Must Have Toker Toys For Cannabis Enthusiast

Must Have Toker Toys For Cannabis Enthusiast

Season’s Greetings stoners! Cannabis Sativa is the gift that keeps on giving, replenishing the earth with her trippy buds every harvest season without fail. In case you were too high and might have missed it today we’re going to be showcasing a few Must Have Toker Toys around, putting you in the mind of stoner stocking stuffers for sure.

The Burn Bud

To put it to you straight this thing is pure awesome in one durable package. A grinder, lighter, storage for your bud, and still so much more. You’ll feel like the Inspector Gadget of pot heads when you whip out this easily concealed tool to pack your cones or fill them by dispensing the weed directly in. Or maybe the feeling will hit when you later use it to dispense your flower into a pipe, or vape, or anything your hazed out mind chooses to think of!

For the on-the-go active smoker who likes to attend festivals, camping trips and things of that nature, its built to last and comes equipped with a place for hemp wick as well. As if it needed another feature the Burn Bud also has a bottle opener perfect for the beverage you’ve chosen to pair with that fire OG you brought to the function.

Glass Blunts

These have been on the scene for a while now in many variations slowly gaining their respect among many smoker circles, including some pretty high classed ones. These nifty little tools come with plenty perks that actually add an advantage to your smoking lifestyle.

Being that there is no kind of paper or wrap surrounding the bud you get a much smoother and cleaner hit when using the Glass Blunt. All you have to do is light this bad boy once to keep it lit for as long as you’d like, simply twisting it to ash. Once you reach the highest peak of your MMJ mountain just pop the cap back on the end of this toker toy to preserve any left-over herb. Virtually no need to roll anything ever again! Lets get Glass Blunted stoners.

The Med-Tainer

Convenience in our day in age is all the rage, how can we kill two birds with one stone while maintaining the best stone? The Med-Tainer might just be your answer. Its all in the way you grind, store, and pour and this pill case like design makes all of these things possible in just one invention. Most importantly its child proof, water proof, and spill proof so no Sativa will be lost due to car rides, bike rides, or late night jogs; this grinder combo got’s your back. They come in an assortment of colors, some with suggestive weed themes planted on the front like “Budderfingers” in yellow as well as “Kush by the Pound” in green.

We hope these trippy toker toys really got the grinders in your cerebral pumping full of vigor and excitement. The next time you get stoned make sure to have one of these by your side to make the smoke that much sweeter.


Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

There is no doubt that Cannabis and Skin Care is taking the world by storm. From your classic glass shops to your stay at home mum. Canna business is a booming. We all know of its many any health benefits and its fun nature. More people 25+ age group – use it for more of its medical uses the its recreational fun. The world is changing and we also know that Snoop Dogg said that Canada is ahead of America when it comes to Canna business. Body Shop has sold hemp hand cream for many many years. But do we even know why? How many of us just bought it to make our parents roll their eyes?

There are many compounds that make up cannabis a few are: d-9-THC, CBD and THCA. Over 400 compounds, dating back to the 1899 – when the first compound was found. It’s not hard to believe that this complex green plant could have many health benefits for your skin.

Our face / head carries a few of our major senses; Taste, Sound, Sight & Smell. Cannabis and Skin Care.

Cannabis & Skin Care
Cannabis & Skin Care

Our brains are constantly sending electrical messages throughout our body, telling every nerve ending what to do. That includes controlling our skin. We all have our own skin cell patten with its own chemical makeup that reacts to our everyday lives. Zits, pimples, acne, redness, 2 tone, the list goes on, on what each individual carries. It’s important that we take care of our face/skin. We all know of the commercial brands, St.Ives, Clinique, and Avon . There are many cannabis infused products out there, here are a few reasons on why we should begin to use them.

MGC – Derma Day and Night Cream:

Purpose is to hydrate and protect your skin. Leading ingredient CBD. (Cannabinoids) despite its many benefits its a compound that doesn’t get you stoned. In oil form (hemp oil) it reduces inflammation as well acne. Acne is caused by 2 much oil on the skin, witch is caused by too dry of skin making the oil receptors produce more than what they need. Day cream can help protect your skin against UV rays from the sun and keeps skin looking energized and firm.

Lord Jones – Pain & Wellness lotion:

High CBD lotion is created to help soothe the body’s muscles from aches and pains. Every 1 pump contains 2mg of CBD. The human body has tiny protein cells that receive messages creating a chemical reaction that helps relieve pain.

Cult Beauty – Therapy Slumber Pillow Spray:

Although this isn’t a skin care product, we all know how important a goods nights sleep is for the human body. An unhealthy sleeping pattern can cause, stress ,anxiety, weight gain (some cases) weight loss, irregular eating habits. Cult Beauty Therapy Pillow Spray contains essential oils in lavender & sweet grass, both known oils to help ease the body. Camomile, a main ingredient in the well known camomile tea and CBD.

Looking for marijuana shirts and stoney accessories? Click Here

Lets not forget about the “hippy home made always crafting something” mum – She has probably made her home-made hemp infused lip-balm and body butter for the local market. Or cannabis infused dye /normal shampoo. Cannabis is being used in day-to-day life. The amazing properties that it contains over 72,000 makes up this plant. The known properties and unknown is that makes this plant outstanding. How amazing is it that one plant can be used to aid the health of the entire body.


Megan Thiessen

Lethbridge AB, CA

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Burning your meds at 5 am for wake and bake and warrior pose is much more than routine, but ritual. Senses becoming one with the movements of your body, your body in complete sync with cannabis. You’re not the only one to enjoy this luxury by far, and Mary Jane users finally have a yoga and weed class created and designed with them (I mean us) in mind.

Elevated Yogi has set up shop and growing their roots in Detroit, Michigan where cannabis is literally around every corner.

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

The dispensaries there in Michigan are plentiful. The increase of medicinal patients means a lot more pot heads looking for new and creative ways to unwind. Elevated sessions are “420 inspired” and often times sessions go down about thirty minutes before the actual class begins. Being elevated higher than the twelfth floor and stretching gracefully amongst your peers will never feel better than this.

This place has done an amazing job of bridging the gap between health and wellness and Dope. They offer workshops such as “growing 101” and even “how to roll a joint”. This spot is more than yoga but a trippy safe haven for medicated,elevated, Yogi. As if all these things weren’t enough to have you racing to the yoga matt, they also offer 420 friendly movie night once a month!

No matter your yoga or THC level, Elevated Yogi has a vibe you’re sure to float with,  stay active and stay stoned,  Namaste.




Have you heard of yet? If you haven’t, Slyng is an immersive site that allows for people to discover, learn, review, and engage with others in the cannabis community. Basically, it’s like a Groupon for cannabis deals. You can find discount codes for premium vapes, local dispensary deals, news, and community aspects such as job opportunities and events.

Something that differentiates Slyng from other sites is that you can actually win prizes just for leaving reviews. Slyng is completely gamified, meaning that after you create an account on Slyng and leave reviews for your favorite products, dispensaries and/or delivery services, you’ll gain 5 points per review. These points add up and you’ll be able to trade them in for awesome prizes – shipped right to your door!

If that doesn’t convince you, Slyng also hosts monthly giveaway’s that you can enter to win even more prizes. They’ve given away countless prizes including a Flytlab Lift, Boundless Tech CFX, and other awesome products. So the next time you’re looking to find a deal before walking into your favorite dispensary or need to know some honest answers before shedding that $200 on that vape, check out Slyng first!



The Fidget Spinner Of The Marijuana World

The fidget spinner of the marijuana world is here & we are proud to show you all the FLIKKER. Hand made by a fellow stoner Jeremy up in Albany Oregon, this stoner item is a must have. FLIKKER’s are available in over 20 different styles and growing. These will have every stoner flicking away before the bowl is blazed.


Our team has played with the FLIKKER for weeks now and we still can’t stop playing with it. Every bowl we blazed and every bong load toked has a stoner with a FLIKKER lighter in hand. These guys are a little more than addicting. Do you have a design idea for you own personalized one. Check out the FLIKKER Facebook Page and message Jeremy your ideas. Jeremy to name a few has made a Rasta FLIKKER and a Pokemon FLIKKER. Our whole team was super excited to see these themed pieces come into our lives.

