Top 10 Trippy Stoner Movies

  Pink Floyd: The Wall

The Wall manages to comprise all the deatils you look for in a trippy mind bending movie and rolled them all into one. Full of music, vivid imagery, and sounds that are completely original, it’s a refreshing film to feast your eyes on. The symbolic scenes depicted get the wheels in your brain turning, and since there’s very little dialouge it leaves room for you to come up with your own conclusions. It’s a mix of live action and animataion put together in as an unfolding story of struggle and triumph, another hit for Pink Floyd.

The Yellow Submarine

You’ll be sure to think of an acid or shroom trip when watching this flick. Filled with vivid colors and animation it’s very pleasing to the senses. Based on the music of the beloved Beatles, it’s a must see for every stoner and just might have you falling in love with Pepperland and all its delightfully strange inhabitants.

 The Wizard of Oz

Talking scarecrows, a timid tin man, and an army of evil flying monkeys are only a few attributes to this truly trippy fantasy tale. While Dorothy and her dog Toto begin a journey ful of danger, courage, and friendship, you’ll love to be right there with them hanging onto every moment. The Wizard of Oz is a classic no doubt, and a great flick to turn on when you’re lighting that bowl.

Donnie Darko

The story of Donnie Darko is complex and intense, leading you in many directions all at once and never failing to deliver suspense. Watch a young teen as he navigates through his everything but ordinary life being seemingly stalked and haunted by a large creepy bunny rabbit who encourages him to commit crimes. The visions are troubling and intriguing, and will have you eagerly waiting to see what’s around the next corner.

 Alice in Wonderland

When a talking rabbit rushes past Alice explaining that he’s late, her natural reaction is to follow him of course, and tumbling into his dark rabbit hole leads to a series of events you’d have to see to beleive. Alice in Wonderland is full of rich, dynamic characters that are just exciting. Alice’s quest to get back to her own world is adventurous no doubt, and full of mind bending twists and turns.

Pan’s Labyrinth

This spanish film is well worth the subtitles if you have to read them. The setting takes place in post Spanish Civil War Spain where a princess of the underworld is coming into her true identity. She becomes privy to a world of fairies, demonic fauns, and a journey she must understand in order to live. It’s a layered plot with very unpredictable twists and turns and would be a nice but darker addition to your smoking festivities.


Walt Disney did a pleasently good job of bringing together fantasy animations of all sorts and putting them to calming classical music. This cartoon film is another that has no dialouge and seems as if it was meant to be watched alongside a fat doob. Dilled with magical wonder, unicorns, and elves it’s a fun lighthearted watch.



This tripped out film is nothing short of a mind fuck. When a group of teens go on a camping trip to find some shrooms and psych out, a drastic change of events turns their psychedelic drug world upside-down. A serial killer decides to make them his next fancy and when dealing with a series of vivid hallucinations and horrific murders, it makes it very hard to make it out alive, and seperate reality from the terrors of the mind. A thrilling watch indeed.

2001: A Space Odyssey

It’s no surprise that a Stanly Kubrick film makes this list. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a far out space adventure that tells the story of a series of meetings with other worldly creatures called the Monoliths that are affecting the human race and the rate at which it evolves. A true sci-fi thriller that invloves voyages to the moon and Jupiter, it’s a very intriguing concept that deserves a spot on every stoners entertainment center.

 The Jacket

This psychological thriller is great for a trippy stoned movie night, and is an intense mystery that ‘s pretty fun to try and work through. A Veteran takes a bullet to the head causing him to have amnesia and not being able to remember a murder that he was part of; or was he? He ultimately gets banished to a mental institution where he’s subject to many experimental drugs and his journey gets wildly interesting from there.


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