are quick, easy, and convienent. Some of the most popular bubblers are glass and adorned with a multitude of swirling colors and patterns. They’re not very expensive and you can find a decent pipe for around $5 at most head shops. There are certain avid smokers that only smoke out of pipes and consider them to be part of some smoker religion and swear that pipes are the only and best way to smoke Mary Jane.  They’re definitely usefull tools that are essential in your stoner survival kit for every adventure.

Gravity Bong


This big guy is a homemade masterpiece that should never be underestimated, only enjoyed. This bong buddy can be made with every day household items that are useless just laying around the house and should be getting you high!

All you need is a 2 liter bottle and a bottle or container that’s much bigger than the 2 liter bottle to sit it in, your kitchen sink or a bucket works well for this. You cut a little less than half of the bottle off the bottom and insert it into your larger reservoir of water. Make a bowl form the 2 liter bottle’s cap and when the bottle is indside the water, you light your sticky icky while at the same time slowly lifting up on the bottle trapping all of the smoke inside the bottle; pure genius. The gravity bong is famous for getting you really high from small amounts of bud and a small number of hits. It’s creavitity at its finest!

Straight to the Dome


Let’s just face it, (literally) sometimes scoring weed doesn’t mean scoring papers, blunts, or a pipe too, and when all you’ve got it nuggs and a lighter you’re still in luck if you’re willing to take it strainght to the dome.

The optimistic stoner knows that once you’ve got Mary Jane it’s as good as gone no matter what the circumstance, and taking it to the dome is a prime example of this. Just take a nugg, pop it into your nostril, hold the other nostril closed, light the nugg in your nose and inhale deeply. In those few steps you turned your pretty face into a bong! Who would think of such a mastermind invention other than a pot head?

Hot Knives


The kitchen stove is a great way to get resourceful with your supply when it’s gettin low, and the hot knives method of smoking ganja will get you high from a tiny nugg in no time. This technique is probably best done when you’re sober first because trying to fiddle with a stove and hot knives when you’re blown might just end up being a pain in the ass.

First you heat two knives on the eye of your stove, butter knives work fine. Heat them until they become literally red hot then you pick your marijuana up lightly with the knives and once you’ve got it, take a bottle that’s cut open on the bottom and inhale the smoke from the weed as you squish the pot together in-between both the hot knives. Hot knives are commonly used when smoking straight hash and ends up being a bit easier if you heat your knives with a blowtorch. It’s  n effective avenue for getting faded or maybe just a pre re-up buzz.

Top 10 Ways to smoke weed Honorable Mentions:

Vacuum Bong


Every weed head knows they’ve looked at that Dirt Devil and admired its design while wondering “hmmm… I bet I can toke up outta that thing”. Well you’re right! The thoughts of being able to hide the marijuana smoke smell with suction from a vacuum cleaner has led to thoughts of smoking out of one and has proven to be possible.

Any vacuum with a hose attachment will work but most often people prefer to use an H20 vac which is said to smoke just like a bong that doubles as a cleaning device. As outlandish as it sounds, vacuums can deliver a pretty solid high.

Beer Can


Getting cross faded can often lead to you making the coolest descions in your life, like making a smoking device from your recently emptied beer can so you can smoke some more weed. An Einstein sort of unique invention that keeps us stoners relevent. The simplicity of this design is the best part and all you do is shape your beer can a bit at the end for your bowl and poke a few holes there, then add a smal hole on the side for your carb. Then proceed as you normally would with a pipe or bong and light and inhale. You’ll in turn get a malty, beer like smokey hit that might just be the one to pass you out.

Stoner Text Messages

Stoner Text Messages

You hate auto correct right? Ya, we do too! But the great thing about it is it makes for a great stoner blog.

We’ve compiled a collection of the funniest stoner text messages on the internet. From cop stories to texting mom and dad on accident, stoners text the funniest things. Here they are in no particular order. Enjoy…




Going to the store high is fun, straight up! We prefer to get stoned before a trip to the local grocery store. Not only because it makes all the food look 100% more amazing, but it’s fun as hell for stoners to wander around the local Vons blazed with a shopping cart full of munchies. It makes a daily tasks interesting, exciting and delicious.










Funny story and what a cool cop!



Remember the 5 second rule? This is a great text convo from someone stoned out of their mind, love it! Definitely a Marijuana text!



There’s a bong threat at state! This one must have came from either Seattle or Washington 🙂



This one might be our favorite one! Just great! Thank you Mary Jane for expanding the mind





This ever happened to you? Ya, us too.



