Spartacus OG

Strain Review: Spartacus OG

Posted By The Dude on June 23, 2013

Strain Name: Spartacus OG
Grade: A+
Type: Indica

Looks: Very tight, dense and frosty deep green marijuana nuggets with each looking like a head of broccoli.

Smell: A nice nostril clearing sweet pine and menthol.

Taste: Like a big serving of buttered greens. Very rich and “earthy” aftertaste.

Buzz Type: Heavy & Slightly Narcotic

Buzz Length: Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)

Summary: Spartacus OG is solid! This strain provides a very heavy full body buzz that tended to creep up on me. Usually about 10 minutes after finishing a bowl, I was hit hard. A slightly narcotic strain at its peak, Spartacus OG’s buzz is piercing and heavy.

Well cured, marijuana nuggets “broke” like Styrofoam peanuts making a “snap” sound when breaking up with fingers.

Spartacus’ taste is very unique. With just about every bong hit, the first thing to come to mind for me is buttered greens; like strong collards with load of butter on top. It’s a somewhat strong “earthy,” but buttery taste. If you ever had the opportunity to sample and enjoy Liquid Butter, Spartacus OG is a must try.

A few late nights, I found myself in a state of “couch lock” while medicating with Spartacus OG. A great California OG to wind down the evening, but not one to medicate with if trying to stay awake. I definitely missed a few shows and lost track of time a few nights due to the creep up nature of Spartacus. A paid the price a few times with a very sore neck after waking up from a hour or two of unexpected “forced” sleep. This seem to only happen during evening with me; not during the day or with weekend wake and bake sessions.

A great pain reliever, Spartacus OG put my muscles at ease and for me, a nice benefit was I did not really get the “munchies” with this strain too. If into concentrates and find yourself needing a break, this is the kind of flower that can keep up with you.

Spartacus is one strain you heavy OG fans should check out if on the menu!

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