Enhancing Foods With Cannabis

Enhancing Foods With Cannabis

Discovering foods while having the munchies is almost the best part of being physically & mentally stoned. There are 4 main taste buds on the tongue, salty, sweet, bitter and sour. The overwhelming taste of biting into a watermelon or destroying your favorite bag of chips, comes from cannabis heightening your tongue palate. But have you heard of the foods that intensify the high? Bonus there healthy foods.

Sweet Potatoes


The small orange weirdly shaped thing by the known potatoes. It’s odd either people eat them or they don’t. They are extremely healthy for you. This little veggie not only boosts your mood, contains vitamin A & B (the seritionan that helps production on the brain). A mix of soft and crunchy ( when cooked crispy) a little salty & sweet. Bake it in the oven with coconut oil, make sweet potatoes chips or fries. As a meal stuffed sweet potatoes. Bake the potato soft, scoop out the inside fill it with your mixing veggies, meat, sauce. Bake again add a little cheese of choice to seal it all in.



I hate broccoli. There’s something about it that just doesn’t sit well in my mouth. Maybe its because I’ve never had it cooked the right way. But nevertheless broccoli is another amazing veggie to add to your snack time before bake time. Ever heard of the word “inflammatory”? If you have good on you. If you haven’t you have been living under a rock. Inflammatory – its when a part of the skin gets hot, spicy, red. At one point in your life you have had or will have some sort of degree of it. Not only does cannabis help with this. But broccoli is one of its main healer. (If you know how to cook it let me know)

Beer & Tea


Now first and foremost. To much of anything is a bad thing. They do say that a glass of red wine is healthy for you. To some it is obvious even has its own name “ cross faded”. But yes mixing an alcoholic beverage with you nightly join will giving you a higher THC level in your blood. Is it healthy? Meh a drink or 2 could be good for you. I sure do love my wine. And tequila does have properties/compounds that do help manage your weight and fight viruses. Tea, like Lavender Green tea Lemongrass & Ginger are all world known teas that carry many properties/compounds that are naturally healing to your body inside and out.



Holy shit. Mangoes are so good. I mean it’s got this crazy taste to it that makes you feel like your sitting on the beach with a daiquiri and an big fat blunt. Mango chunks on ice. Yes please. For this one you have to be a bit of a nerd. Drink it or eat it at least an hour before you smoke up. Mangoes have compounds/properties when infused with cannabis it intensifies your high. This compound is called myrcene terpenes. The only fruit that has the same compound found in cannabis.


The best part of legal cannabis is working with legal cannabis. And I don’t mean working in a pot shop. I mean working. Understanding and moving forward with cannabis. We now have such an amazing opportunity to really see what cannabis can do for our systems the environment and even our wallets.

Writer: Megan

4 Ways Marijuana can Help You reach Your Weight Loss Goals

4 Ways Marijuana can Help You reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Marijuana is quickly becoming the go-to fitness “aid” among professional athletes and their amateur counterparts around the world. Boasting numerous benefits for your overall health and performance. Cannabis should definitely become a part of your daily life, and your fitness lifestyle as a whole. However, regular marijuana consumption may be able to help you lose weight and stay on track with your weight loss routine?

Mind you, there is no causal relationship between cannabis consumption and a slimmer physique. But what we can say with a dose of certainty is that marijuana can complement your weight loss journey in a positive way and allow you to reach your goals just a little bit faster.

Here is how you can balance cannabis intake with your fitness regime to maximize weight loss.

marijuana fitness 1

De-stress and minimize cortisol

No matter if you’re exercising to reach a certain goal or compete in the professional realm, or if you’re just hitting the gym to stay healthy, you should know by now that cortisol (the catabolic stress hormone) has a direct causal relationship with obesity. Quite simply, if you stress too much or if you put too much strain on your body, your immune system is going to respond in a negative way.

The result is oftentimes subpar performance, and worst of all, muscle loss accompanied by unwanted visceral fat gain. This is where the calming and mentally-restorative nature of cannabis comes in as your guide and savior. By consuming marijuana in moderate amounts, you can benefit from its de-stressing properties, lower cortisol production, and keep mental angst to a minimum. In turn, you will have improved your chances of keep unwanted fat at bay.

Cannabis and healthy eating

Marijuana is notoriously famous as an appetite-inducing agent, and so you will probably never hear anyone recommend it for weight loss. After all, how are you going to support a healthy diet if you’re constantly hungry? First off, understand that eating junk food is your choice, and your choice alone. If you’re experiencing the “munchies”, that doesn’t mean that you should indulge in sweets and processed foods. Instead, use these cravings to your advantage to stay on track with your eating routine, and get the right amount of calories in every single day.

Use it to focus on healthy foods as well. Use it in combination with other natural weight loss supplements. In order to keep your metabolism high and your calories in check. Remember, don’t use marijuana as an excuse to eat junk food. But rather use it to support your healthy eating habits and maximize your time in the kitchen. Also, don’t forget that lifting weights and doing cardio is taxing on your body. So craving just a bit more food than usual can help you keep precious muscle mass on while losing fat in a steady fashion.

marijuana fitness 2

Eliminate inflammation and build muscle

Speaking of precious muscle mass. Did you know that weight training is one of the best ways to lose unwanted fat? The more lean mass you put on your frame, the more will you emphasize your shapely physique instead of the fat stores on your belly and things. This is due to the fact that muscle mass creates the illusion of having less fat. Also due to the fact that keeping muscle on your body is very energy-demanding.

You want to use this to your advantage and complement your time in the gym with regular cannabis consumption. Why? Because weight training is extremely taxing, and you are bound to get sore one way or another. Instead of lowering the weights or skipping the gym altogether, you can use cannabis as your go-to post-workout recovery tool that will allow you to come back to the gym stronger than before.

Get a better workout in every time

It’s no secret that a pre-workout puff can help you banish performance anxiety. Will even get your head in the game, provided that you skip the psychoactive cannabinoid THC and stick with CBD. The ability to take your every workout to its maximum in a safe way without imposing mental limitations on yourself will give you that much needed boost and help you shed more fat with every workout.

Keep in mind, though, you need to be smart with your consumption if you want to maximize the desired effects. If you want to improve lung function over the long term, you can smoke marijuana as it will not reduce your lung capacity. However, don’t smoke it right before your workout. But rather consume it an hour or half an hour prior to hitting the gym in order to acclimate your body and let the strain enter your system.

In closing

There is no denying that cannabis is a powerful fitness aid for a myriad of reasons. Even though it doesn’t directly melt fat off your body, it does have a positive effect on your fitness lifestyle as a whole. Through its complementary role, marijuana can help you speed up the weight loss process. This helps you stay on track with your weight loss regime.

5 Reasons why Cannabis should be a Part of Your Fitness Lifestyle

cannabis lifestyle fitness

5 Reasons why Cannabis should be a Part of Your Fitness Lifestyle

For many, cannabis is a way of life, but rarely. Do people dare to incorporate marijuana and the proverbial high with their fitness regime. Whether that is because they are afraid they might get subpar results, injure themselves, or experience negative side effects. Understand just how beneficial cannabis can be for their fitness journey as a whole.

Out of all the fun things you can do while high, working out is one activity that is healthy and infinitely rewarding. Here’s why cannabis should be a part of your fitness lifestyle.

Ease the mind and banish performance anxiety

Stress has become a common ailment in these chaotic modern times, and we might even be so bold as to conclude that it’s almost impossible to escape it no matter how much you try. Now, while exercise is therapeutic and restorative itself, cannabis has numerous proven benefits for mental health and stress management that can further help you banish performance anxiety and mental angst as a whole.

cannabis lifestyle

Your workouts should be stressful, it’s the entire point if you’re trying to make your body stronger. Increase your lung capacity, or grow muscle. These processes can take a heavy toll on your mind if you’re not prepared. Enjoying your favorite strain of cannabis two hours before a workout is a great way to take your fitness to the next level.

Manage pain and increase work capacity

Cannabis is the most popular analgesics in the world, one that’s completely natural and has no negative side effects. Complementing your cannabis intake with proper workout clothing and adhering to proper form on every exercise. This is an excellent way to work around any injuries you might have, and keep pushing towards your goals.

Aid the post-workout recovery process

Speaking of pushing towards your fitness goals, post-workout recovery is an essential part of that process many people fail to manage these goals. Most likely falling short of their objective as a result. If you want to build muscle, become stronger, or increase your cardiovascular endurance, you need to rest like one of the pros. Remember, your body is becoming stronger when you’re done training, not as you’re lifting the weights.

Aside from stretching and foam rolling, you should eat properly, sleep properly, and of course consume quality ganja to let your CNS and muscle tissue recover and recuperate. To further aid the process, be sure to wear compression clothing outside of the gym as well such as supportive tights that aid blood flow throughout your body. Combining all of this with the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis will make for a powerful post-workout routine that will allow you to come back to the gym stronger than before.

Improve lung function

cannabis lifestyle running

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana does not impede lung function. This is especially important for seasoned athletes and those of you who are just starting with your fitness routines as part of your New Year’s resolution plans, as you can safely partake without fear of losing out. That said, you still have the option to choose from a wide selection of non-smoking products.

Safeguard your mental health

Lastly, consuming cannabis is a viable way to safeguard your long-term mental health. Especially if you are training a contact sport in the realm of martial arts and the likes. It has been shown over years of research that cannabis aids neurogenesis, meaning that it supports the creation of neurons and neuro-pathways in the brain. In simple terms, a puff a day can help your brain repair itself and retain mental acuity over the years.

brain power

In conclusion

Athletes and medical professionals across the globe are coming out about the benefits of cannabis for athletic performance. It’s high time the fitness community took a stand on the matter. With these five insights in mind, you can banish all misconceptions and take your fitness game to a whole new level. By incorporating marijuana in your fitness lifestyle.

Cannabis & The Quality of Self Awareness


Cannabis & The Quality of Self Awareness | Stonerdays

Natural healing, home remedies, organic eating and all around health awareness can be found all over Earth. In today’s society tiny homes are the new frenzy, bus living and now hobbit homes! Over the years, people have used cannabis to help themselves reach a state of creativity with beautiful sounds of music, art and dance. Has giving them the anxiety relief instead of harmful pills. Marijuana helps with menstrual pains, nausea, headaches and the list goes on. Cannabis users have turned Marijuana into a away of life and self awareness.

hobbit home stonerdays

Spirituality and Cannabis

Many yogis, spiritual believers say that it “ helps them become one with self and the universe”. Everything has its own frequency and if we truly listen and let go of our stubborn ways, we can learn many valuable lessons. In turn giving us all a better direction in life. I myself am a spiritual believer. I believe in karma.

Spirituality and Cannabis stonerdays

From the words of the Bible the 10 commandments “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. in other words treat others as you would have them treat you, easy enough and yet most people have the hardest time with this simple concept. I am often told how forgiving and kind I am, as though this were a bad quality to have. Smoking cannabis helps me forgive. It takes aggression towards an action, slows it down and allow me to sort through each emotion without acting on impulse. This in itself can help with relationships, work and personal health.

When I practice yoga while high. I forget about what my body should look like, and focus in on what my body feels like it needs. Yoga like dance is very in-tuned with personal alignment. I find that adding cannabis to yoga helps me tune into myself and allows me to move the way I feel I need to move. Connecting to every nerve, sound, color, and thought. After all, each natural bodily function is in its own sense a brain.

Cannabis and The Arts

It’s not shocking to hear that an artist smokes cannabis. It really just seems to be apart of that lifestyle. Smoke weed, drink coffee. smoke cigarettes. drink wine. art. It’s the vision of the painter sitting at their blank canvas. With a cigarette hanging out of their fingers and a bottle of wine on the floor deep in thought. But there is a method behind their madness. Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, a neurologist. Found this.

– People with a higher creativity, end up having more activity in their frontal lobe than 55 others with less creativity-

Cannabis and The Arts Stonerdays

Other researcher have led to these findings. When it comes to music you can discover hidden beats that you may not have heard if you were not high.

Cannabis and Work

Now that cannabis is legal in most states and the legalization date of Canada. October 17 2018. There are places of business that do accept smoking at work. Or don’t have a problem with associates being high at work. But just like alcohol or any Dr. prescribed medication. You need to be smart about t. If you plan to start or continue smoking before work or while at work. There are plenty of job opportunities where cannabis is
welcomed and almost encouraged. Other than working in your local retail shop or learning cannabis though cannabis education classes. You can enjoy your favorite plant while working your own job in your own home.

Cannabis and Work Stonerdays

Entrepreneur – maybe something you would want to explore.

Cannabis and Health/Fitness

The munchies – The upside and downside of being stoned. The sudden need to eat everything. I have noticed how much i enjoy preparing and cooking foods. Turning the finished dish into art on the plate. Already being a creative person i enjoy this time. Also practicing health, I enjoy the change in taste when i’m stoned and eating the same meal time and time again.

Cannabis and Health Fitness Stonerdays

I get more experimental with spices, i’m currently playing with the taste of pear. As for fitness – Moderation is key. I wouldn’t suggest taking a massive bong toke or 4 and then hitting a heavy session. For myself, I found that cannabis helped me zone out when i went for a run, but made me look like an idiot in the gym. I would get to into my music and start dancing.

Cannabis Sex & Beauty

Cannabis Sex & Beauty Stonerdays

Yes! yes to it all. Again and again and again. It’s a feeling that is quite indescribable. It puts the spiritual aspect and the arts together. Creating a feeling that is pure euphoria. And every time can be different. Its beautiful. I highly suggest playing with cannabis and the bedroom. For the green thumb. Cannabis is beautiful. The crystals on the leaf, the bushy or the tall. The colors. Green purple, brown, blue. There is a beauty in cannabis. But can it also make you feel beautiful? I smoked a j took a shower and then applied my makeup. I felt really really good. Beautiful yes. I don’t quite know if it was the relaxation in my face the effortless motion of my mascara brush? The fact that i really didn’t care too much to try. But what what ever it was. I found i had an easier time with make up when i was high then when i wasn’t. I struggled with my eyeliner, mascara, face powder. Everything was concentrated and frustrating. Even though i felt pretty. There is something relaxing about cannabis when it comes to beauty.

Writer: Megan Thiessen

History of Cannabis – April 20 4:20


History of Cannabis – April 20 4:20

History of Cannabis 4/20 – 1971 five boys got together to find an abandoned cannabis crop. They called this the “4:20 Louis”. Later “Louis” was dropped and  4:20 was born. After numerous attempts the boys never did find the crop and they eventually gave up. The “time” still lingered, over the years cannabis users across the world, used it as a time to toke-up. Talk about being a legend. Countries started coming together, creating events for the cannabis community. For those who smoked for its health properties, to the ones who smoked it just because they liked to.

Being an active festivaler myself, it was easy to understand that being around this environment brought a sense of belonging. For many cannabis enthusiasts 4:20 is a day to stand together and to fight for a change in the drug policy.

marijuana fields stonedays

Ancient China – Cannabis was used in taiwan, for fiber 10,00 years go. Cannabis was referred to “daman” and was used for its many medical benefits. A Dutch sinologist Frank Dikotter said “ the medical uses were heightened in a pharmacopoeia of the tang, witch prescribed the root of the plant to remove a blood clot, while the juice of the leaves could be ingested combat tapeworm”

Ancient Egypt – Cannabis was used to help sore eyes . 1550 bc – ancient Egypt described it as “medical cannabis”

Medieval Islamic – From the 8th to the 18th century it was used exclusively for medical reasons.

Modern history – In the 19th century cannabis was commonly used as a secret ingredient called “plant medicine”. There was around 2000 cannabis medicines by 1937. In the 20th century Scandinavian Maltose – and cannabis drink was a popular drink in Denmark. The drink was advertised as a “great lunch drink for young and old”. 1964 Dr. Albert Lockhart began his study as cannabis the medical plant. 1996 California became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Since then over 20 countries have legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

Cannabis can help you fall asleep faster. With sedative effects, it has the ability to relieve stress and help you physically relax, which can make it easier to drift off to sleep and get some rest.

Using cannabis can be particularly helpful for people who have conditions that make it difficult to sleep well. People who suffer from PTSD, insomnia, pain, and other conditions can use marijuana to relieve the symptoms that can interfere with sleep.

Cannabis may relieve symptoms of sleep disorders including sleep apnea by supporting better breathing. Dronabinol, an exogenous cannabinoid, improved sleep apnea symptoms in almost all of the participants in a 2013 study.

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

Research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for treating insomnia. CBD also shows potential for treating REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness. THC can make it easier to fall asleep, however, THC use could impair long term sleep quality.
How Cannabis Changes Sleep

Using cannabis before bedtime can cause changes in your sleep cycle, reducing the time spent in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is the final stage of your sleep cycle and is the time in which you dream. When you use cannabis before bed, you may not have as many dreams, or your dreams may be less vivid.

If you’re a long term user of cannabis, taking a break or discontinuing use may cause temporary sleep disruptions. It can be more difficult to fall asleep, and you may experience shorter sleep time, less slow wave sleep, shorter REM cycles, and lessened sleep efficiency.

Choosing Strains That Can Help You Sleep

Typically, sativa strains can be energizing and uplifting, which may not be a good choice for sleep. Indica is usually a better choice for sleepy effects. Indica is believed to contain more relaxing and sedating terpenes than sativa strains.

stonerdays space socksAged cannabis can improve sleepy effects. As THC oxidizes, it converts to CBN, which is associated with more sedative effects than fresh cannabis. Some users age their own cannabis, but some producers are creating CBN products including oils, edibles, capsules, and patches.

Inhaling marijuana can deliver a faster effect that helps you go to sleep more quickly. However, the effects of cannabis-infused edibles can last for a longer period of time, and help you stay asleep longer.

Pairing Cannabis With Healthy Sleep Habits

Although cannabis can help support good sleep, it’s not a replacement for healthy sleep habits. You can improve your sleep by maintaining good sleep hygiene and using cannabis to help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Give yourself enough time to sleep. Make sleep a priority, reserving about eight hours a night so that you can get the seven to seven and a half hours of sleep the average adult needs.

Create a healthy sleep environment. It can be difficult to sleep well if you’re in an environment that’s not conducive to sleep. You should have a mattress that appropriately meets your needs, and your bedroom should be cool, dark, and quiet.

Talk to your doctor about sleep disorders. Although cannabis can help with sleep disorders including insomnia and sleep apnea, it’s not a replacement for diagnosis and treatment. Discuss sleep difficulties with your doctor and how you may be able to incorporate cannabis in your treatment.

Maintain a regular cannabis and sleep schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each day can help you fall asleep easier. The same is true for maintaining a regular bedtime routine, in which you go through the same few steps before bed every night.

Keep your evenings relaxing. Avoid caffeine, late night screen time, and vigorous exercise before bed, as these can be too energizing and interfere with sleep. It’s best to relax before bed, potentially incorporating cannabis into your evening routine for better sleep.

New Study Claims Cannabis Inhibits Creativity

New Study Claims Cannabis Inhibits Creativity


Currently sitting in a shop full of tattoo artists that enjoy using cannabis in their off time, I conducted a quick survey and asked them if they think the plant has an effect on their ability to tattoo or pierce people in creative ways. Being a tattoo artist or piercer (a good one) is probably one of the most creative careers that one can have. So when a study popped up saying that stoners aren’t as creative as non stoners, we all kind of stopped and laughed.

The study (which some media outlets are claiming has “busted the myth that marijuana makes you more creative”) was conducted by dividing cannabis users in to three groups of 18. One group was given cannabis via vape (but again, media outlet twists this by saying the THC was “injected with a vaporizer”) with a high dose of THC (22mg), one was given a low dose of 5.5mg, and the control group, which was given no THC. The study stated the that highest dose was equal to three joints (averaging at .5 grams of THC per joint, totaling at 1.5 grams of THC) and the low dose was equal to about a single joint. The groups were then asked to complete two tasks that tested their creative thinking.

Researchers said that the smokers who consumed low amounts of THC and no THC did the best at these tasks. They had the highest amount of cognitive thinking during the test. The group that had consumed the higher amount of THC didn’t do as well and they claimed that it actually hindered the ability to quickly identify as many possible solutions to the problem at hand. The conductors of the study said that there was no evidence of increased creativity in their actual performance.


Psychologist Lorenza Colzato held a press release and stated to the media “The improved creativity that they believe they experience is an illusion. If you want to overcome writer’s block or any other creative gap, lighting up a joint isn’t the best solution. Smoking several joints one after another can even be counterproductive to creative thinking.” Yet in the information on the study, not one sentence mentioned if the high THC group was full of regular smokers. If you give a new smoker three joints to the face, chances are that they will pass out and that’s the end of it. Heavy cannabis users can power through a day at work, a long drive, math homework, or writing a paper. Seasoned stoners know how to handle themselves and this “study” may have neglected to remember that fact.

Unfortunately, stoners everywhere will disagree with this fact, myself included, as well as every person currently sitting within ten feet of me at the moment. As a writer, I can say that smoking cannabis helps me to think of more possibilities for subject matter and also helps me to slow my thoughts down in order to focus on the task at hand (the complete opposite of what this study claims). Bottom line? Stoners are the best people to ask about whether they think cannabis hinders their creativity, not a study that may or may not be biased.

 New Study Claims Cannabis Inhibits Creativity

Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings


Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings

Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings are on point for every stonerA great addition for any party! The prep time is really only 15 minutes. Cannabis Buffalo Wings do have to be refrigerated for at least one hour so the flousuper-baked-buffalo-wingsr coating gets firm before baking them. We like to prep them the night before and refrigerate them over night. If you like your wings really spicy you can always add more cayenne pepper to the dry mixture and/or use a spicier hot sauce. Enjoy!

Prep Time: 1 hour 45 min

Cook Time: 60 min

Ready In: 2 hours 45 min


  • 20 chicken wings
  • ½ cup melted cannabis butter
  • hot pepper sauce ½ cup (we like to use Franks Red Hot)
  • salt ½ teaspoon
  • garlic powder ½ teaspoon
  • cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon
  • onion powder ¼ teaspoon
  • paprika ¼ teaspoon
  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  • Dash of black pepper


downloadSqueeze and pat dry your thawed wings until you have them as dry as you can get them. Combine all of your dry ingredients (salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, onion powder, paprika, pepper, and flour) into a gallon sized sealable plastic bag. Once you have all the dry ingredients mixed in your plastic sealable bag add your wings, seal the bags, and toss until the wings are evenly coated with your flour mixture. Now place your coated wings on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour. This step can be done the night before which is awesome!

Once your wings have been chilling in the fridge and you’re ready to bake them preheat your oven to *425 degrees. Lightly grease a cookie sheet with olive oil or cooking spray and set aside.  Melt a ½ cup of cannabis butter on low heat. Once your cannabis butter is melted turn heat off and whisk in ½ cup of hot sauce. Separate your hot sauce and cannabis butter mixture equally into 2 separate small bowls and set aside.

Place your wings onto greased cookie sheet and bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes on one side. Flip them and bake for another 18-25 minutes. When wings are done remove from oven. Dredge wings in one of the sauce mixture in bowl and place on a new ungreased cookie sheet. Place wings in the still hot oven on broil for 5 minutes. Flip wings and broil for another 2-5 minutes. Remove wings and toss in the remaining cannabis hot wing sauce and serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce.

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Project “I Will Walk Again”

Project “I Will Walk Again”

This is Wes Bandemers story. On June 10th 2006, his life would change forever.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
― Frank Herbert, Dune

wes-will-walk-again (1)

About Wes Bandemer

I was born in San Diego California. At age two my family and I moved to Wyoming where my cousins lived. They had been racing and riding dirt bikes for as long as I can remember. My love for motocross started after my uncle and cousins took me out riding in the Badlands of Northern Wyoming. I was on an old white Z50 riding around enjoying every moment of it not knowing motocross would one day be the most important thing in my life. Many years went by with the occasional ride day, watching my cousin and uncle race, watching races on TV and building tracks in the dirt for our toy bikes.


My uncle and cousins quit racing and the motocross life dwindled as us kids just moved to the next thing that caught our attention. When I was 10 my family moved to the southern Louisiana town of Morgan City. I remember being bored one day and thinking about those days going out riding and it made me want to ride again. The next day I asked my parents if I could get a dirt bike. They said the common parent reply, “We’ll see”. My birthday or Christmas must have been coming up because not long after asking for a dirt bike, I got one! It was an old 95′ Honda XR100R that had been used as a pit bike by a racing family. Not long after that the whole family had bikes and we were going riding every other weekend or so. We would go to motocross tracks, trails, and sometimes just to a friend’s house near a levee with some nice sized jumps. I loved jumping more than anything. I knew some kids at school who raced and I decided that I wanted to get into racing.


I was getting bigger and that XR100R wasn’t the best bike for a motocross track. I ended up moving up to a 03’ CR85 Expert. That bike was crazy fast and was a huge difference from the 95’ XR100R. I adapted fast and felt that I was ready to race. My dad and I got up early one Sunday and started getting ready when it started pouring down rain. I called the track and the race had been canceled due to rain. Something about my first ever race being canceled did something weird to me. I was in Junior high school and the football season was about to get started. Dirt bikes took a backseat to football and before I knew it I was finishing up my freshmen year in high school with zero races under my belt. Before freshmen year was over my mom told me we were going to Wyoming over the summer to visit our family. We took all of our bikes with us. My brother and I rode with our cousins every chance we got on the trip. We went from different towns riding with different cousins.


One of our cousins had really gotten into racing motocross. He was in a championship series and invited us to a race just outside of the town we were staying at. After watching him race that day I realized how much I was missing out on. At the end of the day my Uncle asked me if I wanted to race the next day on my cousins KX125. I said I would just ride my 85 and didn’t want my first race to be on an unfamiliar bike. It’s funny though because I was 15 standing at 5’11” weighing 185lbs and my big CR85R had turned into my little CR85R. I felt awkward in the start gate lining up to kids who had to have blocks under their feet to hold their bike up, while I’m sitting there with my knees bent almost at 90 degrees. I ended up 4th in the 1st moto and 2nd in the 2nd moto for a 3rd overall out of a full gate in both motos.


That would be my last race for a whole year. When we got back to Louisiana I was pumped up to start racing, but definitely needed a bigger bike. My dad’s friend ended up having a CR250R for sale. My first race day on the 250 I entered the 250 C class and the 250 open class. I ended up getting 1st in the 250 C class and 3rd in the 250 open class. People from the race told me I was a natural and If I applied myself I could be pro in 2 years. So that was my goal and I started racing local races every weekend that I could.

The accident:


One day I got an invite in the mail to the top dog shootout race. I had raced the top dog shootout the year before and finished 8th in the final race so I definitely wanted to do it again. The top dog shootout was a 3 moto of 5 laps each per class format. The top 3 from every class were put into an 8 lap race winner take all. In order to train harder and get as much time on the bike every race day I always entered 2 classes and this meant 38 laps for me that day not including practice. In the 2nd moto of the 250 c class I wasn’t doing to great and decided to hold the gas a little longer on the right sweeping turn before the finish line jump which put  me at the far left of the jump face. That was the side where everyone who didn’t jump it, rolled it. This caused there to be no lip and when I jumped I was thrown in the air wrong. The front of my bike dropped right off the top of the jump. While I was in the air I was able to level out the bike, but when I landed I was thrown from the bike and landed on my face. My body bent over my neck backwards shattering the C4 vertebra. That was June 10th 2006.


wes-will-walk-again (2)

Prior to the accident, I tried to be the best athlete I could be and live as actively as possible. Now I’m doing whatever I can to regain some movement and hopefully some day, my independence! I do use marijuana for pain and for many reasons, I’m very strict on myself cause I have to be healthy in order for my body to recover and not damage any of the stem-cells I got in India. I don’t drink alcohol, I work out every day and I’ve been vegan for the past 2 years. I take one prescription pill a day from being paralyzed for 8 years. Doctors are pretty shocked by that, this only happens in raw cases and I am one. During my last trip to India I found an article about how cannabis and it healing the brain after an injury http://www.theweedblog.com/new-study-cannabis-may-grow-stem-cells-repair-the-brain-after-injury/ I feel like it then can also help repair my spinal cord. It also mentions how cannabis has neuroprotective and immunomodulatory capabilities and it is a nervous system stimulant. I feel more connected to my body after ingesting cannabis. I’m doing everything I can to get back on my feet.

wes-will-walk-again (4)


Hey Wes, everyone at StonerDays believes in you. We Know You Can DO THIS! Keep your eyes to the sky, never doubt yourself.

If you would like to help please follow the link: http://www.wes4one7.com/


Project “I Will Walk Again”

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramels

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramel

Depending on the kind of stoner you are, you have a favorite kind of candy. While some smokers enjoy the overpoweringly sweet taste of lollipop, others prefer the smooth taste of chocolate and caramel.

cannabis carmels 3

Luckily for the stoners who like chocolate and caramel, Stonerdays has found a recipe that you’re going love. Medicated cannabis caramel snacks are a great way to stay high all day and they taste incredible!

What You’ll Need
Dash of salt
1 Cup Cannabis Butter
1 tsp Vanilla
2 1/4 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup Light Corn Syrup
14oz Unsweetened Condensed Milk

Stir together the brown sugar, salt, and melted cannabis butter. Mix together well, at which point you should add in the corn syrup. Continue to stir the mix while slowly adding in the milk. Be sure that all ingredients are getting blended together well. Put this mixture in a pot and place on the stove over medium heat. Let this cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. The ingredients should have taken on a firm texture, almost like pizza dough. Take the pan off of the stove and add in the vanilla that you have ready. After adding the vanilla, pour the entire mix in to a pan (Be sure to spray it with cooking spray first so nothing gets helplessly stuck). Let the pan cool off and you’re ready to cut your candies in to whatever shape you want. You can wrap them and give them to friends as special little medicated surprises as well!

cannabis carmels

There are other things that you can add in to this recipe, depending on how you like your caramel. It’s possible to coat the candies with salt or even add dried fruit in to the mixture when making in order to add some extra flavor to your treats. Halloween is coming faster than most people realize so if you’re having a party, these treats are going to be a hit!

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramels

The Bhoulder

The Bhoulder | Stoner Review

As more states begin to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, many entrepreneurs have seen huge success in this booming industry. But, Blaine Hatab and Jared Drewa saw one problem: lack of a simplified process to purge BHO from marijuana.

Consumers extract BHO, or butane hash oils, from cannabis in order to bake edibles or create dabs, the newest marijuana concentrate craze to hit the market. But before you can dab or bite into a gooey pot brownie, you have to purge the oils.

Hatab and Drewa noticed that the only way for consumers to purge BHO was to invest in a number of different tools such as a vacuum pump, hot pan, Pyrex dish and vacuum chamber to name a few. Purging was complicated to say the least, especially for those who were new to the process.

The two friends invested the next two years into developing their revolutionary tool, the Bhoulder. “We’ve taken the best practices in the industry and condensed them down into a new, simplified vacuum oven,” says Hatab, co-founder of Bhoulder. The Bhoulder is an integrated unit that lets consumers complete the entire purging process with just one tool.

What separates Bhoulder from other vacuum ovens? According to co-founder Drewa, it all has to do with the heating. The key to creating high quality oil is consistent and uniform heat, which is where Bhoulder distances itself from competitors. “We’ve carefully selected the components to optimize for heat distribution and top of the line precision at low temperatures,” he says. Drewa says the heating plate was also designed with convenience in mind. “Our 12 inch diameter by 8 inch tall lid is uniquely designed so that the heating plate works independently and allows you to easily access the Bhoulder’s contents.”

Customers will be happy to see the price of this tool is well below its competitors. The price of other vacuum ovens hovers around $1200, while the Bhoulder will be sold for only $500. We currently have an Indiegogo campaign running to raise the funds we need to cover the manufacturing costs of the first batch. https://igg.me/at/bhoulder. Please help us spread the word and reach our goal! Visit www.HighSimple.com to sign up for email updates or see more information about this revolutionary tool.

The Bhoulder is a compact vacuum oven that makes the highest quality purged concentrates in the simplest manor.


How it Works


  • Plug Bhoulder into standard 110V AC outlet
  • Select a material and insert into the Bhoulder
  • Choose the desired purging temperature
  • Click ‘set’ to turn on the heater
  • Connect the vacuum pump hose
  • Turn vacuum pump on

Know someone who you think might be interested in this project? Please share this page with them as well as our Indiegogo campaign! We’d really appreciate it. Also check out the contest we have on Gleam.io for your chance to win a FREE Bhoulder!

Indiegogo Campaign

Gleam.io Contest

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The Bhoulder | Stoner Review

Cannabis Is Decriminalized In Parts Of Disney

Cannabis Is Decriminalized In Parts Of Disney | Stoner News

The vast expanse of Disney property covers land from Osceola to Orange County in Florida. The park is enormous and not only owns the amusement part but also a lot of the surrounding resorts. And now, if you get caught with anything less than twenty grams of cannabis, you might not face jail time if you’re in Osceola. Instead, you may only be looking at a fine of $100, officials are saying, after an ordinance decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis was passed unanimously by Osceola County commissioners.

Be warned though. If you are in Orange County, they will still haul you to jail. The ordinance only passed in Osceola so be mindful of where you’re at in Disney before you decide it’s a good idea to carry/smoke. Commissioner Brandon Arrington from Osceola said that the new rule would save taxpayers a great deal of money. “There’s an overall lack of funding for mental health in the United States, let alone Osceola,” he stated, on the topic of the profits from the fines being contributed to mental health funding in the county.

Osceola is not alone in passing this ordinance. Other counties and cities in the Sunshine state including Miami, Tampa, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, Orlando, and Fernandina Beach have all launched citation programs within the last year. In Osceola, officers will now be able to either arrest the offender or simply issue a ticket. “It gives them another tool, another option,” said county attorney Andrew Mai. Officials now have ten days to file the ordinance with the state and it is projected that it will go in to effect thirty days from that.

Slowly but surely, cannabis is being decriminalized in Florida. Considering that a few years ago, Florida was considered one of the most dangerous states for cannabis users, this is a huge step in the right direction. Florida will actually give voters the chance to speak on the topic this November, after United For Care collected the required signatures to put medical marijuana treatment programs on the ballot. Hopefully, this time it will pass, as Florida did vote on a medical marijuana initiative back in 2014 but it lost by a sliver with 58% of the vote (60% being required to pass).

Cannabis Is Decriminalized In Parts Of Disney | Stoner News

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

Sorry, guys, but the ladies definitely need to hear this one. And ladies, I’m sure you’re familiar with the terrible effects of PMS, cramping, mood swings, and all of the other awful symptoms of menstruation. It sucks. We can take as much Ibuprofen and cranberry juice as we can handle but sometimes, nothing helps. Also, we all know what pills can do to your liver but when a small clawed monster is kickboxing your insides, you’ll take whatever you can get your hands on. Which is why Foria, a company on the medical marijuana market previously known for creating cannabis based lube, has something that you need to hear about.

Foria has now moved on from lube and has produced “relief suppositories” that are actually made out of cannabis. On their website, the company states that these suppositories “maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without including a psychotropic high”. Even though you won’t get a high feeling from using them, these tampons are sure to help remedy some of the negative effects of having your period. The tampons are a bit more pricey than the regular Kotex, running at $44 for a pack of four. There’s only three ingredients in them; cocoa butter, distilled THC oil, and CBD Isolate from organically grown hemp.

The goal of Foria is to focus on relieving pain. They want to share the helpful properties of cannabis in the best way possible. It’s great that they in fact created a tampon instead of a pill. Not only is it more natural, but the way that these are taken is also beneficial as the ingredients are absorbed quicker in that area than they are in the stomach. As of right now, these magical cannabis tampons are only available to residents in Colorado and California that hold a state medical card. Foria hopes to bring their medicated tampons to all residents in legal states soon.

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

DEA Delays Reclassifying Cannabis

DEA Delays Reclassifying Cannabis | Stoner News

Unfortunately for cannabis advocates and stoners everywhere, a senior executive at the DEA has confirmed that the Drug Enforcement Administration will not be announcing the rescheduling of cannabis in 2016. “The DEA is not going to reschedule marijuana this year. They aren’t issuing a public announcement about that change,” the attorney adds.

Currently, cannabis holds a Schedule I classification, making it “legally” one of the most dangerous substances and also not allowing much leeway for research. The Schedule I class also has no medical value, according to the DEA. Marijuana advocates have been working hard in order to get the DEA to move cannabis to a Schedule II, which would acknowledge the fact that cannabis has a medical use, as well as allow room for more research to be done on the plant.

Back in April, the DEA sent a letter to lawmakers saying that the agency would release a statement on the rescheduling of cannabis in the first half of 2016. But when July 1st came and went and the DEA stayed silent, questions began. “We do not have a date set to make an announcement about that one way or another,” a DEA public affairs rep said. The way it sounds, we won’t be seeing that reclassification this year.

The DEA has repeatedly attempted to make a joke out of medical cannabis. The head of the organization called the plant a “joke”, a slap in the face to those patients out there who utilize cannabis in order to live out a normal day with no pain. If researchers cannot study the plant, we will never know it’s full potential use. It could possibly help so many people, solve so many of the problems that face our country as well as the world. With a renewable resource such as hemp and a medicine like cannabis, the world would be a much better and cleaner place to live. Unfortunately, we can only continue to wait for the DEA and other government organizations to come to the realization that cannabis is something that can help and people should absolutely not be jailed for it.

DEA Delays Reclassifying Cannabis | Stoner News

Cannabis And Pregnancy

Cannabis And Pregnancy | Stoner Guide

While it is a commonly known fact that women who are pregnant should refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes while pregnant. These substances have been proven to have negative effects on babies but what about cannabis? The plant is all natural and can help with some of the problems that some women have during pregnancy. But is it safe? This question has been in debate since the 1960s and continues to puzzle researchers today, as old “studies” are debunked and new ones are done. While it is rumored that cannabis does cause some birth complications, more and more people are beginning to think otherwise.

Many studies have been done on the effects of cannabis on a developing fetus but the subject definitely still remains problematic. A good deal of the studies that have been done have relied on the pregnant mother to supply her own data. The mothers may have misreported use, whether they forgot or didn’t want to disclose for personal reasons. These self-reporting studies are extremely unreliable because of this but thankfully, there are a few concrete studies that seem to say that using cannabis while pregnant is fine.

In Jamaica, Dr. Melanie Dreher, who was the dean of nursing at Rush Medical Center in Chicago at the time of the study (now retired), looked at pregnant mothers before and after they had their babies. The mothers were part of a community in rural Jamaica, some who were using cannabis to treat their morning sickness and some that weren’t using cannabis at all. After the babies were born, she used the Neonatal Assessment Scale at three days and again at one month to measure the babies’ neurological performance as well as behavior. She expected to find complications such as low birth weight or issues with neurological development but she found none of that. In actuality, the babies who were born to mothers who used cannabis showed better social skills than the babies born to mothers who didn’t.

Although the results of this study look promising, Dr. Dreher was quick to say that the improvements noted in the study weren’t directly correlated to cannabis use by the mothers. It could have very well been the way the child was being raised at home that had this effect. She presented the example that many of the mothers she observed that smoked were also selling cannabis from home, meaning that they spent a great deal of time with their children, providing a more family orientated environment. The experiment was conducted again when the children reached age four but Dr. Dreher says that the performance was not directly related to cannabis exposure. “We would have done another study but the National Institute of Health really was not interested in funding a study that did not show something negative about cannabis,” she said.

Overall, it seems that most doctors don’t recommend using cannabis or anything else during pregnancy. The majority agree that it is best to stay as substance free as possible while pregnant. It definitely can be hard, especially with swollen ankles and morning sickness but until more studies are presented in regards to the effects THC might have on a fetus, it is a good idea to stay safe. It would be beneficial for more studies to be done on this subject, however, as cannabis has also shown to provide immense relief for expecting mothers.

Cannabis And Pregnancy | Stoner Guide

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems | Stoner Guide

Getting some buds with seeds and stems in it can be a nuisance but it does happen occasionally. Sometimes it can be frustrating; big stems add weight and so do seeds and you might think you can’t do anything with stems… Right? Okay while seeds and stems definitely aren’t as good as actual buds, they aren’t completely useless. Many people I’ve known over the years collect their seeds and stems, hiding them away for who knows what. Most people used to think you could only brew tea but now that we have a better understanding for our beautiful Mary Jane, seeds and stems can be used for all kinds of different amazing things. Here are five that we have put together for you. Enjoy!

  • Topicals
    Cannabis topical products are very popular right now, as they have an amazing ability to provide relief for a multitude of ailments. If you’ve been saving your stems, making a cannabis topical might be the way to go. Find a 420 friendly topical recipe (there’s one in the Stonerdays Cookbook section!) and go to town.
  • Bubble hash
    If you’re not familiar with bubble hash, it is a solventless hash that’s made by washing resin off of cannabis plants. Stems don’t have a lot of resin on them but when there are enough of them, they can produce bubble hash. Have a huge stockpile of stems? This may be the choice for you.
  • Stem Pen
    It may sound silly but yes, you can make a pen using cannabis stems. You will need to use stalks from leftover harvests because the pens need to be pen-sized, a drill press, sand paper, and a basic pen kit which you can either buy online or at a craft store.
  • Hemp Wick
    Love smoking but hate butane fumes? Feeling motivated and want to make your own hemp wick? Well you can use your stems for that. Using longer stems or stalks, strip them until you have a good amount of long, stringy fibers. Twist the fibers together tightly to form a thin rope. Fold the rope in half and twist it together again. Dip the whole thing in beeswax and wipe off the excess.
  • Paper
    Yes you can actually make your own hemp paper with stems that you’ve saved. To make this, you just need to soak ground cannabis stems and paper scraps in water overnight. After you soak it, add the paper/stem solution to a blender and blend thoroughly. Add water as needed. Pour the pulp evenly on to a screen (or “deckle”). You can make your own at home by stretching nylon stockings over a wooden frame. The drying process usually takes around 24 hours but keep an eye on your paper and remove it from the deckle before it is completely dry.

If you have other ideas or know of other uses for seeds and stems please let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems | Stoner Guide

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows…

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows… | Stoner Blog

Alcohol and cannabis are placed side by side for comparison constantly. People are always talking about how “cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol” or “alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis”. There are those who suggest cannabis laws reflect alcohol laws, ie public intoxication, open container laws, and in those horrible states, internal possession. But are alcohol and cannabis even in the same league? The same sport? The only reason anyone compares the two is because alcohol also had to go through prohibition before it became widely accepted/advertised/used. A new study produced from the Netherlands and published in the journal Psychopharmacology takes a shot at shooting down the “cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol” myth once and for all.

The study was pretty simple, actually. Take three groups of people. One group of twenty individuals who drink (three drinks a day per man and two a day per woman), twenty-one heavy cannabis users (those who smoked at least three times a week), and a group of twenty control subjects who didn’t partake in either substance. The researchers got the alcohol group drunk enough so that they’re BAC measured at 0.08, which is the level at which you become impaired. And then the researchers got the cannabis users high, giving them 300 micro-grams of THC per kilogram of body weight, ingested via vaporizer. The control group just sat around and did nothing.

Each group then underwent a series of tests. First, they started with the “single category implicit association test”, meaning the subjects had to match positive and negative words to photos that showed aggressive behavior, such as punching or kicking. The second test consisted on the subjects playing a game on a computer. In the game, they had an opponent that they were told was winning money away from them but their adversary was only a computer. Aggression in each subject was measured before and after the test by asking each participant how angry they felt on a 1-100 scale. To be sure of their findings, the researchers had the alcohol and cannabis groups complete the tests a second time, a week later and sober, just to gather all possible information.

The results? Alcohol users rated themselves as more angry when they were drunk and they also tried harder to undermine the computer opponent in the game. The stoner group, on the other hand, showed less aggression toward the computer game and overall, less anger throughout the entire test. This study falls in with the others of it’s kind, including the one done in 2014 that showed couples who smoke have a lower rate of domestic violence. It just goes to show that those dramatic headlines that shout about stoners in psychosis jumping off of buildings or shooting themselves (while tragic) probably contain other factors and are not commonplace to begin with.

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows… | Stoner Blog

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida | Stoner News

Since medical cannabis has swept the nation, the east coast has had trouble keeping up with the west. Many of the states on the east coast have problems even passing cannabis laws, forget about implementing them. This keeps patients from getting the healthier medicine they need and forces them to continue taking the painkillers that the doctors give them. Florida has had an especially hard time putting together it’s medical cannabis laws but good news for patients; the plant will hopefully be available to a small group of people starting as early as next week.

The cannabis laws in Florida were passed back in 2014 and allows for a low level THC strain to be distributed at six dispensing organizations that are licensed by the Department of Health. These six organizations are able to grow, process, and distribute low level THC cannabis to approved patients suffering from cancer, severe epilepsy, and chronic muscle spasms.

Trulieve, one of the six, received the go-ahead from the Department of Health to being selling their products to patients. Seeing as how only 15 doctors have signed up to order the low-THC products and there are no patients that are currently registered in the statewide database that shows eligible patients for the program. The dispensaries in Florida will only be able to sell to those in the database, so as of right now, there aren’t even any customers. The process was supposed to get under way over a year ago but the legal issues have been roadblocking the progress. Trulieve plans to open it’s dispensing facility in Tallahassee next week.

New legislature passed this year says that once the patient database in Florida reaches 250,000, three more dispensaries will be able to open, allowing many more patients access to medical cannabis as treatment. This update to the law also allows for dispensaries to start selling full strength cannabis in order to help with the ailments that low THC strains do not. The stronger strains should be available in August, according to Trulieve.

In November, Florida will again vote on whether or not to allow full strength cannabis for a multitude of other afflictions such as HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, and PTSD. This bill failed to pass back in 2014, falling short of the 60% approval that it needed. Patients hope that this time around, the voters will allow the higher THC cannabis to help with a wider range of illnesses, instead of just focusing on one.

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida | Stoner News

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness | Stoner Guide

There are a lot of stoners who will swear that smoking cannabis helps them workout. No, cannabis doesn’t have the same effects as steroids or anything like that. The plant acts as a painkiller so when an athlete gets hurt, ingesting cannabis can assist in fixing the muscle tissues or bones that have been damaged by the injury. Cannabis can also act as an anti inflammatory and helps to keep soreness and bruises at bay. For some, working out and using cannabis can help the user become more focused on their workout. The repetitive nature of a gym session can bore some people and cannabis can help them to keep their head in the game.

Up until now, due to the illegal classification of cannabis, stoners who work out haven’t had the ability to utilize a gym that allows the consumption of cannabis while working out. But Jim McAlpine’s idea is about to change that. He is introducing the first gym for cannabis enthusiasts. The gym will allow people to toke up freely while they’re working out, providing a comfortable, safe, 420 friendly environment where you can also get a sweat going. Not only that but McAlpine’s partner is the former NFL player Ricky Williams, winner of the Heisman Trophy, and a large advocate for cannabis use (seeing as how he retired from the NFL after failing numerous drug tests due to cannabis).

Power Plant Fitness, the name of this innovative BYOC (bring your own cannabis, since they won’t be selling it on site) new spot, is coming soon to the Bay Area, and the goal is to sell Americans on cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. McAlpine and Williams are targeting the “lazy stoner” stereotype and trying to put it to rest once and for all. The ultimate goal is to get this cannabis orientated workout trend up there with CrossFit as a new fitness craze.

With Power Plant Fitness on the way (and surely others to follow), the partnership of cannabis and working out will prove that stoners aren’t just lazy losers who sit on the couch all day. Especially for people like Williams, who have suffered at the hands of the NFL doctors and their unending prescription pads of painkillers, a cannabis gym would be a beautiful idea. Many former (and current) football players are coming forward and saying that they would take cannabis over painkillers for the injuries they sustain during their sport but the NFL sees cannabis just as the government; Schedule 1.

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness | Stoner Guide

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood | Stoner Blog

Recent tragedies have called for the community to rise up and donate blood. The shooting in Orlando, Florida specifically required a large amount of blood and many people rose to help the people who lived through this horrible event. But, as some know, there are conditions for donating blood. Such as the fact that if you have gotten a tattoo or piercing in the last six months, you can’t donate blood. So what about stoners? People who smoke tend to be very generous but could being a pothead prevent you from helping your fellow humans?

The answer seems to be no. The American Red Cross, the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the US, collects and processed 40% of the blood supply. They distribute it to about 2600 hospitals and transfusion centers around the country. In their Common Questions pamphlet for those new to donating blood, the Red Cross states that while they do not encourage the use of controlled substances, “marijuana or alcohol use does not necessarily disqualify you from giving blood as long as you are feeling well. If you have EVER injected any illegal drugs, you can never give blood.”

When the American Red Cross was asked directly about cannabis users giving blood. They stated that they do not test for THC but they will not accept someone who is under the influence at the time of the donation. They suggest that people who are donating are well rested, well fed, and “feeling well”, which basically translates into “not high”. If the Red Cross staff believe you’re stoned when you show up to donate blood, they will turn you down. If you smoked the night before, you’re good to go.

Since your body breaks THC down in to 11-OH-THC and 11-nor-Carboxy-THC, which is non-psychoactive. Enzymes in the liver break the 11-OH-THC down even further in to the 11-nor-Carboxy-THC. The process takes a few hours but when it’s done, you’re no longer high.

Cannabis will not prevent you from donating blood. If you just take a night off from smoking and wake up, eat breakfast, and give blood, you could save a life. Being a stoner doesn’t mean you don’t have to get involved and now you have no excuse to (unless you a have gotten a new piercing or tattoo). It’s important to remember that the summer months are the hardest for blood drives, as people partying on vacation are less able to donate. Get out there and donate blood!

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood | Stoner Blog

Cannabis and Music


Cannabis and Music | Stoner Blog

Stoners will tell you until they’re blue in the face that smoking cannabis makes music sound much better. From the beats to the lyrics, potheads swear that tunes sound better and mean more when you’re high. Weed is a popular concert-going item and many people smoke a joint while jamming to their favorite musician, whether it be at a hip hop concert or a basement metal show. But why do stoners like music so much? Why do these two always seem to go hand in hand?

Music has been proven to have positive effects on the mind. Back in high school, the “cool” teachers used to let kids listen to their iPods while taking tests or some would play Mozart or Bach from a CD player. Even plants know that music is healthy, studies have shown that plants will react in positive ways (depending on the vibrational frequencies) to music that is played for them during growth. New Scientist, a medical journal, among others have shown studies that prove music is beneficial to all kinds of medical situations. It can be used to focus the mind, calm down, or energize, depending on the kind of music. Cannabis has been shown to help with these things as well, so perhaps the two form some sort of amazing effect when combined?

A study conducted in 2011 regarding the modulation of auditory and visual processing where the subjects were given THC and CBD showed that THC activated and deactivated certain areas in the brain which controlled the hearing and seeing senses. CBD did not have an effect on these areas. So THC has an effect on the way we hear music as well as the way that we process visual items. It was stated by Nina Kraus (Northwestern University) that the brain uses neruons that communicate sensory information through electrical pulses. In this case, it’s the sound of the music. The increased sensory perception in the endocannabinoid system is caused by the binding of the receptors to the brain. Dopamine is released and less anxiety-causing signals are sent, which lets the stoner chill out and enjoy the music more carefully and with less internal (and external) distraction.

But since cannabis is still considered a schedule 1 drug by the federal government, there aren’t many more studies regarding the connection between cannabis and music. As the two seem to have similar effects on the human body, they could be used as a kind of therapy for people suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a multitude of other afflictions. In the meantime, it’s suggested by Stonerdays that you roll up a joint or pack your bong and smoke to some of your favorite songs. Doctors orders.

Cannabis and Music | Stoner Blog

Cannabis Withdrawal

Cannabis Withdrawal | Stoner Guide

If you’ve been smoking for years, you probably don’t get as stoned as you used to and that might lead you to try out a cannabis detox, or a tolerance break as most stoners call it. This is a period where one just doesn’t smoke, or smokes considerably less. If a stoner overloads their endocannabinoid system, the brain’s response to cannabis can be lessened. A tolerance break can be great, especially for heavy smokers are looking to get super duper stoned once more. But what happens when you stop smoking weed?