Stoner fact number 1,003,045



Marijuana text at its finest!




Poopception, very original! Blowing your mind with one marijuana text at a time…










Always fun messing with mom, blazed out of your mind!



Ahhh! How sweet! Peace Love Hemp. “My love for you is as strong as the flames on the sun it burns more than any blunt placed on skin, I love you with all my heart and I would do anything to see you smile…”

Thanks for checking out our blog on stoner text messages! If you liked it be sure to check out the rest of our stoner blog!

10 Different Ways To Smoke a Pipe




The bubbler pipe, or “bubbler” was originally used in parts of the world such as Asia and Africa. The workings of the bubbler make it a favorite among many pot smokers around the globe and are used by experienced smokers as well as casual users. With this pipe the smoke floats down a tube that reaches a reservoir of water that cools the smoke before you inhale it, this cooling smoke is much easier on the lungs making it a more enjoyable experience all together. It gets its name from the fact that bubbles are produced in the water while smoking. The results of this method are smoother, creamier, hits and a high that seems to punch you much quicker.

Bubblers are widely available on the market online and in most head shops. They come in an awesome variety of colors and styles that make them a joy to both smoke out of and look at. They’re made from blown glass and the craftsmanship of these pipes make it easy for the stoner to take full advantage of larger hits of smoke every time without fail. Simply add water to the chamber located below the bowl, then place some sticky herb inside your bowl and place your thumb over the carb (small hole usually on the left of your bubbler designed to prevent stale smoke), light the Mary Jane  and inhale through the mouthpiece at the same time. Remove your thumb from the carb as you smoke and proceed to get outrageously stoned. The bubbler is also a very easy tool to clean and a quick boil of your bubbler should leave it looking brand spanking new. Soaking the pipe in rubbing alcohol beforehand is insanely helpful in getting it clean as well. With all its smoke enhancing capabilities and easy maintenance, it’s a no brainier why so many smokers choose the bubbler for their go-to toke.

Glass Pipes


Glass pipes in general are known to give you a much better tasting smoke than in metal or wooden pipes. Glass pipes were specifically designed with the intention of herbal smoking in mind, and they don’t produce harmful chemicals that can mix into your smoke. The glass pipe is full of advantages that make it an exciting choice to go with. When the heat interacts with the colors of your piece it makes them much more vibrant over time with intense brightness.

Glass pipes can break when dropped hard enough and end up shattered on your floor, but if you handle them with a little TLC they do often last longer than wooden pipes that will eventually burn down overtime. Another favored feature is the simple fact that you get to see your smoke filling into the pipe, this makes for a greater anticipation of the smoke you’re more than ready to inhale. The pure marijuana taste that you’re awarded with a glass pipe is well worth the extra few bucks it’ll cost you.

Foldable Pipes


Foldable pipes are sometimes called slider pipes and come in wooden or metal material and can be made to fit together magnetically too. The sleekly designed pipes are perfect for travel seeing as how they can fold down into small squares that don’t really resemble a pipe. Foldables are made from flat pieces of metal or wood  that slide and maneuver into each other like a puzzle, and unfold into a fully functional pipe, bowl and all. Magnetic foldables can be assembled into any shape and set on your coffee table as decoration and some may not even notice it as a pipe.

They’re a fun little toy to have around and can provide a pretty gnarly smoke too. The bowl can hold about four to five moderately sized hits which is enough to get you feeling pretty good. They come in great colors and are perfect for a fun puff!

Metal Pipes


Metal pipes are often looked at as being like antiques or more elegant. The design of most metal pipes reflect these thoughts, and many metal pipes are molded into some very unique designs. These are good smoking pipes that give you the chance to experience a quality smoke. The more common metal pipes are known as chamber pipes and have a bowl that attaches to a connecter piece that is also connected to the mouthpiece. The chamber pipe can be made to have two chambers which of course gives you access to larger quantities of smoke.

Some metal pipes that are known for providing  good smoking times are those that look like mini hookah pipes and fit into one hand. Not only are they successful at looking really cool, they accomplish the mission of getting you extremely high.

Vaporizer Pipes


Getting all the THC out of your bud is priority when smoking Mary Jane and these pipes help you to do just that. A vaporizer pipe is specifically designed to vaporize all the delicious cannabis inside instead of just burning it the way regular pipes do. This allows you to get 100% of the THC your marijuana contains, making for much higher results.

