Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

There are many different kinds of cannabinoids that are contained in marijuana that assist with the health of the human body. Since there are different ways to ingest cannabis, the benefits are different for each different way. This blog will talk about what raw cannabis can do for us when ingested and it’s highly recommended that you attempt to work some raw cannabis in to your diet, either by juicing it or adding leaves and such to your regular meals, including burgers, salads, and even alcoholic beverages if you’re feeling like getting a little tipsy but attempting to remain healthy at the same time!


Raw cannabis contains THCA as well as THCVA, two cannabinoids that have incredible benefits for health. THCA is anti inflammatory and anti seizure, which makes it good for those with arthritis and epilepsy. The THCVA is also one of the cannabinoids that contributes to anti inflammatory properties of cannabis. In addition to the THCA and the THCVA, raw cannabis contains CBDA, which is the cannabinoid that has been proven to be anti cancer and is the primary cannabinoid that benefits cancer patients. By putting these cannabinoids in to our bodies, we not only help to boost our bodies immune system to prevent these illnesses from ever occurring or to help to cure them if they’re already present.


It’s these cannabinoids that make marijuana such an asset to human health. All of these chemicals assist in normal body function and can help a lot of sick people to get better. By not ingesting raw cannabis, you’re depriving your body of things that could really help to prevent and cure many illnesses that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. It’s very important to know that all parts of the cannabis plant can benefit us in some way, from the seeds to the flowers. The versatile plant will only continue to gain popularity as more realize the amazing benefits it provides. With support of marijuana at a record high, at least we can see that the hard work that people have put in to the movement is finally paying off.

Stoner Guide; Raw Cannabis

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