Break Into The Cannabis Business

Break Into The Cannabis Business

Being involved in the cannabis industry comes easily for some, solely based on geographical location. Stoners that are based in California, Colorado, Washington, and the select few other extremely lax lawed states have a much easier time getting jobs that have to do with cannabis. Obviously, those that are still stuck in illegal states are at a huge disadvantage so how exactly can you get in to the industry without having to pick up all your stuff and move?


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The internet has made this extremely easy so there should be no reason why you’re not doing it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide the perfect outlet to meet with people that are already working in the industry, possibly opening new doors to other people who are looking for help. It just goes back to the saying “It’s all about who you know”.


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Know your stuff. Simply by knowing your shit, you can impress the people that you’re hoping to meet. Extensive knowledge of the industry will only assist you when you look for a job and that way, you won’t feel awkward if you manage to get an interview and there are questions to be answered! Brushing up your stoner know how and knowledge of the medical side will show that this isn’t just a job for you.

Start Small;

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Don’t head in to this industry expecting to be on top right away. You’re not going to get very far if you carry a sense of entitlement. You may start off trimming, selling glass in a chain-style head shop, or not even getting to work with the plant at all and just get to write about it (like myself!). But starting small will not only help keep you humble but gain far more experience then if you just tried to jump in half way up the ladder.

Be Patient;

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I have found that this is the key to the cannabis industry. Whether you’re waiting to advance, waiting to move to a better state, or dealing with smart mouths on social media, patience is extremely valuable. Nothing in this business happens over night so you need to expect that right away. Working with cannabis is just something that takes a lot of effort so brace yourself!

Break Into The Cannabis Business