10 Different Types of Stoners


10 Different Types of Stoners

Everyone’s different. We learn this from a very young age, we are constantly trying to figure out what we like and what we don’t like. Each person has their own way of doing things, this makes the world go round.

The same goes for stoners, there are 10 Different Types of Stoners and we are all unique in our own special way.


Next time you’re in rotation with your friends or maybe even just randomly smoking with fellow stoners, take a look around. Decide for yourself who is who. It can be quit interesting and fun realizing your friends unique traits of smoking the marijuana goodness. The 10 Different Types of Stoners are:

1. The Paranoid Stoner


Oh my, this stoner! Haha. He/she can’t stop thinking somethings going wrong. “Everyones looking at me, why? Why, Am I laughing too much? What should I say? Should I just say nothing? Ah, I’m too high!” Just calm the down and chill out. Everything is going to be all right. Ride it out.

2. The Klutz

stoner-weed-girls-blazed (249)

This stoner is somehow always managing to break the piece. He reaches for his Gatorade and knocks over your most treasured bong. Best bet is to keep your beloved pieces outta harms way from his guy, maybe bubble wrap the bong when it’s his turn to rip.

3. The Mcguyver


Awesome stoner! This stoner is always coming up with new ways to smoke the reefer. He makes his own bongs, pipes and any other smoking creation he can master up. Be prepared to get hella stoned in new ways!

4. The Chemist

happy-420-stoned-marijuana (12)

The Stoner Chemist loves to smoke dabs. He’s got his gear with him and he’s ready to torch this shit. Items he brings along: his torch, his dab tool, his nail, and not to forget his bong. He’s a true mad scientist! Take a dab and get blown away. This THC is gonna knock your socks off. “A Dab Will Do Ya!”

5. The Contact High Guy 


This guy/girl really isn’t a “true” stoner. Although they call them self’s a stoner, they never actually takes a hit. They just sits in the room with everyone and get “high” from a smoke filled room. Make em’ actually take a rip next time and show them the beauty of sweet Mary Jane.

6. The Coach


The Coach is the type of stoner who is always explaining the best way how to take a hit, how long to hold it, and what kind of strand gets you the highest. He goes on and on about sativas vs. indicas and don’t forget your hybrids. Just humor this guy and shake your head. Most likely he probably does have a few good pointers up his sleeve.

7. The Closest Smoker Dad 


Give it up for this Stoner! He deserves a gold metal. He’s the ultimate OG Stoner, he created the art of smoking pot. He’s a hippy at heart and will always have a love for marijuana. Now that he’s older and wiser he just hides the fact of being a pothead. Always listen to what he has to say and remember to respect your elders!

8. The Sneak A Toker


Oh man, oh man! This stoner is poping up in rotation again and again. He’s stealing the next persons hit but no one seems to notice. He is a true master in disguise – The Sneak A Toker Smoker. Keep your red eyes open for this sneaky son of a gun!

9. The Quitter 


This stoner is the stoner who is always trying to quit smoking the ganja. He’s gotta get clean for that new job he wants, his girlfriend is always threating to break up unless he quits, he’s trying to become “healthier” and the list goes on. The problem with this guy is he never seems to understand he’s just giving excuses. Dude your a stoner! Just be cool with it and get over the bullshit.

10. The Story Teller 

Man Smoking Joint

You’re in for trouble! Ha ha. This stoner never passes the blunt. they continuously talk aimlessly about “this one time” and “you gotta try this new..” He talks and talks and talks some more while chiefing on that blunt he’s suppose to pass. You’re gonna just have to grab the blunt out of his hand and be like dude… really? Puff, puff, pass!

Written By: Missy Blazen

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10 Different Types of Stoners

Behind The Rasta Colors

Rasta Color StonerDays

Behind The Rasta Clothing Colors

This is the story Behind The Rasta Colors. There are some things that are extremely popular to stoners. Particularly aspects of the Rastafarian religion, which is most often associated with cannabis culture. More specifically, I’m referring to the three color combination that seems to follow the pot leaf every where it goes. The rasta clothing colors are super popular among the members of the stoner community. How many people know their origin? Even if you already know where the colors come from, it’s always good to brush up on cannabis related knowledge, just in case someone decides to test your know how.

Sometimes, black is included in the rasta colors but most stoners stick to the green, gold, and red. The famous color combo is shown on the Ethiopian flag. They stand for the loyalty that the Rastafari feel towards the state of Ethiopia during the reign of Haile Selassie, who was an emperor of Ethiopia that inspired great men such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela with his civil disobedience views. Rasta colors are interpreted differently but are shown on the Ethiopian flag (from bottom to top) as red, gold, and green. These colors are sometimes mixed up, sometimes even reversed. It all depends on the person viewing them, although that is genuinely the way that they are displayed on the flag.

the lion of judah stonerdays

Behind The Rasta Colors And The Flag

The colors each have their own meanings which are interpreted as follows (although again, some people may have different views on this). Red stands for the blood of martyrs, people that have given their lives to help others. The green represents the beauty, fertility, and green vegetation that Ethiopia holds within it’s boundaries. The gold, or the yellow, stands for the wealth of Africa. So these colors have a lot of meaning behind them and it’s important to know their history so that they become much more respected than they already are.

Rasta Higher State of Mind StonerDays

More then just a stoner symbol, the Rastafarian colors will be respected when used. The colors symbolize a lot more than just stoners. Things like this are important to know in the community. For more information on the Rastafarian religion, as well as the colors themselves, you can visit www.religionfacts.com

Wanna show the world you Rasta message? Check out our rasta collection here.

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide | Stoner Blog

One of the arguments against marijuana is that it may contribute to depression and suicide. Anti-pot smokers like to argue that stoners are seriously lazy and depressed but unfortunately for them, a study from Germany has been released saying that places where marijuana laws are lax and the plant is well loved, rates of suicide have actually decreased, rather than increase. Since suicide is most often caused by stress and marijuana takes away stress, it definitely makes sense that cannabis would allow people to release their stress, causing a drop in suicide rates.



California supplies anxiety patients with medical cards and both Delaware and New Mexico have PTSD listed on their lists of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. In these areas, there’s been a 5% reduction in suicide rates, especially in males age 20-29, according to this study. The results suggest that since those that use marijuana drink considerably less alcohol, which is a serious depressant. If stoners drink less, that would also mean that the amount of drunk driving accidents may decrease in these areas as well and that the benefits aren’t just restricted to those suffering from depression.


Most subjects tested were male, since females are four times less likely to commit suicide and succeed, according to researchers. The bottom line of this study? Legalizing marijuana leads to an improvement in the mental well being of most young adult males, resulting in fewer suicides. So the next time that some tries to tell you that cannabis promotes depression and suicide, just remember that depression and suicide are caused by stress. Marijuana is used as a treatment for both of those illnesses so it only makes sense that places with lax cannabis laws would have lower rates of suicide.

Thanks THC Finder for another great article read more at www.thcfinder.com

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide | Stoner Blog

Blunt Pipe

The Blunt Pipe | Stoner Blog

There’s a strong chance that if you have Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen photos floating around of a blunt rolled in the shape of a corncob pipe. Not only that, but there are also photos of the blunt with joints stuffed in to what would be the bowl, creating an epic time bomb blunt that is sure to knock a novice stoner on their ass. The blunt pipe was born in to social media hysteria by the Instagram page @boppin954, definitely an architect stoner. The process for rolling the blunt pipe is much more simple then you think and can be done quite easily, thanks to a video sent to me by @boppin954 that breaks down the process.


The materials that you’ll need include the following; weed, two blunt wraps of your choice (or cigars I suppose… I’m not 100% sure what was originally used but I’m sure you could manage it with either), and scissors. To start the blunt pipe, the first step is to just simply roll a blunt. The amount of weed that you want to use it up to you but remember that you’re going to be adding weight to the end. Be sure that you account for the extra weight if you feel like rolling a monster blunt. It’s recommended that you roll a fairly average size blunt, about the length of a normal pipe.


Once you’ve rolled the blunt, cut the second wrap to form a sort of bowl. Try to make as few cuts as possible, as reattaching everything might get a little bit difficult. Form the bowl but be sure to leave a hole large enough for the blunt at the bottom of the bowl. Once you have formed the entire bowl and attached the paper together, gently slide the end of the blunt in to the hole that you left in the bowl. Using a strip of blunt wrap, gently attach the bowl to the blunt by wrapping the strip around the part where the two meet.


The last step is to fill the bowl of the blunt pipe with freshly ground up bud. Don’t pack it too tightly or it won’t burn. Fill it almost to the top with bud and you’ve finished your very own blunt pipe. This roll is incredibly popular right now and it’s definitely something that all blunt loving stoners should try out. Much thanks to @boppin954 for providing the tutorial. If you have any questions of the roll of the blunt pipe, you can contact him via Instagram! Enjoy your blunt pipe!

The Blunt Pipe | Stoner Blog

Invest In What You Know

Invest In What You Know


In shocking recent developments, Snoop Dogg/Lion/the next animal evolution, created a buzz a couple weeks ago by announcing plans for raising a $25 million fund to invest in marijuana.  He’s putting his focus on growing technology affiliated with the legal cannabis industry.

This comes on the heels of his recent tech-related gambles, which include investments in Reddit and Robinhood (zero-fee stock brokerage).  Snoop’s apparently been feeling an itch in his trigger finger, as he most recently participated in Philz Coffee’s Series B round, bringing their funding up to $15 million total in pursuit of nationwide expansion plans.  I bet the RSVP rate on those notifications they send out for shareholder meetings will hit an all time high (pun not intended but intended) once Snoop Lion is revealed to be in attendance.  Still feels weird everytime to call him that…always gonna be da Dogg don in my mind.

Also, since when did all rappers suddenly become business moguls?  I feel like street cred these days has almost become a liability; turns out the new trendy thing is being an entrepreneur and not getting shot at, who’da thought?  Seems like everyone’s wised up to the institutional game and slinging legal commodities these days.  If you didn’t know them any better through their music, any of these guys are as legit a CEO as they are a rapper/artist/producer.  Below are some of their notable entrepreneurial endeavors outside of music:


“Snoop Dogg” / Calvin Broadus ($135 million):

  • Pimp ( “That shit was my natural calling and once I got involved with it, it became fun.  It was like shootin’ layups for me.  I was makin’ ’em every time.”  His pimp star burned brightly and albeit briefly, as he gave it up after a couple years on the advice of other fellow entrepreneurs within the industry to be with his family more.)
  • TV/movie personality
  •  Snoopadelic Films production company founder


“50 Cent” / Curtis Jackson ($140 million):

  • Vitamin Water (took a 5% equity stake in Vitamin Water along with $5 million, which cashed out to around a $100 million post-tax when Glaceau purchased them for $4.1 billion.  Remember Turtle’s line from Entourage?  “You know what 50 Cent told me?  He made 50 mil in music and 150 mil in Vitamin Water.”
  • SMS Audio founder & CEO
  • SK Energy founder
  • SMS Promotions founder & CEO
  • TMT ‘The Money Team’ licensed boxing promoter


“Jay Z” / Shawn Carter ($560 million):

  • Rocawear clothing line founder
  • 40/40 Club co-owner
  • Roc Nation Sports agency founder (certified NBA and MLB agent)
  • Brooklyn Nets part owner
  • Budweiser Select co-brand director


“Dr. Dre” / Andre Young ($650 million)

  • Beats Electronics founder (purchased for $3 billion by Apple tryna get gangsta on us)


“Diddy” / Sean Combs ($700 million)

  • Sean John clothing line founder
  • Enyce clothing line owner (purchased from Liz Claiborne)
  • Revolt TV equity stakeholder
  • Ciroc vodka brand co-owner (receives 50% profit share)



Be more high Snoop.

Instead of taking Pac and Biggie’s lead, Snoop is makin moves outta Peter Thiel’s playbook.  Who says stoners aren’t savvy?

So for all you aspiring potpreneurs: Now is the time to make your mark.  Wouldn’t want someone with a lesser love for the plant but greater passion for profits reaping the rewards now would you?  (Imagine Nucky Thompson building his booze empire in the 1950s instead of during Prohibition.  The show probably would have been “Local Dive Bar” instead of “Boardwalk Empire”.)

Need to get involved in this somehow so I can roll up on Snoop for a corner office debrief while we discuss how to grow my 420K.