Cannabis withdrawal is a real thing but it isn’t as severe as some mass media outlets make it out to be. With the Telegraph and the Daily Mail in the UK posting headlines such as “Cannabis as Addictive As Heroin”, you would think that the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal would be unbearable. While the effects of less weed are unpleasant, most people can get over them without a hitch. Much less harsh than heroin or opiate withdrawal, cutting down your cannabis use isn’t that bad as long as you know how to handle it.


When taking a break from weed, there are a few symptoms that one might experience. Starting in the first week, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite (or potentially an increase of appetite), physical symptoms (headaches, sweating, fever, chills, stomach pain, etc), or restless will make themselves apparent. Physical symptoms aren’t as apparent as the later, mental symptoms. This happens later, about a week after the break has started. Mood changes will occur, along with strange and intense dreams. Nervousness will also appear, sometimes immediately after stopping or somethings up to nine days after. Overall, symptoms of cannabis withdrawal don’t seem to last longer than 20 days and peak at about 10.


If you are attempting to take a tolerance break, it may be a good idea to slowly lessen your cannabis use if you experience some of the harsher symptoms. There is a 50% chance that you will be able to quit smoking without having any symptoms. But for the other 50% that do suffer from symptoms, there are ways to help yourself get through it. It is best to keep yourself busy. Go to work, get outside, ride your bike, go for a walk. Sitting around will only magnify the symptoms and getting out and moving around will not only keep you occupied, it will help you become more tired in order to overcome the insomnia. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk that will give you sugar highs and make you crash. And don’t forget, that first hit at the end of your tolerance break will be awesome!

Cannabis Withdrawal | Stoner Guide

Cannabis & Acne


Cannabis & Acne | Stoner Guide

No one likes to admit it but even as adults, we still get acne. Life is stressful sometimes okay? Everyone knows it. While it has been speculated that smoking cannabis can increase testosterone and create a hormonal imbalance (therefore causing acne), most adults will admit that their adult acne is caused by daily stress, poor diet, humidity, and not washing your face. But for whatever the cause of the acne, topical cannabis might be a great way to fix it.

Topical cannabis contains CBD, which is amazing for your skin (and hair, teeth, nails, etc). CBD is an anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe skin irritation. The best way to utilize the CBD for your skin is in hemp seed oil. It is a powerful antioxidant and has a comedogenic rating of zero, which means it can only help clogged pores and oily skin. Hemp seed oil is also full of minerals that help the skin, such as calcium and potassium. These keep the skin balanced and fight acne as well as the effects of aging.

Looking to treat your acne with hemp seed oil? Or perhaps you just want to try out the anti-aging effects it produces. Either way, here is a simple recipe for a cannabis-based face mask that will give you smooth skin.

What You’ll Need;

  • 1/4 cup cannabis oil, hemp seed oil, or cannabis infused coconut oil
  • A few drops of your favorite essential oil (to make your mask smell amazing)
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • A makeup brush

Start off by cutting the avocado in half and removing the pit (be careful!). Mash up the green parts in a bowl or in a blender if you have one. Once it’s a thick paste, add in the rest of the ingredients. The mask works best if you boil some water and let your face absorb some of the steam that comes off of the water (be careful!). Brush the mask on to your skin and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Wash it off, pat your skin dry, and enjoy a refreshed, smooth face!

Cannabis & Acne | Stoner Guide

Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s


Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s | Stoner News

There are more than five million American’s that are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, according the to Alzheimer’s Association. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the country. As of right now, there is no cure. But recent research has shown that cannabis may have promise as a medicine that can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. Since some of the symptoms include mental confusion, difficulty thinking or understanding, loss of appetite, mood swings, and other symptoms, researchers have really been looking in to using cannabis to help stop the disease.

stonerdays-logo-smallAlzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

Research has led to the fact that THC can protect the brain from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It is believed that Alzheimer’s is caused by protein fragments that are known as bet-amyloid. The beta-amyloid destroys synapses, which then forms clumps of plaque that cause the death of the nerve cells. When THC is introduced, it acts as a natural and safe amyloid inhibitor. The medicine that is currently on the market now for the ease of Alzheimer’s symptoms is not as safe, another reason as to why the plant is being looked at as treatment.

Another benefit of THC in Alzheimer’s patients is the fact that it boosts the function of the mitochondria. This is responsible for generating the energy required to function. The cells in the brain require a lot of energy in order to communicate with each other as well as the rest of the body. Doctors have also discussed brain inflammation as another cause of Alzheimer’s and cannabis is one of the most effective (and natural) anti-inflammatory known to modern medicine. There is also far less of an addiction risk as compared to prescription drugs.

stonerdays-logo-smallThis fact has hindered the research of THC on all types of diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug. This fact has hindered the research of THC on all types of diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Even though there are those who still believe that cannabis will have worse effects than the current prescribed drugs. It is clear that the plant shows at least some promise at fighting disorders where traditional medicine has failed. At the very least, cannabis is worth looking at for treatment to a multitude of afflictions.

Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s | Stoner News

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars | Stoner Guide

People often compare cannabis and alcohol, putting them head to head. But some people are beginning to mix the two together… Yes that’s right, cannabis infused alcoholic beverages. That you can order at a bar. Take for example West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican place where Jason Eisner is creating CBD infused cocktails that are becoming quite popular.

Since CBD is the compound in cannabis that helps to reduce pain and can give you energy, these drinks make a great starter. Eisner has three different cannabis drinks, the Rolled Fashioned, the Sour T-iesle, and the Stoney Negroni. He started making the drinks in order to treat injuries that he sustained playing sports. While the price of the drinks are surely high, they will have you feeling great on a night out. CBD oil, which is what is used in the drinks, has a slight earthy taste to it as well, which will give the drinks an interesting taste.

For those that aren’t near West Hollywood or in a legal state, you can make a drink that may just simply remind you of cannabis. The Liquid Marijuana is a delicious beverage that you can make as a shot or a drink. It’s fruity and smooth, so be careful not to drink too many. Try one out the next time you go to the bar or grab a few nips and make your own at home. The liquid marijuana makes a really good unwind drink, something that will be good to kick back and relax with at the end of the day.

Take a pint glass and fill it with ice.

  • Pour in 1/2 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum.
  • 1/2 Malibu coconut rum, 1/2 oz Midori.
  • 1/2 oz blue curacao.

Pour in some pineapple juice, leaving a space at the top of the glass for a splash of sweet and sour mix. Shake everything together vigorously and there you have it, a liquid marijuana drink.

It was only a matter of time before people began to mix cannabis and alcohol to form new kinds of cocktails. Pot bars will definitely be a thing of the future, with bartenders specializing in cannabis infused cocktails for all different kinds of people. Some will be stronger in THC, some in CBD. It is only a matter of time before we see these interesting new establishments appear.

Please remember to smoke and drink responsibly.

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars | Stoner Guide

Cannabis & Memory


Cannabis & Memory | Stoner Blog

For years, people have believed that cannabis effects the memory formation in the human brain. Those against the plant have insisted that long term use (or even short term) will kill your brain cells and make you dumb. This fact is highly contested, with supporters arguing that some of the smartest, most successful people have admitted to smoking (and enjoying) cannabis. Not only that but memory is a difficult thing to measure and there are different types of memory, such as short term memory and long term memory, among others. So what does cannabis do to memory?

The main compound in cannabis, THC, has shown to have an effect on short term memory. It creates a difficulty in encoding memories. Those who use cannabis sometimes show trouble in forming new memories while under the influence. While this is like being “black out” drunk, the effects are not as severe as cannabis. Short term recall is also effected by THC. Stoners have difficulty recalling events while high and even after the high wears off. But those who continuously indulge in cannabis have shown in studies to develop a tolerance to these effects of THC. The more cannabis is smoked, the less difficulty the user had recalling the memory.

Studies show that the memory impairments tend to be temporary. One of these such studies showed that while THC can effect memory for two hours after consumption, there are no lasting effects after 24 to 48 hours. It was also shown that cannabis will not effect the ability to recall existing memories, like your high school, your address, your siblings, or your parents.

As for cannabis and long term memory, a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, it was shown that people who consume more cannabis over five or more years developed worse verbal memory recall as compared to those who consumed less cannabis or none at all. The study consisted of nearly 3400 Americans over a period of twenty five years. Verbal recall was tested and Reto Auer, a professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, was the study’s main author. The results showed that those subjects who smoked every day could recall 8.5 words out of 15. Subjects who smoked less or none at all could recall 9 out of 15 words. While .5 words doesn’t seem like a whole lot, Auer suggested that the longer someone used cannabis, the worse their memory would become. But only 8% of those in the study considered themselves heavy smokers and they also didn’t find that the 8% had any other cognitive abilities impacted by their cannabis use, such as the ability to focus and process information.

New studies are being released that are suggesting that cannabis may actually benefit memory and the plant is being studied for use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s. CBD, one of the other compounds found in cannabis, has promise of being able to also fight the brain damage caused by alcohol abuse and binge drinking. CBD reduced alcohol induced cell death in the brain by up to 60%, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. So does cannabis have an effect on memory? More research is definitely needed to gain a definitive answer but as of right now, the effects don’t seem nearly as bad as someone who drinks a lot of alcohol.

Cannabis & Memory | Stoner Blog

Cannabis Gives Back


Cannabis Gives Back | Stoner News

There are numerous reasons as to why some people don’t want cannabis to be legalized and these people will come up with any reason possible in order to keep others away from this amazing plant. Among these arguments is that the legal cannabis industry will contribute to teen use (myth), crime rates will rise (also a myth), and the communities will be overrun with citizens of all ages getting stoned (maybe not so much of a myth but no one is concerned with their neighbor’s tobacco/alcohol habit so what’s the big deal if no one is causing problems?). But since the cannabis industry is dead set on proving the negative stigma wrong, businesses and governments are beginning to see the economic boom that legal marijuana can bring.

In Colorado, where cannabis is legal for everyone over the age of 21, part of the implemented law specifically states that a tax of 15% gets taken out when wholesalers sell to the retailers. That specific tax is given to special school taxes. The money is meant to be used to repair and build schools around the state of Colorado. This particular tax isn’t seen by the customers of the retail cannabis shops. When bought at a store, the tax charged goes to the state’s general fund and focuses on drug prevention education, substance abuse treatment, and research.

The Rocky Mountain State is also doing amazing things with marijuana tax money to help to homeless in the Pueblo, CO area. The Pueblo County commissioners recently approved a grant of $25,000 to go towards the Pueblo Area Law Enforcement Chaplain’s Crop. The money will be used to attempt to reduce the homeless population by helping people that have family out of town or out of state get their familial support system back. In previous cases, the group was only able to send people about 100 miles, which left some stranded halfway between Colorado and home. Now, with the help of money made from marijuana taxes, people will be able to have their trips home completely funded. Each person the gets involved with the program gets a bus trip and a motel voucher for the voyage. Aurora, CO is also using cannabis tax money to help it’s homeless. The city will provide $4.5 million to programs that will assist homeless over the next three years. The focal point of one of these programs is to offer a place for homeless children to attend school, as well as get fed, supplies for classes, and go on field trips, all things that they might not otherwise get to do.

Backtracking to Pueblo, CO, the city also decided to pass an additional tax on recreational marijuana cultivation facilities. This money will be used to fund the college tuition of students that are graduating from high school. With the program just getting up and running this year, it will start off by giving out twenty five $1000 scholarships for the fall of 2016. This tax will be phased in over the next five years, where 50% of the money will be used for scholarships and the remainder will go towards public improvement and medical marijuana research. Pueblo, CO is a perfect example of a town taking advantage of legal cannabis.

Last but not least, a school in Nevada got the unfortunate news that they were losing a large scholarship that sent a group of students to Washington DC every year. Students would go to the capitol to see how things really worked at the nation’s home base, as well as give them a chance to explore the architecture and historical monuments. But the trip was expensive and wasn’t obtainable for students without the help. Cue the medical marijuana businesses help. Pahrump’s M&M Development donated $3000 and Nye County Consultants Association threw down $5000.

Actions like these by medical and legal cannabis companies is important and shows people how kind the industry can be. It’s not all about “just getting high”. Those that are involved in the cannabis industry want to help and it’s only smart of governments to take advantage of that in order to help their citizens lead better lives.

Cannabis Gives Back | Stoner News

Benefits Of Eating Cannabis

Benefits Of Eating Cannabis | Stoner Guide

Even though cannabis isn’t federally recognized as a medicine, more and more people are beginning to believe in it’s positive effects. But since smoking has such a negative stigma attached to it, there are some people who would rather eat their cannabis as compared to smoking it. Cannabis has been mentioned throughout history as a medicine all over the world. It helps with nausea and vomiting, along with patients suffering with AIDs and has been used to treat severe neurological disorders, chronic pain, and muscle spacticity. There is also research that show cannabis can destroy certain cancer cells and slow the rate of others, including an aggressive form of brain cancer.


So why eat your cannabis rather than smoke it? When you eat cannabis in a cookie or brownie or whatever (you can basically cook cannabis in to anything these days), the edible is introduced in to the body via the gastrointestinal tract. Your body then converts the inactive form of THC to delta-11 THC, a compound that has far different effects than the delta-9 THC that is produced when cannabis is smoked. When cannabis is eaten, delta-11 THC gives the user the effects of both compounds, which can lead some people to freak out. The high you get from edibles is much different than the high from smoking but it can have serious benefits to patients who need it.

Eat your Weedies!

First off, eating cannabis is easier on the lungs. It eliminates coughing and sore throats and doesn’t produce the smell. It is subtle and perfect for patients who need to medicate discretely. Smoking cannabis leads to an almost immediate high and lasts for about 1-3 hours and then suddenly, you aren’t high anymore. Edibles take about 30-90 minutes to kick in but they last for up to 7 hours, with a gradual descent that leaves the user feeling rested rather than burnt. Considering the longer lasting effects of edibles, ingesting pot would be much better for patients who need long term relief. Eating your weed also distributes the high feeling to your entire body, making edibles an effective painkiller.

Eating-Marijuana-Cooking-Food-with-Weed-Fork-and-Edible-Pot-Bud-Shutterstock-800x430 (1)

It is not uncommon to find someone who supports edible-only medicating. The effects of edibles are very potent and helpful to those who need it. However, the fact that they are so strong and have such a slow onset may be their downfall. In some places, edibles are banned due to their being blamed for accidental deaths and emergency room spikes. It is obvious that some people do need to be educated on how to ingest their cannabis but that shouldn’t mean that all patients suffer.

Benefits Of Eating Cannabis | Stoner Guide

Children As Young As 11 Can Receive Oxycontin But Not Cannabis

Children As Young As 11 Can Receive Oxycontin But Not Cannabis | Stoner News

In the last few years, the United State has seen a surge in opiate related deaths. More and more people are dying from this type of overdose than they are of traffic accidents in some areas. The problem with opiate drug addiction has become so bad that some government bodies and media outlets have begun to call it an epidemic. It comes as a shock to say the least, in the midst of this battle with opiates, that the FDA would approve the use of Oxycontin for children as young as age eleven who have cancer, trauma, or major surgery. Even though Purdue Pharma reformulated Oxycontin to make it more difficult to abuse, the drug still has highly addictive properties and could cause a notable amount of sick children to have to face opiate addiction later in life.


At this particular age, the brain is still developing. The teenage years are detrimental as this is the main stage at where the brain matures, finishing it’s growth at age twenty five. Studies show that one in twenty five high school seniors had abused Oxycontin. For children, the effects of Oxycontin would not aim to heal but instead to make the child more “comfortable”. Long acting medications prevent breakthrough pain so the children are able to “focus their energy on being a kid instead of fighting their pain,” says Justin Baker, a pediatric oncologist and palliative medicine doctor at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Additionally, having long acting painkillers “is going to be tremendously helpful for treating children with cancer pain or at the end of life.” Other doctors who treated patients with pediatric cancer hailed the FDAs approval to treat children in pain with Oxycontin as a way to ease suffering.


An example of the negative effects of opiates on teenagers if Lauren Scott. The 16 year old was fighting undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She battled it for three years and then briefly entered remission. But in recent months, the cancer spread to her lungs, where a very large and inoperable tumor makes daily activities (and sometimes even breathing) difficult. Lauren was prescribed morphine to ease the pain from the cancer but when the drug began to make her extremely sick, she turned to medical cannabis. According to Lauren’s mother, Cherri Chiodo, medical cannabis is the only thing that helped her daughter. Lauren ingests cannabis in the form of an oil that is high in CBD and low in THC. Even though the oil mainly manages Lauren’s pain, Cherri says hat it also helps her to eat and reduce the anxiety that would undoubtedly come from facing terminal cancer. Lauren takes up to a gram of the oil a day, either in a capsule or added in to her food.


Since the data on cannabis as an official pain medicine is limited due to it’s Schedule 1 standing, there are still some doctors who swear against it’s use. There are many questions regarding the plants effect on growing brains but even with the questions, many doctors are beginning to embrace the idea of medical cannabis for younger patients. Dustin Sulak is an osteopathic general practitioner in the state of Maine and he uses medical marijuana to treat children who suffer from a wide range of illnesses, including cancer, epilepsy, autism, and PTSD. “We put all the options on the table and evaluate the risk/benefit of each,” he said. “Medical marijuana often emerges as a good choice because of it’s mild effects and efficacy.” Gregory Carter, a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and a clinician in neuromuscular diseases has also recommended medical marijuana for children with cerebral palsy and childhood muscular dystrophy and the results he has seen from cannabis treatment is “mostly positive”.

So why prescribe children dangerously addictive drugs when there is a natural remedy out there? Not only that but while Oxycontin masks the pain, cannabis is being researched as a treatment and potential cure to many diseases due to our brains and bodies being hardwired to ingest THC and CBD. There are many parents who believe that cannabis is the only way to treat their children without harming them down the road. The negative side effects of medical marijuana are minimal if any and the plant is much more easy on a child’s system. “The nice thing about cannabis is that the negative side effects are much less than most other drugs given to children,” Sulak says. Carter agreed, stating, “I do feel, under almost any circumstance, that medical marijuana is safer than opiods.”

Children As Young As 11 Can Receive Oxycontin But Not Cannabis | Stoner News

Legal State Teen Use And Cannabis

Legal State Teen Use And Cannabis | Stoner Guide

One of the heaviest arguments against cannabis legalization is that teenagers will be able to get their hands on the plant more easily than they have been able to in the past. Even though people may put a lot of faith in to this argument, you can’t argue with numbers. A Washington study done recently from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that minors, in fact, don’t feel that cannabis is any easier to obtain now than it was back in 2012 in Washington state. The survey polled tens of thousands of teens across a hundred schools each year and in 2010, 55% of teens said that it was “easy” to obtain marijuana. But in 2014 (two years after Washington legalized recreational marijuana), 54% of teens think it’s easy to get a hold of marijuana. While a 1% difference doesn’t seem like much, it’s still a decrease and not an increase, showing that cannabis is not more obtainable for young kids.

The list of the other things that have occurred in the legal states that go against the “cannabis is now easier to get a hold of for kids” theory is long. From 2012 (the year Colorado legalized cannabis) until now, the monthly teen cannabis use has fallen from 22% in 2011 to 20% in 2013. Additionally, the percentage of teens who had used cannabis at all had fallen from 45% to 39%, a considerable drop. In 2014, the Monitoring the Youth survey and the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use found that nationwide underage cannabis use had decreased slightly. The decrease occurred as the first wave of recreational laws went in to place. This decrease is chalked up to the nationwide conversations that were happening about cannabis, which promoted knowledge instead of scare tactics.

A national analysis of teen cannabis approval ratings also showed that between 2002 and 2013, teens approval of the cannabis plant didn’t increase and an NIH-funded study looked at data from 1991 to 2014 and concluded that the “passage of state medical marijuana laws does not increase adolescent use of marijuana”. Tack on the fact that a few months ago, a study released put to rest the myth that underage consumption had increased, and you have to admit that the youth of today seem much more educated when it comes to cannabis than past generations.

Colorado recently released the findings of a long running report that gives us the most detailed data on the mile high state’s recreational marijuana laws. The surveys were given out to about 40,000 Colorado students before and after cannabis legalization. The information collected showed that the students had “no significant change” in marijuana use by children under the age of 18. The number of high school students using cannabis also dropped from 23% in 2005 to 20% in 2014. But while these numbers seem promising, it was said that Colorado youth are much more likely to use cannabis than children in other states that haven’t legalized. About 13% of Colorado minors 12-17 has used cannabis in the 30 days prior to the survey, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health said. That’s 13% compared to 7% of minors the same age nationwide. So while nothing really changed, the numbers of teens able to get a hold of marijuana is higher than the national average.

The main key to keeping kids away from cannabis without the supervision of a doctor is educating them. Scare tactics won’t work, as children are always interested in what’s forbidden. Kids are very smart and it would benefit everyone if we just gave them the facts. Teaching the youth about marijuana when they’re young is the key to them using it responsibly when they’re older. By keeping them in the dark about it, they will only have to discover the plant for themselves and who knows what age that will be at. It is up to the parents to teach the kids about the wonderful plant and to make sure that kids aren’t getting a hold of it without the correct supervision.

Legal State Teen Use And Cannabis | Stoner Guide

Cannabis Talk On Mother’s Day

Cannabis Talk On Mother’s Day?

Stoners have a tough time with the parental discussion on marijuana reform. For some, the talk is extremely easy and some parents even raise their kids and actually teach their children about marijuana in the positive, truthful way. Other stoners don’t get so lucky and wind up getting taught the negative side of cannabis, which can prove extremely difficult when the child becomes a cannabis enthusiast. Even parents can shun their kids based on the simple opinion of a particular plant. It’s not fair and it’s definitely not right but it does happen. If you’re going to talk to your mom about cannabis reform, it’s recommended that you pick Mother’s Day to do so.



Some people are lucky enough to smoke with their mom and that’s awesome! But for others, it’s not so easy. Some stoners still hide the fact that they smoke from their parents, afraid of what their elders might say or do. On the other hand, you have stoners like myself, whose parents just can’t seem to bring themselves to get over the fact that it’s simply just a plant. The best way to talk to your mom about cannabis on Mother’s Day? Nicely. Simple enough! Keep the conversation upbeat and positive. If your mom starts to get frustrated, just kind of let her talk. It may be tough to hear what she has to say (parents tend to not know a whole lot about our good old Mary Jane and their arguments can sometimes be face-palm worthy, but it’s the only way she’s going to let you get a word in… And listen.


Moms are important. Without them, you wouldn’t be here. Sometimes, we disagree with them. But it’s so important that you talk to your mom (and your dad) about marijuana reform. The legalizing of cannabis will probably happen in our lifetime and it’s important to prepare them for the booming industry that’s slowly creeping across the country. And if you do plan on speaking with your mom about cannabis on Mother’s Day, it’s highly recommended from the Stonerdays team that you bring along some flowers… And not the kind stoners like either!

Cannabis Talk On Mother’s Day

Brandy And Tres Johnson

Brandy And Tres Johnson | Cannabis & Children

Raising a child in the year 2016 is extremely difficult. With many outside factors and so much going on all the time, it can be tough for a mother to keep track of everything. That becomes more difficult when you are Brandy Johnson, a young woman from the state of Missouri. The Johnson family is a loving group of people that have had to face extremely tough circumstances with their youngest boy, Tres, who has a condition known as diprosopus. This extremely rare condition is cause by the presence of the SHH protein during gestation. The effects of the SHH protein are neurological and cranial duplication, resulting in unusual formations of the brain and the bone structure of the face. So while the Johnson family is surrounded by love and light, they are struggling to provide the care that Tres needs to live a more normal life.


Most children that are born with diprosopus do not live long, which makes Tres (age 12) a miracle. Doctors did not expect such a fight from this little boy, especially since Tres is also constantly battling intractable epilepsy. This small child can have up to almost 500 seizures a 24-hour window. As a mother, Brandy suffered greatly watching her child go through this pain and wanted to do anything and everything she could to help Tres live a more comfortable life. But while doctor visit after doctor visit turned up little to no answers, things began to look bleak. The only treatments that the doctors seemed interested in were immense amounts of pharmaceutical drugs which turned Tres in to a zombie. Brandy and her husband couldn’t stand to view their son that way and even with the medicine, the constant seizures never stopped or slowed.


With few options remaining, the doctors recommended that the Johnson’s have a small implant put in at the base of Tres’ neck. This implant a device called a Vagus Neuro Simulator and is attached to the Vagus nerve. During an epileptic seizure, this device shocks the Vagus nerve for seven to twenty seconds during a seizure in an attempt to get the body to stop seizing. Reluctant but willing to try anything to help their son, the Johnson’s had the device implanted. Six months later, Tres maxed out the device and the seizures still hadn’t stopped. In fact, due to a partial decrease from the device, the little boy was having more severe and increased seizures once the device was removed. It was then, in November 2012, that the doctors told Brandy and her husband that they had exhausted all medical options. There was nothing left to do for their son.

Brandy wouldn’t accept the news. She would not give up without a fight.


In her heart, she knew that there was something out there to help her son. So she began to look online, searching alternative and holistic alternatives. “Something inside me changed that day,” she says. She read through hundreds of articles and documents pertaining to other treatments for severe epilepsy. Finally, she stumbled across the story of young Charlotte Figi. This little Colorado native had been fighting with epilepsy when a group of cannabis growers began cultivating a new strain called Charlotte’s Web. When this high CBD strain was administered to the young girl, her seizures drastically decreased. Her motor functions and speech improved and her parents were shocked that this change in their daughter was due to a plant. Brandy knew that this was something she had to look in to for Tres. By now, she was resuscitating Tres two or three times a week due to the overwhelming seizures and Tres’ body was beginning to show the signs of renal failure. Not wanting her family to watch their youngest son waste away in front of them, Brandy knew what she had to do.


After speaking with her husband, the couple made the choice to send Brandy and Tres to Colorado in order to obtain safe medicine for their boy. With $6,000, Brandy made the trip with Tres from Missouri to Colorado, since the plant is still illegal in their home state. It was the only way that the family could get Tres the medicine that he needed. They thought they had planned everything correctly but when they arrived at their apartment in Colorado, they found that the complex would not meet the conditions that Tres needed. Even though the family had paid the money for the apartment, the complex wouldn’t work with them. Brandy tried her hardest to make it work but the unaccommodating living conditions were too much. With their savings depleted, Brandy had no choice but to return with Tres to Missouri.


