Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush | Marijuana Strains

THC content 19-22%

A Lovely Lady for the Evening

You can expect this indica to deliver you to a very relaxing high that relieves nervousness, pain, and stress. With its lineage from the kasmir and the afghan strain, the pureness of vanilla kush is undeniable. This strain is known for making colors brighter, music and food richer, and life more chill. It might not be the most potent strain on the market but it does provide a nice balance that you look for in an indica.


The Review:

The strong and overwhelming scent provided by vanilla kush is always recognized for being true to its name, and you’ll love the warm vanilla scent that wafts into your nostrils from these buds. They possess a dark green glazed color that sparkles in the light and is sure to excite your senses. The sweet taste is a great compliment to the smooth smoke texture. The stone likes to kick in fast and is pretty lengthy. Meanwhile the comfort increases as the high sets in and produces a very positive vibe, great for sleeping or hanging out.


Blue Dream Marijuana Strain


Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

THC content 15-20% 

Sweet Dreams!

Blue dream is a cross between blueberry and haze. This is known as one of the fruitier strains, giving you a deep blueberry taste that tingles around in your mouth that is best experienced through a bong or joint. Medicinal patients will commonly smoke blue dream to relieve stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, insomnia, and pain. Its multi-dimensional uses help make it a favorite among many users

blue-dreamThe Review:

Blue dream is a beauty like no other, decorated proudly with hues of blue and silver trichomes that sparkle like fairy dust, these bright green nugs do a great job of making sure you see them.

The scent of these buds are a bit spicy and reminds you of sage accompanied by a fruity candy like aroma.

Designed to give you the body high that indicas bring to the table, along with the strong cerebral high sativas posses, it does just that and somehow manages to hit all right notes.

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Bubble Gum – Indica


Bubble Gum – Indica

Category: Nugs

Bubble Gum – Indica

The Bubble Gum originated in Indiana in the 1970s. After making the rounds in the States, the genetics were taken to Holland during the 1990s, where a stable interbred variety was developed. Named Bubble Gum from the start, this variety quickly acquired a reputation for its sweetness, so much that the name “Bubble Gum” has been widely borrowed for all sorts of seeds and weed. The winner of many accolades, Bubble Gum has placed repeatedly in the High Times Cannabis Cup: 3rd place in 1994 for best coffeeshop product, 2nd place for best bioproduct and 2nd for the overall Cannabis Cup in 1995, and 2nd place again in 1999 for the overall Cannabis Cup.

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L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential

Indica dominant hybrid (Indica 95% Sativa 5%)

THC content 11-17% CBD content 0.16-0.97%

L.A. Confidential is a popular California strain. It is a cross between OG Kush and Affie, which is a high yielding and more pungent Afghani strain. Providing a soothing body high, it is best used for nausea, appetite, stress, insomnia and general pain relief. It begins somewhat energetic and fades into a more euphoric and relaxing state.

The Review:

These verdant nugs exude a beautiful shade of neon green but can almost appear as more of a sea foam green because of the stunning glaze of trichomes that traverse its buds. There are also dark red stigmas, or hairs, that are peppered throughout this dense, lush strain. Upon first whiff, you can detect a sweet and spicy hash-like aroma with a note of lemongrass. L.A. Confidential is famous for its unique aroma, along with its sharp and sweet taste. It is definitely a palate tickler.

L.A. Confidential


Strain Review; Berry Kush

Strain Review; Berry Kush 

This strain has two names so please don’t bite my head off if you think one is the correct one. I’ve heard the strain called by both Kush Berry as well as Berry Kush so say it how you will. This strain is highly prized, with huge buds that are dark green in color, with some more highlighted tones as well. Overall, the bud looks pretty much the same throughout. Definitely a good looking strain and one that will surely catch your eye. The smell is very woodsy and earthy, with a somewhat citrusy scent as well. As for taste, it is aromatic and very floral. A very enjoyable strain.


