Marijuana Comic James Bong Cannabis Crusader


Marijuana Comic James Bong Cannabis Crusader

Well, it’s been over a year since the passing of the torch from the nation’s favorite cannasseur-in-chief, Budrock Obama, to President Tweet and his ironically named, super anti-cannabis Attorney General Joint, I mean, Jeff Sessions. Everybody at the JOINT Agency, Justice Organization Involving Nugget Technology, misses our Bud very much. So on this marijuana comic we decided to celebrate the cannaversary, or rather mourn the passing, and share this cannabis comic about the time Mr. Bong, James Bong, painted the White House green.
There’s a saying around the JOINT. It’s a saying that’s been at the core and the heart of the agency since the sparking of the very first JOINT, a saying that rhymes, and that saying is: puffsnotcuffs. And this mantra is more relevant every day, as activists and patients and freedom fighters everywhere struggle to remove the cuffs and take more puffs.
With a zealously corrupt organization enforcing unjust laws. JOINTS mission is more clear than ever. Luckily, James was able to coax his way into the Oval Office. Making an ally with the power of his words and the potency of his buzz, just before the changing of the guard.
As usual, Mr. Bong’s adventures are brought to you by a global coalition. Talents converging from across borders to spread the buzz, and our good weed ambassadors at stonerdays deliver the message.
Let’s work together to make America High Again. Truly One Nation Under Bong. A Land of the Free and Home of the Buzzed. Enjoy!”
Danks, I look forward to your reply!
By: James Longshore
Vigilante Entertainment

Cannabis Comics Stoned Alone James Bong Cannabis Crusader


Cannabis Comics Stoned Alone James Bong Cannabis Crusader

Just like you and me cannabis comics, Bong… James Bong: Cannabis Crusader loves the green and red. Especially when it’s a fluffy green with bushy red hairs. Whether you are celebrating Kushmas, highnakuh, or ramadank, there is one tradition in which we can all partake. After all, as Santa said, sharing is caring!

And it’s a tradition that starts today with what is sure to become a Cannamas classic: “Stoned Alone”, a parody of the seminal Christmas Classic “Home Alone”, starring James Bong, in a special holidays edition of the Cannabis comic. As usual, this Merry James tale is produced by an international team of happy little elves in the Nug Pole, and delivered to you via the virtual Stoner Days sleigh!


When the rest of the JOINT family leaves James all alone on Christmas to protect HQ, he can’t help himself from taking a peek in Bud’s lab. But of course, he’s not the only one who is after a bountiful stash of trees on the herbiest night of the year!

The cannabis comic “Stoned Alone” also introduces a revolutionary new invention, the Vpuf Pipe, which will be the first official licensed James Bong product, coming to top shelves in 2018!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s okay to read it twice. Or 420 times. Or to your little brother while you tuck him in. It’s sure to be a treat to read as you sit and light your holy joint with the Christmas fire. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good high!

Cannabis Comics James Bong in Medicine Man!

cannabis-comics-james-bong-420 2

Cannabis Comics James Bong in Medicine Man!

“Sure, you got cannabis comics and stoner comics, but this one is different: This is a cannabis comic, and James Bong is a hero for marijuana consumers everywhere!
James Bong has been publishing internationally for 3 years and the creators are excited to include StonerDays weed clothing in their latest series. Mr. Bong’s adventures are inspired by real stories from the legalization movement, mixed with, of course, personal experience and all the ingredients of marijuana culture traditions. James mission is to protect stoners from harm and injustice, and change the perception of the plant and the community. He is the top shelf agent of J.O.I.N.T., a Justice Organization Involving Nugget Technology.


The story of the Cannabis Crusader began in the 2005 short film, “The Origin, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the JOINT”. The comic is created and produced by Vigilante Entertainment and illustrated by an international team of artists.

In “Medicine, Man!”, James is dispatched to retrieve a sacred strain rumoured to cure cancer from the hands of a mysterious shaman. Along his magical journey, with the help of a friendly neighborhood dealer, James must outsmart everyone from cops to cowboys as he travels from cities to the desert, determined to catch the buzz of the northern lights!


Whether you call it pot, herb, bud, chronic, or meds, prefer to smoke a pipe, vape, or roll it up, we’re sure you will enjoint the adventures of James Bong: Cannabis Crusader!

Look out for the Stoner Days t-shirt James rocks on his travels!


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Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner


Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner

Stoner Engineers are some of the most creative people in the world. This blog covers some of the best stoner engineering submitted on reddit.

Corona Light x Ciroc Peach Collab Bong

“The zenith. Made from the carb of a ’38 Chevy”

The zenith. Made from the carb of a '38 Chevy

Voyager 1

Found a cool vase at a local thrift store and slapped it up with NASA stickers. This picture was taken right after it’s maiden voyage:
stoner engineering creative

The Pancake Pipe

A brilliant formation for an epic wake and bake. Drizzle syrup and eat when you’re done smoking!

pancake pipe

Awesome Ice Bong

The story for this epic ice bong goes like this:

I harvested the ice from a frozen river. Using a chisel and a hammer I shaped two smaller blocks (one for the base and one for the neck of the bong)

I used a 3/8in drill bit to drill the downstem. I used a 1 1/2 inch forstner bit to drill the ice away where the neck will be. To join the two pieces of ice I melted the ends flat on a wood stove and then stuck them together and let them freeze.

The bowl is a normal bowl that I froze to the ice. You can’t remove it to clear the bong because it is frozen in place

As far as the ripability goes, it’s great. Smooth rips every time

The Lit Saber Bong:
lit saber bong

“My brother in law (who doesn’t smoke) hand made this Blue Alabaster pipe for my birthday. I’m the stoner, he’s the engineer.”

handpipe carved out of stone

Handmade Solar Dome Vaporizer

stoner engineers

the wind blocker

And that my friends, is the wonderful world of Stoner Engineers On Reddit.

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– The StonerDays Team

Hemp Greeting Cards

Hemp Greeting Cards

StonerDays presents Hemp Greeting Cards made out of American made Hemp. Lets stop with deforestation and all rally behind making more products out of hemp. Our world is truly a beautiful place and we plan on keeping it that way for all generations to come.


Hemp Greeting Cards

Our world and StonerDays are constantly changing. With U.S. States and a few countries legalizing hemp and marijuana, doors are now reopening for production of textiles made from hemp. StonerDays is taking on this taboo plant and making Hemp Greeting Cards out of them. Our goal is to provide our fans with a hemp card that expresses their true feelings for that special person and for any occasion.

Write someone a card to wish them happy birthday or to just tell them that they’re your best bud. Some card stuffer ideas would be to add a dime bag inside or a joint/spliff. What could make someones day any better than some good vibes and some cannabis. Let StonerDays be the orchestrators of your next event such as a 4:20 sesh. Use our Let’s Get High Checklist hemp greeting card to rally the troops and make sure nothing is left out. Hemp Greeting Cards are available individually or in packs of 3, 6 or 12.

TROG’s Marijuana Art


TROG’s Marijuana Art

Stonerdays is proud to present marijuana inspired artist TROG

He is an amazingly talented stoner artist whos art screams psychedelic trip to the max! The vibrant colors and hues that he uses makes the characters in his paintings pop out of the canvas and come to life.


What is your name and where are you from?

Name is TROG. I was born in Perth West, OZ and currently reside in Melbourne, Australia.


Who are your favorite artists/inspirations?

 Drawing inspirations are Rick Griffin / Robt Williams / Stanley Mouse / Ben Brown / Robert Crumb / Victor Moscosso


What events have you done artwork for?

Seattle Hempfest / Kush Cup LA (winning strains + best glass ) / Kush Expo OC / Secret Cup LA / Green Gathering SD / Hempcon / Harvest Fest / Hempstock + more..


What bands have you done work for?

Kottonmouth Kings / The Family Stone / Kyuss Lives / Mickey Avalon / Hed PE / Moonshine Bandits / Slightly Stoopid + more…


What artwork are you currently working on?

Currently working on some new stuff for Kali Connect / moonshine bandits / a few new MMJ events + a heap of wasted canvas personal works!!!!


