Police Brutality

Police Brutality; Stoner Stories

There are horror stories of people getting shaken down by the police. It’s a very frightening experience, especially when you’re not doing anything other then trying to comply with their demands. The following story was submitted anonymously by a reader who had a traumatic experience with the police. This situation is completely unfair and could have been dealt with in a far better manner than it was. Officers like this give the entire police force a bad name.


“My friend and I were walking down one of the main streets in my city smoking a blunt. All we had on us was the blunt, our phones, and a backpack of food. A cop passed by, turned his lights and sirens on, and pulled into a speedway right next to us. The cop got out of his car with his tazer pointed at us and starting yelling “Put your hands on your head and get on the f*cking ground!” at us repeatedly. My friend had gotten down but I could not bend my knee far enough to be able to get on the ground as I was recovering from a fractered knee cap. I had tried to explain this to the cop but he just kept yelling. The cop then tackled me even though i was explaining why I couldn’t. After he tackled me, he spun me around so my chest was towards the ground. He then sat on my legs which pushed my knee into the ground, causing excrutiating pain. He put handcuffs on me and instructed me to get up but my knee hurt so bad I couldn’t. He then picked me up and threw me on his car and told me I need to start cooperating. I tried to explain my knee problem again and he responded with “You’re not getting out of this with a made up story.” He then patted me down and threw me in the back of the car. After putting my friend in the car also he drove us to juvy where i stayed until my court date where I was sentenced to 14 days plus I had to go through drug court.”

Police are trained to be suspicious. However, if the people under suspicion aren’t being violent in any way, there’s no need for such a reaction. This officer completely overreacted. Not only did he draw his taser out of nowhere, how did he even know that these two friends were doing anything wrong? He must’ve just smelled the burning marijuana and deemed that a plausible reason to brutally take these two down. Besides the fact that the two were smoking out in the open, the officer continuing to use force when the person was trying to explain a health problem is excessive. Even though the subject of this story was doing something wrong, the cop could have at least been more gentle and understanding, as long as the person remained compliant.


Abusing their power is something that happens far more often then it should. The police are supposed to protect us from threats. Two people walking and smoking cannabis is no harm to anyone, especially late at night when no one is around. The smart thing to do? Don’t smoke out in the open where anyone can see you. While nature smoking is scenic and lovely, it’s not worth the risk of getting caught. Smoke in a place that is appropriate to the laws in your state!

Do you have a story that involves a non violent cannabis only run in with the law? If you feel like sharing your story to enlighten other stoners of how serious the legalization matter is, please feel free to email me at [email protected]! You may remain anonymous if you wish!

Police Brutality; Stoner Stories

Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds

Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds

It can’t be stressed enough that stoners love to get creative when they’re smoking. The rise of social media has made the creative stoner even more motivated, with interesting photographs being the best way to gain a massive following and thousands of likes. While some of the photos are the pure creation of stoner boredom, there are others that have hidden meanings that the creator adds to the picture. These are the best kinds of creative pictures because finding the meaning is almost as fun as just looking at the picture… And some of them are pretty damn cool.


@super_smacked_brothers420 is one of these such pages. The photos he creates utilize the buds that he smokes as well as action figures from almost every old school video game imaginable, as well as others. Each picture features a figure with marijuana, sometimes even different stickers. Since not every feed has a meaning behind the photos, I figured that sharing the fact that SSB420 uses the pictures to tell a story would give stoners a perspective and perhaps will begin to think a little deeper in to what they see on Instagram.


What made you start using the figures?

I have been a gamer since I can remember. The figures represent all the games/comics I grew up watching/playing.

Do the photos all having a meaning?

Yes, all the photos have their own individual meanings.

Is the reaction to the pictures mostly positive?

Yes, all the reactions I have been getting from my followers have been nothing but good vibes.


Do you explain the meanings behind the photos or let people figure them out for themselves?

I don’t, I would much rather each follower to experience the series in their own individual way in order for it to be their own experience. I want them to interpret the photo their way.

What’s your favorite photo from your entire series?

This photo of Bowser with a bud in his mouth is my favorite!


While there are a good amount of people that think Instagram is a wasteland of selfies and useless junk, there are some really awesome people out there that are doing really cool things, like SSB420. Being creative and having a positive following is extremely important to the movement. It may only be on an app for now but that following can easily become a much bigger, much more real group of likeminded stoners. The feed of SSB420 is definitely worth checking out and this kind of creativity is a great asset to the cannabis community.

Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds

Stoner Stories; The Lady Likes Words

Stoner Stories; The Lady Likes Words

She stared at me, like a kid looking at a patient in a mental hospital. Silence dwelled upon us louder and louder, till I could finally make out the sound of a ticking watch somewhere in the room. After a long 6 seconds, which might as well have been 6 hours, she crossed her voluptuous legs and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”


“That bad, hey?” I asked, before having a swig of vodka. She nodded her head and gave me a scrutinizing look, telling me that I’d lost my touch; as though my inner writer was sucked out of me by life’s hookers. “I just need some inspiration.”

