The Best Small Weed Grinder

The cannabis legalization movement has been gaining steam, and with that growth comes the acceptance and normalization of cannabis in every-day parts of society. What held a negative stigma just a couple years ago is now considered normal, albeit a little risqué.

Some people have taken full advantage of this shift by microdosing throughout the day. Microdosing refers to consuming cannabis in small amounts regularly throughout the day with the goal of attaining the euphoric uplifting effects without the psychedelic altering ones that may negatively affect your work/social life.

But to consume cannabis regularly throughout the day, that means keeping some herb on you at all times, or at least within easy reach. That sounds nice, but there are a couple complexities that can make things difficult.

Introducing the ZAM 1.1” Grinder

zam grinders

That’s why the ZAM grinder was invented! At only 1.1” in diameter and 3.7” in length, this mini weed grinder is the thinnest, most compact weed grinder available. It has some neat features that make it the perfect companion for everyday microdosers, or those who like to smoke cannabis while being active. I.E – Hiking, biking, camping, etc.

Keeping Multiple Strains/Forms on You at Once

There are so many different types of weed available, why shackle yourself to only enjoying one at a time? Combing different strains is like mixing your two favorite types of cereal, and if you haven’t done that, well then you simply haven’t lived. The ZAM grinder is modular which means you can mix and match the sections to fit your particular needs depending on the moment. There’s also an extra compartment above the grinder’s teeth for air-tight, water-tight storage of your goodies. But that’s not all.

In that top compartment, you also have the choice of two PTFE inserts that allow you carry concentrates as well as de-bowl external stems. This de-bowler inserts is perfect for de-bowling one hitters, or for many dry-herb vaporizers like the Dynavap, Tinymight, Arizer products, and more.

Keeping Your Cannabis in Top Form

You spent all that money on some dank, so why would you let it decay? Do you buy groceries and let them go stale? I thought not, so you’ll want to store your cannabis in an air-tight compartment to preserve quality. It just so happens that the ZAM grinder has an air-tight compartment above the teeth that lets you keep your stanky danky as fresh and potent as possible.

All This in a Compact Form

zam grinder

One of the features that make the ZAM grinder the best small weed grinder is the patent pending new magnet design. All the other grinders on the market have that annoying magnet precariously placed directly in the center of the grinder — the perfect and most obtrusive spot possible if you want to guarantee your grinder gets clogged. The ZAM has redesigned this so you don’t have to break apart your weed as much, thus giving you even more room to grind your weed. The teeth have also been extended to allow more depth rather than width to grind your weed. Everything about this grinder has been maximized so you can do the most with the smallest amount of space.

The ZAM grinder was designed to be ergonomic, easily carried, and adaptable to the situation. When you need your cannabis fresh, when you want to store multiple strains or concentrates, then look for the ZAM grinder. This little beast is designed to sit unobtrusively and almost unnoticeable in most pockets. It also looks unrecognizable in a women’s purse, which makes this grinder the perfect stealthy little grinder for concerts and other public events.

Made From Strong Materials

If you’ve done any research while looking for a new cannabis grinder, you’ve probably seen the phrase, “made from aircraft grade aluminum” in almost every grinder’s marketing speech whether that was a cheap $10 dollar grinder or one of the most expensive weed grinders.

The truth is in the pudding, and for that you need to check to see if the brand lists the grade of aluminum it’s made out of, and whether it has been anodized. You’ll often see the “aircraft grade aluminum” phrase touted but then the brand simply won’t list the grade. That’s a joke.

Zam blue grinder
Zam Blue Grinder

The ZAM grinder is made from 6061 anodized aluminum which is real aircraft grade aluminum. If the brand doesn’t say 6061 anodized aluminum or higher, you should run for the hills, or at least refuse to pay more than $10-$15. These cheaper grinders can cause aluminum shavings to fall in your grinder, do you want that?


The ZAM grinder is the best small weed grinder because it’s the only grinder that has been specifically designed with your needs in mind. If you’re looking for a small grinder that has features that make it able to grind more than other larger grinders despite being easily pocket-able, look at the ZAM grinder. If you’re looking to store multiple strains and concentrates at the same time, look at the ZAM grinder. This small herb grinder was designed for you.

You can buy the ZAM grinder here