Stoner Guide; Poppers

Stoner Guide; Poppers

In the states, a spliff is a joint that is rolled with both tobacco as well as marijuana. It’s a somewhat popular practice, although there are stoners that think that this is an insult to weed and the two should never be mixed. There are those that do enjoy the combination of weed and tobacco. But when mixing the two extends to bongs, I can’t say for sure how I feel about it. Anyone who appreciates individual strains will agree; permeating marijuana with tobacco is not an appealing idea.

File photo of a customer rolling a joint made of half marijuana and half tobacco to smoke inside of Frankie Sports Bar and Grill in Olympia

Most glass is sold under the idea that it will be used for tobacco use. Obviously, this isn’t what they’re made for. They’re made for smoking weed. If you want to smoke tobacco, you can buy a pack of cigarettes, right? Some people are mixing tobacco and marijuana in their bongs. This trend goes under the name poppers, although there is some argument over what actually qualifies as a popper. It’s another “spliff” spliff situation, in which the term depends the geographical location. There was another process that was called “poppers” that said to empty out the tip of a cigarette, fill it with bud, then inhale slowly through the weed and then quickly through the tobacco. This supposedly gives the user a super head high, although I would assume that that comes from the overload of nicotine and lack of oxygen to the brain.


Mixing substances like tobacco and cannabis isn’t necessarily a bad thing and does relax some people. The problem is that tobacco is addicting, especially if you’re using cigarettes. Not only that but mixing tobacco with cannabis will ruin the taste of the weed and if you’re a weed snob, that is intolerable! You also run a higher chance of becoming addicted to cigarettes, a habit that a lot of stoners these days are quitting. The stoners of today are becoming much more health conscious and are paying attention to what they put in to their bodies. This includes turning down tobacco and smoking marijuana instead.

Stoner Guide; Poppers

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