Even though the family is back in Missouri, Tres is still getting doses of CBD cannabis oil that Brandy got for him in Colorado. While the law considers her a criminal, this is the only way for Brandy’s son to live a comfortable life. This oil is the only thing that has positively effected Tres’ seizures and Brandy isn’t about to let that go. As far as she is concerned, this plant is the only medicine that will ever work for her son. From three months old, Tres had suffered from seizures. He is 12 now. For this family, cannabis is the last option. Since November 2012, Tres has not responded to any form of medical treatment and even though the medical marijuana bill passed in the Johnson’s home state, there are no places selling medicine yet.

Families like the Johnson’s need to be able to obtain their medicine safely.


These people are not criminals!

They are handling life the best way that they can. There is nothing criminal about a mother trying to do what’s best for her child. Cannabis can help people like Tres and Brandy and so many others. Patients need to be able to get their hands on cannabis in safe, knowledgeable environments. They are not criminals. No one should have to fight for a medicine that actually works.

For more information or if you would like to help Tres Johnson please visit: www.facebook.com/bnjtntjaj

If you or anyone you know would like a safe place to get your CBD medicine please click the link www.facebook.com/Aunt-E-Edibles

Brandy And Tres Johnson | Cannabis & Children

Five Ridiculous Laws Pertaining To Cannabis

Five Ridiculous Laws Pertaining To Cannabis

Some cannabis laws are in place to keep us safe, but these laws seem to come from a long ago forgotten time when you hand cranked up your jalopy and drove to the box social with your sweetie. Thankfully, the laws are beginning to change. With the help of cannabis advocates everywhere but unfortunately, some of these are still around. Always remember to be careful when smoking in places where marijuana might not be popular. Be sure that you know the laws in different states when you visit. You never know when the cops will pull you over.

In Texas, it’s ok to give someone life in prison for marijuana.

Tyrone Brown was a teenager that attempted to steal a man’s wallet containing $2. Tyrone gave back the money and the man’s wallet when he realized what he was doing was wrong. “Luckily” after some support from the press Tyrone was released after serving 17 years. Then there’s the case of Jacob Lavoro, who was caught selling edibles (again in Texas). Police claimed Lavoro was running a low level edibles operation. He was initially charged with first degree felony possession and intent to distribute. These crimes carry a harsh sentence up to life in prison. The charges were dropped. The idea that such low level crimes can carry such a harsh punishment is frightening to say the least.

In Texas, possession of anything less than two ounces is punishable by up to 180 days in prison. Plus a ridiculous fine of up to $2,000. The sale of any amount of marijuana over fifty pounds can land you up ninety-nine years in jail.


Marijuana is illegal in Texas but still taxable.

The idea here is to “tax” any person found in possession of marijuana. If they have already purchased a tax stamp. Since marijuana is still illegal, the only way to get the stamp is to already be in possession of the substance. The government found this to be unconstitutional on a federal level yet it remains in effect to this day in Texas. The fact is, they are double tapping you with fines and nothing is being done about it.

Get caught in Oklahoma with any amount, go to jail for a year.

In the state of Oklahoma, getting busted with cannabis (any amount of the stuff) can land you in jail for a year. If you get caught for a second time, again with any amount, no matter how small, you can get jail time for up to ten years. Having any sort of concentrate will get you in even deeper trouble, especially if you get caught with it in your car. Distributing, transporting, dispensing, or possession with intent can get you life behind bars, along with a hefty fine of $20,000. Manufacturing concentrates will also potentially get you life in jail, plus a fine of around $50,000.

Internal possession of alcohol and/or cannabis in NH counts as straight possession.

Most people believe that if you get stopped by the police with drugs or alcohol, ingesting the substance will make the situation better. Since the illicit substance is no longer “on your person”, the cops can’t find it, right? Wrong. In the state of New Hampshire (as well as a few others), the cops can still bust you for possessing these substances even when they’re in your stomach. So if you ever run in to trouble in New Hampshire, remembering that eating what you have on you isn’t a surefire way to avoid trouble.

This basically harmless plant is a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the Federal Government.

Cannabis is in the same class as heroin, and as such the use, cultivation, possession and sale is illegal. So far 18 states have passed medical cannabis laws making it legal in the state, they still carry the risk of being raided and robbed of their hard work. As far as the government is concerned, weed is no bueno. Thankfully, more advocates are pushing for the Feds to remove themselves from the business of medical marijuana laws within allowing states.

Five Ridiculous Laws Pertaining To Cannabis

How To Talk To Children About Cannabis

How To Talk To Children About Cannabis

Kids these days are the future of our generation, obviously, much like we were fifteen-twenty years ago. Unfortunately for us, the youth is more preoccupied with how many followers they have on Twitter rather than the real issues that are at stake. One of these such issues being the state of cannabis in society. As the self-proclaimed green generation, it is up to us to teach our children the truth about weed, instead of the scare tactics that most of us grew up with. Programs like DARE still exist and aim to deter children away from cannabis with “facts” that primarily comes from Reefer Madness.


For a lot of twenty one to thirty year olds, their parents spent most of their time talking about the negative effects of cannabis. Not once when I was growing up did either of my parents mention any benefits to ingesting marijuana. Instead, I was repeatedly told that the plant was harmful, whether the “information” came from my parents, teachers, or the cop that taught us DARE back in fifth grade. What is unfortunate is that none of these people once suggested that marijuana might benefit me. In reality, I could’ve used marijuana a lot earlier on in life, had people told me the truth about the plant.


When it comes to kids and cannabis, the bottom line is that the truth needs to be told. No scare tactics or telling them that they’ll be stupid if they choose to smoke. What needs to be done is very simple; let them make their own choice. Cannabis use by those under eighteen years old has shown decreased myelin formation in the brain. Myelin being the protective coating around the human brain that shields it from trauma. If this layer doesn’t form correctly, it can lead to issues later in life. But with the supervision of doctors and other professionals or after a child turns eighteen, it should be up to them on whether or not they want to try smoking marijuana. It is with this idea that the child should grow up with as well, rather than having parents who constantly tell the child that marijuana is a terrible plague upon the human race.


There’s no point in hiding marijuana from kids; chances are they will get a hold of it at some point before they turn eighteen. It’s up to the parents to inform their children with knowledge that will help them to make their own choices once they’re presented with cannabis.

How To Talk To Children About Cannabis

Cannabis Vs Epilepsy Drugs

Cannabis Vs Epilepsy Drugs

As the cannabis plant becomes more researched for its properties relating to epilepsy, more parents of epileptic children are opening their minds to the possibility of what this plant can do for their families. There are hundreds of children that are suffering from epilepsy and the complications that arise from it. If you’ve never seen a small child have a Grand Mal seizure, look it up on YouTube and try not to tear up. These parents deal with this every single day, watching their child shake and suffer while they stand by and do nothing.

It’s not like these parents aren’t trying to help. Many of these parents have done everything that they can in order to help their children. But modern medicine still hasn’t caught up to how terrifying the affliction of epilepsy is. Even though the doctors are telling people that these drugs will help their child, chances are it isn’t going to help. Instead of being strung along indefinitely and watching their kids suffer, there have been many parents that turned to medical marijuana as an answer to their child’s problem.

Marijuana has been shown to have a positive effect on epilepsy. The CBD in the plant calms the body and mind. Within the first few days of a child on CBD treatment, most parents report that the seizures almost or completely stop. Some children are even able to begin speaking, eating solid food, and walking. Take for example, young Jayden Davis, a child who is suffering from severe epilepsy. The young boy was having 1,200 seizures a month and with the use of CBD in liquid form, he is now down to about three. Accompany that with the fact that the doctors Jason Davis took his son to said that the boy had no chance of learning to walk or talk. Contrary to what they said, Jayden is functioning just fine and has begun walking and is now learning to talk.

When Jayden was just 16 months old, the doctors prescribed him benzos, an anti-convulsion drug that is described by Wikipedia in the following blurb; “The benzodiazepines are a class of drugs with hypnotic, anxiolytic, anti-convulsive, amnestic and muscle relaxant properties. Benzodiazepines act as a central nervous system depressant. The relative strength of each of these properties in any given benzodiazepine varies greatly and influences the indications for which it is prescribed. Long-term use can be problematic due to the development of tolerance to the anticonvulsant effects and dependency.” Now in all honesty, would you give a child a drug with a description like that? I wouldn’t. Jayden was addicted to benzos since he was just 16 months old. With the help of CBD, he no longer needs benzos or any other substance that “normal” doctors will prescribe. Jayden is a growing, developing child thanks to the help of cannabis.

Cannabis Vs Epilepsy Drugs

Cannabis Compared To Epilepsy Drugs

Cannabis Compared To Epilepsy Drugs

As the cannabis plant becomes more researched for its properties relating to epilepsy, more parents of epileptic children are opening their minds to the possibility of what this plant can do for their families. There are hundreds of children that are suffering from epilepsy and the complications that arise from it. If you’ve never seen a small child have a Grand Mal seizure, look it up on YouTube and try not to tear up. These parents deal with this every single day, watching their child shake and suffer while they stand by and do nothing.

It’s not like these parents aren’t trying to help. Many of these parents have done everything that they can in order to help their children. But modern medicine still hasn’t caught up to how terrifying the affliction of epilepsy is. Even though the doctors are telling people that these drugs will help their child, chances are it isn’t going to help. Instead of being strung along indefinitely and watching their kids suffer, there have been many parents that turned to medical marijuana as an answer to their child’s problem.

Marijuana has been shown to have a positive effect on epilepsy. The CBD in the plant calms the body and mind. Within the first few days of a child on CBD treatment, most parents report that the seizures almost or completely stop. Some children are even able to begin speaking, eating solid food, and walking. Take for example, young Jayden Davis, a child who is suffering from severe epilepsy. The young boy was having 1,200 seizures a month and with the use of CBD in liquid form, he is now down to about three. Accompany that with the fact that the doctors Jason Davis took his son to said that the boy had no chance of learning to walk or talk. Contrary to what they said, Jayden is functioning just fine and has begun walking and is now learning to talk.

When Jayden was just 16 months old, the doctors prescribed him benzos, an anti-convulsion drug that is described by Wikipedia in the following blurb;

“The benzodiazepines are a class of drugs with hypnotic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsive, amnestic and muscle relaxant properties. Benzodiazepines act as a central nervous system depressant. The relative strength of each of these properties in any given benzodiazepine varies greatly and influences the indications for which it is prescribed. Long-term use can be problematic due to the development of tolerance to the anticonvulsant effects and dependency.”

Now in all honesty, would you give a child a drug with a description like that? I wouldn’t. Jayden was addicted to benzos since he was just 16 months old. With the help of CBD, he no longer needs benzos or any other substance that “normal” doctors will prescribe. Jayden is a growing, developing child thanks to the help of cannabis.

Cannabis Compared To Epilepsy Drugs

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Before you call me crazy, yes I am talking about the Fox News that we’re all familiar with. The one that refused to show support for marijuana… Up until now. With the public pressing for more marijuana information, the media giant Fox had no choice but to release something that they’re not too fond of; FACTS. But even Fox can’t argue with what the people are saying. And the people are saying that they want to see marijuana legalized.

In a poll that was recently done by Fox News, 51% of Americans want to see marijuana legalized like in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, etc. Since the internet provides such a great outlet to find information, people are beginning to see that marijuana is more than just some gateway drug that makes teens deflate like sad balloons.

Since 2001, the number of people that oppose marijuana legalization has dropped drastically. At the same time, the amount of people who support marijuana legalization has risen at the same rate. Back in 2001, only 26% of people supported legalization and even though the 51% is only a 1% jump from last year, the number is still climbing. Other polls have different results, however, as is to be expected of surveys like this. A similar poll done by CBS News found that there were 53% of Americans that supported marijuana legalization. In March, the General Social Survey released the information that 52% of Americans supported cannabis legalization. Numerous other polls had different results but the numbers usually rested around 51-54%.

Support of marijuana legalization should continue to grow over the next few years, even though some polls show that the numbers dropped over the last year. This is probably due mostly to scare tactics and the media focusing on the mostly negative news about marijuana. Although, as said above, the ability to connect to the internet gives people the ability to fact check for themselves. When they learn something new about marijuana, they can double check the information in a split second. With the help of the internet and the people who are working hard to get marijuana accepted, we can hope that the plant will be legalized soon.

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Cannabis Legalization

Don’t Let My Daughter Die, Governor!

Don’t Let My Daughter Die, Governor!

Published on Sep 5, 2013


On August 14, 2013, Brian Wilson of Scotch Plains, N.J. confronted Gov. Chris Christie over his delay in signing a law that would make it possible for Wilson’s two-year-old daughter to receive the medical marijuana she was prescribed under state law. The testy exchange was quickly picked up by numerous media outlets. Vivian Wilson suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome, a devastating and potentially fatal form of epilepsy that she will never outgrow. It’s already led to one hour-long seizure where she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

Although medical marijuana has been legal in New Jersey for three-and-a-half years, Christie’s Department of Health has made it nearly impossible for patients to obtain medical marijuana in the Garden State. The myriad regulations include a requirement that three doctors sign off on the prescription, a ban on edible forms, and a limit on dispensaries from growing more than three strains of marijuana.


These regulations have made it impossible for patients to receive the kind of cannabis that could help Vivian, which is a high-CBD, low-THC form that has none of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. That is, it can’t get you high. High-CBD marijuana has proven wildly successful in alleviating seizures, but because low-THC marijuana is less popular, it makes poor business sense for the one functioning dispensary in New Jersey to produce a strain that very few patients want to purchase.

This past June, the New Jersey state legislature passed a reform-minded medical marijuana bill which reduced the number of doctors required to sign off on a prescription to one, repealed the ban on edible forms of medicinal marijuana, and increased the number of strains dispensaries can grow.


By August, the bill had been sitting on the governor’s desk for two months. When Brian Wilson heard Christie was making a campaign stop at a Scotch Plains diner, he decided to ask the governor directly, “What’s the hold up?” Christie curtly replied that while the issue is simple to Wilson, it is not simple to him, and he will make his decision based on what he thinks is right for all the people of New Jersey. As Christie turned to walk away, Wilson shouted, “Please don’t let my daughter die, Governor!”

After video of the dust-up in the diner went viral, Gov. Christie agreed to a sign a compromised form of the bill, allowing for edibles for minors only. This still adversely affects Vivian, because limiting edibles to minors artificially decreases demand, making it less likely that a dispensary would make the investment in opening a kitchen and enduring all the red tape involved to produce edible forms of marijuana for an extremely limited consumer base.


And despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, the federal government still lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, making it a felony to bring it across state lines, even for medicinal purposes. The Wilsons are considering moving to Colorado, where Vivian would have easy access to the medicine that could very well save her life. But because of federal laws, they would be forced to stay in the state indefinitely to legally maintain their daughter’s supply, unable even to visit their home state for a holiday.

Despite such a predicament, Vivian’s mother, Meghan, insists, “This is life and death. Our lives are devoted to keeping her alive. If this doesn’t pan out in New Jersey, we will move to Colorado.” Chris Christie has made himself into a national figure by projecting a plain-speaking and defiantly independent persona. But in his opposition to his own state’s law permitting medical marijuana, is the former federal prosecutor simply pandering to the national Republican base in preparation for a 2016 run for president?

“I meant what I said when I said, ‘don’t let my daughter die,'” insists Brian Wilson. “Politics should not be determining whether or not children live.”


If you would like to help Vivian and donate please click the link: http://www.lettersforvivian.org/

Produced by: Anthony L. Fisher.

Don’t Let My Daughter Die, Governor!

Landon Riddle Story Updated

Landon Riddle Story Updated


On September 30, 2012 Landon Riddle was diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia. Sierra Riddle received the devastating news that Landon was only given around a 10% chance to live beyond 24 – 48 hours. Landon beat the odds and began Chemotherapy treatment. There was immediate placement of a port into his heart for delivery of Chemo and within 30 days both his physical and psychological quality of life had diminished to a state that would break any mother’s heart.


Sierra updated their Facebook page Offer Hope For Landon on October 4, 2012.

Landon has been very down and in discomfort today, but we are getting to leave tomorrow sometime! YAY! we have chemo and a lot of procedures on Monday morning so we are going to stay in Salt Lake until then so he can rest and be in a quiet environment and not have to travel in the car back to back to back! We are very thankful he was progressed as quickly as he has, but he is not out of danger yet, infection and illness are going to be huge factors in his recovery. I’m very overwhelmed today and feeling really broken, but I am glad I can hold my baby boy in my arms and feel him breathe, there are always things to be grateful for!

This was only the beginning of little Landon’s struggle.


The doctors told Sierra that once Landon was released from the hospital, it will be best for him to continue about his life as normal as he will have a better chance of healing; however, he will be required to travel back and forth to Salt Lake (12 hours round trip) every 4 days in order to receive his chemo treatments. This put a significant financial strain on his family.


Landon was soon readmitted into the hospital as doctors were unable to get the fifth liquid medicine into him. There doctor said they may have to surgically insert a feeding tube. Landon can not understand why he must drink “yucky” medicine as he is held down to take them, he bruises easily and asks the doctors,

Why are you giving me owies?

As Landon is held down for the tube that would go down the back of his throat and into his stomach, he fights and screams and eventually pulls the tube back out of his mouth. Landon is given time to calm down and the nurse prepares to start all over again, Landon politely holds up his hand and states, “No, it’s okay, I’m not sick anymore.” The families hearts break and know that they must try again.


Unfortunately, this is only a glimpse of the horror’s little Landon and his family had to face.  As time passes Landon only got worse eventually losing his hair, losing weight and constantly vomiting. Its not until Sierra has to make a decision. Go with the majority of the population of the world that believe there is only one “choice” for cancer, chemo. Or choice a path less taken, a choice that could have a huge outcome not only for Landon’s health but their very own family name. On April 21, 2013 Sierra writes on Landon’s Facebook Page;

A very good friend of mine sent me information in the first 30 days of Landon’s diagnosis. I was in total shock. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was basically coming to the end of her life. She chose to go a different route than chemo, and today she is cancer free! The digging, research, phone calls, hours of exhaustive reading, medical studies done by our own government and many research doctors all showed there was an option that has been around for thousands of years.

With Landon’s type of Leukemia and the fact that he is a high risk patient, there was too much risk to go with only natural treatment. They kept that fact very quiet in fear of being judged. They discussed this with all of there family and made the choice to move forward with cannabis treatment.

They headed to Colorado for Sierra and Landon to obtain legal residency, for Landon to meet with doctors, and to start Landon on Cannabis CBD oil treatment. Landon  had miraculous results. He ingests this oil 2 times per day. CBD is the medicinal part of the cannabis plant and contains less than 0.2 percent THC, which means it has no psychoactive effect. The THC part of the plant when ingested in its raw form (oil), is amazing pain relief, amazing appetite enhancer, and counter-acts the horrible effects of the steroids and chemo which cause anger, anxiety, etc. This is why Landon began to gain weight back, why Landon is sleeping, why Landon’s body is being protected against the damage of the chemo, why his immune system is that of a normal healthy child, even with intense chemo treatment.


Time passes and Landon’s health seems to be improving and Sierra is convinced that her son is not only being helped by the cannabis but that the cannabis is actually healing him of the cancer completely.

Sierra was right, the cannabis oil not only helped little Landon with his pain, appetite, weight gain, sleep and much more the cannabis oil literally cured him of cancer. Today 10/21/2014 at Children’s Hospital Colorado Landon had his Port removal two years earlier then Protocol Treatment. Landon is 100% CANCER FREE!! 

Søren Kierkegaard said:

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

From all of us at StonerDays;

You did it LANDON!! You will always be an inspiration in all of our hearts.


Please share this awesome story and like there Facebook Page at Offer Hope For Landon

Landon Riddle Story Updated

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis



When cops get permission to do a drug bust, they should do their research first. And by that, I mean they should validate the reports from “concerned citizens” when someone is reportedly doing something wrong. First of all, when people are suspected of growing or consuming cannabis, the cops should just leave them alone. We all know that. There are so many other problems in the world that police should be concerned with. But it is still illegal and the cops still bust down doors to get rid of the “criminals”, who get reported by a pissed off neighbor that may or may not have any idea what they’re talking about.

In Derby, a 60 year old man was arrested when cops stormed his house, looking for cannabis plants. Inspector Paul Cannon, the man in charge of the police in the area, said, “This information came from a call from a concerned resident and we are always happy to act on calls such as this that we receive.” But according to the report, all that was found were plants that are suspected to be cannabis… Leading readers to think that these cops actually don’t know what cannabis is or what they were looking for when they stormed in to the man’s house.

In the residence, there were 30 plants found but whether or not they were actually cannabis is unknown. The man arrested is being held in police custody and being questioned about the alleged offense. But much like the agents who busted in the doors of an okra farm recently (they thought it was weed… Really? Talk about a waste of money), stories like this only reinforce the idea that cops are overzealous when it comes to trying to bring down cannabis users and growers.

With a huge opiate issue growing in the world, not to mention other terrifying drugs such as spice, crocadill, and liquid heroin (which is increasingly popular among young teens because of it’s innocent appearance), the cops should be paying more attention to real problems. Not only that but the bath salts can now be manipulated to become other, more dangerous chemicals. If the cops really want to waste their time busting people for things that they suspect might be illegal, instead of taking care of the real drug issues that we have, then really, what is the point of their jobs in the first place?

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis

Cannabis Pumpkin Pie


Cannabis Pumpkin Pie; Stoner Cookbook


That time of the year is here! Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorites and if you are anything like us your going to love this recipe. Your kitchen time will be about an hour and you should be able to serve 6-8 but that all depends on how you cut your pie.


  • ¼ cup cannabutter
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon molasses
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup light brown sugar
  • 1 (16-ounce) canned pumpkin
  • 1 (9-inch) unbaked piecrust


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. In a small saucepan, melt the cannabutter over low heat.
  3. In a large bowl, combine the milk, eggs, molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar, and pumpkin – mix well. Add the cannabutter to the mixture and stir to combine. Pour the mixture into the piecrust and bake the pie for 50 minutes. The pie is ready when the filling has settled. Enjoy!

Cannabis Pumpkin Pie; Stoner Cookbook

Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer

Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog

In Israel, cannabis has been freely researched and available to patients since the 60s (with the proper license). So there’s been a lot of time for scientists in Israel to study the plant and come out with new products for the patients there. With unending amounts of technology available and innovation at it’s finest, the products coming out in Israel have shocked those around the world, especially with the newest product that’s coming out now.

Introducing Syqe Medical, a cannabis company from Israel, has developed an amazing invention for patients to be able to dose themselves correctly with an amount of cannabis that suits their needs. The inhaler measures the amount of THC that a patient can get, letting some patients get just enough of a dose of THC to relieve symptoms without actually getting stoned and experiencing the psychoactive effects of the plant. The dose can even be chafed via Bluetooth and can hook up to phones, tablets, and computers. This also allows the doctors to measure the effects of different doses on different illnesses, giving them a good idea of how much THC some people need to function normally, as do most medical patients.

The device is small, about the size of an asthma inhaler, and can be carried around in a patient’s pocket for quick and easy relief from symptoms on the go. Syqe claims that it’s product can deliver a higher resolution dose, achieving a perfect balance between THC and CBD. This is an amazing innovation not because it will allow patients to get the access to medicine that they need in a new, very safe, and very “normal” way, but because it is made via a 3D printer. This printer is somewhat new to the world but is creating a huge wave in the technology community. The device can be made on any 3D printer anywhere, letting people get one virtually whenever they want. And with UPS stores implementing these printers in to thousands of stores across the US, patients will be able to obtain the Syqe from where ever.

With a backing of $1 million from the government, the Syqe is set to be available for sale at the end of this year. The technology of this inhaler will surely surprise those that see it now and upon it’s release and patients especially will be happy to know that this is the first device that will be able to measure their cannabis intake. Symptoms will be easier to deal with and people will feel better. Now if only the US would allow such research, really great things could happen in the world.


Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog

Massachusetts Rallies For Cannabis

Massachusetts Rallies For Cannabis; Stoner News


Medical marijuana has been passed in the state of Massachusetts but patients are still having issues getting ahold of their medicine. But thankfully for the patients of the state, the Bay State Repeal just issues a statement that supports the Massachusetts patients getting their hand on their medicine as well as to support the patients fighting for cannabis legalization and the end of prohibition. This coming Tuesday, patents will hold a rally at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and will march to the State House.

The release states that the Bay State Repeal support the patient efforts to obtain their medicine safely and legally. Bay State Repeal is a ballot initiative committee that is dedicated to passing the least restrictive laws in regards to cannabis, allowing patients to safely ingest their medicine without worrying about federal or state repercussion. Massachusetts hopes to replace prohibition with legalization in 2016 following the terrible implementation of dispensaries in the state thank to the Department of Public Health.


The DPH, the Bay State Repeal went on to say, is over a year late in opening the dispensaries and not only that but has failed to provide a safe outlet for patients to obtain cannabis, forcing them to continue buying from the black market. The department has chosen to enforce caregiver regulations not authorized by the law that suppresses patient access to marijuana from the caregiver or their choice. Unfortunately for parients, it is unlikely that their needs will be met before the full repeal in 2016.

“Full repeal returns the legal state of this plant, valued since the dawn of agriculture for its nutritious seeds, durable fibers, medicinal qualities, and yes, its ability to alter consciousness, to constitutionally reasonable regulation of the cultivation and commerce in cannabis by adults,” says Attorney Steven Epstein. A full repeal would mean that a marijuana retail business catering to adults allowed to ingest the plant would not be subject to any more restrictions then those who choose to open a farm stand, pharmacy, grocery store, or restaurant.

This also means that the right to grow marijuana would be returned to the patients, without the risk of the SWAT teams busting down your door and breaking all of the things you’ve worked hard to gain in your lifetime. A full repeal of cannabis law would mean no more black market cannabis sales, making a much more peaceful world for those who want to smoke the plant.

