Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

There is no doubt that Cannabis and Skin Care is taking the world by storm. From your classic glass shops to your stay at home mum. Canna business is a booming. We all know of its many any health benefits and its fun nature. More people 25+ age group – use it for more of its medical uses the its recreational fun. The world is changing and we also know that Snoop Dogg said that Canada is ahead of America when it comes to Canna business. Body Shop has sold hemp hand cream for many many years. But do we even know why? How many of us just bought it to make our parents roll their eyes?

There are many compounds that make up cannabis a few are: d-9-THC, CBD and THCA. Over 400 compounds, dating back to the 1899 – when the first compound was found. It’s not hard to believe that this complex green plant could have many health benefits for your skin.

Our face / head carries a few of our major senses; Taste, Sound, Sight & Smell. Cannabis and Skin Care.

Cannabis & Skin Care
Cannabis & Skin Care

Our brains are constantly sending electrical messages throughout our body, telling every nerve ending what to do. That includes controlling our skin. We all have our own skin cell patten with its own chemical makeup that reacts to our everyday lives. Zits, pimples, acne, redness, 2 tone, the list goes on, on what each individual carries. It’s important that we take care of our face/skin. We all know of the commercial brands, St.Ives, Clinique, and Avon . There are many cannabis infused products out there, here are a few reasons on why we should begin to use them.

MGC – Derma Day and Night Cream:

Purpose is to hydrate and protect your skin. Leading ingredient CBD. (Cannabinoids) despite its many benefits its a compound that doesn’t get you stoned. In oil form (hemp oil) it reduces inflammation as well acne. Acne is caused by 2 much oil on the skin, witch is caused by too dry of skin making the oil receptors produce more than what they need. Day cream can help protect your skin against UV rays from the sun and keeps skin looking energized and firm.

Lord Jones – Pain & Wellness lotion:

High CBD lotion is created to help soothe the body’s muscles from aches and pains. Every 1 pump contains 2mg of CBD. The human body has tiny protein cells that receive messages creating a chemical reaction that helps relieve pain.

Cult Beauty – Therapy Slumber Pillow Spray:

Although this isn’t a skin care product, we all know how important a goods nights sleep is for the human body. An unhealthy sleeping pattern can cause, stress ,anxiety, weight gain (some cases) weight loss, irregular eating habits. Cult Beauty Therapy Pillow Spray contains essential oils in lavender & sweet grass, both known oils to help ease the body. Camomile, a main ingredient in the well known camomile tea and CBD.

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Lets not forget about the “hippy home made always crafting something” mum – She has probably made her home-made hemp infused lip-balm and body butter for the local market. Or cannabis infused dye /normal shampoo. Cannabis is being used in day-to-day life. The amazing properties that it contains over 72,000 makes up this plant. The known properties and unknown is that makes this plant outstanding. How amazing is it that one plant can be used to aid the health of the entire body.


Megan Thiessen

Lethbridge AB, CA