Having a FLIKKER strapped on your lighter does come with a few inadvertent advantages as well. Since using the FLIKKER here at StonerDays Headquarters we have noticed a lot of us are not pocketing our fellow stoners lighter anymore. Something about the shape it gives your lighter fools the stoners mind into not forgetting that their homies lighter is still in their hand. A funny story Jeremy told us was his buds and him were blazing out on the back deck. His friend dropped the lighter and what normally would’ve fallen between the cracks of the table has now been nestled perfectly between the boards.


Want to grab you and the crew a set of FLIKKER’s? Check out FLIKKER’s Facebook Page


Smoke Ghost: The Dank Without the Stank

smoke ghost

Smoke Ghost: The Dank Without the Stank

How many of us stoners have experienced a moment where the smell of dank has inconvenienced us? Yes, most if not all of us have gone through this. But we live in a new time, a new dawn for stoners. Marijuana legalization has been sweeping though the country and our freedom has expanded. Expand your freedom further by being able to smoke anywhere you’d like without the inconvenience of the smell with Smoke Ghost, the only filter of its kind.

What is the smoke ghost?

Imagine if you could transform the smell of weed into a more pleasant smell, perhaps lemon or rosemary. Now you can, it’s a new time. The Smoke Ghost is the only scented personal smoking filter that alters your smoke odor into a lovely fragrance of your choosing. This fragrance emitted from the Smoke Ghost is highly potent and overwhelms the odor of the burning bowl with a powerful aroma. This is how it works:

  1. Blow your smoke through the base of the Smoke Ghost
  2. The weed smoke transforms into a scented fragrance       
  3. Enjoy the new aroma

It’s as easy as that. Now you are able to smoke anywhere without the inconvenience of the smell. Smoke indoors, in any location at your leisure. Raining or snowing outside? No problem, stay in nice and snug with your Ghost. Don’t want to waste time finding a place to smoke? No problem, smoke in the same spot you’re in. Smoke when you feel like it. This new found freedom for those affected by the smell changes your smoking lifestyle. For video evidence of the power of Smoke Ghost, follow us on Instagram. The Smoke Ghost is also extremely portable and small, so it does not take up space and fits in most pockets.

The Smoke Ghost is composed of the black base and a colored scent cartridge. Additionally, each scent cartridge is interchangeable with each base meaning you can mix and match scents with others without having to use the same mouthpiece. There are five different scents that are currently available and each scent corresponds to a different colored scent cartridge:

  • Blue = Sage
  • Red = Rosemary
  • White = Spearmint
  • Green = Jasmin
  • Yellow = Lemon


Smoke Ghost is the solution to your weed smell problem and will make a pleasant addition to your smoking kit. Get your Smoke Ghost at and never have to worry about the stank from your dank again J

The Bhoulder

The Bhoulder | Stoner Review

As more states begin to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, many entrepreneurs have seen huge success in this booming industry. But, Blaine Hatab and Jared Drewa saw one problem: lack of a simplified process to purge BHO from marijuana.

Consumers extract BHO, or butane hash oils, from cannabis in order to bake edibles or create dabs, the newest marijuana concentrate craze to hit the market. But before you can dab or bite into a gooey pot brownie, you have to purge the oils.

Hatab and Drewa noticed that the only way for consumers to purge BHO was to invest in a number of different tools such as a vacuum pump, hot pan, Pyrex dish and vacuum chamber to name a few. Purging was complicated to say the least, especially for those who were new to the process.

The two friends invested the next two years into developing their revolutionary tool, the Bhoulder. “We’ve taken the best practices in the industry and condensed them down into a new, simplified vacuum oven,” says Hatab, co-founder of Bhoulder. The Bhoulder is an integrated unit that lets consumers complete the entire purging process with just one tool.

What separates Bhoulder from other vacuum ovens? According to co-founder Drewa, it all has to do with the heating. The key to creating high quality oil is consistent and uniform heat, which is where Bhoulder distances itself from competitors. “We’ve carefully selected the components to optimize for heat distribution and top of the line precision at low temperatures,” he says. Drewa says the heating plate was also designed with convenience in mind. “Our 12 inch diameter by 8 inch tall lid is uniquely designed so that the heating plate works independently and allows you to easily access the Bhoulder’s contents.”

Customers will be happy to see the price of this tool is well below its competitors. The price of other vacuum ovens hovers around $1200, while the Bhoulder will be sold for only $500. We currently have an Indiegogo campaign running to raise the funds we need to cover the manufacturing costs of the first batch. Please help us spread the word and reach our goal! Visit to sign up for email updates or see more information about this revolutionary tool.

The Bhoulder is a compact vacuum oven that makes the highest quality purged concentrates in the simplest manor.


How it Works


  • Plug Bhoulder into standard 110V AC outlet
  • Select a material and insert into the Bhoulder
  • Choose the desired purging temperature
  • Click ‘set’ to turn on the heater
  • Connect the vacuum pump hose
  • Turn vacuum pump on

Know someone who you think might be interested in this project? Please share this page with them as well as our Indiegogo campaign! We’d really appreciate it. Also check out the contest we have on for your chance to win a FREE Bhoulder!

Indiegogo Campaign Contest

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The Bhoulder | Stoner Review

Twisty Glass Blunt

Twisty Glass Blunt | Stoner Review

It’s 2016! Innovative stoners are now able to create the products they’ve been drawing in their bedrooms for years since cannabis is finally legal (in some places). At the very least, the plant is far more accepted now than it was in previous years. We have some crazy ways to smoke now, gone are the days of aluminum cans and hot knives. But today, I want to tell you about an awesome new way to smoke blunts, brought to us by this company called 7pipe.

7 pipe

This nifty contraption is a thick glass tube with a long corkscrew shaped piece in the middle. It fits 1.5 grams of ground up bud. All you have to do is pack the weed in to the glass tube and slowly twist the corkscrew down in to the tube. As the corkscrew goes down, the weed will wrap around it and when you’re ready to smoke, all you have to do is light the end. To ash it? You twist the corkscrew more and it pushed the ash off of the end of the tube. Brilliant, right?

glass blunt

Hang on a second, it gets better. The end of the Twisty is designed so that it can fit in to any 14mm bong. You can add this piece on to your bong for a super clean rip, just simply place it in your favorite piece and light the end. When you need to ash it, you just remove it from your bong, twist the end, place it back in, and you have a fresh greens rip without much effort.

marijuana pipe

The Twisty Glass Blunt totally eliminates the need for rolling papers and delivers a clean, healthy smoke. No burning paper means a more flavorful smoke, allowing the user to enjoy the full quality of the herb. The Twisty is very discreet and can be carried in a purse or pocket easily. Just be sure that you keep it clean, as the mouthpiece may get clogged with resin easily if upkeep isn’t performed regularly! Happy smoking!

Twisty Glass Blunt | Stoner Review

How To Quickly Relieve Cannabis-Induced Anxiety?

How To Quickly Relieve Cannabis-Induced Anxiety?

unnamed (5)

 Let’s be honest, the cannabis of today is no longer the cannabis of yesterday. Users can be unaware that THC concentrates have reached unprecedented levels and that over intoxication can easily happen with even just one extra puff or bite of the wrong strain or edible. Almost every one of us who has taken cannabis for medicinal purposes can relate to a time when anxiety and paranoia have come seemingly out of nowhere.

Cannabis–induced anxiety is really scary, perhaps your heart raced, your thoughts went wild, or irrational paranoia kicked in, and try as you might you simply couldn’t push it out of your mind.

Well, now there’s an all-natural solution for you. It’s called 1Hour Break®, and it can quickly relieve and even prevent cannabis-induced anxiety. It will change how the world handles anxiety.

Kava Kava Spray, Saves The Day

unnamed (2)

1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated Organic Kava Kava, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, and Lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to prevent cannabis-induced anxiety is simple. Before or after medicating all you do is spray 5-15 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue, wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because 1Hour Break® is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt almost immediately. Kava Kava is the main ingredient. Kava has been known to be safe and therapeutic at relieving anxiety and panic attacks prior to our findings. It works by binding onto various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a big hug from Mother Nature herself.

1Hour Break with Cannabis: Supercharge your buzz

unnamed (3)

I had the pleasure of trying 1Hour Break® Version 2.0 in Honey flavor. As someone who has suffered from anxiety since my teens, I have tried everything available to relieve my symptoms.1Hour Break® will have you pleasantly surprised by the effects; after just five sprays, I instantly noticed a numbing sensation under my tongue and felt my pulse slow down. My mind got that familiar calming sensation associated with Xanax. The numbness lasted about 20 minutes. This assured me it was working, and I remained calm and relaxed for well over an hour. I have never used a natural anti-anxiety medication that has worked, ever. So, believe me when I tell you, I went into this a skeptic, but came out beyond satisfied. I’m certain 1Hour Break® is effective and can benefit both cannabis users and non-cannabis users alike.

1Hour Break® along with cannabis is simply the perfect all-natural combination – a no-brainer, in fact. Imagine experiencing a strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz without any anxious side effects. You’ll experience only the positive feelings of a supercharged buzz, and none of the negative.

As a special promotion, 100 lucky Stoner Days readers will have a chance to try 1Hour Break® Free on us, just pay shipping. Click HERE to redeem your Free Bottle! ($29 Value).

Missed out? Ask if 1Hour Break® is sold at your local dispensaries or find us on the new cannabis delivery app Eazeup  If you’re interested in learning more about 1Hour Break®, visit their website at

Have you tried 1Hour Break® to help ease anxiety? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Is Micro-Dosing Cannabis The Future Of Consumption?

Is Micro-Dosing Cannabis The Future Of Consumption?

The future of cannabis is not in inebriation, but in wellness and mood enhancement. Micro-dosing, or taking the minimal amount of cannabis to achieve the desired medical effect, is surging in popularity among both medical and recreational users. Why should you take less? Why is it better for you? And what if you take too much?

Micro-dosing benefits

 unnamed (2)

For medical users, micro-dosing helps you achieve the benefits of the medicine, whether for pain, inflammation, neuroprotection, depression, or anxiety, without leaving you beyond function. By only using enough to achieve relief, without being overwhelmingly high, not only do you improve daily performance, but you help your medicine last longer and cost less, which is important since insurance has yet to cover the costs of cannabis.

For recreational users, micro-dosing is just as beneficial. Sure, you can’t overdose, but you can over do it. By micro-dosing, you feel great without feeling out of it, and save money on your herb by not developing a high tolerance.

Medical professionals weigh in and agree

unnamed (1)

Dr. Dustin Sulak, a Medical Director of clinics in New England, states:

“When I started my practice, I was surprised to see that some patients were using very low dosages (e.g. 1 puff), while other patients require much higher dosages (e.g. 1 joint or a potent edible) to achieve optimal benefits. Over time, I began to notice that most patients using small amounts of cannabis were getting better and more sustainable results than their high-dosage counterparts with similar conditions.

Eventually I discovered that most people have a certain threshold dosage of cannabis, below which they’ll actually experience a gradual increase in health benefits over time, and above which they’ll start building tolerance, experiencing diminishing benefits, and more side effects.”

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Medical Director of Canna-Centers throughout California, agrees:

“Many of my patients using low doses for pain, mood, and sleep find that low doses give the effects they are looking for, and over time, due to the enhancement of their endocannabinoid system, they find that they don’t need as much phytocannabinoids to achieve the desired effects.”

Studies by the  Medicinal Cannabis Research Center at the University of California, San Diego, back their findings. With vaporizers, one-hitters, and small dose edibles, homing in on the perfect dose has never been easier, but what if you can’t consume Cannabis or accidentally take more Cannabis than you are comfortable with causing anxiety or panic?

Well, we found the an all natural solution called 1Hour Break®. It will change how the world micro-doses for anxiety relief.

Micro-Dose with Kava Kava


1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated extracts of organic Kava Kava, passion flower, lemon balm, and lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to relieve anxiety, panic or cannabis-induced panic attacks is simple. Anytime you feel anxious, all you do is spray 5 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue. Wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because it is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt immediately.

Kava Kava, sourced from the South Pacific. The main ingredient and has been proven safe and therapeutic for relieving anxiety. It works by binding to various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a big hug from Mother Nature herself.

Remember, a proper cannabis microdose for one person is not the same for another. Factors such as weight, age, and tolerance all play into it. But if you do end up taking more than you are comfortable with, this is a quick and easy solution. As a special promotion 100 lucky Stoner Days readers will have a chance to try 1Hour Break free on us, just pay shipping. Click HERE to redeem your free bottle. ($29 value) 

Missed out? Ask if 1Hour Break is sold at your local dispensary or find us on the new cannabis delivery app Eazeup. Learn more at

Ever try Micro Dosing Cannabis? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

How To Run A Successful Cannabis Dispensary

How To Run A Successful Cannabis Dispensary (5 Steps).

In countries where cannabis has been decriminalized, like the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, and Austria, thousands of dispensaries have opened. The medicinal cannabis industry is flourishing, and competition to offer the best services is high. Follow these tips and transform your cannabis dispensary to be the best in the business.

1. Showcase a health and wellness brand identity

unnamed (8)

Medicinal cannabis is a wellness aid, used to enhance the things that are most important in patients’ lives. Brand your dispensary as a wellness center, pay extra attention to your patient’s comfort level, offer weekly health seminars, such as yoga or acupuncture, and they will spend more time and money with you.

2. Location: Clean, large, open, and efficient

unnamed (7)

Get cannabis out of the shadows and into the light. Selecting a visible and transparent location is key. Become an active member of the local community and make efforts to integrate into the patient population, and make your presence and value felt.

3. Superb customer service and optimized email automation

unnamed (6)

Employ people who care about cannabis. Each staff member should be very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions. It’s important to project a credible image so that patients feel at ease. Use smart email automation software, such as MailChimp, to collect emails and engage your valued patients on a weekly basis.

4. Provide a comfortable environment and high-end security 

unnamed (5)

A comfortable dispensary environment encourages repeat visits from high-end paying patients. Go above and beyond to provide safe access to medicinal cannabis in a modern and comfortable environment. We recommend investing in high-end video surveillance systems, such as AMCREST, to demonstrate the value you place on patient security.

5. Offer top grade medicine and product differentiation 

unnamed (4)

With so many different forms of cannabis available, you need to provide the highest quality product at the best price. Listen to your patient’s feedback and provide excellent product differentiation. Offer new and innovative products to help your patients deal with common struggles such as anxiety, panic attacks or cannabis-induced paranoia.

One such unique product is called 1Hour Break®, and it can instantly relieve or prevent cannabis-induced anxiety or paranoia.

Kava Kava spray, saves the day

unnamed (1)

1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated extracts of organic Kava Kava, passion flower, lemon balm, and lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to relieve anxiety, panic or cannabis-induced panic attacks is simple. Anytime you feel anxious, all you do is spray 5 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue, wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because it is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt immediately.

Kava Kava, sourced from the South Pacific, is the main ingredient and has been proven safe and therapeutic for relieving anxiety. It works by binding to various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a big hug from Mother Nature herself.

1Hour Break® with Cannabis: Supercharge your Buzz


As a special promotion, 100 lucky Stoner Days reader will get a chance to try 1Hour Break free, just pay for the shipping. Click HERE to redeem your Free Bottle! ($29 Value). Alternatively, email [email protected] for wholesale information.

Ever wanted to start a cannabis dispensary? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Why Does Marijuana Make Us Paranoid

Why Does Marijuana Make Us Paranoid? And How To Stop It.

Why do many medical marijuana patients suffer from cannabis-induced paranoia? For many patients, smoking marijuana can calm their anxieties. However, for others, it can have the opposite effect. It can make them feel anxious and paranoid. So what can we do about it?

Paranoia is unpredictable

unnamed (2)

Cannabis paranoia can be unpredictable. Perhaps your heart raced, your thoughts went wild and debilitating panic kicked in, and try as you might you simply couldn’t push it out of your mind. Now, you might hesitate to even take cannabis because you’re worried this might happen again. Well, now we have an all-natural solution for you. It’s called 1Hour Break®, and it can instantly relieve or prevent cannabis-induced paranoia. 1Hour Break® will change how the world handles cannabis-induced paranoia.

Kava Kava spray saves the day

unnamed (1)

1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated extracts of organic Kava Kava, passion flower, lemon balm, and lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to relieve anxiety or cannabis-induced Paranoia is simple. Anytime you feel paranoid, all you do is spray 5 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue, wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because it is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt immediately.

Kava Kava, sourced from the South Pacific, is the main ingredient and has been proven safe and therapeutic for relieving anxiety. It works by binding to various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a big hug from Mother Nature herself.

