Cannabis Clothing Creative Designs


Cannabis Clothing Creative Designs | StonerDays

Quality product is what you will find when ordering with StonerDays we provide the largest selection of Cannabis Clothing in the Marijuana community. All of our art work is designed in Upland California by a qualified team with over 15 years in the industry.  We use DTG technology to bring our customers the finest printing possible in the industry. With 2019 here we wanted to show all our newest designs that will knock your socks off.

First off we have our Trippy Mouse design, with vibrant colors and creative design this will surely turn heads at any upcoming event.



Next we have our Holy Smokes design and holy moly is it great. Church will never be the same.


Love is in the air with our True Love tee. Enjoy your true love Marijuana.


Together We Are One never forget.

together-we-are-one-mens together-we-are-one-tank

Find your Zen with our Sacred Ganesh design.

sacred-ganesh-hoodie sacred-ganesh-mens

Our Don’t Panic It’s Organic Tee is a great addition to any collection.

Dont-panic-its-organic-tank Dont-panic-its-organic-mens

If you build it they will come with our new Field Of Dreams design.

Field-of-Dreams-tank Field-of-Dreams-mens

Look at those Trippy Trees with our trippy tees.



So money does grow on trees with  our new Money Trees design.

We also have a huge selection of Marijuana Socks made here in Upland California. Check out our huge selection here. WEED SOCKS

StonerDays Wholesale

Feel free to contact us about wholesale or personal designs to promote your business.

Providing the Marijuana Industry with Wholesale options. Please talk to our friendly staff or simply create an account and start shopping. We have what your going to need to stock those shelves for your costumers. With a huge verity of Marijuana Coffee Cups each designed and printed in shop.

We also provide and lead the industry with our unique designs on all our Dab Mats, posters, Hats, silicone mats and jars, wrist bands and stickers with a great verity of unique designs that can not be found anywhere else. We hope to hear from you soon our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday


Love shopping with Amazon Prime? So do we!

Check out with Amazon Prime and receive your orders with in 48 hours. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied that’s why we partnered up with Amazon Prime taking care of what matters most, you.

Cannabis Clothing Creative Designs | StonerDays

Wholesale Marijuana Clothing


Wholesale Marijuana Clothing | StonerDays

The New Year has come and now is the perfect time to gear up for the coming spring. Whether you are starting your own clothing brand, or promoting sports teams, creating trade show giveaways for a product release or simple stocking those shelves with quality printed t-shirts from StonerDays. Picking which wholesale t-shirt, hoodies and sock designs to buy can be tricky. So we have decided to make things a little easier on you. Here are our top sellers for 2018 that will quickly fly off your shelves.

Quality T-Shirts Made In Southern California

Here at StonerDays we designs and sells premium quality t-shirts, hoodies and sock world wide. With the newest technology available we offer a finely unique range of designs and colors for men and women. Our diverse range of high quality apparel also includes hoodies, tank tops, and sock with a unique design that cannot be found any where else.


We takes pride in every piece of clothing we print on. Each item is handled with care providing our customers with the finest product possible and we stand by it with our customer care operations team.


Let us provide a custom shirt tag on each t-shirt, hoodie and tank which is a favorite among the many marquee brands of Californian surf and skate culture who we are proud to work with and support.



We are commitment to our wholesale customers and make it an ongoing concern to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We also assist with articles and links to assist you to grow your brand and your business through your relationship with you. Ask us for more information.

Feel free to contact us at anytime or simply sign up at our Wholesale page.

Wholesale Marijuana Clothing

Stoney Santa’s 2018 Holidaze Gif Guide By StonerDays

Stoney Santa’s 2018 Holidaze Gif Guide By StonerDays

IT’S TIME TO GET EXCITED! We’ve got totally original, unique gifts ideas that will charm them all.

Gift shopping can be tricky for some people, but stoners are some of the easiest people to satisfy. That’s why we make it easy to find your favorite stoner gear and accessories. With our head team always working on the hottest ideas that can be worn at any event.

