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Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

Whether you’re using the cannabis plant for recreational or medicinal purposes, the plant still possess the ability to ruin relationships. Stoners get to deal with a lot of negativity when it comes to telling their close family and friends about the fact that they use marijuana. There are mothers and fathers who can’t stand the fact that their child uses marijuana for any reason. Brothers and sisters grow apart if their views on the cannabis plant differ and both feel strongly about their opinion. It’s sad but true that cannabis can tear people apart. But there are definitely ways to avoid letting this plant effect your personal life.

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While the patients see the medical value in marijuana, some family members may not. Parents and siblings especially can be very stubborn when they find out their child is using an so called illegal drug in order to go about their daily lives. While the patient can present as many facts as they possibly can, it is possible that the family members or significant other will just shake their head in disappointment. Using cannabis is not something that a patient should be ashamed of. If presenting your family with the facts and giving them your testimony of how the plant helps does nothing to sway their opinions, you’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

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At this point, some parents/siblings/significant others will just let the subject go. Most stoners are lucky if this happens. Some people choose to ignore what they know about cannabis and who uses it, rather than listen to proven facts. Worst case scenario, you’ll lose a boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents and siblings may stop speaking to you. This is completely unacceptable. When family turns their back on children, it is the ultimate form of disrespect. If this happens to you, all I can really tell you is stay strong. Stick to what you believe in. Parents and siblings will accept it eventually. If you’re dealing with a stubborn boyfriend or girlfriend and they leave you because you’re smoking pot to relieve severe pain and sickness, they aren’t the one for you.

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Not all stoners get to smoke weed with their parents, brothers, sisters, and lovers. There are still those that hide it from the people around them. The best way to avoid the awkward situation of getting caught smoking a bowl in a closet one day, it is good to get the subject of marijuana out in the open. Every day, new information is produced that gives merit to the idea of medical marijuana. It gets harder and harder for people to not believe that facts that are presented. From studies to scholarly papers to cancer societies, marijuana is becoming seriously mainstream.

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Talking to the people in your life about your usage of marijuana is the best way to educate. By explaining what you know, while family might not understand right away, your ideas will sit in their brain. They will think it over. It took six years of me trying to tell my parents that marijuana is a benefit to the human race and the earth as a whole. Finally, they could no longer deny the facts. Evidence is everything. If you’re going to talk to you family and friends about pot, make sure you have the correct information and you present it in a non-threatening way. Arguments get nowhere and angry people don’t listen. Stay calm, no matter how thickheaded the other person/people are.

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Cannabis can ruin relationships… If you let it. By being honest and discussing this subject, you can avoid losing family and friends by having to choose between relationships and the medicine that you require. Family usually comes back together, even if they don’t agree with your views. Eventually, with the constant influx of positive information regarding cannabis, they won’t be able to deny it.

Stoner Guide; Can Cannabis Ruin Relationships?

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