Do you smoke marijuana?



What do you smoke out of the most?

My bong!!!


When is your favorite time to smoke?

Best time to smoke is when I’m coming down!!!


What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

Listen to all the good stuff – what’s currently getting played in my car would be – Johnny Cash / NOFX / Green Day


Find TROG on facebook for more great paintings or follow him on instagram @artoftrog.

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TROG’s Marijuana Art

Fernando TOONZ Juarez


Fernando TOONZ Juarez – Featured Marijuana Artist

Stonerdays is proud to present marijuana inspired artist TOONZ.


1. What is your name, how old are you, and where are you from?

My name is Fernando “TOONZ” Juarez. I am 24 years old and I’m from Northern California.


2. What are your favorite subjects to paint?

My favorite subjects to paint are Aztec/Maya and psychedelic plants; including Marijuana, Peyote and Mushrooms.


3. How did you get into art? How long have you been Painting?

I have been doing art since I was in elementary school, yet its been natural to me for a very long time. I fell in love with the idea of being able to create something from nothing. I have been painting for approximately 2 years, but have been creating art from a young age. I was inspired by my native roots, and felt compelled to continue the ways of my ancestors.


4. How long do you usually spend on one piece and what mediums are you using? Paintbrushes, paint, canvases etc…

The estimated time frame for a certain piece depends on whether I’m painting, sculpting, carving or wood burning. The time spent on a painting generally is a couple of days depending on the size of the canvas and the complexity of the design. I use all different sorts of mediums such as; paint, wood, canvases, jeans, shoes, hats, clay, and wooden pipes.


5. What is your favorite way to smoke bong, pipe, joints, blunts?

I like to spark my creativity with some bowl hits from my custom made pipes and bongs. I also enjoy to roll up and burn fat joints.


6. Who/What inspires you?

 My biggest inspirations are my Son, my family, and my culture.


7. Who is your favorite artist/painter?

One of my favorite artists at the moment is my good friend and upcoming artist, Starve The Wolf. We inspire each other and are a team.

8. What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

 My music of choice is Hip hop, for it speaks to me and is relevant to my struggle. “Keep It Lit”


Follow TOONZ @toonz89 or find him on Facebook @ [email protected]

Stoners love Marijuana Artist and we do to. If you are an artist and would like to see yourself and art on the site send us your Stoner Art to [email protected] or click on the button below. Please send a complete bio about yourself be as creative possible this is a stoner web site. Stay blazed!


Fernando TOONZ Juarez – Featured Marijuana Artist

Hiroko Reaney


Hiroko Reaney – Featured Stoner Artist

Stonerdays is proud to present marijuana inspired artist Hiroko Reaney.

artoswoamermaid&bigpinklotus001 (2)copyright

Whats your name, how old are you and where are you from?

My name is Hiroko Reaney. I’m 35 years old, a wife and mother of 2. I was born in Tokyo, Japan, but grew up in Southern California. Currently, we live in a small town in the Inland Empire.


What about art, what’s your favorite subjects to paint?

Mermaids and plants. 

How did you get into art/graphic design? How long have you been Painting?

Comics are what got me into art. The artwork is so expressive, imaginative, and fun. I’ve been drawing since I was 4, but didn’t start painting until age 20. I painted Fantasy art for over 10 years and just recently made this cannabis art and started doing art shows/events.


How long do you usually spend on one piece and what mediums are you using? Paintbrushes, paint, canvases etc…

Some pieces take over 200 hours, some take just a day. It’s funny, the ones that took the least time are the most well-received.

What’s your favorite way to smoke weed bong, pipe, joints, blunts?

If I had a vape, that would be my favorite because it’s safest.. but for now I relax with a bong or pipe, and occasional joint.


Who/what inspires you?

Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Sheryl Crowe, Tina Turner, Cindi Lauper, Rumiko Takahashi (author of Japanese comics).. just great artists who do great things for people.

Who’s your favorite artist/painter?

Michelangelo and Eichiro Oda (author of Japanese comic).