Black Friday Sale starts 11/23/18 FREE KUSHMAS CARD WITH ALL ORDERS OVER $99!!



Our Hoodies are cozy and warm for those cold nights. Bundle up this Christmas with Black Friday savings on all our Hoodies.


Feel great knowing you saved huge on our blow out Black Friday Deals!


Looking for Easy Stocking Stuffers? With Stonerday Socks stuffing those stockings will be easy. Our amazing Stonerdays Socks are unique in every design and you’ll love our Black Friday deals.


Keep yourself and family toasty next to a warm fire this holiday season with our blow out Black Friday Deals!

Melt into our warm long sleeve retro crew neck pullover in classically tailored Spectra fleece, built to give you the finest crew neck comfort in a lightweight, buttery soft pullover. This clean, retro styling along classic sporty pullover lines owes homage to classic American athletic design. It goes without saying how well the soft finish works to lock in comfort and warmth.

crewneck stonerdays


With gifts and combos for the family under $25 Don’t MISS OUT SALE STARTS 11/23/18


Our clothing is made in Upland, California where our new age technology creates some of the finest product. This season we are going all out with top pick lines on sale for Black Friday.


StonerDays Presents Weed Socks


StonerDays Presents Weed Socks

StonerDays Presents Weed Socks the most elaborate and creative designed socks in the world for any stoner. Take a look at what they have been up to and have made here in just the past few months.

Those are just a few examples on what our team has come up with in the past couple months. Our team is already working on a new batch and is excited to drop them on everyone! Graphics and artistry is one of a kind. We promote all kinds of artwork done by our fans. If ever we receive an image of design and use it, we will contact.


StonerDays Weed Socks will have people talking to you all during your next sesh. With a colorful arrangement and sizing design we sure to have something for your paws. These 7 inch crew socks will feel and look good. If there is a design you would like us to try feel free to make a suggestion to us here at [email protected]

We pride ourselves on making the best Weed Socks on the market. Our team has put endless hours of work and thought into every design. It took mad kush to be this good!

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

stonerdays-uv-reactive-socksStonerDays new UV reactive socks for stoners are out of this world. We have just released a trilogy of UV Reactive socks and we all feel these are the greatest new thing. Everyone here received a pair and wore them to our weekly meeting where we used black lights. You all should have seen how excited we all were and our faces when we saw everyone below the knees glowing. These UV Reactive socks will have many people talking when walked into a room with!

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

stonerdays-uv-reactive-socksOur team has a bakers dozen more already lined up for the next drop. We encourage our fans to submit designs they would like to see come to life. We are a compiled bunch of artists and appreciated all inquiries. These socks brought out a vibe from everyone we know who has put them on. Be the first in your area to sport these dope new UV Reactive socks. Whether you are in your favorite smoke room glazed with black lighting or at an amusement park surround by trippy lights you socks will show that you are on a whole other level.

Stoners send us in a pic with your sporting a pair of our new UV Reactive Socks and we will ship out a double sticker pack for you and one of your homies. Stay Blazed with Stonerdays.

Home Grown, Plant Seeds – Stoner Wear

Home Grown, Plant Seeds – Stoner Wear

The words “home grown” instantly evoke a warm feeling in the hearts of all stoners.

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (4)

Aside from being defined as marijuana that is grown at home, it also represents nostalgia, the idea that no matter where we end up, we are all home grown. The life of a seed is an interesting one. Plants and humans are much more similar than we think. Just like humans, plants begin as an embryo. This embryo is encased in a shell called a seed coat. Within this shell is the basic structure of a soon-to-be plant: a stem and a root. There are even food reserves within this seed, providing the embryo with the necessary sustenance until emergence, which is what makes seeds such a desirable food source for many creatures. With proper soil, water and sunlight, the seed will blossom into a plant that provides us with oxygen and can sustain another creature’s life as food.

Beyond the physical seed comes the symbolic seed.