For patients, Kush Berry is extremely good for patients that have issues with sleeping, nausea, pain, and stress. It is primarily prescribed to patients that have high anxiety and bad migraines. It gives the smoker a very happy, tingly high which is extremely good for patients in pain. Kush Berry is a strain that is recommended for people going through chemo, as it helps with the appetite issues, pain, and weakness that these patients in particular suffer from. It’s is definitely a sought after strain and worth a shot if you see it at your local dispensary.

Overall, this strain is something that you should try, whether it’s just to get stoned (it’s a very beloved kush) or if it’s needed for medical reasons. Give it a try if you see it on the shelf and I promise you’ll have found one of your new favorite strains! Although, it is pretty safe to say that most marijuana strains are very well loved but this one in particular will not only make you feel better but will continue to make you feel great even after you get better!

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Strain Review; Berry Kush

Alaskan Thunderfuck – Marijuana Strain Review

Alaskan-Thunderfuck-stonerdays review

Alaskan Thunderfuck Sativa

THC content 15-33%

Alaskan-Thunderfuck-stonerdays review

Holy Smokes, Alaskans mean Business!

Alaskan thunderfuck, otherwise known as Matanuska tundra or Matanuska thunderfuck is not just known for having an incredibly awesome name, but incredibly awesome effects too. This strain originates from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska hence its other names. This is a very useful bud to have around when a hard day’s work gets to your head because it specializes in migraine relief and is just what the doctor ordered. It also alleviates pain in general and depression. This strain was bred specifically for potency and the goal was achieved.

Alaskan-Thunderfuck-stonerdays review 1

The Review:

The potency of Alaskan thunderfuck is rare and a prized smoke to get your hands on. You better believe this sativa packs a bulldozer punch on your high. It’s lengthy and bred to satisfy, one could easily manage to stay high the entire day with only a few smokes and be in the sky. It results in you running laps around yourself then collapsing in the dream realm without a care in the world, just perfect. The smell can be a bit like old potpourri, but fruity none the less. The taste is very thick with a harder feel in the smoke so coughing may be inevitable when taking that vacation to Alaska.

Power Plant

Power Plant – Marijuana Strain Review

Sativa dominant hybrid


THC content 12.6-15.2%, CBD content 0.08-2.15%

Power Plant was created in 1997 by Dutch Passion Seed Company in Amsterdam. It comes from a new strain of South African sativa and has been inbred only. With an enormous yield, it is best grown indoor or in a greenhouse. Power Plant can be grown outdoors, however that starts her flowering late. It provides a powerful social head buzz, making the patient extremely loquacious. Power Plant is best for treating social anxiety, depression, ADD, stress, and chronic pain. Because of its sativa heritage it is best to consume it in the daytime because of its high energy effects.

The Review:

The nugs are dark green with orange hairs and plenty of hypnotic trichomes. Power Plant’s aroma as well as its taste is very subtle and piney. A very mellow and uplifting sativa that can be enjoyed even by avid indica smokers.


Alien OG

Alien OG – Marijuana Strain Review

alien og kush

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

THC content 14-28%

Take Me to Your Munchies!

This outer space Mary Jane is child of the two strains tahoe OG kush and alien kush. This breed is great for severe headaches, body aches, and stress. It’s also been said to provide relief to ADD/ADHD patients in regards to keeping their attention on task. It seems that our alien counterparts come in peace to help! It’s one of the more potent medical marijuana strains and a first pick among growers because of the moderate flowering time.


The Review:

The aroma that permeates from this bud is absolutely beautiful and inviting. There’s a nice spice component that reminds you of warm places with pine trees that is pleasantly earthy. Taking hits from the alien gives you an almost instantaneous spacey and euphoric trip, appropriate for the name. The laid back but happy and uplifted vibes that come from this marijuana make it one to cherish. The taste is best describes as clean, with a slight “chronic” flavor as well. Overall a pleasing smoke to the senses and entertaining to the mind. Many stoners have also reported a sharper field of vision when puffing alien OG, guess they’re eyes are huge for a reason.