PS – Can’t wait to see his name appear in a 10-K.  “Say, who is this Calvin Broadus fella? Sounds like a delightful chap…”


(Read about it here: Snoop sparks $25m pot investment fund)

Invest In What You Know

Congress Effectively Ends The Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana


Congress Effectively Ends The Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana


It seems the controversial $1.1T spending bill that is preventing the U.S. government from shutting down is chock full of surprises. As you may know, much to the dismay of marijuana activists and lovers of democracy everywhere, the bill smacked down Washington DCs referendum that legalized recreational marijuana in the nation’s capital. What you may have missed (because those shifty politicians are doing everything under the table) is that the bill also quietly, but effectively lifted the federal ban on medical marijuana.

In the depths of the 1,603-page document is a provision that prohibits federal agents from raiding retail medical cannabis operations in states that have legalized medical cannabis. The passage represents “the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana,” the measure’s co-author, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, told the LA Times.

Though President Obama has generally favored this approach policy-wise, the passage of the bill also ensures that the next president can’t backtrack and begin busting medical cannabis operations.

The full text of the measure reads as such:

“Sec. 538. None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used, with respect to the States of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin, to prevent such States from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana. Sec. 539. None of the funds made available by this Act may be used in contravention of section 7606 (“Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research”) of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-79) by the Department of Justice or the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Important to note is that this legislation is fully in light of the fact that marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug with “no medical uses” by federal standards. Seeing as how logically this does not work, this folks, must represent the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition — especially from the point of view of Congress.

Now that there will be little threat of backlash from the federal government, it’s time to lobby your state for the legalization of medical marijuana if you live in one of the 18 states where it is outrageously outlawed. No excuses. Onwards and upwards to completely legal, recreational and medical marijuana for all!

Article from: www.hightimes.com

Congress Effectively Ends The Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana For Children

Medical Marijuana For Children


The youth of Illinois may be prohibited from smoking weed, but once the state’s medical marijuana program goes into effect at the beginning of the year, children will be allowed to consume cannabis orally, according to emergency regulations published earlier this week by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Despite some controversy, Illinois state medical marijuana regulators will allow children under the age of 18 to have access to edible forms of cannabis, as long as they have permission from a parent or guardian, a prescription from a primary care physician, and the recommendation of a secondary doctor. This means kids in the Land of Lincoln who are suffering from debilitating conditions, such as epilepsy and muscular dystrophy, will be permitted to consume THC-infused foods, candies and liquids, but not smoke raw cannabis like adults.

While the rules may seen like a fair trade in order to ensure sick kids are provided with effective medicine, some physicians still remain apprehensive about treating adult patients with cannabis, much less children, which could make obtaining medical marijuana exceptionally difficult. Dan Linn, executive director of Illinois NORML, recently told The Associated Press that forcing children to provide two doctor recommendations was “an unneeded burden standing between these patients and the medicine they need.”

A recent report from The Chicago Tribune indicates that, unlike adults, children will not be forced to submit fingerprints before they are granted permission to use medical marijuana. However, the state is requiring patients under the age of 18 to present photographs. Underage patients will also pay a $100 annual fee to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program, which is a few bucks cheaper than it is for adult patients, who are also required to pay a $25 caregiver fee.

The regulations also require a medical marijuana advisory board, which has not yet been appointed, to include at least one parent of a patient under the age of 18. Some believe this will keep the medical marijuana program operating in the best interest of underage patients.

Although state officials said they would reveal the recipients of the 21 permits for cultivation centers and 60 permits for dispensaries before the end of the year, that announcement has not yet been made. There is speculation, however, the prevailing businesses will be published sometime later next week.

Article from: www.hightimes.com

Medical Marijuana For Children

Marijuana Detection Device

Marijuana Detection Device; Stoner Blog 


The mad scientists of marijuana prohibition are hell bent on sucking all the fun out of getting stoned in hotel rooms and rental properties with the invention of a new smoke detector that detects marijuana compounds. Designed primarily as a tattletale mechanism for landlords and the hotel industry, AirGuard works very similar to a smoke detector but rather than sound an obnoxious alarm, this mechanical rat sends a wifi message to a party of interest explaining that their tenant has just sparked up a joint.
What makes the inception of this intrusive doobie detector so frightening is that it exposes second and third hand marijuana smoke, which means it can alert even if a person’s clothing reeks of weed. Although the majority of property owners and hotel managers will not concern themselves with a stoner’s smelly sweatshirt, it is believed this particular aspect of the device will be used to reveal traces of smoke in the carpet and furniture — a feature that could force tenants to forfeit security deposits for failing to adhere to no smoking policies.
AirGuard will be available in two devious models: a plug-in detector that fits into the typical electrical outlet and a wearable unit that fits into the palm of your hand. The outlet model will connect to a network via wifi, while the handheld version will activate using an Android app via Bluetooth.
Fresh Air Sensor Corporation, the company responsible for the development of this product, claims hotels, multi-unit complexes and even college dormitories will have the option of sending the smoke signal directly to the property owner, or even the police, which could pose some serious legal issues for those residing in prohibition states.
And you can forget about all of those old school methods used for foiling traditional smoke detection systems — AirGuard claims to be tamper proof and impervious to stoner ingenuity.
The device is set to launch in the Spring of 2015.
Mike Adams writes for stoners and smut enthusiasts in HIGH TIMES, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and Hustler Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @adamssoup and on Facebook/mikeadams73.

Marijuana Detection Device; Stoner Blog

Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer

Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog

In Israel, cannabis has been freely researched and available to patients since the 60s (with the proper license). So there’s been a lot of time for scientists in Israel to study the plant and come out with new products for the patients there. With unending amounts of technology available and innovation at it’s finest, the products coming out in Israel have shocked those around the world, especially with the newest product that’s coming out now.

Introducing Syqe Medical, a cannabis company from Israel, has developed an amazing invention for patients to be able to dose themselves correctly with an amount of cannabis that suits their needs. The inhaler measures the amount of THC that a patient can get, letting some patients get just enough of a dose of THC to relieve symptoms without actually getting stoned and experiencing the psychoactive effects of the plant. The dose can even be chafed via Bluetooth and can hook up to phones, tablets, and computers. This also allows the doctors to measure the effects of different doses on different illnesses, giving them a good idea of how much THC some people need to function normally, as do most medical patients.

The device is small, about the size of an asthma inhaler, and can be carried around in a patient’s pocket for quick and easy relief from symptoms on the go. Syqe claims that it’s product can deliver a higher resolution dose, achieving a perfect balance between THC and CBD. This is an amazing innovation not because it will allow patients to get the access to medicine that they need in a new, very safe, and very “normal” way, but because it is made via a 3D printer. This printer is somewhat new to the world but is creating a huge wave in the technology community. The device can be made on any 3D printer anywhere, letting people get one virtually whenever they want. And with UPS stores implementing these printers in to thousands of stores across the US, patients will be able to obtain the Syqe from where ever.

With a backing of $1 million from the government, the Syqe is set to be available for sale at the end of this year. The technology of this inhaler will surely surprise those that see it now and upon it’s release and patients especially will be happy to know that this is the first device that will be able to measure their cannabis intake. Symptoms will be easier to deal with and people will feel better. Now if only the US would allow such research, really great things could happen in the world.


Cannabis Inhaler Via 3D Printer; Stoner Blog

Wake N Blake

Wake N Blake; Stoner Blog


Stonerdays recently had the opportunity to interview Wake N’ Blake Productions based in Denver, Colorado.

This companies aim? To help the stoner community with excellent and affordable service.


I was born and raised in Long Beach, California in a little town called Rossmoore. My parents divorced at the age of 7 just after moving to Arizona where I lived most of my late childhood/teen years. I moved a lot between houses and moved out to Massachusetts near the end of my high school career where I then attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for 2 years at the Isenberg School of Management where I became interested in entrepreneurship and grassroots companies.


I then moved back to Arizona and dropped out of college. It took me a few years to get my life in order and I joined up with a production group and flew out to Illinois to work with them. After building from nothing, our group decided to move out to Denver, Colorado where we now reside and are working on some major independent video production concepts. I have been building my independent brand www.wakenblake.com ever since moving out to Denver this past spring and have been working hard to help other independent companies and entrepreneurs by providing video production that has unmatched quality for low prices, and focus on cross promotion in order to keep the costs low for grassroots companies, because..

I want to help others like myself who had nothing and want to be heard.

I have had asthma, digestion issues and depression in addition to acute skulliosis my whole life and I found medical marijuana through a best friend when living in Arizona. Medical cannabis has helped me stay motivated when I would have otherwise struggled to find hope. The people I have met in this industry have helped me become a better person and I can’t emphasize how important this has been in getting to where I am today. I aspire to become a film actor and an entrepreneur.

My favorite strain… There is not one in particular but top 4 are:

  • Zeta sage
  • Alien OG
  • Kosher kush
  • Cannatonic

I probably could give you a top 10 lol!

Thanks Blake we appreciate your time, with companies like yours the stoner community has room for expansion. Stay blazed!

Be sure to check more out on their website at www.wakenblake.com

Wake N Blake; Stoner Blog

Stoner Bouquets Sweep Denver

Stoner Bouquets Sweep Denver; Stoner Blog


Getting married in Colorado soon? Like to smoke weed? Need someone to make the bouquets for your wedding (Or “weed-ing” if you want to get silly with it)? Stonerdays has the place for you! Introducing Bec Koop, a florist from Denver who has started a package called Buds and Blossoms. The company specializes in incorporating cannabis in to wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, giving both men and women an awesome extra something on their wedding night or even during the wedding if the bride and groom see fit!


Koop used to work at a dispensary but wanted to combine genuine flowers and the stoner’s favorite flower, cannabis. Her thoughts were that adding bud to the flowers would add a little fun in to weddings, which can sometimes be long and occasionally boring. Her business is extremely fine tuned to the needs of a wedding. For example, she recommends putting a saliva strain somewhere in the beginning of the wedding, while giving out goodie bags containing indica chocolate at the end. For people who love cannabis, a business like this would provide an extra little surprise for guests and the revenue potential is exponential.


While Buds and Blossoms is a lovely idea, mixing two gorgeous products of the planet together, there are still some problems with the idea. Some places in Colorado still consider weed illegal and if that happens, the buds aren’t on the guest list. There are also some private venues that don’t allow the use of the plant, even if the county does. But Koop has a way around it, suggesting that she can arrange a rental limo that the guests and party can use as a private smoking lounge. Brilliant, right? Especially since the business appeals to many different age groups, from old school 70s hippies to the new generations who are all about smoking pot. Buds and Blossoms benefits from tourism too, as Koop said that her last wedding party came to Colorado all the way from Florida to have their ceremony.


So if you’re looking for a great spot to get married and want to incorporate cannabis in to your wedding, it’s a good idea to look in to Denver and an even better one to get a hold of Buds and Blossoms. Businesses like this will absolutely sweep the nation once cannabis is legal everywhere. Props to Koop for getting in on the ground floor and being an entrepreneur in the cannabis bouquet industry!


Show your support and Like Buds & Blossoms

Be sure to check out more at becsblossoms.com


Stoner Bouquets Sweep Denver; Stoner Blog

Melissa Etheridge To Make Canna-wine

Melissa Etheridge To Make Canna-wine


As a long time supporter of cannabis, Melissa Etheridge is a survivor of breast cancer and has highly regarded the cannabis plant as a lifesaving medicine that patients deserve unlimited access to. She recently told Bloomberg in an interview recently, “As a cancer survivor, I know the ravages of a serious illness and patients who are suffering deserve access to a medication that can provide them relief.” As most people know, cannabis and what it contains have been in the spotlight lately for being able to control and eliminate cancer from patients, showing much more positive results than chemotherapy and other methods that have been used to treat cancer. Etheridge went on to say, “Tonight, I stand with those patients, with their caregivers, and with the vast majority of New Yorkers who support medical marijuana.”

Not only that but Etheridge is planning on releasing numerous cannabis products on the consistently inflating marijuana market. Soon, she plans to release a cannabis infused wine which she thinks people will love. “It actually tastes amazing!” Etheridge said. The wine will be released soon, along with multiple other 420 friendly merchandise. The wine will be up against Devon’s cannabis infused ales, which are currently sold in the UK and have had an extremely large amount of popularity among those that use cannabis.

The cannabis market is extremely new, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to break in on the ground floor. With so many new ideas, the market has unending potential. From things like wine and beer to extremely complex glass pieces, there are more innovative products hitting the market every day. Celebrities that endorse this market stand to make a lot of money, hopefully they will put that extra cash towards supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. With such large amounts of money to be made, reinvesting in to the industry will only further the cause. Props to Etheridge for supporting the cannabis community. Hopefully other celebrities will follow.

