Ten Stoner Life Hacks

Ten Stoner Life Hacks

Getting stoned easier, quicker is a fashion that stoners can always appreciate. Especially these days when everyone seems to be constantly on the go. We here at Stonerdays understand the need for simplicity in the smoking life and have compiled a list of ten hacks that we think stoners could use in their every day lives. Have your own hacks? Submit them via email to [email protected] for round two!

1. Black construction paper can serve as a great barrier between your weed and light. Wrapping a piece of this paper around you jar of bud will keep your weed fresher for longer, since the light can’t get in and dry it out.

2. Finding yourself without a grinder? If you’re really that intent on getting some ground up bud, take a penny (clean it well with rubbing alcohol!) and a pill bottle. Add the penny and the bud to the bottle and close it. Shake vigorously and open to find that your weed has been ground up.

3. Getting stoned before brushing your teeth almost guarantees that you’ll brush them for the recommended two full minutes. You’ll be too high, messing with random stuff around your bathroom to notice that you’ve actually been following your dentists orders.

4. Eat mangoes, not oranges. It’s been found that mango is the fruit that you want to be eating to prolong your high. Oranges are good for other things in relation to smoking, such as moistening weed that has unfortunately been dried out.

5. Got the munchies? Putting a mint in your mouth or chewing gum can curb your crazy munchies without adding tons of weight to the scale. It’s best to get the most stoned around mealtimes, preventing yourself from unnecessary eating.

6. Want to smoke a fuzzy joint but don’t happen to have any wax available to get the keif to stick? By using a very thin coating of honey, you can get keif to stick to the joint or the blunt. Be very careful not to use too much or you will not only ruin the paper but the joint/blunt won’t smoke very well.

7. Storing wax and shatter for short periods of time in rolling papers is not only convenient but will give you a flavorful THC tinged paper for a later joint that you feel like smoking. This is only recommended for short periods of time and definitely not for transport, as the paper ripping can ruin your wax if your not careful!

8. Always keep bobby pins on hand. No matter what. You should always have one of these little tools on your person because from poking in the ends of a joint to gently cleaning out bowls, this little piece of metal is a seriously beneficial stoner tool that not many people take as seriously as they should!

9. Have a lot of hard floors in your house or apartment? Worried that your bong is going to break one of these days if a dumb friend accidentally hits the ground the wrong way while putting your beloved piece down? A mouse pad serves as an amazing spot to put a bong down when it’s not being used.

10. Ashtrays make quite a mess sometimes. Go to Goodwill or another thrift store of sorts and grab yourself a cheap jar. Empty your ashes in to this and close it tight. Your ashes are now easier to store, won’t smell, and won’t make a mess!

Ten Stoner Life Hacks