Alien OG – Marijuana Strain Review

Kryptonite – Marijuana Strain Review

Kryptonite – Marijuana Strain Review

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

THC content 18-28%


The Original Green Crippler!

This awesome strain is excellent for reducing mundane stresses, pain, and settling your nerves. Its flowering time is 8-10 weeks and comes from sour diesel and OG kush born in the beautiful California. The high THC content makes kryptonite a favorite for many cannabis connoisseurs. Its gained its fame in many places around the world where it’s loved for its healing qualities and super good feelings.


The Review:

Kryptonite delivers a clear focus minded high that relaxes the body and somehow makes you feel in control of everything around you even the unseen forces, a bit eerie but fun all the same. This incredible weed has a very pungent odor that’s similar to skunk and OG kush. The flavor has a bit of a chemical after taste but still goes down smooth and chances are you’ll be so high you won’t even notice it. When smoking joints of this tree you can’t help but to see things on the brighter side and maintain positive points of view. Kryptonite delivers on time and is long lasting without a hard crash to bring you down. Super man had no idea what he was missing out on.

Durban Poison


Durban Poison – Marijuana Strain Review

Sativa THC content 18-22%

Durban is the poison to pick. This grass is probably what Bob Marley was smoking. It is a subtropical sativa named after the port city of Durban in South Africa where copious amounts of this strain are distributed all over the world by the thousands of kilos. Durban Poison is a very distinctive bud, having a dark, dark purple hue that can almost look black. This sativa will need lots of light and 8-9 weeks of flowering. The strain has gain notoriety with smokers everywhere as a world class sativa strain.


The Review:

Durban Poison has been called “the espresso of cannabis” because the high is clear and wakes you up, gives energy and intense emotional euphoria. Described as having a spicy flavor with notes of licorice and anise, this is a very unique bouquet indeed. Along with unique flavor, perhaps the better reason to pick this poison is the incredible high. Stress disappears and anxieties vanish in a cloud of smoke. Also the intense euphoria delivered makes this poison a great anti-depressant strain. Durban Poison promotes focus, alertness, and overall positive feelings and lends itself to daytime use. It is also reported to be a moderate pain killer with almost no body high.


Durban Poison – Marijuana Strain Review

California Grapefruit


California Grapefruit – Marijuana Strain Review



THC content 12-15%

One Hit Goes a Long Way

California grapefruit is a unique blend of many of the famous indica strains such as skunk #1, northern lights, and Afghani. This has quickly become a favorite amongst growers for its auto flowering trait and relatively short growing time, being about 7 ½ to 9 weeks. The size of this cannabis plant is on the shorter side, making it ideal for indoor growing. It’s also easy to trim and each plant can produce at least an ounce. This Cali native has a long lasting high and great body response that is perfect for alleviating muscle tension, inspiring creativity, and putting your mind to rest, cancelling depression.


The Review:

The lengthy stone that California grapefruit gives is enough to make any marijuana smoker giddy from the thought. This high can last up to 4 ½ hours maybe longer, and knows how to peak in all the proper places. It has the tendency to silently creep up behind you and whisper, “you’re high”. The way it unexpectedly hits you is exciting and leaves your body feeling satisfied. It lives up to its name and does have a mild grapefruit taste to it that adds a sophisticated quality to the smoke. Earthy undertones and other citrus flavors accompany the taste as well. This is an intense body stone that tingles and sends you into an instant state of well-being.

Jack Herer


Jack Herer – Marijuana Strain Review


Hybrid (sativa dominant)

THC content up to 22%

The Man, The Legend, The Strain!

Named for the late hemp activist, and with over 10 Cannabis Cup awards, Jack Herer is one of, if not the best strains ever. She’s a three way sativa dominant hybrid crossed with Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. The results are haze quality buds without the super long haze flowering time. Medicinally, Jack Herer relieves stress and anxiety.


The Review:

The buds are light green and coated with resin. Nuggets are dense with a few red hairs. The aroma is fresh and fruity. Very flowerlike smell. Fruity, sweet and peppery best describes the taste. The stone is energetic and uplifting. Euphoria rushes through the body and the buzz becomes cerebral. Open your mind dude….. open your mind!

