Five Cannabis Success Stories

Five Cannabis Success Stories

Hearing stories about how marijuana cures is great but it’s even better when it comes directly from the patients themselves. Knowing these stories makes it easier for people to accept the beneficial qualities of the plant. It also feels nice to know that people that are genuinely sick are able to medicate with such a positive, no-side-effects treatment that doesn’t make their sickness worse.


Anxiety Be Gone – This patient suffers from a digestive disorder and smoking cannabis has brought back their appetite. Not only that, but this person dealt with anxiety too. The marijuana helped that as well, letting the person feel more “normal”, an effect that a lot of people feel when using marijuana to combat anxiety. With the assistance of marijuana, this particular anxious patient was able to relax and become more socially aware, while at the same time combating two afflictions with one medicine.


Enlightenment – Most people that smoke cannabis gain the feeling that their level of consciousness is above other. For some reason, people who smoke tend to be a lot more aware of the situations around them and are able to accept that there is sometimes more than one possibility. This person smoked cannabis and found out that they acquired a newfound interest in all fields of science, letting the user to comprehend the reasoning for higher dimensions.


Ability To Question – While a lot of people still believe that the war on drugs is a valid fight and that the government is definitely working for the good of the people, the majority of stoners don’t believe the hype. This particular patient began to indulge in cannabis and, like many others, questioned the motives of the government and issues such as the drug war.


Migraine – Anyone who deals with migraines knows how painful they can be. It’s like a hot knife stabbing you in the eyeball and nothing helps… Except cannabis. A man’s wife was suffering from severe migraines that left her laying in bed in pain five times a week. Instead of taking four different medications a day from the pharmacy, she began to use medical marijuana and managed to alleviate her symptoms completely.


Depression? Not A Chance – Being sad all the time is enough to try any kind of medicine. This person used pot and began to see the world n a whole new way. Where as before cannabis, he had sat in front of his computer all day or the TV, zoning off in to space, he picked up healthier habits like playing bass. Cannabis also helped him to quit smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol and soda, a huge (and healthy) accomplishment.

Five Cannabis Success Stories

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