Stoner Guide; The Best Rolling Papers

Stoner Guide; The Best Rolling Papers

For those that don’t love glass, they love papers. There’s something really awesome about rolling a really nice joint but with the hundreds of different papers out there, how do stoners know what to smoke? Thankfully, Stonerdays knows how tough the choice can be while standing in front of a wall of papers. This small list will name the top four papers that you should try out in your joint rolling career!

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If we didn’t mention Raw, it wouldn’t be a list of papers, now would it? Probably one of the most well known brands out there, the Raw papers are incredibly famous in the stoner community. They’re natural and extremely smooth, providing the smoker with an enjoyable joint that can be smoked along or shared with your buds!

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– Juicy J
This company has SO MANY FLAVORS of rolling papers, your head will spin. From chocolate chip cookie to cherry, you will love the extensive selection of Juicy J papers. They’re also extremely smooth so you’ll definitely enjoy! Even better, you can wrap joints in two papers at a time, combining the flavors!

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– Urban Wraps
While some don’t like the way they smoke, these papers are the best way to roll for the sneaky stoner. They’re printed like cigarettes, complete with the filter. No one will know that you’re smoking a joint while you’re rolling around in your car, with what appears to be a cigarette.

The Best Rolling Papers StonerDays

– Elements
Yet another natural paper, these are great! A smooth hit and an easy roll, Element papers should definitely be in your collection. They even make filters to go along with their joints so you can keep it completely natural!

No matter what you’re rolling with, just be sure that you enjoy the joint either by yourself or with friends! There are hundreds of different papers out there and it’s recommended that you try all of them at one point or another. You’ll definitely be able to pick out a favorite after a few tries!

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