Melissa Etheridge To Make Canna-wine

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer; Stoner Blog

As with every October, we become accustomed to seeing the traditional orange and black that accompanies Halloween. In the last few years, however, a new color has made it’s presence known in the world during the month. You’ve probably seen the explosion of pink at least one year if you live anywhere with social media, where people drive cars, or where there’s TV. The pink ribbon (or it seems like now it’s just the color pink in general) represents the fight for breast cancer. But is a colored ribbon the future of breast cancer? After twenty plus years of funding from the sales of pink ribbon magnets, pink toolboxes, and pink sports gear, the foundations that back this pink trend still have no real cure for breast cancer… So what is the future?

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women living in the Western world. In 2008, there were roughly 450,000 deaths reportedly caused by breast cancer. While there are other cancers that contribute to thousands of deaths each year, breast cancer is the most popularized form of the disease. Mostly, because of that pink ribbon. But numerous studies over the last few years show that cannabis is actually a substance that can potentially fight the deadly disease. Cannabinoid receptors are commonly over-expressed in tumor cells of certain cancers, such as breast cancer. This information has lead researchers to the conclusion that the endocannabinoid system that we are all equipped with may exist to fight off cancer with added doses of cannabinoids. The studies also show that cannabinoids are able to inhibit cancer cells by preventing the cells from growing by preventing the cancer cells from multiplying as well as impair serious tumor growth and the spreading of cancer to other organs.

There are still certain breast cancer subtypes that are immune to all thought of cures put forth by science this far. THC as well as CBD have been found to be useful in treating all three types of breast cancer subtypes, with evidence suggesting that the two compounds can treat HER2 positive and triple negative breast tumors. The most effective subtype of breast cancer that seems to be treatable with cannabinoids in the triple negative, as there is no standard therapy for this type and the estimated lifespan of these patients is constantly unknown.

Additionally, breast cancer is normally treated with heavy doses of chemotherapy, the only doctor recommended treatment for the disease as of right now. Chemo makes patients lose their hair, have trouble eating, and the radiation ends up killing the healthy cells as well as the bad. Some patients complete chemo and still end up succumbing to the cancer, as it does not have a 100% cure rate. When paired with chemo, cannabis can help with the numerous side effects, including nausea and the constant pain that the patients are in during treatment. Cannabis and conventional cancer treatments have been found to have a synergistic action against cancer and tumors cells. This suggests that both treatments together may be more effective than a single one by itself.

Previously, the breast cancer article for October on Stonerdays.com really pushed the idea of cannabis for breast cancer over “supporting” by buying a pink ribbon. While some of the proceeds will find their way to cancer research, most won’t and will end up in someone’s pocket. This is extremely unfortunate when there is so much money being made off of such a simple idea. Cannabis has huge potential to become a cure for cancer officially, after more studies are conducted and more scientific evidence is introduced to the constantly disbelieving general public. We all can take part and help, talking to your neighbor or family can go much further then you think. Let your loved ones know the truth about marijuana and it’s benefits.

Breast Cancer; Stoner Blog

All Frisbee Golfers Smoke Weed

All Frisbee Golfers Smoke Weed?


Well according to an Iowa cop who tries to search an innocent man’s car because “everyone who plays frisbee golf smokes weed,” as he explains. If that explanation strikes you as odd we assure you that’s because it is flat out, downright, and absolutely illegal in the United States. In fact, when confronted with the video, taped by the motorist as proof, the Ankeny Police Department admitted the officer’s statement was “ignorant.”

“It’s everybody, man. You can’t tell me you never smoked weed,” the officer is recorded saying. The driver replies, “I’m not gonna tell you one way or another,” to which the officer says, “See, there you go. How much weed do you have in the car today?” Faulty logic at best and attempted entrapment at worst.

Unfortunately the tactic is all too common with cops trying to search your vehicle. I myself was once questioned by a suspicious officer about my hemp wallet and if owning it indicated that I had marijuana in my car. The answer folks, as evidenced by my own and this man’s freedom, is that whether or not you have pot in the vehicle, the answer is always a simple, “No you may not search my car,” as is your right by law. If they had the evidence to search, you wouldn’t have been asked.

All Frisbee Golfers Smoke Weed?

Tommy Chong On Dancing With The Stars

Tommy Chong On Dancing With The Stars

For somebody in their 70s, you’re amazing, man. People don’t move that well in their 40s!
Man, I know!


Do you have a lot of experience dancing?

Not a lot of experience, but I had a lot of love for it. I was about 15 or 16 when I got into it. You know, school dances. Then I was hanging with the stoners in the 12th grade — the black community and they were all dancers. I used to go to dances. Then I started playing dances and dancing at intermission. There was a time, like in the 50s and the 60s where you definitely had to know how to dance. You had to jive; you had to do the Lindy Hop. Then it went into disco and then cha cha and salsa. In the 90s, I learned how to dance salsa and how to dance tango — Argentine tango.

Your wife Shelby is a dancer. Has she been helpful?

Oh yeah. Shelby’s a qualified ballroom dancer. If wanted to hang with her, I had to learn how to dance.

Does she give you tips?

Just little hints that only professional dancers know. My partner Peta knows these things. They just know how to do it, but they don’t know how to tell you to do it. It’s so natural for them. Standing up straight was a big problem of mine. First of all I’m old. Gravity is grabbing my ass, so my partner’s telling me: ”Pinch your shoulder blades! Stand up straight!”

Is it hard work?

Not as hard as they make it out to be. There’s a lot of acting going on. It’s like a reality show, you know. They manufacture a lot of the drama. But if you don’t know how to dance, it’s hard. If you don’t have rhythm, it’s very hard. That’s why you see people leave early. They don’t know how to dance; they’re stumbling around.

Does the show encourage stoner humor or have they asked you to pull back? Has their been any kind of censorship?

Well, yeah. I try to sneak in a little bit in the rehearsals, but they’re wise to that. They don’t show that anymore. It’s the Standards and Practices people – not the producers themselves. The producers love it.

In your debut, host Tom Bergeron said you reminded him of “the most interesting man in the world” from the Dos Equis commercials. You corrected him: “The most interesting stoner in the world.” Did they object to that?
No, they couldn’t. It was live. In fact, the producers tell me: “Save all that stuff for the live show.” Because if it’s live, they can’t really cut it out. So I’ve been sneaking it in. On the other hand, I also put out the fact that I’m not stoned. I quit smoking pot while I’m doing the show.

Why is that?

First of all, it’s easy to do, easy to quit. Second of all, if I really knew the dances, I would get high. But these are all new dances and you gotta remember shit. You gotta be on your game and it moves by so fast. We only got a minute to do our show. You gotta get each step right. It’s better if I’m straight to do that.

So last week you came in third.
Yeah, but we actually got our first 10 of the season.

Are you confident? Do you think you can win?

Yeah, yeah, absolutely! Here’s the thing: It’s called Dancing With The Stars and I’m one of the biggest stars on the show. People look at my age and they can’t believe that I’m older than anybody else on the show. I’m older than the producer; I don’t think there’s anybody connected with the show who’s as old as I am. And I’m moving, like you said, better than a lot of 40-year-olds. I got the Persian community and the Mexican community and the older people behind me. Everywhere I go, people just come up to me and go: “Oh, I love you, I love you! I’m going to vote for you!”

What do you think your presence on the show means for the cannabis community, or for cannabis in general?

It’s for the world in general. For all of my lifetime and all of your lifetime we’ve been at war. But anywhere there’s cannabis, there’s peace – other than the cartels, and that’s because it’s illegal. Cannabis has been used for eons as a medicine. It calms you down. The way I look at it is the sooner we legalize and make sure that everybody has access to cannabis, the sooner we’ll have a very peaceful, intelligent world. That’s what I represent and that’s what I’m looking for.

Let’s make Tommy and Peta champs! Vote by phone or do it online, either at ABC.com or on Facebook. Call this number to vote for Tommy and Peta: 1-800-VOTE-4-13. Phone voting begins during the show on Mondays, and is open until 60 minutes after the conclusion of that show in your local time zone.

Article by: Hightimes

Tommy Chong On Dancing With The Stars

DC Comics Stink

DC Comics Stink; Stoner Blog


DC Comics stinks! Or at least, the publisher will embracing a sense beyond touch and sight when it releases “Harley Quinn Annual #1,” a “scenticular” comic that features four mystery “rub and smell” scents.

Or at least, they have been a mystery… Until now!

The four scents in the issue are leather, suntan lotion, pizza and a mystery compound that… Well… We’ll let co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner try to explain.

“How do we say mysterious on this without giving it away?” Palmiotti told MTV News over the phone. “Yeah, the scent that is available in the U.S. version is easier to get than it is elsewhere.”

Well, Jimmy, there’s lots of things that are easier to get in the United States, right? So what scent could possibly be so bad that it had to be changed to “fresh-cut lawn clippings” in the international version?

“Here is what I’m wondering, how often do the Grateful Dead play internationally?” Conner added, making it abundantly clear what she was talking about. “That’s what I’m wondering.”

“This is definitely a book that you will get you going back to in your box of comics,” Palmiotti said driving the point home, “and you might be taking it out now and again to smell it again. You might want to bag it, you know?”

“…To keep the smell contained,” Conner continued despite us totally getting it, “and then when you do, bring your thing of oreos.”

“If you have a cat, you don’t want to keep it near a cat,” Palmiotti said despite us definitely getting it.

Let’s just say we use this comic for medicinal purposes, and leave it at that?

Potential illegal smells aside, how does one build a comic around scratching and sniffing? The issue finds The Joker’s ex-girlfriend, who now lives in and manages an apartment building in Coney Island, heading back to Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum to rescue her friend Poison Ivy. While there, something happens that causes Harley and Ivy to go on four mini, smell-related adventured.

“We got a limited list,” Palmiotti said, describing the process of vetting the scents for the book. “They sent us these cards that had the scent on it. We wanted to make sure they matched, so we narrowed it down to a bunch. Then when we started actually plotting out the story, it came down to what would work with the book, and what we could get away with as usual with Harley Quinn.”

Those things Palmiotti and Conner get away with as usual, for those not familiar with the monthly version of the book, is a fair amount of tweaking of DC Comics’ tropes and settings sent through the lens of actually pushing Harley’s anti-hero character forward.

“She started out as a villain, [but] she’s not a villain in her own eyes,” Conner noted. “She thinks she’s a hero and that’s how she plays out her life… Even though she just leaves mass destruction in her wake.”

The combination of humor and actual character work has fast won over fans and critics, though Conner and Palmiotti’s run on the title has yet to win any awards. All that could change with the Annual, though.

We suggested that the duo would have the (made up) “scratch and sniff” category of the prestigious Eisner Awards locked down, to which Palmiotti quipped, “Finally, we’re going to get nominated for an Eisner in a brand new category.”

But true to self-deprecating form, the writer also figured out how they’d lose.

“You know what will happen?” Palmiotti continued. “Some independent book will come out right before it, and they’ll have just one smell… And it’ll smell like, I don’t know, like ‘misery’… And then we’ll get beaten at the Eisners once again.”

Fingers crossed Art Spiegelman doesn’t release the scratch and sniff version of “Maus” this year. Too much?

“Harley Quinn Annual #1″ hits stores in a domestic and international version on October 29, from DC Comics. Official info below:

Harley Quinn Annual #1
Rated T+

Art By:
John Timms pencils/inks, Paul Mounts colors.
Stjepan Sejic pencils/inks/colors.
Joe Quinones pencils/inks/colors.
Ben Caldwell pencils/inks, Rico Renzi colors.
Kelley Jones pencils/inks, Michelle Madsen colors.

article by: Alex Zalben http://www.mtv.com/news/1936962/harley-quinn-scratch-n-sniff-interview/

DC Comics Stink; Stoner Blog

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Throughout the years, stoners have been portrayed in many different forms, from lazy and wistful to dangerous and stupid. Cheech and Chong made us seem pretty unthreatening, managing to show people that the only danger stoners provide is the fact that we sit at green lights a few seconds longer than most. But Reefer Madness showed us as being crazy, dangerous, and just plain ridiculous. Then you have the in-betweeners, such as Half Baked, Orange County, and Pineapple Express. The stoners are functional, but still fall in to the same kind of lazy, stoner stereotype that seems to follow us everywhere.


While smoking weed can definitely make one feel pretty lazy, a lot of stoners today can manage to work through that haze and really get shit done. Not to mention the Sativa strains are extremely helpful at providing the user with an awesome high while giving them the motivation to get their daily tasks accomplished. Lazy stoners are becoming less apparent as hard working, “normal” citizens gain love for marijuana, realizing that it helps with many different aspects of their lives, not just getting high and demolishing a whole cake. There’s much more to the current-day-stoner then most people think.