Jack Herer – Marijuana Strain Review



Headband – Marijuana Stain Review

Hybrid (indica dominant)

THC content up to 24%


A superstar is born!

Headband is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Those parents strains make her a star! The 70/30 indica cross is sure to deliver a heavy high. She’s a fast grower and tends to be short and bushy. Flowering can take as few as 60-70 days, making it ideal for growers. Medicinally, Headband is used to relieve stress and ease anxiety.


The Review:

Visually appealing. Extremely sticky, fluffy light green buds with a heavy coating of trichomes. Smells sour, just like her mama, but not as intense. Headband is one of the strongest strains around with THC content easily in the twenty percent range. The high is intense and heavy. Very heady but also a nice little body buzz as well. Keep headband wrapped around your head!

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Headband – Marijuana Stain Review

Lambs Bread


Lambs Bread – Marijuana Strain Review



THC content 17-19%

An Old Soul With Spunk!

This classic strain has roots in Jamaica and is said to have been enjoyed by Bob Marley himself and one of his favorites at that. Unlike many sativas lambs bread has a calming effect that includes an uplifted feeling without the common jitters some sativas produce. The flowering time for this lady is about 9-10 weeks and if intended to be grown indoors, will need plenty of room to flourish. It’s great for sparking creativity and making every day mundane tasks a joy to do. Lambs bread has helped countless patients deal with and overcome depression, stress, and chronic pain. The term lambs bread is a Jamaican slang term that simply means “great ganja”

The Review:

Lambs bread is a unique sativa with a cinnamon spicy taste and a skunkish dank smell. The bright green sticky to the touch buds will be sure to catch your eye as they seem to emit an aura of specialness. Most users of this strain will experience a mass amount of energy and overall lively spirit. The only complaint that some users have with this strain is the major red eye side effect that makes you appear to be some sort of marijuana monster. The rareness of this strain makes it a treat when encountered and should be enjoyed in that light.

Blackberry Kush

blackberry kush

Blackberry Kush – Marijuana Strain Review

blackberry kush

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

THC content 10-12%

The Ultimate Chill Berry

This strain was born from an Afghani mother and the blackberry strain. Blackberry is a very well rounded smoke and very serious medicine. Its strong indica traits make it a prevailing opponent against severe chronic pain and depression. Blackberry kush has an indoor growing period of about 65 days, this is a bit longer than many other strains, but if you can pull it off you will be greatly rewarded both in medicinal value and a pleasing high.

The Review:

This kush doesn’t hesitate to bring a heavy stone with it that has no problem gluing you to the floor. The high lasts about 2-3 hours which is nice. The clarity that instantly comes from smoking it is amazing and somehow manages to stand its ground even through the lazy vibes. Sharper vision and a clear mind are common side effects. The smell and taste from blackberry is very sweet and delicious beyond belief, and sugary like a jar of preserves, you’ll have to burn multiple bowls just for the flavor. At first you might pick up on a subtle fuel like taste but then the sweet blackberries make their debut and are sure to make you smile.

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Blackberry Kush – Marijuana Strain Review

Green Crack

blue dream

Green Crack – Marijuana Review

Sativa THC content 15-20%

Should I Smoke This?

Don’t let the name send you running before you try it. The green crack strain contains no actual crack, it’s just that good! Green crack originated in Athens around 1989 and is said to be created form skunk #1 and a California indica. Its medicinal purposes include loss of appetite, stress, pain, and depression. This strain is also known as Cush or green cush with a “C”.

blue dream weed

The Review:

Green crack is a great weed to get your blood flowing and your mind supercharged. You can expect and energetic, uplifting, euphoric, and intensely creative faded feeling when puffing green crack. The smell this bud has is equally exciting as the high, giving you a tangy pungent citrusy essence that instantly reminds your sense of smell of oranges, or maybe just the peel. In this case the taste is the same and the orange zest on your tongue seems to dance, while on the exhale you can detect subtle hints of pineapple. An exquisite choice for sure.

