A Stoners Guide For First Time Smokers 

A Stoners Guide For First Time Smokers

Legal cannabis makes it a bit more tempting to try. In some ironic way the stereotypical soccer mom is now looked at as the hero of all moms. Keeping her  sh** together thanks to her legal cannabis and her glass of wine.

Leaving the “chronic” smokers shaking their heads and probably even saying to themselves “Do you even know how to smoke”?

It really is quite an interesting thought. How many new to cannabis users know how to smoke pot. Now that it’s legal. It’s fair game to those 18 or older. For the “chronic” pot head. It’s as easy as breathing. Knowing what to smoke, where to smoke or even how much to smoke. These can be questions for any new smoker to consider. For the first time “its legal now” soccer moms., you may want to ask the experts before sparking up.

Here are some need to knows before hitting that bong.


1) Who are you?​

Your personality plays a huge part in what strain you should get into. Many different kinds of cannabis for all kinds of personalities. Are you an extrovert or Introvert? Are you wanting to stimulate the limbic system of the brain? Or are you looking for more of a downer? Something to help ease the stress of your day to day life. Knowing the difference between the two main strains. Indica and Sativa are very important. Many bad trips happen from people  smoking up on the wrong strain.


2) Why are you smoking?​

Really why are you smoking? Are you doing it to look cool? To be able to relate to your 16 year old hormone driven daughter? Are you smoking it because now it’s legal and why not? Or are  you using it for the health benefits and creative benefits this plant can  bring you? You won’t get the true benefits of cannabis if you are smoking it  for the wrong reasons. Think of it as a relationship. You wouldn’t get into a
committed relationship with someone if  you didn’t feel a connection to them. So  why would you start smoking if you never  felt a connection to it. Find the reason  why and grow from that. That reason will  be your center. When your kids come  after you about cannabis and why you  smoke it, you can stand firm in your  reason why. Being able to educate your  kids. Not giving them some bullsh**  answer.


3)​ What type of smoker are you?​

Are you  a morning wake and bake ? an afternoon  delight or an evening toker? Each one will  affect you in different ways. Cannabis for everyone will eventually render  the body sleepy or zombie like. You may feel groggy, lazy or slow. If you  have never smoked before maybe the wake and bake is not for you.

4) What’s your poison?​

There are many ways to take in cannabis. J , blunt,  bong, one hooter, oil, hash, edible. And they can all affect the body and  brain in different ways. A J is classic and gives you an easy way to inhale  being able to control your intake. But knowing how to roll a J or even a  blunt is the first and foremost. Of course you can always buy a pre-rolled  one but that gets expensive. A J is typically made from rice paper.

Can come in many sizes and even flavors, a blunt is typically made from or with  tobacco, a bong is a glass and or plastic device that will take the toke  straight to the dome (head). This form involves having the lung capacity to  take in a certain amount of smoke. And then hold it in, then gently breathe  it out the mouth. This can be a daunting way to first toke up. Even myself, i  have to take at least 4 tries to clear one bowl for a bong. Back in my “ prime  time” i use to smoke cannabis with cigarettes. Gross.


5) Who are you smoking with? ​

This is a BIG one. For all you first time  smokers. Do not i repeat do not smoke with chronic pot heads. Chronic  potheads are in a whole other league. They are they best people to talk  about weed with. And they will probably help you out with rolling a joint or  lending you a bong. But they are not the people you want to spend your  first time high with. The reason why? Because it does sound like the best  people to smoke with. They have been smoking it for far too long to smoke  with first time users. Chronic smokers have a joint going even before the  first one is half done. And they most likely have at least 5 pre rolled joints  for the trip to the grocery store. As wonderful and caring as they are.

They won’t put up much of a fight if you asked for your 4th J. They will  probably chuckle say “are you sure” or “do you girl do you”. And passing  you the joint that you really did not need. And as you have a small panic  attack where you might feel like your going to die. Your stoner pal won’t be  much help. Sorry. Honest but true. I know this because i was one of them.  We can’t take you to the hospital. We can but we rather not it’s a waste of  time.


Something you first time smoker don’t quite know yet. Your coughing up what you think to be your last breath. The chronic smoker has  there 10th joint of the afternoon started and is most likely saying to you  something like this “ Are you okay?” “ Do you want some water?” “Drink some water” “ No your not going to die.. you just smoked to much” All this will be said in some way to relaxed voice while you’re too stoned, panicking about how you can’t feel your legs. I repeat do not have your first smoke with chronic potheads. You won’t have the best of time.

Writer: Megan Thiessen  Canada AB

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis; Stoner Guide

Stoners are very used to people using previously debunked information in order to scare people away from cannabis use. After years of brainwashing by the government and media, we wouldn’t expect any less from those who don’t research before they write, much like the Daily Mail article released on October 7 of this year. The article, while it gave good effort to talk badly about the plant, failed to realize the numerous studies that have been released proving that cannabis isn’t as dangerous as people have previously thought… In fact, the plant has far more positive qualities than negative qualities.


While the Daily Mail claims that this study is highly qualified to be taken as fact, it’s definitely not. First of all, this study was in fact a review of 20 years of existing research on the effects of cannabis use. The paper doesn’t really say anything that people aren’t already aware of and mostly focuses on old school theories like “cannabis makes you stupid”, can cause people who smoke “long term can get cancer”, as well as boldly claiming that this information “finally demolishes claims that smoking marijuana is harmless”. Finally, the paper comes right out and says that “cannabis is as addictive as heroin”.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and you have read the study yourself (which I definitely suggest that you do, as you’ll see some very different conclusions as compared to what the mass media is blabbering about. “This paper deals with the adverse effects of cannabis smoking, especially the adverse health effects of regular, typically daily, cannabis smoking”, Wayne Hall writes, the drug advisor for the World Health Organization and author of the paper. Here are some of the points in the article that the media seems to have overlooked in their eagerness to scare the shit out of people, as usual.


  • Overdosing on marijuana isn’t possible

On average, a stoner will roll a joint containing half a gram of cannabis and to some, that’s a severe understatement. Most heavy smokers can ingest up to half an ounce (14 grams) or more a day, depending on how long they’ve been smoking for. These people can function just fine, going about their daily lives while being baked as hell. Hall writes in the paper, “The fatal dose of THC in humans derived from animal studies is between 15 and 70 grams. This is a far greater amount of cannabis that even a heavy smoker could use in a day.” In 2013, the average potency of cannabis seized was 12.58 percent, which would translate in to 0.06 grams of THC in the average joint. If someone were to smoke somewhere between 238 to 1,113 joint a day (about 10 joints an hour for 24 hours straight), you may be in danger of overdosing… But you would suffer effects from carbon monoxide deficiency and oxygen deprivation far before ODing on cannabis itself.

  • Driving stoned… Dangerous or not?

There is huge controversy over cannabis users driving stoned. But according to research put forth by the researchers at Hartford Hospital and the University of Iowa conducted a study on the effects of cannabis while driving and found that driving stoned has little to no effect on driving skills. The article written by Hall even proves that fact by proving that driving while under the influence of cannabis is less harmful than driving while drunk, with marijuana having an increased crash rate of 2-3 times while alcohol users increase their crash rate 6-15 times. While I don’t recommend going out for a joyride while blasted, I would say that if you smoke a bit before heading out probably won’t kill you… But those shots you’re eying at the bar might.

  • Don’t smoke weed while pregnant.

There are studies that exist that state that smoking cannabis while pregnant can reduce birth weight but Hall’s paper says that the effect of cannabis use while pregnant is less than the effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant. Some evidence exists that cannabis can have later in life effects on the child including a lower IQ and behavioral problems. But “uncertainty remains because of the small number ors tidies, the small samples of women in each, and the researchers’ limited ability to control for the confounding effects of other drugs during pregnancy, maternal drug use post-birth, and poor parenting.” While it’s not recommended that you smoke anything or drink alcohol during pregnancy, the chances of severe side effects seem to be slim.

  • Marijuana is addictive but the chance of you getting addicted is slim.

People who smoke weed are significantly less likely to develop a dependency to the plant. “The lifetime risk of developing a dependance among those who have never used cannabis was estimated at 9% in the United States in the early 90s against 32% for nicotine, 23% for heroin, 17% for cocaine, and 15% for alcohol, followed closely by 11% for stimulants.” What that means? More than nine in then people who try smoking weed won’t get addicted to it. So while it is possible, the chances are slim to none.

  • There may be links between teen marijuana use and the use of harder drugs. but this research is hotly contested.

Also named the “gateway theory”, this tidbit of “information” has been tossed out the window by multiple scientists in efforts to derail such nonsense. Most researchers these days suspect that alcohol and tobacco are more risky for teens to try because they have a higher rate of the users heading towards the harder stuff. Marijuana is not usually what researchers these days point to.

There are many other points in the study that were taken much out of context, giving the media free reign to spit as much bullshit on the subject as they want. As usual, media blows things far out of proportion and only reports the things that they want to. If you’re interested in reading the study, you can find it here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/add.12703/full

The Terrible Truth About Cannabis; Stoner Guide

The Process Of Dabbing

The Process Of Dabbing; Stoner Guide


Dabbing is still pretty new to some people and some stoners haven’t even had the pleasure of experiencing concentrated THC.

I, myself, just tried concentrates for the first time the other day.

There are many reasons why people wait to try concentrates. Some just don’t trust the product in their area, some are just dead-set on smoking flowers. Whatever the case may be, there are some stoners who have never touched a dab. So in their defense when their first time does actually roll around, I’ve put together a process of dabbing so that new dabbers can study up before they dab out!

01  The first step of the process is to obtain the product.

stoners marijuana pot weed stoned sexy stoner (242)

While flowers can be very easy to get a hold of, dabs aren’t so much. There is a lot of work that goes in to making this product which makes it sometimes impossible to find. It’s a good idea to get product from a clinic or someone you trust, to make sure that it’s not totally tainted with butane, chlorophyl, or other contaminates. Getting your concentrates is the first step in the process of dabbing.

02 Be sure you have the correct setup.

blunts-bongs-marijuana-pot-stonerdays (396)

A nail is the most preferred method of dabbing although there are some who will wrap wax around joints, use hot knives (not recommended), or other simpler ways. But your best bet is to get a rig, with a good nail (ceramic or titanium), and a decent torch that will help you get the temp of the nail to where it needs to be!

03 Grab a dab!

blunts-bongs-marijuana-pot-stonerdays (297)

Take your dabber (either made of glass or titanium, not a good idea to use odd things around the house like bobby pins or paper clips, like some people have chosen to use. If this is your first time dabbing, it’s recommended that you take a small one. The concentrates hit people hard sometimes and you don’t want to end up in a dab coma in front of your friends.

04 Dome nails helps the vapor to get back down through the pipe when the nail heats it up.

blunts-bongs-marijuana-pot-stonerdays (459)

This gives you a better hit and ensures that you don’t lose much. Always remember that taking a dab is not like hitting a bong and if you try to remove the nail, there’s a strong chance you’re going to burn your fingers.

05 Once everything has been set up, heat your nail.

blunts-bongs-marijuana-pot-stonerdays (389)

Unless you have a laser heat gun, you won’t be able to tell the temperature… Other than it being HOT! Most stoners seem to think that heating the nail until it gains a dull red hue and then letting it cool for about 15 seconds is a good way to do it. Although a lot of the nails are different and it will take you a little bit to get used to the specific kind of nail that you use.

06 Once the nail is hot, simply drop your concentrate on the nail

blunts-bongs-marijuana-pot-stonerdays (377)

If you’re using a dome, you can place it on the nail at this point in the process. whether you’re using a dabber or just rolled up a little ball of wax. Inhale through the piece like you would with a bong hit but remember that the nail doesn’t come out! Don’t try to pull it out. Inhale until the smoke has cleared and exhale. This is the process of dabbing!

The Process Of Dabbing; Stoner Guide

Five Ways To Tell A Stoner


Five Ways To Tell A Stoner; Stoner Guide

Stoners these days aren’t necessarily wearing tie dye… Or calling everyone “dude” for that matter. New age stoners are harder to spot but not impossible. A seasoned stoner knows when someone else smokes weed… And even if they don’t, there’s a strong chance that they do. Most people these days smoke weed. So how does one be sure before directing the conversation to cannabis? Here are five ways to tell a new age stoner from a non-smoker.


01 If you subtlety bring up marijuana in conversation, other stoners can tend to pick up one it. Mention 4:20, green vegetative matter, and other not-so-obvious terms. If the person you’re talking to smokes bud, they’re definitely going to pick up on the comments you make. Don’t be too obvious in case they’re not feeling it. If you make enough sneaky comments, the person might actually bring up weed themselves and you won’t have to feel weird about bringing it up yourself.


02 If you notice the person seems to carry a lighter but doesn’t smoke cigarettes, they’re probably a stoner. I don’t know about you guys but I always carry an extra Bic on me, just in case someone whips out a bowl and needs a spark. Stoners are always prepared to smoke so if you notice that someone around you always has a flame but never smokes a cigarette, you might want to get in to a conversation with them and refer back to #1.


03 Going along with aforementioned lighter carrying, if that particular lighter seems to have black gunk on the bottom corners, the person probably smokes weed. Lighters that belong to stoners are usually used to crush down weed in the bowl, moving around the contents in order to see if there’s still a salvageable hit in there.



04 If the topic of travel comes up and places like Colorado, California, Washington, and Amsterdam seem to be a shared destination of both parties, you’re both probably stoners. Since these places are such hot spots for cannabis tourism, most people that want to visit them are partaking of the ganja themselves. Who knows, you may find a new best friend to travel and smoke with!



05 They say things like “no worries”, “chill”, and “down”. Even though there are many different kinds of people that smoke weed, stoners usually can’t resist tossing these words in to conversation. This one won’t work for everyone, as some stoners have been able to really refine their language. But for the younger stoners, words and phrases like these are a telltale sign of toking!

marijuana smokers stonerdays

Five Ways To Tell A Stoner; Stoner Guide

Things Non-Stoners Say To Stoners

Things Non-Stoners Say To Stoners; Stoner Guide

Smoking with a newbie can be really fun. They get super stoned, super fast and usually can be pretty amusing. Unfortunately (and much like alcohol), some people just smoke too much and can’t handle it, turning them in to an awfully annoying nuisance to your normally chill smoke session. Thankfully, most of us have been in this position and this list will prepare you for the absolute worst case scenario that could possibly happen when you’re smoking with a noob.

01 “I can’t be high around my roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend/family.”