Massachusetts Rallies For Cannabis; Stoner News

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis; Stoner Guide

Stoners are very used to people using previously debunked information in order to scare people away from cannabis use. After years of brainwashing by the government and media, we wouldn’t expect any less from those who don’t research before they write, much like the Daily Mail article released on October 7 of this year. The article, while it gave good effort to talk badly about the plant, failed to realize the numerous studies that have been released proving that cannabis isn’t as dangerous as people have previously thought… In fact, the plant has far more positive qualities than negative qualities.


While the Daily Mail claims that this study is highly qualified to be taken as fact, it’s definitely not. First of all, this study was in fact a review of 20 years of existing research on the effects of cannabis use. The paper doesn’t really say anything that people aren’t already aware of and mostly focuses on old school theories like “cannabis makes you stupid”, can cause people who smoke “long term can get cancer”, as well as boldly claiming that this information “finally demolishes claims that smoking marijuana is harmless”. Finally, the paper comes right out and says that “cannabis is as addictive as heroin”.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and you have read the study yourself (which I definitely suggest that you do, as you’ll see some very different conclusions as compared to what the mass media is blabbering about. “This paper deals with the adverse effects of cannabis smoking, especially the adverse health effects of regular, typically daily, cannabis smoking”, Wayne Hall writes, the drug advisor for the World Health Organization and author of the paper. Here are some of the points in the article that the media seems to have overlooked in their eagerness to scare the shit out of people, as usual.


  • Overdosing on marijuana isn’t possible

On average, a stoner will roll a joint containing half a gram of cannabis and to some, that’s a severe understatement. Most heavy smokers can ingest up to half an ounce (14 grams) or more a day, depending on how long they’ve been smoking for. These people can function just fine, going about their daily lives while being baked as hell. Hall writes in the paper, “The fatal dose of THC in humans derived from animal studies is between 15 and 70 grams. This is a far greater amount of cannabis that even a heavy smoker could use in a day.” In 2013, the average potency of cannabis seized was 12.58 percent, which would translate in to 0.06 grams of THC in the average joint. If someone were to smoke somewhere between 238 to 1,113 joint a day (about 10 joints an hour for 24 hours straight), you may be in danger of overdosing… But you would suffer effects from carbon monoxide deficiency and oxygen deprivation far before ODing on cannabis itself.

  • Driving stoned… Dangerous or not?

There is huge controversy over cannabis users driving stoned. But according to research put forth by the researchers at Hartford Hospital and the University of Iowa conducted a study on the effects of cannabis while driving and found that driving stoned has little to no effect on driving skills. The article written by Hall even proves that fact by proving that driving while under the influence of cannabis is less harmful than driving while drunk, with marijuana having an increased crash rate of 2-3 times while alcohol users increase their crash rate 6-15 times. While I don’t recommend going out for a joyride while blasted, I would say that if you smoke a bit before heading out probably won’t kill you… But those shots you’re eying at the bar might.

  • Don’t smoke weed while pregnant.

There are studies that exist that state that smoking cannabis while pregnant can reduce birth weight but Hall’s paper says that the effect of cannabis use while pregnant is less than the effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant. Some evidence exists that cannabis can have later in life effects on the child including a lower IQ and behavioral problems. But “uncertainty remains because of the small number ors tidies, the small samples of women in each, and the researchers’ limited ability to control for the confounding effects of other drugs during pregnancy, maternal drug use post-birth, and poor parenting.” While it’s not recommended that you smoke anything or drink alcohol during pregnancy, the chances of severe side effects seem to be slim.

  • Marijuana is addictive but the chance of you getting addicted is slim.

People who smoke weed are significantly less likely to develop a dependency to the plant. “The lifetime risk of developing a dependance among those who have never used cannabis was estimated at 9% in the United States in the early 90s against 32% for nicotine, 23% for heroin, 17% for cocaine, and 15% for alcohol, followed closely by 11% for stimulants.” What that means? More than nine in then people who try smoking weed won’t get addicted to it. So while it is possible, the chances are slim to none.

  • There may be links between teen marijuana use and the use of harder drugs. but this research is hotly contested.

Also named the “gateway theory”, this tidbit of “information” has been tossed out the window by multiple scientists in efforts to derail such nonsense. Most researchers these days suspect that alcohol and tobacco are more risky for teens to try because they have a higher rate of the users heading towards the harder stuff. Marijuana is not usually what researchers these days point to.

There are many other points in the study that were taken much out of context, giving the media free reign to spit as much bullshit on the subject as they want. As usual, media blows things far out of proportion and only reports the things that they want to. If you’re interested in reading the study, you can find it here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/add.12703/full

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis; Stoner Guide

Cannabis & Children; Mary Louise Swing

Cannabis & Children; Mary Louise Swing


Of those that suffer from illness in this day and age, children get the short end of the stick if you will. Drugs administered to children can have extreme side effects and sometimes, even the doctors run out of options and end up trying experimental drugs or pharmaceuticals made for animals. These drugs have no known side effects and the long term effects on the children are also unknown, giving children with cancer and epilepsy a bleak future. This is especially hard on parents, as they have to stand by and watch their sick baby suffer with no idea on how to ease the pain.

More and more parents with sick kids are coming forward and backing cannabis as a treatment for their children’s disease. For example, six year old Mary Louise Swing from Hilton Head Island in South Carolina suffers from severe seizures, sometimes over up to 100 in a 45 minute therapy session with her doctors. The little girl could barely speak, as the seizures were effecting her development and energy levels severely.

Jill Swing, Mary Louise’s mother, fought tooth and nail with the politicians in South Carolina to change the law and allow people suffering from severe epilepsy to ingest cannabis oil. The oil has been studied and found to have amazing effects on young children who are suffering with deadly diseases including cancer and epilepsy. After a long battle, the officials in SC passed the bill and the little girl received her first dose of the oil recently, with effects that amazed everyone.

Mary Louise got one dose of cannabidol, also known as CBD oil. During her 45 minute therapy sessions, her seizures decreased to 19 as compared to the previous staggering number of 100. Before, the little girl was quiet and had trouble speaking. After the dose, her mother says that she is a little chatterbox and never stops speaking, something that wasn’t foreseen in Mary Louise’s future for a long time. Beaufort Republican Senator Tom Davis says that he will soon file a bill that will allow an expansion of cannabis oil use for those patients, like Mary Louise, who could really benefit from the use of the oil.

Cannabis & Children; Mary Louise Swing

Teen Cannabis Use Declines In CO

Teen Cannabis Use Declines In CO; Stoner News


When Colorado first passed the legal cannabis initiative, people were shocked. And not only that, they were mad. There were people everywhere, saying that both Colorado and Washington would basically crumble like the city of Pompeii under the weight of thousands of marijuana buds, as compared to volcanic ash. One of the primary arguments against the legalization? That the number of teens using the plant would drastically increase, causing huge problems with the youth in Colorado. Protect the kids, they said, that’s where the real problems will pop up!


Unfortunately for the Debbie Downers, cannabis use has not skyrocketed among the young people of the Rocky Mountain state but instead, it has begun to decline. Surprising results, considering that “the plant will be easily obtainable once legal”, which is something a lot of protestors were saying. Contrary to that belief, a study done by Healthy Kids Colorado in 2013 showed us that in the first year that cannabis was legal, 20% of high school students admitted to using cannabis in the past month and 37% had claimed that they had tried smoking the plant at some point in their lives. Compared to the numbers from the same survey done in 2011, where there were 22% of kids that had tried pot in the month before and 39% having tried smoking. Followed by results from the survey in 2009, there were 25% of kids that said the used cannabis in the last month and 45% that said they had smoked before in their lives.


Although researchers are saying that it’s too early to tell, the results seem to be on a downward slope, proving that cannabis legalization won’t destroy society and the youth of the nation won’t turn in to a bunch of tie-dying, Dorito munching crazies. Of course youth cannabis use would be on a decline. With more programs to educate kids, the youth won’t be so tempted to try this forbidden substance that everyone seems so afraid about. Remember when your mom told you not to flush all kinds of cool shit down the toilet? And after she told you that you couldn’t do that, all you could think about was flushing everything you could find down that magical, disappearing hole? Same concept. The forbidden is always more attracting to the young. If you teach them how to responsibly ingest it, like alcohol or Tylenol, there will be very few problems down the line. Educate not isolate.

Teen Cannabis Use Declines In CO; Stoner News

CVS An Invisible Illness

CVS An Invisible Illness; By Madison T. Ortiz

To understand the entirety of my story, I feel I need to share a prequel to my personal saga

My younger brother was diagnosed with Cancer, Clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, Stage IV on May 5 1997. He just turned a year old. My family went through a lot during that time in our lives and I learned truly valuable life lessons at 4 years young. Dakota made a miraculous recovery and is a healthy young man starting his first year of college!

I am truly very thankful for the medical professionals that saved Dakota’s life. However, I have not personally had such luck in the medical professional department.
We moved to Michigan from Southern California in the middle of my first grade year. In elementary school I began complaining of stomach aches very regularly. I didn’t like to play outside with the other kids on the playground after eating lunch. In hindsight eating has been a trigger of mine for quite some time…. but most of all in elementary school I remember the beginning of my war with migraines. They happened at the same time every day and my teacher thought I was always trying to get out of his class. I loved school, and truly was sick to my stomach from migraines on a regular basis. ‘A kid with migraines that regularly? She’s lying! She wants attention. Etc etc…’


I remember always being very fragile. I was at Girl Scout camp and a friend picked me up and set me down in a way that my body didn’t agree with. That was the very first blackout I recall having. There was literally always something wrong with me. So much so that it was hard to vocalize everything to my parents and doctors properly. I vividly remember heaving every morning as I was trying to get ready for school. I was so nauseous in the mornings but didn’t know how to express it with enough severity amongst the other regular pains. The morning heaving happened so regularly, I guess I thought it was normal after a while.
I don’t know exactly when the vomiting episodes started but I vividly recall being in the middle of a children’s choir rehearsal’s snack time, sippin’ on a juice box, when suddenly the puke monster attacks out of nowhere. Similar up-chucking episodes and regular violent battles on the potty continued throughout my life in ways that seemed very random in the moment. but in hindsight became so very clear as to what triggered specific episodes, and which ones were simply part of my body’s cycle.


Beyond the basic symptoms of the disease there are unfortunate things that happen because of the regular episodes of vomiting. In High School, I was so thrilled to be involved in drama club. I was backstage one day during rehearsal and began spewing blood from my mouth. My friends eyes gazed upon me in absolute horror as I assured them this was normal for me (at that time in my life). Another memorable scene from that year was in my Graphic Design class – I felt the blood coming up in the middle of a lecture we were not supposed to interrupt, so I excused myself and before I knew it woke up on the floor of the print room covered in blood and surrounded by a scene of bloody finger smears from my fainting. My insides were so raw from my puke-monster episodes that it caused me to bleed from my mouth and in-turn scare the living shit out of anyone who witnessed it.


I was so very visibly skinny and rapidly losing weight during certain periods that I actually had adults.. TEACHERS, reaching out to me telling me I needed to “eat, or get help!” As if I wasn’t already aware I was withering away.. (This is the kind of ignorance I am sharing my story to prevent!!)

It’s hard to describe every little symptom I’ve faced in my years, but beyond the physical pain, I have struggled with much more. As many other people who identify themselves with CVS, I’ve been misdiagnosed so many times and prescribed so many drugs that I couldn’t tell them all to you if I tried. Unfortunately, my body has had bad reactions to nearly every medication I’ve taken, and I have even suffered recently from a very rare Prednisone psychosis episode after taking the drug for only a week and a half. My speech was affected for a week following the drug induced Psychosis episode. – Drugs have simply not been my friend! They have not ever given me relief in a way that some people experience. I respect everyone’s choice to medicate as they feel is best, but I know that my body’s only relief in the past 4+years has come from Medical Marijuana, which was prescribed by my family doctor after years of careful evaluation with no success and a desperate need to relieve nausea and stimulate an appetite.


Not many doctors know much about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, but unfortunately there are some doctors out there who literally immediately dismiss any vocalization of CVS with the mention of usage of marijuana, claiming it’s not CVS and instead Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. I have been medicating with marijuana for the past 4 years but my symptoms began far far before my desperate reach for a puff of relief – Unfortunately some people who consider themselves medical professionals feel their quick two second assumption is cause for dismissal of an invisible beast I stare in the face every day.


I don’t like to admit this because I try to appear strong as can be, but as of where I stand today, I am in pain regularly. I wake up with nausea ranging in severity every morning and often am actually woken by several urgent zombie-like runs to the potty with uncontrollable and severely painful bowel movements. Although I vomit much less frequently in my adult life, my body still heaves rather regularly, causing me to experience the feeling and sounds of throwing up without the actual vomit. My body is weak & I have little energy, making it hard to live the life of a typical 21 year old. My triggers effect me daily so I haven’t really been able to understand what my cycle’s timing is, where as some people can mark on a calendar when they will get sick. I simply can’t entirely avoid my triggers because they are things like : Excitement (the “yay” kind and the Giggidy kind), bright lights, Anxiety, and my biggest struggle… ingesting food. I love to cook, absolutely adore food and am the huuuugest piggie when I have the brief pleasure of being graced with an appetite, but in my more adult life, no matter what I eat I feel severe pain before even finishing the meal.
I can rarely finish a plate, or even a sandwich for that matter. And if I do, it causes me to be on the potty typically immediately after. My food goes through me so quickly I am having a hard time absorbing the nutrients I need from my food. I also get nauseous and heave at the thought or smell of food in the wrong moments because my body is so very aware of the pain food causes me.

This is a novel already and if you’ve made it this far you’re surely not interested in more icky details. What you DO need to know is that there is a significant sized group of us out there who are fighting an invisible illness called #CyclicVomitingSyndrome, and we need YOUR help to spread awareness. We need understanding, education, acceptance, and a cure! Please help me and this group spread awareness by giving this post some activity. Likes and Shares are FREE, and getting the message about CVS out there is much more important than that cute cat video you just shared anyway!


I do not share this deeply personal story for pity and especially not for narrow-minded judgments (so please keep those to yourself). This is for the amazing people I have met who have given me strength to fight another day, who remind me that I’m not crazy, that I’m not alone. Love you all!


Please support our friend Madison T. Ortiz by visiting her FB and IG pages. You can find both here.




CVS An Invisible Illness; By Madison T. Ortiz

Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowel Disorder

Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowel Disorder; Stoner Guide


If you’re not familiar with inflammatory bowl disease, it is when the gastrointestinal system becomes inflamed. Basically, your intestines get sick. This kind of condition includes disorders like Crohn’s, lymphocytic colitis, and ulcerative colitis. These disorders can cause extreme pain and discomfort for the person afflicted, sometimes even disrupting daily life and leaving the sufferer defeated and without hope. Crohn’s patients especially suffer if their condition doesn’t improve, with the issues like intense pain and diarrhea leading to other problems such as malnutrition and dehydration.


New studies, however, are giving hope to those who previously had none when the traditional meds didn’t work. The cannabinoid receptions that are found in the human nervous system (CB1 and CB2) assist in gut function and the endocannabinoid system that we possess has been found to be extremely important in maintaining the gut’s overall function in daily life. While there haven’t been too many studies conducted as of late, seeing as the plant remains illegal, there is some new information being released that cannabis may be an optimal treatment for those patients who have IBD.


In 2011, there was a study done that found that 51% of ulcerative colitis patients and 48% of Crohn’s patients are lifetime cannabis consumers, believing that the plant had more of an effect on their symptoms than the prescribed medicine. Since cannabis works in regard to pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, and nausea control, it seems like the plant would be the best medicine for those suffering with this condition. Of the numbers listed above, there were 33% of the UC patients and 50% of the Crohn’s patients actually using the cannabis directly for their symptoms, thanks to medical marijuana laws.


A retrospective study in 2011 observed patients with Crohn’s and found out that after starting a medical cannabis program, twenty one out of the thirty subjects found that their symptoms had greatly improved after started the use of the plant. In addition, they found that they needed less of their pharmacy prescribed medicine as well, leaving them to medicate naturally. There were also fifteen of the patients who needed surgery prior to the use of the cannabis. Those fifteen people collectively went through nineteen surgeries in a span of nine years but three years after the start of incorporating the plant in to their lifestyle, there were only two surgeries needed.


In order to back up the findings, another study was conducted of twenty one patients with Crohn’s. They were divided in to two groups, a control and an active treatment. The active treatment group was able to ingest medical cannabis while the control was not. More patients in the active treatment group managed to achieve complete remission, eliminating all of their symptoms but the result was not statistically significant and could possibly mean that the different was simply a chance occurrence. Regardless, there was a significant change in the results that showed patients were more likely to decrease their Crohn’s Disease Activity Index score, which means that their condition was on the upswing. Those in the placebo group didn’t have this decrease. Add in the fact that three of the eleven patients in the active treatment group were able to reduce or completely eliminate the use of their doctor prescribed steroid medicine.

Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowl Disorder; Stoner Guide

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide


“It’s bad for your health,” they said. “If you smoke it, you’ll go crazy,” they said. Well these days, we all know that these two things (among the many other nonsense statements about weed) aren’t true. The government has lied about this plant since they realized what effect it would have on people in regards to health benefits and enlightenment. So for years, we’ve shunned the use of this plant much like we shun the use of cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, we’ve been outcasting a plant that could have not only changed our history, but could have greatly changed the way that we live and function today.


1. Relieves symptoms of chronic disease that can cause death in some people. This includes irritable bowl syndrome as well as Crohn’s, along with any other abdominal malfunction.

2. Our world is full of stressors… And stressors can cause some massive headaches. Thanks to cannabis, most of these migraine sufferers were able to cure their pain with some cannabis. Doctors in California backed the claim up, saying that more than 300,000 of migraines have been treated using cannabis.

3. Suffering from PMS? Or maybe just cramps? Whatever the case, cannabis is shown to improve overall feeling and health for menstruating females. And for some people, that can be a debilitating time of the month.


4. Since cannabis possesses compounds that effect how our brain functions, the plant can calm down those who suffer from OCD and Tourette’s. The plant makes some people slow way down, which would help those suffering from OCD to chill and stop cleaning as well as preventing muscle spasms and twitches that are sometimes associated with Tourette’s.

5. In 2009, a study was released that stated that cannabis was a perfectly logical and acceptable alternative for Ritalin, one of the primary medications given to those who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. However, with ingredients comparable to the active ingredient in the street drug speed, Ritalin’s health effects have been questioned.

6. Multiple sclerosis doesn’t stand up to cannabis either. The cannabinoids found in the plant work to stop the effects of the sometimes deadly disease by protecting the damaged nerves from getting even more damaged.


7. Tumors and cancerous cells have been shown to drastically decrease when cannabis is introduced in to the system. With more research, it is likely that scientists will develop some sort of cure for cancer using the cannabis plant.

8. Some patients that suffer with epilepsy never find relief for their symptoms and are forced to suffer and ingest sometimes harmful medications that don’t always work. Marijuana actually helps to decrease the amount of seizures that a person has, seeing as how the plant is a muscle relaxer.


9. A 2006 study showed that cannabis had an effect on those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The study stated that THC clogged the holes that lead to the formation of Alzheimer’s in the brain, therefore preventing the degenerative nature of the disease.

10. Glaucoma puts extreme pressure on the eyes and scientists are beginning to think that the cannabinoids in marijuana can reverse that pressure and make it easier and less painful on the patient. Marijuana lowers the intraocular pressure in the eyes, reversing the effects of the glaucoma.

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide

Cannabis Pleasure Lube

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

We’ve gone over the subject of cannabis and sex, two things that seem to go very well together. You can’t deny that, am I right? But while sometimes, you just smoke too much bud and pass out or the added annoyance of passing a joint back and forth while you’re banging can be a nuisance. Fortunately for stoner couples everywhere, there is a new product coming out that is surely going to enhance the time you spend in bed with your partner!


The Aphrodite Group is a California based medical marijuana collective that has taken on the task of creating a lube that will not only add some grease but will enhance the feelings of both parties as well. The lube is called Foria and the Aphrodite Group states that the purpose of this lube is to “benefit women’s health and well being by opening the door to natural and euphoric pleasure”. The product won’t get the user high if you’re planning on using it just as lube but will enhance the sensual nature of the act. However, the lube is also edible. When ingested, it will give the user the same kind of high that one would get from weed brownies. The only downside? The price! Running at $88 a bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap. But with such awesome sexual effects, it’s pretty worth scrounging up the money to buy a bottle, right?


Sprays like this are great for the cannabis industry, as it shows the many different uses for the plant. Instead of popping pills like Viagra and other drugs, a person can simply use a plant based substance that will enhance physical feeling, as well as the spiritual feeling of sex. With more cannabis based creams, sexual lubricants, and other beauty product emerging, it just gives the plant more credibility. Not only is it a medicine, but also a way to improve your cosmetic/sex life as well, plus the hundreds of other benefits.


Marijuana has long been used as a sort of aphrodisiac, especially in the country of India, where ancient tribes used the plant in order to boost libido. Basically, the original idea of what the Aphrodite Group is doing now. While the lube can only be sold to those with their medical marijuana license as of right now (and is only available in the state of California), it will hopefully spread to other states as well as to people who don’t currently hold a license to buy cannabis. As said above, drugs such as Viagra are not natural and can have adverse side effects for some users. A natural, more positive medicine to assist with loss of sexual appetite could absolutely benefit people of all ages.

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use; Stoner Blog

As more and more states hop aboard the legalization wagon that will inevitably become federal law, marijuana use will manifest in new demographics and cultural groups. Smoking weed will (and has begun to) inevitably transcend many facets of life, from music to sports to food.


One these groups in an obvious one with room for synergy–the hyper-trendy fad that every twenty-something in butt pants is currently immersed in: yoga. That’s right, you can twist around like a pretzel while you’re baked like one. It seems counterintuitive: Weed isn’t exactly known for encouraging you to exercise–unless the trip from the couch to 7/11 for ungodly amounts of junk food counts as exercise. Which, I think our waistlines will all agree, doesn’t quite cut it.

But an uplifting Sativa coupled with a smooth stretch can be a perfect combination. And it’s already happening.


Call it what you’d like- the most popular names are “Ganja Yoga”, “420 Remedy Yoga”, or simply “enhanced yoga”, but regardless of how you say it, Stoned Yoga is a rising trend.

Yogis in both Canada and the crunchy, granola states in the US are beginning to advocate for this “synergistic pairing”, even though, doubtless, it probably hasn’t been much of a secret to those involved in highly spiritual alternative lifestyles. While some are more hesitant to engage in this approach (i.e. suburban mothers trying to stay in shape without doing real exercise, or girls too lazy for real pants who don’t really do yoga as often as they wear the cute pants), the concept is only new to the Western world.


The mingling of pot and yoga is an ancient one, according to an article by the elephantjournal.com, which cites one of the leaders in the Yoga Sutra, written in the second century in India, Patanjali. This text suggests that cannabis can be a type of sedative, like yoga.

Under Yogasutras 4.1:

“The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration.”

Cannabis use allows for a quieting of the outside world, and the ability to focus more totally on the interior process of meditation.”

Similarly, Kriya Yoga master Swami Satyananda Saraswati discusses the similar effects between cannabis and yoga–and how they reach the same end point:

“By infusing ganja or some hallucinogenic drug, the chemical properties of the gross body change. The heart slows down, the breathing rate changes, the brain waves alter and the mind becomes calm and still. Is it not possible to arrive at the same point through Kriya Yoga?”

The effects of weed on the individual coincide with the intended effects of yoga- chemicals compliment the meditation process. An ancient Mahanirvana Tantra text contains a mantra to be said before ingesting marijuana for yogic mediation:

“Bhava no sana hridayam”, translating into, “May this cannabis be a blessing to my heart”


This text also points out that cannabis use may allow people who would otherwise be unable to participate in yoga, perhaps due to chronic pain, partake in the practice. The effects aid not only the spiritual existence, but the physical body as well. Those in ill-health and the inflexible are recommended to employ herbal aid to take the edge off of certain poses that may otherwise cause them pain. People with ADD or other afflictions that might place yoga out of reach might find this combination to their advantage. Yoga doesn’t discriminate. Just try not to fall asleep in the Child’s pose.

So feel free to toke up, get balanced, and be blessed!

Source: http://marijuana.com

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use; Stoner Blog

Cannabis Crusted Salmon


Cannabis Crusted Salmon; Stoner Cookbook

What could be better then enjoying your summer nights with this dish? For those of you who love fish dishes in the summer, this recipe will be for you! This amazing dish is easy to prepare and will give you an amazing medicated salmon that your friends will absolutely adore. The following recipe will make four servings so if you plan on making it for more or less, be sure to adjust the ingredients accordingly.


What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup cannabis Trail Mix (crushed to a fine consistency)
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/4 cup Canna Butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed cannabis buds
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 salmon steaks (around 1/2lb each)

As always, be sure to preheat your oven, this time to 400 degrees. Take a large mixing bowl and combine salt, pepper, medicated trail mix, flour, cannabis, can cheese. Mix everything together well. Be sure to clean your salmon pieces well and then coat them in the flour mixture and set them aside on a piece of tinfoil or wax paper. Using a 9×13 baking pan, melt the cannabutter in the oven that you’ve already preheated. Once the butter is melted, place the salmon steaks on the pan and baste the side facing up with some of the butter in the pan. Bake them like this, uncovered for about 15 minutes. Turn them over and turn the heat in the oven down to 350 and bake them for another 15 minutes or until they’re tender. Serve them while they’re hot, possibly with a side of cannabis seasoned veggies!

Source: www.thcfinder.com

Cannabis Crusted Salmon; Stoner Cookbook

Cannabis BBQ Sauce

Cannabis BBQ Sauce; Stoner Cookbook

Even though Memorial Day has passed in the States, the barbecues aren’t quite over yet! The 4th of July has yet to happen and there are plenty of weekends left with beautiful weather! Looking to spice up your usually normal barbecue with some cannabis fun? This recipe will teach you how to infuse your BBQ sauce with cannabis, not only giving you a great sauce but also an awesome way to medicate this summer.