“Then fucking find it!” she cried, looking through her handbag. She pulled out a large bag of weed and some rolling papers and began rolling a joint. I wish I could have explained myself to her, but I didn’t have the answer to why I couldn’t give her the literary orgasm she’d been searching for. She loved words so much, that she was willing to sneak off to my apartment and smoke a joint at 12A.M., without her fiancee’s knowledge. I’d never received a negative comment from her before. I’m used to her asking for more, as though pleasure was limitless and yet, there she was, silent…concerned.


“So, how have you been, Harley?” I asked, trying to break the cold silence as she blew a cloud of smoke across my face.

“Can’t you ask me something else?” she retorted, leaving my gaze with a look of concern. Her favorite writer’s soul was dying before her and she could see it. She could see that Hollywood had taken its toll on me and that it was slowly changing who I was. I was losing myself and she could tell, she just didn’t want to bring it up.

“Okay, then,” I said. “Where’s your ‘Prince’?”

“He’s always with me,” she replied, catching my gaze with subtle aggression.

“20 000 miles away, right?” I asked with my words screaming unwanted sarcasm. “Since when have you been a lover of long distance relations?”

“I’m not, but it’s worth it for him,”


I was surprised; she never was one to trust, especially when it came to relationships. Her heart had been broken so many times, that she abandoned all hope of love and happiness. She made peace with the fact that she wouldn’t find, “the one” and yet, I was gazing into the hypnotic eyes of “the one that got away”. A classic situation, especially in the movies. I’d written scripts and stories of the boy trying to win the girl who was in love with the douche bag. I just never enjoyed playing the role of the main character and yet, there I was losing the one person who mattered to me: Harley.

“What makes you say,” I began, trying to evoke some envy and insecurity, “he isn’t performing cunnilingus on the beach to someone who might resemble you?”

[pictures.4ever.eu] silhouette of couple, kiss, hug, pigeons, fence 158844

She got up from her seat and walked towards the balcony in an attempt to get away from the question. I followed her, grabbing the joint she’d left on the table. It was cold and the night was only going to get colder. She watched the city sleep, as she shivered in the cold wind. I cuddled her from behind and held her body as if she were mine. “I trust him,” she said, with an unconvincing undertone. He’s a lucky bastard, I thought.

“I never thought, after multiple heartbreaks, ‘trust’ was lingering around your vocabulary,”

I passed Harley the joint and she took a long drag, before replying: “He fixed me,”

“You’re acting as if there was something wrong with you,” I replied, whispering in her ear. “I’m just saying.”

She pushed my arms away and marched inside, grabbed her things and took one more drag of the joint before handing it to me. She stood silent, our eyes fixed at one another. I knew what was happening; she was leaving. She didn’t want to talk, anymore and I had a sickening feeling that, she wouldn’t want to talk for a long time. She gave me a long and passionate kiss on the balcony. Her lips were soft against mine, as well as her tongue. I slid my hands down her back and cradled her ass, before she pushed me away and with a heartbroken tone she said: “Goodbye, Nick,”


I watched her close the door behind her and heard her footsteps disappear down the hall. I wanted to chase after her. I wanted to tell her, how much she really meant to me. I wanted to be the one to save her from winter’s cold, but alas, she found no interest in the writer, no more. As I slowly finished the joint, which had me higher than a motherfucking kite, I realized that Hollywood had taken my soul and left me with nothing, but that heavyhearted feeling people have whenever they love someone who couldn’t love them back. “Fuck you, Hollywood!”

By: Linda N

Stoner Stories; The Lady Likes Words

Stoner Stories; You’re Free To Go… Just Kidding!

Stoner Stories; You’re Free To Go… Just Kidding!

Dealing with the police can be a stressful thing, especially when the cops seem to be on a power trip. There are some cops out there that do anything but follow procedure when they suspect someone of breaking a law. It’s up to you to know your rights and to avoid police interaction whenever possible. Not all cops are out to get you but you never know who’s a good or bad cop. This reader was doing nothing wrong at all when he was stopped and harassed by the cops for a bullshit reason.


“This happened a couple of years back, but I was getting water at the water fountain after playing a game of handball. An officer appeared out of the blue. He said there have been a couple of robberies in the area, I fit the description. Continued to ask me what I was doing and why was I out of breath. I told him that I had just finished playing a game of handball. I explained that I was winded and was in need of drink, hence why I was at the fountain. He told me I was good to go but as I turned around to walk away, he stopped me again and said he had forgotten to search me as it was procedure. He searched me and in my pocket he found a dub sack and that’s when I got arrested.”

stoner stories stonerdays cops

It is extremely important that you know your rights and also, carry around the number of an attorney just in case. If a police officer says that you are free to leave, you best high tail your ass out of there. And if for some reason, the officer says that you need to be searched, you need to ask for a warrant. If the cop has already said that you are free to go, yet suddenly decides that you need to be searched, there needs to be probably cause. If you’ve already been cleared and let go, where’s the probably cause? There is none. This could be a situation of stereotyping, a power trip, or just a cop having a bad day and feeling that it’s necessary to take it out on some unsuspecting citizen.

stonerdays stoner stories attorney

Considering the officer had already said that this reader was free to go, he was definitely not in the right when he changed his mind and decided to search. It’ll be soon when cannabis users no longer have to worry about the cops giving them shit, since the plant is so close to being legalized in so many different states. Be sure to brush up on your law knowledge, just in case you ever run in to a situation like this one. And as I said before, always be sure to carry the card of a good attorney in case you ever need a number to call if you need a lawyer.