Listen… Handle your shit. Learn to function in a social setting while you’re high or you shouldn’t be smoking. If you can’t share the fact that you smoke with those around you, it’s extremely important to act normal (or just always act high) and then there will be no questions as to your higher state of mind. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that they can’t be high around a significant other. That’s grounds for dumping (if they don’t like the fact that you like getting high, then they probably don’t like the real you! Just saying!)


02 “I can’t smoke! I have to drive/work!”

Chill. You’ll be okay. Relax and don’t forget to breathe. Weed doesn’t make many people freak out and if you think that you’re going to, you just need to remember that everything happens for a reason and if you freak out, you’re only going to make things worse. Although weed panic attacks are few and far between, they do happen to some people. But you gotta work through it… There’s not really a whole lot of reasons to not be stoned, am I right?


03 “I feel like it makes me too awkward!”

Weed relaxes barriers and allows people to bond over passing a blunt back and forth! It’s important to just chill, let the weed open your mind to making new friends, new connections. If you think that you’re awkward, you’re going to be awkward. Remember, everyone was a newbie at some point in their life!


04 “I cough too much!”

Everybody coughs sometimes. You’re smoking. It’s bound to irritate your throat a bit. If you think that smoking is too much, you can try edibles, dabs, or tinctures in place of regular flower. Coughing doesn’t have to happen and therefore isn’t really an excuse not to smoke!


05 “I’ll smell!”

… Really? With the invention of cologne, perfume, and the wondrous Febreze, there’s absolutely no way anyone will be able to detect the marijuana scent on you. And if you’re worried about smelling, don’t smoke in enclosed spaces. Instead, head for the spots that are in nature! Blow the smoke downwind and wash your hands after you’re done. Cannabis smoke doesn’t linger like the smell of cigarettes so if you’re careful enough, you’ll never smell like weed.


06 “I can French inhale!”

If you’ve only been smoking for a short amount of time, you probably can’t French inhale. Some people can, don’t get me wrong. But some seem to think that they can master the smoke tricks right away. In reality, they usually end up exhaling a bunch of smoke that they didn’t even inhale and sort of waste the hit. It’s best to leave the smoke tricks to the pros, until you learn how to do them with your own bud (it’s just kind of a stoner etiquette thing… Don’t waste your friend’s weed!).


07 “I’m just going to fall asleep.”

Well then drink some coffee! Have a Redbull! Do something to get up off your butt and get active. Successful stoners are the only way that we can really get rid of the lazy pothead stereotype, something that shouldn’t even be a thought in people’s minds anymore. Considering there are tons of people working all different careers that smoke copious amounts of weed, chances are you’re not going to fall asleep. And if you do, maybe you should pass on that last hit next time. Be strong, new stoners!


08 “I don’t know how to light it!”

I’ve definitely had some newbies ask me to light the bong for them. Unfortunately for them, the only way you learn is by doing it yourself. No, no one wants to light the bowl for you. Or the joint. Or the blunt. If you’re unsure of how to light weed paraphernalia, get on YouTube and study that shit!


09 “Marijuana smells bad.”

marijuana stinks
Then don’t smoke it. Stoners love the smell of weed and freshly ground bud is better than coffee, pancakes, or bacon (Ok… Maybe not bacon). But weed doesn’t smell bad and if you think it does, don’t smoke it. It’s a flower and a beautiful smelling one at that!


10 “I don’t like the feeling I get when I smoke.”

So you don’t like relaxing? Chilling out? Slowing everything down? Or maybe you like taking regular medicine for your headaches instead? Everyone feels different on weed but then again, everyone requires a different strain. If you’re not getting the feeling you like from the weed, you need to get more weed. Novices tend to let a single bad weed experience ruin the rest of their weed smoking career. Don’t! There’s so many strains, you just need to find the best one for you!

Things Non-Stoners Say To Stoners; Stoner Guide



Five Ways You SHOULDN’T Smoke

Five Ways You SHOULDN’T Smoke; Stoner Guide

Smoking weed is great. You get stoned, put on music or cartoons, go on an adventure, whatever. Plus the process of getting high is always pretty fun. Grinding, rolling, packing, lighting. It’s a great process. Then you get to smoke your hard work and just straight up relax. But we all know (even though some won’t admit) that most of us, have at one time or another, smoked out of a piece that may have had some risks associated with it. Not all pieces and papers are made with stoner love. Some of these products are made by big corporations (ahem, Zig Zag) that are’t all about the natural. Plus, there are some ways that you really just shouldn’t smoke, due to the crazy health risks that may be associated with that particular method.

1. Plastic water bottles may seem awesome in a pinch when you’ve got bud and no way to smoke it. But let’s be clear; that plastic is not meant to be heated and the hot smoke may release chemicals in the plastic that may be harmful to your health. Plastic that is heated to extremely high temperatures will release gases such as cyanide and carbon monoxide, which actually contributed to an eighth graders death back in 2011.




2. If you happen to be at home without a piece (or perhaps you’re visiting parents somewhere or just a young kid who can’t buy real glass yet, in which case you shouldn’t be toking yet anyway), you may find yourself gravitating towards the tin foil. Let me stop you right there. With a melting point of around 1200 F, Bic lighters burn at around a whopping 3,000+ F (I’m not kidding, look it up! Zippos can burn as hot as 4,000!). Of course the outside factors such as the temperature of the air, the wind, and other things will effect the flames heat. But basically, you’re melting the foil and releasing a gas called AIH (aluminum hydrate) that can cause neuron damage in the brain and an increased chance of getting breast cancer, especially in women.



3. Hash is a great thing to smoke. It gets you super baked, super fast. But smoking hash (or any substance) with hot knives from your kitchen isn’t a good plan if you want to keep those lungs made of iron! Since most flatware is made with cheap ingredients, toxic gasses can be inhaled along with the THC, such as carbon monoxide. These utensils aren’t meant to be heated to this point and most of the time, the metal will begin to oxidize, releasing fumes that have been linked to both cancer and Alzheimer like symptoms. If you do feel compelled to attempt this method, it is STRONGLY suggested that you go out to your local head shop (or sniff around online) to find glass paddles. These tools are made of boro glass and will not release such hazardous chemicals.



4. Aluminum cans, much like the water bottles, seem like they would be good in a tight situation in which you don’t have a piece. However, much like the tin foil, these pieces will let off toxic gases like AIH and others, causing serious side effects for those who use these methods long term. It is never recommended that you smoke out of any sort of metal and if someone feels the need to inform you that they “did it and nothing happened to me”, just shake your head and walk away.



5. Most rolling paper companies make their products out of good substances… Rice paper, organic, soy ink, no bleach, etc. These people work really hard to make their papers healthy so that patients and recreational users alike can enjoy them. However, there are still companies that produce papers that aren’t so great. Zig Zag for instance, uses high amounts of bleach in their papers. Meaning that one of the most famous brands of paper around aren’t actually that great in the first place. Top papers also contain bleach and are made from some unknown combination of crappy wood pulp, bleach, and nasty tasting gum.



Smoking should always be done at the healthiest way possible. Since people enjoy using the argument that smoking anything in general is bad for you, it’s best to not give them even more ammunition against smoking pot. Not only are the above ways bad for you, some of them also look like you’re using other drugs. If you think that that statement is ridiculous, you must be forgetting the fact that anti-cannabis groups are using “BHO is the crack of cannabis” as a legitimate argument against the plant. Stay high, stay healthy, and stay safe!

Five Ways You SHOULDN’T Smoke; Stoner Guide


How To Make An Apple Pipe

How To Make An Apple Pipe; Stoner Guide

Here are simple instructions on making yourself an apple pipe just in case you find yourself with no pipe and a bag of kush.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Knife
  • Apple
  • and of course Kush


Make sure the apple you use is fresh. A soft apple could collapse while you’re trying to bore the holes. It’s ideal to use the type of ball-point pen with a tip you can unscrew so you can take out the ink well. Otherwise, you may spill ink all over the apple. Once you take out the ink well, screw the tip back on.

Don’t use a pencil. It’s likely to break inside the apple while you’re trying to make a hole with it.

Start by removing the stem and cut a bowl shaped impression into the apple. The bottom of the bowl should reach the top of the apple’s core. Get an apple and a pen. This pipe is considered “pure” because all you need to make it is an apple and stick-like device, such as a pen, with a tip sharp enough to poke a hole in the apple.

Remove the stem from the apple. You can use your fingers to twist or pull it off or cut a slit around the stem to remove it. Make sure you get the entire stem; if it breaks, dig into the hole with your fingers and remove it from the base

Bore a hole through the top of the apple. Place the pointed tip over the hole where the stem used to be and jam the pen into the apple at a slight angle. Push it into the apple until you’ve made a hole that extends about halfway through the apple.


  • If the apple is difficult to push through, it may help to use a twisting motion as you push.
  • Once you make the initial hole with the pen’s tip, you can remove the pen, unscrew the tip, and use the tipless pen to push into the apple. The apple will slide into the hollow pen. When you’re finished making the hole, remove the pen and discard the apple piece

Bore a second hole near the bottom of the apple. It should be about half an inch from the hole at the apple’s base. Insert the pen and poke a hole that meets up with the first hole you poked. This will be used as your carb.

Place your kush on top of the apple and enjoy!


How To Make An Apple Pipe; Stoner Guide

How To Roll A Bloint

How To Roll A Bloint; Stoner Guide

Big thanks to @clairvoyager


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Blunt wrap
  • Notorious Big Wraps
  • Razor blade
  • ruler
  • and of course kush

To weave a fruit flavored “bloint” (joint/blunt) you’ll need the supplies pictured here. The blunt wrap and flavor of joints are up to you, however I find Notorious BIG wraps the easiest to weave with.

bloint-1 stonerdays

Begin by using the razor blade to cut strips of equal width. It’s very important you don’t cut all the way across the blunt. Leave about an inch of space so the wrap stays in one piece.

bloint-2 stonerdays

Cut strips of your rolling paper out that are the same width.


Weaving the papers through is easiest when they are at an angle. That way you can focus on one blunt strip at a time when pushing it over or under the paper.

bloint-5 stonerdays

Pull each paper strip down until it’s tight against the other strips to minimize holes.

bloint-7 stonerdays

Once you have weaved all the way to the end you can cut off the excess paper on each side of the blunt.

bloint-8 stonerdays

Wet all the edges down to secure the paper to the blunt. When it has dried you can roll your final product.


Once you have rolled your Bloint kick back and enjoy!

bloint-10 stonerdays

Let us know what you think, leave a comment below or send us your own creations at [email protected]

Your Bloint is now complete and ready for smoking! Enjoy 😎 . Big thanks to @clairvoyager! Check him out on IG.

How To Roll A Bloint

Private Jet Joint; Stoner Guide

Private Jet Joint; Stoner Guide

To roll a Private Jet Joint, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Transparent papers
  • regular rice papers
  • scissors
  • ravor
  • and of course herb


The first step of construction is to assemble the fuselage or the main part of the plane. This is to be rolled with the transparent papers. A skilled roller can roll it but I recommend molding the see-through papers around a pen that has the same shape as a plane fuselage. Transparent papers will slide right off the pen if they are fully dry.



Set the fuselage to the side for now, as the wings are next. You’ll need to roll two thin joints of equal length for the wings.



Stuff your mold with grinded herb and then put a filter/crutch into an end to keep the bud in place. The plane will be smoked from this filter once completed.



If the joint paper is made slightly moist you should be able to bend the joints slowly til they fit this shape.



Attach a layer of paper between the joints on one side. Then flip it over and fill the middle cavity with more herb.



Seal the cavity shut with another layer of paper and then make a slit in the middle where the wing will be attached to the fuselage.



The illusion of windows and a windshield can be made by cutting holes just like this on a sheet of rolling paper to be wrapped around the fuselage.



Use the scissors to make a corresponding slit on the fuselage where the wings will connect. This hole will allow airflow so the plane can be successfully smoked like a cross joint.



Attach the wings to the main body with another small piece of paper.



To make turbines for the rear of the plane I simply rolled a joint and cut small sections out to attach to the filter. The tail wing can be made using cardboard and can be slid into a small slit cut into the filter. Both the tail wing and turbines are for aesthetic value and don not change the function of the joint, infancy the tail wing should be removed before smoking.



Your Private Jet Joint is now complete and ready for take off! Enjoy 😎 . Big thanks to @clairvoyager! Check him out on IG.


Private Jet Joint; Stoner Guide

Cannabis Quality Control

Cannabis Quality Control

Finding a job in the cannabis industry is tough, especially because it’s so new. Not to mention the plant is still illegal under federal law so finding a job can be incredibly difficult. Growing is extremely tough, getting a spot at a dispensary is somewhat impossible, and any other position is few and far between. If you want to work in the cannabis industry, you have to take what you can get. However, if you live in the Denver area, you may be in luck for a new (and very dank) career.

maijuana jobs (2)

Imagine scrolling through the Help Wanted ads and stumbling across something saying that a company is looking for a Cannabis Quality Control Specialist. That’s a title that needs to be read multiple times, right? However hard it may be to believe, it’s true. A company located in Denver recently posted this kind of help wanted ad. The job entails the employee to sample cannabis products and report back to the company in an articulate, well put together way (so a bunch of jumbled words about how you managed to make it to the store to get a bag of chips doesn’t count… They want the real deal). So basically, the employee gets paid to smoke and write about weed.

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Having a position like this allows the company to test their products before letting them in to the public. They can perfect their goodies and release the best cannabis bud/baked goods/concentrates available. This is important, especially when gauging the strength of certain strains and edibles. Plus, how awesome would it be do get paid to test weed stuff? Free cannabis plus you get paid. There’s not many stoners that would say no to a job like that.

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This job is perfect for the stoner who wants to share their knowledge with others, much like a craft beer lover. Tasting and approving cannabis for the masses is important since the shops can’t just sell any old bud. Testers ensure that the public gets the best product possible and makes sure that the company is doing it’s best to sell a well grown/made product. Anything that doesn’t pass quality control? Well at least you got to test it first! If you’re interested in a job like this, start packing and head to Denver!

Cannabis Quality Control

Tips On Finding Local Glass


Tips On Finding Local Glass – Stoner Guide

Unfortunately for stoners, not all shops are honest about the glass that they carry. Most potheads really support the local glass scene, not only because it promotes the community but because local, well made glass tends to be far more strong and durable as compared to the less then loved Chinese glass. But as said above, not all shops sell local glass and some even lie about the products that they carry. So how is an innocent stoner supposed to find good local glass?


