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Welcome to the Stoner Radio presented by!

Stoner Music is the most powerful drug on the planet. It can comfort you when you are sad, it can proclaim love, it can cause fights and riots, it can make you dance until sunrise, it can bring you peace, and it can provide a truly transcendental experience.

Marijuana and music have gone hand in hand for decades. Artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Black Sabbath, Ray Charles, Sublime and hundreds more openly sing about sweet Mary Jane, targeting their favorite audience: stoners! stoner music Several musicians use marijuana as a source of inspiration as it heightens your sense of sound while others simply enjoy puffing on a joint and putting on their favorite record. The right or wrong beats can shape your entire stoner experience. With the multitude of musical genres that exist and all the unique stoners who enjoy a good tune, there is  a perfect mix to enhance your high.

Here you will find hand-picked compilations in all of your favorite genres meticulously chosen by stoners like you.

From reggae to rock, dubstep to hip hop, there is some kind of beat, tune, jam, or whatever you like to call it, that will satiate your musical needs. Sometimes making any type of decision when you are stoned, especially choosing appropriate stoner music for your smoke session, can be a daunting task. Take a load off, sit in your favorite chair, spark up a bowl and let make the decision for you. Peruse our many stations and choose from one of our unique playlists of stoner music including chill step, dubstep, reggae, reggae dub, blunt wraps, heavy hitters, reggae rap and rock ‘n’ roll stations. There will be many more musical flavors to choose from and your feedback and requests are encouraged as we want to cater to your perfect stoner moments. If you are feeling daring, play musical roulette and choose one of our mixes at random. Learn some new songs and enjoy some of your favorites because a stoner without music is like a starless night sky.[sharify]