Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking

As people who smoke and utilize cannabis, us stoners project an outward idea that we are all about the healthy life. The fact is, most of us are! There are a lot of stoners that are vegetarian, vegan, or don’t really eat solid foods at all. Not only that but there are new studies being published that juicing cannabis leaves has internal health benefits for the function and well being of your body. By claiming that our plant cures many diseases and illnesses, we also make ourselves responsible for promoting a wholly healthy lifestyle. Since a lot of us are subject to situations where complete healthy living is extremely difficult or impossible, the easiest way to stay healthy is to change what you eat.


These days, what our food contains is a constant worry to most consumers who can think outside the box. Fast food isn’t real food and eating most things will make you sick. Meat in supermarkets has gone bad kills more people a year than marijuana. Seriously, that’s insane. E-coli and salmonella lurk behind every package of beef on the shelves. Avoiding this problem is quite simple. By not eating the meat and processed garbage that is sold in stores, get on that liquid fruit and veggie diet.

Juicing is a newly mainstreamed idea of only ingesting fruits and vegetables in place of solid meals. By grinding up the food in a juicer before drinking it, it makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from the food. Seeds contain the most vitamins that are essential to healthy living and the juicer breaks the seeds up, sending the nutrients directly in to your stomach you drink the mixture. By making the fruit and veggies in to a liquid, your body gets what it needs faster. This juicing diet will make you feel physically better and more mentally alert. When first starting out, however, it is recommended that you get some healthy snacks or protein bars that you can munch on in between juice shakes. You will get hungry when you start out with this, trust me.

Not only can you juice fruits and vegetables but cannabis leaves and hemp seeds are a great source of nutrition for your body. As stated above, the breaking up of seeds in the juicer allow your stomach to easily absorb what’s contained in that tough shell. Since THC is in an acid form when it is in the leaves, it doesn’t contain the psychoactive chemical that gets you stoned. Not only that, but it is said by William Courtney, a physician based in Mendocino County, that the plants terpenes (the part of the plant that creates the smell) have an effect on overall attitude and mood of the person ingesting the raw cannabis. Drinking raw cannabis will not get you stoned but your body will thank you. The buds of the plant can also be juiced but must be harvested when the trichomes are not yet fully amber, but a cloudy color.

By choosing to juice with cannabis, it not only can help with illnesses such as cancer but it should be a staple in your daily diet just to assist with your daily function. Store your stock of raw cannabis leaves in the refrigerator before you slice them up and make sure to soak them in water for about 5-10 minutes before putting them in your juicer. Allowing the leaves to soak makes them easily ground up. You can also add juiced cannabis to your daily juicing diet. Think of drinking cannabis as taking a daily vitamin. It’s just necessary.


While juicing continues to make a surge in popularity, we should be pushing for the welcomed use of juiced cannabis leaves. Since the psychoactive component is gone, one could argue that juiced cannabis would be okay for children, pets, and adults of all ages. By assisting in bodily functions, as well as preventing symptoms such as nausea. This idea of raw cannabis is still fairly new and is not recommended for all patients, more specifically those with kidney or gall bladder issues.

Health should be one of the main focuses of the marijuana movement outside of the medical uses. If the human race can just BE healthy by ingesting this cannabis drink, then there would be less sick people in the first place. Preventing disease would be much easier than curing it. More people need to know about the raw cannabis juicing idea. There are thousands of people that ingest multivitamins every day so why not add a raw cannabis drink to that regimen? Stay healthy, fellow stoners!


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Stoner Guide; Cannabis Doesn’t Stop At Smoking