1. Research

Social media is a great way to find local glassblowers. With the use of hashtags combined with the fact that friends can tag their buddies in photos provides a great way to discover artists in your area.

2. Visit

Even if you know that your local shops aren’t selling local glass, some employees have recommendations on who they prefer. The workers at the shops may not always agree with the fact that their shop owner sells poorly made glass and can possibly point you in the direction of a quality glass artist.

3. Talk

Ask around to your friends. Chances are someone you know knows some guy who knows some other guy who lives in a cabin in the middle of the woods and blows awesome glass pieces. Not sure if that happens in everyone’s area but living in an east coast backwoods state, this scenario is quite common. Chances are that your friends will point you in the right direction to purchase good glass.

4. Know

The key to getting good glass is knowing what to look for. If you know what qualifies as a worthwhile product, there is no salesperson around that will be able to convince you that some badly made Chinese glass compares to a good product from someone who actually took the time to craft the glass.

5. Read

Besides social media, google the different shops in your area and see what the reviews are. Not only that but a lot of well made glass companies provide you with a retail locator that will allow stoners to find great glass at shops near them.

Glass is important and you should take pride in your collection. A stoner’s collection of glass says a lot about the personality of the owner. If you fill your collection with badly made glass, your stoner friends will just shake their heads and look away when you pull out your flimsy bong that breaks if a speck of dust lands on it. No, you want a heavy glass piece that won’t break no matter how many times it gets bumped. Support the community and always buy local glass if possible!

Tips On Finding Local Glass – Stoner Guide

Buy Local Glass

Buy Local Glass; Stoner Guide

Supporting local glassblowers in an important aspect in the cannabis community. Not only are there some incredibly talented glass artists out there that have very little recognition, supporting the local community is key for any cause. Of course, there are places that will try to rip you off, claiming that the glass is locally made when in reality, it’s not. There’s also a few things to look out for when buying local glass that may mean that the piece isn’t worth the price. b386d6d78b284b38b156ec6eb2f4896d-670c0567260b4e0295f4a238031522a5-54c081567d843c2a460f6a706700a8e1 Some shops selling local glass will attempt to sell damaged goods to you, while still charging the full retail price. Always make sure to inspect glass well, checking for scratches and cracks that may be hiding somewhere. Also look for bubbles, which may look cool on some pieces, but aren’t actually supposed to be there. The glass should always be thick and heavy as well. China glass is incredibly thin and will make you feel like you’re about to break it just by touching it. AR-140129897 Local glass does tend to be more expensive than China glass that you can find at gas stations. However, the higher price tag is worth the quality. Unless you’re looking for a disposable piece, be sure that the pieces you buy are made from a solid glass. Also, it helps if the person working at the shop knows where the piece came from. If you know the name of the glassblower, you can not only find their work again but have a name to give your friends when they as you where you got your awesome new piece. y0vXY7s8VDjjyQpkHbBpRdinenyAyjQqvh7fig-QXwAh7MFwuwMECKi1mKGtMy8qR7rtVKvDudfaGSsBce-KZw Glass is important to a stoner and it’s key that you buy good products. They will last you longer and are far less likely to break when you slightly bump them against a couch cushion. Local glass artists work very hard at what they do and they definitely deserve recognition for their craft, so remember to always ask the name of the person who made the piece. Most reputable shops will know where their glass comes from and if they don’t, perhaps you should visit another shop.

Buy Local Glass; Stoner Guide


Trichomes; Stoner Guide

The entire point of cannabis is to harvest the trichomes and smoke them, which is what contains the THC that gets you high. Stoners have to come to believe that the more trichomes, the better. Frosty weed is highly sought after and the weed that doesn’t glisten like freshly fallen snow is definitely frowned upon. Of course most stoners prefer weed that is extremely photogenic but does cannabis containing a higher amount of trichomes necessarily mean that you’ll get a better high? Most stoners would believe that more trichomes would mean a much stronger strain.

trichomes (3)

Unfortunately, Mary Jane can be deceiving and it is possible to have a crappy high from a bud that looks incredibly frosted. This happens because the resins in the trichomes may or may not contain THC and other cannabinoids that get you really high. If the growers do not provide the plant with reason to convert cannabidol (CBD) or even cannabichromene (CBC) in to THC1. While genetics do play a part in the potency of the cannabis plant, the growers are responsible for the other half of the plant’s production of THC. The grow process is extremely important to the development of stoner trichomes and if the plants aren’t cared for properly, they will fail to produce the required reaction to make us high.


This means that there can be strains with a smaller amount of trichomes can still be strong. If there is a good amount of resin present in the trichomes, the weed can still be fairly decent. Which means that judging weed is completely irrational if you’re unable to smoke it. Shiny weed doesn’t always mean to it’s a good smoke or a good high, a very important fact to remember when you’re goofing around on Instagram or Facebook. While trichome production is important, their true strength can only be determined by a scientist with a special machine or by someone who is able to actually smoke the bud. I’m sure that we can all agree that weed cover in trichomes is our favorite however.

Trichomes; Stoner Guide

Filtered Rolls


Filtered Rolls; Stoner Guide

A filter for a blunt or a joint can be as simple as a rolled up piece of cardboard from the pack of papers. There are filters that are made and sold in tiny little tubes. Occasionally, there are even flavored filters, made of wood, that are sold in little tiny tubes (Which can also double as a sneaky way to transport a joint, for those of you who haven’t thought of it yet!). Some people look down on putting a filter on a joint or a blunt, saying that it ruins the taste of the weed and that, when properly rolled, won’t leave little bits of weed on your tongue after your hit.

rolling filters (1)

Filters have a few benefits. The first would be is that they create a sturdy spot where you can place your fingers when holding the joint/blunt, much like a cigarette. This study end also doubles as a crutch when someone gets slobber all over the end. With a non-filter, the roll would fall apart. With a filter, the joint/blunt has a little more stability if this occurs. It can also be fun to mix and match filters and papers, allowing you to create different tastes, as both products are sold flavored. There is also the idea that smoking a filtered joint/blunt catches some toxins, like the filter in a cigarette.

rolling filters (3)

The cons of the filter would be the fact that if you roll with a filter in it, some would say that you’re wasting a piece of perfectly good rolling paper that could be filled with weed. It is true that the filters take up a good amount of space. What if you’re low on papers? With the wooden tips, a joint can easily get stuck inside the tip, preventing you from getting at the leftover roach stuck inside. This becomes a huge issue, especially once you run out of weed and the only thing that you have left is a roach that’s stuck inside of a filter tip.

rolling filters (2)

Using a filter can also prevent resin build up at the end of the joint/blunt. Have you ever noticed how the weed near the end turns that nasty brown color due to the smoke continuously passing over it? You know that some of that is going in to your lungs when you inhale. Using the filer prevents some of that nasty resin from entering your lungs, potentially making smoking a healthier thing. It’s recommended that you try a filter at least once. Worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it!

Filtered Rolls; Stoner Guide

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Crystals

The cannabis community spans a wide variety of different people, from classy business people who like toking after a long day’s work to the humble stoner that works three jobs just to pay rent to the chemotherapy patient who just wants to eat a normal meal. It’s absolutely astounding how many people are smoking weed these days! But there has been quite a fuss recently in the social media area of the community about crystals and stones. These rocks are believed to enhance life for the person who holds them and are also used for healing, promoting good fortune, and protection. A lot of stoners are beginning to trust in the power of the crystals, believing that the stones positively interact with the spiritual aspect of cannabis, forming a very uplifting experience and energy.


Stones have been used for thousands of years as part of healing ceremonies. Every crystal has a different internal structure, which makes the crystal resonate at a certain frequency. When the resonance is applied to the bodies energy systems, it stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanisms. This very simple form of therapy for stressed out/anxious/depressed/etc patients is non-invasive and is gaining extreme popularity in the stoner community, for multiple reasons. Some stoners put crystals in the ice catchers of their bongs (after they’ve been cleaned of course), sometimes they even set them in the bong water itself. Others place the stones with their stash, hoping that the positive vibes from the crystals transfer to the cannabis, giving the person who smokes it better insight and a more uplifting experience.


Stoners just want to be happy. With the positive energy that crystals bring with them, they only enhance the happy feelings that cannabis gives users. Every stone/crystal has a different resonance, as said above, making it interesting to collect different stones and see how they effect the overall swing of things. Many stones are said to promote happiness and good luck, making them awesome for stoners who suffer from depression and anxiety, as well as patients in extreme pain. Simply by placing the crystals in the sunlight for 24 hours or so and then holding them somewhere on your person, a positive effect can definitely be felt that is only magnified by marijuana.


Another things that stoners have reportedly used the crystals for is in the gardens! Plants and crystals are known to interact extremely well together, especially when the crystals are buried in the dirt. More than one stoner says that when charged crystals were applied to dead or dying plants, the cannabis somehow managed to improve in growth and health, eventually flowering and producing bud. The crystals used in this process were usually sticks with a hexagon base and a pointy end. The pointed end was put in to the soil where the plant was potted and left there. Eventually the plants began to improve. The crystals that were primarily used for this are amethyst and clear quartz.


Some people may not buy in to the power of the crystals and brush off the effects. However, the rocks are becoming more and more popular among stoners, for one reason or another. It’s definitely recommended (since the stones are not that expensive and most can be located on eBay) that if you’re feeling down lately or your plants seem to be lacking a bit of life, you should invest in a few pieces of crystal. If their effects don’t seem to work as well for you as they do for others, the total beauty of the crystals is enough to want to collect them, just to look at them.

Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

Stoners that aren’t in medical or legal states have a lot of trouble sometimes with the quality of the bud that they get from the street dealers. If you’re buying bud from someone who doesn’t know one strain from the other, get ready for a kit that will allow you to test the marijuana that you’re smoking. The test will not only give you a reading of how pure your weed is, but will detect any pesticides that are still present in the buds due to poor growing techniques. With marijuana becoming so widely sought after, the quality is extremely important.


Clean weed is only a few accessories away from being a reality for a lot of people, thanks to a new device called MyDx. This handheld device is able to tell you if the strain contains terpinoids, pesticides, and specific cannabinoids. The device works by the user placing a sample in a sliding tray attached to the device. There are sensors in the tray that detect the positive and negative contents of the bud. The MyDx will also tell you the effect that the bud will have on the user, such as couch-lock, uplifting feelings, or even perhaps spacey.


The company plans to take the device to the next level, continuing to make devices that test both fruits and veggies as well as water. A device like this will come in especially handy for cannabis users, even in legal states. The quality of the bud that you use should be excellent and the users have a right to know what they’re inhaling. The MyDx will end up retailing fro somewhere around $300-$400 which can seem extremely pricey. However, like most electronics, the price will end up dropping after a few months, providing enough people buy them on the launch. While the price may be high, saving up to buy a MyDx may be worth it when you think about it. The effects of pesticides on the lungs can be severe and long term, especially for patients.

Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

There are many different kinds of cannabinoids that are contained in marijuana that assist with the health of the human body. Since there are different ways to ingest cannabis, the benefits are different for each different way. This blog will talk about what raw cannabis can do for us when ingested and it’s highly recommended that you attempt to work some raw cannabis in to your diet, either by juicing it or adding leaves and such to your regular meals, including burgers, salads, and even alcoholic beverages if you’re feeling like getting a little tipsy but attempting to remain healthy at the same time!


Raw cannabis contains THCA as well as THCVA, two cannabinoids that have incredible benefits for health. THCA is anti inflammatory and anti seizure, which makes it good for those with arthritis and epilepsy. The THCVA is also one of the cannabinoids that contributes to anti inflammatory properties of cannabis. In addition to the THCA and the THCVA, raw cannabis contains CBDA, which is the cannabinoid that has been proven to be anti cancer and is the primary cannabinoid that benefits cancer patients. By putting these cannabinoids in to our bodies, we not only help to boost our bodies immune system to prevent these illnesses from ever occurring or to help to cure them if they’re already present.


It’s these cannabinoids that make marijuana such an asset to human health. All of these chemicals assist in normal body function and can help a lot of sick people to get better. By not ingesting raw cannabis, you’re depriving your body of things that could really help to prevent and cure many illnesses that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. It’s very important to know that all parts of the cannabis plant can benefit us in some way, from the seeds to the flowers. The versatile plant will only continue to gain popularity as more realize the amazing benefits it provides. With support of marijuana at a record high, at least we can see that the hard work that people have put in to the movement is finally paying off.

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Top Five Indica Strains

Stoner Guide; Top Five Indica Strains

With two completely different highs, stoners always have a preference of whether they like to primarily smoke indica or sativa cannabis. Of course, there are hybrids but for most, it’s one or the other as a favorite. My personal favorite type of cannabis is the indica strains. They are heavy hitting and will keep you stoned for hours, which is the feeling that I like from cannabis. Indica strains also are great for patients that are in pain or those who suffer from severe anxiety. The following strains are the best indica strains out there as of right now. Of course, more will be developed as more growers get in to the game but these are the best of the best right now!

1. G-13

PineApple Express 013

This strain has long been spoken about for being extremely strong. It will keep you on the couch for the entire day if you’re not careful. But with a smell that resembles the great outdoors and a taste that’s close to fruit salad, the G-13 strain is incredibly for patients and recreational users alike.

2. Master Kush


Always a good choice, the Master Kush strain was first known to the general public as High Rise and was developed in one of the many taller buildings of the city of Amsterdam. This strain has legendary abilities to treat anxiety, depression, and those who are in pain. It’s a hybrid of the Hindu Kush and Skunk strains, giving it awesome genetics as well.

3. Purple Urkle


Purps in general always seem to be the hardest hitting indica strains, leaving the user feeling the effects long after the weed has worn off. Purple Urkle will legitimately knock you on your ass and is great for those who have trouble sleeping at night. Some smokers even report that the Purple Urkle strain is too strong and they don’t like it’s extremely heavy effects.

4. Northern Lights


This strain is great for those who are first getting in to growing, as it’s grow time is so short. It is a legendary strain and is a pure indica. It originated in Holland and is constantly used to create other hybrids since it’s genetics are so fine. Northern Lights has won more cannabis related awards then any other strain and deserves much respect from the stoner community.

5. Grandaddy Purp


Another one of the amazing purple strains, Grandaddy Purp is almost as popular as Purple Urkle. While it is an indica, it still provides the smoker with somewhat of an energetic buzz, letting you go about your day normally rather then getting stuck on the ccouch. This strain is great for those having issues sleeping, again, as the purple cannabis buds tends to have that extreme sleepy effect.

Have a favorite indica strain? Send in your top picks to [email protected] for a chance to see your favorite strains on the next list!!

Stoner Guide; Top Five Indica Strains

Stoner Guide; Women And Weed

Stoner Guide; Women And Weed

Females have a very shadowed role in the cannabis community. A lot of the growers/extractors/glass artists are mostly male, leaving girls a little bit in the dust. Of course, one could argue that the social media pages run by girls who have thousands of followers are the women who headline the cannabis industry. However, with most of those pages only posting photos with extreme sexual content, it leaves some girls wondering where their place is in the cannabis industry and if it’s required to be risqué to get noticed.


Not true, my friends! The female gender is working hard to create a niche in the marijuana industry and more upper class, money making chicks are admitting that they’re smoking the ganja. Debbie Shwartz is 28 years old and is a reality-show production manager who recently left her home in New York to live in Los Angeles. She works fifteen hours a day to produce entertainment for the masses and what does she feel like doing when she’s done with work? Kicking back with a little Mary Jane. “I love to have a glass of wine now and then but going out and downing sugary cocktails isn’t fun for me. And drinking is so much more expensive,” she said in an interview with Marie Claire. “I’ll go to the gym for an hour [after work], then come home and smoke a joint while I listen to jazz and read a book.”

girl having breakfast with cup of tea and sweets

Marijuana protestors used the argument that weed made women promiscuous back when the plant first became so hated. For some women, this idea still remains because it’s been ingrained in their minds for so long. Not only that but parents enforce the anti-female-smoker as well, sometimes even going as far as to say that “munchies will make you fat if you smoke”. Unfortunately for them, it’s food that makes you fat and lacking self control to stop eating has absolutely nothing to do with cannabis, as most already know. Another sad stereotype that seems to fester in the female marijuana community is the idea of solitary behavior. This comes from comparing weed and alcohol. While booze promotes a “happy”, social environment, weed tends to make people more contemplative and thoughtful, leading some to believe the plant contains anti-social qualities. Gina Bridges, a grants administrator in Seattle, throws that myth right out the door by hosting small dinner parties with her husband and close friends, with dessert being a bong full of delicious fruity weed.


Females need to realize that the silly stereotypes associated with their gender and pot really aren’t true. Marijuana helps with many problems that women face, including PMS. According to High Times Magazine, PMS is actually the decrease production of cannabinoids in the female body, leading to the well known mood swings and emotional issues that females face during their menstrual cycle. It’s very important that the females of the cannabis community voice their opinions about their positive feelings towards marijuana in a well thought out way, so that other women will begin to feel the same. By using words to support cannabis, rather then using racy photos to promote who knows what, other women won’t feel as pressured or embarrassed to involve themselves in the community.

Stoner Guide; Women And Weed

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Once you’ve correctly learned how to judge the different strains of cannabis, there are different catagories that the strains fall in to. Stoners everywhere have different terms for these categories but the basic idea is all the same. The following gives you the definition, in order of their quality. Because these terms differ in different geographical locations, the terms may be different from what you are familiar with.


– Strains
These are the highest quality buds. Always labeled with the correct name, most often tested for their THC potency, the strains are the most sought after bud. Everyone likes something that they can put a name to. Strains also give you the best photography results and make the best nugs to stick in front of the camera.

– Headies
While still maintaining a high level of quality, headies may not always have a title and therefore, the origins are unknown. Therefore they don’t exactly fall in to the strain category. But they’re still good enough to be considered top cannabis to be smoked!

– Piff
This is a term that I myself am unfamiliar with but it refers to cannabis that is of a decent quality. While it’s definitely nameless and may even contains some seeds and some larger then desired stems. But even though it’s not the best, it’s still going to get you high without you having to smoke the entire jar.

– Beasters
While similar in quality to the previously mentioned piff, beasters are a somewhat smokeable substance. It does contain a higher amount of stems and seeds, providing you with a chore when trying to smoke any of it. Even still, this product is still smokeable although if this is the kind of bud that your weed man is handing out, you should probably find someone new to get it from.

– Mids
Giving the smoker a somewhat lazy/boring/not so awesome high, the mids have absolutely no name and not the best quality. With an abundance of seeds and stems, mids are what you smoke when there’s no other option. While sometimes they still look alright, mids can be extremely sour tasting and leave you struggling to breathe after you cough your lungs out.

– Shwag
The worst of the worst. Get a bag of shwag and immediately just make edibles or some sort of concentrate. Most of the time, shwag is a nasty brown color that smokes like dirt. It’s full of the undesired seeds and stems and will probably only get you stoned for a few hours. Definitely nothing to write home about but as said before, rather then throw a fit, make a batch of brownies or some wax and thank your lucky stars that you at least have some THC.

– Shake
Depending on where the weed came from and the quality of it, shake can vary from extremely high quality to low. Some weed men sell their shake at the end and sometimes, it can be pretty decent. While most people do prefer the nugs, shake can be good in a pinch or made in to a concentrate or edibles. And since shake tends to be stronger then shwag, this is definitely what you’d rather be using!

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

There is a lot of influence to be held by those in the media spotlight. For some reason, it seems as if they are above the laws. They can sing about cannabis and how much they smoke it, or about the crack cocaine that they sell. And when they occasionally do get in trouble, it’s usually a slap on the wrist. Even though these people know that they’re in the spotlight, they can definitely bring a large amount of harm to the cannabis movement. When paying attention to the media, it’s key to recognize who is harmful to the cause and who can bring positive light to our friend Mary Jane.


Celebs such as Wiz definitely do bring positive enforcement to weed smoking. While he does occasionally include the mention of alcohol and extreme partying, this particular celebrity has definitely made a positive impact on the cannabis movement, along with others such as Kid Cudi. They sing about what positive effects marijuana has had on them, such as the relaxing effects as well as the community aspect of cannabis bringing friends together when they smoke. Music related celebs have a huge impact on the stoner community, which is a commonly known fact as stoners are most often associated with music.


On the downside, celebrities can bring extremely negative attention to cannabis. Remember when Lady Gaga was interviewed about cannabis and claimed that she was definitely addicted to it? Wording like that is what effects stoners in a negative way. It’s good that cannabis is in the news but when such a negative word is used to describe marijuana use, and especially by a celebrity, it can really set the movement a step back. Lady Gaga wasn’t addicted to cannabis, she just couldn’t smoke and handle her shit. Miley Cyrus is another celeb that people think sheds a negative light on cannabis consumption. However, even though her antics are somewhat questionable, she has never used the word “addiction” and she does manage to bring attention to the cannabis movement.


Even though celebrities can be pretty stupid and their actions extremely quirky, it’s up to us to differentiate who’s a negative influence and who’s a positive. It’s important to pay attention to what they say about cannabis, as compared to just judging them based on what they’re wearing or doing while they’re on stage. Even though some celebrities may act like they don’t give a shit and have no idea what’s going on, they have a huge influence on the masses. If they do speak up about the benefits of cannabis, there stands a strong chance that people will listen to what they have to say.

Stoner Guide; Celebrities And Cannabis

Stoner Guide; How To Judge Weed

Stoner Guide; How To Judge Weed

People judge cannabis all the time. It’s important to a lot of patients to have the strongest strains and the most potent medicine and for stoners? Well stoners just really want to get super high. Since there are so many different strains of bud out there (not to mention every strain differs from grower to grower), it’s hard to judge whether or not buds are good. And face it, you cannot judge buds based on just an Instagram photo. Educated stoners know how to properly judge a strain of weed and it involves a lot more then squinting at a tiny phone screen at what may or may not be dank bud. There are four main things that need to be taken in to consideration when judging a strain of marijuana. By following these steps, at least you can make an educated judgement of someone’s strain, rather then sounding like a jerk who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.



The taste of a strain is very important. If it’s too earthy, it can taste like dirt and if it’s too fruity, it can taste faked. The best strains are flavorful to just the right level and don’t overwhelm your taste buds. Cannabis is also not supposed to taste like lawn trimmings.



Usually, this one is a good indication of how well the weed will smoke. However, there are ugly buds that smoke like the finest kush and there are gorgeous buds that smoke like trim. It depends on the grower’s skill and love when nurturing the plants in their early stages, as well as flowering. Cannabis should be in bud form (it’s good to be suspicious of bags of shake, at least until the spice crisis subsides), with a spattering of orange or red hairs. The buds themselves can vary in color from deep green to purple and tend to have a blanket of beautiful white trichomes throughout.



Dense nugs tend to look like a lot less when weighed but usually, the denser, the danker. However, be on the lookout for mold, as danker bud can be harder to cure and can remain moist in the centers for much longer then normal. Fluffy nugs are exceptional for photography reasons. Most stoners prefer an average between dense and fluffy, although everyone has their separate preference.



If you can’t smoke it, you can’t judge it. This is the ultimate test. Nothing else about cannabis matters more then the high that it gives you. Does it alleviate your symptoms? How long does the medicine effect you for? Does it lock you to the couch or does it allow you to get your work done while still feeling normal? All of these questions are extremely important when trying a strain for the first time.

If you can’t complete any one of the above mentioned methods, you simply cannot judge the cannabis. It’s important to remember the many factors that go in to cannabis growth, harvest, and trim. Not to mention that transportation also effects the quality of weed as well, sometimes knocking large amount of trichomes off or something crushing a fluffy bud to a dense bud. By following these steps, you can definitely judge strains more accurately, as compared to just viewing them on a digital screen.

Stoner Guide; How To Judge Weed

Stoner Guide; Pesticide Dangers

Stoner Guide; Pesticide Dangers

As with any vegetative matter than can be consumed, there are growers that utilize pesticides to help prevent their crops from getting over taken by bugs. An action like this is understandable, as insects can destroy entire crops of marijuana. From eating the fan leaves to destroying the roots, bugs are a growers worst nightmare. But are pesticides really the answer? And are they posing a potential hazard for patients?


With fruits and vegetables, not only can they be washed prior to eating but the acid of the stomach dissolves a lot of the leftover chemicals that may be stuck to the food. When inhaling, there is no safety net. If there is a harmful chemical in the smoke that you’re inhaling, it will be absorbed directly in to the lungs when transferred from the bud to the smoke. Jeffery Raber, the owner of The Werc Shop, a lab dedicated to studying and testing medical marijuana, says that up to 70 of pesticides found on a marijuana bud can be inhaled to the lungs. This lab has been testing marijuana samples from dispensaries and patients in the Los Angeles area and what they have found is frightening. In the study that Raber’s lab performed, 35% of marijuana tested failed for pesticides.


Considering that ingesting marijuana is supposed to be healthy, growers attempting to maximize their harvest will resort to using more harmful ways of keeping bugs off of their plants. There are better ways, more natural ways to keep away unwanted visitors. Neem oil for one seems to be quite popular among growers on forums. What the oil does is create a waxy coating around the leaves and stem of the plants. The bugs can’t get to the leaves and can’t eat so they will eventually die off. Another method is to make a tea of worm castings and spray it over the plant. Allegedly, this will keep away bugs and let you fertilize the plant at the same time. For a third method, there is always getting other insects to do the work for you. The best friend of a marijuana grower is a ladybug, after all!


Keeping plants safe from bug attacks is important but should be done with the patient in mind. Giving sick people pesticide covered medicine isn’t going to help anyone and will potentially make the sickness worse. Using organic, safe ways to keep bugs away may be a lot more work and require some research but the cannabis community is supposed to be about helping us. Greedy growers that only see the money and not the people they’re supposed to be helping will only hinder the good that others are doing. Please, if you are a grower, for the sake of patients, use safe methods to keep pests away!

Stoner Guide; Pesticide Dangers

Stoner Guide; Poppers

Stoner Guide; Poppers

In the states, a spliff is a joint that is rolled with both tobacco as well as marijuana. It’s a somewhat popular practice, although there are stoners that think that this is an insult to weed and the two should never be mixed. There are those that do enjoy the combination of weed and tobacco. But when mixing the two extends to bongs, I can’t say for sure how I feel about it. Anyone who appreciates individual strains will agree; permeating marijuana with tobacco is not an appealing idea.

File photo of a customer rolling a joint made of half marijuana and half tobacco to smoke inside of Frankie Sports Bar and Grill in Olympia

Most glass is sold under the idea that it will be used for tobacco use. Obviously, this isn’t what they’re made for. They’re made for smoking weed. If you want to smoke tobacco, you can buy a pack of cigarettes, right? Some people are mixing tobacco and marijuana in their bongs. This trend goes under the name poppers, although there is some argument over what actually qualifies as a popper. It’s another “spliff” spliff situation, in which the term depends the geographical location. There was another process that was called “poppers” that said to empty out the tip of a cigarette, fill it with bud, then inhale slowly through the weed and then quickly through the tobacco. This supposedly gives the user a super head high, although I would assume that that comes from the overload of nicotine and lack of oxygen to the brain.


Mixing substances like tobacco and cannabis isn’t necessarily a bad thing and does relax some people. The problem is that tobacco is addicting, especially if you’re using cigarettes. Not only that but mixing tobacco with cannabis will ruin the taste of the weed and if you’re a weed snob, that is intolerable! You also run a higher chance of becoming addicted to cigarettes, a habit that a lot of stoners these days are quitting. The stoners of today are becoming much more health conscious and are paying attention to what they put in to their bodies. This includes turning down tobacco and smoking marijuana instead.

Stoner Guide; Poppers

Stoner Guide; Kief Vs Hash

sourdiesel hash stonerdays

Stoner Guide; Kief Vs Hash

Well… The title may be a bit deceiving because when it comes to it, there is no debate. After asking the stoners of Instagram, the answer is quite clear. Hash is definitely the more popular choice. While both substances come from marijuana, they are two really different ways to smoke… Or you can combine them and have the heaviest hitting bowl you’ve ever smoked!

sourdiesel hash stonerdays

Hash, for those that don’t know, is the pressed version of trichomes. Since the trichomes are the resin glands and contain a bunch of THC, has is highly sought after. Depending on who’s making it and in what fashion, hash can be hard or a paste-like substance, usually referred to as bubble hash melt. Depending on the different kinds of marijuana used to make hash, it varies in potency, color, and smell. Recently, I smoked hash that smelled like cookie dough. It was extremely difficult not to eat it.

Kief is pretty much the before product of hash. It’s that awesome yellowish powder that falls to the bottom of your grinder and gets you stoned as hell. There’s no effort in getting a hold of kief, which makes it more obtainable than hash. Since kief just comes off of the weed when it’s being ground up, you can just scrape some off in to your bowl before smoking for an added high. This substance is what makes up hash but you need a lot of it, from the same strain, and you need to possess the ability to turn kief in to quality hash.

kief stonerdays

Since hash is slightly more potent than kief because there’s so much of it pressed together, it seems that hash is the most popular choice. It’s difficult to get a hold of but definitely worth the wait until you can find some good stuff. Hash has an extremely earthy taste and scent, almost like smoking resin (which makes sense since trichomes are resin glands) but a bit more cleaner. Seriously, the best way to describe it is earthy. Kief is something that rips up your lungs, especially when you’re not expecting it. If you’re packing kief bowls, be prepared to cough!

Most stoners prefer to smoke hash. Some may argue that people like it because it’s so rare. It also burns longer than kief, making it a better investment for those who get high over an extended period of time. Whatever it is that you’re smoking, make sure it’s quality! Stay blazed, everyone!

Stoner Guide; Kief Vs Hash

ISO Extracts

iso hash stonerdays

ISO Extracts – Stoner Guide

Making extracts with isopropyl alcohol is another safe way (along with ice) to obtain highly concentrated extracts from cannabis. While BHO still seems to be most popular, this method is slowly gaining attention as BHO continues to be proven to be extremely unsafe. However, as always, extracts should be made outside. Alcohol is still flammable, though not as much as butane fuel. You should always be taking the proper safety precautions when making extracts.

iso hash stonerdays 1

What You’ll Need;
Permanent coffee filter
Corning ware plate
Razor blade scraper
Mason jar
14 grams of good quality trim
70% ISO alcohol
Paper coffee filter

Place the trim inside the mason jar and cover it with the alcohol. Place the lid back on the jar and shake it vigorously for no more than two minutes. This is very important. Shaking the container longer than two minutes will cause too much chlorophyll and plant substance to be pulled into the ISO mixture. This will lower the potency so be sure to keep it under two minutes. After you’ve shaken it, strain it through the paper coffee filter into the plate. You can throw away the plant matter at this point.

Set the plate on top of the pot of boiling water. The steam will warm the plate while preventing the THC from dissipating. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving behind the golden concentrate that is so sought after. This recipe seemed to have good results but everyone has a different method. As always, please be safe. Do you think that you have a better method? I want to know about it! Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me how you make your extracts!

ISO Extracts – Stoner Guide

Stoner Guide; White Ash

white ash stonerdays

Stoner Guide; White Ash

I don’t remember who told me this but I do know that it was left in a comment on my Instagram a while ago. I don’t remember what photo it was but I very vividly remember someone saying that if the ash in your bowl is black and messy, then the weed isn’t good. I’ve since wondered if this was true and figured that I’d answer it for everyone if there happens to be other people out there wondering. The answer is yes, the color of the ash matters. It doesn’t really mean that the weed is terrible but it does almost always mean that the plants were grown via hydroponics and they unfortunately weren’t flushed properly before harvest. It’s super hard to find information about this subject. Either people don’t care or there just isn’t a huge push to know if your kicked bowls are okay or not.

white ash stonerdays

Basically, pay attention to how hard your weed is to light. While buds can be cured correctly, that doesn’t mean that it’s been flushed of the nutrients that are using in the growing process specific to hydro. Phosphorus is extremely beneficial in the bloom process to produce bigger flowers. However, phosphorus is the culprit when your bud is hard to light and harsh. When you smoke, it shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a shot of Bacardi 151. This is also the reason that you’re getting an ugly mass of black ash in your bowl. The ash of smoked pot should be white and fluffy. Joints that always tend to go out are also a sign of high levels of phosphorus still left in the buds.

These chemically unbalanced buds are also not so great for your health. Unfortunately, that contradicts the whole idea of medical marijuana. If you’re smoking for health, you should be smoking something that is doing more good than harm. Properly flushed buds are better for the overall value of the pot, definitely the quality, and it will create a bigger benefit from smoking. The grow process is so important to the patients. It doesn’t help them if the weed they’re smoking isn’t at it’s full potential.

white ash - plat green crack

I’m sure that most growers these days have enough knowledge collected that they are flushing their plants of harmful chemicals before selling it, especially to medical patients. I must admit that I still see weed that burns badly, crackles, and burns the lungs like acid. Growing these plants definitely takes a lot of patience and skill. But stoners everywhere should be able to get the best grass that they can and they definitely deserve to know if their bud is inadequate for their medical needs.

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

As people who smoke and utilize cannabis, us stoners project an outward idea that we are all about the healthy life. The fact is, most of us are! There are a lot of stoners that are vegetarian, vegan, or don’t really eat solid foods at all. Not only that but there are new studies being published that juicing cannabis leaves has internal health benefits for the function and well being of your body. By claiming that our plant cures many diseases and illnesses, we also make ourselves responsible for promoting a wholly healthy lifestyle. Since a lot of us are subject to situations where complete healthy living is extremely difficult or impossible, the easiest way to stay healthy is to change what you eat.


These days, what our food contains is a constant worry to most consumers who can think outside the box. Fast food isn’t real food and eating most things will make you sick. Meat in supermarkets has gone bad kills more people a year than marijuana. Seriously, that’s insane. E-coli and salmonella lurk behind every package of beef on the shelves. Avoiding this problem is quite simple. By not eating the meat and processed garbage that is sold in stores, get on that liquid fruit and veggie diet.

Juicing is a newly mainstreamed idea of only ingesting fruits and vegetables in place of solid meals. By grinding up the food in a juicer before drinking it, it makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from the food. Seeds contain the most vitamins that are essential to healthy living and the juicer breaks the seeds up, sending the nutrients directly in to your stomach you drink the mixture. By making the fruit and veggies in to a liquid, your body gets what it needs faster. This juicing diet will make you feel physically better and more mentally alert. When first starting out, however, it is recommended that you get some healthy snacks or protein bars that you can munch on in between juice shakes. You will get hungry when you start out with this, trust me.

Not only can you juice fruits and vegetables but cannabis leaves and hemp seeds are a great source of nutrition for your body. As stated above, the breaking up of seeds in the juicer allow your stomach to easily absorb what’s contained in that tough shell. Since THC is in an acid form when it is in the leaves, it doesn’t contain the psychoactive chemical that gets you stoned. Not only that, but it is said by William Courtney, a physician based in Mendocino County, that the plants terpenes (the part of the plant that creates the smell) have an effect on overall attitude and mood of the person ingesting the raw cannabis. Drinking raw cannabis will not get you stoned but your body will thank you. The buds of the plant can also be juiced but must be harvested when the trichomes are not yet fully amber, but a cloudy color.

By choosing to juice with cannabis, it not only can help with illnesses such as cancer but it should be a staple in your daily diet just to assist with your daily function. Store your stock of raw cannabis leaves in the refrigerator before you slice them up and make sure to soak them in water for about 5-10 minutes before putting them in your juicer. Allowing the leaves to soak makes them easily ground up. You can also add juiced cannabis to your daily juicing diet. Think of drinking cannabis as taking a daily vitamin. It’s just necessary.


While juicing continues to make a surge in popularity, we should be pushing for the welcomed use of juiced cannabis leaves. Since the psychoactive component is gone, one could argue that juiced cannabis would be okay for children, pets, and adults of all ages. By assisting in bodily functions, as well as preventing symptoms such as nausea. This idea of raw cannabis is still fairly new and is not recommended for all patients, more specifically those with kidney or gall bladder issues.

Health should be one of the main focuses of the marijuana movement outside of the medical uses. If the human race can just BE healthy by ingesting this cannabis drink, then there would be less sick people in the first place. Preventing disease would be much easier than curing it. More people need to know about the raw cannabis juicing idea. There are thousands of people that ingest multivitamins every day so why not add a raw cannabis drink to that regimen? Stay healthy, fellow stoners!


For extended information on juicing cannabis, the website I referred to for the information in this article is located at; http://www.alternet.org/personal-health/juicing-raw-cannabis-miracle-health-cure-some-its-proponents-believe-it-be

You can also try this awesome challenge that I found while researching! The 40 Day Raw Cannabis Challenge is a great way to get in the habit of drinking raw cannabis and staying the healthiest that you can be! The 40 Day Challenge can be found here; http://40dayrawcannabisjuicechallenge.blogspot.com

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

There are so many different kinds of rolling paper that stoners can smoke these days. Some, like Shine Rolling Papers, catch the eye of easily amused stoners quite well. Printed with cool designs (or made of 24 karat gold leaf), rolling papers are a staple to any stoner’s smoking collection, even if they prefer glass instead. There are some stoners who aren’t familiar with all of the kinds of papers, including the very strange clear papers, which usually come in a cone form. These papers are see through and allow the stoner to see inside their joint as they smoke.

clear papers

Clear papers look pretty cool but there are some smokers that believe they may be hazardous to your health. The papers are reportedly made with cellulose, a chemical that can be dangerous when burned. This produces a heavier, thicker smoke then normal and it is believed to be unhealthy. However, the dangers of smoking clear rolling papers is supposedly comparable to drinking diet soda (although I’ve heard that stuff is extremely poisonous). Smoking these papers can be considered by some to be uncomfortable, as smoking what appears to be melting plastic can sometimes be unsettling for stoners.

Even though the clear papers seem to be made of some sort of plastic, they’re actually made from wood pulp. Companies Aleda and Smokeclear are both companies that produce these clear papers and state that their papers are 80% plant cellulose, 14% glycerine, and 6% water. Stoners worry most about burning the glycerine. This substance, however, only releases toxic acrolein fumes between 392-572 degrees F. While joints burn at a temperature that may register in a dangerous zone, it should be known that this acrolein fume is also released when trees burn, oil, and multiple other substances that get lit on fire every day. So it’s slightly unclear about any severe negative effects other then runny nose, itchy eyes, and possible headache.


It seems to be unanimous among forum stoners that rice papers would be the healthiest choice if you’re going to roll. Raw was the brand name that was mentioned the most, as they are a company that prides themselves in having pure natural papers. As stoners are always looking for a healthier way to smoke, it’s definitely important to research certain papers before giving them a shot. Clear papers should only be smoked on occasion and it’s recommended that you stick to more natural rolling papers on the regular or a glass piece with a piece of some hempwick for the ultimate healthy experience.

Stoner Guide; Clear Papers

Stoner Guide; Five Dank Songs To Smoke With

dank songs

Stoner Guide; Five Dank Songs To Smoke With

There’s so many different kinds of artists out there that are making music so it’s extremely difficult to make a list because there’s always someone who wants their favorite smoking song included. While I can’t include everyone, I’ve tried to make this short list pretty diverse. As always, I love suggestions and if you think you have an awesome smoking song, I would love to know what it is! Submit to [email protected] if you have any suggestions for another five stoner songs. I hope that you enjoy these five that I’ve picked!

1. Yelawolf “Marijuana”

Definitely an awesome song to roll one up to! This song has some good lyrics, plus awesome beats so you can either turn it up really loud while cruising around or you can have it on in the background while you and your friends enjoy a smoke session. Highly recommended that you listen to it if you haven’t heard it yet.

2. Michael Franti “Ganja Babe”

I first heard this song when I was in college and I’ve never forgotton about it. It’s super chill, calm, and just an all around awesome pothead song. He sings about how much he loves Mary Jane and let’s face it, we really love this plant! The song also features Spearhead.

3. Afro Man “Because I Got High”

Another song that’s stuck with me for a long time. I remember hearing this on the school bus and the bus driver would turn it down because of how “inappropriate” it was. The song does promote the classic forgetful stoner stereotype but you can’t resist the hilarity of it. If you haven’t yet heard this song, you’re living under a rock.

4. Cypress Hill “Hits From The Bong”

Classic stoner jam right here. You can’t help but smile when this song comes on. Whether it makes you want to dance or smoke some more, everyone loves this Cypress Hill masterpiece. Hits From The Bong has been on the stoner playlist since mixtapes were still being made by holding play and record at the same time.

5. Sublime “Smoke Two Joints”

You’ll see this song quoted at least once on every stoner social media page ever. It’s an amazing song that describes a lot of stoners… Smoking two joints and then proceeding to smoke two more… And then probably two more. We all know that one hit just isn’t worth it and if you’re going to smoke, you should probably just smoke a ton.

Stoner Guide; Five Dank Songs To Smoke With

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Knowing your strains these days is extremely difficult. There are so many different kinds of bud out there, it’s hard to believe that anyone could pinpoint what a bud is just from a photo of it. Even the most experience grower should be weary of viewing different kinds of cannabis. Since every grow has varied conditions, every strain can come out looking completely different. A lot of times, stoners will also include the breeder’s name when they say the strain, since every grower has a different idea of what certain strains should look like.


Climate greatly effects the look of the bud when it’s cured and ready to be smoked. Colder climates bring out the purple genetics in the purp strains, while the warmer air will make the strains more green. This could result in a not-so-purple Granddaddy Purp, causing some frustration among those who believe they can tell a strain just from a photo. There re some growers that like to grow in the warmer climates, leaving their bud less purple and more of a dank green. The grow process greatly determines the outcome of the bud.


Since the grow process is so important, it can effect cannabis all over the country. An east coast strain of blue dream may be completely different then the strain developed on the west coast. A perfect example of a situation like this is the east coast’s NYC Sour Diesel pitched against the Sour Diesel. Stoners disagree greatly on the origin of these two strains, with some saying that they’re two completely different plants and others saying it’s the same strain with a different name. While the two strains are most likely different, with one being a higher sativa hybrid or indica hybrid, it again all depends on how they are grown, with the end result being at the hand of the grower.


Seeing strains in photographs doesn’t mean that someone automatically knows what it is. The only people who know what the strains are include the person who grew it, the person that the grower gave it to and possibly the person after that. Keeping correct strain names is like the game Telephone. By the time the message is heard by the fourth or fifth person, it’s been changed. These days, there are so many strains out there that for people that aren’t high up in the supply chain, strain names aren’t that useful.

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

The types of stoners seems to be popular, mostly because people seem to enjoy knowing what kind of stoner category they fall in to. Stonerdays has already gone over twenty different kinds of stoners. But thanks to the help of a stoner friend of mine, we managed to come up with an additional ten types of stoner! With thirty different stoner groups, you’re sure to find your niche!

1. The Parent Stoner

These days, it’s more common to find parents who smoke then ever before. The parent stoner has it rough because not only do they have to be somewhat discreet about their smoking, they have a ton of shit to get done as well. Parenting is not easy and only the most successful stoners manage to smoke and balance children. The parent stoner is also responsible for teaching their child to use cannabis in a helpful, not harmful way.

2. Video Game Stoner

Call Of Duty? Halo? Little Big Planet? Anything with a controller? This stoner is pretty much down to play any game put in front of them, even Pong. They have ever system imaginable and collect video games like they’re going out of style. You know that they smoked a huge blunt and then stood in line for their PlayStation 4 on Black Friday last year. Their upside? They have an unbelievable knack for strategy, which can be good to have around if you have a possible law run in.

3. The Sketching Stoner

Creativity and marijuana go hand in hand. The sketching stoner is one that always seems to be doodling or drawing on something. Dinner napkins, business cards, whatever surface that can be drawn on around them is fair game. Since they smoke, these amazing doodlers always seem to create some awesome kind of end result that is deserving of a frame.

4. The Obnoxious Stoner

Oh this guy… Or girl, depending on your group of friends. Forget about gender, this person can be tough to deal with. They’re loud, in your face, and obnoxious. The complete opposite of what most stoners are, the obnoxious stoner is only good in small amounts, if at all. What makes it even worse is when the obnoxious stoner always has really good weed. Just think of it as a test of your patience when they text you asking to match and smoke.

5. The Boy Scout Stoner

boy scout stoner copy

If you’re in need of a campfire, a makeshift tent, or some sort of cooking pot, the Boy Scout stoner has you covered. They have an incredible outdoorsy skill set that allows them to survive in any crazy natural situation. Their idea of a fun weekend is not going out to the bars but getting baked and lost in the woods for a few days to see how long they can survive. A lot of times, these stoners are also Mcguyvers and can make pretty much anything out of nothing.

6. The Mystic Stoner


These smokers are more along the lines of the old school hippies but with a twist. They collect crystals and normally do a lot of yoga. They talk about chakras and positive energy. The mystic stoner is a beautiful asset to your life because not only do they seem to draw sunshine and smiles, they are full of information about the flow of positivity in the universe. These smokers are incredibly smart and are a great addition to your stoner circle of friends.

7. The Glass Artist Stoner


Glass blowing is not an easy task and those that manage to smoke and create amazing glass art should be very well respected. These stoners just didn’t think that paper and pencil would express their creativity so they turned to glass blowing instead. They can create amazing things with this material, both for smoking and just for show. Having a glass artist stoner around not only shows you what goes in to making your favorite piece but gives you a chance to hang out with an incredibly talented person.

8. The Sport Stoner


Football, soccer, basketball, hockey. They’ve got a jersey for every favorite team in every league. Not only that but they play ultimate frisbee and flag football on the weekends after toking up with their buddies. The sporty stoner is always thinking about some kind of game, constantly keeping themselves updated on the latest scores. While a slightly more loud and in-your-face kind of smoker, the sport stoner is much like the fit stoner with the idea that hanging out with them will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

9. The Educated Stoner


This person knows everything that there is to know about weed. If you have a question about how to make ice hash, this person knows. Don’t know what strain you need to smoke on for anxiety? Ask this friend. Seriously, the educated stoner is the biggest asset to your stoner circle. If you know someone like this, smoke with them. You’re bound to learn something from them, even though they can occasionally be somewhat abrasive.

10. The Lazy Stoner


Never leaving the couch seems okay to the lazy stoner. This kind of stoner doesn’t even want to move, let alone go to work and earn money. Much like the guy on the couch in Half Baked, these stoners don’t really seem to move that much and are more relatable to sloths rather then people. Although they don’t really ever want to move, the lazy stoners tend to be pretty funny and amusing. They definitely make a good addition to the stoner circle.

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

Stoner Guide; Painting And Smoking

Stoner Guide; Painting And Smoking

Stoners love to smoke a ton of weed and produce awesome art. Stoners that paint can create amazing images that everyone can enjoy. But why is painting so beneficial? It’s more then just creating pretty photos. Stoners have managed to acquire the master artist stereotype over the years and to this day can create some of the coolest looking art around, filling Tumblr and Instagram with awesome ideas. What benefit does this form of art cause in the human brain, especially enhanced with the help of cannabis.

PBS Remix-Happy Painter

Painting is very therapeutic. It has a very calming effect, making it very good for those who deal with anger or anxiety problems. Getting stoned and painting will chill you out and the longer you spend brushing paint over the canvas, the smaller the issues around you will seem, at least until you’re ready to calmly handle them. The process of painting a picture takes time and concentration, something that a lot of people these days need to work on. Painting regularly promotes patience, a valuable trait. By spending time painting an image, one can learn how to slow down and take the time to appreciate fine details. It’s also a good way to relax if you’ve had an especially frustrating day.

In addition to being a stress release, the world would be an insanely dull place without the presence of art. It seems that now more then ever, the popular art of today is being produced by those who enjoy smoking the reefer. Marijuana only assists a person’s already present creativity, allowing them to paint more freely. The colors are nicer, the ideas seem to flow easier. If you don’t enjoy getting high as hell and painting the cool images that you see in your head, you’re crazy. And if you haven’t tried smoking and painting, it’s definitely recommended that you pick up a paintbrush as well as your bong/bowl/blunt and give it a shot!

Stoner Guide; Painting And Smoking

Stoner Guide; The Hemp Takeover

Stoner Guide; The Hemp Takeover

Forgetting the fact that cannabis has the potential to be a cure for cancer and that the plant has bettered the lives of thousands of people, cannabis can also produce hemp. For those of you that aren’t aware of what hemp is, it’s a material that is made from the cannabis plant that can be used to make basically anything from paper to houses. This product of the cannabis plant is extremely versatile, takes less water than corn and cotton, and takes up far less space for the same amount at harvest time. Hemp is far better suited for the world today than corn, cotton, fossil fuels, and hundreds of other substances that we use every day that are harmful to the environment.


Hemp does not contain high THC levels, the chemical in marijuana that makes the user high. Most people that have attempted to smoke hemp (not recommended that you try this) have experience extreme headaches, rather then the uplifting feeling you get from the flowers. Instead, the plant is extremely useful in every single product that we use today, including where we live, what we eat, and the vehicles we drive plus so much more. But since the hemp plant is related to cannabis, it is classified with it’s stoney relative as a Schedule 1 drug. This leaves the industrial market open to materials such as cotton, paper, and others that are not only expensive but bad for the environment as well.

Jan & hemp plants

Since the plant can produce far more material in a smaller space as compared to crops like cotton, it would seem logical to allow hemp farms. These farms could be completely vacant of psychoactive cannabis plants, only growing hemp. Of course there is a way for officials to test the plants, as they often do in Colorado to be sure that the plants don’t contain high enough amounts of THC to get someone high. This leaves hemp completely available to be used in all reaches of industrial society.


Forgetting the industrial aspects, hemp is an incredible health benefit to the human body. Whether ingesting the seeds or the leaves, it greatly improves bodily functions. The seeds are full of Omega-6 as well as Omega-3, both of which as essential fatty acids that promote heart health and also carry anti-inflammatory characteristics as well. These seeds can be added to smoothies, salads, yogurts, bread, and many other kitchen made goods. The leaves of the cannabis plant (either hemp or from the smokeable cousin) can be juiced and drank or added in to foods like burgers, salads, and sandwiches. And remember that all of these products will not make you high and will only benefit human health.

Stoner Guide; The Hemp Takeover

Stoner Guide; Two Sides To The Fight

Stoner Guide; Two Sides To The Fight

Cannabis is an extremely huge issue today in our society. We are at war over a plant, with some people claiming that it kills and that it’s a serious danger while others are studying, researching, and gathering information to prove that cannabis is an asset to the human race. The Stonerdays team is obviously for cannabis but we also recognize that acknowledging both parties is the only way to advance in this fight.


By recognizing what anti-cannabis protestors are saying about the plant, supporters are able to build stronger arguments. The information that is negatively said about cannabis needs to be taken in, thought about, researched, and only then can a cannabis supporter throw back a counter argument. If these steps are not taken, the cannabis community looks like everyone thinks – unintelligent. The stoner stereotype has been around for a long time and if members of the community decide to perpetuate the idea that we are fat, lazy, and stupid, then the cause will never advance.


Of course there are those that are against cannabis that lie just to make the plant seem more dangerous than it actually is. For example, the scary story that circulated the internet about the people who died on the first day of legal cannabis in Colorado. Many stoners believed this to be true but it turned out that the website that published the story was satirical and it wasn’t real. Even though the story was a fake, it is extremely important to know what people are saying about the plant that we love so much. If we don’t educate ourselves on the other side of the story, it’s completely impossible to fight back.


Being (and staying) up to date with all happenings related to cannabis, true or false, is incredibly important to this fight. Research everything you see to verify it’s factuality and don’t believe everything you read. And unfortunately for those stoners who are dead set on only knowing their side of the story are not helping the cause, but hindering it. Seeing as how society has already branded stoners as stupid, educating yourself is one of the main weapons we have against the war on cannabis.

Stoner Guide; Two Sides To The Fight

Stoner Guide; Marijuana Deaths


Stoner Guide; Marijuana Deaths

Anti-pot protestors are constantly using “marijuana kills” as a slogan for their out of control (and usually wrong) arguments. But stoners don’t have to worry about getting stoned and dying because they shoot their own heads off with a shotgun or running over a child when leaving the fast food drive through. The downside is that it seems as if more people are trying to relay the message that marijuana does kill people, which it doesn’t. There are still no recorded overdoses, nor has it been proven that marijuana has been the sole reason for a human to act extremely different, causing harm to others.

Recently, I had the inevitable (and seriously unfortunate) introduction to a woman named Nancy Grace. As I watched her ridiculous news clips regarding marijuana, I couldn’t even bring myself to attempt to comprehend how people could listen to her. Not only does she state that smokers are “fat, lethargic, and lazy”, she says that people high on marijuana “shoot, stab, and strangle each other”. But unfortunately for this woman, reports just don’t back her up. Marijuana has been shown to have therapeutic effects on those struggling with anger problems, leading to decreases in violence. The plant has also been scientifically proven to combat cancer, as well as many other medically difficult-to-cure health problems.


In order to overdose on marijuana, you would have to smoke well over 1,500 pounds in a a shorter time than fifteen minutes, leading many people to accept the fact that you would die from oxygen deprivation before overdosing on THC. It’s pretty obvious to see that an overdose is actually impossible and that other things would effect your health before the cannabis had the chance to. Even concentrates need to be ingested in roughly the same amount to be lethal and even then, there is no solid evidence that an animal can ingest enough marijuana to cause death.


In short, weed cannot kill you. There is a possibility of allergic reaction but usually this situation will result in nausea, not death. The only other ways that marijuana may kill you is that you eat a bunch of it and choke on it, a good deal of marijuana may fall on you and crush you (this actually did occur to a poor man in Brazil), or I suppose that you could get the munchies hardcore and eat yourself to death, but that’s not that likely. Basically, marijuana won’t kill you. You’re more likely to get hit by a truck before you die from cannabis consumption. Regardless of what Nancy Grace or any other protestor claims, overdosing on marijuana is not a possible feat.

Death By Weed

Stoner Guide; Marijuana Deaths

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Athletics and marijuana go hand in hand for some people, while others not so much. But for those that like to toke and lift weights or run miles or whatever, there’s a couple of different ways to incorporate their cannabis use in to their workout. Here’s a few of the ways that the Stonerdays team likes to work out with cannabis!


We all know that juicing is extremely healthy and adding some fresh cannabis leaves to your every day smoothies can give your body a huge boost! The leaves contain no THC, so the smoothie won’t get you stoned but do contain the amazing chemical known as CBD, which is an antioxidant, cancer-preventing, anti inflammatory ingredient. Juicing cannabis can help your body to function much more normally as well as on a healthier level!


Medicating Before

Depending on the workout you’re doing, as well as the person doing it, medicating before starting your workout can create an extremely relaxing experience, especially if you’re doing something like yoga. The cannabis makes movement much more fluid and easy, while creating an in-tune feeling with your body as you move through the workout. Just be careful; medicating prior to working out can sometimes lead to couch lock and you won’t end up getting your workout done!


Medicating After

Mostly for those who do hard core stuff like intense weights lifting, running, and other more extreme forms of exercise, medicating after a workout is great way to relieve any pain sustained during the workout or just a good way to chill out afterwards! As always, remember that smoking can sometimes hinder a workout and eating or vaping cannabis is sometimes a better idea for athletes. Marijuana, as said above, contains anti-inflammatory agents that will relax you and make you comfortable.


It’s a good idea to choose a method of medicating that works for your workout or possibly just combine everything! You can also smoke during your workout if you’d prefer, although depending on what you’re doing that may not always work. Whatever you choose to do, always exercise safely and never overdo yourself. Cannabis is definitely something that those who enjoy working out can incorporate in to their daily routines.

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Cannabis and Yoga

Stoner Guide; Cannabis and Yoga

Stoners these days are doing all that they can to stay healthy. A lot are seeking out the enlightenment of yoga. It’s relaxing and extremely good for your body, giving results that are wanted by many. Smoking cannabis and yoga are two things that go together very well, for multiple reasons. The two compliment each other in such a way that people are even starting to incorporate smoking in to their daily yoga routine.


When you smoke cannabis, you feel relaxed. Same goes for yoga. By ingesting cannabis while doing this particular exercise, people reach the ultimate level of relaxation. Cannabis also helps the user focus on their movement, making sure that every pose is perfect. Being stoned while doing this also allows some people to feel more in tune with their bodies, a key element in the practice of yoga. Marijuana has been part of this method of exercise for a long time, even though there are some who disagree.


The creator of Ganja Yoga, Dee Dussault, promotes the use of cannabis with yoga. According to her, tantric yoga and straight yoga are very different. While straight yoga to the Buddha advocates for purity, tantric yoga says “to use whatever tools are available to get to a place of transcendence”. For some, this method includes using marijuana, which Dussault says must be used “mindfully”. Marijuana is supposed to enhance the experience of yoga, not block it out completely.


The practice of using cannabis and yoga together dates back to ancient times, where the plant was listed in the yoga sutras, documents written in Sanskrit long before Jesus Christ. The sutras are the foundation of yoga and say that using herbs is one of the five methods used in avoiding ignorance. Although marijuana is not mentioned specifically in the text, there are quite a few that believe the herbs mentioned are, in fact, our favorite flower. Yoga, as said before, is supposed to cause extreme relaxation. Marijuana can only help further that journey for the majority of yoga practicers.

Stoner Guide; Cannabis and Yoga

Stoner Guide; Titanium Nail Vs Glass Nail

Stoner Guide; Titanium Nail Vs Glass Nail

Dabbing requires a lot of different tools, much like smoking flowers, but these tend to get a little more complicated. With something as hot as a blowtorch heating the nail, it’s important that the material that the nail is made of is tough and long lasting. If there are any sort of impurities in the nail, or it’s made with a less than desired material, the entire dabbing process can be a pain. There are a few main materials that the nails are made of, two of which include titanium and glass. Some stoners prefer one over the other and this blog compares the two!


Glass; The glass nails tend to come with the rigs when they are first bought, much like the standard bowl that bongs come with when they’re first bought. Glass, while working well when used in a bong, can be a huge problem when forming a nail. Since glass can contain bubbles, heating it constantly can cause the bubbles to crack and burst, sending bits of nail shrapnel flying around the room. I’ve actually seen this happen numerous times on YouTube and Instagram. No matter how careful you are with a glass nail, chances are that it will break eventually. However, some stoners have found a way around overheating their glass and causing the lifespan to extend simply by getting a temp gun, which is a device that points a laser at an object and then tells the temperature of the object. No more guessing at where your temp is! There also is an argument that glass doesn’t hold residue as much as Ti does, giving the dabs a better taste. Although, upon further inspection, the same is argued for the Ti nail.


Titanium; With an extremely durable reputation, the Ti nail is a favorite because it cannot break. Titanium seems to be far more common than the glass nail, probably for it’s ability to withstand abuse. Hey, stoners like to dab a LOT! The issue with the Ti nails is that sometimes, they’re not made purely. This can cause a huge difference in taste and durability, preventing the user from getting the full dab experience. Some stoners report a very oily taste coming from the impure Ti nails, which definitely isn’t supposed to be happening if the concentrates themselves are clean. These nails can last for years, although will eventually become brittle after repeated, heavy use. Glass nails, on the other hand, will 100% always break, as the repeated heating and cooling weakens the glass.


The debate comes down to preference. There is no “better” nail. Both of them have their flaws and both of them have their pros. Since most rigs do come equipped with a glass nail, it’s easy to have both around. It’s highly recommended that you give both materials a shot before knocking one of the other. Who knows? You may find a new favorite nail material! Always remember to dab safe and be sure that your medicine has been made correctly, by someone who knows what they’re doing!

Stoner Guide; Titanium Nail Vs Glass Nail

Stoner Guide; How To Know You Shouldn’t Smoke

Stoner Guide; How To Know You Shouldn’t Smoke

Before you puff up your chest feathers and say “I CAN DO WHAT I WANT”, realize that there are some people who just can’t handle their shit and smoke weed. Whether they use it to escape from their real problems or they just can’t seem to get their ass off the couch, there are stoners who should not be smoking. You can argue that fact all that you want but it remains true. Cannabis should be used to enhance life, to make it easier. Here are a few ways to tell if someone should give up the ganja.

– Work

job site work stonerdays

Having a job is important and if your smoking is effecting your job – as in you’re leaving early and showing up late just to smoke – you should probably cut back a little bit. Making money is important, especially in this economy. Your job should be very high up on your list of priorities but if cannabis is hindering that, you need to reevaluate.

– Friends


If someone begins to smoke by themselves and only by themselves, you should question their marijuana use. Not all stoners enjoy the social aspect of cannabis but constantly smoking by one’s self can create a wall between you and other people. Be sure that you get a good dose of social interaction and that your only friend isn’t Mary Jane.

– Mental Stability


Cannabis does help a lot of mental issues and allows people to cope with the outside world but it has been found that problems like depression, bi-polar, and anxiety can sometimes be made worse by indulging in marijuana. Be careful if you’re using cannabis to treat these, are sometimes the plant can make the empty feelings seem worse, not better.

– School


There are still stoners that are attending college but if the bong is more appealing then the books, you might want to cut back. Some people really value the image of a diploma on their walls. Don’t let the privilege of smoking cannabis mess up a future that you’re really invested in. An easy way to condition yourself is to smoke after you’ve finished a chunk of school work, kind of like a reward system.

Don’t let your cannabis use effect other aspects of your life. Learning to smoke and balance responsibilities is a key part of marijuana use. If one doesn’t know how to do that, cannabis is usually what gets blamed. But it is the firm belief of many that people who smoke weed and are lazy were lazy before they started smoking. If you can smoke and handle your life like an adult, you’re a truly awesome stoner!

Stoner Guide; How To Know You Shouldn’t Smoke

Stoner Guide; The Best Rolling Papers

Stoner Guide; The Best Rolling Papers

For those that don’t love glass, they love papers. There’s something really awesome about rolling a really nice joint but with the hundreds of different papers out there, how do stoners know what to smoke? Thankfully, Stonerdays knows how tough the choice can be while standing in front of a wall of papers. This small list will name the top four papers that you should try out in your joint rolling career!

The Best Rolling Papers StonerDays 123

If we didn’t mention Raw, it wouldn’t be a list of papers, now would it? Probably one of the most well known brands out there, the Raw papers are incredibly famous in the stoner community. They’re natural and extremely smooth, providing the smoker with an enjoyable joint that can be smoked along or shared with your buds!

The Best Rolling Papers StonerDays 1

– Juicy J
This company has SO MANY FLAVORS of rolling papers, your head will spin. From chocolate chip cookie to cherry, you will love the extensive selection of Juicy J papers. They’re also extremely smooth so you’ll definitely enjoy! Even better, you can wrap joints in two papers at a time, combining the flavors!

The Best Rolling Papers StonerDays 12

– Urban Wraps
While some don’t like the way they smoke, these papers are the best way to roll for the sneaky stoner. They’re printed like cigarettes, complete with the filter. No one will know that you’re smoking a joint while you’re rolling around in your car, with what appears to be a cigarette.

The Best Rolling Papers StonerDays

– Elements
Yet another natural paper, these are great! A smooth hit and an easy roll, Element papers should definitely be in your collection. They even make filters to go along with their joints so you can keep it completely natural!

No matter what you’re rolling with, just be sure that you enjoy the joint either by yourself or with friends! There are hundreds of different papers out there and it’s recommended that you try all of them at one point or another. You’ll definitely be able to pick out a favorite after a few tries!

Stoner Guide; What To Do If Paraphernalia Ever Gets Banned

Paraphernalia StonerDays

Stoner Guide; What To Do If Paraphernalia Ever Gets Banned

Smoking devices are basically a status symbol these days. The more impressive the glass, the more attention the owner gets. It makes sense with the kind of glass that’s on the market now. Complex pieces that cost a pretty penny should be paid attention to. But what would happen if the law were to suddenly change and all of the glass was to be banned? It almost happened in Florida, where a bill was introduced to ban the sale of all paraphernalia within the state.

Paraphernalia StonerDays 1

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of ways to get stoned without using glass pieces. The first would obviously be rolling papers. Even if paraphernalia was banned, tobacco companies are still allowed to sell papers, so at least there would still be those. Even if the rolling papers were to vanish, the process of emptying out a cigarette and filling it with cannabis would still exist, although the toxins in a cigarette paper are ridiculous. If smoking does come down to this, it’s also recommended that you remove the cigarette filter. Hopefully, there would still be rolling papers available, since the cigarette idea should only be used in a dire emergency.

Paraphernalia StonerDays

Stoners have become incredibly crafty over the years. Since those that aren’t over the age of 18, getting a hold of a smoking device can be a huge process. And what if you’re somewhere where there’s weed but no piece? Discovering new ways to use every day items is a skill that most stoners possess. From the simple tinfoil to any sort of fruit or vegetable, stoners know the key to making their own smoking devices at home! There are entire social media pages dedicated to the creativity of stoners who don’t just like to smoke out of the conventional bong or pipe.

Paraphernalia StonerDays 2

The following instructions will teach you how to make an apple pipe, a healthy, wonderful tasting alternative to glass or papers, if you so find yourself in that situation. This pipe not only provides a quick smoking device but a nice snack one you’ve finished smoking! Simply grab an apple and a pen. Remove the entire stem of the apple and then stab a hole through the top of the apple with the pen, stopping about halfway down the apple. Near the bottom of the fruit, poke another hole that connects to the first hole inside the apple. The hole should be off to the side of the bottom of the apple and at a slight angle. The last hole should be on the side of the apple, connecting in the middle with the chamber that you’ve begun to form. This third hole will be the carb so be sure to place it in a spot that will be easy to cover with your finger while smoking. Using a pen or a small knife, cut out a small bowl on the top of your apple. This will be where you put your bud. Stick a screen in the apple and pack up. You’re ready to smoke in an all natural way!

Paraphernalia StonerDays 3

Thankfully, it’s only been Florida to consider passing such a damaging bill and it didn’t even pass there. Florida is now working towards legalizing medical marijuana, ever so slowly. Even if the government was to outlaw the production of glass pieces, stoners will manage to find a way to get stoned, just as they always have. There will always be a way around the laws that are put in place in order to rid cannabis from society.

Stoner Guide; What To Do If Paraphernalia Ever Gets Banned

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays4

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

Whether you’re using the cannabis plant for recreational or medicinal purposes, the plant still possess the ability to ruin relationships. Stoners get to deal with a lot of negativity when it comes to telling their close family and friends about the fact that they use marijuana. There are mothers and fathers who can’t stand the fact that their child uses marijuana for any reason. Brothers and sisters grow apart if their views on the cannabis plant differ and both feel strongly about their opinion. It’s sad but true that cannabis can tear people apart. But there are definitely ways to avoid letting this plant effect your personal life.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays3

While the patients see the medical value in marijuana, some family members may not. Parents and siblings especially can be very stubborn when they find out their child is using an so called illegal drug in order to go about their daily lives. While the patient can present as many facts as they possibly can, it is possible that the family members or significant other will just shake their head in disappointment. Using cannabis is not something that a patient should be ashamed of. If presenting your family with the facts and giving them your testimony of how the plant helps does nothing to sway their opinions, you’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays1

At this point, some parents/siblings/significant others will just let the subject go. Most stoners are lucky if this happens. Some people choose to ignore what they know about cannabis and who uses it, rather than listen to proven facts. Worst case scenario, you’ll lose a boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents and siblings may stop speaking to you. This is completely unacceptable. When family turns their back on children, it is the ultimate form of disrespect. If this happens to you, all I can really tell you is stay strong. Stick to what you believe in. Parents and siblings will accept it eventually. If you’re dealing with a stubborn boyfriend or girlfriend and they leave you because you’re smoking pot to relieve severe pain and sickness, they aren’t the one for you.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays

Not all stoners get to smoke weed with their parents, brothers, sisters, and lovers. There are still those that hide it from the people around them. The best way to avoid the awkward situation of getting caught smoking a bowl in a closet one day, it is good to get the subject of marijuana out in the open. Every day, new information is produced that gives merit to the idea of medical marijuana. It gets harder and harder for people to not believe that facts that are presented. From studies to scholarly papers to cancer societies, marijuana is becoming seriously mainstream.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays4

Talking to the people in your life about your usage of marijuana is the best way to educate. By explaining what you know, while family might not understand right away, your ideas will sit in their brain. They will think it over. It took six years of me trying to tell my parents that marijuana is a benefit to the human race and the earth as a whole. Finally, they could no longer deny the facts. Evidence is everything. If you’re going to talk to you family and friends about pot, make sure you have the correct information and you present it in a non-threatening way. Arguments get nowhere and angry people don’t listen. Stay calm, no matter how thickheaded the other person/people are.

stoner guide cannabis relationships stonerdays2

Cannabis can ruin relationships… If you let it. By being honest and discussing this subject, you can avoid losing family and friends by having to choose between relationships and the medicine that you require. Family usually comes back together, even if they don’t agree with your views. Eventually, with the constant influx of positive information regarding cannabis, they won’t be able to deny it.

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

Stoner Guide; The Danger of the US/Canadian Border

Stoner Guide; The Danger of the US/Canadian Border

There are a lot of stoners in the United States and Canada that hold passports, allowing them to cross the borders. There are people that bounce back and forth between the two countries on a weekly basis, never really thinking that honesty could get them in trouble. Of course, in the US, smoking marijuana apparently can get you banned from crossing the border, even if you don’t physically have marijuana on you. Simply admitting to using marijuana can get you banned from the United States.

us canada border stonerdays

Jessica Goldstein was on her way to Washington state from White Rock, located in Canada. When Goldstein reached the border, she admitted to smoking cannabis while in Canada several days before. The Canadian resident was questioned for hours, just for telling the truth. What makes this situation worse is that Washington state recently legalized recreational use of marijuana. Since Goldstein was going to Washington anyway, should it really matter? Even disregarding the fact that Washington is a legal state, Goldstein had no cannabis on her. So just admitting to smoking marijuana can now actually get you in trouble.


The traveler and her friends were on their way to a concert in Washington but were questioned repeatedly at the border. When asked how many times she had smoked in her life, she replied honestly and said about 500 times, one of those times being the week before. Goldstein was then given a piece of paper stating that she was inadmissible to the US. She, as well as her friends, were forced to about face and head back home. She wasn’t refunded for her ticket purchases and ended up giving up her seats at the concert. One of the friends Goldstein had with her also answered honestly to the question but wasn’t barred from the US. Talk about some serious unfair treatment.

us canada border stonerdays 1

As usual, the United States government had nothing to say about this particular matter, or the question of how many people have been turned away from the US for just being honest. Michael Milne, the public affairs officer for the US Customers and Border Protection, first stated that he was unable to comment on specific cases due to privacy laws in the US and failed to provide any information how many times an incident such as this occurred. And in accordance with the odd way the US handles these things, Milne then sent an email, sharing a few of the requirements that the US Customers and Border Control has put forth for people crossing in to the States from Canada.

us canada border stonerdays 2

To become inadmissible to the US, you have to be determined to be a drug abuser or addict or you must have been convicted of a crime involving a violation of any law or regulation in the United States. Which means that the majority of citizens in this country wouldn’t be allowed back in, considering that everyone has broken a law at one time or another. Considering that being a drug addict or abuser is determined to be so if one even takes the smallest puff of bud, it could be said that perhaps the US should revise this potentially life ruining policy.

Stoner Guide; The Danger of the US/Canadian Border

Stoner Guide; Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana

Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana stonerdays weed

Stoner Guide; Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana

Tobacco is a deadly substance. Even more so because the only thing required to buy it is an 18+ year old license. It’s sold in every gas station that you’ll ever walk in to and causes cancer. But yet, there are still people smoking it and buying it. It’s addictive tendencies keep people paying and that’s what matters. But thankfully, if you have a few days off from work and other responsibilities, you can use marijuana to help you kick the habit for good.

Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana stonerdays weed

Using marijuana to quit smoking is a great way to avoid tobacco and nicotine in a more natural way, without having to cover yourself in patches or chew gum that tastes like tar. It’s also much less costly, as quitting smoking supplies are a decent amount of money. Heavy smokers who use products like this spend a lot of money on things like Nicorette and similar methods. In reality, those things may be just as harmful as the cigarettes that you’re trying to quit. The gums and patches and lozenges still have nicotine in them. Sometimes these methods work and sometimes they don’t.

Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana stonerdays weed 2

The marijuana method is very easy but needs to be done when you have a few days off to yourself, since you’re going to end up smoking a good amount of pot while you’re trying to quit. Every time that you want to smoke a cigarette, smoke a bowl instead. The cannabis will make you able to curb the craving for a cigarette. You’re still smoking something, which satisfies the oral fixation, plus you’re getting stoned, which is far better for your body than smoking a cigarette. But you see why you need to have a few days off to yourself. You’re probably going to be pretty stoned for the duration of the three days that it will take for your body to no longer depend on nicotine.

Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana stonerdays weed 1

Quitting smoking is a great idea. If you smoke cigarettes, quitting with the marijuana method is something that you should definitely consider. While it is harder (and possibly illegal) for you to take a joint break at work, your lungs will thank you when you’re not inhaling rat poison, paint thinner, and other carcinogens. You can also put the money that you spend on cigarettes towards buying more weed. By disregarding cigarettes, you benefit in more ways than one. You’ll be a little richer, a little healthier, and a lot happier. Good luck!

Stoner Guide; Quitting Cigarettes With Marijuana

Stoner Guide; Hemp Seeds

juicing cannabis stonerdays

Stoner Guide; Hemp Seeds

Juicing cannabis is beneficial for your health. This is a pretty common fact at this point but what other health benefits does the cannabis plant hold as far as raw ingredients go.

juicing cannabis stonerdays 2

It’s been found that not just the leaves are good for the human body but the seeds of the hemp plant are quite useful themselves. The seeds can be eaten raw, juiced, or added to other dishes that you’re whipping up in your kitchen.

Hemp seeds contain high amounts of protein, as well as containing all nine of the essential amino acids. The seeds are also carries of high fatty acids levels and fiber, plus vitamin E and trace minerals. Are you seeing the health benefits yet? All of these important nutrients and vitamins, contained in something as small as a hemp seed. In addition, those who use hemp seeds instead of protein shakes and powders say that by ingesting hemp seeds instead, they do not experience the sometimes apparent side effects of extra protein, such as bloating in the abdominal area.

juicing cannabis stonerdays

Some argue that soy is comparable to hemp but this is not so. Soy products contain something called phytic acid. This anti-nutrient (doesn’t sounds good does it?) prevents the body from absorbing nutrients easily from food. Hemp, on the other hand does not contain phytic acid and therefore makes it better for the body. If soy prevents the stomach from absorbing vital nutrients from food, it really doesn’t have health benefit does it?

juicing cannabis stonerdays 3

Hemp has been in production for thousands of years. Considering it doesn’t get the user stoned, hemp has a ton of healthy benefits for people, from the amount of protein it contains to how easily it’s obtained. The hemp plant can completely resolve many of the issues that the earth faces today, such as deforestation and the sky high price of oil and gas. The hemp plant is an extreme benefit to the human race and us not using it the way it’s supposed to be used is like slapping nature in the face.

Stoner Guide; Hemp Seeds

Stoner Guide; Top Five Strains For PMS


Stoner Guide; Top Five Strains For PMS

It is a widely known fact that cannabis assists women with symptoms of PMS. Due to a lack of information regarding the topic, patients may have trouble finding the strains that make PMS more bearable. Since every strain is specific to certain health problems, women who suffer from PMS should know what weed will alleviate their symptoms.


1. Blue Dream


This strain has numerous health benefits. But specifically for PMS, the Blue Dream strain will provide the smoker with pain relief while still allowing a normal day of activities. Indica dominant, Blue Dream is a great strain to use while smoking your way through your PMS symptoms.

2. Space Dawg

space dawg stonerdays

An indica as strong as this will completely eradicate any symptom of PMS… Or anything else. With extremely high THC levels ranging around 19%, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll feel better in no time. Not only does it help, but tastes like candy with just a hint of citrus sour.

3. Wonder Woman

wonder woman marijuana stonerdays strain

Grown to help with pain, stress, and insomnia, Wonder Woman is a strain that knocks out all symptoms. With an almost 50/50 sativa/indica split, this strain will let you go about your day but feel good about it, letting you enjoy a slight mental buzz while the weed takes effect.

4. Querkle


Always a personal favorite of mine, I’m convinced that most PMS symptoms can be taken out with this strain. Pain, bad mood, whatever the case is, Querkle will make you ready for whatever. Another heavy indica, Querkle will also lift your mood, getting rid of the cranky PMS symptoms. Don’t let the gross smell get you down, Querkle is perfect for the terrors of PMS.

5. Chernobyl


With an interesting name, this strain of cannabis was rated very highly by High Times. It’s a mix of Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity. Primarily sativa, Chernobyl is perfect for pain and will give relief for hours with a creative, euphoric high. Symptoms of PMS stand no chance against this strain, or any of those listed above.

Stoner Guide; Top Five Strains For PMS

Stoner Guide; You Know You’re A Stoner When…


Stoner Guide; You Know You’re A Stoner When…

We all catch ourselves doing odd little things when we’re high that we can’t seem to remember doing when we’re sober. Not only that but it seems like ALL stoners seem to do these things every once in a while. Let’s face it, being high all the time may make us a little… Well… Off sometimes! YOU KNOW YOUR A STONER WHEN

Here are some ways that you can tell if you’re a stoner.

– You want to pack a bowl. So you grind up your bud, pack it neatly in to your favorite piece… And then forget that it’s there. Whether Spongebob just came on the TV or you decided that you really wanted a spaghetti & meatball pizza. Whatever the case, the packed bowl sits on the table for hours before you remember that it’s there. But at this point, there’s no way you can be mad. You’ve already done most of the work!

sponge bob stonerdays


– Occasionally, you forget the topic of conversation right in the middle of your sentence. Now, to be honest, I do this when I’m sober. But it’s definitely worse when I’m stoned. Maybe the topic isn’t interesting to you. Or you’re just busy thinking about the bong you’re going to pack when this other person stops talking. 😉

are you a stoner


– People question your ability to taste food. The crazy plates that come out of your kitchen look far from edible… Yet when people eat them, they’ve never been more satisfied! A buffalo sauce and fried pickle pizza is a good idea, regardless of what anyone might think before trying it.

stoner munchies stonerdays


– When smoking weed on a Friday night seems more appealing than going to the bar and getting hammered, you’re definitely a stoner. The debate between marijuana and alcohol is an everlasting one. If an individual chooses that smoking takes priority over drinking, they have my respect. Choosing not to drink and being a 21-25 year old in this day and age is a hard thing to do. Why not smoke instead? Better bonds are formed over a blunt than a beer and the bartender is just going to try to take all of your money anyway.

Colorado Marijuana Clubs


– You car’s vents randomly push out puffs of weed smoke. It happens, I swear. Otherwise I might just be crazy. But you know that you’ve been driving down the highway and all of a sudden, it smells like someone lit up in the passenger seat. It’s probably from all of the cruises you take… Or maybe you should do a smell check…



– Checking the refrigerator and cabinets repeatedly doesn’t cause your favorite snack to appear, unfortunately for stoners. The box of cheese its that you want are’t there and still won’t be when you look again in five seconds. I know, I know, it’s a bummer.

stonerdays edits (23)


While we work extremely hard to avoid falling in to the negative stereotypes that people set for us, we have to face reality that we do stupid things when we’re stoned sometimes. But people who are sober do stupid things as well and if you’ve ever driven in traffic, you know how annoying others can be. Occasionally, we forget what we’re talking about and like weird foods. It’s better than the alternative, am I right?

Stoner Guide; You Know You’re A Stoner When…

Stoner Guide; Five Things To Do When You’re High

Stoner Guide; Five Things To Do When You’re High

Not everyone wants to hang out and watch cartoons when they smoke. Some people get active and want to do things. Even if you don’t normally get out and do stuff when you’re high, it’s good to get out of the house. There’s plenty of fun stuff you could do when you’re high. Being an active stoner is fun and good for you!

stoner guide hike

1. Go for a hike and when you reach your halfway point, light up a joint. Nature smoking is not only awesome but hiking is great exercise. This time of year is beautiful, especially on the east coast. By lighting up halfway, you either stay high (if you smoked before starting your trek) or you can get stoned to the sounds of real nature. Smoking in the woods is one of my favorite things to do.



2. Paint, draw, or sculpt! Making art while you’re stoned is awesome. I do almost all of my writing when I’m stoned. Keeping a packed bong is essential to writing any blog! I used to do a lot of painting and drawing as well but writing ended up being my favorite. But being creative when you’re high is great and can produce some really awesome results!



3. Bake! Cooking when stoned will yield some dope dishes. Have you ever had spaghetti and meatball pizza? If you answered no, you better be thinking about trying it! It’s amazing! How about fried pickles dipped in buffalo sauce? Also amazing on pizza. I really love pizza. But throwing random ingredients together will eventually lead you to awesome dishes that you can eventually share with your stoner friends!



4. People watch. Going to a public place and just sitting on a bench, watching the people walk by can be incredibly amusing. There are a lot of interesting characters in the world and studying people can be very… Well… Odd. The mall is the best place to people watch, especially during the holidays which are fast approaching.



5. Mini-golf… Or arcades. Those places are an absolute blast when you’re stoned. Playing high laser tag is so much fun and a boardwalk arcade is always cool to mess around in after you’ve smoked a bit. I prefer laser tag, personally. There’s an awesome place near where I live that has a two story laser tag place. I can’t even express how awesome it is!

You don’t always have to be a couch potato when you’re stoned. Being high makes normal activities seem far cooler than they normally would be if you weren’t stoned. I highly (haha) recommend that you try at least one of these things if you aren’t already an active stoner!

Stoner Guide; Five Things To Do When You’re High

Stoner Guide; Are Vapes Bad For The Lungs?

Stoner Guide; Are Vaporizers Bad For You?

Vaporizing bud is an extremely popular way for stoners to medicate. By using a vaporizer, the smoker is getting a different kind of high and can also reuse the weed that is “vaped”. These little mechanisms are convenient, easy to hide, and heat up quickly but is there a downside to this smoking method?

vaporizers good or bad stonerdays

Could it be possible that vaporizing marijuana could actually hurt the lungs? As the electronic cigarettes begin to get berated for being vaporizers, stoners can only wonder if their beloved vapes are doing more harm than good.


Reports of vaping from stoners seem to be pretty consistent. The feeling is great, the taste is better, and there are hundreds of different options so everyone can find the vape that fits them. There were some negative effects that were said as well. The cons seem to be a harsh throat and burned lungs. This makes sense, as the vaporizers heat up to sweltering temperatures that could damage the throat and lungs if the vaporizer is used constantly, at higher temps. Make sure that the vape you’re using is set to the lowest possible setting that it has while still vaping the bud. Burnt lungs are not fun and will leave your chest hurting for days. To avoid harsh throats while vaping, keep a glass of liquid near you.


The stoners that seem to have a negative experience with the vapes in regards to lung pain seem to be those who have either been a chronic cigarette smoker or those who have had a severe lung illness in their lifetime. As a sufferer of chronic bronchitis and a former tobacco user, vaporizers burn my lungs like liquid fire and I’m sure that I’m not alone in that. The harsh heat from the machine causes tight lungs, shortness of breath, and can cause the user to cough uncontrollably for extended periods of time. While these effects aren’t common, those who have suffered from bronchial infections might want to stick to edibles.


It’s difficult to find information on this subject. Here at Stonerdays, we recommend that you acknowledge your medical history when choosing your preferred smoking method. Eating your weed is a much better way for those with damaged lungs to get relief from their ailments. Edibles don’t go anywhere near your lungs and obviously won’t burn your throat. If you do insist on vaping or smoking, it is a good idea to practice breathing exercises in an attempt to restore your lungs to their former health!

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Beauty


Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Beauty

Makeup and skincare make up a huge part of the female life (possibly for some males as well). Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your insides.


Some products on the market today aren’t good for you face at all and can end up damaging your skin over a long period of time. Some of these products are animal tested, which obviously is terrible thing in itself, let alone the fact that there have been products released to the general public containing carcinogens. While looking nice is a positive thing and can help with self-image, giving yourself cancer by putting foundation on isn’t okay.

Stoner applying sunblock

By now, people have begun to realize that cannabis has numerous other uses other than getting people stoned. There are articles on cannabis relating to industrial purposes and internal health but very few on the connection of cannabis and beauty products. However, this information is definitely worth finding. Topical cannabis is used to treat inflammation, as well as redness and dry skin. By putting creams containing cannabis on the skin, one could reduce the amount of acne, flakey skin, and redness on the face or other parts of the body that suffer from the same issues (elbows, knuckles, feet, etc).


These cannabis creams aren’t going to get you stoned so there’s no need to worry, you can use them whenever. Unfortunately, the creams are illegal in any state that marijuana is illegal… Only because it contains cannabis. Basically, you can get arrested by just possessing these products, even though they have no mind altering effect on those that use them. Since these creams are all natural and don’t contain carcinogens like the stuff you see on the shelves at Rite Aid and CVS, they’re far healthier for the human body and need to be researched to the point where the consumer can buy foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and powder made with cannabis that has zero health risks when used.


By using more natural things on our skin, we lower the risk of our bodies absorbing the toxic ingredients in some products. It’s ridiculous that possessing cannabis skin cream is still a punishable offense, especially since the ointments will not get you anywhere near stoned. These creams could possibly slow down the aging process of skin and allow the skin to be more elastic for longer, reducing amounts of wrinkles. Hopefully, the research to discover benefits like that can be done soon. The consumers deserve products that will better their lives and the lives of those around them.

Stoner Guide; Cannabis And Beauty