Stoner Stories; You’re Free To Go… Just Kidding!

Stoner Stories; Cannabis Salve

Cannabis Salve stonerdays 1

Stoner Stories; Cannabis Salve

So far, the Stoner Stories series has been full of sad tales about smokers that are forced to deal with the long arm of the law. Thankfully, I’m switching it up to something a little more positive! This story is about the cannabis salve that one of my readers used on her wrist after a harsh surgery, brought on by a rare condition called Kienbock’s disease, which is a disorder where the lunate bone (one the bones in the wrist) begins to die due to interruption of blood supply. It’s extremely painful and uncomfortable, fixed only by surgery. However, after the surgery was complete, this reader used a cannabinoid based salve for her scar and is extremely happy with the results!

Cannabis Salve stonerdays 1

“I had to have surgery to get the blood supply back in my wrist at the end of September. Upon leaving the hospital, I was prescribed loritabs and hydro codons. I took them and they didn’t help my pain at all, they actually started to slow down my digestive organs. After having to go back to the hospital after 4 days of being on the medication for the side effects the pills were causing, I decided I wouldn’t let another prescription pill pass my lips. Since that day I used cannabis concentrates, cannabis herb, and the occasional ibuprofen for my pain and healing. Since my bandages came off and my wound formed into a scar, I use a cannabis salve on my arm multiple times a day. It takes away the pain in my healing bones and muscles. It is also healing my scar amazingly well, and brings nourishment and regeneration to the skin. I use concentrates to help with the pain and tension. I believe in using cannabis after surgery instead of prescription pills. I have always used cannabis for many different aspects of my life, but not until my surgery did I experience first hand that this plant is a LIFE CHANGER. I live a healthier lifestyle due to cannabis. I know that people will learn from my story, and be able to use cannabis salve and concentrates for many medicinal purposes, including after care for many surgical procedures.”

Cannabis Salve stonerdays 12

Cannabis salve is an anti-inflammatory, which will bring down any swelling. The salve also slows the activity of the white blood cells, reducing the scar size since the body feels that it doesn’t need to rush to heal the wound as quickly. Not only that but the salve manages to numb the pain and allow the recovering patient to function somewhat normally, even though they have just undergone surgery. The salve combined with the ingestion of edibles, herb, and concentrates lead this reader to a speedy recovery and a not so brutal looking scar. Since the salve contains cannabis, it is still illegal for states that don’t have medical marijuana laws. Even though it doesn’t get you high, it can still get you arrested, so be careful if you decide to use it yourself!

Stoner Stories; Cannabis Salve

Stoner Stories; Nosey Neighbors

nosey stoners stonerdays 2

Stoner Stories; Nosey Neighbors

Dealing with neighbors can be tough if you’re a stoner. These nosey humans always seem to be able to smell the faintest hint of marijuana and if you’re really unlucky, they tend to love to call the cops on their harmless, pot smoking peer on the floor below them. Sometimes, without any warning, a stoner will be hanging out and suddenly have cops at the door. The reader who submitted this story, found this out the hard way, three different times. His neighbors must’ve really hated him or the marijuana because he is still dealing with the repercussions of the situation, even though he has since moved to a different state.

nosey stoners stonerdays

“The first time I saw it coming as I was hosting my first party and it got a little out of hand. A small fight broke out in the front lawn and the neighbors called the cops. Granted when the cops showed up my roommate walked out the apartment and smoke poured out and they definitely had probable cause on that one. In the end of that debacle I ended up with 1 year probation at $50/month, 80 hours community service, and 8 substance abuse classes at $20/class.

nosey stoners stonerdays 1

My second arrest came 2-3 weeks after I had new neighbors move in next to me who called in for a suspicious smell coming from my apartment. I had 3 months left on my first arrests probation. In this particular parish if you’re not drug tested on your way out of lock up there will not be a drug test unless the PO deems it necessary…basically if you come in stoned or messed up on anything. I doubt it’s like this throughout the state of Louisiana. So this time it was myself, my roommate, and my roomies girlfriend at the time smoking a few bowls, maybe a blunt or two while watching some sunday football. All of a sudden a random knock on the door. I thought it was one of our good friends stopping by but it was St. Bernards finest yet again. I do what I can to hide what I had. I look out the peephole of the door once more and there are 3 cops hand on gun ready to come in and shoot from what it seemed. I opened the door to walk out and talk to them. As soon as there was a crack in the door, they rushed me and threw me to the ground. Arrested all 3 of us. Luckily at the time I had a good paying job and was able to bail at least myself out this time and the first time. But this time I wasn’t read my rights as I was arrested and in the end my lawyer had the charges dropped. By the time I was done with my last court date I was off probation from my first arrest. Apparently the judge who sentenced me the first time around didn’t have the paper work of me being on probation when arrested the second time. Which makes me think what kind of judicial system is in place in this parish.