What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

Depends on what I’m painting. I like alternative, love songs, smooth jazz, pop, r&b, or rock. When I’m painting cannabis art, I listen to reggae.


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Hiroko Reaney – Featured Marijuana Artist

Adriel Restrepo

Bong Heads

Adriel Restrepo – Featured Marijuana Artist

MonsterMations1My name is Adriel Restrepo and I am self taught learning UV glow in the dark blacklight art through repetition trial and error for the past five years. Except I don’t see it as errors more like learning steps necessary to move forward. All my life I loved drawing monsters and watched every cartoon, movie, making of movies I could find with the dream of creating my own animated world and movies! I have also studied computer animation where I meet some awesome creative people and learned a lot about art and animation and also love to sculpt with clay. MonsterMations3As a kid I used to create stopmotion animations with my clay characters and toys for my family and friends to watch who have always been very supportive and encouraging of my art. Currently I just run my art page on Facebook and I’m working on many projects, one that I’m proud of is a short 3d animated film called the Path of Balance where I helped design, storyboard, and digitally create the main human character and animation movement. PathOfBalance is an awesome project I suggest you check it out. I prefer cannabis as its a great creative enhancer with the occasional shroom trip for an avalanche of ideas and MonsterMations4connections made not possible sober. Everything is psychedelic the fact that we are communicating through light beams moving patterns pixels and symbols from across this giant round planet orbiting a giant ball of fire orbiting a giant massive black hole orbiting even more giant black holes is psychedelic in of itself. I always loved glow in the dark things since a kid. Kids are naturally unsober and what natural psychedelic substances can do for an adult is waken the inner child since growing old in this world can really make you forget what is really important. My art is purely from my own personal life experiences which I am expressing. My first inspiration manifested while getting stoned alone for the first time sittingSCROG-StonerDays on my couch and as I was drawing I noticed some of my color pencils were glowing under the black light and after that its been a spiral of artworks branching into many ideas I probably would not have if I did not smoke. Check out my link at the bottom of the page to my first artwork called Floatn N Smoken! This is what started my line of psychedelic art. Psychedelics has really opened my mind to myself as well as the world around me and all the infinite amount of inspirations in every bit of space holds. It got me really into the science of everything. I try to fill my head with any scientific discoveries being made while always being skeptical of any info that passes through my mind yet giving ideas the chance to learn taking the bits that will benefit me and discarding the junk. Documentaries are MonsterMations5awesome for inspiration and nature being observant of all the many layers of life and all its different yet repeating patterns. I love painting with head phones on music is an awesome tool for art making. Sometimes I paint with no music when my mind wants quite time. Or I put anything that will help inspire me on the t.v in the back ground. Everything and anything inspires me cartoons, movies, thoughts, dreams, science, nature, animals, family, FRACTALS, CYMATICS, patterns, woman, video games, reading stories, art history and anything that makes me feel good. Lucid dreaming is awesome for planning out art. I literally plan some of my art in my dreams as you have the freedom to do and see what you want instantly. MonsterMations7I’m a big fan of art, psychedelic, monsters, animation so I decided to roll it all into one big joint together so that I am doing something I enjoy while still making a living and helping my family any way I can. I was born in the creative streets of Yonkers New York January 16 1987 an awesome year to be born! Lived in New York with my family until I was 8 years old I moved to Miami Florida with my mom, older brother and twin sister. My grandmother who was the strongest multi talented woman I have ever known has been a huge influence in guiding my creativity all my life. I was super close and loved my grandma so much it was a huge disappointment when she passed and my life sort of went  detouring wrong paths of stupid drunkenness and alcohol with a little sauce of negative thoughts but one thing that stayed the same was my passion to always draw. MonsterMations6