What You’ll Need:

  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons green onion, chopped
  • 1 tablespoons fresh garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoons honey
  • ⅓ ounce of cannabis, finely ground
  • 1 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • crock pot
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ tablespoons chili powder
  • ½ cup apricot nectar
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • ¼ cup water
  • ⅓ cup vegetable oil
  • pinch of ground ginger
  • ¾ tomato paste

Take the cannabis, lime juice, water, green onion, and the oil and place it in the crock pot. Cook the materials on low for about two hours. Once two hours has gone by, place the apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, tomato paste, chili powder, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, honey, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, and the apricot nectar in to the crockpot with the previously cooked mixture. Mix everything together well and cook on low for another hour at least. Be sure to stir the mixture occasionally. Once the sauce is done cooking, store it in an airtight container in the fridge. The recipe will yield about two cups of sauce and is definitely perfect for your backyard barbecues! Enjoy!

Cannabis BBQ Sauce; Stoner Cookbook

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis; Stoner News

When cannabis became legal in the state of Colorado, a lot of people believed that the crime rate would skyrocket… But it turns out that it didn’t. In fact, the crime rates actually decreased. It just shows that there are less problems when cannabis is legalized, including crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence. Another huge issue that was believed to happen was a strong influx of people trying to travel with the plant out of the airports, bringing the still-frowned-upon substance to other states. This doesn’t seem to be the case, however, and the way that the things have been going just proves that cannabis isn’t really a problem. At the Denver International Airport, there are signs hung up everywhere stating that there are stiff fines for any person caught with cannabis. Even with the millions of people going through these gates every month, there have been no citations this far. There has also been no cannabis confiscated since the plant became legal back in January. Since that time, there have been ten people that have been stopped trying to take cannabis through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints but when asked to dispose of their weed, the people complied without an issue.



The airport spokesperson for the TSA, Heath Montgomery, said that this means “most people are abiding by the rules and this is not a major issue”. The fine for bringing pot in to the airport is $150 for the first offense and is not a criminal charge but rather an administrative charge under the rules of the airport. In a select few airports, like the one in Colorado Springs, there are boxes in which passengers can ditch their weed without being fined but in Denver, Montgomery says that there just isn’t a need for them. With the number of offenses so small, the airport will continue to handle the situations as they happen and don’t feel the need for additional marijuana security at this time. As most stoners joke, the most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it. If people can buy legal cannabis and smoke whenever they want in the privacy of their own homes, they have no need to disobey rules like taking weed on a plane. Stoners, for the most part, want to be left alone and will follow the rules in order to keep it that way. Since marijuana hasn’t has a hugely negative effect on the airports in Colorado, it can be safe to say that potheads seem to be okay with following the rules.

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis; Stoner News

Dahlia; Cannabis & Children

Dahlia; Cannabis & Children

Children especially deserve to be able to utilize the healing properties of cannabis when diagnosed with severe illnesses such as cancer. With the dangerous effects of radiation being almost as bad as the effects from the disease itself, cannabis is being continuously proven to be a way to combat cancer, with virtually no negative side effects. Even those who don’t use cannabis to combat the cancer can benefit from the effects of the plant in regards to eating, sleeping, and being able to function somewhat normally.

Moriah Barnhart definitely wasn’t prepared for the diagnoses of her daughter’s highly aggressive and malignant brain cancer on May 5th, 2013. But then again, who is ever really prepared for that announcement? The mother of two had to make the hard choice to move the family from their home in Tampa, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee in order for Dahlia to undergo cancer treatments at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The move wasn’t easy but was accomplished and the family settled in Memphis.

While the family adjusted, Moriah continued to research and began to look in to the medical marijuana field. The research she did showed her that cannabis was looked at as a good way to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and to help negate the ill effects of chemotherapy treatments. But the problem arose that the plant was illegal and Moriah had to make another hard choice. She made the decision to move her family again, from Memphis to Colorado Spring, Colorado, becoming one of the Marijuana Refugees, people moving across the country in order to get treatment for serious illnesses.

These days, Dahlia receives a small dose of Phoenix Tears. This special kind of nonpsychoactive hemp oil strain doesn’t get the user high but instead utilizing high amounts of CBD, the ingredient of cannabis that combats the cancer. How’s Dahlia doing? Her mother says the 3-year-old is doing very well and is back to being a normal, happy, laughing toddler. She continues to undergo chemotherapy and cancer treatments but her mother believes that the Phoenix Tears are helping immensely. This form of treatment should continue to be studied as an alternative for chemotherapy, especially for children.


Dahlia; Cannabis & Children

Addy; Cannabis & Children

Addy; Cannabis & Children

As a parent, there are extreme lengths that one would go to in order to protect their child and make sure that they’re safe. Of course, it’s hard for a parent to do that when their child becomes ill, diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia at just three and a half months old. This is what happened to Addy Patrick, a little girl who is constantly suffering due to her condition. The condition causes blindness, hormonal dysfunction, and brain malformation, which leads to severe epileptic episodes.

Addy sleeps at least 19 hours a day and the time that she’s awake is filled with seizures, sometimes up to a dozen a day. The amount of seizures depends on the amount of medicine that she has in her system, but not all of the drugs that she has prescribed are working. The Patrick family has tried several different pharmaceuticals and none of them have helped their daughter. Instead, the drug wear the little girl out, leaving her drained and unenthusiastic. These ill effects are beginning to show signs of impact on Addy’s development, hindering her ability to walk and talk like a normal little girl.

In August, Addy’s parents began looking in to medical marijuana in order to help their daughter live a somewhat normal life. As of right now, Addy is not on medical marijuana yet but her parents are actively pursing cannabis as a treatment for their little girl. Hopefully, in the near future, this child will be able to get the medicine that she definitely needs, so that she can grow up a normal, healthy, happy little girl. There should be no negative side effects from her medicine, not like the tiring properties of the pharmaceuticals she’s on now. Cannabis should be her medicine, not these terrifying pills.


Addy; Cannabis & Children

Cora; Cannabis & Children

Cora; Cannabis & Children

At age six, Cora is a sweet little girl who suffers from Macrocephaly-Capillary Malformation. M-CM is a very rare multiple-malformation syndrome that causes the body and head to overgrow. This causes abnormalities in the skin, vascular system, the brain, and in the limbs. It also causes seizures, of which Cora has had multiple times a day since she was just five months old. She was put on seven different medications of the course of the next two and a half years, none of which seemed to get the seizures under control and by her third birthday, the episodes had dramatically increased, causing Cora’s parents to become extremely worried. They were told that their only option was brain surgery on their little girl.

When October 2013 rolled around, Cora was operated on and the doctors performed a right-sided hemispherectomy and corpus callosotomy. The surgeries left her unable to feed herself or even sit up on her own for that matter. With the hope that the surgery would decrease the episodes, the family lost hope three months later when the seizures returned. Since the family had tried basically everything, they began to look in to alternative treatments with the hopes that there might be something out there that would help.

Five months after the surgery, Cora started on a the Ketogenic diet but even though the effects have been improvements, the family is still struggling. Due to Cora’s M-CM, she has many obstacles to overcome including a double hip surgery, which was only half successful and still causes the child a great amount of pain. Thankfully, the idea of cannabis has been introduced to the family and their hope is that within a few months, they will be able to completely eradicate the pharmaceuticals completely, as well as the diet.

Cora’s parents wonder if things would have been different had they discovered cannabis sooner. They are thankful, however, that they have it now and they look forward to the positive effects that it will have on their daughter. Perhaps if cannabis had been introduced to Cora earlier, surgery couldn’t been avoided. But at least Cora is doing better now and she will be able to utilize cannabis in order to help her become a healthy child.


Cora; Cannabis & Children

Millie; Cannabis & Children

Millie; Cannabis & Children

Seeing a 2-year-old child get diagnosed with intractable infantile spasms isn’t something that a parent should have to go through but it’s a reality for the parents of Millie, a young girl with a rare form of early onset epilepsy in which the brain seizes constantly. This rare condition is called intractable by the medical community because they cannot be controlled with normal medication prescribed for epilepsy. Since Millie was just 3 months old, she has been on eight different medications, meaning that three quarters of her life has been spent taking powerful anti seizure medicines that aren’t even actually working.

When Millie started on the medications, she also started on a specific ketogenic diet designed to help control the body’s chemistry and the process of producing ketones to fuel the body as opposed to glucose. While a lot of patients find success with this diet, Millie was not one of those people. For the following nine months, she grew slowly and by her first birthday, was still wearing 3-6 month old clothing. While the diet is supposed to have positive effects, it can also cause patients to suffer from bone deterioration, making the users more prone to broken bones. In June of 2013, Millie’s body began going in to a state called metabolic acidosis, and due to a misdiagnosis, her kidneys shut down.

After a summer filed with blood transfusions, hospital stays, and a staph infection, the parents of Millie decided to investigate in to medical cannabis a bit more. Nothing seemed to be working this far. With few options left, looking in to cannabis was one of the only things that the family hadn’t tried for their daughter. The family uprooted themselves and moved from Cincinnati to Colorado, where Millie began to receive treatments of THCa oil for six weeks. The time period has shown that the seizures have decreased considerably, by 75-90%. The family also joined the waiting list to gain access to the incredible strain called Charlotte’s Web, developed especially for a child suffering from epilepsy but was awarded the strain upon Millie’s 2nd birthday. The family hopes that the combination of the oil and the Charlotte’s Web strain will be the right combination to help their little girl.


Millie; Cannabis & Children

Charlotte Figi Epilepsy Struggle

Charlotte Figi Epilepsy Struggle

Cannabinoids have been proven to help cure and assist with cancer. Since cancer is one of the most widely known and feared afflictions of today’s day and age, there isn’t a lot of attention spotlighted on other illnesses… Such as epilepsy. For those unfamiliar, epilepsy is a disorder that causes severe seizures. These seizures can cause damage to the person’s ability to function, as well as behavior. The illness is caused by a number of factors, some of which include an inherited genetic issue, a brain injury, or a brain tumor.

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Children in particular suffer a great deal when dealing with seizures. Since epilepsy causes disruptions in brain connections, it can cause memory issues when the sufferer attempts to learn new skills. The more intense seizures, the risk increases for permanent learning issues and behavior problems. Matt and Paige Figi say that their daughter Charlotte began having intense, long-lasting seizures when she was just 3 months old. If you have ever witnessed a child having a seizure, you know that it is one of the most heartbreaking things in existence. Even more so that the medicine given to these children may not always work and they continue to suffer.

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For two years, they had tried a ketogenic diet that’s been used to treat epilepsy. The diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, forcing the body to make extra ketones, natural chemicals that suppress seizures. The diet helped control the seizures, but the side effects were far from nominal: bone loss, weakened immune system, and behavioral problems that included eating pine cones. By the age of 2, Charlotte’s cognitive decline was noticeable, recalls Paige.

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Cannabis, however, seems to be a cure for this terrible disorder. Since the release of the CNN documentary WEED, more and more reports of families moving to Colorado are coming forth. These parents are moving to get their kids the medicine that they think works; cannabis. Charlotte Figi, a young girl with a severe type of epilepsy, was featured in the WEED documentary. Her parents are doing this in hopes of helping other children to overcome their seizures. Her mother, Paige, discovered the Realm of Caring, a group of people dedicated to producing cannabis with a high CBD level. And since CBD isn’t the chemical that makes you high and also happens to be the substance that assists with epilepsy symptoms, Paige and her husband decided that this was the best option for their daughter

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In the year and a half that Charlotte has been receiving CBD oil injections, she has shown a great improvement. During her first week on the treatments, Charlotte had zero seizures. The previous week had yielded 300 grand mal seizures. When the three month marker passed, the little girl was at a 90% seizure reduction, not to mention freedom from the not-so-helpful pharmaceuticals. At eight months, Charlotte had a 99+% seizure reduction. She is also eating on her own, as compared to the past where she was completely tube fed. Paige Figi says that Charlotte is doing much better. She is an active little girl and her brain is healing. All thanks to the wonders of cannabis.


Every week or so, a news story comes out, telling the tale of another family looking for treatment for their child’s seizure disorder. They call themselves marijuana refugees, looking for the perfect cure. Without the negative effects of pharmaceuticals, cannabis offers a natural medicine that is helping children to live normal, happy lives. It lets their brains and behaviors develop correctly. Cannabis can really turn an epileptic child’s life around.

Charlotte Figi Epilepsy Struggle


Jacob; Children and Cannabis


At age four, Jacob was diagnosed with a very rare form of dystrophy called Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. This disease causes a serious breakdown of the central nervous system, causing seizures and developmental issues. In 2006, the young boy suffered a Grand-Mal seizure that rendered him unresponsive. Reviving methods were taken to bring Jacob back and after that, Jacob has suffered multiple different kinds of seizure on an hourly basis, not to mention the episodes that are caused by the medicine that’s supposed to be helping.

Jacob didn’t have much hope when he was first diagnosed. According to doctors, children that suffer from this affliction usually don’t live past the age of six, due to complications from the onset of the symptoms, as this disease is considered terminal. But thankfully, Jacob is still alive today at age 13. He recently also started a CBD routine that has not only helped him to become seizure free but also pharmaceutical free. Jacob now experiences joy, happiness, better sleep, an improved appetite, and his eyes are able to focus much better. And that’s only the start of what Jacob’s family is noticing since the switch to CBD.

This little boy wasn’t expected to live past age six. Seeing as how he’s more than doubled that estimate, I would say that this story is one of the more tear-jerking ones. Such improvement in a young child is sure to help people see the wonders of cannabis. Children like Jacob need cannabis in order to get better. Let’s face it, the medicine that they have now is definitely not working. When a child suffers like this, it takes a huge toll not only on the child but the parents and other family members as well. With the help of cannabis, this family (along with many others) will be able to live happy lives.


Jacob; Children and Cannabis

Cannabis Quality Control

Cannabis Quality Control

Finding a job in the cannabis industry is tough, especially because it’s so new. Not to mention the plant is still illegal under federal law so finding a job can be incredibly difficult. Growing is extremely tough, getting a spot at a dispensary is somewhat impossible, and any other position is few and far between. If you want to work in the cannabis industry, you have to take what you can get. However, if you live in the Denver area, you may be in luck for a new (and very dank) career.

maijuana jobs (2)

Imagine scrolling through the Help Wanted ads and stumbling across something saying that a company is looking for a Cannabis Quality Control Specialist. That’s a title that needs to be read multiple times, right? However hard it may be to believe, it’s true. A company located in Denver recently posted this kind of help wanted ad. The job entails the employee to sample cannabis products and report back to the company in an articulate, well put together way (so a bunch of jumbled words about how you managed to make it to the store to get a bag of chips doesn’t count… They want the real deal). So basically, the employee gets paid to smoke and write about weed.

maijuana jobs (3)

Having a position like this allows the company to test their products before letting them in to the public. They can perfect their goodies and release the best cannabis bud/baked goods/concentrates available. This is important, especially when gauging the strength of certain strains and edibles. Plus, how awesome would it be do get paid to test weed stuff? Free cannabis plus you get paid. There’s not many stoners that would say no to a job like that.

maijuana jobs (1)

This job is perfect for the stoner who wants to share their knowledge with others, much like a craft beer lover. Tasting and approving cannabis for the masses is important since the shops can’t just sell any old bud. Testers ensure that the public gets the best product possible and makes sure that the company is doing it’s best to sell a well grown/made product. Anything that doesn’t pass quality control? Well at least you got to test it first! If you’re interested in a job like this, start packing and head to Denver!

Cannabis Quality Control

Cannabis Taffy

Cannabis Taffy; Stoner Cookbook

Taffy is one of the best candies that one could hope to have, especially in the summer. For some reason, it just reminds me of the beach and of barbecues and genuine good times. So I figured that with the approaching summer months, making some taffy might be a good idea! And, as always, you know that anything made in my kitchen absolutely has to be medicated! This recipe is super easy and simple so pretty much anyone can get it done!


What You’ll Need;

  • 1 bag of white chocolate chips
  • 3 packets of Kool-Aid (Your choice of flavor!)
  • 1/2 cup Karo syrup
  • Coconut hash oil (Cannabutter can be substituted here but the strength of the candies will be effected… It’s highly recommended that you use coconut hash oil)

Set up a double boiler (take a large mason jar and a large saucepan and fill the pan about half way with water). Take your coconut oil and chips and add them to the mason jar, letting the chips slowly melt. It’s important to do this slowly so that you won’t lose any THC from the oil or butter that you’re using. Once the chips are melted, add in your Karo syrup. Be sure that everything is mixed (once the chips have melted fully, you can move the mixture to a bowl but you have to be quick because the liquid solidifies quickly once the heat source is removed) and then pour the mixture in to a saran-wrap lined 8×8 pan. Be sure that the saran-wrap covers the sides of the pan that you’re using so that the candy doesn’t stick. The wrap should overhang far enough that you can now wrap the top of the saran-wrap over the candy, fully covering it. Let the candy sit out overnight.

The following day, the candy should have hardened in to a taffy like substance, not too hard but not too soft. If the mixture hasn’t gained the correct consistency, continue to let it sit out until it does. Once the mix has the taffy consistency that we all love, you can cut it in to pieces and wrap them individually in wax or cellophane. Give them out as treats or hoard them all for yourself! Either way, enjoy your awesome taffy candy!

Cannabis Taffy; Stoner Cookbook

Break Into The Cannabis Business

Break Into The Cannabis Business

Being involved in the cannabis industry comes easily for some, solely based on geographical location. Stoners that are based in California, Colorado, Washington, and the select few other extremely lax lawed states have a much easier time getting jobs that have to do with cannabis. Obviously, those that are still stuck in illegal states are at a huge disadvantage so how exactly can you get in to the industry without having to pick up all your stuff and move?


marijuana company (1)
The internet has made this extremely easy so there should be no reason why you’re not doing it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide the perfect outlet to meet with people that are already working in the industry, possibly opening new doors to other people who are looking for help. It just goes back to the saying “It’s all about who you know”.


marijuana company (2)
Know your stuff. Simply by knowing your shit, you can impress the people that you’re hoping to meet. Extensive knowledge of the industry will only assist you when you look for a job and that way, you won’t feel awkward if you manage to get an interview and there are questions to be answered! Brushing up your stoner know how and knowledge of the medical side will show that this isn’t just a job for you.

Start Small;

marijuana company (3)
Don’t head in to this industry expecting to be on top right away. You’re not going to get very far if you carry a sense of entitlement. You may start off trimming, selling glass in a chain-style head shop, or not even getting to work with the plant at all and just get to write about it (like myself!). But starting small will not only help keep you humble but gain far more experience then if you just tried to jump in half way up the ladder.

Be Patient;

marijuana company (4)
I have found that this is the key to the cannabis industry. Whether you’re waiting to advance, waiting to move to a better state, or dealing with smart mouths on social media, patience is extremely valuable. Nothing in this business happens over night so you need to expect that right away. Working with cannabis is just something that takes a lot of effort so brace yourself!

Break Into The Cannabis Business

Cannabis Refugees Increase

Cannabis Refugees Increase – Stoner Blog

For those patients who are suffering from epilepsy that aren’t in legal states, getting their hands on the seizure stopping plant can be extremely difficult, not to mention illegal. Most citizens don’t want to illegally obtain the substance, especially those who are using the CBD to treat epilepsy. This particular disorder calls for concentrated cannabis oil, which considerably decreases seizures and allows the brain to develop and form in a healthier way. There are more and more parents that are beginning to jump on the cannabis wagon for the treatment of their children’s epilepsy, since the drugs administered by doctors can be numerous with extreme side effects.

Jennifer Collins Marijuana (1)

Beth Collins is one of these parents, caring for her 14 year old daughter Jennifer. Jennifer was suffering from 300+ seizures a day. It was so bad that there where days that Beth literally could do nothing but pray for her daughter’s condition to improve. “There were days where I just laid in bed with her and prayed,” Beth said, “and watched her because I wasn’t sure what would happen.” Any parent witnessing their child go through such absolute pain and suffering would be apt to give medical cannabis a try, especially if it would help their child to live a normal life.

Jennifer Collins Marijuana (3)

Jennifer and her mother are originally from Fairfax, Virginia. Unfortunately, the laws there don’t allow for the life improving cannabis oil that Jennifer is using to combat her epilepsy. In order to get her medicine, Beth moved herself and her daughter from their home in Fairfax to a small two bedroom apartment in Colorado Springs. And they’re not the only ones. Another mother-daughter pair moved to Colorado with Jennifer and Beth, in order to obtain this medicine, after trying so many doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals. Dara Lightle has had to watch her 9 year old daughter go through seizures, plus the added stress of extreme anger episodes, where the young girl would kick and scream at her mother, who was simply trying to help.

Jennifer Collins Marijuana (2)

The best part? “I feel better,” Jennifer says, “I can focus more and I’m doing better on tests in school. My memory’s improved a lot.” Not only that but Lightle and her daughter stated that they are “happy to be here (Colorado).” Even though the move can be tough, these parents are set on getting the best medicine for their children. Patients all over can only hope that the cannabis laws continue to reform, allowing the medicine in all states, instead of making people move 1700+ miles for a medicine that works.

Jennifer Collins Marijuana (5)

Cannabis Refugees Increase – Stoner Blog

Cannabis Causes Stink In Colorado


Cannabis Causes Stink In Colorado – Stoner Blog

Stoners love the smell of their marijuana. Some people love it so much that they have actually created perfumes that resemble the smell of the flowers. However, the perfumes differ from the traditional stink of marijuana, which usually resembles a skunk. This bittersweet aroma is getting people really upset, especially those who don’t want to smell it. There are even some businesses, such as a small barber shop in Colorado, who are deciding to turn away customers who carry the smell of cannabis with them.


Hugo Corral is the owner of the barber shop and he’s gone as far as to hang a sign in the window of his shop that says “Please do not come in if you smell like marijuana, there are families here who don’t want to smell it. This is a business, not your home”. Corral went on to tell the Guardian Daily that he feels that people who smell like weed are disrespectful, especially to the families that come in to the shop. Some customers have complained that the smell can get so bad that it seems as if someone is smoking right in the chair while they’re getting a trim.


This situation has definitely begun to cause waves in the community, with Corral being categorized as discriminatory but because smelling like marijuana doesn’t fall under race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, and other constitutionally protected categories, those who say they feel discriminated against have almost no ground to stand on. Extremely unfortunate, seeing as how apparently this business was making money off of these weed smelling smokers and the plan to ban them may eventually effect business.


If people smell like marijuana, there’s really no reason to bar them from entering places (unless that place is perhaps a preschool). While some people claim that the smell is “offensive” and “rude”, the same could be argued for the person who is blowing out a lungful of cigarette smoke while simultaneously pushing open the door to a business. Not everybody smokes cigarettes and it can be offensive to those who don’t smoke when someone passes by them, reeking like tobacco. The same could be said for alcohol. If someone is drinking and then goes to a store, the smell of booze carries with them. Alcohol could also absolutely be considered an offensive smell. While not everyone wants to smell it, it seems like these rabble-rousers only have a nose for marijuana and not the other offensive smells that people can carry with them.

Article by THCFinder

Cannabis Causes Stink In Colorado

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College


Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

While most people don’t think of Florida as a really big cannabis state, they’re surprisingly changing our idea of the sunshine state. Not only has the state voted to put medical cannabis on the November ballot, there are talks of Florida being a new spot for a cannabis college. Surprising, seeing as how both Colorado and Washington would be the ideal place for such a school. But Florida is taking huge strides to make sure that it’s citizens can medicate properly.


The college is being set up in the old Garcia Y Vega cigar factory, which is located in West Tampa. This new institution is the idea of Jeremy Bufford, a man bent on educating people in all aspects of cannabis. He says that the school will teach the history of cannabis, along with legal aspects, botany, and pharmaceutical. The class will last a month and students will walk away knowing a lot more important information regarding marijuana and it’s many uses.


Florida officials still need to approve the school but Bufford is already itching to open the doors. Rachelle Roach will be a part of the very first class that will be taught at the cannabis college and she is excited to get things started. Roach already holds a master’s degree in nutrition and believes that marijuana has multiple health benefits. Most stoners know of the amazing benefits that cannabis has for people and an east coast based college would be good for those who want to take the class but live on the east coast and don’t want to move that far away for the duration of the course. The other only cannabis college in the states is the Oaksterdam University, located in Oakland, CA.


Schools like this are very important in teaching more people about cannabis. It’s important that we stay educated. Knowing all that you can about the plant is important and courses such as this may even be offered online someday. Florida will vote on the medical marijuana bill in November and the state hopes to see medical dispensaries by the summer of 2015.

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals

The cannabis community spans a wide variety of different people, from classy business people who like toking after a long day’s work to the humble stoner that works three jobs just to pay rent to the chemotherapy patient who just wants to eat a normal meal. It’s absolutely astounding how many people are smoking weed these days! But there has been quite a fuss recently in the social media area of the community about crystals and stones. These rocks are believed to enhance life for the person who holds them and are also used for healing, promoting good fortune, and protection. A lot of stoners are beginning to trust in the power of the crystals, believing that the stones positively interact with the spiritual aspect of cannabis, forming a very uplifting experience and energy.


Stones have been used for thousands of years as part of healing ceremonies. Every crystal has a different internal structure, which makes the crystal resonate at a certain frequency. When the resonance is applied to the bodies energy systems, it stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanisms. This very simple form of therapy for stressed out/anxious/depressed/etc patients is non-invasive and is gaining extreme popularity in the stoner community, for multiple reasons. Some stoners put crystals in the ice catchers of their bongs (after they’ve been cleaned of course), sometimes they even set them in the bong water itself. Others place the stones with their stash, hoping that the positive vibes from the crystals transfer to the cannabis, giving the person who smokes it better insight and a more uplifting experience.


Stoners just want to be happy. With the positive energy that crystals bring with them, they only enhance the happy feelings that cannabis gives users. Every stone/crystal has a different resonance, as said above, making it interesting to collect different stones and see how they effect the overall swing of things. Many stones are said to promote happiness and good luck, making them awesome for stoners who suffer from depression and anxiety, as well as patients in extreme pain. Simply by placing the crystals in the sunlight for 24 hours or so and then holding them somewhere on your person, a positive effect can definitely be felt that is only magnified by marijuana.


