Cannabis Quality Control

Cannabis Quality Control

Finding a job in the cannabis industry is tough, especially because it’s so new. Not to mention the plant is still illegal under federal law so finding a job can be incredibly difficult. Growing is extremely tough, getting a spot at a dispensary is somewhat impossible, and any other position is few and far between. If you want to work in the cannabis industry, you have to take what you can get. However, if you live in the Denver area, you may be in luck for a new (and very dank) career.

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Imagine scrolling through the Help Wanted ads and stumbling across something saying that a company is looking for a Cannabis Quality Control Specialist. That’s a title that needs to be read multiple times, right? However hard it may be to believe, it’s true. A company located in Denver recently posted this kind of help wanted ad. The job entails the employee to sample cannabis products and report back to the company in an articulate, well put together way (so a bunch of jumbled words about how you managed to make it to the store to get a bag of chips doesn’t count… They want the real deal). So basically, the employee gets paid to smoke and write about weed.

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Having a position like this allows the company to test their products before letting them in to the public. They can perfect their goodies and release the best cannabis bud/baked goods/concentrates available. This is important, especially when gauging the strength of certain strains and edibles. Plus, how awesome would it be do get paid to test weed stuff? Free cannabis plus you get paid. There’s not many stoners that would say no to a job like that.

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This job is perfect for the stoner who wants to share their knowledge with others, much like a craft beer lover. Tasting and approving cannabis for the masses is important since the shops can’t just sell any old bud. Testers ensure that the public gets the best product possible and makes sure that the company is doing it’s best to sell a well grown/made product. Anything that doesn’t pass quality control? Well at least you got to test it first! If you’re interested in a job like this, start packing and head to Denver!

Cannabis Quality Control