The OmniHV

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews

The OmniHV™ is a specialized smoking product, custom machined in Colorado, USA from a high-grade anodized aluminum alloy. OmniHV™ was created with the intention of enhancing your smoking experience, offering a simple and refined method of manipulating your tobacco and herbal products. OmniHV™ comes equipped with several essential smoking utilities, including:

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-Collapsible* pick for clearing your tobacco/herbal pipe

-Collapsible press to pack your tobacco/herbal materials

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-Collapsible scraper to clear out residual tobacco/herbal materials after use

-Precision-machined grinder that provides a perfect, coarse grind every time

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-Hidden screen compartment (screens included)

-Hidden hemp wick spool with side-dispensing slot (wick included)

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-Removable mini bic slot (mini bic not included)

**All collapsible tools are removable. Removing them enhances their functionality (i.e., use the scraper to clean the grinder, the pick to remove the hemp wick, etc.).

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The Tools: Having the OmniHV™ in your pocket means you’re always prepared for any smoking necessity, all in one sleek, quality-engineered product that will last. It also means you have one of the highest quality grinders on the market. OmniHV™ comes equipped with a state-of-the-art, proprietary grinder. It is precision-engineered to produce a perfect, coarse grind without clumping or causing the material to become lodged. In addition to the toolset that comes with the OmniHV™, we will release aftermarket toolsets that can be interchanged with the included tools.

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The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews