Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis

Once you’ve correctly learned how to judge the different strains of cannabis, there are different catagories that the strains fall in to. Stoners everywhere have different terms for these categories but the basic idea is all the same. The following gives you the definition, in order of their quality. Because these terms differ in different geographical locations, the terms may be different from what you are familiar with.


– Strains
These are the highest quality buds. Always labeled with the correct name, most often tested for their THC potency, the strains are the most sought after bud. Everyone likes something that they can put a name to. Strains also give you the best photography results and make the best nugs to stick in front of the camera.

– Headies
While still maintaining a high level of quality, headies may not always have a title and therefore, the origins are unknown. Therefore they don’t exactly fall in to the strain category. But they’re still good enough to be considered top cannabis to be smoked!

– Piff
This is a term that I myself am unfamiliar with but it refers to cannabis that is of a decent quality. While it’s definitely nameless and may even contains some seeds and some larger then desired stems. But even though it’s not the best, it’s still going to get you high without you having to smoke the entire jar.

– Beasters
While similar in quality to the previously mentioned piff, beasters are a somewhat smokeable substance. It does contain a higher amount of stems and seeds, providing you with a chore when trying to smoke any of it. Even still, this product is still smokeable although if this is the kind of bud that your weed man is handing out, you should probably find someone new to get it from.

– Mids
Giving the smoker a somewhat lazy/boring/not so awesome high, the mids have absolutely no name and not the best quality. With an abundance of seeds and stems, mids are what you smoke when there’s no other option. While sometimes they still look alright, mids can be extremely sour tasting and leave you struggling to breathe after you cough your lungs out.

– Shwag
The worst of the worst. Get a bag of shwag and immediately just make edibles or some sort of concentrate. Most of the time, shwag is a nasty brown color that smokes like dirt. It’s full of the undesired seeds and stems and will probably only get you stoned for a few hours. Definitely nothing to write home about but as said before, rather then throw a fit, make a batch of brownies or some wax and thank your lucky stars that you at least have some THC.

– Shake
Depending on where the weed came from and the quality of it, shake can vary from extremely high quality to low. Some weed men sell their shake at the end and sometimes, it can be pretty decent. While most people do prefer the nugs, shake can be good in a pinch or made in to a concentrate or edibles. And since shake tends to be stronger then shwag, this is definitely what you’d rather be using!

Stoner Guide; Grades Of Cannabis