Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing

Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing

Now that you’ve been exposed to the best shit you’ve ever seen in your life it’s time to get dressed to blaze!

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There’s just something about Mary, something that entices people to creativity and other genres of awesomeness. Everything about this design screams smoke, smoke, smoke, wear me!

420 is every pot head’s favorite number and is iconic code for all things cannabis sativa.

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This is more than just a killer fashion statement, but more like a special little treat for us stoners. There’s so much to be read between the lines and you can see it all.

Eyes are a sensitive subject in the world of stoners, you can usually catch more than a few of us with visine scattered around the house along with the array of papers and broken lighters.

The eyes are often times the main giveaway to a person that’s feeling way better than everyone else. First you feel the infamous mask, then comes the tightening right behind our pupils, then it gets all mixed in with a touch of numbness followed by

low sitting vermilion eyes that seem to smile at everything in sight.

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Eyeballs are beyond amazing and they love the way MJ creeps in with finesse and care to make streets brighter and the sky more vibrant than you could have ever imagined…and it’s all represented on this here Stoner Clothing by StonerDays Four Twenty Eyeball T.

Stoner Clothing like this isn’t just for the hell of it but personal to the stoner, intimate even.

The average suit and tie many not understand what 420 means, or get the fact the huge eyeball with wings represents a level of blaze-ation that you get to revisit every day of your life for as long as you live.

Finally, fabric that knows how to put just how you feel in to perspective, a view of the world that only the chosen get to fly through.

Navigate through this never ending cycle of life with your eyeballs in tact, your eyeballs in bliss, your eyeballs in Marijuana and caught up in more 420 thoughts than you thought was possible. You Go Stoner!!!!!!

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Here at StonerDays we love our fans like Dank Nugs and love to know what you stoners are up to. Send us your stoney submissions for a chance to be featured on StonerDays!! Enjoy!!!!

Staying Blazed – StonerDays Stoner Clothing

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