Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds

Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds

It can’t be stressed enough that stoners love to get creative when they’re smoking. The rise of social media has made the creative stoner even more motivated, with interesting photographs being the best way to gain a massive following and thousands of likes. While some of the photos are the pure creation of stoner boredom, there are others that have hidden meanings that the creator adds to the picture. These are the best kinds of creative pictures because finding the meaning is almost as fun as just looking at the picture… And some of them are pretty damn cool.


@super_smacked_brothers420 is one of these such pages. The photos he creates utilize the buds that he smokes as well as action figures from almost every old school video game imaginable, as well as others. Each picture features a figure with marijuana, sometimes even different stickers. Since not every feed has a meaning behind the photos, I figured that sharing the fact that SSB420 uses the pictures to tell a story would give stoners a perspective and perhaps will begin to think a little deeper in to what they see on Instagram.


What made you start using the figures?

I have been a gamer since I can remember. The figures represent all the games/comics I grew up watching/playing.

Do the photos all having a meaning?

Yes, all the photos have their own individual meanings.

Is the reaction to the pictures mostly positive?

Yes, all the reactions I have been getting from my followers have been nothing but good vibes.


Do you explain the meanings behind the photos or let people figure them out for themselves?

I don’t, I would much rather each follower to experience the series in their own individual way in order for it to be their own experience. I want them to interpret the photo their way.

What’s your favorite photo from your entire series?

This photo of Bowser with a bud in his mouth is my favorite!


While there are a good amount of people that think Instagram is a wasteland of selfies and useless junk, there are some really awesome people out there that are doing really cool things, like SSB420. Being creative and having a positive following is extremely important to the movement. It may only be on an app for now but that following can easily become a much bigger, much more real group of likeminded stoners. The feed of SSB420 is definitely worth checking out and this kind of creativity is a great asset to the cannabis community.

Stoner Stories; Action Figures And Buds