So what exactly would classify a “stoner” in 2014? Well, they need to love weed. And not just love smoking it. They should love everything about it, the way it looks, smells, and effects the people who use it. A stoner loves every step of the process of weed, from it’s start as a seed to the end product, whether that be flowers, dabs, edibles, or tinctures. In addition, the person should be able to smoke and handle their business. No more can we contribute to the “lazy pothead” stereotype… That definitely needs to be axed. It’s important to balance using marijuana with accomplishing daily goals. From work to home life, a true stoner knows how to get shit done, high or not!


Stoners today are well informed and eager to debate, unlike the peaceful hippies of our parents generations. Cannabis is something that people of all ages, skin colors, and beliefs can get behind. The stoners today aren’t ready to back down on marijuana legalization. In fact, the incredible motivation of the marijuana industry in the past few years is enough to prove that stoners aren’t the lazy, stupid teens that everyone still seems to think they are. Stoners are educated. They’re normal people. Chances are, most of the people you know smoke weed, whether they admit it or not. In the next few years, we will hopefully get even more support, pushing cannabis to be completely accepted, not to mention legal!

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?


Ten Items On A Stoner’s Bucket List

Ten Items On A Stoner’s Bucket List; Stoner Blog

Stoners aren’t lazy and most have a ton of things that they want to accomplish before they die. The world is a lot different then when our parents were flower loving hippies so we’ve had to adapt… Which as most of you know, isn’t that tough for stoners to do. So these days, most stoners have similar goals of things that they want to do before they die, or possibly just before cannabis becomes legal. Whatever the case may be, here’s ten things that stoners should definitely accomplish for their bucket list.

01 Grow a plant and smoke it.


There’s a lot of self gratification in growing a plant, male or female. Although the male plant is only good for some added juicing benefits, growing a emale that’s good enough to smoke is just awesome. You nurtured that plant from seed to flower and now you get to enjoy toking it. Good for you!

02 Smoke with someone who never has before.

stonerdays dabs marijuana weed

For a lot of stoners, smoking someone up for the first time can be pretty awesome. You get them super baked and then take them somewhere beautiful, like some epic nature place or just zone out on the couch watching cartoons. Whatever you decide to do, getting a newbie high is definitely something that everyone should try to do.

03 Roll some sort of joint/blunt art.


The things that people can turn in to a smokeable roll these days! These people must have the most careful hands in the world to craft simple papers in to flowers, scorpions, and diamonds. Forget the cross joint… Give yourself a real challenge!

04 Smoke with mom and dad.


Some stoners get to do this right when they’re old enough to know what weed smoking is (luckyyyy). Not everyone can say the same though. For the stoners who haven’t smoked with mom and pops, such as myself, we can only hope to someday be able to toke up with our parents!

05 Hold more than a pound of bud in your hand at one time.


While some stoners get to handle a shitload of weed every day, it’s not normal for everyone. Some stoners can only afford to buy grams at a time after paying their normal bills. Being able to hold bags upon bags of weed? Sign me up! Forget the ounces, aim for a pound or more!

06 Smoke an ounce in one sitting.


Some may say it’s a waste… But weed does grow on trees right? Whether you’re packing the bong repeatedly or rolling it up in a blunt, a stoner would definitely love to burn an ounce in a single session! Smoke up, my friends!

07 Burn one with a cop.


Highly unlikely that anyone will be able to accomplish this one any time soon (unless they know the cop personally). But smoking with an officer of the law would be a really cool feat to accomplish! Remember to be discreet if trying to accomplish this one, you don’t want to get arrested trying to smoke up the officer pulling you over for speeding.

08 Smoke with someone famous.


Yes, yes, I know they’re just people but imagine toking with Snoop? Wiz? Chong? Not only would you get higher than ever before, but these people have some stories, especially the older famous stoners. They’ve been involved with weed for a really long time and have seen the laws shift and changes a ton of times. Sit back, get high, and listen!

09 Smoke a blunt made entirely out of cannabis.


Known as the Thai sticks, these beasts are a huge trend in the stoner community. Made purely from parts of the cannabis plant, the bud is wrapped around a thin stick for a few days, coated with wax and concentrates, more bud is added, more wax, and it’s finished off by a wrapping of cannabis leaves held down by – yeah you guessed it – leaves from the plant. The process is a little more complicated than that and can be found in the Stoner Guide.

10 Buy weed legally.


With Colorado and Washington selling weed to regular residents, it should be every stoners goal to snag a bag of legal bud. The feeling of walking in to a store, buying weed, and leaving with no worries is a great feeling and should be experience by everyone who loves this plant!

Ten Items On A Stoner’s Bucket List; Stoner Blog

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use; Stoner Blog

As more and more states hop aboard the legalization wagon that will inevitably become federal law, marijuana use will manifest in new demographics and cultural groups. Smoking weed will (and has begun to) inevitably transcend many facets of life, from music to sports to food.


One these groups in an obvious one with room for synergy–the hyper-trendy fad that every twenty-something in butt pants is currently immersed in: yoga. That’s right, you can twist around like a pretzel while you’re baked like one. It seems counterintuitive: Weed isn’t exactly known for encouraging you to exercise–unless the trip from the couch to 7/11 for ungodly amounts of junk food counts as exercise. Which, I think our waistlines will all agree, doesn’t quite cut it.

But an uplifting Sativa coupled with a smooth stretch can be a perfect combination. And it’s already happening.


Call it what you’d like- the most popular names are “Ganja Yoga”, “420 Remedy Yoga”, or simply “enhanced yoga”, but regardless of how you say it, Stoned Yoga is a rising trend.

Yogis in both Canada and the crunchy, granola states in the US are beginning to advocate for this “synergistic pairing”, even though, doubtless, it probably hasn’t been much of a secret to those involved in highly spiritual alternative lifestyles. While some are more hesitant to engage in this approach (i.e. suburban mothers trying to stay in shape without doing real exercise, or girls too lazy for real pants who don’t really do yoga as often as they wear the cute pants), the concept is only new to the Western world.


The mingling of pot and yoga is an ancient one, according to an article by the elephantjournal.com, which cites one of the leaders in the Yoga Sutra, written in the second century in India, Patanjali. This text suggests that cannabis can be a type of sedative, like yoga.

Under Yogasutras 4.1:

“The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration.”

Cannabis use allows for a quieting of the outside world, and the ability to focus more totally on the interior process of meditation.”

Similarly, Kriya Yoga master Swami Satyananda Saraswati discusses the similar effects between cannabis and yoga–and how they reach the same end point:

“By infusing ganja or some hallucinogenic drug, the chemical properties of the gross body change. The heart slows down, the breathing rate changes, the brain waves alter and the mind becomes calm and still. Is it not possible to arrive at the same point through Kriya Yoga?”

The effects of weed on the individual coincide with the intended effects of yoga- chemicals compliment the meditation process. An ancient Mahanirvana Tantra text contains a mantra to be said before ingesting marijuana for yogic mediation:

“Bhava no sana hridayam”, translating into, “May this cannabis be a blessing to my heart”


This text also points out that cannabis use may allow people who would otherwise be unable to participate in yoga, perhaps due to chronic pain, partake in the practice. The effects aid not only the spiritual existence, but the physical body as well. Those in ill-health and the inflexible are recommended to employ herbal aid to take the edge off of certain poses that may otherwise cause them pain. People with ADD or other afflictions that might place yoga out of reach might find this combination to their advantage. Yoga doesn’t discriminate. Just try not to fall asleep in the Child’s pose.

So feel free to toke up, get balanced, and be blessed!

Source: http://marijuana.com

Ancient Exercise Encourages Cannabis Use; Stoner Blog

Marijuana & Alcohol

Marijuana & Alcohol; Stoner Blog

In Colorado we are extreme. We have an abundance of craft beer breweries (more than 232!), 14,000 mile high mountains, Olympic runners, an extra need for sun block, and we are the first to have our legal weed. With our new “privilege” of being able to smoke marijuana legally and recreationally people have wondered, “should our old buddy alcohol feel threatened?” I believe the answer is no. However, we can dish it out here and look at some facts and numbers: It is anticipated that taxes on marijuana could produce $100 million annually. In fact, in the first month


Colorado made 2 million dollars in tax revenue. Colorado craft breweries are said to be one of the fastest growing industries in 2014. Marijuana is also said to be one of the fastest growing industries in 2014 (shocker). Denver’s major league field is named Coors Field. As for alcohol taxes and what they bring in each year, those numbers were harder to find. However, I did learn that alcohol is taxed by volume, not price, and it is 8 cents per gallon. This alcohol tax for Colorado is also one of the lowest in the United States. With that said, that brings me to another point…Why is marijuana taxed so highly if alcohol is not? It appears that alcohol is not taxed nearly as high as marijuana, a whopping 25% collectively along with the usually 2.9% sales tax. I think I smell a double standard.


Putting taxes aside, let us get real; alcohol and weed complement each other. They are like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, and Snoop Dog and his marijuana; the perfect match. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I was at a party that did not have both. Will they really compete? Will marijuana threaten alcohol sales? Nahhh, I say they will piggy back off of each other instead. And besides that, this “competition” really is not anything new. Who really believes that alcohol has not been competing (or complementing?) with the marijuana black market sales over the years, anyway? C’mon, really? Yes. For. Years. Looks like the War on Drugs had some loop holes in it.

Happy Tokin’,

Writing by: Jenn M. 😀

Marijuana & Alcohol; Stoner Blog

The Cannabis Bars

The Cannabis Bars; Stoner Blog

Most people that are looking to have fun on a Friday or Saturday night are probably going to end up at a bar. There will probably be really loud music, a lot of drinking, and a lot of people… Which may end up leading to other issues later in the night. Some people can deal with the bars and of course, drink. Stoners, on the other hand, seem to gravitate towards the more calm places. A lot of people who smoke don’t actually drink, or drink very little, leaving them to either be stuck as the designated driver when they go out or leading them to not go out at all. The cannabis industry has been taking huge strides this year, leaving many stoners hopeful for a place of their own.

In the legal/medicinal states, there are some places that have been springing up labeled as private clubs. These establishments cater specifically to stoners. Instead of walls lined with bottles, there are walls lined with bongs and rigs, ready to be rented, hit, and enjoyed. The bartender, rather then pouring drinks all night, checks to make sure that the patrons are using the equipment correctly and safely. And while there’s music and a fun atmosphere, there’s far less of a chance that you’ll end up in the middle of an alcohol/testosterone fueled fight. The clubs are bring your own medicine, mostly, but there are some spots in Colorado that are beginning to push the limits.
The law in Colorado states that there can be no public or open consumption of marijuana, while the law in Washington states that marijuana cannot be consumed in view of the public. However, like most private clubs like Elks Lodges and such allow their customers to smoke cigars and cigarettes inside and there are cannabis clubs that are following that model. As long as there’s less than three employees and the club is not open to the public, cannabis can be consumed inside of it. In Washington, the loophole would be a place having an enclosed patio or blacked out windows; as long as the public can’t see marijuana being consumed.
For the stoners that don’t like to drink and party like others, the future of cannabis cafes and bars is bright. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs that are working on getting licenses to run these sorts of businesses. As the business evolves, more shops will spring up, giving the more anti-social of the stoners a chance to get out of the house and be with other, like minded people. They won’t be in an environment that makes them uncomfortable, but rather a place where they’ll be able to relax and unwind, much like those who enjoy having a beer after work.

The Cannabis Bars; Stoner Blog

Birds Good For Your Marijuana Plants


Birds Good For Your Marijuana Plants

Oh, the wonderful majesty of the bird!  They come in all sizes and colors and have the enviable ability to soar high in the sky.  And they just may be high in the sky if they’ve paid your cannabis garden a visit before setting off into flight! Many birds eat worms, caterpillars and other squiggly creatures, which can certainly be a help if your marijuana is plagued with the creepy crawlies.  But guess what else birds eat?  Yep, seeds!  There are even certain types of birds which have an affinity for marijuana seeds.  Many of the hemp loving feathered wonders are game birds.

birds cannabis stonerdays

Here is a partial listing of birds preferring marijuana seeds:  passenger pigeon, morning dove, bobwhite quail, ringtail pheasant, hemp linnet, magpie, starling, tree sparrow, English sparrow, nuthatch, lesser spotted woodpecker and the turtledove. Download my free marijuana grow bible to learn how to grow huge buds. There are a few measures you can take to distract birds from dining in Mary Jane’s kitchen.  For starters, you can throw in a few scarecrows.  Or tie some tin cans, aluminum pie plates or even old CDs to a string and suspend them throughout the garden.  Or you can nail them to tall stakes interspersed throughout the crop.  Birds don’t like reflective materials. Placing netting over the plants is another way to deter birds and other critters from munching on your lovingly tendered cannabis.

birds cannabis stonerdays 1


Perhaps the most effective way to keep birds from dining in your garden is to set up their own exclusive restaurant and keep it stocked.  Install a bird feeder far enough away from the plants you don’t want damaged so they won’t mistake your crop as an aviary bed and breakfast. If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop (buy 5 get 5 free). We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

Source: http://www.theweedblog.com/birds-can-help-protect-your-marijuana-plants/

Birds Good For Your Marijuana Plants


Six Problems With Legalization

Six Problems With Legalization

We all knew that legalization wouldn’t be the end of our fight for cannabis. The plant isn’t even fully legal in every state yet and people are still having a hard time grasping the concept. Most of us still can’t figure out why people hate a plant so much in the first place. It’s no surprise that stoners have found multiple issues with the legalization model set forth by Colorado and here are the six top things that potheads are complaining about.

