Memories of a First Toke

Memories of a First Toke

A feeling like no other that’s beyond more than just foreign but soul and eye opening as well.

No matter what may have caused you to first lay your troubles in Mary’s lap doesn’t even matter, as long as you made it. Having Memories of a First Toke is beautiful nostalgia wrapped in OG Kush and pre rolled to perfection.

Taste, sound, smell, touch, and sight all became new to you and born again in a world filled with endless possibilities.

There is no fear only Cannabis Sativa and you love every crumb that you get your hands on. So where were you when everything was going down? Where were you when you realized that there is more to this life than what meets the eye?

Memories of a First Toke is all about that great first, maybe even your favorite first.

There you are, in a place where weed meets lungs, and you’re ready and willing to give this hobby your best shot. The first inhale is always a surprise as you feel your virgin lungs with THC coated smoke that was longing to be inside of you all along.

A burning sensation that doesn’t turn you off but instead lights the flame of desire inside your being and makes you puff for more.

The seed has officially been planted, and the roots have begun to spread further than just under the surface. This plant is one that penetrates the mind, body, and soul, takes you to a personal place that knows no judgement or anger only familiar funny feelings that seem to have been a part of you all along.

Certain substances may place themselves in your life, this is when it’s time for you to take the responsibility to find out which ones you want to stick with, or which ones you might want to start kicking.

Mary Jane is a lover and a friend, not  a substance, but a sacred soul all of her own. Being birthed into a new world where everything is bright and vivid is something some people don’t even dare to imagine because the thought of change scares them.

But not you faithful stoner, not you.

You accepted the head high and face floating body relaxation as a gift from mother nature and in return she keeps getting you higher than high and blazed for dayz.

With that infant blunt in your hand you liked the way your head became tight with funny thoughts and vivid day dreams.

The way the cool summer breeze caressed every follicle of hair running up your spine and neck, and how you knew that this was the first time in your entire life that you actually felt it, and it was good.

Take the time to sit with your homies and reminisce in the good times, the times when you and Mary first became one and the world was a simpler kinder place. Thanks for lending your baked pupils and your time, Happy Smoking to all you green lungs out there!

Memories of a First Toke

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