1Hour Break® with cannabis: Supercharge your buzz


The first time I tried 1Hour Break®, I had just self-medicated with a high dose Cannabis edible. I was going through a very stressful time in my life; I had just quit my job and was moving across country and I was dealing with a lot of anxiety. As my body started to process the edible, my anxiety increased drastically, I became super paranoid, and I spiraled into a full-blown panic attack. I really thought I was dying.

That’s when I reached for my 1Hour Break® and took 5 sprays under the tongue. I was surprised by the immediate numbing sensation I felt in my mouth that slowly trickled down my body. After a few deep breaths, I felt my heart rate slow down, my racing thoughts cleared, and I was able to regain control of my mind. I am beyond impressed by the instant effects of 1Hour Break® and how it’s made my cannabis experience more enjoyable.

1Hour Break® along with cannabis is simply the perfect all-natural combination – a no-brainer, in fact. Imagine experiencing a strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz without any anxious side effects. You’ll experience only the positive feelings of a supercharged buzz, and none of the negative.

As a special promotion, 100 lucky Stoner Days readers will have a chance to try 1Hour Break® Free on us, just pay shipping. Click HERE to redeem your Free Bottle! ($29 Value).

Missed out? Ask if 1Hour Break® is sold at your local dispensaries or find us on the new cannabis delivery app Eazeup  If you’re interested in learning more about 1Hour Break®, visit their website at

Have you tried 1Hour Break® to help ease paranoia? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Compton Grinders | Stoner Product Review

Compton Grinders | Stoner Product Review

Straight outta Compton…


Of course that was the first thing that went off in my head when discovering the brand.  Compton Grinders?  Had never heard of em before.  Well, after a couple weeks on the Compton grind I’m left with no hesitation saying that they deserve to be on everyone’s radar.

For this review, I tried Compton’s medium 4 piece grinder and ashtray.

The shipment arrived promptly and neatly packaged; IKEA would approve, no space was wasted.


The metal was still cold to the touch upon taking it out of the box, having sat outside all day in wintry conditions before I was able to get my hands on the new toys.  The grinder was boxed up securely and the ashtray came sealed in plastic with the poker disassembled.  The screen removal key tool was bagged separately in its own ziploc.


Eye Test

The stylings of the Compton branding prompted me to envision seeing one of the Sons of Anarchy pull one of these grinders out of his bike satchel and chop some trees with it.  The anodized finish gives it a clean, smooth metallic look and feel.  I’ll admit, going into this I was not expecting my trusty Space Case to be given a run for its money and then some.


The feel of the Compton aircraft grade aluminum holds its own against my titanium Space Case.  I’m a fan of the evenly spaced ridged grooves that allow for firmer gripping when turning the grinder.  The symmetry is matched on the bottom as well with the kief catcher slice of the grinder.  Makes me think of something that’d get used in Mission Impossible sliding across the ground popping up to deploy some smokescreen gas.


I might even be more impressed with their ashtray than I am the grinder.  Perhaps due to the brassy metallic appearance of the ashtray, it made me think of my trusty ProtoPipe (went out and invested in one at my local headshop after seeing ‘Are You Here’ – worthwhile movie by the way).  Anyway, back on point: Compton’s ashtray is pretty much the last ashtray you’ll ever need to invest in.  The worst fear with this thing is somehow knocking it off the edge of the table and onto your foot (in which case their grinder is at your disposal to process the necessary medication, so all good).


Taste Test

Now for the meat of the appraisal process.  After 2 weeks of copious use – kept procrastinating this review quagmiring myself in the product testing phase – I can confidently say that it’s rotated to batting leadoff in my grind order.  If you’re trying to get your Kill Bill on when facing the dank foliage out there, you gotta arm up proper with your Hatori Hanzo.

The innovation Compton claims to bring to the game is immediately apparent upon lifting the cover that’s held in place by a neodymium magnet.  Here we’re faced with a cutaway triangular LZ into which we can conveniently load our grindables; gone are the days of punji sticking your bud onto grinder teeth before shredding it for consumption.  Now you can offer a more honorable deathbed before twisting your buds to their glorious demise.


There’s 16 teeth on the grinder cap with 11 interlocking on the bottom (some were taken out to accommodate the loading zone).  The 8 petal wells are rounded as opposed to plateau’d so as to minimize accumulation and buildup – striving for that even butter spread across all the nooks and crannies.  I like how they left a slight give between the two halves of the grinder so that you can wiggle it very subtly even when the grinder is screwed all the way shut.  With most grinders I’ve experienced, kief buildup over time in the threading can make screwing the grinder shut an unwieldy chore – picture having grains of sand stuck under your soda bottle cap as you’re trying to close it on the beach.  The small resulting tradeoff here is that when you open up the grinder after using it, sometimes there will be remnants resting on the lip of the grinder needing to be brushed back in – very minor observation, but one I thought worth mentioning.  Part of the reason why I even noticed this in the first place is because their grinder has thicker walls than most I’ve encountered (kind of reminds me of the grinder version of the H2 Hummer Turtle was driving the crew around in during the early days of Entourage).

Removing the screen after a couple weeks worth of usage and kief accumulation proved to be a straightforward task.  The two teeth for the screen removal tool lock into place snugly, and the metal ring keeping the screen in place unscrews smoothly.  All in all a smooth turnstyle mechanism.  Pretty cool feeling like one of the X-Men every time I get the urge to unlock my grinder screen and dust off the grinder.


The Compton team thought through every detail, as they even incorporated a curvature in the kief basin segment for ease of removal and scrapage.  My only observation here is that the inclusion of a kief pick or scraping tool would have been a nice touch.  Ideally, Compton could come up with a pick solution that doubles as a screen removal tool so everything could be housed in one compartment instead of having to carry the key tool separately.


As for the ashtray, it’s a solidly crafted and durable piece that will suit your ashing and debowling needs.  The metal spike in the center is a removable tool that, when not used for debowling, can serve as a poker for packing your rollables or more surgical bowl cleaning.  My only minor qualm is that sometimes the tool wiggles free and becomes dislodged slipping up and down when I’m cleaning stuff against it.  One possible tweak could be adding a neodynium magnet in the base of the metal poker to keep it affixed more firmly in place.


Wallet Test

Taking a look at Compton’s menu offerings on their website, here’s what we see:

  • $64.99 medium 4 piece
  • $54.99 small 4 piece
  • $34.99 2 piece (gonna guess that it’s the same size as their medium)

Comparable pricing for the aluminum versions of the medium and small Space Case from authorized retailers comes in at $74 and $64, respectively.  If I was just judging the grinders head to head, the Compton wins in a straight up battle, but throw in the screen removal mechanism and it truly is a game changer.

Compton’s also got a 2 piece no frills option if you’re just looking to grind and nothing else – the boneless tenders.  Some people swear by flavor being best retained with bones in, but why lock yourself into just one way of experiencing the world when you can dabble in both?  I can see the 2 piece being a more ideal on-the-go, streamlined solution.

At $39.99 for the ashtray, the price point might seem steep initially – especially when compared to the grinder.  However, when you consider cost per use and the fact that it’s the last ashtray you’ll ever find yourself needing to buy, a luxurious boneyard doesn’t seem like such a terrible play.

Compton also has an add-on vault component that works in conjunction with the medium grinders which I’ve yet to try.  I’m also curious to give their nails a spin after this and will report my findings back to you guys as I get the chance.

All in all, I went into this being skeptical and ended up having my expectations exceeded.  Just goes to show that you should never get too comfortable or resistant to change, as you never know when the next newcomer is going to come along and spice up the game.  Up until now, I’d always considered Space Case to retain top ranking on the grinder totem pole; was inspired to scoop mine after my buddy came back with one from Bonaroo sold me on it as the best in class option.  Granted, I’m relying on my small titanium Space Case from 4 years ago to draw comparisons so perhaps I should update myself on that front.  I’ll always have a special place in my heart reserved for Space Case, but given that Compton also boasts the Made in USA, I’d be hard-pressed to steer anyone away from them as my current go-to grinder option.

Premium lawn-mowing of the highest order in the palm of your hand.

