Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

Stoners that aren’t in medical or legal states have a lot of trouble sometimes with the quality of the bud that they get from the street dealers. If you’re buying bud from someone who doesn’t know one strain from the other, get ready for a kit that will allow you to test the marijuana that you’re smoking. The test will not only give you a reading of how pure your weed is, but will detect any pesticides that are still present in the buds due to poor growing techniques. With marijuana becoming so widely sought after, the quality is extremely important.


Clean weed is only a few accessories away from being a reality for a lot of people, thanks to a new device called MyDx. This handheld device is able to tell you if the strain contains terpinoids, pesticides, and specific cannabinoids. The device works by the user placing a sample in a sliding tray attached to the device. There are sensors in the tray that detect the positive and negative contents of the bud. The MyDx will also tell you the effect that the bud will have on the user, such as couch-lock, uplifting feelings, or even perhaps spacey.


The company plans to take the device to the next level, continuing to make devices that test both fruits and veggies as well as water. A device like this will come in especially handy for cannabis users, even in legal states. The quality of the bud that you use should be excellent and the users have a right to know what they’re inhaling. The MyDx will end up retailing fro somewhere around $300-$400 which can seem extremely pricey. However, like most electronics, the price will end up dropping after a few months, providing enough people buy them on the launch. While the price may be high, saving up to buy a MyDx may be worth it when you think about it. The effects of pesticides on the lungs can be severe and long term, especially for patients.

Stoner Guide; Weed Testing Kit

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