1. The limit

Residents are limited to only buy up to an ounce of marijuana, as well as the age restriction preventing anyone from getting their hands on bud if they’re under 21. There was a group of activists that tried to propose that everyone should be able to buy as much as they want but a seeing as how a similar measure was recently presented (and shot down) that this one will follow suit.


2. The price

If you saw the photo circulating the internet of the receipt from the legal marijuana purchases, you know about the incredibly high tax that has been applied to the plant. The photo shows the purchase of a $60 eighth of cannabis, with the taxes applied was totaled at $100. That’s an insanely high tax amount but people are still willing to pay it. At 25%, the tax is almost high enough to deter people from wanting to buy legal bud. Even though the 25% is expensive, there is also a state sales tax as well.

weed and money


3. Too many stores

Washington is basically drowning in applications of people wanting to sells and grow pot. There have been over 2800 requests for licenses to grow alone since the state approved legal weed.



4. The food stamp question

You can’t buy marijuana with food stamps and there’s no reason why people should be able to. While marijuana is considered a medicine, it is only available to those who pay in cash. A few Colorado Republicans have proposed a bill stating that cannabis be added to the list of places where EBT cards are not accepted as tender. The list includes casinos, gun shops, and liquor stores.



5. Growers dodging taxes

There are about 5000 people in Colorado that are allowed to grow cannabis but the state’s chief medical examiner says that because the state is so lax with who’s growing, there are many people that have plants for far more than just the allotted five people. There is a worry that these will become commercial growers that are just avoiding taxes and will wind up costing a lot of money for the state.



6. Vendors not following rules

While the state wants vendors to package their product in specified packaging, there are some places that just won’t do it. As of right now, there’s no stated punishment for this offense but it’s just something that seems to be causing issues with a lot of people.


Six Problems With Legalization – Stoner Blog

Legal Cannabis And the Youth

marijuana and kids

Legal Cannabis And the Youth – Stoner Blog

Marijuana is becoming more widely accepted but of course, there are still many obstacles that the legalization movement faces. One of the most popular arguments against the plant is that if cannabis is legal, the younger people will be smoking more. Since it’s always important for the youth to be as knowledgeable as possible, smoking cannabis before the age of 18 can prevent myelin formation in the brain, therefore leaving the brain more susceptible to damage. Does this argument have any ground to stand on, however? Or is this just another scare tactic to keep people away from smoking?

parents marijuana kids

Marijuana may be taking steps towards being legal but that doesn’t mean that twelve year olds are going out and getting high. While the number of kids that are smoking cigarettes decreasing, the number of kids using cannabis has remained steady. The issue with the children using the plant is more so the fact that they aren’t taught the right things in school. What do kids like to do? The opposite of what they’re told. Anyone who’s been around a young kid knows this. So by saying “Don’t do this, it’s against the rules”, the adults have made marijuana far more appealing because it’s now “dangerous”. If kids were taught that marijuana is a good thing but that they should probably wait to use it, cannabis use in children may even decrease, with the exception of those who need it by the advice of a doctor.

smoking marijuana joint

Teaching kids about cannabis when they’re young ensures that they know what the plant is about. Being truthful about it is important and by now, it seems like the stoner parents talking to their kids about their medicine is more common then parents telling their kids about the Devil’s Lettuce. Things are definitely changing and more children know that the plant is helpful rather than harmful. We can’t forget the sick kids who are using cannabis to combat cancer and epilepsy. Without cannabis, these kids would be on harmful pharmaceutical drugs that could damage their development far more than cannabis could.

marijuana and kids

Just because the plant becomes legal doesn’t men that children are going to rush right out and smoke a ton of it. Alcohol is illegal, yet kids still manage to drink it. The forbidden is always more appealing, especially to children. By making marijuana seem less thrilling and more like a medicine that people use to help better their lives, it’s believed that cannabis use in the youth would decrease. The important thing is to make sure that they’re educated the right way.

Legal Cannabis And the Youth – Stoner Blog

Respect Your Weed

Respect Your Weed

Growing pot is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce the buds that we so often take for granted. This plant is extremely helpful to all kinds of people and we should respect it, as well as things associated with it! Respecting your weed in a huge part of being a stoner and the StonerDays crew knows how to show respect for good old Mary Jane!


People are always trashing each other’s weed like we’re all in some huge competition but I’m here to inform you; not every day is the Cannabis Cup and not everyone has to have the best bud around. Part of being a pothead is being able to accept the fact that not everyone can smoke the dankest fire. Showing respect for other people because they share the same interests as you makes you look better than leaving a nasty Instagram comment. Plus, leaving mean comments always sparks bigger arguments than people are really prepared for. And we all know how hard it is to argue with an internet tough guy/girl who’s got Google open on their computer and are just trying to ruin your day.


Another way to respect your weed; keep it in a glass jar. Plastic bags are okay for when you pick a bag up but storing your bud in the same bag as your lunch is going to produce some trouble down the road. The buds will get dry and smoking dry weed hurts. Plus, keeping a fragile baggie of weed in your pocket allows for others to seriously smell it, as well as crushing the bud up in to shake. Another thing that baggies allow; bugs and lint. Let’s face it, baggies aren’t very secure. Plus their slippery sides make the possibility of losing your weed way too high to risk it. Stick to a glass jar!


Slobbering on a joint or blunt is extremely disrespectful as well. No one wants to hit the blunt and end up with a mouth full of your saliva. This is a blatant form of weed disrespect and you need to avoid doing this at all costs! Most seasoned stoners are aware of this gem already but you know how it goes. There’s always that one friend! Just make sure to avoid completely swallowing the joint/blunt. And ladies, NEVER put lipgloss or lipstick on if you know you’re going to smoke. Handing someone a smoking device covered in Maybelline is not only uncool but not very lady like.

Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Other stoners are your friends. You have no reason to fight with them. I feel like a broken record but I have to instill this in to your brains; we are united under the legalization cause and when it’s not that, we all smoke weed! That’s an awesome thing to have in common with one another. Respecting your fellow potheads is just as important as respecting the weed. It’s a necessary part of being a stoner!

Respect Your Weed

Five Stoner Adventure Spots

stonerdays six flags

Five Stoner Adventure Spots

Getting high doesn’t always limit people to sitting on their couches. Stoners love to get up and do things. Adventuring is pretty popular among those that smoke, since seeing new things is always fun, not to mention people watching can be even more amusing then usual. It can be difficult to think of places to go when you’re good and baked so Stonerdays put together this list to try to help you out. Have you own dope places that you go when stoned? Feel free to submit your ideas to [email protected]!

1. Theme Park

stonerdays six flags

If it’s warm outside, taking a baked trip to the nearest theme park can be an awesome adventure. The rides are fun, the food is unbearably delicious (even more so when you have the munchies), and as said above, the people watching at places like these can keep a stoner amused for hours.

2. The Beach

stonerdays beach

Sun, sand, and the water sounds like the perfect day to me! You can pack a healthy lunch (or a not-so-healthy one) and lounge around in the sun all day. Not only that but thanks to sneaky stoners that like to create things, you can sneak a pen on the beach (if you have to worry about that sort of thing of course) and get high too.

3. Arcade

stonerdays adventures arcade

These places may be pretty loud and obnoxious but winning silly prizes and the promise of cotton candy and popcorn make the arcade pretty worth it. Get baked with your friends and goof around for a few hours. You’ll learn to tune out the crazy blinking and beeping and obnoxious music.

4. Skiing/Snowboarding

stonerdays snowboarding

Those on the east coast and other snowy parts of the world have to find things to do in the bad weather. Whether you pick going to a mountain or better yet, finding a spot that you can make your own, getting bundled up, high, and tumbling around in the snow can be great.

5. Road Trip

stonerdays road trip

Basically, just drive. With no destination and a couple of rolled joints/blunts/whatever, you can hit the road and just wander. You don’t need to really be going anywhere. Simply driving on a beautiful day will greatly relieve stress and at least get you out of the house. You might even see some cool places to stop and visit in your travels.

Five Stoner Adventure Spots

Stoner Bucket List

Stoner Bucket List

There’s a lot of stuff to do on this awesome planet of ours. It’s a big place so staying in one place your whole life just doesn’t seem like that much fun. For stoners especially, adventures can be pretty fun and everything seems to be better when you’re stoned. So what do stoners really want to do before they die? Here’s ten things that you should accomplish (and do it while stoned) before you kick the bucket.

1. Smoke with every cool person you’ve met on social media

File picture of a man smoking marijuana at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Let’s face it, there are some really awesome people that you’ve met online and you can’t imagine anything cooler then a huge, epic smoke session with them. Your friends at home are really cool and everything but with some of the awesome pieces, dope rolls, and amazing cannabis, you know there’s at least one IG stoner that you wanna toke with.

2. Touch a shark… Or a whale… A really big animal of some sort


When you really think about how small we are as humans, the idea of being close to something as big as a whale or a giraffe or an elephant seems pretty incredible. Even when you think about the fact that these creatures exist somewhere in the world, it’s kind of a mind blowing wakeup call that makes you realize how tiny humans are.

3. Attend a cannabis event


While some of you may have a really easy time accomplishing this, it’s not the same for everyone. The thought of attending a large cannabis event for some is completely out of reach. Seeing as how important these events are to the community, attending one is a big deal.

4. Eat at an amazing restaurant


Munchies always need a good curing and eating at some great eatery is definitely on every stoner’s bucket list. Whether you’re in to Italian food, barbecue, diner dishes, or exquisite cuisine, every stoner has a favorite food serving establishment that they want to visit.

5. Visit Amsterdam

This place is epic in stoner culture. If given the chance to get to this epic mecca of pothead culture, you need to take it. Amsterdam is probably the most popular of all stoner destinations.

6. Go to California

Must like Amsterdam, California is a place that all stoners must visit. To see the sun set over the ocean is a sight to see, one that can only be made better by holding a blunt in your hand.

7. Smoke out of the most expensive bong ever made


I’m not sure what bong this would be at this point but smoking out of an amazingly crafted, well made piece would definitely be a great stoner experience. Plus, can you imagine how smooth a piece like that would hit?

8. Smoke with Cheech & Chong


Two of the most iconic stoners in the history of culture, you can’t say that it’s not on your bucket list to smoke with these two. They may be able to out smoke you but chances are you’ll be laughing so hard, it won’t matter.

9. Base jump


Skydiving may be fun but base jumping might get you a little bit more of a thrill. Especially in a dope place like the jungle, where there are giant holes in the ground that lead in to underground springs. Yes, base jumping should definitely on your list of things to do.

10. Smoke every single strain

Legalizing Marijuana Denver

There’s a lot of different kinds of marijuana out there… How cool could it be to try every single one? Not only strains but now there’s all different kinds of concentrates that one can try, leaving even more flavor/potency testing to be done.

Stoner Bucket List

Top Five 90s Movies To Watch Stoned

Top Five 90s Movies To Watch Stoned

I have a strong belief that childhood is something that should be held on to. In a world that’s so full of sadness and negativity, it’s nice to have memories that are positive and free from the bullshit of adult life. Stoners especially seem to love reminiscing about past things, especially pop culture references. Movies, music, and TV have played a huge part in a lot of people’s lives. Since stoners vary in age from very young to senior citizens, I feel like the 90s is a fair median and almost everyone is familiar with the films released in this time. Here are five of what I think to be some of the best nostalgic 90s movies that are absolutely awesome to watch stoned.

1. Jurassic Park (1993)


This movie was far ahead of it’s time, with incredible robotic effects that blew people away when it was released. From the actual robotic Triceratops that moved completely on it’s own to the clever guitar-under-the-dashboard trick to make the car’s seem like they were shaking when the T-Rex was hunting the island visitors down. Pack up a bong and take a huge rip every time someone gets eat… Or every time Samuel L. Jackson smokes a cigarette.