Stay blazed…

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 Compton Grinders | Stoner Product Review

FlowerMate V5.0S Stoner Review

FlowerMate V5.0S Stoner Review


The FlowerMate V5.0S is quite honestly, the best valued vaporizer in the world, and is effectively revolutionizing the portable vaporizer industry as we know it. Thousands of people have already purchased the V5.0S from all across the globe and I don’t see its popularity slowing down any time soon. The FlowerMate V5.0S is ruggedly constructed, functions beautifully and is priced at an incredible value. This device is a true symbol of practicality in all aspects of usability, design and value.



Minimalist and effortless to operate, the V5.0S is solidly constructed and feels rock solid in the hand. No space is wasted allowing the device to be compact and lightweight. Filling, cleaning and operating the device is absolutely simple and intuitive. 5/5

Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency

Three temperature settings allow the user to get the most out of their dry herb material by starting on level one and ending on level three. Draw resistance is minimal and enjoyable, the ceramic baking chamber offers full and even vaporization of dry herb material and is really efficient. You can expect clouds from this device and decently flavorful hits! 4/5 (Great all around but can’t give a perfect 5 with The Crafty & Arizer Air available)



The V5.0S is stupidly pocketable, its operation is effortless and simple, and the battery life friggen rocks. You’ll want to take the FlowerMate V5.0S everywhere and the good news is, you can. One button operation and an ultra stealthy and pocketable design makes the FlowerMate V5.0S one of the most practical products on the market. Its easy to use and easy to transport making it a super practical device that I know you’ll want to use every single day. You’ll get 1hour+ vape time from the FlowerMate V5.0’s two 2600 mAh Samsung batteries (V5.0S is 4x cheaper than the Crafty but has double the battery life, wow!) 5/5 (Incredibly practical device that is easy to use and carry)


$100 is a ridiculously incredible price for the FlowerMate V5.0S! The V5.0S offers a truly premium experience at a revolutionary pricepoint. 5/5 (Best valued device in the world in my opinion)


Final Verdict

Whether you’re new to vaporizers or looking to upgrade from an older device, I absolutely recommend the FlowerMate V5.0S! I’ve literally tested and scrutinized every major vaporizer in the industry and can firmly say that this device is revolutionary. Priced to sell and built to last, the FlowerMate V5.0S is the device I would recommend to my own mother. Enough said.

– Mr. Puff

Hey if you want to pick one of these amazing vaps check them out at

FlowerMate V5.0S Stoner Review

Dank Donuts

Dank Donuts; Stoner Reviews


Stoners love a good wake and bake. Roast some coffee, grab something to munch on, and smoke away. This process is how a lot of stoners start their days. It’s not a real morning without a wake and bake! Unfortunately in this fast paced world, we have very little time between “waking up” and “going to work”. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time for a smoke sesh in there. If that’s the case, then you may end up having a bad day. No stoner likes to go in to the world sober, that’s just a fact. But thanks to a small company based out of SoCal, there may be an easier way to wake up and bake up before you get your cake up.


Dank Donuts is based out of Long Beach, California and is dead set on getting a store front for their awesome donuts. I had the pleasure of sampling these little devils recently and they were definitely awesome. The donuts are the smaller version of this favorite breakfast treat, with each one containing 100mg of THC. Although we were told to eat one each, we did end up eating about two and a half each in one sitting.


Along with the donuts (which had Funfetti sprinkles in them, hell yes!) came three packs of glaze. There was maple, wild berry, and tropical. Although I have to say that I wasn’t a fan of the maple, the wild berry was incredible and I did really enjoy the tropical as well!


Overall effect of the donuts was pretty mellow. Not the mind blowing super stoned feeling that we’re constantly chasing but good. Plus the fact that they didn’t carry that weedy taste, which made them far easier to eat. For these little confections, I highly recommend that you eat a few in order to get a good buzz going, especially if you’re an avid smoker like myself and my partner. If you’ve got a high tolerance, you may find that your waistline grows substantially if you’re trying to get Saturn-high from these Dank Donuts.


The taste was awesome, the glaze was well made, and the customer service is more on point then most established businesses. I recommend Dank Donuts for those who don’t smoke like chimneys. Perhaps with the support of the community, Dank Donuts will be able to produce even stronger donuts that will give even the most seasoned stoner couch lock. Check out their Instagram to see their other products and you can even work with the owners to order your own custom donut box, made with stoner love and all the ingredients that you want on top! Give the #realbreakfastofchampions a try!


[Writer’s Note; Please remember that edibles effect everyone differently!! Please always be careful when consuming edibles and be aware of dosing instructions. Do not overeat medicated food and be sure to pace yourself when trying new edibles.]

Check them out at


Dank Donuts; Stoner Reviews

StonerDays Wristbands

StonerDays Wristbands; Shop

StonerDays bracelets are available only at don’t let these get away! Great for any smoking event or just simply reppin what you love that sweet Mary Jane. We carry seven different colors WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN, BLACK, YELLOW, LAVENDER and two different style’s! FREE sticker pack with every order and FREE USPS Priority Shipping (1-3 Day Delivery) in the US.

Higher State Of Mind




Mix and Match with StonerDays:

  • 1 for $4.20

  • 2 for $7.00

  • 3 for $9.00

  • 4 for $10.00

  • 10 for $20.00

Weight .15oz

These are made by Stoners for Stoners for both Men and Women. Enjoy your Wrist Bands.

StonerDays Wristbands; Shop


Cannabis Pleasure Lube

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

We’ve gone over the subject of cannabis and sex, two things that seem to go very well together. You can’t deny that, am I right? But while sometimes, you just smoke too much bud and pass out or the added annoyance of passing a joint back and forth while you’re banging can be a nuisance. Fortunately for stoner couples everywhere, there is a new product coming out that is surely going to enhance the time you spend in bed with your partner!


The Aphrodite Group is a California based medical marijuana collective that has taken on the task of creating a lube that will not only add some grease but will enhance the feelings of both parties as well. The lube is called Foria and the Aphrodite Group states that the purpose of this lube is to “benefit women’s health and well being by opening the door to natural and euphoric pleasure”. The product won’t get the user high if you’re planning on using it just as lube but will enhance the sensual nature of the act. However, the lube is also edible. When ingested, it will give the user the same kind of high that one would get from weed brownies. The only downside? The price! Running at $88 a bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap. But with such awesome sexual effects, it’s pretty worth scrounging up the money to buy a bottle, right?


Sprays like this are great for the cannabis industry, as it shows the many different uses for the plant. Instead of popping pills like Viagra and other drugs, a person can simply use a plant based substance that will enhance physical feeling, as well as the spiritual feeling of sex. With more cannabis based creams, sexual lubricants, and other beauty product emerging, it just gives the plant more credibility. Not only is it a medicine, but also a way to improve your cosmetic/sex life as well, plus the hundreds of other benefits.


Marijuana has long been used as a sort of aphrodisiac, especially in the country of India, where ancient tribes used the plant in order to boost libido. Basically, the original idea of what the Aphrodite Group is doing now. While the lube can only be sold to those with their medical marijuana license as of right now (and is only available in the state of California), it will hopefully spread to other states as well as to people who don’t currently hold a license to buy cannabis. As said above, drugs such as Viagra are not natural and can have adverse side effects for some users. A natural, more positive medicine to assist with loss of sexual appetite could absolutely benefit people of all ages.

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

Womens Stoner Apparel

Women’s Stoner Apparel

StonerDays apparel continues to lead the industry with creative thinking.


Our Womens Light Weight French Terry “Dolmans” are 50% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and 50% Polyester. Fabric Laundered. Extremely soft and comfortable. This fabric is both comfortable and lightweight. Our Spandex Jerseys are 57% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, 38% Polyester and 5% Spandex for a soft, comfortable and stretchy with great memory. Both our Women’s V-Necks and Crew Necks 100% are Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. StonerDays is committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our product. With a tag less design built not only for looks but ultimate comfort. Our product is NAFTA friendly to help promote a better world.

  • Free sticker pack with every order
  • FREE USPS shipping for all orders over $30 in the US.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • NAFTA Friendly
  • Tag Less Design For Ultimate Comfort

Womens Light Weight French Terry “Dolmans”

Peace, Love, StonerDays & Good Vibes


Trippy Kitty & Bob In 3D


Women’s Jersey Tanks

Peace, Love, StonerDays & Good Vibes


Trippy Kitty & Bob In 3D


Women’s V-Necks & Crew Necks

Higher State Of Mind V-Necks/Crew Necks


Blazed Eye StonerDays V-Necks/Crew Necks


Major League Stoners V-Necks/Crew Necks


Rasta Higher State Of Mind & Wake & Bake V-Necks


Stay Blazed V-Necks & Racer Backs


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Womens Stoner Apparel

StonerDays Posters

StonerDays Posters; Stoner Reviews

These huge StonerDays posters are perfect for decorating any stoner pad, garage or anywhere your creative mind takes you! Printed on Full-Bodied 100lb paper and coated with a glossy finish for better reflectivity and durability. You will be satisfied with your product! FREE sticker pack with every order and FREE USPS Priority Shipping (1-3 Day Delivery) in the US.


We have four different posters to choose from:



Life Is Good:


Bob In 3D:


Major League Stoner:


Mix and Match Pricing:

  • 1 for $14.99

  • 2 for $21.98

  • 3 for $26.97

  • 4 for $30.00

Weight: 3.8oz – Dimensions: 24″ x 36″

StonerDays takes pride in serving the stoner community! These Marijuana Posters are made by Stoners for Stoners. Enjoy.


StonerDays Posters; Stoner Reviews


Budsuds; Stoner Reviews

There’s a lot of products out there that stoners in illegal states can’t get their hands on. This includes concentrates and correctly made (and dosed) edibles but also extends to skin care, makeup, and hair products. Even products with the smallest amounts of THC can’t be obtained by those in illegal states, which is extremely unfortunate seeing as how cannabis has amazing effects for people suffering from eczema, uneven skin tones, rashes, dandruff, and other skin/beauty problems that seem to plague the everyday stoner. So for those that are stuck in places where cannabis is still illegal, thankfully, there’s a company that makes completely legal, absolutely amazing soaps that anyone, anywhere can purchase without worry of breaking the law.


Budsuds is a small company set on making the best soap for today’s stoner. And they’re doing a really good job at it! The soaps come in a multitude of different scents, all of which are amazing for when you just want to relax in the shower or bath. From AK-47 to Trainwreck to Honey Spice, these aromas are sure to appeal to everyone. The soaps don’t smell like the strains they’re named after but utilize other organic materials to make their soaps, providing a natural way to keep clean. The soap also doesn’t leave that normally slimy residue that store bought soaps do. Trust me, your skin will absolutely love this stuff. Especially for those stoners who suffer with dry skin in the colder areas, this soap is highly recommended for it’s moisturizing effects.


Considering that there are so many soaps out there that contain dangerous chemicals and perfumes that can cause rashes, broken skin, and other skin surface issues, making the switch to something organic should be something you consider. Especially Budsuds. Every bar is made with stoner love and hard work, not only making the soap a great product but therefore making Budsuds a great company to support. You won’t be disappointed by snagging a bar of this stuff, if you have a skin issue or not. Using Budsuds soap on your skin is far better then what you can purchase in stores so be sure to check out their store at

Budsuds; Stoner Reviews

Lighter Bro

Lighter Bro; Stoner Reviews 

Here are some facts about the LighterBro multi-tool that can help you review:

  • 100% stainless (hardened 420- series stainless imported from Japan)
  • Fits snugly around a standard Bic lighter.

lighter bro blk 1


 The shape is unique and resembles a japanese katana blade.  It is double-V ground and is thoroughly heat treated 420 series stainless steel.  It comes out of the box extremely sharp.  After 2 weeks (with no sharpening) of cutting everything from nylon, wood, spectra rope, to cardboard, it still very sharp.  The flat tip also functions as a flat-head screwdriver.  Always hand to have!

Micro-Phillips Screwdriver (000):

Fits my glasses perfectly.  I took apart half of my sony camera and my old Mac Book Pro with it.  This long thin tools works as a poker as well.  It cleaned out my iPhone ports and cleaned out the pipe.


 Usually you don’t see scissors that cut well on tools under $15, but these cut amazingly well.  They has a good feel and cut thin stretchy plastic, fabric, nylon cord, cardboard, and even thick paperboard.  The cut was clean and through for the entire length of the blade.  The return spring is smooth and is riveted into the base so it cannot fall out.

 lighter bro

Bottle Opener:

 The bottom of the tool has an opening that will grab a bottle cap and pop it off with ease.  It is rare you find the opener feature permanently deployed and yet doesn’t not stick out and add to the the dimension of the tool.


 This is an all Stainless steel, hardened, and polished to a very attractive and durable finish. The logo is laser engraved and does not fade with use.  LighterBro has a gold version which is the same material, only it has the same Titanium Nitride coating used on Milling machine cutters and high-end drill bits.  The case is also designed to hold and dispense organic hemp wick.  One of the samples I sent you has the hemp wick already loaded.

 Lighter Bro blk

The quality was on par with the well known tools costing twice as much.  MSRP is $9.99 for LighterBro silver and $12.99 for gold.


  • Knife
  • micro-phillips (size 000) screwdriver
  • poker
  • scissors
  • flathead screw driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Bic Lighter

We are very proud that the tools fits around the lighter so well and barely add to the size of the lighter.  It really transforms the feel of a cheap plastic Lighter, into something you are proud to own! Buy yours today at

StonerDays Review:

The Lighter Bro is great I really enjoy it’s sleek design. Turning your average lighter into a useful tool.

Lighter Bro; Stoner Reviews

Boroballers Glass Jewelry

Boroballers Glass Jewelry; Stoner Accessories

Stoners really pride themselves on their glass collections, a fact that most are familiar with. These days, there are many talented glass artists out there that make pieces of all shapes and sizes. There’s glass in every color and hundreds of different forms, each artist with their own unique touch. I was lucky enough to snag a beautiful piece from Boroballers, a husband/wife team that works together to create some seriously awesome glass. The unique piece that I managed to grab was the tiniest pair of pipes I’ve ever seen, fully functional, and made in to earrings.

baraballers jewelry stonerdays

The tiny pipes are a rainbow swirl in color and absolutely adorable. They are made with silver hooks and a small chain link connects the mini pipes to the hooks. These small pipes are 100% functional but it’s not recommended that you try to smoke out of them. Trust me, your eyebrows will thank you! These are purely for accessory use only but the fact that they are functional just makes them that much cooler. The glass is of really great quality, heavy even though they’re so small, yet not heavy enough to be uncomfortable in your ears. Also devoid of bubbles, these little minis are extremely well made.

baraballers jewelry stonerdays1

Since Boroballers recognizes those of us with stretched ears, there are projects in the works for people with plugs being able to wear these adorable pieces of jewelry. If you have any questions about the little mini earrings, you can contact Boroballers through their Instagram; @boroballers. Valentine’s Day is coming up and these cute little earrings are a great present for that special lady. Or just buy them for yourself as a treat. Even those with stretched ears can wear them now, as the hook is open and would allow someone with big lobes to wear the pieces. Just remember that your ears may possibly shrink slightly, causing discomfort.

baraballers jewelry stonerdays12

Supporting fellow stoners is a great way to support the community. Small shops that are run by your friends assure that you’ll get good customer service and a more one-on-one experience. Plus, lots of smaller stores can do custom orders, which means what you get is unique to you. Buying from smaller retailers will promote progress while at the same time helping fellow stoners out. Check out the Boroballers Instagram for more information about the mini pipe earrings!

Boroballers Glass Jewelry; Stoner Accessories

The Greenshark Grinder

The Greenshark Grinder; Stoner Reviews

Making a stoners life easier should be the goal of every company who sells accessories other than clothing. Having tools to get higher faster is really beneficial, especially in today’s day and age where everything is instant and waiting is a thing of the past. One accessory that no one can seem to agree on, however, are the grinders. There are tons of different grinders to choose from and so many opinions on which of them may or may not be the best. I’ve tried a lot of different grinders in my smoking days and I think I’ve finally found one that I not only love but I think that everyone should use one.


The Greenshark Grinder is one of the most solid grinders I’ve ever seen. It’s super heavy and extremely durable. The quality of the metal is incredible, not to mention the magnet is one of the strongest ones I’ve ever seen. I’ve been extremely loyal to Sharpstone over the years and my last grinder lasted about five years. Of course, I don’t have only one. I think there are six grinders in my house currently. Not all of them work but I have an issue with throwing away any of my smoking related items. I’d say that probably three out of the six don’t work. I have the Greenshark, a small Sweetleaf, and I recently bought my boyfriend a Sharpstone.