nosey stoners stonerdays 2

I had planned on moving to my current address in Alabama with my folks. Things at work weren’t ideal anymore and I saw my life literally going nowhere in that area. I was staying at the job to save money so I could afford the move and start another job as quick as possible once I settled in Alabama. About a two months before I was set to move I was laying in my bed sick. I had gone to the doctors earlier that day to get medicine for my sinuses. Once again, there was a knock on the door and it was the police yet again. My roommate had a few friends over nothing out of hand and the smoking was all done outside so I know they weren’t here for a suspicious smell this time. I get out of my bed and see what the problem is. One of the cops that had arrested me previously was at the door and asked if I heard a gun shot. I obliged with him and I really hadn’t heard any loud noises period. The cop had his partner with him and he claimed to have smelled marijuana when I walked out the door giving them probable cause to enter my home. They called for back up and 9 parish cops and 1 state trooper showed up to my apartment. They pressured me to let them look for a missing person. They stated it was for the safety of the neighborhood that they check to make sure I wasn’t harboring a fugitive with a gun. They found paraphernalia, tore my home up, and arrested me yet again for possession and paraphernalia.”

nosey stoners stonerdays 3

Again, the stories that some stoners have are shocking. The police just seemed to enjoy harassing this poor reader, repeatedly showing up at his apartment, with the finally time being for no real apparent reason. Since the last arrest, the reader is still dealing with the charges, even though he has since moved in to Alabama. At the age of 24, this young man cannot find a job anywhere and after nine months, has to have help from his parents. All because of some nosey neighbors who didn’t appreciate a funny smell. Yet again, the system has failed miserably.

Stoner Stories; Nosey Neighbors

Stoner Stories – The Higher State of Mind


Stoner Stories – The Higher State of Mind

I looked up with some sense of discontent; that the world we lived in was flawed, or just fucked  beyond epic proportions. Perhaps it was the potent ‘joint’ in my hand, or the ever growing unease of “what to do next” in my life. It wasn’t the mourn of a mid-life crisis, but a sense that nothing was right in the world.


People often spoke of religion when we were kids and for some odd reason, wanted us to live under the rule of authority and yet, as teenagers we found ourselves kicking authority in the teeth – often with two feet –  and screaming: “Fuck the world!” What was all that for? I asked, looking back at being infamous, notorious, rebellious and having indulged on every narcotic my ‘Life Orientation’ teachers managed to educate me on. Damn, I thought choking on some ‘kush’ as a breeze came and slowly swept smoke and scent alike into the night air. A generation of us; hippies, artists, potheads, teen-mothers, students, people trying to find room for ourselves in such a complex place. Now, people talk about spirituality and we find ourselves trying to find ourselves again, but how, if life is moving so fast that we can’t even sit down and think, just for a second?

Stoner Stories - The Higher State of Mind StonerDays 1

It wasn’t politics, or money. It wasn’t terrorism, or conspiracy. It wasn’t crime, or the media. It wasn’t just the system, or society, anymore. What was it and what was the cure to this unease which plagued, our once beautiful world? Perhaps the cry of a million anonymous masked people marching for revolution? Maybe leaving dimensions? Maybe we just get a 9 – 5 job? Maybe we should all just chill the fuck out and ‘rip a bong’?

Stoner Stories - The Higher State of Mind StonerDays 2

The world is moving all around us. You can see it in the eyes of your friends, even family. People, gunning to make a difference, to change the world and even rule it, in some sense – while some sit sheltering from the storm while waiting for it to clear. As I clutched the last few drags of ganja in my “joint”, I thought about how the world would actually turn out to be in a few years time. Maybe, things won’t be so bad…

Stoner Stories - The Higher State of Mind StonerDays

Stoner Story By: Linda Ndaba

Stoner Stories – The Higher State of Mind

Five Cannabis Success Stories


Five Cannabis Success Stories

Hearing stories about how marijuana cures is great but it’s even better when it comes directly from the patients themselves. Knowing these stories makes it easier for people to accept the beneficial qualities of the plant. It also feels nice to know that people that are genuinely sick are able to medicate with such a positive, no-side-effects treatment that doesn’t make their sickness worse.


Anxiety Be Gone – This patient suffers from a digestive disorder and smoking cannabis has brought back their appetite. Not only that, but this person dealt with anxiety too. The marijuana helped that as well, letting the person feel more “normal”, an effect that a lot of people feel when using marijuana to combat anxiety. With the assistance of marijuana, this particular anxious patient was able to relax and become more socially aware, while at the same time combating two afflictions with one medicine.


Enlightenment – Most people that smoke cannabis gain the feeling that their level of consciousness is above other. For some reason, people who smoke tend to be a lot more aware of the situations around them and are able to accept that there is sometimes more than one possibility. This person smoked cannabis and found out that they acquired a newfound interest in all fields of science, letting the user to comprehend the reasoning for higher dimensions.


