Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer

Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog

In Israel, cannabis has been freely researched and available to patients since the 60s (with the proper license). So there’s been a lot of time for scientists in Israel to study the plant and come out with new products for the patients there. With unending amounts of technology available and innovation at it’s finest, the products coming out in Israel have shocked those around the world, especially with the newest product that’s coming out now.

Introducing Syqe Medical, a cannabis company from Israel, has developed an amazing invention for patients to be able to dose themselves correctly with an amount of cannabis that suits their needs. The inhaler measures the amount of THC that a patient can get, letting some patients get just enough of a dose of THC to relieve symptoms without actually getting stoned and experiencing the psychoactive effects of the plant. The dose can even be chafed via Bluetooth and can hook up to phones, tablets, and computers. This also allows the doctors to measure the effects of different doses on different illnesses, giving them a good idea of how much THC some people need to function normally, as do most medical patients.

The device is small, about the size of an asthma inhaler, and can be carried around in a patient’s pocket for quick and easy relief from symptoms on the go. Syqe claims that it’s product can deliver a higher resolution dose, achieving a perfect balance between THC and CBD. This is an amazing innovation not because it will allow patients to get the access to medicine that they need in a new, very safe, and very “normal” way, but because it is made via a 3D printer. This printer is somewhat new to the world but is creating a huge wave in the technology community. The device can be made on any 3D printer anywhere, letting people get one virtually whenever they want. And with UPS stores implementing these printers in to thousands of stores across the US, patients will be able to obtain the Syqe from where ever.

With a backing of $1 million from the government, the Syqe is set to be available for sale at the end of this year. The technology of this inhaler will surely surprise those that see it now and upon it’s release and patients especially will be happy to know that this is the first device that will be able to measure their cannabis intake. Symptoms will be easier to deal with and people will feel better. Now if only the US would allow such research, really great things could happen in the world.


Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog