The Greenshark Grinder

The Greenshark Grinder; Stoner Reviews

Making a stoners life easier should be the goal of every company who sells accessories other than clothing. Having tools to get higher faster is really beneficial, especially in today’s day and age where everything is instant and waiting is a thing of the past. One accessory that no one can seem to agree on, however, are the grinders. There are tons of different grinders to choose from and so many opinions on which of them may or may not be the best. I’ve tried a lot of different grinders in my smoking days and I think I’ve finally found one that I not only love but I think that everyone should use one.


The Greenshark Grinder is one of the most solid grinders I’ve ever seen. It’s super heavy and extremely durable. The quality of the metal is incredible, not to mention the magnet is one of the strongest ones I’ve ever seen. I’ve been extremely loyal to Sharpstone over the years and my last grinder lasted about five years. Of course, I don’t have only one. I think there are six grinders in my house currently. Not all of them work but I have an issue with throwing away any of my smoking related items. I’d say that probably three out of the six don’t work. I have the Greenshark, a small Sweetleaf, and I recently bought my boyfriend a Sharpstone.


So this new grinder has something that I’ve never seen before. It has a spout. Yeah I said it. It pours your weed for you without you ever having to take the grinder apart. Ladies, this is good for us because I know I’m not the only one that gets weed stuck under my fingernails when I’m taking weed out of the grinder. Weed belongs in the bowl! The Greenshark’s spout will pour a perfect bowl every time without you having the extra step of taking the grinder apart to get the weed out. And if you don’t want the spout, no problem because the grinder fits together without the middle spout piece. You loose the kief chamber and I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want to use the spout… That thing is brilliant.


I love this grinder. It’s extremely well made and worth the money you spend on it. If you’re going to splurge on a grinder, I definitely think that this should be the one that you get. It grinds smooth and usually in one full turn of the blades. It’s fast, tough, and sleek looking. On a scale of 1-10, this beast gets a 9. Check it out. I promise you’ll fall in love!

The Greenshark Grinder; Stoner Reviews

The OmniHV

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews

The OmniHV™ is a specialized smoking product, custom machined in Colorado, USA from a high-grade anodized aluminum alloy. OmniHV™ was created with the intention of enhancing your smoking experience, offering a simple and refined method of manipulating your tobacco and herbal products. OmniHV™ comes equipped with several essential smoking utilities, including:

omnihv-stonerdays (1)

-Collapsible* pick for clearing your tobacco/herbal pipe

-Collapsible press to pack your tobacco/herbal materials

omnihv-stonerdays (4)

-Collapsible scraper to clear out residual tobacco/herbal materials after use

-Precision-machined grinder that provides a perfect, coarse grind every time

omnihv-stonerdays (6)

-Hidden screen compartment (screens included)

-Hidden hemp wick spool with side-dispensing slot (wick included)

omnihv-stonerdays (5)

-Removable mini bic slot (mini bic not included)

**All collapsible tools are removable. Removing them enhances their functionality (i.e., use the scraper to clean the grinder, the pick to remove the hemp wick, etc.).

omnihv-stonerdays (2)

The Tools: Having the OmniHV™ in your pocket means you’re always prepared for any smoking necessity, all in one sleek, quality-engineered product that will last. It also means you have one of the highest quality grinders on the market. OmniHV™ comes equipped with a state-of-the-art, proprietary grinder. It is precision-engineered to produce a perfect, coarse grind without clumping or causing the material to become lodged. In addition to the toolset that comes with the OmniHV™, we will release aftermarket toolsets that can be interchanged with the included tools.

For more info check out the site at

Be sure to us coupon “stonerdays” for a 10$ discount.

The OmniHV; Stoner Reviews

Monkey Ballz Cleaner

Monkey Ballz Cleaner; Stoner Review

A stoner knows that keeping their glass clean is extremely important. Not only does clean glass look better but it smokes far better as well. Smoking a piece that doesn’t get cleaned regularly will not only result in a harder pull but also add in a terrible taste. It’s also extremely disrespectful to some stoners to let their glass get dirty at all, leading them to constantly change their bong water and clean their pieces (see OCD Stoner in my Ten More Types Of Stoners). Overall, you should always be keeping your pieces clean, just to be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience possible from them!


Luckily for stoners everywhere (and for those who aren’t so fond of the alcohol and epsom salt method, as it smells and can be extremely messy), Monkey Ballz Heady Glass Cleaner is available. Not normally fond of glass cleaner, I received a bottle of this cleaner and decided that it definitely needed to be tested. To my utter amazement, as I have always been fond of the alcohol/salt method, the solution cleaned the glass so well that the piece looked right off of the shelves new. And without too much effort on my part, unlike the shaking required with the alcohol method.


Monkey Ballz is definitely a highly recommended product if you’re in the market to find a new glass cleaner that will keep your favorite pieces looking brand new. Plus, you can reuse the cleaner over and over, providing that you’re careful when putting it back in to the bottle. On a scale of 1-10 of required stoner products, I give this amazing cleaner a 9. More specifically because not only does Monkey Ballz have a quality product that you won’t feel stupid for spending money on but the company is run by good people who are all about the cannabis community.