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (1)

A seed can represent a beginning, an emergence, a rebirth, a new life. Just as all plants and humans begin from a seed, so do all ideas. Sometimes these seeds are dormant in our minds waiting to be fertilized by inspiration and propagated into our realities. Other times, they are planted in our minds by an outside source. A muse or a lover, a song or a word, a painting or a sculpture, maybe even a film or a movement. Inspiration by people, music and art is a seed that can grow into a luscious plant, which is the gift of creation. Creation is simply the manifestation of inspiration and the human mind is capable of creating an infinite amount of things, including life, which is the most precious creation of all.

The almighty love is a seed that is planted into our souls by our loving parents at birth.

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (3)


As we grow, so does this seed until it blossoms into an immortal flower that will remain alive as long as we continue to nurture it with infinite love. Be the seed and the planter. Nurture the seed within you but also, plant and nurture the seeds within others. Join our Home Grown, Plant Seeds revolution here at StonerDays by clicking here!


Home Grown, Plant Seeds – Stoner Wear

Getcha Tees and Tanks | Apparel blog

Getcha Tees and Tanks | Apparel blog


With the worst of winter behind us (knock on wood) and spring break imminent, now is an ideal time to start stocking up for warmer weather.  A quintessential staple in any wardrobe, can never have too many t-shirts.  You can still get your orders in and have stuff shipped out on time before flying off to your spring break destinations.  (Free shipping on all orders over $75 & your own Stonerdays nug mug.  Did someone say coffee…?  Note: Free USPS shipping within US for orders $75+)

All our tees and tanks are 100% ring-spun cotton, giving it that soft, supple feel yet more substantial than your typically 50/50 blended tee.  The shirts all have our logo silk-screened on (we see you MJ – Hanes ain’t the only game in town with tagless tees that don’t bunch up around your neck).  And did I mention NAFTA-friendly to cap things all off?  Alright enough with the sales pitch and onto the goods…

Throw it back with some of our designs paying tribute to the classics – Pink Floyd’s Dank Side of the Moon and E.T. getting so blazed he don’t need to phone home anymore:



If you’re not looking to fly the stoner flag so boldly in everyone’s face, no worries we’ve also got more lowkey alternatives:



OK forreal…




And not to be forgotten about is St. Paddy’s Day!  Freshen things up and get in the spirit with a splash of green to pair with your greens.  This one’s on sale right now:



For those of you going to Ultra at the end of the month, you know you’ll need at least one tank to rock while you’re in Miami.  Why not make it a stoney one?  Thank us later when everyone is asking you where you got yours.

WOMENS-PEACE-OUT-TANK-545x545-300x300 mens-tank-bob-300x300

higher_state_of_mind_tanktop_rasta-300x300 womens-tank-good-vibes-300x300

Finally, I’m just gonna end on this one cause I know chicks love their cats:


Getcha Tees and Tanks | Apparel blog


Stonerdays New Clothes

Stonerdays New Clothes

Looking fly is something that stoners of this day and age take very seriously. It’s nice to have nice clothes, nice hair, a clean face, etc. Most smokers these days take a lot of time when putting themselves together in the morning. Which is why it’s really important to start with the outfit if you’re working on creating a classy air for yourself. When you wake up in the morning, picking out what you’re going to wear is at least 75% of your entire “getting ready” process. So how do you keep yourself stoner-ready but still presentable at the same time?


As always, Stonerdays manages to combine high designs with every day fashion, a feat which most companies haven’t mastered yet. Let’s face it, not everyone can wear shirts with giant pot leaves on them all the time. Yes, Stonerdays does produce shirts that are quite obvious as to what the owner is doing but at the same time, they have a good amount of “normal wear” as well. So every stoner, from the one who’s still kind of in the closet about their marijuana use to the one who legitimately doesn’t give a care, will have a favorite shirt from Stonerdays.


