The Process Of Dabbing

The Process Of Dabbing; Stoner Guide


Dabbing is still pretty new to some people and some stoners haven’t even had the pleasure of experiencing concentrated THC.

I, myself, just tried concentrates for the first time the other day.

There are many reasons why people wait to try concentrates. Some just don’t trust the product in their area, some are just dead-set on smoking flowers. Whatever the case may be, there are some stoners who have never touched a dab. So in their defense when their first time does actually roll around, I’ve put together a process of dabbing so that new dabbers can study up before they dab out!

01  The first step of the process is to obtain the product.

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While flowers can be very easy to get a hold of, dabs aren’t so much. There is a lot of work that goes in to making this product which makes it sometimes impossible to find. It’s a good idea to get product from a clinic or someone you trust, to make sure that it’s not totally tainted with butane, chlorophyl, or other contaminates. Getting your concentrates is the first step in the process of dabbing.

02 Be sure you have the correct setup.

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A nail is the most preferred method of dabbing although there are some who will wrap wax around joints, use hot knives (not recommended), or other simpler ways. But your best bet is to get a rig, with a good nail (ceramic or titanium), and a decent torch that will help you get the temp of the nail to where it needs to be!

03 Grab a dab!

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Take your dabber (either made of glass or titanium, not a good idea to use odd things around the house like bobby pins or paper clips, like some people have chosen to use. If this is your first time dabbing, it’s recommended that you take a small one. The concentrates hit people hard sometimes and you don’t want to end up in a dab coma in front of your friends.

04 Dome nails helps the vapor to get back down through the pipe when the nail heats it up.

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This gives you a better hit and ensures that you don’t lose much. Always remember that taking a dab is not like hitting a bong and if you try to remove the nail, there’s a strong chance you’re going to burn your fingers.

05 Once everything has been set up, heat your nail.

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Unless you have a laser heat gun, you won’t be able to tell the temperature… Other than it being HOT! Most stoners seem to think that heating the nail until it gains a dull red hue and then letting it cool for about 15 seconds is a good way to do it. Although a lot of the nails are different and it will take you a little bit to get used to the specific kind of nail that you use.

06 Once the nail is hot, simply drop your concentrate on the nail

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If you’re using a dome, you can place it on the nail at this point in the process. whether you’re using a dabber or just rolled up a little ball of wax. Inhale through the piece like you would with a bong hit but remember that the nail doesn’t come out! Don’t try to pull it out. Inhale until the smoke has cleared and exhale. This is the process of dabbing!

The Process Of Dabbing; Stoner Guide