2. Bio Dome (1996)


When two stoners get stuck inside of a scientific experiment consisting of a giant bio-dome, the scientists involved are pretty pissed. But since the dome is sealed for a year, there’s nothing that can be done. The two very different people must learn to coexist and save the earth together, something that stoners seem to be pretty good at when given the chance in films like this.

3. Encino Man


Two high school rejects attempt to build a pool in their backyard, only to stumble across a caveman that’s been trapped in ice for thousands of years. After some thawing and a serious makeover, the caveman goes to school with the two nerds and becomes a hit. The movie continues on about their escapades of keeping a caveman around and stars Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser.

4. Muppet Treasure Island


The Muppets are easily some of the greatest movies to watch when you’re baked. Animal is a favorite of everyone. But getting stoned and watching Muppet Treasure Island? Definitely a highly recommended movie to watch when baked. The singing is hilarious, plus Gonzo and Rizzo are constantly beating each other up. If you haven’t seen this flick yet, you best get to finding it online.

5. Half Baked


A classic stoner flick anyways, we couldn’t make this list and not include Half Baked. So much weed smoking and so many goofy jokes, this film is on every stoner’s list of favorites. The goofy editorial of Thurgood will have you rolling with laughter every time you watch it, especially the date scene where he’s broke and keeps getting upset when his Mary Jane wants to spend his money.

Top Five 90s Movies To Watch Stoned

Ten Types Of A Stoner

Ten Types Of A Stoner

There are so many different kinds of stoners that we just have to keep making lists of all of the different kinds. We’ve covered almost thirty different kinds of stoners so far but we’re still going. So here’s another ten kinds of stoner for your enjoyment. Which one are you? Or are you a mix of a bunch of stoner types?

1. The Creepy Stoner

creepy-stoner copy

Not always someone that you want to hang around, but they do exist. The creepy stoner doesn’t really talk or socialize but in a very odd, kind of spooky way. Usually dressed in dark clothes and recessed in to a corner of the room, the creepy stoner is best left to their own devices.

2. The Beach Rat Stoner

beach rat stoner

The beach rat constantly has sand everywhere, a permanent sunscreen scent, and raccoon eyes from always wearing sunglasses. Since they absorb so much vitamin D from the sun (and so much THC from their sneaky hits on the beach), these stoners are extremely laid back and calm. Their chill demeanor makes them the perfect addition to your stoner circle.

3. The Mountain Dweller


Characterized by their strong desire to disregard technology and most things that accompany it, the mountain dwelling stoner is the kind of pothead that builds a cabin in the woods, along with a pot farm, and never wears shoes. Not really, but I’m sure that you get the general idea. Even if this person hasn’t quite reached their goal of living in a mountain cabin, this particular type of stoner would much rather go hiking then do anything else.

4. The Book Worm


They seriously know every book, ever written. Constantly face down in a piece of literary art, the book worm stoner enjoys nothing more then a packed bong and a good read. Whether they’re reading newer works or old ones, the book worm is very educated and can provide a great discussion if you’re up for it.

5. The Music Buff

music stoner copy

Nothing is better then some good weed and well written music. The music buff stoner can recite lyrics, tell you when a band broke up, the name of every member, and so much more. They’re like a walking iPod, the perfect candidate for a shotgun driver, as their music taste is always impeccable.

6. The Nostalgic Stoner


There are a lot of stoners that believe that childhood is extremely important and wish for nothing more then the simpler times when the only thing that we had to worry about was what our mom packed us for lunch. The nostalgic stoner loves messing around with toys, collecting cards, and other things that remind them of much simpler times (plus weed, of course).

7. The Candy Addict


Once these stoners start smoking, you cannot keep them away from the candy aisle. It’s much similar to the munchies… Only worse. Much worse. From Snickers to gummy worms, the candy addict will spend their whole paycheck on candy if you let them. It’s just best to avoid opening a can of worms and refrain from giving this type of stoner any sort of sweet treat.

8. The Seasoned Stoner


They’ve been smoking for years and know possibly everything there is to know about weed and all that surrounds it. Pop culture, famous people, who smokes what strains, everything. A seasoned stoner doesn’t brag, however, making them a great addition to your stoner circle.

9. The Awkward Stoner


This person might be someone you used to be friends with, a person who you may just not get along with, or they just have very poor social skills. Whatever the case may be, smoking with them can sometimes be a little weird. If you do find yourself in a situation involving an awkward stoner, it’s up to you to decide if you should continue to smoke with them and possibly perpetuate the awkwardness or just bail.

10. The Informative Stoner


Extremely knowledgable about world happenings, the informative stoner will keep you and your pothead friends entertained for hours. They keep themselves constantly updated on world news and manage to put a more positive spin on things as well, making the news seem not quite so bad.

Ten Types Of A Stoner

Stonerdays Stoner Clothing

higher wake n bake stonerdays

Stonerdays Stoner Clothing

Winter is almost over and if you haven’t gotten a Stonerdays hoodie, it’s about time to start thinking about your summer clothes. Fortunately for you, you’ve got a large variety of choices if you’re looking for some sweet new stoner apparel and you happen to be shopping at Stonerdays. From tank tops to v-necks, you can find what you’re looking for in the store that won’t only keep you cool once the sun starts to really heat things up again but will look good as well!

major league stoner stonerdays

Stonerdays works extremely hard to make our clothes as comfortable and as well fitting as possible. Sizes are pretty standard so if you’re a small in your normal hoodie/tank/tee, you can be assured that ordering a small from Stonerdays will get you a shirt that fits you right. As someone who constantly has bad luck ordering clothes off of the internet, I wouldn’t lie to fellow stoners about the quality of clothing. You’re always getting what you ordered when you buy from us here at Stonerdays, a shirt that was made with lots of stoner love and something that you can wear with pride.

stay blazed v-neck stonerdays

Being comfortable is important when buying clothes as well. If you’re still thinking about buying a hoodie from Stonerdays, I strongly suggest that you get on it. The material is incredibly soft, providing a large amount of insulation for those cold winter nights (that we thankfully don’t have to deal with much longer). Staying warm in a hoodie from us is pretty easy and so is staying cool in the Stonerdays tanks. Made of ribbed cotton, the tanks breathe easily, allowing people in the hotter places to show their stoner pride and be comfortable at the same time.

higher wake n bake stonerdays

It’s always hard to find quality stoner clothing, especially with the bunches of different companies that are coming forward these days. Stonerdays appreciates our customers and we work very hard to make our clothes the highest grade possible so that you enjoy them when you get them. From comfy hoodies to awesome v-necks and cool tank tops, the clothes you get from Stonerdays are made in Upland, California by stoners for stoners! Always remember to consider Stonerdays when buying new stoner goodies!

Stonerdays Stoner Clothing

Action Bronson Lights Up On-Stage

Action Bronson Lights Up On-Stage

Stoners favorite the New York based rapper Action Bronson, who is never ashamed to show off his cannabis habits. But as we all know, not everyone is as accepting as smoking as we would like them to be. Action Bronson learned this the hard way while performing on stage at Portland’s Roseland Theater. In a routine act of lighting up a joint on stage, a member of security decided that he wasn’t okay with it but Action Bronson showed him that he wasn’t having it.

Action Bronson at The Metro in Chicago, IL

The rapper ended up shoving the security guard, who was trying to escort him offstage for lighting up in a public place. If you aren’t familiar with Bronson, you need to know that this guy is huge and the security guard just didn’t measure up. And just for good measure, Bronson shoves the man again and the whole place goes crazy with cheers. You can watch the video on YouTube; it’s pretty good.


Action Bronson is known to be pretty in-your-face when he’s on stage. The man gave out free weed at the Coachella concert last year, not to mention has been noted giving out Gucci shoes and even steak dinners to his audiences. He also loves to light up on stage and he apparently will defend his desire to do so, regardless of who tries to shut him down. And if his audiences support him, he’s going to keep doing it. More power to him for smoking on stage. Hopefully he can bring some positive light to the cannabis movement and not just shove security dudes who try to act tough at shows.

action bronson

Most places where cannabis laws are lax don’t allow public smoking. You can get a ticket for it and most of the time, that ticket is comparable to one given for drinking in public. While the fine isn’t great, it’s not a good thing so think before you light up a joint in public. For some unfair reason, the laws don’t really apply to celebrities so while Bronson may get away with smoking where he wants, you might not. Just try to remember to follow the laws and don’t make waves for fellow stoners!

Action Bronson Lights Up On-Stage

Marijuana Vs. Big Pharma

stonerdays marijuana

Marijuana Vs. Big Pharma

It’s no surprise that people get sick or are born with a predisposition to certain mental disorders such as depression, not forgetting those who suffer accidents in life and are left in extreme pain. The treatment of the afflictions the human race deals with can be brutal, such as bouts of chemo therapy to help cancer patients or zombifying drugs that get handed to those who suffer from anxiety. Thankfully, nature has handed us a cure for many of these illnesses and while there are some people that don’t fully believe in the power of cannabis, it’s hard to argue a completely natural cure against the addictive, not always helpful drugs given out by Big Pharma.

stonerdays marijuana

People still claim that stoners are addicted to marijuana, which most people have figured out not to be true. While some claim that there is a mental dependency that grows but seeing as how there are no withdrawal symptoms (other then a sad feeling that you have no more marijuana), it would appear that the plant isn’t a very addictive substance. But take Oxycodone, Ativan, or Zoloft and you could be at a huge risk of a mental and physical dependancy. A lot of opiates are given out over the counter, which absolutely leads to addiction, possibly even to other opiates such as heroin. Even Adderall sinks it’s teeth in to the user, not only bringing about addiction but deterioration of health overall.

cannabud stonerdays Colorado_Cannabis_staver_0881362524946_image_982w dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls

Having “cures” manufactured by scientists, without real knowledge of what goes in to these products or their testing, is unsettling to some. This leads to a search for a more natural cure, one with far less harsh side effects, one that actually might better life instead of just make it livable. Using marijuana as compared to Big Pharma products not only allows the user to live a mostly normal life, free of pain, but eliminates the possibility of severe dependency if and when the drugs aren’t needed anymore. If one happens to have surgery, is prescribed painkillers, and cannot stop using the pills long after the surgery is over, one could argue that marijuana would be a far better way to cope with pain.


In instances such as cancer, chemotherapy is the main treatment given at hospitals and for a long time, we have put our trust in them. However, a treatment as brutal as chemo kills heathy cells as well as the cancer cells. This leaves the patient weak, unable to eat, causes hair loss, and extreme nausea. There are drugs given out by Big Pharma for these symptoms, powerful pills that are supposed to fight the effects of chemo but they don’t work for everyone. Not only can using cannabis benefit those in chemo and allow them to eat and live a little more pain free, it can (with a doctor’s oversight) be a replacement for chemotherapy treatments. Take, for example, Tommy Chong, who fought cancer with a form of concentrated cannabis oil (also known as Rick Simpson Oil), a healthy diet, and working with a healer. All of those options not only sound more pleasant than chemo but healthier for the body in general.

cannabud stonerdays

Big Pharma is said to be out to gain customers, not cure patients. Unfortunately, it would seem that this assumption is mostly true, with drugs that don’t seem to help that cost so much money, people can barely afford them. As marijuana is researched and studied, people won’t be able to deny the facts any long. Big Pharma will start to lose their customers to this miracle plant that provides relief with little to no side effects. Cannabis is built in to our brain and it’s about time we starting utilizing it the way that we should.

Marijuana Vs. Big Pharma

Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

During my time as a budtender, I got to learn a lot from my patients in regards to their common knowledge, when it came to the different classifications and functions of Cannabis. I realized that too many people were sticking to certain strain types, for all of the wrong reasons.

Marijuana money

The most common request when looking at a bud menu of course, has always been, “Which one is the ‘Best’ one?” -Although there are many potent strains out there, the potency that a bud carries, does not necessarily mean it would be the “best” bud for you. When consulting a budtender, patients should be more open and describe what they are dealing with or feeling in order to reduce the selection to strains more suitable for them. Some shy patients who would suffer from depression would ask for indicas, while others who were having a hard time sleeping would be busy smelling the exotic sativas. This all wrong. It’s like asking for a fever reducer, to combat acne. If you have ever smoked a bud that resulted in a high that you weren’t too happy with, you probably smoked a strain that was not meant for your ailment.