Featuring designs like the palm tree ladies shirt that says “GOOD VIBES” across the bottom and the men’s shirt with the traditional rasta colored “HIGHER STATE OF MIND”, the Stonerdays store has something to offer everyone. Not only are the shirts wearable for whatever state you’re in but they are by far some of the most comfortable articles of clothing you’ll ever purchase. Too hot in California? The material (while remaining opaque) is light enough for those blistering hot days but light enough to layer when it cools off. The shirts are machine washable and feature the new Stonerdays heat tag, a fancy new way of showing everyone where your clothes come from! And you won’t have to worry about the awful itch on the back of your neck.


The line goes on to feature other new designs, such as the cute cat-in-sunglasses, the ENJOY tank (featuring a huge potleaf), and a peace sign filled with fan leaves. Looking for something a little warmer? There are also t-shirts available. Pretty much, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be checking out the Stonerdays store right now. There’s a little something for everyone and you’ll be able to wear your favorite stoner brand where ever your travels take you!

Stonerdays New Clothes

Womens Stoner Apparel

Women’s Stoner Apparel

StonerDays apparel continues to lead the industry with creative thinking.


Our Womens Light Weight French Terry “Dolmans” are 50% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and 50% Polyester. Fabric Laundered. Extremely soft and comfortable. This fabric is both comfortable and lightweight. Our Spandex Jerseys are 57% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, 38% Polyester and 5% Spandex for a soft, comfortable and stretchy with great memory. Both our Women’s V-Necks and Crew Necks 100% are Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. StonerDays is committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our product. With a tag less design built not only for looks but ultimate comfort. Our product is NAFTA friendly to help promote a better world.

  • Free sticker pack with every order
  • FREE USPS shipping for all orders over $30 in the US.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • NAFTA Friendly
  • Tag Less Design For Ultimate Comfort

Womens Light Weight French Terry “Dolmans”

Peace, Love, StonerDays & Good Vibes


Trippy Kitty & Bob In 3D


Women’s Jersey Tanks

Peace, Love, StonerDays & Good Vibes


Trippy Kitty & Bob In 3D


Women’s V-Necks & Crew Necks

Higher State Of Mind V-Necks/Crew Necks


Blazed Eye StonerDays V-Necks/Crew Necks


Major League Stoners V-Necks/Crew Necks


Rasta Higher State Of Mind & Wake & Bake V-Necks


Stay Blazed V-Necks & Racer Backs


Wanna see more check us out at

Womens Stoner Apparel

Mens Stoner Apparel

Men’s Stoner Apparel

StonerDays apparel continues to lead the industry with creative thinking.


Our mens shirts and tanks are 100% combed ring-spun cotton. This fabric is both comfortable and lightweight. StonerDays is committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our product. With a tag less design built not only for looks but ultimate comfort. Our product is NAFTA friendly to help promote a better world.

  • Free sticker pack with every order
  • FREE USPS shipping for all orders over $30 in the US.
  • 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • NAFTA Friendly
  • Tag Less Design For Ultimate Comfort

Our shirts very in design. For those loud events we offer:

Peace Out Tanks & Tee’s


Trippy Kitty Tanks & Tee’s


Bob In 3D Tanks & Tee’s


Stay Blazed Tee & Major League Stoners Tee


For those not so load events we offer:

Sunset Tanks & Tee’s


Good Vibes Tanks & Tee’s


Green Higher State Of Mind (Rasta) Tee’s


 Higher State Of Mind  (Rasta) Tank’s


 Higher State Of Mind  (Rasta) Tee’s


 Blazed Eye Tee’s


Wanna see more check us out at

Men’s Stoner Apparel; StonerDays

StonerDays Higher State Of Mind

Stoner-higher-state-of-mind (31)

StonerDays Higher State Of Mind

The StonerDays shirts are pretty popular among the smokers who are on any kind of social media. I can’t stress to you enough that every piece of StonerDays merch is made with the buyer in mind.

