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Omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent; Cannabis is all of these things, said with no hesitation, and the complete reason and inspiration for StonerDays.

Hunger pangs won’t know what In the oil rig hit them once you’ve discovered the stoner cookbook and begin dazzling yourself and guests alike with culinary precision, delicious and full of THC

New to this whole weed thing and need a better insight? Or maybe you’re a seasoned toker and just want to add some new vocabulary to spice things up a bit? The Stoner Dictionary will have you wrapped in bliss content with getting blitzed and scrolling for hours checking out a plethora of dope slang words

Not to mention the interesting and current events that can be found in the marijuana blog. Pot heads are sure to find a title that Sparks, (and we mean Sparks) your curiosity, a place to find new pastimes and awesome stoner news updates.

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There’s something about the way the world spins differently after medicating. Weed teleports us to Jupiter and tugs on our heart strings as well. Sprinkling kief overtop your blunt as you pearl it almost brought a test to your eye the last time you toked….you might even get her name tatted so she’ll know it’s real. StonerDays understands and we’re here to get lifted and stay living.

You never knew an herb could be so persuasive, each pull pulling you closer to your destiny. Forcing you to recover that art portfolio you use you roll up on and actually open it.

The inspiration that flows through you gives vibrant life to the expression you call your art. Thick aromatic leafy smoke penetrates the walls of your stoner domicile, navigating through your colored pencils leading you to the corridors of un ending curiosity and free thoughts. There are so many opinions of stoners these days ranging from friendly and cute to out right disrespectful. The next time the word stoner has the chance to Grace your lips don’t forget to include these certain key words as well; loving, friendly, peaceful, inspiring, dope as hell, and it all starts at StonerDays.