Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

There are so many different kinds of rolling paper that stoners can smoke these days. Some, like Shine Rolling Papers, catch the eye of easily amused stoners quite well. Printed with cool designs (or made of 24 karat gold leaf), rolling papers are a staple to any stoner’s smoking collection, even if they prefer glass instead. There are some stoners who aren’t familiar with all of the kinds of papers, including the very strange clear papers, which usually come in a cone form. These papers are see through and allow the stoner to see inside their joint as they smoke.

clear papers

Clear papers look pretty cool but there are some smokers that believe they may be hazardous to your health. The papers are reportedly made with cellulose, a chemical that can be dangerous when burned. This produces a heavier, thicker smoke then normal and it is believed to be unhealthy. However, the dangers of smoking clear rolling papers is supposedly comparable to drinking diet soda (although I’ve heard that stuff is extremely poisonous). Smoking these papers can be considered by some to be uncomfortable, as smoking what appears to be melting plastic can sometimes be unsettling for stoners.

Even though the clear papers seem to be made of some sort of plastic, they’re actually made from wood pulp. Companies Aleda and Smokeclear are both companies that produce these clear papers and state that their papers are 80% plant cellulose, 14% glycerine, and 6% water. Stoners worry most about burning the glycerine. This substance, however, only releases toxic acrolein fumes between 392-572 degrees F. While joints burn at a temperature that may register in a dangerous zone, it should be known that this acrolein fume is also released when trees burn, oil, and multiple other substances that get lit on fire every day. So it’s slightly unclear about any severe negative effects other then runny nose, itchy eyes, and possible headache.


It seems to be unanimous among forum stoners that rice papers would be the healthiest choice if you’re going to roll. Raw was the brand name that was mentioned the most, as they are a company that prides themselves in having pure natural papers. As stoners are always looking for a healthier way to smoke, it’s definitely important to research certain papers before giving them a shot. Clear papers should only be smoked on occasion and it’s recommended that you stick to more natural rolling papers on the regular or a glass piece with a piece of some hempwick for the ultimate healthy experience.

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

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