Vape pipes are also cherished for it’s non-hazardous characteristics. In vaporizing the weed you avoid the inhalation of toxic chemicals and noxious gases that can be produced through straight smoke. The taste you get is light and smooth and much milder in aroma as well as taste. Many vaporizer pipes come in “bubbly” designs but they can also be found in more sexy and sleek styles too. A pot smoking experience that’s easy on the lungs and nicer to the THC, vaporizer pipes are great friends to have around.



The chillum is an ancient kind of smoking pipe that can be made from many things including stone, wood, clay, and glass. It was traditionally used by hindu monks during the 18th century and is a cone shaped pipe that is used present day for smoking marijuana, opium, and tobacco. Chillums are relatively small devices that give you about 1 to 3 really awesome hits. There are slightly larger chillums that cool the smoke before you inhale it, and allows more smoke to be inhaled at once.

Given the cone shape of the chillum you have to hold it upright when taking hits and packing it to make sure that none of the sticky falls out. Still it’s not very complicated and an overall legitimate smoke. Chillums are available on the market and are commonly sold in bamboo and stone . Getting stoned from a chillum is rustic and effective, and you can bet if the monks liked hitting this pipe then meditation must have been a blast.

Wooden Pipes


Originally wooden pipes were made specifically for the use of tobacco and were mainly used by tobacco smokers, but they’re just as good for smoking marijuana and can have its advantages. Wooden pipes have a much larger size bowl in order to pack plenty of backy into, well when you’re smoking MJ this means plenty of hearty hits. Although wooden pipes do carry a certain flavor that you can taste in the smoke, it isn’t necessarily a bad quality and adds a nice natural flavor to your buds, or you may not even notice it. Wooden pipes are the perfect addition to earthy strains of weed and add warm tones throughout the inhale.

Some wooden pipes come with copper or brass fitted into the mouthpiece for that extra touch of style. They can look quite fancy when marked with decorative carvings, or posses a sophisticated appearance with a smooth briar wood finish. Many would agree that these pipes are sturdy and built to last when taken care of properly and are so liked because of the overall good feel to them.

Calabash Gourd Pipes


These extravagant looking pipes aren’t just for show and know how to deliver some dank smoke. Its name is derived from the African Calabash Gourd that these pipes are made from. These gourds are grown for the sole purpose of becoming pipes by placing blocks under the stem during growth which causes it to grow in a curved shape. When matured, it’s cut and dried and made into a fantastic looking pipe. Thoughts of Sherlock Holmes and dangerous mysteries might just dance around in your head when hitting this interesting pipe.

The way a calabash is designed gives the stoner a cool, dry, smoke that comes off as clean and refreshing. The high produced is said to be more mellow than in an ordinary briar wood pipe because the smoke first travels throught an empty chamber that’s located inside the gourd where it losses a lot of its heat and harshness. The bowls of the calabash gourd are most commonly made from meerschaum, but can be made of wood, porcelain, and in some cases burn-proof plastic. They make for a unique smoke and a pretty cool conversational piece to add to your collection.

Meerschaum Pipes


Meerschaum pipes are quite an uncommon device for smoking weed and a bit risky to do so, but if you’re a stoner chances are you’re down to try it because every smoking experience is a potential good one. Meerschaum is a natural material and is sort of a stone like shell that is frequently found floating on the Black Sea and also scarcely in some parts of Greece. The first meerschaum pipes were recorded to be in existence around 1723 and became wildly popular due to its material and being able to provide a cool, dry, and flavorful smoke.

The downsides of these antiques is that they become very hot very fast which makes it harder to hold on to it, especially with continuous lighting. Even still it just looks cool to smoke out of one of these intricately designed pipes. With chronic use they turn beautiful rich and deep hues of red, orange, and cream that only get better with time.

One Hitters (Sneak-a-Toke)


Sneaky one hitters are very useful when you’re out in public and get the urge to burn one. One hitters are small pipes that only have enough room in them for one good hit of Mary Jane and are often called sneak-a-tokes because of the many disguised designs they come in that are made to be very small and discreet and can be made to look like common things such as writing pens, a tube of lipstick, and even an ordinary cigarette.

Even if you have nothing to hide these little pipes give you a nice buzz that provide a welcomed quick pick-me-up during the day. One hitters are also incredibly helpful when it comes to preserving weed and packing a small amount into your little buddy will get you an acceptable mild stone and an excellent pipe choice for on the go living and quick tokes.