I sort of was suffering with depression until around 2008 when I discovered Mary Jane and later discovered shrooms and its amazing powers to heal and make you think in better positive ways giving me the power and better control of my own life.MonsterMations Turns out its not really depression it was just a wack way of thinking that grew in my head like a virus until I found the natural magic plants that cleaned those thoughts away being overshadowed by overwhelming happiness and appreciation for life and loved ones around me. I have so many favorite artist its hard to narrow down. There are so many different art forms too from joint rolling a cross joint to making movies, music, cooking and I even consider stand up comedy and fighting as awesome art forms. If I had to name drop the artist who has been great influence the past years I have to say my music buddy for life Kid Cudi. MonsterMationsArt3Never felt such a strong connection to music ever since and his variety of different sounds really opens my mind to many other kinds of music. Tim Burton and his amazing stop motions. thc420 if you haven’t heard his music i suggest you look him up! Highly underrated music artist that more stoners would love to hear but don’t even know this guy exist and he makes awesome fun music! MonsterMationsArt1Some more undiscovered artist that inspire me names are Thomas L Conger, Fernando Toonz Juarez, Jaquelyn Braxton, and NaajArt! Alex Grey is a master artist!!! Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz are my favorite pot head comedians who have literally changed my life for the better listening to their super funny podcast always learning knew things from the greats! I like all and every type of weed!!! I like to smoke joints, blunts, pipes, bongs edibles basically any way you can stick that THC in my brain I try. What ever gets me high at the time is my favorite. My favorite weed is some good fruity sativa really gets my brain charged with the boost of energy perfect for staying awake drawing the day away. MonsterMationsArtDon’t get me wrong Indica I have a lot of love for too perfect for unwinding listening to music and meditate on visuals happening inside my brain! My favorite is when I get to try different flavors and weed in one session the combination of smoking many strains at one sitting can get you super high!! hahaha Love cannabis forever! 8)

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Adriel Restrepo – Featured Marijuana Artist

Cathy Lee


Cathy Lee – Featured Marijuana Artist

Cathy Lee is a professional cannabis artist, specializing in oil painting. Since the age of 5, Lee has been heavily influenced by comic books, cartoons, graffiti art, and photography.


From 2006-2009, Lee worked as an independent cannabis baker, providing cannabis-infused edibles to fellow Prop 215 patients. In 2008, Lee attended Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA to study the medical cannabis industry.


After graduating from Oaksterdam University, Lee volunteered on the Alumni Committee to help organize the 1st Annual Oaksterdam Alumni Cannabis Cup. Lee has been a Prop 215 patient for over 6 years.


In 2010, she launched her professional art business called, “Cathy Lee Art,” where she combines her accumulated skills and talents to create a visual experience on canvas. Lee hand mixes all of her paints from scratch, and builds her own stretched canvases. Through this process, she builds a deeper connection with each piece she creates.


Lee’s cannabis art series incorporates her two passions: oil painting and cannabis. With her techniques of color, tonality, and style, she paints cannabis to display its sheer aesthetic beauty.


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Cathy Lee – Featured Marijuana Artist

E. Charlene Schuster

Stoner art marijuana art

E. Charlene Schuster – Featured Marijuana Artist

ECS photoFeatured Marijuana Artist E. Charlene Schuster, sat down to answer some of stonerdays questions: I’m an artist originally from Brooklyn, NY who is now located in a sunnier place . I’ve worked as a makeup artist for 7 years and just recently returned to my roots in Fine Art. I grew up as a big comic book fan and I try to bridge the gap between comic style and realism. I’m entirely self taught so my style is all my own.

1. Whats your name and where are you from? 

E. Charlene Schuster, or just CS for short.

kush girls

2. Favorite subjects to paint?

I love creating stories, so any time I’m creating something that has a purpose, I’m having fun!

stoner barbies

3. How did you get into art? How long have you been Painting?

Artistic skill runs in my family. I have always dabbled in art but because I had a difficult past, I completely ignored it for years. I was a makeup artist for a long time, and always felt like something was missing from what I was doing. I’ve returned back to fine art and discovered it’s the perfect fit. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve been back. Every new piece is better than the last, so I’m looking forward to this journey.

mary jane girls

4. How long do you usually spend on one piece and what mediums are you using?

Paintbrushes, paint, canvases etc…I keep going until I’m done. It could be a few hours or it could be a few months. Sometimes I take a break from one for a long while so I don’t get frustrated and hate what I’m doing. I usually get inspired and go back. I try to have a few projects going on at once. My Mary Jane paintings are done with acrylic on wrapped canvas. I’m not going for a realistic look, so I like the brilliance of acrylic. I use everything and dabble with all mediums though. It depends on the look I’m going for.

weed women

4. Favorite smoke Bong, pipe, joints, blunts?

I love glass.