Stoner-higher-state-of-mind (10)

We know that without your support, we have nothing so it’s our mission to make the best quality stuff so that you can rep our brand. At the same time, we recognize that not everyone can wear a shirt plastered with pot leaves so we tend to keep it slightly subtle so that you’re not getting dirty looks when you’re out in public.

Stoner-higher-state-of-mind (31)

I’ve already told you about some of our shirt designs but I haven’t brought up the Higher State Of Mind tanks that we sell. It’s simple and to the point. People who smoke are on a higher level than people who don’t. It’s true and we all know it so this shirt is the perfect way to say it… Without being too obvious. Simplicity is key in my opinion when it comes to stoner gear. I still live in a place where pot isn’t so accepted and people get pretty upset when their uninformed minds can’t process a weed leaf on someones shirt. Wearing a shirt that says “Higher State Of Mind” doesn’t necessarily scream “I SMOKE WEED” but people who are smart enough will get it.

Stoner-higher-state-of-mind (68)

As always, we use the comfiest fabrics that we can find. Spending money on something that you don’t want to wear because it’s uncomfortable is no good. StonerDays shirts are made with the highest quality material that we can get our hands on… Which means that they’re the best quality shirts that YOU can get YOUR hands on. Ordering from us means that you’ll get what you pay for. Ain’t nobody got time for cheap clothes!

Stoner-higher-state-of-mind (3)

Don’t forget that with every order, you get a ton of stickers to add to your roll board/stash box/wall of your favorite companies. Your order will also be shipped same day via USPS so you’ll get what you order in three days. Fast shipping is half of the appeal of a good company, at least it is for me when I’m shopping online. I hope that every person who buys from us is happy with what they got and proudly repping the StonerDays name. Stay blazed, everybody!


StonerDays Higher State Of Mind

Weed Clothing

Weed Clothing – Stoner Clothing

Here at StonerDays we know you want to get higher than you ever have before and live in a higher state of mind, that’s what Weed Clothing represents.

It’s a state of mind that chills above the clouds steering clear from all calamity; it’s time to get dressed.


There are always a million different ways to express yourself, and this weed clothing is here to help. When you roll up, you should be rolling up to the event already elevated and ready to float right into the horizon. It’s your world full of luscious green to conquer and politely devour.


Not until you have puffed the magic dragon will you begin to realize how serious Cannabis Sativa really is. A treasure that’s centuries old and divinely created, it does nothing short of inspire. Mary is an expert at lifting your spirits, and not just figuratively speaking.

Knowing the ends and outs of your mind is the mission you’re granted while rocking a Higher State of Mind T. Continuously roll up and pack bowls until you’re sure you’ve been unchained. Feel the hug of the cotton against your now sensitive to the touch skin. As you inhale, gaze into the mirror to see how trippy things can really become. With the blunt lit and smoke closing in around you, the reflection of yourself looks even more beautiful cloaked in weed clothing.


The colors in this T are just laid back enough to be paired with anything you’ve got in your pot head closet. It’s all about the message; the serene words will hit on-lookers pupils and instantly make them think. Elevated how? How can I reach a higher state of being myself? You have the answer stoner and its right inside your left pants pocket hidden in that half empty Altoid can, also curiously strong. Strong and eager to hear the stories you’ll tell while in her company.


The mind and everything it has in store is waiting for you, through vapes, bongs, and doobs we get the advantage of traveling to far- away places one trip at a time becoming more enlightened and elevated. Trying to explain it to someone who doesn’t know her love is a struggle. Mary brings all of us to a place beyond words and petty communication. So many new emotions are felt in your weed clothing, so many that you can’t wait to come back again the next time. The next time you and all your stonies got to score some danker than dank Kush, score a Higher State of Mind T to roll up in and get faded inside of. There’s something about feeling at home in your threads that can really add to the climax of your stone. Complete style and confidence is part of who you are as a member of the stoner community.


Now it’s time to get the party moving right along and strap up with your weed clothing as your hero outfits we must continue to get blazed and blitzed, dazed but never confused. We know the purpose of such a beautiful life, and stay in a Higher State of Mind.

