Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

During my time as a budtender, I got to learn a lot from my patients in regards to their common knowledge, when it came to the different classifications and functions of Cannabis. I realized that too many people were sticking to certain strain types, for all of the wrong reasons.

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The most common request when looking at a bud menu of course, has always been, “Which one is the ‘Best’ one?” -Although there are many potent strains out there, the potency that a bud carries, does not necessarily mean it would be the “best” bud for you. When consulting a budtender, patients should be more open and describe what they are dealing with or feeling in order to reduce the selection to strains more suitable for them. Some shy patients who would suffer from depression would ask for indicas, while others who were having a hard time sleeping would be busy smelling the exotic sativas. This all wrong. It’s like asking for a fever reducer, to combat acne. If you have ever smoked a bud that resulted in a high that you weren’t too happy with, you probably smoked a strain that was not meant for your ailment.


Indicas are more commonly associated with the O.G.’s, and the purple strains. They are awesome for treating people who suffer from insomnia and pain. Indicas do come with some side effects, however. People who smoke heavy amounts of indicas are left with fatigue and prolonged “down-time”, leaving the smoker feeling hazily lazy, hours after having smoked. This is why many people assume an indica’s effect will last more than a sativa’s. Another side effect common with indicas, is a slowed digestive system. Indicas should be avoided if dealing with a stomach illness, yet if pain is associated with a particular digestive issue, a hybrid would be recommended instead.


Hybrids are strains which have been crossed between two or more parent strains to incorporate flavoring, growing traits, and/or medicinal properties into a single genotype.  Blue Dream is a very common classic amongst cannabis smokers due to its perfect euphoric balance. It is made up of 40% Blueberry, for the indica and 60% Haze as the sativa. The slight sedative effect of the Blueberry makes for a cozy experience, yet the Haze keeps your mood and mind lifted enough to leave you giggling. –Just like smoking for the first time again! Hybrids such as Blue dream are great for daytime smoking when it is important to be able to function and multitask to accomplish a daily routine, while feeling medicated.


Not all hybrids are created equal. Some lean more towards the sativa side, and some lean the opposite way, towards the indicas. Some strains have been crossed multiple times to achieve specific effects, such as the wicked Chernobyl strain, which was created with 3 super sativa dominant hybrids. (Trinity x Trainwreck x Jack the Ripper)

Sativas and sativa dominant hybrids offer a wide range of possible effects. Some sativas energize you and have you on your feet, while keeping your mind soaring high and open. These strains should be avoided in the evening if the ailment is anxiety or insomnia. Rather than having a good night’s rest, you’ll be climbing up your living room wall instead. Other sativas lean more towards the creative side and will have you pondering. These strains are very useful for creative brainstorming. I highly recommend these strains to artists, musicians, and anyone who needs to expand their mind to fit a wider thought cloud.


Although we don’t always have the luxury of choice when it comes to cannabis availability, it can be interesting if you pay attention to what you bring in to your lungs. Cannabis cannot be blamed for its misled effects; it can only be further researched to achieve a clearer comprehension.


Stoner Blog; Dude what are we smoking

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