Stoner Cartoons; Part II

Stoner Cartoons; Part II

The last stoner cartoons article was a huge hit… Potheads really love their animation! So we’ve compiled another list of what you guys like to watch when you’re stoned. Of course, there will probably end up being a Part III. Watching these shows is definitely the stoner’s favorite past time.


– Ed, Edd, N Eddy


While the permanently shuffling lines might mess with your eyes after too many bowls, the groups never ending quest for jawbreakers will have you laughing for sure. From obnoxious neighborhood kids to boy crazy girls, the three Eds always just fall short of snagging their favorite candy. If you haven’t seen this cartoon before, it’s highly suggested that you look it up.

– Futurama

Unfortunately, this cartoon wasn’t on the first list but it’s definitely here now! Following the adventures of the Planet Express delivery ship, you really can’t help but laugh at what happens to the characters. Bender is definitely a favorite with his rough personality and constant looting/drinking/smoking. Stonerdays strongly recommends getting extremely baked and watching. However, don’t watch the episode Jurassic Bark while stoned… In fact, don’t ever watch it. Futurama, while being extremely funny most of the time, has a few episodes that aren’t humorous and end up being far too sad to actually watch (Jurassic Bark is an episode where Fry finds his fossilized dog and attempts to bring him back but at the end, decides against it, saying he’s happy knowing that his dog lived a long life. The end of the episode shows the dog waiting, day after day, outside the pizza shop where Fry worked before he was frozen. Seasons pass, people walk by, and the dog waits for his owner until he dies. Why the writers decided to throw this wrench in to the show, I don’t know.)


– The Simpsons


Who could forget the Simpsons? This is the original stoner cartoon and it’s one of the longest running. Plus, there’s the Simpsons Movie which I personally thought was hilarious. If you’ve never seen this show, you can’t call yourself a cartoon enthused stoner. There is no disappointing moments with this show and if you’re not watching it, you should be! It is a huge bummer that Netflix doesn’t have the Simpsons on it.


– Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage is a purple dog who lives in the middle of Nowhere. He lives with his owner Muriel and Eustace in a farm house that happens to experience a good amount of paranormal activity. Courage is always the one that ends up saving the day, even though it’s hard to tell if his owners understand him. He constantly consults his computer about the happenings in Nowhere and the machine is a hilariously sarcastic piece of equipment.


– Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The first time that I saw this show, I really wasn’t fond of it. After a few episodes, it does begin to grow on you. Something about a meatball, a large fry, and a milk shake living in a house together is just… Clever. The episodes are short and will keep you entertained while simultaneously enhancing your munchies. Except for when their neighbor Karl shows up in his purple sweatpants and too small tank top.

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