Ability To Question – While a lot of people still believe that the war on drugs is a valid fight and that the government is definitely working for the good of the people, the majority of stoners don’t believe the hype. This particular patient began to indulge in cannabis and, like many others, questioned the motives of the government and issues such as the drug war.


Migraine – Anyone who deals with migraines knows how painful they can be. It’s like a hot knife stabbing you in the eyeball and nothing helps… Except cannabis. A man’s wife was suffering from severe migraines that left her laying in bed in pain five times a week. Instead of taking four different medications a day from the pharmacy, she began to use medical marijuana and managed to alleviate her symptoms completely.


Depression? Not A Chance – Being sad all the time is enough to try any kind of medicine. This person used pot and began to see the world n a whole new way. Where as before cannabis, he had sat in front of his computer all day or the TV, zoning off in to space, he picked up healthier habits like playing bass. Cannabis also helped him to quit smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol and soda, a huge (and healthy) accomplishment.

Five Cannabis Success Stories

Stoner Stories; Harassed For Smelling Green

stonerdays police brutality

Stoner Stories; Harassed For Smelling Green

Even the smell of marijuana can get someone in trouble, which is extremely unfortunate because the smell seems to permeate everything for at least an hour after you smoke in an area. This becomes especially frustrating when driving in a car, where the space is enclosed. Even when a cop really isn’t paying attention to you, you’re never safe. The following stoner story is about a reader in Las Vegas that experienced the full amount of police harassment when a group of friends just simply stopped for gas.

stonerdays police brutality

“I was 18, and I just got my license so I was celebrating by cruising around town and smoking at various locations. My friends and I had just gotten done smoking a couple blunts at the park, and we had cotton mouth so we drove to the gas station to get something to drink.

The second we pull in, a cop pulls in right next to us, but he gets out to start flirting with a woman at the gas pump. We go in, get our goodies, and when we try to get into the car, the cop stops us and says, “Are you really that f*cking stupid that you’d smoke in front of a police officer? While I’m trying to talk to this beautiful woman right here?” And we weren’t smoking there, but I guess we smelled like it.

stonerdays police brutality 1

So the cop starts screaming at us, telling us we’re idiots and we’re going to spend the next few months in jail. So the cops get me and my friends in handcuffs, search us and find my friends pipe, but not our weed. The cops continued to harass and berate us with insults until half of us had started sobbing. Once they succeeded in making us cry, they busted up laughing, took us out of handcuffs, and told us to have a nice day and left.”

Power tripping cops are not fun to deal with. This experience would be sure to seriously scar everyone involved, including the woman that the officer was flirting with, who apparently left in the middle of this ordeal. Even though the group of friends wasn’t smoking and carried only the scent of cannabis, they were mercilessly berated by the police just in an effort to scare them. By bringing a group of friends to tears, these officers manage to give all police officers a bad name.

stonerdays stoner marijuana

Do you have a stoner story in which you had a non violent cannabis only run in with the law? If so, and if you feel like sharing, feel free to email your story to [email protected] and tell me about it! We are working to share these stories with other stoners, so that everyone knows what some people are forced to deal with in certain states. By sharing these stories, we can raise awareness and hopefully push even harder for cannabis legalization.

Stoner Stories; Harassed For Smelling Green

Stoner Stories; Arrested While Studying At Home

stoner stories stonerdays marijuana

Stoner Stories; Arrested While Studying At Home

In this new series of blogs, Stonerdays wants to share stories from our readers, friends, and supporters. Dealing with the illegality of cannabis can be life ruining for some people, causing them to have to quit jobs, drop out of school, and even move in some cases. The laws regarding cannabis are incredibly harsh, even for non-violent crimes in which the person being punished did nothing wrong. Being treated in such a way only because we choose to smoke a certain plant is wrong. Sharing these stories will show stoners how bad the laws are in some places and will hopefully motivate people to be extremely proactive in the fight to legalize marijuana.

stoner stories stonerdays marijuana

The following story is from an anonymous reader in Missouri. Cannabis laws in this state are incredibly harsh and cops seem to go out of their way to bust peaceful smokers. If found to be in possession of even less than a gram of marijuana, the penalty is up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines. This person had to spend a great deal more for lawyers, bail, and the fact that she is charged $30 a month to be on probation. Missouri is one of the worst states to be smoking in and you’ll see why after reading this story.

stoner stories stonerdays marijuana 2

“I was attending university in Missouri (I had a 3.8 and was majoring in political science and minor in psychology), I was sitting in my apartment on a Sunday night with a friend studying when the Internet went out, so we smoked like 4 bowls of some fresh Colorado dispensary nug out of stress cause we couldn’t do our homework (small town, one Internet company, no Internet anywhere, it was stressful) and the next thing I know the police are knocking on my door because of the smell. There was no violence and nothing in the apartment but cannabis and paraphernalia.

stoner stories stonerdays marijuana 1

I had a class B felony but it was dropped down to a C and if I make it through probation with no charges, I’ll have nothing on my record except an arrest record. But no convictions. My misdemeanor possession of paraphenilia was dropped. My lawyer was $50,000 straight out. My bond was also $50,000 and it’s a small town so they didn’t have bondsmen. My mom had to front all that cash to get me out. The whole thing had already cost me over $130,000 with all the fines and fees. I still have 3 years on probation left, which means another $30 a month for the next 3 years. I’m currently on level two probation, I meet my PO this month and will hopefully get moved to level 1 where I only have to do monthly phone calls to check in.”