Another things that stoners have reportedly used the crystals for is in the gardens! Plants and crystals are known to interact extremely well together, especially when the crystals are buried in the dirt. More than one stoner says that when charged crystals were applied to dead or dying plants, the cannabis somehow managed to improve in growth and health, eventually flowering and producing bud. The crystals used in this process were usually sticks with a hexagon base and a pointy end. The pointed end was put in to the soil where the plant was potted and left there. Eventually the plants began to improve. The crystals that were primarily used for this are amethyst and clear quartz.


Some people may not buy in to the power of the crystals and brush off the effects. However, the rocks are becoming more and more popular among stoners, for one reason or another. It’s definitely recommended (since the stones are not that expensive and most can be located on eBay) that if you’re feeling down lately or your plants seem to be lacking a bit of life, you should invest in a few pieces of crystal. If their effects don’t seem to work as well for you as they do for others, the total beauty of the crystals is enough to want to collect them, just to look at them.

Legal Cannabis And the Youth

marijuana and kids

Legal Cannabis And the Youth – Stoner Blog

Marijuana is becoming more widely accepted but of course, there are still many obstacles that the legalization movement faces. One of the most popular arguments against the plant is that if cannabis is legal, the younger people will be smoking more. Since it’s always important for the youth to be as knowledgeable as possible, smoking cannabis before the age of 18 can prevent myelin formation in the brain, therefore leaving the brain more susceptible to damage. Does this argument have any ground to stand on, however? Or is this just another scare tactic to keep people away from smoking?

parents marijuana kids

Marijuana may be taking steps towards being legal but that doesn’t mean that twelve year olds are going out and getting high. While the number of kids that are smoking cigarettes decreasing, the number of kids using cannabis has remained steady. The issue with the children using the plant is more so the fact that they aren’t taught the right things in school. What do kids like to do? The opposite of what they’re told. Anyone who’s been around a young kid knows this. So by saying “Don’t do this, it’s against the rules”, the adults have made marijuana far more appealing because it’s now “dangerous”. If kids were taught that marijuana is a good thing but that they should probably wait to use it, cannabis use in children may even decrease, with the exception of those who need it by the advice of a doctor.

smoking marijuana joint

Teaching kids about cannabis when they’re young ensures that they know what the plant is about. Being truthful about it is important and by now, it seems like the stoner parents talking to their kids about their medicine is more common then parents telling their kids about the Devil’s Lettuce. Things are definitely changing and more children know that the plant is helpful rather than harmful. We can’t forget the sick kids who are using cannabis to combat cancer and epilepsy. Without cannabis, these kids would be on harmful pharmaceutical drugs that could damage their development far more than cannabis could.

marijuana and kids

Just because the plant becomes legal doesn’t men that children are going to rush right out and smoke a ton of it. Alcohol is illegal, yet kids still manage to drink it. The forbidden is always more appealing, especially to children. By making marijuana seem less thrilling and more like a medicine that people use to help better their lives, it’s believed that cannabis use in the youth would decrease. The important thing is to make sure that they’re educated the right way.

Legal Cannabis And the Youth – Stoner Blog

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Vs Spice

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Vs Spice

By now, the majority of stoners have heard of the epidemic called “spice”. It goes by many names; K2, spice, incense, etc. It’s marketed as something that you burn to put ambiance in a room but that’s definitely not what consumers are using it for. Instead of using the product as it’s “intended”, people everywhere are smoking this stuff in place of the more natural cannabis plant. The spice is said to be the best synthetic cannabis option, for people that want to get stoned but perhaps are on probation or for those that have jobs that drug test. Unfortunately for the user, spice is extremely bad for a person’s health. This substance turns people in to very nasty individuals and even the person who first created spice does not approve what it’s become.


While cannabis is a naturally forming part of the world, this spice substance is incredibly unstable. The product was inspected by scientists who claimed that the ingredients list and what was in the product were different. In fact, most of the ingredients listed weren’t present in the substance. It was concluded that the spice might as well just be lawn clippings sprayed with a cannabinoid rip off chemical, who’s effects on the human body are truly unknown. However, the spice has been linked to robberies of any shop that sells it, as well as arrests and possibly even deaths.


Cannabis, on the other hand, is a plant that not only needs no human interaction to grow, but has proven medical qualities. The cannabis plant continues to present new uses for us as we study it more. There is no other plant that we know of that can help with as many issues as cannabis can. Unfortunately, there is no substitution for cannabis. Even the synthetic cannabis that they have tried to develop have failed. It’s an extreme disappointment that cannabis isn’t being utilized to it’s full potential because it’s illegal.


The bottom line? That spice stuff is nasty. It should never be placed anywhere near a bowl, let alone smoked in one. This product is already illegal in some states. Rightfully so, as it’s effects on people is – no joke – a very striking resemblance of the deterioration of a meth user. Spice and cannabis aren’t even in the same league. While one is very harmful and the other helps. Please, don’t indulge in smoking spice. Take their straw shield of “not for human consumption” seriously.

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Vs Spice

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Hops

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Hops

Beer and cannabis are constantly being compared. While most stoners would prefer a bong to a beer, there are still some people who do enjoy the occasional (or multiple) cocktail to unwind after a long day! And in the US, there are plenty of holidays that are celebrated that seem to have evolved to be solely about drinking multiple drinks in a very short amount of time. St. Patrick’s Day has turned in to one of these holidays, where people get crazy drunk. While celebrating definitely isn’t a bad thing, there are just some stoners who don’t like alcohol. But since both substances involve plants (cannabis just being a plant and beer containing hops), the two are actually more similar then people think.


Cannabis Sativa and Humulus Lupulus both share similar properties, such as taste and smell but this isn’t enough to declare that the plants are actually related. There are many plants that produce similar smells but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re related. The smells are created are known as terpenes and terpenoid compounds. Terpenes are organic compounds that are synthesized by cells. They state with a singular base molecule called isoprene. The isoprene builds up, creating terpenes. In hops, there are a couple main compounds that appear such as myrcene, betapinene, and alpha-humulene, which are similar to the terpenes that give cannabis plants their telltale smell. Apologies for all of the confusing science speak; the genes of plants is an extremely difficult field of study and the information available basically all looks and reads like this!


The two plants have been grouped together in the same family, while at the same time being at opposite ends of the plant spectrum. But the two definitely do share similarities, whether potheads want to admit it or not. There are even ways to combine beer and weed (in the same drink) if you know how to brew your own beer (the process is quite complicated so be sure to do your research before starting this venture). There are breweries out there that are based completely on making marijuana beer as well, so if you’re interested in attempting to purchase some, it’s surely to be available in the legal states soon!


St. Patrick’s Day is a day that has become famous for the drinking antics that take place during that day/night. For stoners who don’t share the passion of drinking, you can instead hang out with some good friends, make some green food (ahhh food coloring!), and just get stoned. And if you do decide that going out is the choice for you, please remember to BE SAFE! If you plan on drinking, get one of your sober friends to drive you around. Make sure to either tip them with some buds or cash as well, for putting up with your drunk self and remember that cannabis and beer may be far more close then you think! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Hops

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Once you’ve correctly learned how to judge the different strains of cannabis, there are different catagories that the strains fall in to. Stoners everywhere have different terms for these categories but the basic idea is all the same. The following gives you the definition, in order of their quality. Because these terms differ in different geographical locations, the terms may be different from what you are familiar with.


– Strains
These are the highest quality buds. Always labeled with the correct name, most often tested for their THC potency, the strains are the most sought after bud. Everyone likes something that they can put a name to. Strains also give you the best photography results and make the best nugs to stick in front of the camera.

– Headies
While still maintaining a high level of quality, headies may not always have a title and therefore, the origins are unknown. Therefore they don’t exactly fall in to the strain category. But they’re still good enough to be considered top cannabis to be smoked!

– Piff
This is a term that I myself am unfamiliar with but it refers to cannabis that is of a decent quality. While it’s definitely nameless and may even contains some seeds and some larger then desired stems. But even though it’s not the best, it’s still going to get you high without you having to smoke the entire jar.

– Beasters
While similar in quality to the previously mentioned piff, beasters are a somewhat smokeable substance. It does contain a higher amount of stems and seeds, providing you with a chore when trying to smoke any of it. Even still, this product is still smokeable although if this is the kind of bud that your weed man is handing out, you should probably find someone new to get it from.

– Mids
Giving the smoker a somewhat lazy/boring/not so awesome high, the mids have absolutely no name and not the best quality. With an abundance of seeds and stems, mids are what you smoke when there’s no other option. While sometimes they still look alright, mids can be extremely sour tasting and leave you struggling to breathe after you cough your lungs out.

– Shwag
The worst of the worst. Get a bag of shwag and immediately just make edibles or some sort of concentrate. Most of the time, shwag is a nasty brown color that smokes like dirt. It’s full of the undesired seeds and stems and will probably only get you stoned for a few hours. Definitely nothing to write home about but as said before, rather then throw a fit, make a batch of brownies or some wax and thank your lucky stars that you at least have some THC.

– Shake
Depending on where the weed came from and the quality of it, shake can vary from extremely high quality to low. Some weed men sell their shake at the end and sometimes, it can be pretty decent. While most people do prefer the nugs, shake can be good in a pinch or made in to a concentrate or edibles. And since shake tends to be stronger then shwag, this is definitely what you’d rather be using!

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

There is a lot of influence to be held by those in the media spotlight. For some reason, it seems as if they are above the laws. They can sing about cannabis and how much they smoke it, or about the crack cocaine that they sell. And when they occasionally do get in trouble, it’s usually a slap on the wrist. Even though these people know that they’re in the spotlight, they can definitely bring a large amount of harm to the cannabis movement. When paying attention to the media, it’s key to recognize who is harmful to the cause and who can bring positive light to our friend Mary Jane.


Celebs such as Wiz definitely do bring positive enforcement to weed smoking. While he does occasionally include the mention of alcohol and extreme partying, this particular celebrity has definitely made a positive impact on the cannabis movement, along with others such as Kid Cudi. They sing about what positive effects marijuana has had on them, such as the relaxing effects as well as the community aspect of cannabis bringing friends together when they smoke. Music related celebs have a huge impact on the stoner community, which is a commonly known fact as stoners are most often associated with music.


On the downside, celebrities can bring extremely negative attention to cannabis. Remember when Lady Gaga was interviewed about cannabis and claimed that she was definitely addicted to it? Wording like that is what effects stoners in a negative way. It’s good that cannabis is in the news but when such a negative word is used to describe marijuana use, and especially by a celebrity, it can really set the movement a step back. Lady Gaga wasn’t addicted to cannabis, she just couldn’t smoke and handle her shit. Miley Cyrus is another celeb that people think sheds a negative light on cannabis consumption. However, even though her antics are somewhat questionable, she has never used the word “addiction” and she does manage to bring attention to the cannabis movement.


Even though celebrities can be pretty stupid and their actions extremely quirky, it’s up to us to differentiate who’s a negative influence and who’s a positive. It’s important to pay attention to what they say about cannabis, as compared to just judging them based on what they’re wearing or doing while they’re on stage. Even though some celebrities may act like they don’t give a shit and have no idea what’s going on, they have a huge influence on the masses. If they do speak up about the benefits of cannabis, there stands a strong chance that people will listen to what they have to say.

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

Vote Cannabis

Vote Cannabis

Smoking weed is an enlightening experience that sometimes, we forget about the little things. Our voices about the positive benefits of cannabis are being heard but it’s important to remember that words aren’t everything. While some stoners may not be fond of the way the choosing of laws works, there’s still somewhat of a democracy left and it’s important that stoners vote.


Paying attention to the ballots and the laws that may or may not be passing is extremely important. If your state is going to pass a law regarding cannabis prohibition or legalization, you should be getting out and voting. You can talk all you want on the internet but the bottom line is that you can’t talk about it if you’re not doing something. Marijuana related questions on the ballot should be paid attention to.

Legal Medical Cannabis Greenhouse

If you know that there’s a vote coming up, be sure to research what you’re voting for and register! There’s a lot of stoners out there who don’t like any political involvement because they simply feel that the system doesn’t work. There’s definitely no easy way to choose between the lesser of two evils, both backed by the endless funds of big corporations. But we still have a say in some things and it’s important that we take advantage of the voice we have while we have it.


Stoners in Colorado and Washington have used their voting ability. They’ve gotten marijuana legalized. We need to push for marijuana laws to be on our ballots and then we have to vote for them! Nothing is going to change if we’re not voting for what we want. The individual states are beginning to recognize the benefits that legalizing marijuana does for the state as a whole. After the first year of real legalization in the two states that are allowing it, it’s certain that other states will jump on the bandwagon of adding the option to legalize on the ballots.

Vote Here: www.huffingtonpost.com

Vote Cannabis

Five Obscure Illnesses Cannabis Helps With


Five Obscure Illnesses Cannabis Helps With

Cannabis cures and helps with largely suffered from illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and depression. A lot of people are talking about cancer especially, since it’s one of the most common causes of death. However, the extent of the illnesses that cannabis helps with is incredible. The list goes on for pages. The following are five of the most obscure ones that I could find on the list.

1. Agoraphobia –


The fear of any and all social settings, causing the afflicted to become introverted and homebound, rarely leaving the house except when absolutely necessary. Usually, agoraphobia is tied to those with anxiety.

2. Epidermolysis bullosa –


Effects the inflicted by producing skin blisters where minor injury occurs. With symptoms like alopecia (where the immune system attacks the hair follicles), epidermolysis bullosa is a serious threat.

3. Trichotillomania –


A disease where the person suffering will develop chronic hair pulling. This disease can get so severe that the person will become bald far before they’re supposed to. Trichotillomania is linked to obsessive compulsive disorders.

4. Tinnitus –


Or ringing in the ears, may seem pretty harmless but with different levels of severity, it can drastically effect someone’s life. This can cancel other sounds out and prevent a person from going about their normal activities.

5. Night Terrors –


Nightmares are scary but chronic night terrors can really ruin a person’s life. The terror will keep the person from sleeping, eating, and functioning normally.

Each of these diseases is suffered by someone. And each disease comes with a lengthy prescription list that not everyone can afford. With cannabis as a treatment and helper for all of these, it makes no sense as to why the plant is still being held back from it’s full potential as a great medicine. The choice to replace all medicines with a single one should be available to the patients if that’s what they want.

Five Obscure Illnesses Cannabis Helps With

Cannabis And Crohn’s

Cannabis And Crohn’s

Crohn’s disease is a serious inflammation of the digestive system. It usually effects the intestines, causing severe pain for the sufferer. There are thousands of people that suffer from Crohn’s. The disease causes abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, and weight loss, among other more unpleasant symptoms. The treatment of Crohn’s consists of strict diets, vitamins, and antibiotics, some of which I can’t even pronounce. But as always, cannabis shows that it’s qualities far surpass our expectations.


Those that are diagnosed with Crohn’s disease also suffer from the effects of increased stress. When the patients is dealing with a stressful time in life, working, or sudden loss/change, the Crohn’s can get worse. But as cannabis is a huge stress diffuser, it can prevent the patient from getting to the point where they are in pain. By ingesting marijuana, Crohn’s patients are able to relieve some of their stress, while simultaneously decreasing pain levels. Marijuana has anti-inflammatory qualities that Crohn’s patients swear help them to go about their day normally.

Data from experiments shows that people afflicted with intestinal inflammation have far more cannabinoid receptors in their colonic tissue. Patients with extreme pain, surgery history, and a lower quality of life seem to really enjoy the effects that marijuana has on their health. It allows them to feel happier and normal, while reducing their symptoms. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of specific scientific information regarding patients and Crohn’s, as is typical, seeing as how cannabis research is restricted by the illegality of the plant.

Living with constant abdominal pain is terrible in itself. But with medicines that may or may not work, what other choice do patients have but to turn to medical marijuana? Not only that but it’s safer to ingest THC and CBD rather than pills that may have adverse side effects. Even though people still argue that smoking cannabis isn’t healthy, the amount of nutritional medicated recipes is staggering. Even on strict diets, Crohn’s patients can live better by ingesting cannabis with their normal, healthy diet.

Cannabis And Crohn’s

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

As people who smoke and utilize cannabis, us stoners project an outward idea that we are all about the healthy life. The fact is, most of us are! There are a lot of stoners that are vegetarian, vegan, or don’t really eat solid foods at all. Not only that but there are new studies being published that juicing cannabis leaves has internal health benefits for the function and well being of your body. By claiming that our plant cures many diseases and illnesses, we also make ourselves responsible for promoting a wholly healthy lifestyle. Since a lot of us are subject to situations where complete healthy living is extremely difficult or impossible, the easiest way to stay healthy is to change what you eat.


These days, what our food contains is a constant worry to most consumers who can think outside the box. Fast food isn’t real food and eating most things will make you sick. Meat in supermarkets has gone bad kills more people a year than marijuana. Seriously, that’s insane. E-coli and salmonella lurk behind every package of beef on the shelves. Avoiding this problem is quite simple. By not eating the meat and processed garbage that is sold in stores, get on that liquid fruit and veggie diet.

Juicing is a newly mainstreamed idea of only ingesting fruits and vegetables in place of solid meals. By grinding up the food in a juicer before drinking it, it makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from the food. Seeds contain the most vitamins that are essential to healthy living and the juicer breaks the seeds up, sending the nutrients directly in to your stomach you drink the mixture. By making the fruit and veggies in to a liquid, your body gets what it needs faster. This juicing diet will make you feel physically better and more mentally alert. When first starting out, however, it is recommended that you get some healthy snacks or protein bars that you can munch on in between juice shakes. You will get hungry when you start out with this, trust me.

Not only can you juice fruits and vegetables but cannabis leaves and hemp seeds are a great source of nutrition for your body. As stated above, the breaking up of seeds in the juicer allow your stomach to easily absorb what’s contained in that tough shell. Since THC is in an acid form when it is in the leaves, it doesn’t contain the psychoactive chemical that gets you stoned. Not only that, but it is said by William Courtney, a physician based in Mendocino County, that the plants terpenes (the part of the plant that creates the smell) have an effect on overall attitude and mood of the person ingesting the raw cannabis. Drinking raw cannabis will not get you stoned but your body will thank you. The buds of the plant can also be juiced but must be harvested when the trichomes are not yet fully amber, but a cloudy color.

By choosing to juice with cannabis, it not only can help with illnesses such as cancer but it should be a staple in your daily diet just to assist with your daily function. Store your stock of raw cannabis leaves in the refrigerator before you slice them up and make sure to soak them in water for about 5-10 minutes before putting them in your juicer. Allowing the leaves to soak makes them easily ground up. You can also add juiced cannabis to your daily juicing diet. Think of drinking cannabis as taking a daily vitamin. It’s just necessary.


While juicing continues to make a surge in popularity, we should be pushing for the welcomed use of juiced cannabis leaves. Since the psychoactive component is gone, one could argue that juiced cannabis would be okay for children, pets, and adults of all ages. By assisting in bodily functions, as well as preventing symptoms such as nausea. This idea of raw cannabis is still fairly new and is not recommended for all patients, more specifically those with kidney or gall bladder issues.

Health should be one of the main focuses of the marijuana movement outside of the medical uses. If the human race can just BE healthy by ingesting this cannabis drink, then there would be less sick people in the first place. Preventing disease would be much easier than curing it. More people need to know about the raw cannabis juicing idea. There are thousands of people that ingest multivitamins every day so why not add a raw cannabis drink to that regimen? Stay healthy, fellow stoners!


For extended information on juicing cannabis, the website I referred to for the information in this article is located at; http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/juicing-raw-cannabis-miracle-health-cure-some-its-proponents-believe-it-be

You can also try this awesome challenge that I found while researching! The 40 Day Raw Cannabis Challenge is a great way to get in the habit of drinking raw cannabis and staying the healthiest that you can be! The 40 Day Challenge can be found here; http://40dayrawcannabisjuicechallenge.blogspot.com

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Athletics and marijuana go hand in hand for some people, while others not so much. But for those that like to toke and lift weights or run miles or whatever, there’s a couple of different ways to incorporate their cannabis use in to their workout. Here’s a few of the ways that the Stonerdays team likes to work out with cannabis!


We all know that juicing is extremely healthy and adding some fresh cannabis leaves to your every day smoothies can give your body a huge boost! The leaves contain no THC, so the smoothie won’t get you stoned but do contain the amazing chemical known as CBD, which is an antioxidant, cancer-preventing, anti inflammatory ingredient. Juicing cannabis can help your body to function much more normally as well as on a healthier level!


Medicating Before

Depending on the workout you’re doing, as well as the person doing it, medicating before starting your workout can create an extremely relaxing experience, especially if you’re doing something like yoga. The cannabis makes movement much more fluid and easy, while creating an in-tune feeling with your body as you move through the workout. Just be careful; medicating prior to working out can sometimes lead to couch lock and you won’t end up getting your workout done!


Medicating After

Mostly for those who do hard core stuff like intense weights lifting, running, and other more extreme forms of exercise, medicating after a workout is great way to relieve any pain sustained during the workout or just a good way to chill out afterwards! As always, remember that smoking can sometimes hinder a workout and eating or vaping cannabis is sometimes a better idea for athletes. Marijuana, as said above, contains anti-inflammatory agents that will relax you and make you comfortable.


It’s a good idea to choose a method of medicating that works for your workout or possibly just combine everything! You can also smoke during your workout if you’d prefer, although depending on what you’re doing that may not always work. Whatever you choose to do, always exercise safely and never overdo yourself. Cannabis is definitely something that those who enjoy working out can incorporate in to their daily routines.

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Cannabis And Anger

Cannabis And Anger

Cannabis can be used to treat mental issues, as well as those that are physical. People know that the plant can be used to treat anxiety and depression. It can also take away the extreme anger that some people feel about normal situations. There are people who suffer from extreme bouts of anger, sometimes over the smallest issue. This includes road rage, the awful feeling you get when someone on the road cuts you off and then proceeds to go fifteen miles per hour. Anger can ruin a person’s day and sometimes a person’s life but cannabis, thankfully, can treat anger issues better than any other medicine on the market.

There are some websites out there that don’t see cannabis as an anger suppressant and claim that there are studies linking consistent cannabis usage to more common violent outbursts. But then again, these same sites go on to state that research shows that these particular violent offenders more often than not have a history of violence prior to using cannabis. Marijuana tends to calm people down, with the occasional bad anxiety attack that some users seem to get when smoking. In my personal experience, marijuana seems to be the only thing that calms angry feelings, much better than the doctor provided Ativan.

U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration

As always, it’s best to ask smokers themselves so after digging through forums, it seems that most stoners believe that the plant eliminates anger and if it doesn’t, then it just seems to make the user think “why am I even mad?” However, some stoners seem to think that using weed to suppress anger is the same as attempting to escape from their problems. The key is not to use cannabis to escape from what’s making your mad, but to use cannabis to calm down enough to assess the problem rationally and fix it in the proper way. When angered, people tend to react without thinking and speak whatever pops in to their head first. This lack of thought-to-mouth filter can cause serious problems. Those that use marijuana for anger should be using it to think their actions through in an angry situation.


Marijuana easily takes the place of any medicine that could be bought from Big Pharma. As always, it has very few negative side effects and isn’t addictive which makes it an amazing medicine. Those who suffer with anger problems can really benefit from the effects of cannabis, using it to curb their irrational thoughts and replace them with more calm, positive result producing thoughts. If you do suffer from anger problems, using cannabis can really help!

Cannabis And Anger

Cannabis Infused Wine; Stoner Cookbook


Cannabis Infused Wine; Stoner Cookbook

It should be known that the combination of cannabis and red wine is extremely beneficial for the human brain. A glass of red wine paired with smoking a joint repairs brain connections and protects them from further damage. Some stoners, unfortunately, find that smoking and drinking cause adverse effects that are unpleasant to say the least. It’s thought that the smoking is what causes the nausea so being able to ingest the two at the same time without that sick feeling would be perfect! Thankfully, there’s this recipe for cannabis infused red wine that you can enjoy, hopefully with out the negative feelings that sometimes accompany the two.


Tools You’ll Need (Yeah this is a process)

  • 2-one gallon jugs, with the caps
  • 3 ft length of non-PVC tubing
  • Several smaller bottles
  • Muslin


  • Four ounces of marijuana stalks/leaves/branches (Four is a minimum number)
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 lbs of honey and sugar mixed together
  • 1 fresh active yeast cake

First, take the leaves and stems in to the jug. Use as much of the cannabis as possible. This recipe is very good for growers who are looking to recycle all of their plants. Take the fruit and squeeze the juice out, adding it to the jug. Be sure to use fresh fruit. The canned stuff just doesn’t taste the same. On your stove, boil 3 quarts of water. Be sure to use a non aluminum pan , as well as non stick. Dissolve the sugar/honey mix in to the water. Once it’s fully dissolved, pour the mix in to the jug, place the cap on tightly and shake well. Set the jug aside to cool after loosening the cap. Using warm water, dissolve the yeast cake completely and then check to see if the water in the jug has cooled. If it has, pour in the yeast mixture in with the water, making sure to leave room at the top. Add in about two inches of cool water, leaving enough room to cover the top with the cap loosely. Put the jug somewhere dark and let it sit for about two weeks. Every so often, remove the cap and push the contents of the jug down with a wooden spoon. Remember to loosely close the top after. Sometimes, liquid will spill over. Be sure to wipe it if so. This process should last about two weeks. Add in small amounts of cool water every few days and remember to keep pushing the contents down. When two weeks have passed, you can begin to see if the fermentation process has completed. Tilt the jug and if no bubbles rise from the bottom of the jug, it’s done. Do not shake the contents o the jug.

To store the mixture, you must first gently uncap the jug (don’t disturb what’s at the bottom) and put the tubing in to the jug, stopping about an inch from the bottom. Siphon the contents through the pipe, into the clean glass jug, through the muslin to make sure that no sediment gets through. You can toss out the old jug, along with the gross mess of stems at the bottom. Cap loosely and leave this jug alone for one month. Don’t move it or shake it. After a month has passed, siphon this jug in to the smaller, clean bottles from before, again through a layer of muslin. Seal them well. But you’re not going to enjoy your wine yet. You have to age it so put the bottles in a dark place and leave them for as long as you possibly can, even as long as six months to get the most out of your wine. After that time period, you should have a great tasting cannabis infused wine! Enjoy!