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Green Crack – Marijuana Review

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple


Indica THC content 16-20%

Old Purp Still Has It!

The granddaddy purple strain is a result of crossing big bud with urkel, this created a more diverse plant that is capable of producing high yields. This is an award winning strain having won the Green Cup from 2004 to 2006. This is an awesome tree for relieving pain in cancer patients and pain in general. The origins of granddaddy trace back to Northern California. Being that it’s typically grown indoors it’s a perfect fit for hydro systems.

The Review:

The very distinct grape taste to this bud gives it a flavorful sweet essence that lingers subtly on the tongue. The smell mirrors the taste and gets you ready for a sweet candy grape smoke. The effects of the high are balanced and smooth and this indica is surprisingly capable of giving you energy that’s great for active hobbies. The sight of this plant at its full maturity is beautiful as it reveals royal purple hues in a forest of dense green colas, definitely a veteran at providing a stimulating experience all across the board.

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Granddaddy Purple


Spartacus OG


Strain Review: Spartacus OG

Posted By The Dude on June 23, 2013

Strain Name: Spartacus OG
Grade: A+
Type: Indica

Looks: Very tight, dense and frosty deep green marijuana nuggets with each looking like a head of broccoli.

Smell: A nice nostril clearing sweet pine and menthol.

Taste: Like a big serving of buttered greens. Very rich and “earthy” aftertaste.

Buzz Type: Heavy & Slightly Narcotic

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)

Summary: Spartacus OG is solid! This strain provides a very heavy full body buzz that tended to creep up on me. Usually about 10 minutes after finishing a bowl, I was hit hard. A slightly narcotic strain at its peak, Spartacus OG’s buzz is piercing and heavy.

Well cured, marijuana nuggets “broke” like Styrofoam peanuts making a “snap” sound when breaking up with fingers.

Spartacus’ taste is very unique. With just about every bong hit, the first thing to come to mind for me is buttered greens; like strong collards with load of butter on top. It’s a somewhat strong “earthy,” but buttery taste. If you ever had the opportunity to sample and enjoy Liquid Butter, Spartacus OG is a must try.

A few late nights, I found myself in a state of “couch lock” while medicating with Spartacus OG. A great California OG to wind down the evening, but not one to medicate with if trying to stay awake. I definitely missed a few shows and lost track of time a few nights due to the creep up nature of Spartacus. A paid the price a few times with a very sore neck after waking up from a hour or two of unexpected “forced” sleep. This seem to only happen during evening with me; not during the day or with weekend wake and bake sessions.

A great pain reliever, Spartacus OG put my muscles at ease and for me, a nice benefit was I did not really get the “munchies” with this strain too. If into concentrates and find yourself needing a break, this is the kind of flower that can keep up with you.

Spartacus is one strain you heavy OG fans should check out if on the menu!

Massachusetts Super Skunk


Strain Review: Massachusetts Super Skunk

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Strain Name: Massachusetts Super Skunk (Mass Super Skunk)
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: Tight and somewhat dense marijuana nuggets with ample trichome coverage as if sprinkled in salt. A nice green color mostly “medium” in size with length, not so much girth. Noticeable areas of wrapped “orange” pistols.

Smell: Very sweet and perfume (musk) like. I was reminded of Clorets chewing gum.

Taste: Similar to its smell; a bit sweet and musky on the inhale with a flat carbonated soda like after taste.

Buzz Type: Starts energetic, ends relaxed.

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)

Summary: Massachusetts Super Skunk (aka: Mass Super Skunk) is an “interesting” strain as I was provided with a combination of buzz qualities of energy and relaxation that typically are not inter-twined with me.

After completing a bowl of Mass Super Skunk, I was immediately hit with energy. I had lots of cerebral tingle. This strain initially gets me going. I am very energetic about 30-45 minutes after a session. If wanting to stay energetic and productive, I had to reload at this time. If I did not reload, that “tingle” slows down with feelings of “pressure” taking over causing a relaxing state of mind.

