Tips On Finding Local Glass

Tips On Finding Local Glass – Stoner Guide

Unfortunately for stoners, not all shops are honest about the glass that they carry. Most potheads really support the local glass scene, not only because it promotes the community but because local, well made glass tends to be far more strong and durable as compared to the less then loved Chinese glass. But as said above, not all shops sell local glass and some even lie about the products that they carry. So how is an innocent stoner supposed to find good local glass?


1. Research

Social media is a great way to find local glassblowers. With the use of hashtags combined with the fact that friends can tag their buddies in photos provides a great way to discover artists in your area.

2. Visit

Even if you know that your local shops aren’t selling local glass, some employees have recommendations on who they prefer. The workers at the shops may not always agree with the fact that their shop owner sells poorly made glass and can possibly point you in the direction of a quality glass artist.

3. Talk

Ask around to your friends. Chances are someone you know knows some guy who knows some other guy who lives in a cabin in the middle of the woods and blows awesome glass pieces. Not sure if that happens in everyone’s area but living in an east coast backwoods state, this scenario is quite common. Chances are that your friends will point you in the right direction to purchase good glass.

4. Know

The key to getting good glass is knowing what to look for. If you know what qualifies as a worthwhile product, there is no salesperson around that will be able to convince you that some badly made Chinese glass compares to a good product from someone who actually took the time to craft the glass.

5. Read

Besides social media, google the different shops in your area and see what the reviews are. Not only that but a lot of well made glass companies provide you with a retail locator that will allow stoners to find great glass at shops near them.

Glass is important and you should take pride in your collection. A stoner’s collection of glass says a lot about the personality of the owner. If you fill your collection with badly made glass, your stoner friends will just shake their heads and look away when you pull out your flimsy bong that breaks if a speck of dust lands on it. No, you want a heavy glass piece that won’t break no matter how many times it gets bumped. Support the community and always buy local glass if possible!

Tips On Finding Local Glass – Stoner Guide

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