Cannabis Infused Wine; Stoner Cookbook

Stoner Guide; Albinism In Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Albinism In Cannabis

Albinism is a genetic disorder which causes the afflicted to lack pigment in their appearance. So basically, the outer appearance will be washed out, lacking of the normal hair color, eye color, and skin color. Albinism comes with multiple problems for human sufferers, including the loss of eyesight and a higher risk of skin cancer as well as extreme sensitivity to light. Sometimes, it can even lead to immune deficiency and leave the afflicted far more susceptible to disease and infection. Sounds pretty shitty, right? This disorder effects all species, including plants. This includes our beloved Mary Jane, which can absolutely suffer from plant albinism, which effects the amount of chlorophyl that the foliage produces.


Plants need chlorophyl in order to photosynthesize, the process in which plants make their food. With photosynthesis, the plant will die within days of it sprouting from the seed. The seedling will use up all of it’s stored energy, causing a very quick death. Strangely enough, some plants manage to live through the rough first part of their lives. Since the disorder is genetic, it is possible for a normal green plant to sprout random white leaves and stalks, creating an unbelievably beautiful sight. These plants legitimately are half green and half white, including the buds that are harvested. Albano plants possess the same sensitivity to light that humans also suffer from and if found in the grow room, should be treated in two different ways.


Because the albino plant has weaker genetics, the buds produced are far less potent than their green/red/purple counterparts possess. Seeing as how most natural forms of albinism result in early death (forgetting the seedlings, albino deer do not last long in nature, as their lack of camouflage prevents them from being able to hide from predators. With a lower THC/CBD content, the white plants aren’t exactly what high yielding growers want in the grow room. Some stoners, however, say that the white buds smoke far more smoothly, due to the lack of chlorophyl in the flower when smoked.


There are others who say that the white color usually effects the top of the buds, closest to the light. Since the buds are so high, they begin to turn white since the light is bleaching the tops. Some growers do compare the white buds with the purple buds that come from the grow rooms with colder flowering temps. While the purple buds are normally of equal or better quality than the normal green, the white buds are an actual mutant, a genetic mess up. So while the two may be looked at the same due to their extreme coloring, the white is more of a hinderance while the purp is more sought after.


White marijuana plants are good for one thing really; aesthetics. The white flowers are definitely smokable and are sure to shock unsuspecting friends when you pull it out of your jar. The albinism can’t spread in the grow room so it’s not necessary to kill the plants immediately. However, as said before, the plant contains less of the desired quantities of THC and CBD, so the result of smoking it probably won’t make you incredibly baked but it’ll add a nice eye catcher to your garden! The most important thing to remember is that no matter what color the weed, don’t judge it if you’re not the one smoking it.

Stoner Guide; Albinism In Cannabis

Cannabis & Cervical Cancer

Cannabis & Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second leading type of cancer in women. It is a slow growing cancer that sometimes doesn’t even show symptoms so it’s onset can be the sufferer’s downfall. With no way to tell that the cancer is there, it can spread and become unstoppable if not caught in time.


Cervical cancer can only be found with test administered by doctors so it’s important to stay up to date with doctor appointments. Cervical cancer is usually linked to human papillomavirus, or HPV. As with most cancers, cannabis seems to have a very positive effect on the behavior and reproduction of cervical cancer cells.


The cannabinoids in marijuana slow the reproduction of the cervical cancer cells to the point where the cells no longer reproduce and die without spreading. This process usually utilizes the cannabis oils, made specially for the patients by scientists and doctors. The oil is taken orally and it is quickly becoming known as a cure for cancer, since the process rids the body of the dangerous cells. Even low amounts of THC along with methanandamide slowed the invading cancer cells considerably. Without the ability to reproduce/multiply, the cells die off.


Another well known use for the cannabis plant for cancer patients is the fact that it helps with patients going through chemotherapy. The effects of this medical treatment are almost as bad as the cancer itself. The person looses their appetite and they begin to drop weight and they feel constantly sick to their stomach, every move creating rippling nausea that can leave a person bedridden for days. With the cannabis, these patients feel like they can live a somewhat more normal life, eating and doing small daily activities to the best of their abilities. Thanks to cannabis, not the prescription poison that the pharmacy gives people who are suffering.


Ladies, be sure that you are seeing your doctor regularly and be aware that cervical cancer exists. While cannabis may be said to be the future cure for cancer, it’s still not perfect and the best medication is prevention. Stay healthy, be active, and of course, you should always stay high. Being a healthy, smart stoner is extremely important, not only for your own well being but because it shows that stoners are just lazy bums that sit around watching cartoons all day, but that we are aware and intelligent. Stay high and happy, my friends!

Cannabis & Cervical Cancer

Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

In recent years, cannabis support has gained an enormous amount of support around the world. There are plenty of speculations as to why this has occurred but I believe that the main reason is the absolute takeover of social media. With a single, simple click, a person can share thousands of pages of valuable information that can change minds and lives. Since the majority of American youth are somehow plugged in to the pipeline of sharing, liking, and reposting, the uprising in cannabis support can only be contributed to the social media movement.


Those the regard social media as a simple fun past time are clearly missing the point. Using social media in this way can be fun and people do enjoy just goofing off, posting silly photos and bitching about who knows what. However, in the cannabis community (and for other reasons as well), social media becomes a puppet, something that can be molded and manipulated to the individual’s advantage. And in this case, the advantage is the advancement of a positive outlook on cannabis and the people that choose to use it.


Even with the quickly diminishing attention span of today’s youth, social media provides a way for someone to send a message in as little as a few words. Some people think that posting memes repeatedly is immature. But have you ever thought that a meme can pack a powerful punch and – while it may seem goofy – can leave a lasting impression on some random person who happens to see it? With the help of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, these quick little messages are shot all around the world. It’s an extremely simple idea but can be overlooked easily, when just scrolling around the vast wasteland of the internet.


Stoners love social media. Getting baked and just surfing can pass hours of time, with your only companion being the bong… And perhaps a dog or cat. If there are important messages being read, then social media is being used to its full potential. Without social media, it’s easy to assume that the 58% of Americans that support cannabis legalization might be a considerably lower number without the help of social sites. Whether it be memes on Instagram or links to articles on Facebook, the helping hand of social media will continue to assist in the cannabis legalization movement.

Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

Stoner News; Uruguay Becomes First Legal Cannabis Country

marijuana legalized Uruguay stonerdays3

Stoner News; Uruguay Becomes First Legal Cannabis Country

This day has been a long time coming, evern since President Jose Mujica put forth the legalization propsal in June 2012.

marijuana legalized Uruguay stonerdays4

The idea was introduced as a new way to lower the crime rate in Uruguay, which is mostly believed to be associated with non violent marijuana offenses, much like the US. The government has been studying the bill for over a year and a half and today was the day that the final decision was made. Uruguay is the first country to fully legalize cannabis use for the citizens.

marijuana legalized Uruguay stonerdays2

The bill went through the Senate today and they voted to pass it. Now, the government has given themselves 120 days to write the regulations that will be put in place before the legalization law takes effect. Dan Riffle, the director of federal policies for the well known Marijuana Policy Project stated, “Support for regulating marijuana and taking it out of the underground market is not only growing in the United States but also internationally. It will not be long before more states and nations decide to end marijuana prohibition.”

marijuana legalized Uruguay stonerdays1

With Colorado and Washington letting legal marijuana in, and now Uruguay, the movement is quickly gaining momentum. No one can say that the War On Drugs has been a success. As a constant drain on the economy with no real results (other then the outrage of stoners at the unnecessary burning of millions of dollars worth of marijuana and jailing people for just wanting to relax), the War On Drugs has been an epic failure that should have been resigned years ago. Hopefully, Uruguay sets the bar for other states. Oregon is expected to be the next state to fully legalize cannabis and hopefully there will be many other states to follow.

marijuana legalized Uruguay stonerdays

The bill the Uruguay has passed will allow medical marijuana through the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the domestic cultivation of up to six cannabis plants. Also, people will get memberships to clubs like those in Spain, resembling the dispensaries that we have in the US. Marijuana will also be allowed to be sold in pharmacies as a legitimate medicine, something that activists have been waiting a long time to see. There have even been national ad campaigns in Uruguay, promoting the health benefits of cannabis. In the US, protestors made a huge deal about the idea of pro-marijuana ads being run in Portland, ME. Seeing positive cannabis ads on television would be a sight for sore eyes for anyone in the US.

Stoner News; Uruguay Becomes First Legal Cannabis Country

Five Cannabis Success Stories


Five Cannabis Success Stories

Hearing stories about how marijuana cures is great but it’s even better when it comes directly from the patients themselves. Knowing these stories makes it easier for people to accept the beneficial qualities of the plant. It also feels nice to know that people that are genuinely sick are able to medicate with such a positive, no-side-effects treatment that doesn’t make their sickness worse.


Anxiety Be Gone – This patient suffers from a digestive disorder and smoking cannabis has brought back their appetite. Not only that, but this person dealt with anxiety too. The marijuana helped that as well, letting the person feel more “normal”, an effect that a lot of people feel when using marijuana to combat anxiety. With the assistance of marijuana, this particular anxious patient was able to relax and become more socially aware, while at the same time combating two afflictions with one medicine.


Enlightenment – Most people that smoke cannabis gain the feeling that their level of consciousness is above other. For some reason, people who smoke tend to be a lot more aware of the situations around them and are able to accept that there is sometimes more than one possibility. This person smoked cannabis and found out that they acquired a newfound interest in all fields of science, letting the user to comprehend the reasoning for higher dimensions.


Ability To Question – While a lot of people still believe that the war on drugs is a valid fight and that the government is definitely working for the good of the people, the majority of stoners don’t believe the hype. This particular patient began to indulge in cannabis and, like many others, questioned the motives of the government and issues such as the drug war.


Migraine – Anyone who deals with migraines knows how painful they can be. It’s like a hot knife stabbing you in the eyeball and nothing helps… Except cannabis. A man’s wife was suffering from severe migraines that left her laying in bed in pain five times a week. Instead of taking four different medications a day from the pharmacy, she began to use medical marijuana and managed to alleviate her symptoms completely.


Depression? Not A Chance – Being sad all the time is enough to try any kind of medicine. This person used pot and began to see the world n a whole new way. Where as before cannabis, he had sat in front of his computer all day or the TV, zoning off in to space, he picked up healthier habits like playing bass. Cannabis also helped him to quit smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol and soda, a huge (and healthy) accomplishment.

Five Cannabis Success Stories

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays4

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

Whether you’re using the cannabis plant for recreational or medicinal purposes, the plant still possess the ability to ruin relationships. Stoners get to deal with a lot of negativity when it comes to telling their close family and friends about the fact that they use marijuana. There are mothers and fathers who can’t stand the fact that their child uses marijuana for any reason. Brothers and sisters grow apart if their views on the cannabis plant differ and both feel strongly about their opinion. It’s sad but true that cannabis can tear people apart. But there are definitely ways to avoid letting this plant effect your personal life.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays3

While the patients see the medical value in marijuana, some family members may not. Parents and siblings especially can be very stubborn when they find out their child is using an so called illegal drug in order to go about their daily lives. While the patient can present as many facts as they possibly can, it is possible that the family members or significant other will just shake their head in disappointment. Using cannabis is not something that a patient should be ashamed of. If presenting your family with the facts and giving them your testimony of how the plant helps does nothing to sway their opinions, you’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays1

At this point, some parents/siblings/significant others will just let the subject go. Most stoners are lucky if this happens. Some people choose to ignore what they know about cannabis and who uses it, rather than listen to proven facts. Worst case scenario, you’ll lose a boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents and siblings may stop speaking to you. This is completely unacceptable. When family turns their back on children, it is the ultimate form of disrespect. If this happens to you, all I can really tell you is stay strong. Stick to what you believe in. Parents and siblings will accept it eventually. If you’re dealing with a stubborn boyfriend or girlfriend and they leave you because you’re smoking pot to relieve severe pain and sickness, they aren’t the one for you.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays

Not all stoners get to smoke weed with their parents, brothers, sisters, and lovers. There are still those that hide it from the people around them. The best way to avoid the awkward situation of getting caught smoking a bowl in a closet one day, it is good to get the subject of marijuana out in the open. Every day, new information is produced that gives merit to the idea of medical marijuana. It gets harder and harder for people to not believe that facts that are presented. From studies to scholarly papers to cancer societies, marijuana is becoming seriously mainstream.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays4

Talking to the people in your life about your usage of marijuana is the best way to educate. By explaining what you know, while family might not understand right away, your ideas will sit in their brain. They will think it over. It took six years of me trying to tell my parents that marijuana is a benefit to the human race and the earth as a whole. Finally, they could no longer deny the facts. Evidence is everything. If you’re going to talk to you family and friends about pot, make sure you have the correct information and you present it in a non-threatening way. Arguments get nowhere and angry people don’t listen. Stay calm, no matter how thickheaded the other person/people are.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays2

Cannabis can ruin relationships… If you let it. By being honest and discussing this subject, you can avoid losing family and friends by having to choose between relationships and the medicine that you require. Family usually comes back together, even if they don’t agree with your views. Eventually, with the constant influx of positive information regarding cannabis, they won’t be able to deny it.

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

Three Studies That Show Cannabis Fights Lung Cancer

Three Studies That Show Cannabis Fights Lung Cancer

Medical data on the effects of cannabis are few and far between. Since the plant is still considered illegal in most states, doing research presents itself to be a difficult task. So when someone is trying to argue with a friend, family member, or coworker, it can be difficult to get the facts needed to prove the obvious (to us, anyway); that cannabis is a cure. These three studies are from medical institutions and prove that cannabis fights lung cancer in patients.

cannabis fights cancer stonerdays

1. The journal Oncogene, by Harvard Medical Schools Experimental Medicine Department came to the conclusion that THC inhibits the epithelial growth factor in lung cancer cell migration. The journal goes on to say that THC should be researched as a novel therapeutic molecules in stopping the growth of certain lung cancers.


2. Cannabinoids inhibit the cancer cell division, therefore presenting a quick death to the cells, since they technically cannot reproduce, according to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine by the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology . This particular study also showed the cannabinoids decrease cancer cell invasiveness, which can contribute to prevention of the cancer in the first place.


3. US National Library of Science studied the role of cannabinoid receptors in the lungs. The study determined that cannabis was effective in treating lung cancer and should be used as a normal treatment.


Some people, when presented with the idea that cannabis cures cancer, need some serious convincing. It is kind of difficult to go from not believing that cannabis is anything other than a gateway drug to believing that it can save people’s lives. Presenting a non believer with facts such as these are a good way to try to present your case in a scientific manner.

Three Studies That Show Cannabis Fights Lung Cancer

Cannabis and Violence

Cannabis and Violence


Marijuana is a drug. Whether we like it or not, it is what it is. People still tell others “marijuana brings violence” and “people die because of marijuana”. Oh they do? Marijuana has a very peaceful and serene effect on those that smoke. Occasionally, there is an unfortunate person who is allergic to pot and yes, that does happen. There are plenty of people who get hives or extremely sick when they smoke. But is marijuana a violent thing? What about the plant makes people say that it’s harmful?
Well the government says it’s dangerous… Therefore, it must be, right? Wrong. It’s debatable if our buddies on the higher ups realize that THEY are the cause of the violence surrounding marijuana. It’s the government who blasts up grow ops with guns, shields, and Kevlar vests. A dispensary raid looks like a terrorist bomb threat when you see them recorded on YouTube. Now please, riddle me this; why in the hell do authorities need to blast in to a clinic, guns blazing, and shouting just to tell the people that they’re being shut down? It is a waste of taxpayer money and makes the authorities look like complete jerks.
How about when the DEA sends hundreds of men in to a rural mountain area, equipped with guns, helicopters, and ATVs to hunt for pot farmers that may not even be there? While the farmers in these situations usually have weapons of some sort, one must take in to account that pot becomes a lot of people’s lives. It funds the food that they give to their children, it pays for the clothes that they wear, and the electricity that keeps them warm on a cold winter night. Not only is the raid itself a waste of money but there are families because torn to shreds just because their parents were trying to put food on the table.
Making marijuana illegal will obviously cause violence. The more things that are taken away from the people, the more violent they get. People need their freedom. Removing a person’s freedom will eventually cause problems. We are not animals and we certainly do not deserve to be treated like them. As more studies are released on the benefits of marijuana, we may begin to see more violence. While ideally, the government and potheads should be able to coexist, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to see a nonviolent road to marijuana legalization.
It is my belief that there is a peaceful way to get points across that our cause is one that is for the good of the people. Marijuana helps all kinds, all over the world. We use it, our pets can use it. By breaking down doors, the government makes it harder for us to sit back and do this peacefully. It is all of our wish that marijuana will be able to be legal one day and there will be no more deaths, no more guns, and no more violence surrounding such a peaceful idea.

East Coast Vs West Coast; Battle of the Buds


East Coast Vs West Coast; Battle of the Buds

California is the mecca of all things marijuana in the United States. If you’re any sort of cannabis connoisseur, you’re ultimate goal is to live somewhere near or in Cali.


They have dispensaries, relaxed laws, and some of the best grown pot around. But Cali can get a little offensive to us here on the east coast. While you guys may have the good weed and the lax laws, most of us are still sneaking around like fifteen year old potheads trying to smoke in their room without their parents finding out. While most east coasters support and love Cali and wish to be out there, when memes pop up or harsh words are exchanged on the internet about who has the better weed, it creates cracks in our community and that’s not what we’re supposed to be about.


The east coast, while miles behind California in the race to legalize our favorite plant, has adapted and overcome to the harsh laws that we’re still unfortunately dealing with. We can’t grow our own at risk of getting caught, our prices are higher than the moon because weed is hard to get a hold of, and penalties for getting caught are ridiculous. What’s even worse is that (at least in my state) there is a serious outbreak of opiate addictions and associated crime. I used to live down the street from a Walgreen’s that got robbed three times in one month for opiates from the pharmacy counter. How do I know this you ask? Because I had three cops banging on my apartment door every time it happened, asking if I was harboring the kid who stole the drugs.


It always seems to boil down to who has the best weed. But is that really even a fair fight? If you’ve never been to the east coast, you know that it gets cold here… Really cold. And it snows a lot. The summers aren’t too great either . It’s either really hot or it rains for three months. How is anyone supposed to grow plants that rival Cali if we can’t get a solid week of sun? So most people are forced to grow indoors, which may or may not turn out to be good. While I’ve seen amazing weed come out of an indoor grow in Rhode Island and New York, I’ve seen some seriously sad looking weed in Florida and New Hampshire. It all depends on who you get it from. There is no solid consistency with strain names, origins, or potency.


Not only are the conditions on the west coast better for weed, they’re also way ahead of the game. Pot has been a decriminalized substance since the 1970s in California. I still know people getting arrested for being in possession of a gram. But growers in California have had plenty of time to perfect their techniques to get the best weed that they can possible grow without adding harmful chemicals and hormones. The west coast has been growing weed for years and the east coast is still trying to stay out of police radar.

Medical Marijuana Mendocino

The east coast is crafty and cunning, having to risk our own safety to get or grow our medicine. The west coast has the skills to grow amazing marijuana. If we manage to focus our energy on working together, rather than always teasing each other, I believe that we could definitely get people to listen to our reasons for the legalization of marijuana and we would begin to see an acceleration of states legalizing the plant.

NGS Picture ID:489092

In all honesty, I think that the war of the coasts is a joke. We claim to be a community but this just divides us. It should be about the more advanced helping the not so advanced. In other words, Californians need to help lobby for the decriminalization of states on the east coast. Growers from California need to share their knowledge with the growers on the east coast. We all have a common goal! Now we all just have to get along.

Written By: Miss Botwin

East Coast Vs West Coast; Battle of the Buds

Five Pieces You Can Make Yourself

Five Pieces You Can Make Yourself

Everyone winds up in a pinch sometimes and needs to make a household piece… Or maybe you’re just feeling creative! Either way, I’ve picked five dope ideas on how to get super baked if you ever find yourself stranded without a piece!

1. The Apple Pipe


Everyone knows about the apples! Drill a small hole down through the stem, about halfway down the inside of the apple. Then, make two more holes on either side of the apple that connect to the vertical hole in the center. Now grab a screen, stick in it the top, fill it with weed and smoke away! I like to smoke these every so often just because I think it’s cool to smoke out of a fruit.

2. The Gravity Bong

So you’ll need a lighter, some tinfoil, two bottles (one must be bigger than the other), a tool to make small holes with (like a needle), and a knife (or scissors). Start off by taking the cap off of the smaller bottle and puncturing a hole in it. Use your knife to make the hole bigger. This will be where the bowl is so don’t make it too big. Tear off a piece of tinfoil and gently mold it to the inside of the cap. Make sure that the tinfoil bowl fits snugly in the hole in the cap. Take your hole poking tool and make a few small holes in the bottom of the tinfoil bowl. Don’t make them too big or your weed will just fall through. Now, cut off the bottom of the smaller bottle that you have. You can either use a sink, a bucket, or a larger bottle for the second piece. If you decide to use a bottle, make sure it’s a decent amount bigger than the first bottle. Cut off the top of this bottle. Fill it about halfway up with water. Place your weed inside the bowl on the cap and place the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle. Make sure you don’t twist the cap on before putting the bottle in the water. Otherwise, your weed will fly out all over the place. Light the herb and slowly pull the bottle up out of the water (the chamber should fill with smoke). Unscrew the cap on the bottle and push the bottle back down, inhaling the smoke as you do. There you go! Your own gravity bong!

3. A Snowball Pipe


I’ve never heard this but I stumbled across it on the Internet and since I’m a snowboarder, figured that people who like outdoor winter sports would appreciate this. So have you ever been out on the mountain and realized that you forgot your piece? It’s definitely happened to me and this guy on the web said that when it happened to him and his friends, they would make little snowball bowls, basically the same way that you would make an apple bowl. Just made out of snow! I recommend taking off your gloves though. While your hands might be cold for a bit, it’s better than soggy mittens!

4. Jäger Roller


As a bartender, I see a lot of glass bottles get tossed out and let’s admit that liquor bottles are pretty awesome. My boyfriend asked me to bring some home one day and I managed to score a huge Jager bottle. I brought it home and my boyfriend took a diamond drill bit (you have to use diamond! Anything else will shatter the glass and the bit must be hollow!) and some molding clay and went outside. He molded the clay in to a small doughnut and placed it on the bottle. Then, you slowly start drilling in to the bottle at an angle, making sure to pour small amounts of water in to the small center of the doughnut as you drill. GO SLOW! The glass will crack if you try to rush through this. After you drill the hole, rinse out the bottle. You can either use a bowl head from another piece or make one out of tinfoil for this but just stick it in the hole that you drilled and bam! You have a dope Jager bottle steamroller. Trust me, this is a piece that is totally worth making!

5. Pill Bottle Pipe


You’re going to need an empty pill bottle, two 1/4” metal tubing cut at 2′, and a metal bowl (the bowl, 1/4′ tubing should be threaded female and male ends). Carefully insert 3 holes into the bottle. One in the top, this will be used for the your metal bowl and tubing. Any hardware store should have what you are looking for and it wont brake the bank. Next insert two holes on the side, one on top of each other. Insert the second 1/4′ tubing into the top hole.

So there you have it! Five ways to get yourself out of a pinch or just to have a piece that no one else does! Make sure that you’re careful while constructing these and don’t try to get too crazy creating new ways to smoke out of house hold items! I hope that you find these useful!

Stay high!
Miss Botwin



Stoner Dictionary | Cannabis

cannabis: noun 1. a genus of flowering plant in the family Cannabaceae that is either used for the hemp fibers found within its stalk or consumed for its psychotropic and healing effects 2. the dried flowers of a particular plant that is consumed usually by smoking

Origins: unofficially proposed in 1728 but established in 1753 in Carolus Linnaeus’s Species Plantarum

Taxonomy: originally placed with Nettle or Mulberry but later re-classified with Hops in a separate (hemp) family

Example: “I am a recreational and medical cannabis user.”

The term cannabis is one of the most standard nomenclatures of the famous marijuana plant. It has become the most scientific and formal term used to refer to our beloved Mary Jane. There are three cannabis varieties, two of which all modern stoners are familiar with: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. The third variety is one you have most likely never heard of. Cannabis ruderalis is the epitome of a weed as the word ruderalis refers to any type of plant that is the first to take over a landscape after competing plants have been eradicated. Its origins are in Central Russia and this type of cannabis is often low in THC but withstands extremely harsh environments, adapts quickly to changes in climate and remains shorter in height. It can also be found in Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, and the Midwestern United States.

The flowering process is unique as it is based on age instead of light, contrary to cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. This process is called auto-flowering. 

The etymology of the word ruderalis comes from the Latin word rudera which is translated to rubble, lump, or rough piece of bronze. Because of its lower THC content, it is rarely grown for recreational purposes and its short stature makes it a poor candidate for hemp use. However, because of its resistance to insects and disease, its ability to quickly acclimatize to various environments, and the convenience of auto-flowering, it is often crossbred with stronger sativa or indica strains.The broad term cannabis does not only refer to the dried flowers used for consumption but also the plant in its entirety: stalk, seed, leaf, the whole shebang.

Marijuana was at one point, and still is, the standard term used in official literature, laws, bills, legislature, documents, etc.

Cannabis is slowly phasing out the term marijuana with the argument of it being a more scientific way to classify the plant, attempting to veer away from the constant use of the slang terms which we all know and love. While many of these terms will live forever through the brains and mouths of stoners, the use of the word cannabis is garnering popularity. Organizations such as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) prefer to use the word cannabis because the term marijuana was supposedly created during a time of mass xenophobia (fear of foreigners) as a way to stigmatize the plant. Regardless of whether you to call it cannabis, ganja, meds, marijuana, pot, weed, grass, herb, or the multitude of other colorful nicknames out there for it, one thing remains the same: if you don’t eat your greens, then you better smoke ’em!

Stoner Dictionary | Cannabis