So this new grinder has something that I’ve never seen before. It has a spout. Yeah I said it. It pours your weed for you without you ever having to take the grinder apart. Ladies, this is good for us because I know I’m not the only one that gets weed stuck under my fingernails when I’m taking weed out of the grinder. Weed belongs in the bowl! The Greenshark’s spout will pour a perfect bowl every time without you having the extra step of taking the grinder apart to get the weed out. And if you don’t want the spout, no problem because the grinder fits together without the middle spout piece. You loose the kief chamber and I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want to use the spout… That thing is brilliant.


I love this grinder. It’s extremely well made and worth the money you spend on it. If you’re going to splurge on a grinder, I definitely think that this should be the one that you get. It grinds smooth and usually in one full turn of the blades. It’s fast, tough, and sleek looking. On a scale of 1-10, this beast gets a 9. Check it out. I promise you’ll fall in love!

The Greenshark Grinder; Stoner Reviews

The OmniHV

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews

The OmniHV™ is a specialized smoking product, custom machined in Colorado, USA from a high-grade anodized aluminum alloy. OmniHV™ was created with the intention of enhancing your smoking experience, offering a simple and refined method of manipulating your tobacco and herbal products. OmniHV™ comes equipped with several essential smoking utilities, including:

omnihv-stonerdays (1)

-Collapsible* pick for clearing your tobacco/herbal pipe

-Collapsible press to pack your tobacco/herbal materials

omnihv-stonerdays (4)

-Collapsible scraper to clear out residual tobacco/herbal materials after use

-Precision-machined grinder that provides a perfect, coarse grind every time

omnihv-stonerdays (6)

-Hidden screen compartment (screens included)

-Hidden hemp wick spool with side-dispensing slot (wick included)

omnihv-stonerdays (5)

-Removable mini bic slot (mini bic not included)

**All collapsible tools are removable. Removing them enhances their functionality (i.e., use the scraper to clean the grinder, the pick to remove the hemp wick, etc.).

omnihv-stonerdays (2)

The Tools: Having the OmniHV™ in your pocket means you’re always prepared for any smoking necessity, all in one sleek, quality-engineered product that will last. It also means you have one of the highest quality grinders on the market. OmniHV™ comes equipped with a state-of-the-art, proprietary grinder. It is precision-engineered to produce a perfect, coarse grind without clumping or causing the material to become lodged. In addition to the toolset that comes with the OmniHV™, we will release aftermarket toolsets that can be interchanged with the included tools.

For more info check out the site at

Be sure to us coupon “stonerdays” for a 10$ discount.

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews

Monkey Ballz Cleaner

Monkey Ballz Cleaner; Stoner Review

A stoner knows that keeping their glass clean is extremely important. Not only does clean glass look better but it smokes far better as well. Smoking a piece that doesn’t get cleaned regularly will not only result in a harder pull but also add in a terrible taste. It’s also extremely disrespectful to some stoners to let their glass get dirty at all, leading them to constantly change their bong water and clean their pieces (see OCD Stoner in my Ten More Types Of Stoners). Overall, you should always be keeping your pieces clean, just to be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience possible from them!


Luckily for stoners everywhere (and for those who aren’t so fond of the alcohol and epsom salt method, as it smells and can be extremely messy), Monkey Ballz Heady Glass Cleaner is available. Not normally fond of glass cleaner, I received a bottle of this cleaner and decided that it definitely needed to be tested. To my utter amazement, as I have always been fond of the alcohol/salt method, the solution cleaned the glass so well that the piece looked right off of the shelves new. And without too much effort on my part, unlike the shaking required with the alcohol method.


Monkey Ballz is definitely a highly recommended product if you’re in the market to find a new glass cleaner that will keep your favorite pieces looking brand new. Plus, you can reuse the cleaner over and over, providing that you’re careful when putting it back in to the bottle. On a scale of 1-10 of required stoner products, I give this amazing cleaner a 9. More specifically because not only does Monkey Ballz have a quality product that you won’t feel stupid for spending money on but the company is run by good people who are all about the cannabis community.

Monkey Ballz Cleaner; Stoner Review

My Kasher

My Kasher; Stoner Review

Kicked bowls are a pain. If there are bits of crusty burnt up weed stuck to the inside of your bowl, getting them out can get messy. Some people use their fingers, some use a pen, pretty much anything that they can find with a small point that will be able to dig up that smoked weed. Stoners have been breaking their bowls with these primitive tools for far too long and it’s about time that someone did something about it. Thankfully, the Kasher is available for all stoners, a great little device that clips on to your lighter and allows for easy, painless ash removal from your piece.

stoner review kasher stonerdays

The Kasher is a small piece of metal designed to wrap about the standard Bic lighter. The top clips near where you light the lighter, tapering to a point on one side. When the Kasher is slid down the lighter, the point becomes exposed, allowing the stoner to empty the smoked bud in to an ashtray or other receptacle. When you’re done using it, the Kasher slides back up to its resting place, laying flat against the lighter. It can go with you where ever your lighter can, since the two are kind of attached.

Since I’ve had the Kasher, I no longer have to take bobby pins out of my hair when I’m packing a new bowl. My hair accessories thank me. Not only that but the Kasher doubles as a sort of scraper for kief that gets plastered to the grinder walls. You know, the stuff that’s almost impossible to get. Some stoners even report using the Kasher as a makeshift dabber when there isn’t one available.

stoner review kasher stonerdays

This stoner accessory is a definite must have for the stoner who doesn’t want to waste any more money on bobby pins and is tired of using random objects to scrape out bowls. On a scale of 1-10 on the Stoner Must Have scale, I give the Kasher a 7/10. My only qualm with the product is that the Kasher can be difficult to get on the lighter and sometimes scratches up the surface a bit. It’s recommended that you buy a boring Bic to add the Kasher too. That way, it doesn’t scrape away any images on the Bic that you happen to like (Everyone knows stoners love those crazy gas station lighters). You should definitely give the Kasher a try and you get two of them for $6.00 on the website, located at Enjoy this awesome stoner accessory!

My Kasher; Stoner Review

Huf Socks


Huf Socks; Stoner Review

Where to even begin with these suddenly required piece of stoner culture? Trends within the stoner community are common but rarely does something take off as quickly as these leaf printed socks. Such a simple idea, Huf socks come in bunches of different colors, some even in tie-dye, and with accents like diamonds. No stoner can say no to a pair of Huf socks and it seems as if they are here to stay in the cannabis community!

The socks are pretty simple… A color with a weed leaf print in a different color over it. Occasionally, there is a second design on the sock. Some are equipped with a diamond pattern as well. But the socks don’t just look cool. They’re incredibly warm, good for those stoners who live in the colder areas and have to deal with snowstorms. Even when it’s not snowing, Huf socks are constantly paired with shorts in the warmer times of the year. They can be worn with almost any outfit, whether you’re showing them off or not. Some people just wear them as regular socks, since they are so comfortable and warm and some people really enjoy showing them off, rocking the bright colored footwear so that everyone can see.


Just remember to be careful when buying these socks! Collecting them is almost an addiction… With so many different color combinations, one could spend an entire paycheck on a single order of socks… And at roughly $12 a pair, these stoner fashion statements aren’t cheap! It’s recommended that you buy them online, rather than at places like Newbury Comics. At a shocking $15 a pair, Huf socks are a little bit too expensive at that point. Sticking to the online store may even allow you to grab one extra pair of socks!


The Huf company sells other products, such as shirts and hats, but are primarily known for their socks. They even make little baby booties in the Huf sock pattern, for those stoners who have a little one in their lives. This product is highly recommended. Both good looking and functional, plus as a reasonable price (As long as you buy online), the Huf sock is a stoner accessory that is here to stay!

Huf Socks; Stoner Review

Weed World Candy

Weed World Candy; Stoner Review

Edibles are a very popular way to get stoned these days and I have to admit I’m a sucker for a weed brownie, as is every other pothead ever. These days, you can make anything containing marijuana, from the traditional brownie to grilled chicken and buttered green beans. It’s amazing how many things you can cook with cannabis. Every single meal can get you high and that’s amazing, am I right?

weed world candies stonerdays

While everyone loves weed food, there are obviously still states where it’s hard to come by and a company called Weed World Candies is taking a huge step in Chicago, Illinois to be the first to capture the candy market when the plant becomes legal there. Illinois has been projected to be the 20th state to allow medicinal marijuana to patients and Weed World feels that by producing marijuana flavored candies now, they’ll be at the head of the market soon enough when they’re allowed to add THC.