With a heightened sense of awareness, I felt as if stress was released and I actually did not let external issues get to me. I did not have a “F… it!” attitude, but I noticed things that would get me worked up did not while medicated with Mass Super Skunk. A decent daytime smoke, I did get focused. I actually cleared my plate of a few pending issues (things I’ve been dreading so putting off) which was good such as completing an online traffic school course in about 2 hours!

Scent and taste was sweet musk like. I detected a slight hint of chlorophyll which brought back memories of an ex who solely chewed Clorets gum. Although my marijuana nuggets felts somewhat dense, they did smoke quick, thus I found a typical session to be two bowls vs. one.

Overall, Mass Super Skunk is nice Sativa dominant hybrid strain, but if not reloading often, I’d fall into a very relaxed state of mind to the point of actual laziness.

Mass-Super-Skunk-21-e1371352525457                        Mass-Super-Skunk-7-e1371352501240

AK-47 Strain Review

ak47 marijuana strain review
ak47 marijuana strain review

AK-47 Strain Review

Despite its aggressive name, AK-47 has many peaceful tendencies. First bred in 1992, the name suggests the power packed in its dark, resinous, compact buds that bristle with red hairs and glistening trichomes. AK-47 has a spiced aroma bordering on skunk, with a hint of sandalwood, but tastes sweeter and more floral than the smell would lead one to expect. The AK-47 buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert but mellow cerebral effect. Lab tests have rated the THC content at over 20 percent, making it a “one hit wonder” for many smokers. This variety can be a little spacey, but is great for playing and listening to music, or other social activities. AK-47 helped put Serious Seeds on the map with a 2nd place finish in the hydroponics competition and a 3rd place in the overall category at the 1995 Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands.

Reviews From Stoners:

ak 47 user reviews

Mars OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain’s Review


Mars OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain’s Review

THC content 16.53-21.75%, CBD content 0.09-0.6%

Mars OG is a rather mysterious strain. One of the many so-called planetary strains such as Jupiter and Earth, the genetics seem to, quite possibly on purpose, remain somewhat of a mystery. One theory is that Mars OG is a Fire OG phenotype. Grown in San Diego, California, Mars OG is one of the few hybrids that smokes as if it were a perfect 50/50 with the heavy body high of an OG Kush and the lively and energetic head buzz of a sativa. It best relieves stress, nausea, insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain and anxiety. Many have jested, however, that similar to the red hue of its nomenclature, one may experience extremely red eyes, so be sure to keep those eye drops handy if you are planning to breach the public sphere.


The Review:

The nugs appear as a medium to dark green with an almost golden hue. Covered in reddish orange hairs and lightly glistening trichomes, these buds closely resemble our beloved red planet. Mars OG possesses the classic aroma of an OG Kush with a diesel undertone. The flavor is also very close to a classic OG Kush with a hashy note upon exhaling.

Skywalker Marijuana Strain Review


sjywalker-jarSkywalker Marijuana Strain Review

Indica dominant hybrid (Indica 80% Sativa 20%)

THC content 19.39-22.25% CBD content 0.25-0.31%   

Skywalker, by Dutch Passion Seed Company of Amsterdam, is the union of a Mazar female and a Blueberry male. There have been many derivations of the Skywalker name. The Skywalker OG originating in LA is actually an OG Kush phenotype.skywalker-og Next time you see a Skywalker on the shelf, feel free in giving the budtender a little challenge by asking him or her the place of origin of their particular Skywalker. It could mean the difference between blueberry or kush. The original Skywalker is best in helping relieve stress, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and appetite loss.

skywalker-og-copy-2The Review:

These nugs are light green with amber hairs and can appear almost white because of the frost glaze of trichomes. While the sweet blueberry aroma and taste is still present from the strain, other characteristics of the strain, such as the sometimes bluish color and curling leaves, are no longer present. The Blueberry is definitely the dominant flavor of this hybrid.

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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Review

Girl Scout Cookies marijuana review

Girl Scout Cookies marijuana reviewGirl Scout Cookies Marijuana Review

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

THC content 18-23%

Every Bit Delicious as the Name!

