Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

The types of stoners seems to be popular, mostly because people seem to enjoy knowing what kind of stoner category they fall in to. Stonerdays has already gone over twenty different kinds of stoners. But thanks to the help of a stoner friend of mine, we managed to come up with an additional ten types of stoner! With thirty different stoner groups, you’re sure to find your niche!

1. The Parent Stoner

These days, it’s more common to find parents who smoke then ever before. The parent stoner has it rough because not only do they have to be somewhat discreet about their smoking, they have a ton of shit to get done as well. Parenting is not easy and only the most successful stoners manage to smoke and balance children. The parent stoner is also responsible for teaching their child to use cannabis in a helpful, not harmful way.

2. Video Game Stoner

Call Of Duty? Halo? Little Big Planet? Anything with a controller? This stoner is pretty much down to play any game put in front of them, even Pong. They have ever system imaginable and collect video games like they’re going out of style. You know that they smoked a huge blunt and then stood in line for their PlayStation 4 on Black Friday last year. Their upside? They have an unbelievable knack for strategy, which can be good to have around if you have a possible law run in.

3. The Sketching Stoner

Creativity and marijuana go hand in hand. The sketching stoner is one that always seems to be doodling or drawing on something. Dinner napkins, business cards, whatever surface that can be drawn on around them is fair game. Since they smoke, these amazing doodlers always seem to create some awesome kind of end result that is deserving of a frame.

4. The Obnoxious Stoner

Oh this guy… Or girl, depending on your group of friends. Forget about gender, this person can be tough to deal with. They’re loud, in your face, and obnoxious. The complete opposite of what most stoners are, the obnoxious stoner is only good in small amounts, if at all. What makes it even worse is when the obnoxious stoner always has really good weed. Just think of it as a test of your patience when they text you asking to match and smoke.

5. The Boy Scout Stoner

boy scout stoner copy

If you’re in need of a campfire, a makeshift tent, or some sort of cooking pot, the Boy Scout stoner has you covered. They have an incredible outdoorsy skill set that allows them to survive in any crazy natural situation. Their idea of a fun weekend is not going out to the bars but getting baked and lost in the woods for a few days to see how long they can survive. A lot of times, these stoners are also Mcguyvers and can make pretty much anything out of nothing.

6. The Mystic Stoner


These smokers are more along the lines of the old school hippies but with a twist. They collect crystals and normally do a lot of yoga. They talk about chakras and positive energy. The mystic stoner is a beautiful asset to your life because not only do they seem to draw sunshine and smiles, they are full of information about the flow of positivity in the universe. These smokers are incredibly smart and are a great addition to your stoner circle of friends.

7. The Glass Artist Stoner


Glass blowing is not an easy task and those that manage to smoke and create amazing glass art should be very well respected. These stoners just didn’t think that paper and pencil would express their creativity so they turned to glass blowing instead. They can create amazing things with this material, both for smoking and just for show. Having a glass artist stoner around not only shows you what goes in to making your favorite piece but gives you a chance to hang out with an incredibly talented person.

8. The Sport Stoner


Football, soccer, basketball, hockey. They’ve got a jersey for every favorite team in every league. Not only that but they play ultimate frisbee and flag football on the weekends after toking up with their buddies. The sporty stoner is always thinking about some kind of game, constantly keeping themselves updated on the latest scores. While a slightly more loud and in-your-face kind of smoker, the sport stoner is much like the fit stoner with the idea that hanging out with them will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

9. The Educated Stoner


This person knows everything that there is to know about weed. If you have a question about how to make ice hash, this person knows. Don’t know what strain you need to smoke on for anxiety? Ask this friend. Seriously, the educated stoner is the biggest asset to your stoner circle. If you know someone like this, smoke with them. You’re bound to learn something from them, even though they can occasionally be somewhat abrasive.

10. The Lazy Stoner


Never leaving the couch seems okay to the lazy stoner. This kind of stoner doesn’t even want to move, let alone go to work and earn money. Much like the guy on the couch in Half Baked, these stoners don’t really seem to move that much and are more relatable to sloths rather then people. Although they don’t really ever want to move, the lazy stoners tend to be pretty funny and amusing. They definitely make a good addition to the stoner circle.

Stoner Guide; More Types Of Stoners

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