Stoner History; A Brief History Of Marijuana In Religion

Stoner History; A Brief History Of Marijuana In Religion

Religion is a sensitive subject for some but not when it comes to cannabis. The plant is brought up over thousands of years and numerous writings, spreading all over the world.


It’s used in rituals and as a spirit healing plant. It also stands to be said that if there is a higher power, then that power put things here for a purpose. Since marijuana seems to be an absolute cure-all for almost any affliction, then we should be using it!


Documented cannabis use goes back to India and Napal, somewhere around 2000-1400 BC. The text that the plant is mentioned in is called the Atharva Veda and states that cannabis is one of the five sacred plants. India and Napal religious believers not only smoke the plant but they also drink it and make hash, which they use in religious festivals. Hinduism carries the belief that cannabis (or ganja, as it is referred to) and hemp represent the deity Shiva. Worshippers offer hash as an offering to Shiva, particularly around the times of festivals.


Cannabis’s trek trough history doesn’t stop there. In Africa, shaman used cannabis to treat appetite problems, as well as it’s use as an antibiotic. There were a good amount of cults in Africa that actually worshiped the hemp plant and there were even tribesmen that took on names such as The Sons of Hemp. This particular group (called Bena Riamba) even called their land Lubuku, which meant friendship. The greeting used in this area was “moio”, which was a combination of both “life” and “hemp”. Are you beginning to see the pattern emerge here? Cannabis is a highly regarded plant, used for so many different reasons.


The list of religions that use cannabis at some point in their history goes on forever. It was used in Asian and European religions, as well as Islam and the most commonly cannabis associated religion of Rastafari. No matter what anyone believes in for a higher power, the people should believe in cannabis. Even though this article is short, you can clearly see that there are so many religions that have embraced the marijuana plant. They worship it because they see it as it is; a miracle plant.

Stoner History; A Brief History Of Marijuana In Religion