Weed Clothing – Stoner Tees

Stoner Clothing


Stoner Clothing – StonerDays


Here at StonerDays we understand the spirit and passions of the everyday stoner and want to cater to you.

We believe that a comfortable stoner is a happy stoner and want you to embrace your love for cannabis as we have. Being a stoner is no longer a derogatory term. It is now a term of endearment, a badge of honor, a point of pride.


The entire universe is one huge collective melting pot filled with different points of view and creative thoughts brilliantly displayed through the people who love smoking pot. The stoner shirts we choose to wear are part of a strong legacy that we call getting stoned. Inside our homes, hot-boxing, and chill smoking sanctuaries there is no such thing as judgement only positive free flowing vibes.


All our clothing is handmade in Upland, CA (USA) with top quality fabrics and cutting edge printing technology. With Free shipping anywhere in the US. We ship all orders USPS Priority so you get them fast. Every order completed before 4:20 EST will be shipped same day. StonerDays prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction. We guarantee all orders will be fulfilled with care.


When you step out in our StonerDay shirts, you decide a lot at once. You choose not to worry, not to stress but instead let go and be you. No longer caught up in chasing a high, but actually being it. Feeling comfortable is expected; the rest is up to you.


Hurting on cash? No worries, use these promo codes for a stoner discount.





Stoner Clothing – StonerDays

Weed Shirts

Stoner clothing

Weed Shirts – For Stoners

Weed Shirts are finally here, and the way you like to smoke and get ripped you must own one.

You’re sure to get the recognition that you deserve struttin’ around on the beach front in your his or hers Stay Blazed T Shirt.


Taking the first hit from a bong gets the wheels in your mind turning, the second brings on the face numbing, but the third… this is the one that gets you blazed and don’t plan on stopping there.

“The universe has now become an open seashell,”

one filled with the greatest most potent ganja. A view that circles all others and then gently lifts you up to rest.

Being heavily involved in pot means that almost all of your T’s are Weed Shirts. Every day you roll up in your lap as bits and crumbles fall to the cotton like tiny chunks of green snow, and you dust yourself off with confidence knowing the reward that lies ahead.


“Being blazed it like breathing, and makes the inhale exhale process so much more exciting. “

Smoking is part of life, and the feelings that come from it is our gift from her. A weed clothing life that shows everyone what you’re on and everyone loves to see it and stare because they see you how you really are;

“a blazed being that’s yearning to shake things up and party.”


Expression of self is always free from conformity and Weed Shirts bring you to that non boxed in place and keeps you there.

“24/7 you’re smoking possibilities and inhaling dreams and realities”

that once seemed like fairy tales. These accomplishments should never go unnoticed and we must always keep these profitable thoughts in mind. As always remain lifted and blazed, and show out big- time in your weed shirts. Check out stoner clothing


420 Tee Shirts


420 Tee Shirts – Stoner Shirts 

When that special time of day rolls around you want to breathe, be, and feel the 420, and there’s no better way to do that than to wrap yourself inside some sweet 420 shirts.


It’s more than being high, more than simply smoking weed, but a billboard to everyone around you that Mary isn’t just an acquaintance, but a very dear lover.

With so many daring and new styles to get your hands on, there’s no reason for you to not to feel right at home in these awesome THC threads. It doesn’t matter how you like to toke,

“getting lifted is all about the journey and what it takes to get you there.”


Just like we find new strains that excite us and bring us to that happy place, clothing should be the same way. Find one that speaks to you and run with it, throw it on for every session and bring it in as part of your ritual.

Four twenty has been being passed down from one stoner generation to the next, never skipping a beat. The story of a group of Cali friends secretly getting together on campus to get toasted is legendary and always will be. 420 shirts are a way to honor those monumental smokies that came before us,

“paving the way to ecstasy.”


