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Marijuana Facts | Weed And Sex

Weed and Sex – Marijuana Facts


 We smoke herb to ease pain, to raise or depress the spirit,  stimulate or dull the intellect, but it is the physical I seek to reach heights of ecstasy unattainable otherwise sober. While through the acts of sexual encounters considered to be a high on its own, as in the saying “sex is a drug” is indicative to feelings of being high. Having sex while you’re high on weed is arousing your body and mind. With your body and mind aroused, pleasure reaches its highest climax. This Marijuana facts is highly recommended to anyone who has sex or is in a relationship that may be lacking in the bedroom area (If you know what I mean). Sex has many benefits. A healthy sex life can shave years off your appearance, increase health and vitality, and enhance mental clarity.

 Stoners can all agree that when high, weed has many enhancement factors. Webster Dictionary defines Enhancement as: RAISE. MAKE GREATER (as in value, desirability, or attractiveness). HEIGHTEN  INTENSIFY. That is exactly what happens when you have sex on weed. It intensifies the sexual experience. That’s because marijuana heightens all our senses. Everything we see, hear, taste touch and smell during sex is amplified if you’re high on weed. A stoner’s paradise. I love sex when high and not when high. Sex is fantastic. As I see things, it’s always better to have your cake and eat it too. However not always attainable, in this case it is.  Weed is nature and sex is natural, with that said I can affirm that this Marijuana facts pays as a tribute to sex on weed.  I will live my stonerdays forever enjoying life to the max.




Weed and Sex – Marijuana Facts


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