Indicas are more commonly associated with the O.G.’s, and the purple strains. They are awesome for treating people who suffer from insomnia and pain. Indicas do come with some side effects, however. People who smoke heavy amounts of indicas are left with fatigue and prolonged “down-time”, leaving the smoker feeling hazily lazy, hours after having smoked. This is why many people assume an indica’s effect will last more than a sativa’s. Another side effect common with indicas, is a slowed digestive system. Indicas should be avoided if dealing with a stomach illness, yet if pain is associated with a particular digestive issue, a hybrid would be recommended instead.


Hybrids are strains which have been crossed between two or more parent strains to incorporate flavoring, growing traits, and/or medicinal properties into a single genotype.  Blue Dream is a very common classic amongst cannabis smokers due to its perfect euphoric balance. It is made up of 40% Blueberry, for the indica and 60% Haze as the sativa. The slight sedative effect of the Blueberry makes for a cozy experience, yet the Haze keeps your mood and mind lifted enough to leave you giggling. –Just like smoking for the first time again! Hybrids such as Blue dream are great for daytime smoking when it is important to be able to function and multitask to accomplish a daily routine, while feeling medicated.


Not all hybrids are created equal. Some lean more towards the sativa side, and some lean the opposite way, towards the indicas. Some strains have been crossed multiple times to achieve specific effects, such as the wicked Chernobyl strain, which was created with 3 super sativa dominant hybrids. (Trinity x Trainwreck x Jack the Ripper)

Sativas and sativa dominant hybrids offer a wide range of possible effects. Some sativas energize you and have you on your feet, while keeping your mind soaring high and open. These strains should be avoided in the evening if the ailment is anxiety or insomnia. Rather than having a good night’s rest, you’ll be climbing up your living room wall instead. Other sativas lean more towards the creative side and will have you pondering. These strains are very useful for creative brainstorming. I highly recommend these strains to artists, musicians, and anyone who needs to expand their mind to fit a wider thought cloud.


Although we don’t always have the luxury of choice when it comes to cannabis availability, it can be interesting if you pay attention to what you bring in to your lungs. Cannabis cannot be blamed for its misled effects; it can only be further researched to achieve a clearer comprehension.


Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

Stoner Blog; Stoner Social Media


Stoner Blog; Stoner Social Media

Most people recognize the social media brings stoners together like nothing else… Except maybe smoking together. As the internet continues to advance, more and more websites are popping up that are directly related to just stoners or just have a large population of stoners using them. Of course, social media sites rotate in and out of popularity quicker than a merry-go-round so who knows what we’ll all be using in a year or two but there are three main sites/apps that potheads seem to love.


Stoner Social Media StonerDays
It’s familiar, easy to use, and doesn’t really suck that bad. While there are thousands of One Direction fans and insanely religious people lurking in the shadows, just waiting to make awful comments, most of the time the drama can be avoided. Instagram has been around for years and is extremely easy to use. Most stoners who are on social media use an Instagram account. The downsides to Instagram is exactly what I said above. It is cluttered with young kids and annoying know-it-alls that seem to think that the cannabis community is a huge joke and love nothing more than to talk badly about people’s photos. However, Instagram has been a long running social media site, having been quite popular especially in the last year or two. It has also been a huge help in expanding the knowledge that stoners share.

Kush Common

Stoner Social Media StonerDays12
A newly formed app/site, Kush Common is the Facebook for stoners. It’s set up the same way, except everything is 420 friendly… And there isn’t as much bullshit on Kush Common as there is on Facebook. Exactly why would anyone care about your high school prom queen eating a bagel? No one cares. That’s why Facebook sucks. But on Kush Common, most of the people on there are talking about one thing; weed. Thankfully, stoners are usually too stoned to complain or too hungry to post about what they’re eating so you don’t have to deal with that nonsense. The only issues with this site is that the app is fairly new and they are still working out the bugs. But with a little more time, I’m sure that Kush Common will become a lot of people’s favorite app, other than Instagram.


Stoner Social Media StonerDays1
I’ve never personally used this app because when I first tried to sign up, I was told that it was only for medical state use only and then I wasn’t allowed to sign up on the app so I gave up. I don’t know if they’ve changed it since then to allow everyone to enter but the app has taken the Instagram community by storm and you can’t scroll through your feed without seeing “ADD ME ON MASSROOTS”. Like Kush Common, Massroots is only directed towards cannabis users. It’s a place where stoners can talk about weed all the time and not have to worry about their aunt or dad seeing their post about how stoned they got last night.

It’s a matter of time before we see what sites/apps hold on and which ones get tossed out. Look at MySpace. No one uses that shit anymore. There are countless others as well, like Snapchat which has now been made obsolete by Instagram Direct. Whether you’re using one of these three or all of these three, it’s good that you’re connecting with your fellow stoners. Enjoy these three sites and remember to be kind to all smokers!

Stoner Blog; Stoner Social Media

Weed Is Legal In My House Stickers

Weed Is Legal In My House Stickers

Here at Stonerdays we appreciate and smoke pot daily! That’s why weed is legal in my house.


Weed Is Legal In My House Sticker

Marijuana product testing is becoming a standard requirement for legalized marijuana markets. This allows consumers to become better informed about the cannabinoid profile and potency of marijuana they consume. While universally accepted standards have not been established for testing, consumers should consider requesting information on any pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, or any other residual solvents that could remain on flowers after the cultivation process.

Testing for mold, fungus, bacteria, and other microbial organisms should be required to ensure safety and quality, as the effects of consuming some of these chemicals, especially in the immunocompromised, could be significant. Flowers and other cannabis products sold to consumers should include cannabinoid profiles, including the content of THC, CBD and other major cannabinoids, and the number and concentration of doses in a product. This is especially important for edible products, which can contain widely varying doses of cannabis. Consumers should be sure to inquire about the potency and dosage of an edible product, especially if they are a novice consumer or if the package is not clearly labeled.
Our Commitment to Legalizing Marijuana for Adults over 18.



We aggressively engage the media to ensure the dissemination of sound, accurate information about the harms of prohibition and the benefits of viable alternatives. Buy 3 Weed is legal in my house stickers for $1.00!

The criminalization of marijuana use disproportionately harms young people and people of color, sponsors massive levels of violence and corruption, and fails to curb youth access.

Buy 3 Weed is legal in my house stickers for $1.00! Legalizing and regulating marijuana will bring the nation’s largest cash crop under the rule of law, creating jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. Scarce law enforcement resources that could be better used to protect public safety would be preserved while reducing corrections and court costs. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales.


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Holy Grail of Head Shops

Holy Grail of Head Shops

As you can probably imagine, being a young adult of the somewhat-privileged white male variety, I’ve checked out so many smoking-related stores that I won’t even consider naming them all. So instead I’ll give you my “top 10” from my city, then you all can leave me feedback, so as I travel to more places, my list of homes away from home can expand.


These are in no particular order, just, as I remember them:


This place sells cheap glass, hires nice people, and always has a beautiful gem in the case.


Hate on it all you want, they won the right to say bong inside their chain of stores legally in court, enough said.


I’d say they are the Eastside “rival” to number 9, carrying major name brands, complex functional art; high dollar. ‘Twas most recommended by friends whose heads I polled.


More than just 420 friendly if you know what I’m saying. I absolutely love Brittaney and Pablo.


Happens to be the store front across the street from where I got my MMJ card. Legit oldie but goodie.


Lawrence hooks it up! Detox drinks, scales & baggies for days. Chill staff, great location. *On Mill Ave!*


I was going to say Traders for their 196 perc bong, that I STILL DREAM OF OWNING, but I’ve had much better experiences here & purchased the most stylish”water pipe” I’ve seen from there. [R.I.P. T. CHONG, he got smashed by a jealous ho.]


They don’t advertise, they rely on word of mouth to cut down on prices. Also patrons voted them Best in the West Valley this year, in the Phoenix °New Times.


This is THE ONE that you have to stop in & smell the roseBUDS. If you’re looking for everything in one place, go here! I always did when I needed throwaway pipes. They have them as low as $1.

10.) NANA’S

This has been a “best kept secret” of mine since High School. I don’t live in that area anymore or I would still shop there because the foreign family that runs it always hooked me up. Everything you need from Nice Hookah sets like the one I gifted my brother-in-law with, complete & only $50 to Really custom-looking bowls with KMK & SRH logos on them. Cool ish… Stay Safe & Blaze On! P.S. Happy Labor Day _Bone$

Writing By: Jakob Dodd

Holy Grail of Head Shops

Stoners Breakfast of Champions


Stoners Breakfast of Champions

Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (78) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (261) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (184) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (219) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (186) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (177) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (206) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (160) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (264) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (262) stoner-ganja-pothead-reefer (210) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (250) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (357) SMOKING-BONGS-WEED (17) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (289) stoner-ganja-pothead-reefer (145) stoner-ganja-pothead-reefer (195) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (21) stoner-ganja-pothead-reefer (387) stoner-ganja-pothead-reefer (395) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (294) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (282) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (299)Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (299) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (286) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (51) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (144) Blunt-Joint-sexy-stoner (283) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (151) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (153) happy-420-stoned-marijuana (155)

Good Morning stoners it’s time to Wake N Bake! Have you had your stoners breakfast of champions yet? If not pack up a bowl of that sweet Mary Jane and get high with us! Check out these kill nugs and send us your stoney pics to [email protected] or upload them by clicking the above button. Thanks for all your support. Enjoy.

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Stoners Breakfast of Champions

3 Things 2 Know When The Lights Start To Flash Red

Cops Stoners Guide

3 Things 2 Know When The Lights Start To Flash Red

Article published by: hailmaryjane.com

Cops Stoners Guide

Flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. Damn. You must stop; hopefully you will be able to present a valid driver’s license when requested.  You probably will have to prove your car is insured, too.  It’s a traffic stop. Your job is to keep it just that. But Officer Friendly may have other ideas. When the law wants to ask you a question, remember:
1. You don’t have to answer questions for the police officer. Stay polite but simply say you choose to remain silent AFTER the officer starts asking questions. Keep your nervous mouth shut. The officer may try the “I am annoyed” tactic to get you to break. Fear is a great technique. This is your test — can you stay calm when someone is pushing your buttons trying to get you to be stupid? You have the right to shut up, so do so.

2. Do not consent to a search of your car. If you are under arrest the cop gets to search your car. If the cop thinks he has probable cause he can already go ahead and search. In our case, Officer Friendly is asking permission so he can, later, say to a judge, “The defendant consented to the search, Your Honor.” If asked to give consent to a search of your property, say “no.” Now if Officer Friendly continues his search he cannot use you as his excuse. Our imaginary officer is pissed. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself being polite.

3. Saying “no” does not give or create probable cause (P/C is a huge legal threshold on what cops can do) for the police officer. Even if the officer says it does or will, it won’t.

How well do you know your rights? Learn more HERE.

3 Things 2 Know When The Lights Start To Flash Red

Tyra Banks Visits A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Los Angeles


Tyra Banks Visits A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Los Angeles

Posted by Barry Poppins & filed under Celebrity Stoners, medical marijuana, medical marijuana collective news.

Even Super Models smoke medical marijuana. Tyra Banks, known by everyone everywhere for her phenomenal looks and body, took a stroll down Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA this weekend and rolled out with a brown paper bag filled with herbal remedies. It’s further proof that yes, successful, good-looking people do smoke weed and this said weed does not ruin their lives.

According to the Daily Mail (who typically have no problem dissing cannabis), Banks dispensary of choice was The Farmacy in Venice, CA, but we’re not sure what strains she purchased. But based on these photos, the host of America’s Next Top Model opted for a munchie inducing kind. You think she uses WeedMaps to find her bud?

Rally To Save Medical Cannabis In Washington State June 19


Rally To Save Medical Cannabis In Washington State June 19

By On at 10:20 am · 5 Comments

[Cannabis Action Coalition]

[Cannabis Action Coalition]

The Washington State House and Senate have both added budget amendments that, if passed, will turn control of medicinal cannabis in the state over to the Liquor Control Board — which has said that medical marijuana is the biggest external threat to the success of the recreational pot stores created by legalization measure Initiative 502.

“The goal of the legislation is to ‘bring medical cannabis laws into compliance with I-502,’” said Seattle activist Steve Sarich of the Cannabis Action Coalition. “That’s a solution that just won’t work for patients.”


Steve Sarich, Cannabis Action Coalition: "Quote" [The Stranger]

Steve Sarich, Cannabis Action Coalition:
“It is not the fault of medical cannabis patients, nor their access points, that the Legislature has failed to work with us to come up with common sense regulations”
[The Stranger]

If the WSLCB is really serious about bringing medical marijuana “into compliance with I-502,” then here’s what that could mean to patients, according to Sarich:

• If patients must “conform” to I-502, they will be limited to one ounce, just like recreational users, rather than the 24 ounces currently allowed for patients.

