Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis

Athletics and marijuana go hand in hand for some people, while others not so much. But for those that like to toke and lift weights or run miles or whatever, there’s a couple of different ways to incorporate their cannabis use in to their workout. Here’s a few of the ways that the Stonerdays team likes to work out with cannabis!


We all know that juicing is extremely healthy and adding some fresh cannabis leaves to your every day smoothies can give your body a huge boost! The leaves contain no THC, so the smoothie won’t get you stoned but do contain the amazing chemical known as CBD, which is an antioxidant, cancer-preventing, anti inflammatory ingredient. Juicing cannabis can help your body to function much more normally as well as on a healthier level!


Medicating Before

Depending on the workout you’re doing, as well as the person doing it, medicating before starting your workout can create an extremely relaxing experience, especially if you’re doing something like yoga. The cannabis makes movement much more fluid and easy, while creating an in-tune feeling with your body as you move through the workout. Just be careful; medicating prior to working out can sometimes lead to couch lock and you won’t end up getting your workout done!


Medicating After

Mostly for those who do hard core stuff like intense weights lifting, running, and other more extreme forms of exercise, medicating after a workout is great way to relieve any pain sustained during the workout or just a good way to chill out afterwards! As always, remember that smoking can sometimes hinder a workout and eating or vaping cannabis is sometimes a better idea for athletes. Marijuana, as said above, contains anti-inflammatory agents that will relax you and make you comfortable.


It’s a good idea to choose a method of medicating that works for your workout or possibly just combine everything! You can also smoke during your workout if you’d prefer, although depending on what you’re doing that may not always work. Whatever you choose to do, always exercise safely and never overdo yourself. Cannabis is definitely something that those who enjoy working out can incorporate in to their daily routines.

Stoner Guide; Working Out With Cannabis