This is a new day and age for us, so many new horizons and new heights to be reached. The time has passed where stoners were stereotyped as tie-dye wearing bums, oh no, we’ve got style. As stoners we’re filled with creative flare and pizzazz, personalities that shine like gold and nugs just as bright.

“Shake things up with 420 Shirts and leave the tie-dye for the hacky sackin’ later.”


When you decide to step out in these shirts you actually decide a lot of things at once. You choose not to worry, not to stress and think but let go and be free. No longer caught up in chasing a high, but actually being it. Comfortable space expeditions deserve to be done in comfortable clothing… live it up stoner.


420 Tee Shirts – Stoner Shirts

Higher State of Mind


Higher State of Mind | Stoner Clothing


Smoking marijuana can make you feel many different adjectives. Baked, stoned, blitzed, torched, blasted, faded, stoney, lit, ripped. However, it seems like the one adjective that has stood the test of time as well as is an all encompassing description of your mental state while under the influence of cannabis, is the term high. Oftentimes when smoking herb, especially of the sativa variety, your brain will feel light and airy, providing the mind with the illusion that one is floating. You feel elevated, lifted, high above the canopy in the sky.

Now take this feeling of being high to the next level. A higher level. Beyond feeling high, you have brought your consciousness to a higher state as well. The chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the culprit behind this feeling. While there are other chemicals that aid THC in its power (cannabidiol, CBD, and cannabinol, CBN), THC is the psychotropic substance you can thank for feeling higher than a possum in a pine tree. Many artists, musicians, spiritual leaders and iconic human beings have taken advantage of this higher state. To many, Mary Jane is their muse who helps them achieve greatness through a higher state of mind.

One of the most influential moments in rock and roll history, was in 1964 when the Beatles first came to America and Bob Dylan, who was one of their idols at the time, smoked them out for their first time ever. Shortly after, the proclaimed “pot album” Rubber Soul was released. Mary Jane helped the Beatles transcend from the poppy sounds of “She Loves You” to the rich, deep poetry of “Norwegian Wood.” They let her take them to a higher state of mind and took advantage of that state using it to create masterpieces.

There is even a Brazilian artist, Fernando De La Rocque, who uses his higher state of mind as well as the marijuana itself to create unique art. Using stencils he created of iconic figures, he blows the smoke onto the stencils and the resin itself builds earth toned works of art. Take your mind to a higher state when you smoke. Don’t just waste your high, utilize it. Represent how you feel on the inside by donning it on the outside and click here!


Higher State of Mind | Stoner Clothing

Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes


Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes


If there is one thing every stoner knows, it is the magic of the wake and bake. The term breakfast refers to the idea that when you are sleeping, you are technically fasting and your first meal upon waking up is breaking this six to eight hour fast. The same logic can be applied to smoking herb. While sleeping, you are fasting from marijuana and as a result, that first rip you take in the morning lifts you higher than a hot air balloon. The only thing better than breakfast in bed is a nice, milky bong toke in bed.

For the functional stoner, waking and baking is a better way to start your day than drinking coffee. By tickling those cannabinoid receptors in our brains first thing in the morning, our minds and bodies feel euphoric and happy, ready to conquer any adventure the day may take us on. A proper wake and bake will make you feel empowered, energetic and blissful. For those who suffer from chronic pain or other ailments, waking and baking is essential to having a happy and functional day. It can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort. Those who wake and bake do it proudly, and now you can rep it inside and out with our new line of stoner clothing!

In addition to our collection of wake and bake shirts in shades of black, white, green and various other colors, we even offer a wildly appropriate wake and bake coffee mug so you can sip on your favorite brew while enjoying your favorite dank. We’re talkin’ baseball tees, we’re talkin’ V-necks, we’re talkin’ crew necks, we’re talkin’ long sleeves, we’re talkin’ tank tops, we’re talkin’ sweatshirts, we got what you need here at the StonerDays store. A great look and an even greater message for both men and women, get lifted, high, irie, baked, blitzed, stoned, or whatever state you choose and indulge yourself in a wake and bake.