• Patients will pay the same 25 percent + 25 percent + 25 percent + 10 percent tax rate as recreational users.

[Cannabis Action Coalition]

[Cannabis Action Coalition]

• They will lose their right to personal grows.

• They will lose their right to collective growing, which will also eliminate all the current access points for those who don’t grow, leaving them without safe access.

Doctor MMJ recommendations for patients would be further restricted, making it nearly impossible for most patients to get legal recommendations, according to Sarich.

Additionally, a 21-year-old age limit for patients would be set, according to Sarich, leaving thousands of sick young people without access to medication and forcing them to choose between driving or complying with I-502′s “zero tolerance” policy for DUID cases with drivers under 21.

“It is not the fault of medical cannabis patients, nor their access points, that the Legislature has failed to work with us to come up with common sense regulations,” Sarich said. “Turning control of our medicine over to the state’s liquor distributor and taxing our medication is certainly not an acceptable solution.

Wes Abney, Northwest Leaf: "Quote"

Wes Abney, The Northwest Leaf:
“I didn’t care when NORML labeled me a prohibitionist for opposing I-502. But for that same marijuana lobby to say that medical cannabis should be controlled by the Liquor Control Board shows the lobby’s true colors”

“We must convince our legislators to work with patients, not the LCB, to come up with solutions that will work for everyone and will not punish patients simply for their choice of medicine,” Sarich said.

John Davis said that turning medical over to the LCB is the only way to save medical,” Sarich said. “Then, by that reasoning, getting arrested is the only way to stay out of jail. How can you write regulations for medical cannabis if using the word ‘medical’ is a crime (according to the LCB)?”

Scars in Washington’s cannabis community still run deep, with last fall’s acrimonious I-502 still a source of division. Many within the medical marijuana community still wonder why Washington NORML and other organizations were so quick to endorse the measure when there were clearly serious concerns — from the beginning — about its impact on safe access for patients.

“I didn’t care when NORML labeled me a prohibitionist for opposing I-502,” commented Northwest Leaf publisher Wes Abney. “But for that same marijuana lobby to say that medical cannabis should be controlled by the Liquor Control Board shows the lobby’s true colors.”

“If you can’t attend the rally, please contact your two Representatives and your Senator,” Sarich said. Here’s where you can go to find out who they are and how to contact them: http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/

You can also express your concerns to your lawmakers by calling the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000.

“The message is simple,” Sarich said. “We don’t want the Liquor Control Board, the state’s liquor distributor, writing rules for controlling medical cannabis and we want that provision stricken from the state budget bill.”

“They have characterized the medical patient community as ‘over 90 percent fakers’ and stated that most have no qualifying medical conditions,” Sarich said.

“An article in the Seattle Times on Friday stated that ’39 percent of all Seattle high school students are getting their pot from medical dispensaries,’ ” Sarich said. “It makes no difference that these are obvious lies; a tremendous number of readers, including our legislators, will believe what the newspaper publishes.

“Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, an I-502 sponsor, has also come out in the Seattle Times this week calling for an end to medical cannabis dispensaries,” Sarich said.

“If you don’t take action, this could very well be the end of medical cannabis.”

For more information on the June 19 rally in Olympia, including how you can help, call (206) 612-9044 or email [email protected]


When: June 19, 2013, 12 noon

Where: The State Capitol Campus, Olympia

State Capitol Campus Parking Information:

Campus Map: 

Vaporize Cannabis For Longer, Cleaner Highs

stoner vap

Vaporize Cannabis For Longer, Cleaner Highs

Article brought to you by: smokefreeweed.com

Why vaporize_alt

Smoking is the definitive delivery method for inhaling cannabis and has begun to stagnate real research efforts, simple because no doctor can endorse smoking. Vaporization has emerged as a safer, viable delivery method for inhaling the active compounds from cannabis. But don’t take our word for it.

One of the studies conducted by the University of California, San Francisco under the umbrella of the CMCR pitted smoking versus vaporizing as a delivery method. The study, entitled “Vaporization as a Smokeless Cannabis Delivery System: A Pilot Study” used medical cannabis supplied by NIDA-grown weed at the University of Mississippi and the Volcano Classic vaporizer. The study illustrated that not only is vaporization equally as effective at delivering the same beneficial compounds of cannabis, the same compounds stay in the system for a greater duration than from smoking. Meaning, you get the best of the medicinal effects longer.

2percent THC_Smoke vs Vaporized4percent THC SMoked vs Vaporized7percent THC Smoked vs Vaporized

Smoking has been reviled as a cannabis delivery method because of the harmful by products of combustion.  When asked point blank, Dr. Atkinson, Co-Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Research (and coordinator of a decade long series of studies on the effects of cannabis) could not openly endorse the medical benefits of cannabis strictly based on smoking as the delivery method. Combusting cannabis produces carcinogens, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), tar, and other compounds that lose ground among medicinal research experts quickly.

VAS High_Smoked vs. VaporizedCannabis research hinges on the quantifiability of the delivery into the system. Initial response favored smoking for rapidity of delivery, but only by a matter of minutes. Blood saturation levels were taken at regular intervals among control groups for THC after smoking/vaporizing equal amounts of cannabis of varying concentrations (1.7%, 2.4% 6.8% – VERIFY). Vaporized cannabinoids, once absorbed into the bloodstream through inhalation, do not degrade as quickly as combusted cannabinoids. The difference is a more rapid onset with a quicker deterioration (and often more side effects) versus an only slightly more gradual onset with longer lasting effects.

This is largely based on the fact that volatilization (vaporization) of the glandular trichomes (the resinous oils that contain cannabinoids – the active agents in cannabis) produces a purer derivative in the vapor than the smoke from combustion. Smoking via combustion denatures the herbal content, and over half the compounds are destroyed when ignited. As an added bonus, because the vaporized cannabis is not denatured, it continues to volatilize/vaporize cannabinoids at varying temperatures to produce up to 4 times more vapor than smoking the same amount (your bud lasts longer).

Vaporize Cannabis For Longer, Cleaner Highs

Massachusetts Super Skunk


Strain Review: Massachusetts Super Skunk

Article brought to you by: highroulette.com


Strain Name: Massachusetts Super Skunk (Mass Super Skunk)
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Looks: Tight and somewhat dense marijuana nuggets with ample trichome coverage as if sprinkled in salt. A nice green color mostly “medium” in size with length, not so much girth. Noticeable areas of wrapped “orange” pistols.

Smell: Very sweet and perfume (musk) like. I was reminded of Clorets chewing gum.

Taste: Similar to its smell; a bit sweet and musky on the inhale with a flat carbonated soda like after taste.

Buzz Type: Starts energetic, ends relaxed.

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)

Summary: Massachusetts Super Skunk (aka: Mass Super Skunk) is an “interesting” strain as I was provided with a combination of buzz qualities of energy and relaxation that typically are not inter-twined with me.

After completing a bowl of Mass Super Skunk, I was immediately hit with energy. I had lots of cerebral tingle. This strain initially gets me going. I am very energetic about 30-45 minutes after a session. If wanting to stay energetic and productive, I had to reload at this time. If I did not reload, that “tingle” slows down with feelings of “pressure” taking over causing a relaxing state of mind.

With a heightened sense of awareness, I felt as if stress was released and I actually did not let external issues get to me. I did not have a “F… it!” attitude, but I noticed things that would get me worked up did not while medicated with Mass Super Skunk. A decent daytime smoke, I did get focused. I actually cleared my plate of a few pending issues (things I’ve been dreading so putting off) which was good such as completing an online traffic school course in about 2 hours!

Scent and taste was sweet musk like. I detected a slight hint of chlorophyll which brought back memories of an ex who solely chewed Clorets gum. Although my marijuana nuggets felts somewhat dense, they did smoke quick, thus I found a typical session to be two bowls vs. one.

Overall, Mass Super Skunk is nice Sativa dominant hybrid strain, but if not reloading often, I’d fall into a very relaxed state of mind to the point of actual laziness.

Mass-Super-Skunk-21-e1371352525457                        Mass-Super-Skunk-7-e1371352501240

Sceletium: Paranoia Management


Sceletium: Paranoia Management

Article brought to by: HailMaryJane.com

In the latest video from MPMC, Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach, Bryan Basamanowicz, experiments with a South African plant known as Sceletium that is rumored to reduce anxiety and paranoia when used with cannabis:


From Bryan’s blog at EmpressIsDying.Com

If you’re not familiar with my “schedule,” I medicate on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I’ve been doing this for about a year.

The most significant philosophical “Theme” from my last two medication sessions has been the relationship between fear and love.

Allow me to illustrate:

My “intention” last night was to finish my video and go to McDonalds to get one of their $1 iced coffee smoothies. If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I believe it’s important to set intentions before medicating. For more information on Intention Setting, check out my book, Handbook for the High-Functioning Paranoiac.

From the moment I truly realized I was high, I had the feeling of being far, far removed from my normal conscious mind. I was somewhere in outer space. It was a bit scary, a bit cool.  Perhaps even exceedingly scary and exceedingly cool. Not knowing exactly what to do with myself, I decide I’d go to McDonalds in accordance with my pre-conceived Intention.

My room is on the fifth floor of my building, so I usually take the elevator down to the lobby. I’ve had a strange experience inside this elevator; it’s happened twice now. And I had it again last night. While watching the floor numbers change on the elevator’s digital display, 5, 4, 3, 2, I perceived a small delay on floor number two. It was taking too long for the elevator to go from floor 2 to the lobby floor, yet the elevator kept moving! With my perception of time slowed, what was in fact a small delay created a small wave of panic, as I contemplated and fleshed out a rather elaborate dystopic fantasy of being trapped in an elevator that is at once moving, yet perpetually stuck between floors, never to arrive at its promised destination, and thus confining me eternally inside that lonely square cube. I felt it, vividly, that possibility. This is Paranoia.

Such waves of irrational panic and fantasy, thanks to the temporal distortions of cannabis, are permitted to flower and terrify. However, the end-results are often none other than profound “counter-waves” of gratitude. When the elevator does indeed reach the lobby floor and the doors open up, I’m again free to experience a wide-open and free world where anything’s possible.  Liberated from my bondage, my first thought is a genuine love and reverence for the human engineers and mechanics for having devoted their energies to making sure that my experience on this elevator was a safe (and temporary) one.

Are there not many metaphors here? Whom do I thank and love for this plant, this natural technology to which I submit my trust and yield my control on the premise that its influence on me is always temporary. Where do I lay my gratitude for the utility, thrill, and mercy of this natural “elevator”?

I leave the building, walk to McDonalds and make this video:

The science tends to align with my speculation. Certain individuals, due to general tolerance, as well as some anomaly in the brain’s dopamine processing hardware, experience an unusual, more severe intoxication from cannabis, whereby the classic symptoms of intoxication—memory impairment, executive functioning, slowing of time—are even more pronounced. The paranoiac’s path to euphoria and general feelings of well-being and happiness is separated from him by barriers of anxiety/paranoia that, when (if) dispelled, lead to those feelings of lightness and elation that are thought to be abundant in the “normal” high. I speculate that this fear-augmentation-and-discharge dynamic is present in most all individuals who use cannabis, but due to tolerance and genetic predisposition, the majority of cannabis users do not experience the dynamic at any conscious level. Cannabis Paranoiacs it seems are plunged deeper into the subconscious mind than others. Nonetheless, the If we permit ourselves a “good trip,” we will resurface with that same natural reverence for the experience and a wish to repeat it; it’s a “craving” quite similar perhaps to what’s experienced by your typical happy-go-lucky stoner.

This inner-exercise of fear confrontation (conscious in paranoiacs, unconscious in most other cannabis users) may be why cannabis users are prone to laughter. I remember reading my first major extracurricular philosophical text in high school called “The Mind’s Sky,” by Timothy Ferris.

According to Ferris, the mechanics of human laughter are based in the dispelling of irrational fear. In Ferris’ example, a hiker sees a stick that looks like a snake. For a moment (perhaps a very short moment or perhaps a rather long one), he “gets paranoid,” thinking the stick is a snake and that it may do him harm. When he recognizes the stick as nothing but a harmless stick, it causes him to emit some sort of spontaneous vocal bark that we know as laughter. Ferris argues that some version of this dynamic is always present, either consciously or subconsciously, when we laugh.

So it follows that what stoner culture knows as “The Fear”— this phenomenon that for many ruins their ability to enjoy this unique psychedelic, ridiculously safe and mind-expanding plant— may play an integral, if often abstracted (hidden), role in many facets of what we understand as the traditional “high.”

If you’d like more information about my practice as a professional Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach, I would recommend checking out my book here.

Thanks for reading!

Sceletium: Paranoia Management