Top 10 Different ways to smoke a pipe Honorable Mentions:

Corncob Pipes


Corncob pipes are a classic and have been used since the early 1800s. To make one, the cob is first dried for two years and then gets hollowed out to become the bowl of the pipe. Corncob pipes remain popular today for their simplistic character, easy use, and they’re very inexpensive to buy. Many people consider the corncob to be very suitable for beginner smokers but is no no way limited to newbies and many veteran smokers enjoy the clean, care free smoke you can count on with the corncob.

Corncobs are fantastic for weed “tastings” and since they’re only about 3 bucks you can buy plenty to sample different strains from and taste their individual flavors and highs without cross contaminating strains. They’re good at allowing the natural cannabis flavors to shine through. They’re a staple choice in many a stoner’s collection and Frosty the Snowman isn’t the only fella’ who likes to puff on the corncob from time to time.


Clay Pipes


With a bit of old school flare about them, clay pipes are seen few and far between but are still floating around in a few places. You’ll most often see them as a very fine white clay. Some of the more poorer quality clay pipes are made from a porcelain mixture that’s poured into a mold. These are usually no good at all and bring undesirable flavors to your smoke. They’re also known to burn extremely hot and are another pipe that’s hard to keep hold of.

Frequent users of quality clay pipes  claim they give you a pure smoking experience and that they clay material provides no added flavor even in the least bit unlike some other pipe materials.

Top 10 Stoner Songs



  “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime

Originally written by The Toyes, in 1983, Sublime made this song a legend on their 1992 debut album 40 oz. to Freedom. “Smoke Two Joints” was their second song to air on the radio after “Date Rape.” The intro of the Sublime version is a sample from the 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls but also features samples of a bong toke, Eazy E, Just Ice, and Bert Suzanka, the lead singer of The Ziggens. This song has become a huge part of stoner culture and is even used in the movie Mallrats. Here’s to you Bradley!

“Kaya” by Bob Marley

The title track of the album Kaya released by Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1978, its namesake is a Jamaican slang term for marijuana. Interestingly enough, it is actually a name with many unique meanings. In Japanese and Zulu, it is an expression meaning “home,” in Hopi this name means “wise child,” and appropriately enough, in Turkish Kaya means “stone.” This song’s fluid lyrics and soothing rhythm is an ideal soundtrack for spending a relaxing evening with Miss Mary Jane.

“Mary Jane” by Rick James- Barack Obama

A funky stoner anthem released by the late Rick James in 1978 off his debut album Come Get It!, “Mary Jane” quickly peaked at top 5 on the R&B charts in the US. This song was one of the first written in the genre that Rick James branded as “punk funk.” “Mary Jane” is written about an actual woman who broke his heart. James uses a personification of marijuana to describe this mystery woman and convey that the effects of her love are similar to the effects of marijuana. Though she is not the type of woman “you can just tie down,” he will always “love her just the same.”

“I Wanna Get High” by Cypress Hill

Opening up Cypress Hill’s second album, Black Sunday, released in 1993, “I Wanna Get High” quickly became a stoner anthem. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 that year and eventually went Triple Platinum in the US. “I Wanna Get High“, along with “Hits From the Bong,” can be found on the How High soundtrack (a film listed in our Top 10 Stoner Movies) as well as Hempilation, a High Times sponsored compilation album created to support NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Of all the times I have been to Cypress Hill shows, this track will always remain my favorite to see live, as they pass their pristine bong around the stage to each other, smoking a bowl with a venue full of smiling stoners.


  “Legalize It” by Peter Tosh

Legalize It,” off the album of the same name, remains one of the most influential songs in marijuana history. Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and released in 1976, the album Legalize It was Peter Tosh’s first solo album after leaving the Wailers in 1975. The song is an attempt to debunk the stereotypes of stoners with lyrics like “judges smoke it, even the lawyer too” and “it’s good for the flu, it’s good for asthma, good for tuberculosis, even umara composis,” which is supposedly a euphemism for menstrual cramps and rumored to be a reference to the factoid that Queen Victoria used to medicate with cannabis to relieve said pains.

“Acid Raindrops” by People Under the Stairs

People Under the Stairs is a Los Angeles hip hop group formed in 1997 by The Ones and Double K. “Acid Raindrops” is off of their third album O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) released in June of 2002. One of their most critically acclaimed songs, this track is a reflection of their classic hip hop roots exhibiting their fluid rhythms and poetic lyrics. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like sparking a bowl, putting your feet up, and listening to these reassuring lyrics: “when the stress burns my brain just like acid raindrops, Mary Jane is the only thing that makes the pain stop. I let the music take over my soul, body and mind, to kick back, relax, one time and you will find…”

“Reefer Man (Hemp Jazz)” by Cab Calloway

One of the oldest songs about marijuana, “Reefer Man” debuted in the 1933 film titled International House and is written about a man who likes to smoke on those sweet cigarettes. Cab Calloway was a legendary American bandleader and jazz and scat singer, regularly performing at the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York. He was even attributed to being the predecessor of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. This notorious dance move can be seen in many of his early films and fifty years later he was quoted saying that “it was called The Buzz back then.”

“Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath

Sweet Leaf” was released in 1971 and is the opening track of Black Sabbath’s third album Master of Reality. This album has actually been coined by many as the first stoner rock album. Written as an ode about recreational marijuana use, “Sweet Leaf” was actually named after a brand of cigarettes that bassist Geezer Butler bought in Dublin, Ireland. Sweet leaf is also a moniker for stevia, an herb which is indigenous to subtropical North and South America and used as a sweetener, sometimes as a replacement for traditional sugar.

“Let’s Go Get Stoned” by Ray Charles

Though originally recorded by The Coasters in 1965 and written by Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson, and Josephine Armstead, it was not a number one R&B hit until 1966 when Ray Charles recorded it shortly after he was released from rehab after battling a crippling heroin addiction. It is rumored that his post-rehab recovery was aided by cannabis, coinciding with the release of this song. Though it was a number one hit, it has become one of his lesser known songs of our generation. Ray Charles is more popular for his romantic and classic hits like “Georgia on My Mind“ and “Hit the Road Jack.” It is beautiful to see the evolution and long history of the influential role that marijuana has played on music.

“I Smoke Every Weed” by Walker Young

Definitely the newest song on this countdown, this track was made famous by the hilarious documentary Super High Me released in 2007 conceived and starring famous pot comedian Doug Benson. As the anthem of this film played during the end credits, it is definitely the first popular song about medical marijuana. Upbeat bluegrass style acoustic guitar is sang over by Walker Young’s southern country voice as he describes various familiar strains of weed like Alaskan Thunderfuck and AK-47. He also mentions choosing from these strains at his “pharmacy” and then enjoying an always pleasant “Volcano to the brain.” Though this is Walker Young’s only well-known song (for now), it is the most prevalent one written about weed today, showing how much perception about marijuana and its role in society has changed.

Top 10 Stoner Movies

stoner-top-ten Half Baked

Chosen to be our number one simply because it’s a true stoner movie, straight up Hilarious! Dave Chappelle, the main character keeps you laughing and even if you’re not that stoned you certainly feel like you are when watching Half Baked.


Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke

A timeless movie of two men in an adventure to find weed, In the process they come upon situations that intensify their epic adventure.



Chris Tucker keeps your laugh on high, when trying to pay the debt he owes to ‘Big Worm’, his buddy Ice Cube gets caught up in the mess after losing his job on his day off, now has to help resolve the situation and get the $200hundo before 10pm. This uproarious comedy has no downfalls. Stoner movies!


Dazed and Confused

Travel back to the high School year of 1976. Four teens take you through their experiences of getting high and how it was to be in grade school again when you were free of much responsibility. Oh the good old days.


Harold & Kumar go to White Castle

Munchies anyone? Embark in this conquest to feed the craving of White Castle Burgers, and along the way you’ll encounter the obstacles that strangely help you achieve the satisfaction of fulfilling a craving.


How High

The magic of Weed is presented. Bring an old friend back from the dead, from smoking the Weed they grow with his ashes. It gives them courage to go through collage and accomplish their dreams.


Home Grown

The operation that grows intensely, but when “The Man” gets involved everything takes a turn for the unexpected. The thought of continuing this huge operation is becoming more of an illusion then a reality. But the need for money turns them into unwanted greed monsters.

Super Troopers

Five of the Vermont State Troopers have to time of their life with their job, but when the pranking and slacking goes too far the job gets threatened by the state to in force budget cuts on them. This encourages the troopers to step up their game and show the police force who they really are.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Take a trip with Johny Deep & Benicio Del Toro to Las Vegas, reporting on the Min 400 Motorcycle Race, but on the way encounter distractions like the effects of the Cannabis, Lsd, alcohol, and cocaine. Then soon abandon the mission to continue experiments with the drugs side affects.


Kids is a timeless stoner classic about a group of wild, thoughtless New York City teenagers in their un-relentless quest for sex, drugs, and getting in to trouble. The film primarily follows Telly who having just realized the conquest of his latest virgin, brags that by day’s end he will claim one more. Click the video to play our favorite seen from the movie.. Kids: How To Roll a Blunt scene.