Stoner Guide; Are Vapes Bad For The Lungs?

Stoner Guide; Are Vaporizers Bad For You?

Vaporizing bud is an extremely popular way for stoners to medicate. By using a vaporizer, the smoker is getting a different kind of high and can also reuse the weed that is “vaped”. These little mechanisms are convenient, easy to hide, and heat up quickly but is there a downside to this smoking method?

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Could it be possible that vaporizing marijuana could actually hurt the lungs? As the electronic cigarettes begin to get berated for being vaporizers, stoners can only wonder if their beloved vapes are doing more harm than good.


Reports of vaping from stoners seem to be pretty consistent. The feeling is great, the taste is better, and there are hundreds of different options so everyone can find the vape that fits them. There were some negative effects that were said as well. The cons seem to be a harsh throat and burned lungs. This makes sense, as the vaporizers heat up to sweltering temperatures that could damage the throat and lungs if the vaporizer is used constantly, at higher temps. Make sure that the vape you’re using is set to the lowest possible setting that it has while still vaping the bud. Burnt lungs are not fun and will leave your chest hurting for days. To avoid harsh throats while vaping, keep a glass of liquid near you.


The stoners that seem to have a negative experience with the vapes in regards to lung pain seem to be those who have either been a chronic cigarette smoker or those who have had a severe lung illness in their lifetime. As a sufferer of chronic bronchitis and a former tobacco user, vaporizers burn my lungs like liquid fire and I’m sure that I’m not alone in that. The harsh heat from the machine causes tight lungs, shortness of breath, and can cause the user to cough uncontrollably for extended periods of time. While these effects aren’t common, those who have suffered from bronchial infections might want to stick to edibles.


It’s difficult to find information on this subject. Here at Stonerdays, we recommend that you acknowledge your medical history when choosing your preferred smoking method. Eating your weed is a much better way for those with damaged lungs to get relief from their ailments. Edibles don’t go anywhere near your lungs and obviously won’t burn your throat. If you do insist on vaping or smoking, it is a good idea to practice breathing exercises in an attempt to restore your lungs to their former health!

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