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ISO Extracts

ISO Extracts – Stoner Guide

Making extracts with isopropyl alcohol is another safe way (along with ice) to obtain highly concentrated extracts from cannabis. While BHO still seems to be most popular, this method is slowly gaining attention as BHO continues to be proven to be extremely unsafe. However, as always, extracts should be made outside. Alcohol is still flammable, though not as much as butane fuel. You should always be taking the proper safety precautions when making extracts.

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What You’ll Need;
Permanent coffee filter
Corning ware plate
Razor blade scraper
Mason jar
14 grams of good quality trim
70% ISO alcohol
Paper coffee filter

Place the trim inside the mason jar and cover it with the alcohol. Place the lid back on the jar and shake it vigorously for no more than two minutes. This is very important. Shaking the container longer than two minutes will cause too much chlorophyll and plant substance to be pulled into the ISO mixture. This will lower the potency so be sure to keep it under two minutes. After you’ve shaken it, strain it through the paper coffee filter into the plate. You can throw away the plant matter at this point.

Set the plate on top of the pot of boiling water. The steam will warm the plate while preventing the THC from dissipating. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving behind the golden concentrate that is so sought after. This recipe seemed to have good results but everyone has a different method. As always, please be safe. Do you think that you have a better method? I want to know about it! Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me how you make your extracts!

ISO Extracts – Stoner Guide

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