5. What inspires you? What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

Life inspires me! It’s unpredictable when something triggers an idea in me. I have hundreds of ideas a day, most of which I dump into a notebook or sketchbook for sometime later. My playlist now consists of a mix of old and new specific songs that put me in a creative mood. I change the playlist depending on the subject I’m working on.

Stoner art marijuana art

6. Who is your favorite artist/painter?

I try to be like John Singer Sargent if he was a comic book artist. Let’s see if I’ll get there!

Be sure to check out E. Charlene Schuster art work at Fine Art America. CLICK HERE

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E. Charlene Schuster – Featured Marijuana Artist

Michael Owens


Michael Owens – Featured Marijuana Artist

Hello, my name is Michael Owens. I’m a forty eight year old African American contemporary artist from the tiny town of Nashville, Georgia.


Despite my age I’m actually new to the art game even though I’ve dreamed of being a professional artist my whole life.

I didn’t start painting until 2005, when I took my first painting course at Georgia Southern University, although I had been working with various other color media, pencils, pastels, etc. for years.

My media of choice tends to be oil paint on wood panel because I have a more physical style that requires a heavier support. The paint is applied with brushes, pallet knives, sticks or even with fingers, if I’m in that kind of mood. My second favorite is mixed media because it opens up so many creative avenues and possibilities. Mixing media expands the expressive power of art by adding layers of texture, color, and meaning.

Bob and JimiYou know, it’s funny.

I love music but I don’t listen to music while I’m working. Music, especially the kind with lyrics, tends to distract me.

Many times I have listened to certain songs to help create a mood or state of mind before painting, not during. I’ll listen to old school like Earth Wind and Fire to make me feel good about the world, or maybe some Bob Marley or Hendrix to put me in a more rebellious mood.

A painting can take anywhere from months to complete to only a few days. For example, Clarence Thomas was completed start to finish in about one week, because I had a clear idea of where it was heading due to a prior attempt that was unsuccessful.

That failure made me see exactly what I had done wrong.

The Bob and Jimi piece was labored over for about six months as it was worked on only occasionally.
Clarence Thomas
As a small child I remember reading an illustrated storybook about the life of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass. I have no idea where it came from nor could I locate it now, but I can’t tell you how much that book helped to inspire a love of history and art that survives to this day. In those pages I could feel his thirst for knowledge and his love of freedom, the two things that drive my work today.

I also findinspiration in my family, my community, people I’ve met and places I’ve been.

My artistic heroes include well known contemporary African American artists like Kehinde Wiley, Michael Ray Charles, and Kara Walker as well as historical political artists like David Alfaro Siqueiros, Kerry James Marshall, Jacob Lawrence and Faith Ringgold.

For more information on Michael Owens or if you would like to purchase any of Michael Owens art click here

Michael Owens – Featured Marijuana Artist

Link to: Stoner Art

Anita Toke

Anita Toke 5

 Anita Toke – Featured Marijuana Artist

Stonerdays recently interviewed marijuana artist Anita Toke, with her open mind and energized spirit Antia’s stoner art is truly incredible. Here’s how it went.

Anita Toke 1

Stonerdays: What’s your name and where are you from?

 My name is Anita Toke (of course that’s my real name, are you high?) and I am originally from Santa Barbara, California, but now live in Baja, CA, Mexico near Ensenada.

Stonerdays: What are your favorite subjects to paint?

I love celebrating cannabis friendly subjects. Weed has been vilified for way too long. Everyone I know smokes pot and it’s time to just stop lying about it. I love doing portraiture of smokers, and lately I have been doing renditions of magnified trichomes and flowers.  

Anita Toke 2

Stonerdays: How did you get into art? How long have you been Painting?