Join the StonerDays revolution and proudly wear your love for Mary Jane! Wake and bake with us at our new Stoner Store!



Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes

Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed

Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed


If what you wear is a reflection of what you love, then what stoner doesn’t love staying blazed? Our new clothing line offers a range of Mary Jane friendly designs, all created by different artists with different styles. Many stoners are not afraid to openly display their love for Mary Jane. This particular graphic is simple in its monochromatic color scheme but detailed in its design. Perfect for the male or female stoner, it is all-seeing and flying high.

The earliest symbol of the eye dates back to ancient Egypt with the heiroglyphic Eye of Horus. Also known as the Eye of Ra, this symbol represents protection and good health. The masonic perspective of the human eye which is often framed by a pyramid, represents seeing the truth or an all-seeing omniscient view of the world. The eye is not only significant in looking out but also looking in, as many consider it the window to our souls. It is also symbolic in the stoner world as oftentimes we may be able to act sober, but our eyes can never lie. Be it the redness, the dilated pupils, the droopy eyelids or the euphoria, a stoner’s eye is the is the microscope into our higher minds.

Combining this loaded symbol with wings, the symbol of Mercury (or Hermes) who represents transition and boundaries, achieves the idea of a higher consciousness. There are many interpretations of the symbols on this shirt, especially when the mind is being caressed by Mary Jane, however the one binding stoner symbol that brings this imagery full circle, is 420.

This shirt is offered in different flavors for different stoners. We’re talkin’ tank tops, we’re talkin’ crew necks, we’re talkin’ sweatshirts and long sleeves, we’re talkin’ girls, we’re talkin’ dudes, we’re talkin’ phone covers, we’re talkin’ colors. Peruse and choose, explore all that StonerDays has to offer. Represent our symbols of the sacred herb and help us share our message. By supporting StonerDays, you are supporting more than just a website. You are supporting artists, writers, dancers, singers, lovers, activists and of course, stoners like you. Treat yourself to our 420% Staying Blazed apparel and click me!


Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed

Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing

Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing

Now that you’ve been exposed to the best shit you’ve ever seen in your life it’s time to get dressed to blaze!

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (5)

There’s just something about Mary, something that entices people to creativity and other genres of awesomeness. Everything about this design screams smoke, smoke, smoke, wear me!

420 is every pot head’s favorite number and is iconic code for all things cannabis sativa.

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (2)

This is more than just a killer fashion statement, but more like a special little treat for us stoners. There’s so much to be read between the lines and you can see it all.

Eyes are a sensitive subject in the world of stoners, you can usually catch more than a few of us with visine scattered around the house along with the array of papers and broken lighters.

The eyes are often times the main giveaway to a person that’s feeling way better than everyone else. First you feel the infamous mask, then comes the tightening right behind our pupils, then it gets all mixed in with a touch of numbness followed by

low sitting vermilion eyes that seem to smile at everything in sight.

marijuana-clothing-stonerdays (6)

Eyeballs are beyond amazing and they love the way MJ creeps in with finesse and care to make streets brighter and the sky more vibrant than you could have ever imagined…and it’s all represented on this here Stoner Clothing by StonerDays Four Twenty Eyeball T.

Stoner Clothing like this isn’t just for the hell of it but personal to the stoner, intimate even.

The average suit and tie many not understand what 420 means, or get the fact the huge eyeball with wings represents a level of blaze-ation that you get to revisit every day of your life for as long as you live.

Finally, fabric that knows how to put just how you feel in to perspective, a view of the world that only the chosen get to fly through.

Navigate through this never ending cycle of life with your eyeballs in tact, your eyeballs in bliss, your eyeballs in Marijuana and caught up in more 420 thoughts than you thought was possible. You Go Stoner!!!!!!

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Here at StonerDays we love our fans like Dank Nugs and love to know what you stoners are up to. Send us your stoney submissions for a chance to be featured on StonerDays!! Enjoy!!!!

Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing