Five Ways To Tell A Stoner

Five Ways To Tell A Stoner; Stoner Guide

Stoners these days aren’t necessarily wearing tie dye… Or calling everyone “dude” for that matter. New age stoners are harder to spot but not impossible. A seasoned stoner knows when someone else smokes weed… And even if they don’t, there’s a strong chance that they do. Most people these days smoke weed. So how does one be sure before directing the conversation to cannabis? Here are five ways to tell a new age stoner from a non-smoker.


01 If you subtlety bring up marijuana in conversation, other stoners can tend to pick up one it. Mention 4:20, green vegetative matter, and other not-so-obvious terms. If the person you’re talking to smokes bud, they’re definitely going to pick up on the comments you make. Don’t be too obvious in case they’re not feeling it. If you make enough sneaky comments, the person might actually bring up weed themselves and you won’t have to feel weird about bringing it up yourself.


02 If you notice the person seems to carry a lighter but doesn’t smoke cigarettes, they’re probably a stoner. I don’t know about you guys but I always carry an extra Bic on me, just in case someone whips out a bowl and needs a spark. Stoners are always prepared to smoke so if you notice that someone around you always has a flame but never smokes a cigarette, you might want to get in to a conversation with them and refer back to #1.


03 Going along with aforementioned lighter carrying, if that particular lighter seems to have black gunk on the bottom corners, the person probably smokes weed. Lighters that belong to stoners are usually used to crush down weed in the bowl, moving around the contents in order to see if there’s still a salvageable hit in there.



04 If the topic of travel comes up and places like Colorado, California, Washington, and Amsterdam seem to be a shared destination of both parties, you’re both probably stoners. Since these places are such hot spots for cannabis tourism, most people that want to visit them are partaking of the ganja themselves. Who knows, you may find a new best friend to travel and smoke with!



05 They say things like “no worries”, “chill”, and “down”. Even though there are many different kinds of people that smoke weed, stoners usually can’t resist tossing these words in to conversation. This one won’t work for everyone, as some stoners have been able to really refine their language. But for the younger stoners, words and phrases like these are a telltale sign of toking!

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Five Ways To Tell A Stoner; Stoner Guide

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