 I’ve been painting for about 8 yrs. Before that, I worked in Silicon Valley and was just so burned out on the whole money thing. I decided to just change my life. I made a goal to be mostly retired by 55, but I knew that I was not in a position financially (in the traditional sense) to do that, so I just started to shift my awareness and focus. One of the things I had always wanted to do was paint, but had never tried because my younger sister was a very accomplished artist and it felt like treading on her territory. So, in spite of that feeling, I started to take some lessons and found that I had a skill that I was totally not aware of. I sold my 3rd and 4th paintings in a show. I was doing landscapes and seascapes mostly in the beginning. 

Anita Toke 4

Stonerdays: How long do you usually spend on one piece and what mediums are you using?

I use only acrylic now. I started out using oils, and although there were aspects about oil paint that I like, they are also highly toxic and I just decided I didn’t want to breathe solvents all day. I probably spend between 4-12 hrs on a piece, depending on size and complexity, and detail. It’s hard for me to sit and paint more than a couple hours at a time, so I mix it up with some online work that I do.

Anita Toke 6

Stonerdays: What kind of paintbrushes, paint and canvases are you using?

I paint with brushes. When I first started painting, of course, I had no idea what my preference would be for brushes, paints, etc. but after awhile I found myself buying Golden paints more frequently than anything else. I just prefer the consistency of the Golden Heavy Body line of paints, and they have a great selection of colors. I paint on both canvas, and lately, deep gallery wrap board, which is a thin, plywood skin mounted on 1 1/2″ deep bars. It makes a nice, hard smooth surface and is great for portraits. I’ve also painted on cloth and put some buds on a little bag recently that came out cool. I painted a dude’s jumpsuit. He works the strip in Las Vegas as Captain Cannabis and I painted huge plants up the front and back, and some other decorations all over his suit. I painting his boots, and other accessories. It was a fun project. I wish the dude would pay me the other $500 he owes me though…if you see him, tell him to pay up! haha

Stonerdays: What is your favorite way to smoke marijuana?

Man, this Mexican weed is so lame. Occasionally I’ll get something kinda good, or someone will sneak some medicinal stuff down from CA. (which is kinda funny…smuggling weed INTO Mexico) I usually just hit a little glass pipe, or I’ll roll one. I suck at rolling though, and admittedly use a machine. Not too into bongs..I usually kick them over and they break! I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Blue Dream when I could get it. I’m a sativa kinda girl for sure. I’ll have my pipe by me while I paint, usually, and hit it now and then. Sit back and look at the painting, deciding what’s next…

Anita Toke 3

Stonerdays: What inspires you? What kind of music do you listen to while you paint?

Depends on my mood, but usually I like to get energized before I paint. Sometimes I’ll put on some good dance music; trance or disco, and dance around before I paint to loose things up, free my mind, get some energy moving, you know. Reggae is always right there. I just discovered iTunes radio, so I have been playing some Latin music stations, trying to improve my Spanish. I can’t really do left-brained things like listen to talk shows or study Spanish while I’m painting… it’s to incongruous for the creative process.

Anita Toke 5

Stonerdays: Who’s your favorite artist/painter?

Wow. That’s just an impossible question for me. I have a wide range of art that I like. I have a number of contemporary friend’s whose art I enjoy and collect. I really like color, and have been accused of being a fauvist myself. I like simplicity and color and boldness. I am not into photo-realism. To me, that’s just a skill, not really ‘art’ per se. Frida Kahlo is evocative, Van Gogh was just so wonderful with color, Gauguin. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at other art, though, I’m usually at the beach, doing yoga, riding my horse, or painting…or smoking a bowl! lol

Anita Toke is a professional artist who loves cannabis and celebrating the herb in her art.

All of Anita’s art is available as prints on canvas, matted and framed prints on archival paper (that’s the good stuff, but don’t try smoking it!) at her online print shop. She also has greeting cards in 10 or 25 packs and posters of a few of her paintings here. If you would like some assistance ordering prints for your home or business, feel free to contact Anita Toke.

Her fine art paintings are done in acrylic, either on canvas or board. Some of her originals are still available for purchase, so if you are interested in fine art originals, please use the contact page on her website to let her know.

For prices and more check out Anita Toke at

 Anita Toke