Cannabis Pleasure Lube

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

We’ve gone over the subject of cannabis and sex, two things that seem to go very well together. You can’t deny that, am I right? But while sometimes, you just smoke too much bud and pass out or the added annoyance of passing a joint back and forth while you’re banging can be a nuisance. Fortunately for stoner couples everywhere, there is a new product coming out that is surely going to enhance the time you spend in bed with your partner!


The Aphrodite Group is a California based medical marijuana collective that has taken on the task of creating a lube that will not only add some grease but will enhance the feelings of both parties as well. The lube is called Foria and the Aphrodite Group states that the purpose of this lube is to “benefit women’s health and well being by opening the door to natural and euphoric pleasure”. The product won’t get the user high if you’re planning on using it just as lube but will enhance the sensual nature of the act. However, the lube is also edible. When ingested, it will give the user the same kind of high that one would get from weed brownies. The only downside? The price! Running at $88 a bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap. But with such awesome sexual effects, it’s pretty worth scrounging up the money to buy a bottle, right?


Sprays like this are great for the cannabis industry, as it shows the many different uses for the plant. Instead of popping pills like Viagra and other drugs, a person can simply use a plant based substance that will enhance physical feeling, as well as the spiritual feeling of sex. With more cannabis based creams, sexual lubricants, and other beauty product emerging, it just gives the plant more credibility. Not only is it a medicine, but also a way to improve your cosmetic/sex life as well, plus the hundreds of other benefits.


Marijuana has long been used as a sort of aphrodisiac, especially in the country of India, where ancient tribes used the plant in order to boost libido. Basically, the original idea of what the Aphrodite Group is doing now. While the lube can only be sold to those with their medical marijuana license as of right now (and is only available in the state of California), it will hopefully spread to other states as well as to people who don’t currently hold a license to buy cannabis. As said above, drugs such as Viagra are not natural and can have adverse side effects for some users. A natural, more positive medicine to assist with loss of sexual appetite could absolutely benefit people of all ages.

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews