A Rebelution Concert to Remember

A Rebelution Concert to Remember

Rebelution Concert

Their melodies flood your ears with a sweet embrace like no other.

Rebelution is a Cali original reggae rock band from Santa Barbara, CA. Members of the band include: Eric Rachmany – Vocals/Guitar, Rory Carey – Keyboards, Marley D. Williams – Bass, and Wesley Finley – Drums. The first time I heard them was at my stoner friend Andrews house along with some of my other close friends Rob, Martin, Kayla, and Joe. As we took turns passing the bong around the smoke filled living room,

I felt the beats rushing through my body as I inhaled the kush.

The music immediately filled my soul with serenity and brought me to a peaceful state of mind. While I listened to the music, I closed my eyes while bobbing my head and had the biggest smile upon my face from ear to ear. Ever since that first experience I knew I’d be one of their biggest fans, I had to see them live!

Rob and Martin had already seen them live a few months prior and told me it was amazing. A few days later I was watching TV and what did I see, Rebelution coming to The Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA in just a couple weeks. It was fate that I saw the commercial! I grabbed my phone and began texting everyone, “Rebelution concert this June 1st who’s down?!” The texts came pouring in with responses of, “Hells Yah!” “I’m so down!” “Let’s do this.”

HP Rebelution

In eager anticipation I waited for days to pass when I could finally experience them live. Finally, it was the day, the day I’ll never forget! Our group of friends all decided to meet at Andrews. At first there were only about 9 or 10 of us but then before we knew it our group consisted of 15-20 people! Wow this night was gonna turn out to be a blast!

As we loaded our cars and trucks and were about to head off, Joe yelled, “Who’s got the kush?” “I do!” Martin replied. They jumped into my car along with my friend Mira. The drive was about an hour long so we packed some bowls of White Fire and jammed out to some music. When we arrived we got our tickets then gravitated to the beer stands, we were indefinite need of something to drink. Once we had the beer in our hands we traveled over to the grassy area where the band would be preforming. It smelt of blended herbs being smoked from the crowd.

We meet up with the rest of the gang there and formed a circle to pass a freshly rolled bluntaround.

Next thing we knew Rebelution was on stage and the music began. The neon lights were beaming into the night sky as the beats dropped. Our friend, Wheels, began to jump up and down rocking out to the music. He got so into it that night, I think he thought he was in a mosh pit. We were all so high just cracking up at him and enjoying our time together.

rebelution concert hollywood

Now that I think of it Wheels was just trying to set the mood of dancing lively and letting loose because soon after we all began to dance around and move to the beat. The true spirit of stoners was shining through that magical night as the song “Good Vibes” played. The lyrics:

“When we come around, try to keep compassion on the ground, Feel as sense of freedom with the crowd, connecting people with the sound.” were coming to life. Blunts and joints were being passed around the crowd as though we all were one big happy family with compassion for one another. As the music came to an end the crowd chanted, “Encore! Encore!” and we got to enjoy another few blissful minutes of songs.

Well, the concert was over and it was time for us Reb lovers to head back home.


Renee would also be joining Martin, Mira, Joe, and I in the car ride home. We were waiting in the busy packed line to get onto the freeway entrance when all of a sudden Joe, sitting in the backseat with Mira and Renee, starts throwing up all over himself. “Omg, what the fuck dude!”, Renee screams with laughter. “Pull over! Throw down the windows”, another voice shouts out. Martin begins to pull over when Joe can’t control himself and once again throws up all over inside my Jetta. The smell reeked but we cleaned it up and headed back to the freeway entrance. Finally on the freeway, it happens again but this time Joe unconsciously flings open the car door at 70mph and try’s sticking his head out. Renee with cat like reflexes grabs a hold of him and throws him back inside. What a relief! This night and story could have ended much differently if Renee hadn’t joined us but thank God he did. Besides waking up to a stinky car the next morning, I had a Rebelutionary night to remember forever! The memories we make are so dear to us, so the next time your out in this big world create some of your own!

By: Missy Blazen

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A Rebelution Concert to Remember

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