stoner stories stonerdays marijuana 3

This stoner was put on a 72 hour hold because the hash oil found in the apartment was thought to be heroin by the small town cops. With 7 ounces of cannabis and 12 grams of the oil, the law deemed this large amount of punishment necessary. The court also shelled out 9 months of house arrest and 4 years of probation. She was also kicked out of college after the incident. And, most colleges have the rule that if you are caught with marijuana or any other substance, you are not eligible for school loans. Most people who get in trouble for cannabis in college never end up getting their degree because of the nonsense charge.

Do you have a story about a non-violent, marijuana only arrest? What did you experience? If you want, share you story with other stoners! Email what you went through to [email protected] You can remain anonymous if you’d like!

Stoner Stories; Arrested While Studying At Home

My First Time Getting Stoned

My First Time Getting Stoned

I remember the first time I got blazed like it was last week.

sexy-stoner-marijuana-pictures (169)

I was 14 and it was with a few friends of whom I don’t think I can name for professional purposes. We got a dime from an older stoner friend and we hyped up the experience between each other the entire week at school. Mutually we made the decision to do it at a friend’s house, because his dad wouldn’t be home most of the day. I can’t remember who rolled it, but we each had a pinner joint a piece between the four of us. We were trying like to hell figure out where we’ll smoke at.

There was a small patch of woods, which in hindsight weren’t woods at all. So we walked over and got in between the trees enough to feel like we wouldn’t be seen. We all sparked up and start smoking our poorly rolled joints. We waited for one another to be the first to say something about feeling it, but no one was saying a word. At this point no one is feeling anything, so we decide to walk back over to my friend’s house.

On the walk back over I can distinctly remember thinking, “fuck this shit, it didn’t work.”

And then…BAM!!!


I was trying to understand what was happening, but quickly realized this was what everyone had been talking about. All of us looked at one another not saying a word. Then one of us (I can’t remember who) says, “I think I’m high.”

With nothing but a comment and a realization of our current state we all start hysterically laughing and it felt like that went on for hours. Naturally it was only a matter of minutes. But quickly we realized we had an uncontrollable urge to eat and our mouths were dry like the Sahara desert. Collectively we formulate a plan and come to an agreement and decide to walk over to the store.

About the time we make the decision and muster up the will power to pick our own asses up out of the lawn chairs in the front yard, I distinctly remember one of the guys saying, “I don’t feel good.”

He was naturally a pale guy, but was increasingly becoming white like a ghost slouched over in his lawn chair. We began to start paying attention to his illness and wondering what was next. Should we call someone? Should we start digging a hole in the back yard to dump him in? (only kidding)

Since it was around 12pm or so, breakfast was still on our stomachs. But his wouldn’t be for much longer. He slowly repositioned himself from a frontward slouch to a twisting slouch and let his hash browns and eggs from earlier pepper the grass in his immediate area.

Since we weren’t sure what to do, we got our sick friend some water and a towel. But we couldn’t let his illness deter our unrelenting thirst and hunger.

On the walk to the store we joked about what exactly we would do if his condition didn’t improve.

After making carefully thought out selections, I got a Mountain Dew and a bag of chili cheese fritos.

420-funny-pictures (196)

That was the most amazing flavor I’d ever known. There was such an insatiable lust for those chips once I’d began eating them, but once they were gone I was in complete satisfaction. At times it felt like I was elbow deep in that beautiful bag of goodness.

While we were at the store, we actually had seen a teacher from our school. He was a cool guy who dipped Skoal and had a daughter our age. He shot the shit with us for a minute and of course we were all paranoid. There’s no doubt in my mind he knew. But the feeling of elation was overpowering the will to care that he might try any form of disciplinary action.

He said, “How we doing today boys?”

We walked back over to the house to find our friend (whom we had almost forgotten about) walking right towards us with a shit-eating grin from ear to ear and he said, “Where the fuck have y’all been? Are y’all feeling this too?!?!?”

Apparently after his sickness wore off, he had a delayed on-set of highness that we had experienced (what seemed like) some time before. He was basically having the same feeling of hunger and thirst, just about an hour later. So one of the guys who was closest to him volunteered himself to walk back to the store with him

After a few hours had gone by, we all weren’t high anymore. But we were reeling in the enjoyment we had just had. We all had to go our separate ways for the day, but formed and unbreakable bond that afternoon that will live in my mind forever.


I remember my bicycle got a flat tire somehow and I had to walk home. Though, I wasn’t concerned about it at all. I was more concerned with trying to understand how something that had been so demonized could provide me with such a great sensation. It’s something I’ll never forget and I’m not sure if these guys remember the story like I do, but hopefully they didn’t forget the experience.

My First Time Getting Stoned

Stoners Thirsty Thursday Government Power Play

Stoners Thirsty Thursday Government Power Play

Happy Thursday! Less than 24 hours until T.G.I.F. This lovely day of the week is dedicated to my rants about how our democracy is a lie and the patriotism I once had got sucked out of my soul. There IS a spark of hope for America though; Illinois became the 20th U.S. State to legalize medical cannabis on Aug. 1st.

illinois-marijuana-leafHopefully this is indicative that Missouri is not far behind. My family is from St. Louis and I have a younger brother there that needs access to it as much as I do. My fingers are crossed. I’m amused with this list of Presidents whom have consumed cannabis. George Washington used to smoke for his deteriorating teeth, which is one of the main pains I medicate with the herb.

Jefferson grew his own plants and gave his stoner friends very nice gifts! When James Monroe became Ambassador to France, he took up the toking habit. John F. Kennedy medicated his back pain with cannabinoids. Jimmy Carter reportedly smoked out the White House more than once. These are just the guys I can relate to: see the rest at sparkreport.net “Stoned Presidents”. 1346774403_Mount_Rushmore_National_Memorial

This also says 30% of our Commanders-in-Chief used weed for medical or recreational purposes, but I believe that true statistic would be over 50%. Now how on Earth did these men and others get elected into the “highest” office, when I couldn’t even get a mid-level security clearance for the Navy? It would’ve likely been lower than the NSA but equal to the F.B.I. Unfortunately I became ineligible for being honest about my love for Mary Jane. Truthfully, that was so early in my “stoner days” they probably could’ve led me into something else but they needed a better approach. I have an abnormally large inclination to learn foreign languages, proved so on the special test, & still couldn’t enlist in that position. I felt like I should’ve been granted an exception because less than 1% of the population has the I.Q. and aptitude that I had at age 18, before I allowed other substances inside my body.


Cryptology is something I’d only get better at with THC in my brain, but the interviewer wrote me off as a criminal from the get go. I am legal now, as of 5-30-13 but I can remember how I had to push back my ship-out date just to have time for it to be undetectable in my urine. I remember on the big day when I took that test I saw a very faint line on the THC segment, but they let me go on to boot camp anyway. I try to warn people, if you’re contemplating signing a contract, PLEASE talk to some former service members prior.

Do not trust the recruiters, they’re like cops in that they’ll accept payment to tell you lies and promises, all to get a uncle-sam_pan_14223signature on the bottom line. Recently returned soldiers are the best source of information on what training for your job description will entail. Ideally though, since I’m an anarchist, I’d rather not see anyone with actual potential go join the military. My grandfather served behind enemy lines in the Air Force during Desert Storm and still ended up becoming a semi-truck driver after his discharge, just to make ends meet. I joined during wartime (Operation Iraqi Freedom) & yet I’m still paying for my education, completely without V.A. assistance. I might one day re-enlist, once I have my degree, so I could be an Officer-reporter overseas. I’m already pursuing my BA in Journalism and can anticipate the changes coming in the field, because I’m young, smart & observant. This chameleon boy can take any challenge & own it! By the way I didn’t quit the Navy, either, I received an entry level separation and waited for my papers instead of going AWOL. Everything worked out for me eventually. I wouldn’t say I have any regrets. _Bone$

Writing by: Jakob Dodd

Stoners Thirsty Thursday Government Power Play

A Rebelution Concert to Remember


A Rebelution Concert to Remember

Rebelution Concert

Their melodies flood your ears with a sweet embrace like no other.

Rebelution is a Cali original reggae rock band from Santa Barbara, CA. Members of the band include: Eric Rachmany – Vocals/Guitar, Rory Carey – Keyboards, Marley D. Williams – Bass, and Wesley Finley – Drums. The first time I heard them was at my stoner friend Andrews house along with some of my other close friends Rob, Martin, Kayla, and Joe. As we took turns passing the bong around the smoke filled living room,

I felt the beats rushing through my body as I inhaled the kush.

The music immediately filled my soul with serenity and brought me to a peaceful state of mind. While I listened to the music, I closed my eyes while bobbing my head and had the biggest smile upon my face from ear to ear. Ever since that first experience I knew I’d be one of their biggest fans, I had to see them live!

Rob and Martin had already seen them live a few months prior and told me it was amazing. A few days later I was watching TV and what did I see, Rebelution coming to The Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA in just a couple weeks. It was fate that I saw the commercial! I grabbed my phone and began texting everyone, “Rebelution concert this June 1st who’s down?!” The texts came pouring in with responses of, “Hells Yah!” “I’m so down!” “Let’s do this.”

HP Rebelution

In eager anticipation I waited for days to pass when I could finally experience them live. Finally, it was the day, the day I’ll never forget! Our group of friends all decided to meet at Andrews. At first there were only about 9 or 10 of us but then before we knew it our group consisted of 15-20 people! Wow this night was gonna turn out to be a blast!

As we loaded our cars and trucks and were about to head off, Joe yelled, “Who’s got the kush?” “I do!” Martin replied. They jumped into my car along with my friend Mira. The drive was about an hour long so we packed some bowls of White Fire and jammed out to some music. When we arrived we got our tickets then gravitated to the beer stands, we were indefinite need of something to drink. Once we had the beer in our hands we traveled over to the grassy area where the band would be preforming. It smelt of blended herbs being smoked from the crowd.

We meet up with the rest of the gang there and formed a circle to pass a freshly rolled bluntaround.

Next thing we knew Rebelution was on stage and the music began. The neon lights were beaming into the night sky as the beats dropped. Our friend, Wheels, began to jump up and down rocking out to the music. He got so into it that night, I think he thought he was in a mosh pit. We were all so high just cracking up at him and enjoying our time together.

rebelution concert hollywood

Now that I think of it Wheels was just trying to set the mood of dancing lively and letting loose because soon after we all began to dance around and move to the beat. The true spirit of stoners was shining through that magical night as the song “Good Vibes” played. The lyrics:

“When we come around, try to keep compassion on the ground, Feel as sense of freedom with the crowd, connecting people with the sound.” were coming to life. Blunts and joints were being passed around the crowd as though we all were one big happy family with compassion for one another. As the music came to an end the crowd chanted, “Encore! Encore!” and we got to enjoy another few blissful minutes of songs.

Well, the concert was over and it was time for us Reb lovers to head back home.


Renee would also be joining Martin, Mira, Joe, and I in the car ride home. We were waiting in the busy packed line to get onto the freeway entrance when all of a sudden Joe, sitting in the backseat with Mira and Renee, starts throwing up all over himself. “Omg, what the fuck dude!”, Renee screams with laughter. “Pull over! Throw down the windows”, another voice shouts out. Martin begins to pull over when Joe can’t control himself and once again throws up all over inside my Jetta. The smell reeked but we cleaned it up and headed back to the freeway entrance. Finally on the freeway, it happens again but this time Joe unconsciously flings open the car door at 70mph and try’s sticking his head out. Renee with cat like reflexes grabs a hold of him and throws him back inside. What a relief! This night and story could have ended much differently if Renee hadn’t joined us but thank God he did. Besides waking up to a stinky car the next morning, I had a Rebelutionary night to remember forever! The memories we make are so dear to us, so the next time your out in this big world create some of your own!

By: Missy Blazen

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A Rebelution Concert to Remember

Water Bong Hot Box


Water Bong Hot Box


So I met this girl named Melissa in a Spanish class and we suddenly became best friends.

We shared our first hit of marijuana together, and we have made many memories since, most of them I remember. Anyways, so on a Thursday after school, we connected and bought a dub sac, and we drove off into the desert behind a neighborhood we found, and posted out. Melissa’s sister and boyfriend were in the car with us, and they sparked up a blunt, so I packed a bowl that lead to many, many more. Before we knew it, it was late, and dark as hell. We had smoked the majority of our weed, only spearing a nick in the end, but we raved and ranted about everything.

We planned the zombie Apocalypse survival method, how we would turn my neighborhood into a village, and dig a trench around us filled with gas to kill and burn anything that tried getting in.


How we would have farm land, and live stalk, and our own stalks too! We had everything planned, ready for whatever the future holds. So we ended our conversation and looking for Melly’s (Melissa) sister and boyfriend, which resulted in a huge mistake. We both had gotten so baked that we could hardly walk, and with fine sand, everything was harder to walk in. I had completely forgotten that Melly was in high heeled boots, and she could hardly stand, she was holding onto my shirt and arm for dear life. We wondered aimlessly thought out the desert looking for her sister, even shouting her name with no response, and we eventually lost track and sight of the car. This is when we really started to panic, and held each other close and tightly.

We both freaked and thought of Jeepers Creepers because on one of our previous stoner adventure we swore we saw him, and we told each other how much we loved each other.


We continued looking for her sister, and eventually we found them both behind a mesquite, she was giving him head. At this when we all panicked, and everything went silent and the awkwardness arouse.

Her sister got so mad she cussed Melly out, I felt like a total douch since it was my idea to go looking for them, since it was Thursday and late. The car ride was supper awkward and uncomfortable. I gave my friend my bong, it was already an older one and I was in need of a new piece and since I felt bad. Now when we see each other we always laugh about how we got lost in the desert, but we somehow never mention the blow job part. It completely killed our trip and that’s the last thing we would bring up, but we sure do remember it, especially on those drunken nights.

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Forgotten Weed

rear police

Forgotten Weed

It starts off as an ordinary day, chilling in the parking lot outside the apartment in my buds car. An as we finished rolling up the rest of our weed into a blunt we noticed flashing lights behind us, yup it was the police.

rear police

I hide the blunt in my hat as we were asking to step out of the car, they begin searching our car not missing anything.

Pulling everything out of the glove box, checking under the seats, in the air vents, removed the cup holders. They completely destroyed the car looking for anything they could charge us with, but after about a half hour they finally gave up, told us to have a nice day an left. After all that it was time to smoke that blunt, so I got in the glove box to get a lighter and then I noticed something.

I pulled out the car manual an opened it up and hiding between two pages was a half ounce of chronic. It was a lucky break, the cops didn’t find it and now I had more weed to smoke for the rest of the day.

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Forgotten Weed