This strain was originally bred by the Hemp Center and was crossed with OG kush, Durban poison, and cherry kush.

The flowering time is about 9-10 weeks with an average to heavy crop yield.Girl Scout Cookies marijuana

The properties of this strain make it perfect for pain and depression. Girl Scout cookies have become very popular in the San Francisco Bay area, and is considered to be one of the best strains from Northern California.

The Review:

This strain has a beautiful contrast of light and dark shades of green with light orange hairs. The taste is very milky, smooth, and rich, just as Girl Scout cookies are and really doesn’t have a distinct “marijuana” taste.The smell is earthy and pungent with an undeniable sweetness.

The high can last for 3 hours and will have you laughing and talking without a care or thought in the world. Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain

It’s a multi-dimensional stone that many people describe as unpredictable. These cookies are a perfect if you’ve been in search for something refreshing, euphoric, and tasty.

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Platinum OG Review


platinum-marijuanaPlatinum OG ReviewIndica dominant hybrid (Indica 95% Sativa 5%)

THC content 18.65-22%, CBD content 0.44-1.03%

Platinum OG is one of the few successful triple cross strains with its parents being Purp, Master Kush and OG Kush. Its name comes from its platinum sheen due the high concentration of trichomes on its surface. This strain is a heavy weight providing a potent body high with a slight head buzz and mild numbing effect. Platinum OG is best for patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia or sleep deprivation, muscle spasms, spinal nerve pain, chronic pain, migraines, depression, and appetite loss. It can often cause the patient to be extremely talkative making it a solid choice for those suffering from social anxiety. This strain is an all around great choice for any ailment because of its extremely high CBD content.

The Review:

Each nug is extremely dense and dark green with a slight hue of purple. There are many thick, dark orange hairs and an abundance of the highly potent trichomes making these buds extremely sticky and glittery. Platinum OG possesses a very sweet classical kush smell with a smooth, sweet and slightly tangy flavor.

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Chem Dog Marijuana Strain


chem-dog-jarChem Dog Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

THC content 20-30%

A Legend 

Chem dog is commonly known as one of the main components of the beloved diesel strains, as well as OG kush and is a proud parent to many strains that are popular today. Its exact genetics are unknown and seemingly shrouded in mystery.

It’s one of the more potent strains available on the medical marijuana market and does wonders for those who suffer from pain, anxiety, and depression.

Chem dog is considered to be a high maintenance high risk cannabis plant to grow because it is highly susceptible to grey mold and powdery mildew.


The Review:

The word amazing doesn’t give this strain proper justice and it’s a must try for all marijuana smokers.

The high is euphoric and can also have psychedelic qualities which are very common with this strain.

The fragrance of chem dog is closely related to citrus with a sweet odor as well. The flavoring is very sweet with lemon undertones that are overall clean and refreshing. Chem dog is sure to leave you floating as it immediately forms a stoned cloud inside your head, a heavyweight for sure but surprisingly still functional. For more Marijuana Strains click HERE!!


Fire OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain Review



Fire OG Hybrid

Fire bakes the cake. Of the large number of OG varieties available on the market today, Fire OG is arguably the strongest.

The abundant trichomes amidst the amber red hairs makes this bud look like it’s on fire; and that is how it earned it’s name.

It may also have something to do with many cannabis smokers and distributors referring to any high quality strain “Fire” for quite some time. fire-og-zoomFire OG is a cross of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley Kush F3. The hairs are a bright red which is one of the the reasons the strain earned it’s name. Flowering time is on the longer side at 9-10 weeks.

The Review:

Fire OG contains citrus and pine flavors combined by sweet, hash, earthy, and woodsy flavors that are well associated with Kush in general. This points to two of the myriad terpenes in this strain; borneol, and

Aroma of Fire OG is pungent and sweet; true to it’s Kush lineage. The effects have been said to be uplifting and yet powerful body highs are also common to users of this strain. For more marijuana stains click HERE!!