Huge bummer though; the candies don’t actually have weed in them. There is absolutely no THC content. It’s purely just for the flavor. The candies are made with hemp from California but don’t expect to get stoned from eating them anytime soon. I think that Weed World has a great idea, although eating weed flavored candies without getting high seems pointless almost, at least they’ll have their recipe on point for when they can actually add some bud to those suckers.

weed world candies stonerdays

Eating cannabis rather than smoking it is definitely beneficial and prevents you from hurting your lungs. It’s especially popular among people who can’t smoke, like those with lung cancer. It’s also a good way to stay baked when you’re sick with a cough. It’s good to see people utilizing the numerous ways that cannabis can be used to help people!

For more info check out there site:

Weed World Candy; Stoner Review

Rollaboard Shirts

RollaBoard Shirts; Stoner Reviews

Everyone is on the go these days, including stoners. Hey, we have to pay for our weed somehow, right? So when you’re sitting in your car, waiting for your next shift to start and you want to smoke but all you have are papers, what are you supposed to do? Rolling a joint or blunt on a dashboard is extremely inconvenient… And conspicuous. Thankfully, some stoners are incredibly creative and one in particular has created something that will help smokers everywhere roll joints literally whenever they want.


Rollawear is a company that was formed May of last year, when the founder was attempting to roll a joint on a ticket. Definitely not an easy feat. So he thought, “well what if this was a shirt… and you could roll on the shirt?” The idea was born. Rollawear produces shirts that have a built in piece of material near the bottom hem that serves as an impromptu rolling board whenever you need it. No more stealing McDonalds trays! Not only that, but a shirt is super sneaky and from the outside, you can’t tell that the material is there.

The shirts are totally safe for machine washing and drying. They come in a couple of different colors and the logo is tucked in to a corner of the shirt so you can wear them everywhere. There’s also plenty of space left for a company to add a logo or name to the shirt if they so desire. Each shirt is made with the customer in mind and all attempts to keep pricing fair are made. Not only that but 10% of profits are donated to marijuana related causes, among others. Can’t really argue with a company that actually gives back to the movement!


You can purchase the Rollawear shirts online on their website (please excuse the construction!) at Innovative stoners that create things like this are definitely a huge asset to the marijuana community. If we support each other, it looks better to the people that are constantly scrutinizing us. Plus, how can you argue with being able to roll up whenever, where ever you want because there’s a rolling board build in to your shirt.

RollaBoard Shirts; Stoner Reviews

Pollen Boxes Vs Grinders

Pollen Boxes Vs Grinders; Stoner Reviews

Every stoner knows what kief is. That golden dust that collects at the bottom of your grinder that you sprinkle on a bowl to get higher than high! Kief is so great that people even coat their dabs in it! The dust comes from the trichomes on the buds. It is much stronger and naturally concentrated THC and is sought after by stoners everywhere.

PollenBox 4x4x2.5

There are two ways to accumulate kief. One is by using a chambered grinder. As the flower is ground up in the teeth, the trichomes fall off and in to the lowest chamber of the device. The more weed you grind, the more kief builds up in the bottom of the grinder. A lot of stoners compress the kief in to little pucks and smoke them. Let me tell you, they smoke like a dream! I just ordered my first pollen press to make little kief cakes today, to be honest! I can’t wait to smoke some out of my favorite bong.


The second way to obtain this awesome marijuana product is this thing called a pollen box. It is a three piece box that comes apart. You take off the top, put your bud inside, and close it back up. Gently shake the box back and forth so that the buds move around for a bit and then, open up the bottom (every box opens differently… Some have small drawers and some completely disassemble) and you should see the collection of kief on the glass bottom. It’s awesome with these because the bottom reflects so it’s extremely easy to see where the dust is. Also, the boxes tend to be missing a side on the mirror part so you can scrape it off right in to a container.3_inch_4_piece_american_grinder

I haven’t used a pollen box before, however I can see how it would definitely be a useful tool. However, I suggest that people who do not grow or smoke in huge magnitudes stick to the grinders. They’re small and easy to handle. Plus, it’s nice to kill two birds with one stone and grind up your weed while you extract the THC crystals. However, if you smoke a lot and the grinder doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, by all means, grab a box! Sending the three ounces you bought through the pollen box is sure to yield you an epic amount of golden kief!


Absolutely use whichever you feel comfortable with. I don’t believe that either one is better than the other. I think it depends more on the amount that you smoke rather than the actual yield of the kief. Hey, why not have both just because? Pollen boxes run for about $15.00 on eBay and depending on the grinder you get, they’re not too pricy either! I definitely suggest snagging a pollen press though, especially if you want to have a stockpile of kief. It’s always extremely depressing when someone drops the kief container! Forming them in to cakes at least makes them slightly easier to retrieve from carpet fibers.

Pollen Boxes Vs Grinders; Stoner Reviews


Rollaboard; Stoner Review

StonerDays is proud to present Rollaboard as stoners we are always finding new ways to enjoy our smoke. We are no different here our Rollaboard doesn’t go a day without sweet Mary Jane being broken up for a joint or two. Rolla was started like every great product, not with the intention of creating a business but simply out of necessity and function.

stonerdays rollaboard review

The 100% organic bamboo wood used to create the RollaBoard© is what defines the board as “the connoisseur choice” for rolling. The RollaBoard©  is simply the first, most functional, all natural, bamboo rolling board ever crafted. We stand behind the design and quality of every board.

The Original Bamboo Rolling Board

Just a few lines about our clips the #rollawick and the #rolladice

The Rollawick is made out of Black Palm Wood, wrapped  in 5 Feet of Beeline Hemp Wick


The clip sits upright, so it sits on the rollaboard like a little torch see while you roll at night.

The RollaDice:  Is our nod to the gamers  and D & D folks, providing a nice fun roach clip that looks bad ass..


Our mantra:  Our goal is to bring back the handmade, American Made Novelty to the stoner culture.  No more mindlessly designed imports in our headshops! 

 Upgrade your Stoner© RollaBoards..  

We are launching a new line that include 6 new models for both the 420 / 710 community in time for the holiday.

Rollaboard; Stoner Review

Toker Poker

Toker Poker; Stoners Review


The Toker Poker® was created like every great product – as a matter of necessity. Living in the mountains of Colorado we constantly found ourselves in search of a poking device – on the chairlift, in the backcountry, at the frisbee golf course.

toker poker

This became an increasingly annoying situation for us. One morning, after leaving a Red Rocks show with a pounding head and a clogged pipe, we had our moment. Our “why isn’t there a product with a poker and tamper attached to the lighter?” moment.


Days later, at our kitchen table, the first prototype was born. We sat down with a lighter, a twisty tie, a paperclip, hot glue, acrylic paint and a very large blunt. Within hours, the first functioning Toker Poker® was created. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked and we used it daily. Quickly, our friends started to take notice and soon we were making Toker Pokers® for everyone on the block. The feedback was overwhelming – everybody loved them. Fast forward 3 years, after countless designs, redesigns and prototypes – we are ready to present you with a truly unique and utterly necessary product. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place.

toker poker

Quality was our top priority in this journey. We could have gone into full production years ago, but we didn’t. We pulled back and tweaked this, moved that, took a little off here, a little off there until it was perfect. We were obsessed – too obsessed, some would argue. There is heavy research and development backing this product up. Whether you’re shredding waves, ripping fresh powder or just hanging at your favorite smoke spot, you will soon find that your Toker Poker® never leaves your side. It is the only smoking accessory you need – the perfect companion for all your smoking adventures. The Toker Poker’s® ergonomic design combined with stainless steel smoking accessories make it the one and only. It’s a wonder it’s the first of its kind. Enjoy. Click here for more information about Toker Poker

toker poker

Customer Reviews:

“A perfect tool for any stoner!” StonerDays, CA

“These are awesome. Great concept – sleek and functional. Use mine every day.” Ben, WA

“It’s like, life is complete.” – Lauren, CA

“Beast! Stays in my pocket all day. No one can Bic my shit, either!” – Austin, CA

“Sharpest tool in my box. Use mine every day. It’s with me even when I’m not smoking.” – Casey, MA

“Best weed accessory ever created. Get one ASAP stoners.” Angela, CO

“Can’t live without it.” Brandon, CO

Toker Poker; Stoners Review