Monkey Ballz Cleaner; Stoner Review

Huf Socks


Huf Socks; Stoner Review

Where to even begin with these suddenly required piece of stoner culture? Trends within the stoner community are common but rarely does something take off as quickly as these leaf printed socks. Such a simple idea, Huf socks come in bunches of different colors, some even in tie-dye, and with accents like diamonds. No stoner can say no to a pair of Huf socks and it seems as if they are here to stay in the cannabis community!

The socks are pretty simple… A color with a weed leaf print in a different color over it. Occasionally, there is a second design on the sock. Some are equipped with a diamond pattern as well. But the socks don’t just look cool. They’re incredibly warm, good for those stoners who live in the colder areas and have to deal with snowstorms. Even when it’s not snowing, Huf socks are constantly paired with shorts in the warmer times of the year. They can be worn with almost any outfit, whether you’re showing them off or not. Some people just wear them as regular socks, since they are so comfortable and warm and some people really enjoy showing them off, rocking the bright colored footwear so that everyone can see.


Just remember to be careful when buying these socks! Collecting them is almost an addiction… With so many different color combinations, one could spend an entire paycheck on a single order of socks… And at roughly $12 a pair, these stoner fashion statements aren’t cheap! It’s recommended that you buy them online, rather than at places like Newbury Comics. At a shocking $15 a pair, Huf socks are a little bit too expensive at that point. Sticking to the online store may even allow you to grab one extra pair of socks!


The Huf company sells other products, such as shirts and hats, but are primarily known for their socks. They even make little baby booties in the Huf sock pattern, for those stoners who have a little one in their lives. This product is highly recommended. Both good looking and functional, plus as a reasonable price (As long as you buy online), the Huf sock is a stoner accessory that is here to stay!

Huf Socks; Stoner Review

Weed World Candy

Weed World Candy; Stoner Review

Edibles are a very popular way to get stoned these days and I have to admit I’m a sucker for a weed brownie, as is every other pothead ever. These days, you can make anything containing marijuana, from the traditional brownie to grilled chicken and buttered green beans. It’s amazing how many things you can cook with cannabis. Every single meal can get you high and that’s amazing, am I right?

weed world candies stonerdays

While everyone loves weed food, there are obviously still states where it’s hard to come by and a company called Weed World Candies is taking a huge step in Chicago, Illinois to be the first to capture the candy market when the plant becomes legal there. Illinois has been projected to be the 20th state to allow medicinal marijuana to patients and Weed World feels that by producing marijuana flavored candies now, they’ll be at the head of the market soon enough when they’re allowed to add THC.

Huge bummer though; the candies don’t actually have weed in them. There is absolutely no THC content. It’s purely just for the flavor. The candies are made with hemp from California but don’t expect to get stoned from eating them anytime soon. I think that Weed World has a great idea, although eating weed flavored candies without getting high seems pointless almost, at least they’ll have their recipe on point for when they can actually add some bud to those suckers.

weed world candies stonerdays

Eating cannabis rather than smoking it is definitely beneficial and prevents you from hurting your lungs. It’s especially popular among people who can’t smoke, like those with lung cancer. It’s also a good way to stay baked when you’re sick with a cough. It’s good to see people utilizing the numerous ways that cannabis can be used to help people!

For more info check out there site:

Weed World Candy; Stoner Review

Toker Poker

Toker Poker; Stoners Review


The Toker Poker® was created like every great product – as a matter of necessity. Living in the mountains of Colorado we constantly found ourselves in search of a poking device – on the chairlift, in the backcountry, at the frisbee golf course.

toker poker

This became an increasingly annoying situation for us. One morning, after leaving a Red Rocks show with a pounding head and a clogged pipe, we had our moment. Our “why isn’t there a product with a poker and tamper attached to the lighter?” moment.


Days later, at our kitchen table, the first prototype was born. We sat down with a lighter, a twisty tie, a paperclip, hot glue, acrylic paint and a very large blunt. Within hours, the first functioning Toker Poker® was created. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked and we used it daily. Quickly, our friends started to take notice and soon we were making Toker Pokers® for everyone on the block. The feedback was overwhelming – everybody loved them. Fast forward 3 years, after countless designs, redesigns and prototypes – we are ready to present you with a truly unique and utterly necessary product. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place.

toker poker

Quality was our top priority in this journey. We could have gone into full production years ago, but we didn’t. We pulled back and tweaked this, moved that, took a little off here, a little off there until it was perfect. We were obsessed – too obsessed, some would argue. There is heavy research and development backing this product up. Whether you’re shredding waves, ripping fresh powder or just hanging at your favorite smoke spot, you will soon find that your Toker Poker® never leaves your side. It is the only smoking accessory you need – the perfect companion for all your smoking adventures. The Toker Poker’s® ergonomic design combined with stainless steel smoking accessories make it the one and only. It’s a wonder it’s the first of its kind. Enjoy. Click here for more information about Toker Poker

toker poker

Customer Reviews:

“A perfect tool for any stoner!” StonerDays, CA

“These are awesome. Great concept – sleek and functional. Use mine every day.” Ben, WA

“It’s like, life is complete.” – Lauren, CA

“Beast! Stays in my pocket all day. No one can Bic my shit, either!” – Austin, CA

“Sharpest tool in my box. Use mine every day. It’s with me even when I’m not smoking.” – Casey, MA

“Best weed accessory ever created. Get one ASAP stoners.” Angela, CO

“Can’t live without it.” Brandon, CO

Toker Poker; Stoners Review