Ten Types Of A Stoner

Ten Types Of A Stoner

There are so many different kinds of stoners that we just have to keep making lists of all of the different kinds. We’ve covered almost thirty different kinds of stoners so far but we’re still going. So here’s another ten kinds of stoner for your enjoyment. Which one are you? Or are you a mix of a bunch of stoner types?

1. The Creepy Stoner

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Not always someone that you want to hang around, but they do exist. The creepy stoner doesn’t really talk or socialize but in a very odd, kind of spooky way. Usually dressed in dark clothes and recessed in to a corner of the room, the creepy stoner is best left to their own devices.

2. The Beach Rat Stoner

beach rat stoner

The beach rat constantly has sand everywhere, a permanent sunscreen scent, and raccoon eyes from always wearing sunglasses. Since they absorb so much vitamin D from the sun (and so much THC from their sneaky hits on the beach), these stoners are extremely laid back and calm. Their chill demeanor makes them the perfect addition to your stoner circle.

3. The Mountain Dweller


Characterized by their strong desire to disregard technology and most things that accompany it, the mountain dwelling stoner is the kind of pothead that builds a cabin in the woods, along with a pot farm, and never wears shoes. Not really, but I’m sure that you get the general idea. Even if this person hasn’t quite reached their goal of living in a mountain cabin, this particular type of stoner would much rather go hiking then do anything else.

4. The Book Worm


They seriously know every book, ever written. Constantly face down in a piece of literary art, the book worm stoner enjoys nothing more then a packed bong and a good read. Whether they’re reading newer works or old ones, the book worm is very educated and can provide a great discussion if you’re up for it.

5. The Music Buff

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Nothing is better then some good weed and well written music. The music buff stoner can recite lyrics, tell you when a band broke up, the name of every member, and so much more. They’re like a walking iPod, the perfect candidate for a shotgun driver, as their music taste is always impeccable.

6. The Nostalgic Stoner


There are a lot of stoners that believe that childhood is extremely important and wish for nothing more then the simpler times when the only thing that we had to worry about was what our mom packed us for lunch. The nostalgic stoner loves messing around with toys, collecting cards, and other things that remind them of much simpler times (plus weed, of course).

7. The Candy Addict


Once these stoners start smoking, you cannot keep them away from the candy aisle. It’s much similar to the munchies… Only worse. Much worse. From Snickers to gummy worms, the candy addict will spend their whole paycheck on candy if you let them. It’s just best to avoid opening a can of worms and refrain from giving this type of stoner any sort of sweet treat.

8. The Seasoned Stoner


They’ve been smoking for years and know possibly everything there is to know about weed and all that surrounds it. Pop culture, famous people, who smokes what strains, everything. A seasoned stoner doesn’t brag, however, making them a great addition to your stoner circle.

9. The Awkward Stoner


This person might be someone you used to be friends with, a person who you may just not get along with, or they just have very poor social skills. Whatever the case may be, smoking with them can sometimes be a little weird. If you do find yourself in a situation involving an awkward stoner, it’s up to you to decide if you should continue to smoke with them and possibly perpetuate the awkwardness or just bail.

10. The Informative Stoner


Extremely knowledgable about world happenings, the informative stoner will keep you and your pothead friends entertained for hours. They keep themselves constantly updated on world news and manage to put a more positive spin on things as well, making the news seem not quite so bad.

Ten Types Of A Stoner

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